Live & Learn – (pt. 1)

Live & Learn – (pt. 1)

I woke up and lay still for a while, counting by the seconds it took for my eyes to adjust to the darkness of the room. I vehemently blinked away the cloudiness that threatened to envelop my eyes again, to force me back into sleep, and soon the familiar lines and shapes of my bedroom made themselves clear, lit by a small diffusion of moonlight through the window. With clarity returned to my sight, the rest of my body began to follow this woken state. I felt water on my forehead, and then recognised the uncomfortable sensation of sweat between my skin and the sheets of my bed. Bringing my muscles into action, I pushed the covers aside and spread my arms and legs out wide. The air was fractionally cooler, and I basked for a moment in this minimal drop of temperature, but soon began to feel clammy and oppressed once more. I sat up, swung my legs over the side of the bed, and looked for the time. “3:11” twinkled in red upon the alarm clock, and I instinctively yawned in recognition of the early hours. My throat felt dry, and perspiration still dripped from my skin, so I pushed myself off the bed and carefully walked my way over to my bedroom door and opened it. The light from a single standard-lamp was enough to make my eyelids mechanically close against the sudden brightness. I waited a couple of seconds before opening them again and, slightly squinting, made my way to the bathroom.

It took several mouthfuls of cold water to soothe my throat, and several more sprinklings upon my body to ease the heat away. As I ran my wet hands through my short hair, I looked at myself in the mirror. Staring back at me was an eighteen-year old male in his black boxer shorts; brown eyes, brown hair; smooth white skin on a well-toned, six-foot tall body. “I’m not unattractive,” I thought to myself, “just not every girl’s dream”. I sighed and walked out.

Avoiding the floorboards around my parents’ door that would unquestionably creak and wake them, I gingerly made my way back across the landing to my room. As I stepped in, I heard a laugh from behind, followed quickly by several urgent hushings. My immediate confusion lasted for just a short moment: my younger sister, having just celebrated her seventeenth birthday, had invited two friends to stay over for the night. No doubt the three of them had also been woken by the heat of the night or, perhaps more likely, they had yet to even attempt sleep. I stepped once more into my room, and again heard giggles, followed by nervous murmurs. Paranoid thoughts soon flew through my mind: my sister’s friends were probably watching me through her bedroom door’s keyhole. Already feeling agitated by the warmth, this new fact irritated me further. With no little annoyance, I marched to her door and knelt down to look through the hole – hoping to scare and surprise the peeping eye.

No eye stared back. Instead, I could see into my sister’s well-lit room, where she and friends sat cross-legged on the floor; whispering to one-another, and occasionally struggling to stifle girly titters. I watched them for a moment. My sister was… just Nicola. Just Nic: my sister and forever only my sister. We had always got along fairly well, but never considered our bond as ‘close’. Visually, she was neither ugly nor beautiful, at least not to me. In part, I suppose, I recognised that her slim figure and long blonde hair would be of interest to a great many males – and I knew some of them had already done their best to explore her body as much as possible – but our own relationship had always been built on a foundation of companionable sibling rivalry. Besides, as I continued to spy through the door, I became more interested in watching her two friends.

Emma I knew reasonably well, for she had stayed with my sister a few times before – but we had never spoken. I had noticed her slim body several times, and several more times her ample breasts. Tonight, however, I was able to see more of this svelte girl. Her legs – long, smooth and pale – curved lithely at her knees as she sat on the floor, and ran up to a pair of small pink shorts. Her tummy, again firm and flat, was bared below a tiny pyjama top that did very little to keep her chest controlled – her laughs causing pleasing bounces. Cascading to her shoulders hung silky brown hair, framing a striking face that’s proudest feature was a pair of soft, inviting lips. This girl, I knew from friends, had quite a reputation. On the surface, and therefore to everyone’s parents, she seemed merely friendly – a nice girl that was polite to everyone and behaved well. But she was not unknown in gossip. Indeed, not a day went past when a different guy at college would proclaim what Emma had done to him the night before. She was, to put it bluntly, a slut… and everyone knew it. She herself even accepted it.

