Little sis, Big sis, and Me

Little sis, Big sis, and Me

JackassTales…Tale # 26…Dear Readers: This sex site presents itself as a forum for sexually ‘taboo’ stories. The story I’m posting here fits that category. If incestuous sex between siblings bothers you, then please don’t read this. Parts of this tale are autobiographical (sister searching for baton and a brother and sister’s first awkward attempts at oral sex). Other parts are exaggerated fantasies of how I wish things had really been..

Little sis, Big sis, and Me

“Joey, are you down there?” asked my sister. “I’ve lost my baton. Have you seen it downstairs in the basement?”

Turning, I saw Aimie slowly descending the steep steps leading down into our dimly-lit basement. At 16 years of age, Aimie was my idea of a female she-devil come to life. The irritating child was a constant, thorny aggravation in my side. The two of us often fought like cats and dogs, or more precisely, like brothers and sisters.

“No, Missy Prissy, I haven’t seen your damn baton!” I angrily replied. “And, I’m not wasting my valuable time looking for it!”

Aimie stepped off the bottom step and quickly threatened, “Mister, you’d better watch your language or I’ll tell Mama! You’re only 17 & 1/2 and Mama said if she caught you cussing again she’d take a switch to your ass!”

“Aha!” I said triumphantly. “You can’t tell on me now you little tattle-tale brat because you cussed, too. Saying ‘ass’ is just as bad as saying ‘damn’!”

“Is not!” she heatedly pouted. “Besides, I was only repeating what Mama said. Those were not ‘my’ words.”

I sneered and said, “But girlie girl, those words came from ‘your’ mouth! Just find your frigging baton and stop pestering me.”

I turned my back and retreated to ‘my’ part of the basement. Dad had let me set up my own private workshop in one corner. I had my own workbench, worktable, and tools. A bright florescent light fixture illuminated my work area and cast light into the shadowy parts of the cavernous room. I may only be 17, but I was a good builder and fixer-upper.

Aimie scrounged around a while but surrendered her futile search. Frustrated, she begged, “Please Joey, will you help me? I’ve got cheerleading practice to do and I need my baton.”

I then noticed my sister’s cheerleader outfit. She had on a short, pink skirt and a white top with an embossed, pink letter ‘A’ emblazoned on it. Aimie’s 11h grade squad called themselves, the ‘Angels’.

I was shy and at the age where I didn’t really pay much attention to girls. I guess I was pretty innocent and immature in many ways. Why, it was only a few months ago when I learned how to ‘jerk-off’!

“Ok troublemaker,” I said. “I’ll help, but I want you to take it and get out of my basement and stop bothering me.”

Reaching under my workbench, I retrieved the baton I’d hidden there earlier that day after Aimie’s tattle-telling had gotten me into trouble. I noticed my sister’s infuriated red face as I tried to hand the baton to her.

My aim was off slightly. Instead of going into Aimie’s outstretched hands, the rubber-tipped head of the baton accidentally went under her short skirt. The rounded bulb on the end of the three-foot long shaft struck her right between the legs where I knew girls had a sensitive spot.

Surprisingly, Aimie didn’t act injured. In fact, she grabbed hold of the elongated aluminum rod and held it firmly against the spot it was touching. She started wiggling her body against the hardened intruder under her skirt. A curious smile lit her face.

Curious myself, I placed the other end of the baton against my zippered jeans. I began pushing my body against the rubber ball at the other end of the pole.

Aimie’s gyrating hips forced the baton hard against my jeans. I wasn’t sure if she did it on purpose or not, but I shoved the wand right back into her body.

Puzzled by new sensations, Aimie jerked forward and forced the baton to push against me more firmly. In retaliation, I poked her harder. She responded by thrusting against me again.

Why we were having so much fun doing what we were doing, I couldn’t have said. This was all as new to me as it was to my sister. I knew one thing for a sure enough fact; the penis in my pants was getting hard and growing longer. It was also situated uncomfortably. Unconsciously, I slipped a hand in my jeans and adjusted myself.

“Joey, why’d you do that?” Aimie asked unexpectedly from the other end of the three foot metal stick. “Why did you put your hand in your britches and wiggle it around? Did I hurt you? I’m sorry.”

I smiled mischievously and answered, “No Miss Prissy, you didn’t hurt me. I’m a big boy and a little squirt like you couldn’t hurt me! I just had to get something straightened out.”

