Magic Wands (so to speak) parts 1, 2, and 3

Magic Wands (so to speak) parts 1, 2, and 3

the first Zatch plagerized my stories, these are really mine

Magic Wands ( so to speak)
This is my take on Harry Potter and friends. This is my first story so please feel free to comment.

It was late at night towards the end of July, still a few days until Bill and Fleur’s wedding. The whole Burrow was quite, almost. Within the attic, a Silencing Charm upon the room, if anyone was in the room they would hear the small moans and loud smacking sounds of and eager 17 year old wizard Ron Weasley slurping, sucking and licking away at the usually modest Hermione Granger. She was moaning and whimpering, her hips bucking and tossing like a crazed bronco. It had started off innocently enough, Ron slipping silently out of his room and Hermione apparating from the room she shared with Ginny. They were just snuggling on an old cot used when more family members stayed at the small house. They started kissing and one thing lead to another until they got here. Hermione started moaning wildly, risking breaking the Silencing Charm on the room. She grabbed Ron’s head, holding it tight to her spasming pussy, arriving at her first orgasm of the night. After a few moments she released her hold on Ron’s head. He looked up at her, her juices dripping from his chin. When she regained her composure, she looked back down at him. “Oh my god! If I knew you were this good…How did you learn all this? Was it with Lavender?” she asked knowing that the whole episode with Lavender made Ron feel extremely bad and want to continue to make it up to her. “No, actually…like I’ve told you before, nothing happened between us. As to where I learned, you’re not the only one who knows how to study.” he said with a chuckle. “Oh, really, since you mentioned it I have been studying some things since the end of semester last year. Muggle libraries have much more detailed books on sex and love making as opposed to the Wizarding libraries that concentrate on using spells and potions. And to answer your next questions, yes I have been going through those too.” He smiled up at her and she grabbed his shirt collar pulling him back up, locking her lips with his, almost magnetically. She then flipping him over so she was lying on top of him, with a wicked smile on her face. She licked down his chest and abdomen, undoing his pants and sliding them off. Ron’s breathing increased, watching anxiously for her to continue. She was kneeling between his legs, gently tracing the outline of his erection with her fingernails. He growled, “Please stop teasing me!” She smiled that mischievous smile again, “Well I guess you have earned something…” She reached out and slid his boxers off, his cock jumping out at her. She saw it and looked up at Ron, “My goodness Ronald, I guess your height isn’t the only thing that increased over the summer.” She grabbed his 8 inches and started to slowly rub her hands up and down the entire length. He groaned obviously enjoying the treatment she was giving him. She leaned down cautiously, gently lowering her mouth over the head. He moaned even more when he felt her hot, wet tongue swirling around his cock head. She began to slowly take more into her mouth, gagging slightly when the head hit the back of her throat. She got over that quickly and began to deep throat his piece of meat. It only took a few minutes and Ron began to blast his cum into Hermione’s accepting mouth, swallowing every drop. She slid back up his body and began kissing him again, preparing to continue their pleasure when a loud knocking, pounding really on the front door was heard. Hermione gasped, “Harry’s here, we need to get back to bed. She quickly gathered their clothes, re-dressed and returned to their rooms just as Mrs. Weasley ran down the stairs to the door.
Harry walked in carrying one end of his trunk; with Lupin carry the other end. She grabbed him and pulled him into a tight rib-breaking hug. “Harry, how are you? You look so thin, have the Muggles been underfeeding you?” “No Mrs. Weasley, I’m fine.” he said not wanting to tell her that he hadn’t been with the Dursleys since he turned 17. He had been traveling around, accompanied by Lupin for most of his trip. He had found a lead on one of the Horcruxes that Dumbledore had told him about. Unfortunately though it turned out to be a dead end, the item not actually being Helena Hufflepuff’s cup, like they had thought. ‘Remis, good to see you, been keeping Harry out of trouble?” “It’s actually the other way around, Molly. Harry had saved me a few times, brewing the wolfs bane potion for me.” “Has he really?” she asked excitedly, “That’s quite a difficult potion.” “I thought the Professor helped me back in third year against the dementors, I thought it was only fair that I find some way to help him.” “Well Harry you must be quite a Potion-maker. You seemed a bit exhausted after you’re trip, I’ll go set up a bed for you in Ron’s room. She hurried off to make up the bed and Harry turned to Lupin. “Thank you Harry for not telling Molly the whole story, she might have been very angry at me.” “Professor, I had to help. I’d known that I might run into you so I started studying the potion, just in case. The one I gave you was the first successful batch.” “Still I have to thank you, I don’t know what would’ve happened had you not come along to stop me.” “Don’t mention it.” he said stifling a yawn. Mrs. Weasley came back and saw that, “Off to bed with you Harry.” “Yes ma’am.” he said without argument, trudging up the stairs. She turned to Lupin, “You know Tonks has been asking about you almost daily, she’s quite worried about you.” “Yes I know Molly; I’m actually on my way to see her. Give my regards to Arthur, goodnight.” He walked out the door, disappearing into the night.