Deeply lost in my thoughts and in the wondrous sights, I had forgotten where I was, and it was an innocuous creak from downstairs that brought me back to reality: kneeling, at three in the morning, outside my sister’s door, spying on three girls, and now with an obvious bulge in my shorts. To let myself be caught like this would be disastrous. Practically life-threatening. My sister and her friends were not a problem – I could easily see if they approached my prying position and thus make a quick getaway. But my parents were a law unto themselves; able, at any moment, to open their door to a sight no mother or father wishes to see.

And yet… and yet I could not quite draw myself away. I decided to allow myself at least a few seconds more. At least a few minutes. At least enough time to watch Amy. I put my face back against the door, and looked through the keyhole once more – my hand, almost operating instinctively, moved to my groin to provide some slight relief.

Amy was shorter than both Emma and Nicola, and her breasts were smaller too, but everything was perfectly proportioned. Although her nightwear covered herself a great deal more than Emma, I could still see her slender shapes and curves. She was stunning but, as her red hair warned, aggressive. And this showed itself in her unwillingness to allow anyone to discover how much more stunning she might be when naked. Briefly imagining her nude body, I ran my fingers down my shaft, and felt the familiar tingling. Oh, to run my tongue over her skin. Through each crack. Over each protuberance. However, from the little knowledge I had about Amy, I did know that my chances with her were slim-to-none. The rumours that Amy was frigid and untouchable were almost as common as Emma’s inability to say no. Having said that, even she, the self-proclaimed whore, was not guaranteed to spread her legs to everyone. And I, without doubt, would not be the one granted to thrust between them – our social circles never crossing. So, instead, I thrust into my hand, already feeling the tension in my testicles. Sweat was leaving my body once again. Apparently, peeking in on partially clothed beauties was no way to cool off.

Another harmless squeak from downstairs (the wood of the house, expanding and contracting) caused my thoughts to turn to my position once again. A great deal of time must have passed already, and every second that ticked by increased the chance of being caught. With some disappointment, I released my penis from my grasp and took one last look at the girls before taking my inevitable trip back to bed. As I watched, Emma slid towards the door a little then twisted back to face her friends, before pushing herself onto her knees and laying face down on the floor. As she lowered, I saw her tightly-wrapped buttocks in front of me. I yearned to grab them, to be squeezing them whilst she sat on me, riding me – the dirty little whore being treated as such. As my imagination took flight again, I could not help but hold my cock firmly once more, sliding my hand over the skin harder and faster as I imagined her pussy: warm, wet and welcoming. I felt the familiar, satisfying feeling of an orgasm approach, and wanked harder until the pulsations began. I pulled my shorts up and over my shaft as the first shots of cum burst out, preventing any embarrassing drips on the landing. I leant back a little, rubbing myself through the material until I could feel that there was no more to come. Gingerly, I got up and went back to bed – quickly falling asleep with figments of Amy and Emma storming through my mind.


I awoke late that morning. The clock read “11:10” but despite my lay in, I still felt sleepy – my punishment for gazing through a keyhole in the early hours of the morning! It was still balmy, and I craved for a cold shower to wash away both the sweat that had accumulated overnight, and the residue of semen around my genitals. Grabbing a towel, I resisted all temptation to spy once more on the girls, and instead went straight into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. No doubt they would still be asleep until mid-afternoon. My sister was especially prone to sleeping most of the day away, hardly making an appearance whilst the sun still shone.

Dropping my towel and shorts, I started the shower and used the toilet whilst I waited for the temperature to settle. It was soon cool enough for the relief I wanted and I stepped inside, closing the opaque glass door behind me. The water was relaxing and was it was not long before I felt both fresh and far more awake. As I began to lather soap upon myself, I heard a knock on the door.

“What?” I called.

“It’s Nic!”