“What thing?” she quickly replied. With a blush growing on her face she continued, “Oh, you mean that ‘thing’ boys have between their legs!”

“Yeah,” I said. “I mean that ‘thing’. For some reason it’s getting bigger, fatter, and longer. And no, it’s not hurting. As a matter of fact, it’s feeling pretty good!”

With a smile brightening her face, Aimie whispered, “Joey, my ‘thing’ is feeling good, too. I don’t know why, but it is. Did you know that the ‘thing’ between my legs is different than yours?”

“Of course, silly!” I exclaimed. “I’m not 4 years old! I know boys and girls are ‘different’. I’ve seen what boys have, but I’ve never seen a girl’s. Have you ever seen a boy’s?”

Blushing demurely, Aimie answered, “I’ve only seen a baby boy’s ‘pee-pee’ during a diaper change. I haven’t seen one as grown-up old as yours.”

“But, I’d like to!” she added. “I’d like to see yours, Joey. Would you like to see mine? I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours!”

I thought about it for about half a split-second before answering. “Ok,” I said. “That sounds like a good plan to me. Since it’s your idea, you go first.”

Hesitant at first, Aimie shrugged her shoulders, but then she lifted her short skirt up over her bellybutton and pulled her panties down to her knees. Speaking quietly, she said, “You can look for a minute or two, but then it’s your turn to show me.”

From my standing-up vantage point, I couldn’t get a very good look, so I dropped to my knees. Up to that point in my life, I’d seen some mighty pretty things like sunsets, bluebirds, butterflies, and such, but nothing in my 17 years of living had prepared me for the beauty which now assaulted my eyes.

Right there between my sister’s legs was a pretty little mound of puffed-out, naked, girlie-girl flesh. I’d heard other guys talking about a girl’s ‘wee-wee’ thing being called a ‘pussy’. Aimie had a pussy which proudly protruded out from between her smooth upper thighs. The beautiful mound was separated into two halves by a long slit running down its entire length.

Why, I never imagined anything so pretty existed! I thought I was hard before, but now the penis in my pants was swelling into the hardest erection I’d ever had. My rigid rod was bursting at the seams of my pants. I desperately wanted to reach out and touch the object of my desires, but I knew that wasn’t part of the plan Aimie had devised.

“Joey, it’s your turn now,” my sister said. “Drop your pants just like I did. You’re not going to ‘chicken out’ now, are you?”

I stood and answered angrily, “Chicken out, like Hell! I’ll show you mine alright!” Grabbing the edge of my t-shirt, I jerked it up and over my head. Tossing it onto my workbench, I unbuttoned, unzipped, and pulled down my pants and underwear.

“Oh Joey,” Aimie said with her eyes transfixed between my legs. “That’s a really nice ‘pecker’ you have! Why, it’s much bigger and better than a baby boy’s ‘pee-pee! I like yours a lot. Do you like mine?”

Nodding my head in affirmation, I answered, “God yes girl, I like yours! I’ve never seen anything so pretty anywhere or anytime in all my born days!”

Aimie giggled giddily. For some reason, I got it my head that my sister wanted to reach out and touch me just as much as I wanted to touch her. Yet, neither one of us touched the other.

Lifting her baton, Aimie backed up and placed one end against the pretty little pussy she had. She guided the metal rod and placed the other end against the middle of my stiffened penis. With the rubber-tipped bulbs in place, she pushed against me.

Goosebumps made me shiver. I’d never been so ‘turned-on’ stimulated before. Following Aimie’s lead, I push the baton back against her pussy.

Making a game of it, my little sister and I had ‘pretend’ sex in a way we thought grownups did it. Neither one of us knew the correct way to ‘do it’ so we did the best our imaginations could come up with.

After a few minutes, Aimie said, “This feels good doesn’t it, Joey? I know what your pecker is really called. It’s called a ‘penis’, isn’t it? Joey, will your penis stick out straight like this baton?”

“Yes, this really feels good,” I answered. “And yes, this thing is a ‘penis’. It’s not as long as your baton, but yes, I can make it stick out straight. I’ll show you.”

Pushing the baton aside, I grabbed my stiffened pole which was pointing straight up to the ceiling. My penis was so swollen and erect that I had to use brute force to make it point directly towards my sister.

“I know what we can do, Joey!” Aimie exclaimed. Her hand opened and the metal baton hit the floor. Stepping out of her panties, she walked towards me and pushed her pussy against the head of my penile shaft.

