Little Twitch Down The Street

Little Twitch Down The Street

Little Twitch Down The Street

What a fucking tease!

That fourteen-year-old little tease loves to strut her stuff for me. Today Amanda was wearing a bra that made her big tits stick straight out in that tight short white sweater. The sweater was form fitting around each of her breasts enhancing them nicely. Her ultra low raise blue jean mini skirt showed a whole lot of skin below her bellybutton. I swear that it was low enough to show pubic hair if she hadn’t shaved it. Plus that micro mini skirt just barely covered her panties. It couldn’t have been more than six or eight inches long all together. To top it off Amanda was wearing those platform shoes that make her two or three inches taller and the high heels in the back stretched her calves nicely and pronounced her fine ass even better. Amanda had naturally curly blonde hair to her waist and bright blue eyes. She was a fucking walking wet dream and she knew it too. She was also teasing the hell out of me and she knew that too.

I went in the house and rubbed my crotch into my wife’s ass while she was doing the dishes. I reached around and played with her tits too and she didn’t even try to stop me.

My wife asked, “Was it the little twitch down the street again?”

I said, “Yes it was damn it! Will you fix my problem honey?”

My wife laughed and dried her hands and led me up to our bedroom. She asked, “Do you just want a quickie or do I have I get all the way undressed?”

I said, “I’ll take a quickie if you don’t mind, then the real thing later!”

My wife smiled, dropped her pants and panties to her knees, and bent over for me. As she held onto the foot of the bed I drove her from behind. There was no need to warm her up or even to give her an orgasm. This was a pity fuck. It was one of many pity fucks in the past few weeks. All because of that little twitch Amanda down the street.

After I finished my wife just pulled her panties back up and pulled her pants up too. She kissed me and went back to her dishes. She left me standing there with my pants and underwear down to my ankles. She gave me a little teasing giggle as she walked away.

When I got downstairs I heard me wife out on the front porch. She was talking to Amanda. She was inviting her in for a cup of tea and some cookies. Amanda accepted her offer and followed her into the house. She traipsed her right into the living room and told her to have a seat while she fixed the tea. Amanda sat down where my wife had pointed. It was directly across from me. My chair is pretty low and when she sat down on the couch I could see her bright green panties. She seemed to try to keep her knees together but every now and then they seemed to separate all on their own. My wife came in and said that the water was on and asked Amanda’s preference for tea.

The girls talked and my wife told Amanda how much she liked her outfit. They talked about where to purchase such clothing. Then the teakettle started to whistle and my wife left us there together again. I just seemed to be captivated by Amanda’s panties and she kept giving me little glances every now and then.

My wife returned shortly with a tray. She poured three cups of tea and offered Amanda some cookies.

As we sipped our very hot tea my wife asked, “Amanda how old are you?”

Amanda said, “Fourteen years old but I’ll be fifteen in a couple of months!”

My wife said, “You seem much more mature than your age!”

Amanda said, “That’s because I only hang around with adults like my mother and her friends! They like to get drunk and talk about men and sex! I’m still a virgin but I want that to change soon!”

My wife asked, “Have you picked out a nice boy to do it with the first time?”

Amanda looked directly at me and said, “Yes! But I haven’t asked him yet!”

My wife saw her look at me and asked, “Why not? I don’t think any boy in his right mind would turn down a beautiful girl like you!”

Again Amanda looked directly at me and said, “Well he’s older!”

My wife smiled and said, “Actually that’s the best way! You should start with a boy that has a little experience! Having them fumble around not knowing what they are doing takes the pleasure out it! Hell some of them don’t even know which hole to put it in!”

Amanda never broke eye contact with me when she said, “I’m sure he knows what he is doing! He’s married!”

My wife smiled and said, “Oh that’s even better! He should know how to treat a woman! However he probably can’t take you out in public but he can buy you things!”

Amanda asked, “Why can’t he take me out in public?”

My wife said, “He can’t let his wife find out that he has a cuter younger girlfriend like you!”

Amanda then said, “What if I ask her to join us in bed?”

My wife asked, “Are you a switch hitter?”

Amanda said, “I’m bisexual if that’s what you mean! I like boys but I can please fully-grown women too! Just ask my mother or any of her friends! I’ve satisfied all of them before!”

My wife said, “Well if you really are that good maybe you should invite her into bed!”

Amanda then looked at my wife, smiled, and asked, “Would you like to go to bed with me? Can we bring your husband too?”

My wife knew very well what had been coming but pretended to be shocked. I watched her eyebrows raise, her jaw drop, and her eyes shoot wide open.

Then my wife said, “Okay Amanda come with me!” as she took the girl’s hand. My wife turned back to me and said, “Are coming husband? Or should we start without you?”

No way could I pass up watching my wife in bed with the fourteen-year-old little twitch down the street.

As they got near the top of the stairs my wife said, “Oh! I hope you don’t mine the fresh cum in my pussy! It’s your fault anyway!”

Amanda said, “Fresh cum would be a pleasant change! Usually all I ever get is the next mornings dry crusted cum to eat. Mom and her friends affectionately call me ‘Douche Bag’ because I can clean their pussies out better than anyone else can.”