Harry awoke the next morning to an all too familiar sound; it was Hermione and Ron, arguing again as usual. He sat up in bed looking over at them sitting on Ron’s bed waiting for him to wake up. “About time sleepy-head,” Ron said laughing at Harry’s bed head. “Well honestly who can sleep with you two arguing. Do I dare ask what it is about this time?” “No, it’s not a big deal Harry,” Hermione said. Mrs. Weasley has lunch waiting for you then you and Ron have to go for your apparition tests.” “Oh!” Ron groaned remember his last test attempt. She looked at him, “Come on then Ron, I’ve seen you practicing and you have it down, just relax and stay calm. You can do it.” They trudged off down the stairs while Hermione went to check what was keeping Ginny. She walked into the room quietly and heard a strange almost squishy sound. She walked around the corner and found Ginny masturbating. She turned bright red and pulled the blankets up over her head when she saw Hermione walk in, catching her in the act. Hermione walked over and pulled the blanket down, looking down into Ginny’s embarrassed face. “Ginny, come out here.” She slowly pulled the blanket away from her face, “Please don’t tell mum,” she said in barely above a whisper. “Now why would I tell your mum about what you were doing? It natural and everyone does it.” “You don’t, but of course you don’t have to, you have my brother…” “Ginny…how did you know about your brother and me?” “I heard you apparate out last night and then I saw Ron sneak out of his room up to the attic. Then I saw you when you when you came back, your clothes disheveled and your hair mussed. It was pretty obvious what you were doing. But I guess that’s alright since he really does love you…No one loves me like that, Dean was just trying to get into my panties and Neville, let’s just say our dancing at the Yule ball kept him too busy to try anything. I thought that Harry…” she trailed off a single tear sliding silently down her cheek. “Why don’t you just tell Harry how you feel? I know he still cares about you…I willing to bet that he does actually love you. I know you’ve liked him since you saw him at the station. I also know that the only reason he broke up with you is because he doesn’t want Voldemort coming after you. All that still doesn’t explain why you were in here, playing with yourself.” “Well after you fell asleep, Harry went into Ron’s room and fell fast asleep. I snuck in there to see him, and he was obviously having a sexy dream because his cock was standing straight up and it looked huge! That got me so horny I couldn’t sleep so I waited for you to wake up and go see Ron so I could get myself off. It was so big, at least 9 inches and about 4 inches around; oh…I just imagined it slamming into me, over and over.” She was getting worked up again, and began to pinch her nipples through her night shirt. Hermione too was getting turned on and even though she was in love with Ron she couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to have Harry’s pole deep within her. Before either of them knew what was happening Hermione was kissing Ginny, unbuttoning her shirt and Ginny had Hermione’s pants down around her knees, rubbing her clit frantically. She finally got her shirt off and began to suck lightly on her nipples. Ginny brought her hands back up and grabbed Hermione’s head holding it tight to her breasts. Hermione reached with one hand, grabbing her wand and flicked it at the door, silencing the room. She then went back and slowly began to lower Ginny’s pajama pant and then her panties. She slid down her body slowly dragging her tongue down over her stomach, then down to her pussy, which was begging for attention. Hermione started out slowly, licking from the bottom to the top, swirling her tongue around Ginny’s pulsating clit each time she got to the top. Then she started darting her tongue into her hole, tongue-fucking her. Ginny reached up and grabbed Hermione’s hip, practically ripping off her jeans and thong, which she had just started wearing to please Ron, and pulled her so that her wet hole was directly over her mouth. Ginny began to lick, suck, and nibble every inch of her friend’s tight pussy as she could. Within just a few minutes both girls were bucking and moaning in orgasmic pleasure. There was two loud pops as Fred and George apparated into the room, catching the girls in the act. “Well George I guess we should’ve knocked…” “Yes, Fred, then they could’ve had a chance to scramble for their clothes and make up some excuse…” Hermione held her shirt covering herself while Ginny pulled her blanket over herself. “Oh come now girls, we wouldn’t tell anyone anyway. Mum said to come get you, breakfast is ready.” They apparated out again, leaving the girls where they were. The girls got dressed quickly racing down the stairs to the kitchen sitting down for breakfast. Neither of they made eye contact with either Fred or George during the whole meal. Mrs. Weasley informed them that they would be heading off to Diagon Alley once Harry and Ron returned from their tests.

After they had eaten the girls were outside, throwing gnomes out of the garden. Crookshanks thought it was funny just to chase after the little critters, to get rid of them. Shortly after they had started their were three loud pops coming from the front yard. Harry, Ron, and Lupin arrived back at the house. Harry and Ron both held high their certificates showing that they had passed their tests. Ginny smiled at both of them, though not meeting Harry’s eyes. Hermione hugged them both and gave Ron a knowing glance. Mrs. Weasley had them all come into the house, crowding around the fireplace. Each of them in turn stepped in threw down the Floo Powder and shouted, “Diagon Alley!” disappearing in a blast of green flames, and then reappearing in the fireplace of the Leaky Cauldron. They all arrived and moved through the shady looking pub out the back door. Mrs. Weasley tapped the three bricks with her wand, causing the magical gateway to open up. The four friends moved quickly trying to go off on their own. Mrs. Weasley tried to stop them but then gave up. “Watch yourselves; I’ll meet you at Fred and George’s in one hour.” She then moved off heading towards the joke shop.
As they were walking Hermione gave Ginny a wink and whispered something into Ron’s ear. He said, “Why don’t you two head over to the book store while I take Ginny over to the new robe shop. They went off one way, Harry and Hermione went off on another. Once out of sight, Hermione shoved Harry against the wall of a shop. “Do you have any idea what agony you are causing that girl?” she spoke very harshly, very unlike her. “What do you mean Hermione? Who?” “Are you that dumb? Ginny! You broke up with her and she’s been heart-broken ever since. It’s only been recently that I’ve been able to get her to talk to me about it. She still loves you and when you ignore her, it hurts her even more. “Can’t you see that you were meant for each other? If you weren’t she would’ve moved on, but she tried that, remember? Smith, Dean? She hasn’t forgotten about you like I advised her during her first year.’ Harry started to say something, but Hermione shushed him, “Quiet, I’m not done! She understands where you were coming from, and doesn’t care she wants you to be back with her. Give your relationship a chance, take it slow and don’t snuff it out the minute a problem arises.” She let up on the collar of his shirt taking a step back. Harry looked stunned that Hermione had been so forceful. “But Hermione…” She gave a look that could freeze an inferno. “No buts Harry! I will not let you continue to hurt her.” Her gaze softened up a bit, “And since I’m sure Ron chickened out about telling you, he and I are dating…” Harry cut in, “I am well aware of that. Ron actually kind of blurted it out as we were waiting our turn. He said that you came up and just kissed him, and it took off from there. I was actually wondering which one of you were going to make the first move. You were shooting signals at him since fourth year. You were actually very upset that Ron didn’t ask you quickly enough. Padma told me that you all were talking about who you wanted when you found out about the ball. Trust me he remembered what you said to him that night. Anyway, I think I’ll take your advice. Did Ron and Ginny really go to the robe shop?” “Yes they did she needs new robes…” “Well I was wondering why we wouldn’t all go at the same time to the Dervish and Botts. Why don’t we go and join them?” They walked off as Dean and Lavender walked by arm in arm, fingers intertwined. Dean gave Harry a brief shove as he passed, still miffed over the fact that Ginny chose Harry instead of him. Harry and Hermione just kept on walking ignoring his immaturity.