Aimie’s little girl voice triumphantly proclaimed, “See, Joey? You can do the same thing with your penis that you did with the baton! Only, it feels much, much better, doesn’t it?”

“Oh god, yes it does!” I moaned. I rammed my flesh-and-blood baton against Aimie’s pussy again and again. Instinctively, my hands went behind her and I started playing with her ass. My god almighty, I was actually touching a real live girl’s ass!

Not really knowing if she’d let me or not, I let go of Aimie’s ass and started playing with her pussy with my free-roaming hands. Oh goodness, my sister had the finest pussy in all creation! I merrily played until a voice interrupted me.

“Hey, Joey,” Aimie said. “I’ve got another idea.” The girl spun around with her back towards me. “Why don’t you try putting your penis between my legs and see if it will still touch my pussy?”

It sounded like a good idea to me, so that’s what I did. Amazingly, I found out that my erect penis fit perfectly between Aimie’s legs and it was comfortably cocooned against her silky soft pussy.

Aimie’s hands took advantage of my vulnerable position. With my penis held captive between her legs, she began playing with it. She squeezed, tickled, any massaged my throbbing erection. “God Aimie,” I whispered. “That feels so good!”

“I’m glad it does because it really feels good for me, too,” she said. “Joey, if you want to play with my belly and chest, you can strip off all of my clothes. If you want to, you can.”

Damn, of course I wanted to! Quick as I could, I lifted her cheerleader top and skirt over her head and tossed them on the workbench with my shirt. This girl was too young to need a bra. With no clothing to obstruct them, my hands began playing. I never knew a girl’s skin had such a smooth, baby-soft texture to it. Hell, because of Aimie, I was learning a lot of nice, new things!

For instance; I discovered that I liked teen girl titties. Aimie’s tits were really, really small, but they became swollen and firmer as my hands played with them. Two budding little nipples pushed against my exploring fingers.

One of my hands drifted down Aimie’s belly and played with the pussy of my dreams while my other played with a tit. After a few minutes, I switched hands and kept right on playing.

After a while, Aimie jumped off of the erect penis-baton between her legs. The naked girl twisted around to face me and boldly announced, “Hey Joey. I think we might have more fun if you didn’t have any clothes on either. Can I take them off of you?”

Without waiting for an answer, my sister dropped to her knees, pulled off my shoes and socks, and jerked off my underwear and pants. No girl had ever seen me naked before, but surprisingly I didn’t mind one bit that Aimie was looking at my nudity.

Oh wow! The devilish vixen that was my sister was doing more than looking. She was vigorously playing with my penis. Aimie was acting as if she had a new baby-doll toy which she had to pet, and stroke, and kiss. Yes kiss! Why, unbelievable as it was, my little-girl sister was kissing my swollen, hard penis!

From the corner of my eye, a movement caught my attention. There at the bottom of the basement steps stood my older sister Janie. This girl was 19, but ‘going on 30’ according to what Mama says. I noticed that she was intently watching what Aimie was doing to me.

I noticed something else, too. Janie had one of her hands tucked under her short, yellow summer dress. The dress was bulged out where a hand was playing inside of her panties.

“Hell, Aimie go ahead and eat Joey’s cock!” Janie blurted out loudly. “If you don’t do it pretty damn soon, I’ll do it myself!”

Startled, Aimie stopped playing with me, sat back, and quickly covered her tits and pussy with her hands. Terrified, she begged with a quivering voice, “Oh god Janie, you won’t tell on us, will you? Please, please Janie, don’t tell Mama!”

“Hell, Aimie!” I asserted. “Janie can’t tell on us or I’ll tell Mama that I saw her playing with herself! See, she’s still got her hand inside her panties.”

Janie took several steps toward us. With her hand still in her panties, she said, “Baby sis, I’m not telling Mama anything, but I want to watch you eat Joey’s cock and I want to watch him eat your cunt!”

A puzzling frown covered my face and Aimie’s, too. We looked at each other with the same confusing thought running through our heads. We both spoke at the same time, “What are you talking about, Janie? Boys and girls can’t ‘eat’ each other!”

“Virgins!” Janie exclaimed. “Oh my goodness, I guess I’ve caught a couple of naive, innocent kids trying to make out! You poor, amateurish children are so pitiful. You need a teacher and this is your lucky day. I’m just the girl to instruct you in the fine art of sexual gratification. Now, pay attention!”