Although surprised that she was awake, it was no great shock that she wanted the bathroom now that I was using it.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“I really, really, need the loo!”

“Tough! I’m showering. Just wait: patience is a virtue you know!”

“Please let me in! I’m desperate!”

With my new-found state of relaxation already beginning to wane, I grudgingly stepped out of the shower, and unlocked the door.

“Wait five seconds…” I began.

“Yes, yes, I know,” she interrupted, well aware of the routine.

I quickly ran back into the shower, and soon heard the door open and close, and Nicola walk into the room. The dense glass of the shower-door was heavily frosted, preventing any embarrassing profiles, so all my family were happy to share time in the bathroom as long as obvious rules were abided by. I continued to wash and, after a few minutes, heard the flush go. The sudden rise in the water’s temperature informed me that Nicola was washing her hands, and then it cooled again, followed quickly by the sound of the door opening and closing again.

Barely a minute went by before I heard another knock at the door.

“For god’s sake, Nic! Learn to empty your bladder in one go!” I shouted, “It’s still unlocked. Come in.” I heard her enter the room, and lock the door behind her. Whilst she used the toilet again, I started rinsing the froth from my body.

“How much did you drink last night?” I asked, partially in jest, but also partially irritated by her second intrusion. No reply came, so I asked again, thinking the running water must have muffled her response. Still I heard no answer.

“Nicola! Are you listening to me?”

“Nice boxers last night,” went the reply. I gasped, then coughed as I inadvertently inhaled some water. Two revelations: it was not Nicola in the bathroom with me, and they had been watching me last night!

“What?” I managed.

“Last night. Nice shorts. Nice and tight.”

I had spoken to neither Amy nor Emma, so was unable to recognise just who I was talking to. The voice, though, was sensual and alluring. Her stress on the word tight caused a small rush of blood to my cock, and I noticed it begin to enlarge.

“Who are you? You were watching me?”

“I was watching you when you came out your room. You looked good. I wasn’t stupid enough to keep watching, though… I saw you approach the door. I hope you had a good look yourself.”

“Who are you?” I asked again, and then almost immediately regretted the question as the door quickly swung open. I stood naked, complete with hard-on, and in front of me stood Amy. I had begun to expect Emma, the slut, so to see Amy was a shock. Amy: the icy antagonist who would never let so much as a finger slip inside her panties, and who almost spurred on the jokes that her pussy lips had serrated edges. But here she was, standing before me in red, figure-hugging pyjamas.

It took me a moment to gather my senses. Fumbling, I struggled to cover my erection – the head of my knob poking out no matter how hard I tried.

“Hey! Weren’t you taught to share,” Amy said, pushing me into the shower.

She stepped in with me, and closed the door. Forcefully, she pressed her lips onto mine and kissed me, her tongue inching its way into my mouth. I could taste and smell a faintness of alcohol, which made some way towards explaining her suddenly overt sexuality. I pulled away briefly, and stared at her. The water had sodden her pyjamas, the top of which turning almost see-through; her nipples showing through the material. Her pyjama bottoms had fallen a little with the weight of the water, showing off her hips and, I keenly noticed, small wisps of red pubic hair. She kissed me again, pressing her body against me – my cock against her stomach. She slid a hand between us, and began to stroke it, her fingers lightly tapping at the flesh as she rubbed. I tilted my hips, pushing my penis harder into her hand. For a girl of so little experience, she sure knew how to give a good hand-job. Our lips parted again and she watched herself masturbate me, both palms now twisting back and forth over my shaft. My skin was still slippery from the soap, and therefore allowed her to hold tightly without hurting. I felt my knees give way slightly as the preliminary sensations of an orgasm started, drops of white fluid forming on the head of my cock. As I approached the point of no return, she suddenly stopped. I almost shouted in frustration, but instead watched as she slipped off her pyjamas and then, to my astonishment, knelt down before taking me into her mouth. She furled her tongue around my knob as she inserted me deeply, and then ran the tip along the bottom as I withdrew. She wet her lips before sucking me again, pulling me in and out of her warm mouth. Again, I couldn’t believe how perfect a blow-job I was receiving from a girl that apparently once slapped a guy for even suggesting sex.