They met up with Ron and Ginny coming out of the robe shop. Hermione walked over to Ron, giving him a peck on the cheek. Harry walked over to Ginny leaning down, whispering into her ear. They walked around the corner of the building into the alley for a bit of privacy. “Listen Ginny, I know what I did was, well stupid…I am sorry that it caused you so much pain, if there is any way I could take it away from you I would do it…” She looked up at him, “There is Harry,” she grabbed his arm dragging him back out into the middle of the square, turning again to face him. “Kiss me, right here, in front of all these people. A small crowd started gathering around them, Hermione and Ron at the front of the crowd. Harry turned a deep shade of red and looked down at her, their friends cheering him on. Harry leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips. The crowd erupted in cheers at the young love. The commotion caused Mrs. Weasley to come out of the store to see what was going on. She saw her tiny daughter Ginny wrapped in Harry’s arms, them smiling at each other. The crowd dispersed and she walked over to them, “So Ginny you did hear something I said,” she looked down at them, happily. “This large square you are standing on right now is called the Forgiveness circle. Young lovebirds come her to make up from a fight our anything else. A legend says when two lovers kiss here after a big fight they are forever linked together.” She reached down patting them both on the shoulder before leaving them again. They walked over to Ron and Hermione. Ginny looked to Hermione, “Thanks for letting Mum believe I remembered what she had said. They all laughed and giggled as they walked over to the book store to collect the books they would need for the coming year. Harry and Ron were talking in the corner, thanks for talking me into going back this year, mate. I probably wouldn’t have if you didn’t.” They went back to talking about Quidditch, when the girls re-joined them. Harry looked quickly at his watch, “Oh, we have to hurry; we were supposed to be at the joke shop ten minutes ago.” They each paid for their books and left running across the square to the joke shop which was just closing up. “Harry, Mum told us, it’s about time too…” the twins Fred and George said finishing each others sentences as always. Mrs. Weasley re joined them and they all walked back to gateway and took the Floo network back to the Burrow. Once there Mrs. Weasley began preparing dinner and the other all went up to Ron’s room chatting, laughing and talking loudly. They all knew that Ginny and Harry were back together and that Ron and Hermione were, but during their conversation they learned that Fred was dating Angelina, the former Qudditch captain. George was dating a younger witch from America who was transferring to Hogwarts for her final year. After a few minutes talk turned to Quidditch. About and hour later Mrs. Weasley was calling them down to dinner. As they all walked down the stairs Mr. Weasley walked into the house greeting everyone. They ate without incident. Mrs. Weasley announced that the next day they wuld be attending the rehearsal for the wedding. With full bellies and tired yawns they all departed for bed, Fred and George leaving for their own residences.

Magic Wands, so to speak II (a Harry Potter story)
Mrs. Weasley walked up the stairs flicking her wand at Ginny and Ron’s door, placing a spell upon them so that the teenagers wouldn’t try to sneak into each others rooms. Hermione waited until the house was silent and tried to apparate out of the room, but didn’t go anywhere. “What happened?” “Well, it seems your mum put a placement spell upon the room. She was obviously thinking one of us would try at least…” “Isn’t there a way to break through it, I want to see Harry…” Ginny whimpered. “Unfortunately not, only the person who placed the spell, can remove it…I guess we’re stuck.” Ginny sat on her bed pouting, her lower lip stuck out. Hermione walked back over to her, “Stick that lip back in or we won’t be able to have fun.” she said looking down into Ginny’s eyes. “Yeah, we can, but the boys can’t.” Ginny reached up and yanked Hermione down onto the bed by her shirt, kissing her. Hermione gasped at her friends aggressiveness. She smiled, “Ron’s never been this aggressive,” she whispered. “Ron’s probably never been this pent up before…” she said pulling at Hermione’s shirt trying to get it off. She lifted her arms and Ginny yanked the shirt off over her head, with a small growl. She pulled her down on top of her, kissing her deeply. Hermione shook with pleasure as Ginny slid her bra off and started gently kneading her breasts. She expertly unfastened the buttons on Ginny’s shirt sliding it off, exposing her bare tits. “Oh Ginny…you bad girl.” “Oh hush Granger, I got Harry’s attention didn’t I?” “With a little help…” They both went silent as Ginny snaked her tongue around Hermione’s nipple, flicking across it repeatedly. Hermione grabbed Ginny’s head holding it against her breasts. Ginny pushed her down on her back straddling her legs. She continued to tease her tits then slowly licked down over her stomach, stopping at her pants. Hermione whimpered and Ginny leaned further down, undoing the button on her pants with her mouth, then lowered the zipper with her teeth. Her slid her hands into the sides of her hips, grabbing her pants and thong, pulling the off her legs in one fluid movement. Ginny pulled out her wand, flicking it at the door silencing the room. She then turned it around, “Revererato Minimas!” Her wands began to vibrate gently, she gently ran it up and down along the length of her friends pussy. Hermione moaned loudly, her hips bucking and tossing. She slowly slid the wand up, touching it softly against her clit. Hermione nearly jumped off the bed with pleasure. Ginny started sliding it in and out of her pussy, flicking her tongue across her clit. Hermione continued to moan and whimper, but managed to reach down and undo Ginny’s pants sliding them off then pulling her panties down. She lifted Ginny and flipped her around so she could pleasure her at the same time. She pulled her wand out using the same spell to make it vibrate. She started out just teasing Ginny’s clit, but then started sliding it in and out as she felt her orgasm approaching. Ginny started bucking her hips back to meet the thrusts of the wand. Both girls were moaning and bucking as their orgasms tore threw them at almost the exact same time. There was a knock at the door, bringing them back to the present. “Girls get up, we’re going to be late.” it was Ron yelling through the door. Hermione and Ginny hurriedly pulled their clothes on, rushing down the stairs. They walked outside gathering around the enchanted Ministry cars they had been given for the trip.