Taking her hand out of her panties, Janie took another step forward, pushed Aimie aside, and dropped to her knees in front of me. One of her hands grabbed my balls and the other closed around the shaft of my swollen, pulsating penis.

“Goddamn, Joey!” Janie declared. “Just where in the shit did you get this nice cock? I didn’t know my little brother had a cock as big and beautiful as my boyfriend’s. He’s 20 and you’re only 17!”

I had no answer for my big sister’s question. She wasn’t waiting around for one either. I didn’t really know what to expect from her because I’d never been in such a situation as this. With my back pressed against my workbench, I saw a curly blond head lower toward my penis.

Before I could form another thought, Janie’s tongue flicked out of her mouth with snakelike speed and touched the head of my penis. The hot, wet serpent licked round and round my penile head. A streak of fiery lighting shot through the length of my swollen shaft and set my world on fire!

“Watch this Aimie,” Janie instructed. “This is how a girl ‘eats’ cock. First you get your mouth good and wet because a boy’s cock is dry. Then you do this!”

Janie’s mouth closed around the head and shaft of my penis. Hot, slippery saliva coated my tender skin and a sweltering, wet furnace began sucking. My sister’s tongue was twirling round and round as her head bobbed up and down.

Was I in heaven, I wondered. Were angels singing in my throbbing loins? How in this earthly world could any such feeling exist and how could anything feel so good?

One of Janie’s hands was massaging my balls while the other was tugging on my pubic hairs. I had only recently developed a patch of hair between my legs. If I got the hair caught in my zipper, it hurt like hell! But god, Janie’s tugging didn’t hurt one bit!

Her biting teeth didn’t hurt either. That sucking sister of mine was biting me hard. I was hoping like hell that she wasn’t going to chew my penis off because ever inch of it was buried inside her hungry mouth!

“Thank god for big sisters!” I shouted aloud. “Damn Janie, where did a 19-year-old girl learn to do something like this? That boyfriend of yours sure is a lucky bastard!”

Janie stopped ‘eating’, pulled back, and said, “I’m pretty lucky myself. Now I don’t have to wait for a date to get me some cock to play with and suck! I’ve got a nice, juicy one right here where I live that I can get anytime I want. I can, can’t I Joey? Can your big sister ‘eat’ you anytime she wants to?”

I was so surprised by her request that I couldn’t really speak to answer, but I was nodding my head in gesture which indicated a resounding, “Yes!”

“Oh Aimie, I’m sorry!” Janie said apologetically. “I’ve interrupted the fun you were having with our brother. Joey, little sisters can suck cock, too. I wanted to teach Aimie how. Little sis, get over here and finished what I started!”

Hesitantly, Aimie moved to take Janie’s place in front of me. Her petite hands encircled my erect shaft which was still wet with her sister’s saliva. With shy, seductive eyes, she looked at my face and said, “Joey, I like Janie’s name for this nice thing you have between your legs. I like the word ‘cock’ better than ‘penis’. Can you and I use it, too? I don’t know why, but it just sounds ‘dirtier’ and I’m feeling like we are doing something bad and ‘dirty’. But Joey, I like being ‘bad’, don’t you?”

Again, I was so flabbergasted by a stimulating feminine comment that I didn’t think I could speak. But, finding my voice, I said, “God girl, yes I like being bad! Now, if you want to be really ‘bad’ then go ahead and suck my ‘cock’ like Janie did!”

Needing no further encouragement, Aimie attended to her ‘dirty’ business like a ‘bad’ little girl. Her slippery tongue darted out and played with the head of my cock. After teasing and licking for a few minutes, she followed her sister’s example and took my shaft into her mouth.

Aimie’s hot, tight little mouth sat me on fire just like Janie’s had done! My little sister was a smart child and she was a quick learner, too. She began eating my cock with the same enthusiasm displayed by her sister.

My little sister’s tongue and mouth assaulted my swollen meat in a furious attempt to consume every bite. Her head bobbed up and down while her tongue swirled round and round. Oh my god, this child sister of mine was a certified, natural-born cocksucker!

After enjoying Aimie’s frenzied cock-sucking attack for a while, I knew I should push my sister’s head away from me. I was getting ready to cum pretty soon. I knew I should push her away before I blew my load. Yes, I knew I would do just that. But, when the time came for me to cum, I didn’t push her away at all!