I had managed to hold my orgasm back for a little longer but when I looked down, and saw that she was fingering herself – one digit deep inside of her pussy, another furiously rubbing at her clitoris – I could no longer keep it inside. My body tensed, and I felt the great wave of pleasure shoot through my body, in turn causing my cum to shoot into her mouth. She continued to suck me as I came, drops of my fluid leaking from her mouth and onto her breasts to then be washed away by the shower. As my cock finished pumping, she held me inside her a little longer, then released me. Still heatedly masturbating, she stood up, took hold of my softening penis, and whispered in my ear.

“You better not stay like this for long.”

“Why not? I asked.”

“Because I need it inside of me,” she responded, and I followed her gaze to where she now was pushing two fingers into her pussy, “right here.”

Not wanting things to cool off too much, I decided to take some control and said, “Well, until then…” and knelt down on the shower floor. Amy’s cunt, now with swollen lips and her fingers still thrusting back and forth, was now in front of me. As I watched, she spread her legs a little wider and I ran my finger over the very few hairs that had grown back since she clearly last shaved. “Why does she shave?” I asked myself, “She lets no-one see this amazing sight!”. I watched her masturbate for a few seconds longer, before pulling her hand away, and replacing her fingers with my tongue. She squealed in delight and held the back of my head, forcing my mouth around her genitals. I licked inside of her, tasting her almost-saccharine juices, then pulled out to suck on her swollen nub. She squealed again, and lowered herself slightly – applying pressure against my mouth. As her flavour filled my mouth, I could feel that my cock was engorged once again, and began to rub it myself.

“What did I tell you about sharing?” she asked suddenly, playfully slapping me on the cheek. “If you want to do that with it,” making a wanking gesture with her hand, “then you don’t need this,” and she closed her legs tight – forcing me away from her sweet slit.

“Sorry?” I said with uncertainty. She beckoned me to stand up once more and then stepped back so she was leaning against the wall, pulling me with her.

Fuck me,” she said, precisely, “Fuck me now.”

I felt my cock twitch in anticipation of the words coming from the virgin’s mouth, and I thrust it against her as my hands explored her breasts – rolling her alert nipples softly between my fingers.

“Are you listening?” she continued, “Fuck me now!”

To all intents and purposes, a shower was probably the best place to break this beautiful girl’s hymen – allowing the inevitable blood to be washed away without a trace. But I still knew that her first fuck would bring pain, and I felt certain I would find it difficult to control my thrusts into her warm, inviting hole.

“Are you sure?” I asked. After all, she was, I was certain, at least a little bit tipsy.

“Of course I’m sure,” she laughed, “now put it inside me.” She lifted one leg and curled it around my back, spreading her silky pussy in front of me. As I watched, she slid two fingers around the lips and then spread them apart. “Your target,” she giggled.

I inched forward, and rubbed the head of my cock on her protruding clitoris. She moaned and then looked into my eyes, expectantly. “Do it,” she commanded, “it’s okay. The door is locked. The other two are asleep. Your parents are out. Now, do it!” Delicately, I pushed the tip barely inside, and already felt the nerves tingling as her fleshy folds parted around me.

“Okay,” I said, “I hope it doesn’t hurt too much,”

She put a hand to my stomach, holding me back from thrusting. For an awful moment, I thought the moment was over. But then she spoke.

“Hurt? Why would it hurt? I mean, you’re big but don’t get too much of an ego! You aren’t going to rip me apart!” She laughed, but ultimately looking confused.

I withdrew from her cunt, and tried to explain – feeling as though I was teaching her sex education. “Well, when I fuck you, it’s going to break your hymen. And I’m told it can really hurt.”