Mr. Weasley, Mrs. Weasley, Fred, and George were in the first car while Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny were in the second. Once the cars started to move the Ginny jumped up and straddled Harry’s lap while Hermione put a huge lip-lock on Ron. Ginny started grinding against Harry’s lap, causing his prick to start hardening. He thought to himself, “If she keeps this up, I won’t be able to think about anything else all day.” Even with this thought in his head his hands found her ass and started squeezing it. Ron and Hermione seemed oblivious of them due to their own activities. They were still kissing, but a couple of Hermione’s shirt buttons had come undone and Ron had his hand inside teasing her breasts. The car jerked to a stop, and they all separated. Hermione flicked her wand at her shirt, re-buttoning it. The doors opened and they filed out, walking over to the chapel that had been chosen for the ceremony. Bill and Fleur were waiting outside for them. Fleur was looking lovely as always and Bill looked much better than the last time Harry had seen him. He still had the scars along his face from where Greyback had bitten him. They greeted everyone and entered. Hermione had to slap Ron a few times because he kept looking over at Fleur. After the priest went over everything and they were all set for the following day Fleur pulled Hermione and Ginny to the side asking them to follow her. They entered a side room and she asked them to be bridesmaids along with her little sister, which they both seemed to readily agree to. They were all giggly when they came back out. “And what are you too all giggly and girly about?” Ron asked rudely. Hermione and Ginny exchanged glances before she said, “Well Ronald, I guess you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out…” she said giggling again. They re-entered the cars outside and went on to the banquet hall where the reception would be held afterwards. It was decorated exactly as they had specified, Fleur was just taking it all in. “It iz so…perfict!” Bill just stood back watching her walk around the room. Hermione made sure to stay close to Ron to keep him in line. They had dinner there before departing for the night. Bill gave Fleur a final kiss before the wedding then watched as she departed with her parents and sister. Fred and George bid them goodnight before apparating away. As they rode back to the Burrow they had to keep their hands to themselves as Bill was in their car as well. They all chatted pleasantly on the ride back home, trying not to look too upset about the extra occupant of the car.
When they arrived back at the house they were ordered to bed by Mrs. Weasley. They walked up the stairs together, stopping at the landing of the two rooms. They coupled off and kissed for a few minutes before forcing themselves into their rooms. They knew they would see each other shortly; as soon as Mrs. Weasley went to bed her self. They pretended to sleep when she passed each room, checking in. After a while there was a popping sound in Ron’s room. Hermione had appeared, shaking Harry unsure if he was really sleeping. He was not and she whispered the spells to use on the door for Silencing and locking. “Go on now Harry, Ginny’s waiting for you.” He got up and apparated out of the room. She crept over to Ron sliding in his bed next to him. She took out her wand and pointed it at the door wordlessly placing the spells on the door and room. Ron was still pretending to sleep and Hermione knew it. She slipped under the covers and pulled his boxers off quickly taking his dick into her mouth. He instantly stopping pretending, not being able to silence his groans from the pleasure Hermione’s mouth could cause. She stopped what she was doing eliciting another groan. She slid back up to face him, seeming to look a bit angry. “When you here me enter Ronald, you can stop pretending. I may not be as forgiving in the future. He smiled, “I did that intentionally to see what you would do…” he admitted sheepishly. “Well then you can intentionally sleep alone tonight,” she said making look like she was going to get up. He grabbed her and flipped her onto her back on the bed, him leaning over her, breathing a bit heavily. Her breathing increased too, she loved when Ron took charge in bed. She enjoyed it either way but she didn’t like to be in control all the time. He began to kiss her roughly and gently biting her lips, while he nimbly undid the buttons on her shirt. She was a bit surprised by this, usually when Ron was like this he just ripped the shirt open, scattering the buttons. When he finished unbuttoning her shirt, slid it off her shoulders and began to kiss and bite along her neck. He licked from her collarbone to her sternum. The he trail his tongue down to her breasts licking all around one before clamping his lips around her nipple. He began to suck on it, alternating between hard sucks and lighter ones. He began to slide his tongue back and forth across the very tip of her nipple. She moaned softly, grabbing his head and holding it tight to her chest. He moved over and began to tease the other nipple, causing her to moan again and writhe beneath him. He began to kiss and lick down over her stomach, then he gently blew across the trail causing goose bumps to rise across her skin. He un-buttoned her pants and slid them off, tickling the insides of her thighs as he ran his hands back up. He stopped for a moment looking up at her. Her eyes had a pleading expression, begging him to hurry. He hooked his thumbs into the sides of her thong sliding it off and tossing to the ground. He was surprised to see that she had shaved all the hair off, usually she didn’t. He was so surprised that he didn’t tease her like he usually did, he just attacked like an animal. He was licking up and down her slit, sliding his tongue around her clit. He gasped at his reaction and grabbed his head again. He began darting his tongue in and out of her hole quickly, while rubbing her clit with his thumb. She began bucking against his face and tossing her head back and forth, rapidly approaching orgasm. She began to shake and then let out a shriek that threatened to pierce the Silencing Charm on the room. When she calmed down she pulled him back up and began to lick her juices off his face. She reached down, grabbing his dick and squeezed it gently. She pulled it to her hole, and leaned her head up next to his ear, whispering, “Fuck me Ron!” He didn’t need anymore encouragement, thrusting hard, burying himself completely inside her. He waiting for a few seconds and began thrusting quickly, pulling himself almost completely out before shoving his prick back in. She had her legs wrapped around him and was dragging her nails across his back. “Uh…ugh…Faster Ron!” she begged him before beginning to moan and whimper as another, stronger orgasm began building within her. She began to buck and toss as her orgasm hit her hard. A combination of her moaning and her pussy muscles contracting around his cock caused Ron to shot his load up inside her. He shuddered inside her as he pumped 5, 6, 7 streams into her, until he was completely exhausted. He tried to roll off to the side, but she held on rolling with him. She smiled up at him and laid her head down on his chest, falling to sleep. He reached down and pulled the blanket up over the two of them, falling asleep himself.