No, I just let old Mother Nature and my little sister have their way. I began experiencing the most terrific, mind-blowing orgasm of my short, teen life! I don’t know about other guys my age, but when I cum, my cock spews forth great globs of sticky, gooey boy-milk. The swollen boy-toy in Aimie’s mouth began erupting and my sticky, white goo spurted into her.

Man-o-man, whoever it was that invented orgasms deserved a gold metal with bright ribbon decorations! My cock was so enormously happy it was crying teary streams of creamy, cummy joy! I felt ridiculously good and I was pleased beyond belief. My heart was pounding fast and I could hardly breathe.

Aimie was having a breathing problem, too, but for another reason. The cock-sucking child had taken a glob of cum into her windpipe. She was choking.

Reacting quickly, Janie and I administered lifesaving aid. Laying my little sister on the floor, I stood ready to give chest compressions if needed. Janie’s mouth closed over Aimie’s and she sucked the excess cum out of her sister’s mouth. Using her long, serpentine tongue, my big sister probed deep into Aimie’s throat and finally cleared the blockage.

When Aimie caught her breath, Janie and I then knew she’d be ok. My big sis glanced between my legs and exclaimed, “Oh my god, Joey you’re still hard and drippy wet! You didn’t get finished cumming, did you? Well, I’m not a girl to let a good hard-on go to waste, so you just lie back and let me take care of your hard cock!”

The concrete floor was hard and cold on my back, but the mouth which latched onto my cock was silky soft and steamy hot. As far as my limited knowledge of the subject went, I believed that Janie was the finest female cocksucker that had ever been born!

Just to prove my assessment be the true fact, Janie’s mouth became a vacuum and she sucked with an enthusiastic eagerness. Her highly-skilled tongue licked and lapped in a cock-eating frenzy.

Both of my sisters had been sucking on me, so I was already primed and ready for release. Yet, when I started cumming again, I was astounded by the magnitude of the cock-quaking orgasms I was having!

As Janie continued in her quest to suck me dry, I gloried in the majestic wonder of my first ‘blowjob’! Good god, this was a million trillion times better than a self-administered hand job!

“There you go, Sir,” Janie said when she finally pulled away. “How was it? Oh you don’t have to say. I already know. Thanks for the meat and cream, Joey. Anytime you want a repeat performance just let me know. And brother, you can even eat me!”

Not to be ignored, Aimie demanded, “Hey, what about me? Janie, I thought you were going to teach Joey how to eat me, too! Will you please do it?”

“Little sis, just hang on to your britches!” Janie said. “Oh I forgot, you don’t have any on or anything else for that matter. Girl, get up and jump on Joey’s worktable, lay back, and spread your legs. Joey, you get your ass up, pull up a stool, and eat your little sister’s pussy!

I wasn’t hard of hearing and I didn’t have to be told twice, so I jumped up, pulled up my stool, and sat between Aimie’s outstretched legs. I then had an obstacle to overcome. This was something I’d never done before. I didn’t know ‘how’ to eat pussy!

Instinct propelled me to lean forward and look at Aimie’s nude little pussy. Glory be, that split, puffy mound was the prettiest thing I’d ever seen! I loved it, I did. Just to prove it, I kissed and licked the pussy’s swollen lips. That one kiss and tongue touch sparked a fiery, lust-filled, pussy-hungry rage.

During the next ten minutes, my mouth rained a river of tongue-licking kisses all over my sister’s beautiful little pussy, her thighs, her belly, and her titties. I even flipped her over and lick-kissed her ass and her back. I then flipped her back over and started again. Aimie, squirmed and wiggled. She sighed deeply and softly moaned.

“Go ahead and eat her now, Joey,” Janie instructed. “You’ve got her pussy all warmed up, and now its time to eat some hot ‘girlie girl’ meat!

Uncertainty caused me to hesitate. I didn’t really know how to do it. Janie and Aimie had eaten me by opening their mouths and sucking on me. So, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and tried to stuff all of my little sister’s pussy inside of it. This wasn’t working as well as I’d expected.

“Hell Joey, you misguided virgin!” Janie yelled. “You’re doing it wrong! Am I going to have to show you how? It’s a damn good thing you have a big sister! Now move over, watch, and learn!”

Pushing me aside, Janie sat between her sister’s legs, reached out and spread Aimie’s pussy open right there at the place where the big slit ran down it. Hell I didn’t know that the split place opened up!