She let her leg uncurl and stood up straight, staring at me blankly. “You are kidding right? I mean, your timing is awful, but you are joking aren’t you?”. I was starting to wonder just what this girl was on when she continued talking, “My hymen, my barrier, my ‘cherry’ was popped on my fourteenth birthday! You are right, it hurt, but I’ve been making up for it the last three years a million times over.”

I almost shouted, “What?! But you are Amy, you are…” and I paused a moment before saying the word, “you are frigid! You hit a guy when he said he wanted to have sex with you. I mean, clearly a little drink has gotten to you today, but everyone says your panties have a lock!”

Amy laughed, and began to rub my cock again. “Does it look like I’m frigid? Does it feel like I’m frigid? And where are my panties now? That blow job I gave you takes practice. Are you saying it was amateurish?”

“No!” I exclaimed, “it was amazing. It was perfect.”

“Exactly. You need to learn not to believe everything you hear. Just because I choose who I fuck carefully, and don’t touch those who are going to shoot their load just from one lick, doesn’t make me a frigid bitch. I love nothing more than sex of all varieties – but only certain, special individuals get access to my cunt.”

I smiled: live and learn.

“So,” she said, wrapping a leg around me once more, “This pussy sees a lot of action, but it is still very, very tight. And, quite frankly, it needs a fuck… from you. I need a fuck… from you. So unless you aren’t up to the job…”

This was instruction enough for me. I grabbed my penis, ran the head around her swollen, wet cunt-lips, and pushed into her. She was tight indeed, but I easily slid deep within her – her pussy enveloping me. She let out a pleasant whimper and then, wrapping her arms around my neck to hold on, curled her other leg around me. As I began to slide in and out of her, she too pushed against me until soon we were thrusting in time with one another – hard, fast fucking. I grabbed her bum, squeezing it and groping it before pushing her harder still.

“Oh god yes,” she murmured, “deeper… please push deeper.”

The bone above my genitals rubbed against her clit with each thrust, causing her to squirm in delight. My dick was warm inside her, and tingling from the twin sensation of her juices and the way she knowingly contracted her vaginal muscles around me. It felt as if her cunt was squeezing me… milking me… trying to pull the seed out of me. She really knew what she was going. I licked her nipples almost in thanks, and heard her giggle.

“Mmm, that tickles… but don’t stop,” she said, “fuck me, god fuck me. I need to cum, I’m going to cum.”

I couldn’t stop if I wanted to, and she soon began to take over all the pulls, all the pushes. The plunge of my cock into her wetness became her control and each time I was fully inside her, she would gyrate her hips – stimulating her hard little nub against me. She fucked faster, bucking so hard I could barely keep hold of her. I heard her begin to moan, quietly at first, but soon growing louder. This was quickly coupled with an increasingly stronger sensation of her pussy pulsating around me.

“I’m cumming,” she told me, her words almost garbled amongst her sighs, stutters and sexy moans. “Cum with me,” she instructed, “cum inside me. Inside me.”

I held her tightly, pushing her up against the wall and slamming deep within her. As she began to let out her final, drawn-out groan of ultimate climax, her pussy clamped even tighter around the whole of my shaft. I felt a shiver in my spine that shot down into my balls, and immediately I felt the familiar spasm of my cock as I began to cum inside the smooth pussy of this voracious girl. The last jolts of her own climax caused her to relax a little, and I took over the concluding thrusts – my semen spurting inside of her.

I stayed inside of her for a moment before I withdrew and we parted – my juice-covered knob making its remaining shudder. She smiled coyly, and dropped suddenly to her knees. Taking my cock fully into her mouth, she expertly ran her lips all the way back, releasing me but cleaning me of our cum. I saw her throat move as she swallowed, and she smiled again.

“Yummy,” she said, “it always tastes so much better with my own cum too. Well, I better go – the other two will probably be leaving their dream-world soon”. She kissed me, leaving on my lips the taste of our united fluids, and left me alone in the streaming water once more.

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