Across the hall Ginny eagerly waited for Harry to apparate in. When he did she ran over and jumped into his arms, kissing his face and neck. He stumbled and almost fell, but managed to stay upright and walk over to her bed, sitting down with her in his lap. Ginny was darting her tongue in and out of his mouth before he could realize what was happening. She ripped his shirt open scattering buttons everywhere. She ran her hands down his chest which seemed a bit more muscular than she expected. She groaned her approval of this new discovery, but then growled. “For god sake Harry, do something!” she snapped at him. He began to cautiously run his hands up and down her sides slowly becoming more bold. He ran his hands down her back like he had before, but didn’t bring them back up. He grabbed Ginny’s tiny butt, squeezing it gently. She let out small moans and began to dry hump against his lap. He started kissing along her neck and slid one hand up, unbuttoning her shirt. He slowly slid it back revealing her lovely breasts, then let it fall to the floor. He slowly kissed down her neck, then down between the mounds. He slid his tongue up the side of one and slowly flicked it across her nipple. She whimpered and he leaned in to her chest sucking on her nipple. She ran her hands through his hair and started moaning, his other hand gently teasing her other nipple. He gently bit on her nipple lightly pulling on it before letting it go. He then moved over and started sucking on the nipple on that side. She was almost constantly moaning, “Mmm…oh God….Ooh…Harry!” While he continued to sick and nibble her nipples he slowly slid his hand down over her stomach and into her pants. He carefully slid his hand under her panties and began to gently stroke her pussy. He began to run his fingers along her lips and gently brushed against her clit. This caused her to jolt around on his lap, gasping. He began to kiss her mouth again, their tongues dueling for control. He smiled as he began rub her clit slowly causing her to moan into his mouth. “Oh…god…Harry. Stop teasing me please!” He turned and pushed her onto the bed on her back. He quickly yanked her pants and panties the rest of the way off, tossing them to the floor. He didn’t hesitate after that, he dove right at her pussy. She gasped and moaned as his tongue attacked her clit. He flicked his tongue across it over and over, up and down, left to right, driving her crazy. He then plunged his tongue into her hole making her practically scream out. He groaned into her hole, it was so tight he had a hard time just moving his tongue around. As she got wetter it became easier so he began darting his tongue in and out of her. She held his head, grabbing at his hair, “Oh…ooh…Harry…oh my god! You are so….incredible…” She began to babble incoherently as her body began to tremble and rock beneath his face. She cried out and yanked his hair keeping his head in place as her orgasm rocked through her. He kept on licking and sucking on her clit causing her to start a second orgasm on top of the first. One after another after another rocked through her small frame, drenching his face, neck, and the bed beneath them with her juices. After she stopped shaking and moaning she dropped her head onto the bed trying to get her breathing back under control. He crawled back up the bed and laid down next to her. She gently licked her juices off his face and neck. “My goodness Harry, where did you learn to do that so well?” “I just learned now…I just did what seemed to be the right thing and watched how you reacted to it.” “Well now your going to have to do that every night…” she yawned. “You’re not tired out are you Ginny?” he asked, acting innocent. “For you Harry, I have more energy than anyone.” She smiled as she slowly slid down his body, and began unbuttoning his pants and sliding them off. She gasped a little seeing his dick pressing against the fabric of his boxers. “Mmm, this looks so much bigger up close.” She gently traced the outline of it with her fingernails, teasing him a bit. She then slid his boxers off causing his prick to spring up at her. It was a bit bigger than she had guessed the night she saw him sleeping. It was 9 and ½ inches long and almost 3 inches around. She licked her lips looking at it for a moment before leaning down and licking along it. She licked from the base all the way up to the tip of his mushroom shaped head. She began to lightly suck on just the head, slowly licking along as she took more of his cock into her mouth. She got about halfway down and it was brushing against the back of her throat, causing her to gag slightly. She relaxed a bit and tried again, feeling it sliding down her throat She thrust her head forward, taking his entire length in her mouth. He began to bob her head up and down along the entire length, each time taking the whole thing into her throat. He began to gasp and groaned, “Oh Ginny…I’m gonna, cum!!!” he began to unload his pent-up cum down her throat. She kept right on sucking and licking until she felt him stop. She pulling her mouth off his cock and saw that it was still hard as a rock. She climbed back up, straddling his body and began kissing him, letting him taste his own cum. She began rubbing her pussy against his cock., coating it with her juices. She looked down into his eyes, “Ready Harry?” she asked. He just nodded and tried to relax so he wouldn’t hurt her. She sat up and slowly began to push herself down onto his cock. He had his hands on her hips and watched as his head pushed her lips wide apart and began to disappear into her tight cavern. She whimpered a little and bit her lip, but continued forcing herself down. She was almost all the way down and he wondered why he hadn’t met felt her cherry. She looked down and saw the slightly puzzled look on his face, “I broke my own cherry with a wand a few months back,” she saw thrusting a little forcing the last of his cock into her tight hole. She let out a deep breath she hadn’t know that she’d been holding, staying very still allowing her pussy to get used to the size of his huge tool. “Just don’t move Harry, let me get used to this huge piece of meat you have…” she said as she sat atop his cock. He just nodded his head, lightly rubbing her back and legs. She began to slowly pull up about halfway and slid back down moaning, and causing him to groan a little. She began to go a little faster, each time going a bit farther out then thrusting back down quickly. The two of them began moaning and groaning in unison to their pleasure. Ginny began to buck and moan even louder and suddenly tensed up, her orgasm overtaking her. When she came back to her senses she looked down at Harry. He grabbed her by the waist and flipped both them over so he was on top of her. She wrapped her legs around his hips and he began to pump his cock into her incredibly fast. She was moaning and giving out little yelps each time he bottomed out inside her. She began to shake and babble incoherently again, as another orgasm smashed through her, causing her to dig her nails into Harry’s back. He didn’t notice the pain of it as her clenching pussy muscles caused him to lose control and emptied his load inside her spasming pussy. He rolled to the side so he didn’t collapse on top of her. She smiled angelically at him as she snuggled up against him, laying her head on his chest. He tried to speak but couldn’t find the words. “Ginny just whispered, “I love you Harry.” He smiled and gently kissed her forehead, “I love you too, Ginny.” They each drifted off to sleep, completely exhausted, in each others arms.
They were awoken a few hours later by Hermione who apparated into the room. She ran over and shook both of them, “Harry, Ginny get up! Harry rolled over and saw her standing over them and gasped, hiding himself. “Harry quickly back to your room, Mrs. Weasley is going to be checking in a few minutes.” He pulled his clothes on and after giving Ginny a quick kiss he apparated back to Ron’s room. Ron was getting dressed in his new dress robes. Harry was happy that Fred and George had done as he had asked. He began to dress in his dress robes and they both walked down, to join the rest of the family dressed the same way. Only Hermione and Ginny were dressed in usual clothes as they were to wear bridesmaid dresses. They climbed again into the Ministry cars and drove to the chapel.