Janie spread Aimie’s pussy open wider and exposed a small protrusion of female flesh which was concealed within. It seem to me like my big sister had opened up a magical clam and had discovered a pretty pink pearl hidden inside. Unexplainably, my half-limp cock began coming back to life. That little pink pussy jewel mesmerized me.

“This is your sister’s ‘clit’,” Janie explained. “This is what girls like for boys to eat. This thing and the hole below it are where a girl’s orgasms are born. Can you see the hole, Joey? Now watch!”

I could see the hole alright! Framed by tiny pink wings of fluttery feminine flesh, a small hole lay fully exposed between Janie’s hands. My cock was filling with hot racing blood. Unbelievably, it was becoming as hard and erect as it was before my cock-sucking.

My big sister had told me to watch, so watch I did. Janie’s head lowered between Aimie’s legs, her tongue darted out of her mouth, and she began to lick and suck her little sister’s clit and hole. Her stiffened tongue went deep into the girl’s female glory hole. Goodness, this was a beautiful thing to see! Aimie was squirming and moaning, so it must feel good, too.

I watched my big sister’s every move trying to learn all I could. Janie was showing me how to eat a pussy! It looked like so much fun and I was so turned-on horny that I demanded, “Damn Janie, let me have some of that sexy clit and hole!”

“Ok Joey,” Janie said. “Have fun, but you’d better make Aimie cum or I’ll take over and eat her pussy myself!”

Janie moved aside and my mouth took her mouth’s place between Aimie’s legs. My tongue and lips were the ones licking and sucking the young girl’s delectable clit.

If pussy was served as part of a meal, I’d guess it would be called dessert. And, if pussy was dessert that would make a clit the sweet icing confection on top. Hungry, I was, so I ravenously ate my delicious pussy dessert with delectable delight. I greedily licked and suckled the sweet icing topped clit.

Into the pussy hole went my hot, wet, probing tongue. So zealous was I that I didn’t hear Aimie’s squeal when I probed too deep. My slippery tongue hit a tender feminine membrane I knew nothing about. Janie enlightened me by saying, “Joey, don’t break her virginal hymen with your tongue. Save it and bust it with your cock sometime soon!”

Reigning in my hungry pussy cravings, I settled down to a slower pussy-eating pace. My tongue continued to lick, and twist, and twirl around Aimie’s pussy, and clit, and hole. My lips kept on kissing and sucking the bountiful delicacies offered to me by my little sister.

So enraptured was I by the delight I was having eating pussy that I thought I might be experiencing a touch of temporary insanity. I’d swear I could hear a screaming, squealing sound way off in some distant place. But no, the sound was coming nearer.

“Oh Joey, what’s happening?” I heard through a haze of pussy lust. “Janie, what’s that wonderful feeling I’m feeling? Oh god, it feels sooo…good, I’m going to go crazy!”

Realization hit me. It was Aimie squealing and screaming. Janie was holding her sister’s head and saying soothingly, “Baby sis, you’re having orgasms! Just go with them and let them take you on a magical joyride! There is nothing like them in the world for fun!”

Heeding her big sister’s advice, Aimie gave in and allowed wave after wave of orgasms to flow throughout her petite feminine body. This little girl’s hips wiggled and bucked spastically. She was whimpering and crying with a newfound joy.

I then knew for certain that this teen sister of mine had never felt these wondrous feelings before. I couldn’t say why, but I wanted to make sure that my little sister’s first orgasms were something so good she’d remember them forever. To this end, I again aggressively assailed her sweet pussy and clit. My hot, slippery tongue pressed so hard against her hymen that I expected it to break any second.

Lordy, I now knew one damn thing for certain; pussy eating was going to be my favorite pastime from this day on! I could eat pussy every day of the week and all day on Sunday! Aimie’s continuous cries of rapturous bliss let me know that she’d probably be available to satisfy my needs.

“Joey, stop!” Janie instructed. ‘She’s done for. Why boy, you’ve worn that poor little girl’s pussy out by eating so frantically. Give her a chance to catch her breath. You’ve already tried to kill her with your cock and cum, so don’t hurt her with your mouth!”

Coming out of my pussy-eating trance, I noticed that Janie again had her hand in her panties. With a mischievous wink, I looked at my big sis and said, “Ok, I’ll stop eating Aimie’s pussy if I can start eating yours!”

“No!” Janie quickly responded. “Some other time, you can Joey. Right now I’m too worked-up hot, wet, and horny to let you touch my pussy with your mouth. I want you to touch me with your cock. Oh, brother of mine, I want you to fuck me!”