My wife patted Amanda on her cute little ass and said, “Well ‘Douche Bag’ have I got a job for you!”

Amanda asked, “How come it was my fault?”

My wife laughed and said, “Well since you started teasing my husband a month or so ago he gets this strange urge to fuck me soon after he sees you. For instant a little while ago when I was doing the dishes he was so horny that I had to stop what I was doing and came up here for him. I dropped my pants and my panties to my ankles and let him take me from behind. He didn’t satisfy me or even say thank you afterwards! You sure have quite an effect on him!”

Amanda smiled broadly at me and said, “Wow! I was just hoping he would notice me!”

My wife said, “Notice you! Hell he watches out that window all day long just waiting for a glimpse of you!”

Amanda smiled at me.

My wife said, “Oh by the way ‘Douche Bag’ our pet name for you is ‘Little Twitch Down The Street.’ If it matters!”

Amanda said, “Are we ready to this now?”

My wife and I watched Amanda undress. She was just your typical fourteen-year-old. She was exactly five feet tall and a hundred pounds even. She wears a 32-B bra when she wears one. She is proud of the little bit of pubic hair that she has. Amanda stood there naked letting me admire her body. Admire it I did, from her suckable nipples to her delicious looking pussy. I hadn’t even noticed that my wife had undressed until she took Amanda over to the bed.

Amanda pushed my wife back onto the bed and said, “Let me do you first so his cum doesn’t drip all over the place!” Then Amanda buried her face in my wife’s pussy. My wife seemed to immediately enjoy what was happening to her. I had never seen my wife with another woman before and it was fantastic to watch. It was much better than watching an adult movie too. Once when my wife had a little too much to drink she admitted that she had experimented sexually with a girlfriend in high school a couple of times but that they both decided that they liked boys better. Amanda knew exactly what she was doing too and she put my wife right through the roof three times before stopping. Then it was my wife’s turn to do Amanda.

My wife looked right at me and said, “She really wants you! Suppose I get her warmed up for you first?”

I said, “Don’t worry about me you just see if you can repay Amanda for what she did for you! I really want to watch you work this time!”

My wife pushed Amanda back on the bed and positioned herself between her legs. My wife looked at Amanda’s pussy and took a few deep breaths. She got a little closer and appeared to be smelling her aroma. Then my wife opened Amanda’s pussy lips and looked closer. Eventually her fingers started to do the walking. My wife touched Amanda’s clit, poked inside her hole, and went back to Amanda’s clit again. She did that a few times then started going from her mouth to Amanda’s clit and back a few times. Then she touched her tongue to Amanda’s clit directly. It was as if she was testing the water so to speak. After that my wife couldn’t get enough of Amanda’s pussy. She went from her clit to her hole and back and forth over and over for a very long time. My wife seemed to be in some sort of a trance because Amanda had several orgasms and kept asking my wife to stop but she wouldn’t. I don’t think she even heard her.

Finally I pushed my wife out of the way and asked Amanda, “Are you ready for me?”

Amanda answered, “Oh yeah! I’m more than ready!”

With that I slipped my hard cock down into her waiting pussy. She was as wet as that time I fucked my wife in a Jacuzzi in a motel room but she was tight. I hadn’t really expected Amanda to be so tight. She said that she was a virgin but I figured that her mother and all of her girlfriends would have poked things up inside of her before.

I just had to ask, “Have you ever poked anything into your pussy before?”

Amanda said, “Just my fingers! That’s all I’m allowed to poke in me! My mother never wanted me to know the feel of a cock! She is a devout lesbian! I was the product of rape when mom was fourteen! She has never had anything inside her since that incident!”

I asked, “Do you still want to go through with this?”

Amanda said, “Oh yeah!”

So I slowly continued to worm my way into her tight sheath. My wife’s asshole isn’t this tight! It felt like I had rolled several condoms down my shaft that were all too small! The pressure I was feeling must have been the same as she was feeling. I could only imagine if I had something that was way too big shoved into me what it would feel like!

So I asked Amanda, “Are you okay?”

Amanda replied, “Oh yeah!”

I asked, “Are you in any pain?”

Amanda replied, “Oh yeah!”

I asked, “Do you want me to stop?”

Amanda replied, “Oh no! Don’t stop! Please fuck me! Please! I have wanted you inside me for so long! Please just do what you have to! I don’t mind! Really!”

So I forced the last inch or two into her. It was a tight fit all the way in. Amanda had held her breath so I waited a moment until she appeared to relax and start breathing again. Then I started stroking into her in a slow steady rhythm and I kept it up for another minute or two. When I felt she was used to the feeling I increased the speed with my increased urgency. I couldn’t believe that I had lasted that long after watching the two of them eat each other out for close to an hour.

As I emptied my full load of cum into her I shouted, “You’re my first virgin!”

Amanda replied, “I’m glad! That makes me even more special!”

My wife said, “Yes it does dear! It’s something neither one of you will ever forget!”

I felt my cock soften slightly and her vaginal muscles squeeze me out of her. I hated to leave that wonderful place but I was sure that I could go back in whenever I wanted too.

The End
Little Twitch Down The Street

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