The wedding went picture perfect. Fleur was more beautiful than ever in a long white gown. Because Hermione was a bridesmaid Harry was in charge of keeping Ron from staring. Ron still stared but not at Fleur it was at Hermione herself, he thought she looked more beautiful than she had for the Yule Ball. Her and Ginny were both dressed in spectacular dresses of light pastels. At the reception everything was as planned even if there was a large number of Aurors surrounding the reception hall. After the newlywed dance everyone slowly joined them on the dance floor. Ron looked a bit embarrassed after what happened at the Yule Ball. Hermione had to drag him onto the floor and once he was there he began to loosen up about it. Harry being the gentleman he was asked Ginny and they walked hand-in-hand onto the floor, dancing very close together. At the end of the night Bill and Fleur climbed into the enchanted Beauxbaton’s carriage, that Madame Maxine had offered Fleur for this occasion. Then they all got back into the cars and drove back to the Burrow. The last month before the beginning of school passed by the same way. Ginny and Harry often went off to different places by Floo Powder or broomstick. Mrs. Weasley had reservations about Ginny going off without several people to protect her, but she figured that Harry would be more than enough to protect her. Ron and Hermione occasionally went along with them, but they too also wanted to be alone with each other. When the day they were scheduled to leave for school, they hesitantly left the Burrow and went to the train station with the usual score or Aurors and Order members with them. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley saw them off as usual. Harry was the most reluctant to go. He had promised Dumbledore that he would find and destroy the Horcruxes. Being at school would hinder him doing that, but he also promised that he would go back to school even if it was just for Ginny. The train began to pull away from the station and finally faded from sight.

To be continued…

Magic Wands, so to speak III (a Harry potter story)

On the Hogwarts Express
Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny found a compartment for themselves. Ron and Hermione left about halfway through to perform their prefect duties. Ginny moved so she was on Harry’s lap and laid her head against his chest. He held her close and gently rubbing her back, causing her to fall asleep. He really didn’t blame her, she must’ve been exhausted after the previous night. Knowing that it was their last night of freedom before school they went at it as much as possible. By the time they had finished they were so worn out that they both just passed out. They were only asleep for a few minutes before they were woken up by Mrs. Weasley, to leave for the train. He knew that he truly did love her and he wouldn’t allow any harm to come to her. He figured the safest way to do so was to have her come along with himself, Ron and Hermione to Godric’s Hollow at the end of the school year. He had figured last year that would be the best place to start looking. Hermione and Ron returned shortly, dressed in their school robes. Hermione’s hair looked a bit disheveled, proving that they did a little bit more than just patrolling the train. As they walked in Harry pressed his finger to his lips for them to be quiet. They saw Ginny sleeping and quieted down. They chatted quietly for the rest of the trip. Hermione informed them that because so many parents had pulled them out of schools that Beauxbaton and Durmstrang would be using the grounds for their lessons as well. They would all share classes and free areas, the Great Hall would be rearranged as if the two other schools were just other houses. Also there were only a few first years being allowed to come. About ten minutes before they got to the school he woke Ginny and they got changed into their robes.
The train began to slow at the edge of Hogsmeade and slowly slid to a stop at the gates to the school. Through the misty fog they could see the Durmstrang ship in the Black Lake and by Hagrid’s hut they saw the Beuaxbatons carriage. Also the large hourglasses that kept track of house points had been repaired after last year and two more had been added. A Black one for Durmstrang and a pale pink one for Beauxbatons. They waved to Hagrid as he gathered the few first years into one boat. They got into the carriages and went on ahead to the school.
They entered the Great Hall and a feeling of deep despair passed through Harry, knowing that he wouldn’t see Dumbledore looking down to him from the head table as he always had before. All the professors were seated as usual except for Professor McGonagall. She was probably meeting with the first years as she always did. They filed into the Great Hall behind her and awaited to be sorted. The sorted was done quickly and the feast began. Afterwards McGonagall stood and gave the usual speech about rules and about the new things being added this year. She didn’t command the same respect that Dumbledore always got. They soon filed out of the hall Ron and Hermione leading a couple of first years towards the Common room. Harry and Ginny trailed the pack, gazing around as they walked. “Everything seems so different this year,” Ginny said, getting a bit closer to Harry. “Yes it does, seems like the life has been drawn out of the school. I also get the feeling even worse things are going to happen this year.” She shivered and pressed right up against him as they walked to the doorway into the Common room. Luckily it was empty, “Those two must be upstairs in Hermione’s Head Girl room.” she said pulling Harry to a chair and pushing him down on it. She slid onto his lap and curled up against his chest. “You sound a bit jealous,” he said softly. “Actually I just wish you were Head Boy so you could have your own room too.” “I do, being Quidditch captain…” “You did and you didn’t tell me!” she hit his chest with her fist but then dropped it back onto his stomach. “It’s alright I forgive you,” He stood up carrying her up the stairs to the room. He laid her and the bed and stripped down to his boxers as usually did before getting into bed. They were both still exhausted from the night before so they agreed to just sleep for the night. Ginny cuddled up against Harry, laying her head on his chest, smiling as she fell asleep. Harry lay still for a few moments afterwards clearing his mind so that he could sleep.