To say that I was astounded would be an understatement. I was stunned beyond belief. My big sister actually ‘wanted’ me to fuck her! I’d never screwed a girl before and I wasn’t sure I knew how. But, by god, I was certainly eager and willing to learn!

Janie’s hands came out from under her yellow summer-dress and her panties slid down off of her legs and were tossed aside. The barefooted girl lifted her dress up to her chest, jumped up on the worktable beside Aimie, lay back, and spread her legs wide.

I took a few seconds to gaze at the fully-formed, bush-covered mound of Janie’s teenage pussy. I’d heard about ‘bikini-trimmed’ pubic hair before, but I never thought I’d ever see such a beautiful sight of thin, curly-blond female hair as I now saw between my sister’s legs.

“Stop staring, Joey!” Janie demanded. “You can look at and play with my pussy some other time. I’m too horny to need any slow foreplay. I just need for you to ram that big cock of yours into my wet vaginal hole and fuck me like crazy!”

Janie reached out, grabbed my fully erect cock, and guided it to the place she wanted it to be. Animal instinct propelled my hips toward her and I felt my hard shaft slide into a sweltering hot, slippery wet, feminine hole.

While my mind was trying to process the fact that I was actually fucking a girl, my swollen cock was making itself comfortable inside its new warm, comforting home. My hips were bucking forwards and backwards causing my elongated shaft to move in and out. Janie and I both were softly moaning and groaning.

My big sister’s hot young pussy was so tight that my ramming, pussy-pounding cock was beginning to create frictional fire. Heated blood raced through my distended cock-veins and I felt my seminal juices boiling again.

Janie’s was right when she had said she was wet. Yet, wet as she was, her pussy released a torrent of additional vaginal juices to act as an aid for penile penetration. My sister’s natural, feminine lubricant was doing its job magnificently!

“Joey?” Aimie whispered. “I don’t want to interrupt your fucking, but while you’re getting some pussy, would you like to see your big sister naked? You saw me with no clothes on, so I think it’s only fair. Is it ok with you Janie?”

Neither Janie nor I answered the child because we were too busy fucking and we had a race for orgasms on our minds. So, Aimie went ahead and did what she intended to do. She pulled her sister’s dress over her head. Reaching beneath her, she unhooked the bra and removed it.

“Aren’t Janie’s tits beautiful, Joey?” asked Aimie. “I hope mine are this big and gorgeous when I’m 19. You can fuck her pussy and play with her tits at the same time, can’t you, Joey?”

My little sister guided my hands and placed each one on a full-sized teenage breast. Aimie was right about two things; yes Janie’s tits were beautiful and yes I could play with them and fuck at the same time!

“I bet you’d like to get your mouth on these beauties, wouldn’t you, Joey?” Aimie said. “I’ll tell you what; you play with them and I’ll suck them and kiss them for you!”

So, I fucked Janie’s pussy and played with her tits while Aimie suckled and kissed her sister’s beautiful boobs. The tit-kissing child’s sucking shenanigans stimulated and aroused the passion in both Janie and me.

Without warning, Janie and I started cumming at the same time. Violent orgasms came on hard, strong, and fast. Her pussy and my cock exploded in a joyous display of euphoric carnal cheerfulness.

I wasn’t shooting out a lot of cum because my sisters had just about sucked me dry. Despite this, I found out that a teen guy’s sexual stamina would allow him to have multiple partners in one day. This was good for me, good for Aimie, and good for Janie, too.

My hips kept on pumping and my big sis began another round of pussy-pleasing orgasms. Janie and I were in the throes of our last spastic thrills when Aimie said, “Oh god, that looks like fun! Joey, you just have to fuck me like that sometimes soon!”

Once again, a slight movement on the basement stairs caught my attention. A 30-something-year-old woman dressed in cutoff jeans and a tight tank top stood there with a bemused look on her face. Just like her daughter before her, this woman had a hand buried inside her panties. A look of orgasmic ecstasy lit her face with a blissful radiance.

Taking her drippy wet hand from her panties, Mama wiped her fingers on her shorts. Looking at her three naked kids, she said, “Janie, your boyfriend is pulling in the drive. Aimie, your cheerleader friends are coming on their bikes. You girls had better get cleaned up quick. Joey, young man, I need to have a talk with you!”

Janie and Aimie jumped off the worktable, dressed quickly, and ran up the steps. Aimie forgot her baton. Janie forgot her panties. As for me, I was so stunned at being caught that I’d made no attempt to dress or flee away. I awaited my fate bare-assed naked.

“My, my, Joey,” Mama said. “What have those ‘bad’ girls done to my sweet little boy? Oh, that’s right, judging from the size of the erect cock I saw going into Janie’s pussy, I’d say you’re not such a ‘little’ boy anymore!”

I was surprised by the manner in which Mama was addressing the situation she’d stumbled upon. Yet, she surprised me even further by saying, “Joey, don’t you let those girls ‘pussy-whip’ you. Of course now if you don’t mind being pussy-whipped then go for it and get all the sweet pussy you can handle! Janie has some pretty friends that are girls. There are some cuties in Aimie’s cheerleading squad.”

Mama’s ‘dirty’ talk about girls and pussies was getting me hard again. She noticed my growing erection and said, “But son, I’d bet you a dollar to a dime that neither one of my daughters will willingly share what they know about their brother’s skill at pussy-eating and fucking with their friends! They will want to keep you all to themselves.”

Mama turned and walked back towards the stairs. Before she went up, she looked over her shoulder and said, “Joey, if those little girls don’t keep your cock good and happy, then you come and tell me. A mama knows how to take care of her ‘big’ boy’s needs!”

After Mama ran up the steps, I cleaned up my cock and my face in the basement sink. As soon as I was dressed, I heard a thunderous roar on the steps. I turned to see Aimie and two of her cheerleader friends running pell-mell down the stairs. Upon closer inspection, I realized Mama was right;; those 11th grader girls were ‘cuties’.

“Hi Joey,” a cutie called Debbie said. “Aimie said she dropped her baton down here. Do you know where it’s at? Oh, there it is on the floor.”

Reaching down, little Debbie’s fingers touched wetness as she picked up the baton. Curious, she dipped a finger in it and tasted it with her tongue. “Joey,” she said. “You’ve got something leaking down here and it tastes like… Holy shit, it tastes like ‘cum’! Why is there cum on Aimie’s baton? Holy shit again, Aimie have you and Joey been screwing around?”

Aimie’s blushing face confirmed Debbie’s suspicions. My little sis couldn’t talk, so I answered, “Little Lady, just how would a child like you know what cum tastes like?”

“Because I have a bother too and he and I like to play ‘cum-squirting’ games,” Debbie answered. “Aimie, there’s no need for blushing. Why, it’s nothing to be ashamed of! Hey girlfriend, maybe you and I could get together sometime and play a ‘brother-trading’ game!”

The other girl, Rachel, blurted out, “Whoa girls! What about me? I don’t have a brother, so can you two share yours with me? I’ve got an itch in my panties that’s never been scratched.”

The three teen girls began giggling uncontrollably. They began making whispered plans for a sleepover on Saturday night. The way they were looking at me, I had a strong suspicion that I might be invited as a guest of honor.

With this thought in mind, my cock swelled tight against my jeans. Now that I’d learned about pussy eating and fucking, I was horny and hungry to do it again!

Yes Mama, I thought. These cheerleader girls were cuties for sure, but they were also as horny as could be! Looks like I might have some more panties to get into and some pussies to play with!

Emboldened with the knowledge that girls liked what I could do with their pussies, I began wondering if maybe I could get into the panties of some of Janie’s friends, too.

“Joey,” little Debbie said, interrupting my sweet pussy daydreams. “We have to run back upstairs, but I can tell by the bulge in your pants that you’re swollen and hard. Can we girls get a quick taste of your cock before we go?”

Without awaiting my consent or permission, Debbie began unzipping my pants. The other two girls quickly jumped to assist their friend. My erect shaft sprang free from its denim imprisonment.

Taking turns, three hot, horny mouths began vigorously sucking my cock. While one girl sucked, the other two lifted their short cheerleader skirts and guided my hands into their panties.

My eyes went to the embossed pink ‘A’ emblazoned on each girl’s uniform top. My lips smiled and my voice proclaimed, “Little cheerleader ‘Angels’ my ass! Why you wicked girls are demon ‘Devils’ for sure! But, I don’t mind, no I don’t mind at all!”

With a tight, wet, devilish mouth eating my cock and my two hands playing with soft, silky pussies, I huskily announced, “Damn girls, life can’t get any better than this!”

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