Ron and Hermione had been making out pretty much since they went up to her room. She shoved him down on the bed, “I’m going to make you pay for teasing me on the train.” “What do you mean, I did nothing…” Ron said defensively. “Yes you did Ronald. You went and got me all worked up and then you just stopped. I’m gonna keep you all wound up all night, just to see how long you can stand it. She straddled his lap, grinding against him through their clothes. She ripped his shirt off and dragged her nails down his chest and stomach, but stopped right at the waist of his pants. He growled in frustration and flipped her over, pulling her shirt off and attacking her breasts with her mouth. She moaned and groaned, begging him not to stop. He kept switching between her breasts, alternately, licking, sucking and biting on her nipples. He slowly began to kiss down her stomach and un-buttoned her pants before pulling them off. He then pulled her thong off and tossed it on the floor before practically diving face-first into her pussy. He licked and sucked lick a crazed animal, driving Hermione crazy. She moaned and groaned at his aggressiveness and started bucking her hips up to meet his licks. She suddenly stiffened and let out a light squeak, her legs locking Ron’s head in place as she thrashed around on the bed. She was surprised at how fast he got her to come, but she was not the only one. Unknown to the two lovers, there was a third person in the room. Lavender had found out about them and run ahead, hiding in Hermione’s closet watching them through the slats in the door. She was actually panting in excitement as well, watching them go at it. Hermione had pulled Ron up the bed and began kissing him again, licking her cum off his face. While she was licking his face her hands were busy, unbuckling his belt and un-doing his pants. Since they were like most of his clothes, too big, they slid off of him, pooling around his ankles. He stepped out of them and Hermione knelt down, gently tracing the outline of his cock through his boxers. From where she hid, Lavender had a clear view and could see the impressive size. She had seen Dean’s a few times in the short time they’ve been dating, and compared to Ron, Dean didn’t even have one. She began planning a way to get Ron in bed with her. While she thought she continued to watch them, her hand creeping into her pants. Hermione slid Ron’s boxers down, releasing his cock. She began licking all over it, from the base to the tip swirling around the mushroom tip and back down again. She began to slowly take it into her mouth, first just the head then inch by inch until she had his whole cock in her mouth and down her throat. She began to bob her head up and down his length. He began to moan and blasted his load down her throat, but she kept on sucking and in seconds had him hard again. She stood up licking her lips and he pushed her onto the bed on her stomach. She quickly got on all fours knowing that Ron loved it this way. He got onto the bed behind her and slowly slid his cock into her. She gasped and moaned as he teased her with just the head. She begged him and he thrust hard into her burying himself making her squeal and gasp for breath. When she got her breath, he started out slow then began to speed up thrusting harder and faster. She was moaning and wailing so loud it threatened to shatter the spell she had cast on the room. Luckily for Lavender Hermione’s screams masked her own orgasmic whimpers. Ron suddenly pulled out and flipped her over before driving his cock into her again. She was getting tired of him controlling things so she locked her legs around him and rolled so she was on top, riding him. She slowed down her thrusts forcing Ron to calm down a bit so he would last longer. She moved up and tapped the base of his cock with her wand. “What…are you…doing Hermione?” “Just hush Ronald,” she said as she began riding him hard and fast again, pulling all the way off of him and then sliding all the way back down. Ron’s head rocked from side to side from the pleasure. She began to slowly build to her orgasm, increasing her pace. Her breathing came in short gasps and her movements became a bit jerkier, before tensing up and letting out a yell. She came so hard she was bouncing around on top of Ron, shaking the bed so hard it was banging loudly against the wall. After she had come down off her orgasm she released Ron’s cock from the spell and rolled over, on her knees, her ass in the air. She had been promising this to him for a while. She pulled her ass cheeks apart exposing her tightest hole. He positioned himself behind her, against the puckered star and started to push. She relaxed her muscles and his cock slowly sank into her, causing her to let out a low, guttural moan. He continued slowly until his entire cock was inside her. She told him to hold still for a moment so she could get used to it. He complied and after a few seconds she thrust back against him to let him know he could continue. He started thrusting slowly dragging his cock all the way back so just the head was in and then all the way back in. He didn’t last very long at this, the tightness and heat pushed him over the edge very quickly. He slowly slipped from her ass and collapsed next to her. She backed up against him and he slid his arms around her as they drifted off to sleep. Once they were asleep, Lavender slipped out of the room and up to the girl’s dormitory, a plan fully formed in her head.
Ron awoke to Hermione shaking him roughly, “Get up we’re going to be late!” He grumbled something and rolled over, still asleep. She flicked her wand and the mattress levitated and dumped Ron off. He groaned when he hit the floor, glad that Hermione had covered the floor with carpeting, upon learning that she was Head Girl. “I’m up, what?” “We’re going to be late for breakfast.” He got up and re-dressed in his clothes from the previous day. Together they walked down the stairs into the common room. Harry and Ginny were sitting together n a chair by the fireplace, they started to applaud as they came down. Ginny gave Hermione a knowing look and Ron just gave them a dirty look. Together the four of them went down to the Great Hall for breakfast. After they ate the Head’s of the Houses handed out their schedules. Ron and Harry had the five classes they would need to become Aurors. Ginny was taking the classes to become a healer and Hermione was going into the Wizard-Muggle relations area of work. They noticed that they all seemed to have an hour before their various classes. They decided they would walk down and see Hagrid. They walked down and as they passed Dumbledore’s tomb Harry slowed to stop in front of it. He looked down at the gold engraved nameplate and they all heard, Fawkes, the phoenix’s song again. He was perched atop the tower where Dumbledore and now McGonagall’s office was. Harry held out his arm and Fawkes flew down and landed on his arm, before moving up to his shoulder. They continued on to Hagrid’s hut, when they got closer they saw he was outside feeding a few bow truckles that had gathered. He saw they approaching and waved them over, tossing the last of the food on the ground. He saw the phoenix on Harry’s shoulder and smiled a bit. “Ah I see yeh have a new friend there Harry. Good to see him off that tower though. Been there for the last two weeks. Guess you seemed to be chosen as the new owner. They talked together for a while, until the bells sounded for their first classes. They bid goodbye to Hagrid and made their way towards the castle. They split up in different direction for their classes once inside. Harry and Ron to Potions, Hermione to Muggle Studies, and Ginny to Transfiguration. None of them to seemed to notice that Lavender had been hiding in a corner and began following Ron and Harry down the hall. She slid into a seat directly behind Ron and began digging through her bag for something. She pulled out a small vial of some purple liquid; dipping her wand into it. The liquid clung to the tip when she pulled the wand back out. She then flicked the wand to Ron the liquid turning to a gaseous form and floating into Ron’s nose. She smiled and thought to herself, “By the end of class he will be mine.” No one saw her do anything, or so she thought. Neville had broken a beaker and was cleaning it up, he saw the whole thing and recognized the bottle. He had seen it in a book of forbidden herbological potions. It was used to cause temporary love. He knew that Ron and Hermione were an item, so he had to tell Hermione what had happened as soon as class ended. For the rest of class Ron seemed fine, though at the end he did seem to have a bit of trouble concentrating. They began to leave when suddenly Ron clutched his stomach. “Harry just go on ahead tell Professor McGonagall that I’m in the infirmary, my stomach is killing me.” “Need any help?” “No I’ll be okay on my own, go ahead.” Harry nodded his head walking down the corridor. Ron rested against the wall as Neville sped past Harry and disappeared around a corner. He knew that he find Hermione quickly. Ron began walking to the infirmary before he was pulled into a room by magic. Lavender was seated on the desk, but to Ron she had the appearance of Hermione. His stomach, as suddenly as it started, stopped hurting. He walked over, “Hermione we have to go to class we’ll be late.” “Oh don’t worry so much Ron. We can miss a class or two once in a while. Anything you miss I can teach you how to do anyways.” She flicked her hand at the door locking it and soundproofing the room. She then pointed her wand at him and used it to draw him nearer, so he was standing in between her legs. She leaned back on the desk pushing her chest out at him. “Hermione…we can’t…it’s the middle of the day…and we have classes. He snapped back up grabbing his head roughly and kissing his lips. He was frozen in shock for a moment and then joined the kiss. When she finally broke the kiss she said, “Shut up Ron, you worry too much.” She went back to kissing him and began to remove his robes, sliding them down off his shoulders. He was just clothed in a beater and jeans. She pulled his shirt off, tossing it to the floor. She began running her hands up and down his chest, amazed by how well muscled he looked. She didn’t remember him being like that when they were together, causing her to purr softly. He leaned forward and pulled her robes off over her head, leaving her in a white blouse and a plaid skirt. He growled ripping the shirt open, scattering buttons everywhere, revealing her breasts held back by a tight black lace bra. He quickly released the clasp and they tumbled loose. He lightly cupped them, thinking that they seemed a bit smaller for some reason. She moaned and pulled his head against her chest , derailing his train of thought. She was quickly unbuckling his pants, sliding them and his boxers off in one movement. He stepped out of them sliding his hands under the skirt, finding that she wasn’t wearing panties. “Why Hermione you naughty girl…” “Well I couldn’t wear them, I was so wet by planning this that they would’ve fallen off sopping.” She slid to her knees taking his cock into her mouth, licking and sucking all around it, licking the whole length of the shaft. She leaned down and took each of his balls into her mouth licking and sucking them. She then sat back upon the desk, Ron started to lower his head and she stopped him, “Just do me!” she said half moaning. Again he seemed a little surprised by that, usually she loved oral. He positioned his cock and she pulled him into her, tapping the base of his cock before he was completely buried inside her. “What?” he asked quietly. “I just want you to last all night…” She then tossed her legs around his hips and he started fucking her slowly and then getting faster at her command. “Uhh…uhh…oh god1 Oh God Ron! Oh Ro………” she trailed off as she trembled and shook through her first orgasm. When she recovered she pushed him away, standing up, then pushing him down on the desk. She then climbed on top of him, riding him hard and fast. She was moaning and groaning incoherently as she impaled her self on his cock.
Meanwhile Neville had to stop his search to get to Herbology in time but worried the whole time. Afterwards Harry and Hermione both were asking around about Ron. They had gone to the infirmary and Madame Pomfrey said he had never made it here. Neville ran inside…”Hermione…Harry…Ron…this way. He ran with them following close behind. He lead them to the potions classroom. “I saw something during potions. Lavender used some love root potion on Ron. It causes the person to think irrationally due to love…well not real love…you know what I mean. Come on hurry!” he said leading them further down the hall. They got to the room and started trying to get through the door. They tried several spells and finally Hermione pushed them out of the way, raising he wand, “Boombartem!” The door exploded into the room, startling the two. Ron looked from the Hermione on top of him and the one at the door “What…then who…arggh!” he showed Lavender off him and ran from the room. Hermione and Harry blocked the door as Neville chased after Ron. “Now let’s see who this imposter is…” Hermione raised her wand, “Petrificus Totalis!” She fell to the ground with a hollow thud. Hermione stood over her, “How could he even think…I mean look at the size of her breasts…so much smaller than mine. And lets not start about the hair,” she said pointing to her bushy mound. “This is a poor example of the Polyjuice Potion. Which means it should be wearing off shortly…” she trailed off as Lavender started to change into her usual appearance. By that time Neville had fetched Professor McGonagall as a witness, telling her what had happened. She stepped into the room just in time for the transformation. “Miss Brown kindly cover yourself and follow me!” She said stepping out of the room after ushering the others out, Hermione giving Lavender an especially biting look. After she had redressed se came out with her head hung low and followed McGonagall to the Headmaster’s Office. “Neville, where’s Ron? “Well he said he was so ashamed and locked himself in the dorm. I’m sorry Hermione.” “Thank you Neville.” He hurried off to Herbology, not wanting to be late. Hermione walked back into the room and sat down at one of the desks, with her head down. Harry slowly walked in, sitting down next to her. “How could he do this, she doesn’t even sound anything like me. We are definitely over.” “Hermione, he loves you, he must’ve really thought it was you. And I did hear that she was seen in the library’s Restricted Section, in the area about love potions and roots and changing voices magically. She’s been studying trying to get Ron alone. If Ron had suspected something he would’ve fought back. Come on Hermione, you know in your heart that I’m right. You love him.” She looked up, wiping her eyes, “You’re right Harry thank you.” They stood up and she hugged him tightly. Ginny walked into the room, “Oh sorry, am I interrupting something.” she said sarcastically. Hermione walked over to her, but Ginny stopped her before she can speak, “Don’t I already know what happened, word has it that she is in danger of being expelled.” “Ginny don’t get the wrong impression, Harry was just trying to convince me of what I already know. I have to go find where your brother is hiding right now. I’ll see you both at dinner tonight.” She walked out of the room, leaving them alone. Harry walked over ad Ginny jumped up into his arms, “How did I end up with the sweetest one?” she said kissing him on the cheek. “Luck of the draw,” he said gently setting her back down. Hermione walked back in again, “Sorry to interrupt but can I talk with you Ginny?” Ginny kissed Harry once more before walking away with Hermione. Harry walked off alone to his next class.
At dinner there was obviously some minor trouble between Hermione and Ron./ Though they sat next to each other as always, neither of them spoke one word to one another. After dinner they all went for a stroll around the edge of the forest before heading of to bed. Harry and Ginny sat in a loveseat snuggling against each other. Ron and Hermione were sitting in the window softly talking together. She gently kissed him and bid a goodnight to everyone as she walked up the stairs to her room. Ron did the same and went to the boys dormitory. Ginny stood up and pulled Harry towards the stairs of the girls dorm. “Ginny you know I can’t go up there. I’ll just come sliding back down.” She pressed her finger against his lips and pulled him again. He followed her up the steps into a large room. “Is this…” “Yes Hermione said I could use it tonight. She pushed him down on the bed and sat on lap kissing him. They slowly moved back on the bed until Harry was laying with Ginny on top of him. She reached back and pulled a scarf out of her pocket and wrapped it around Harry’s head, blindfolding him. She then magically cuffed his hands to the headboard. “Ginny whats…” “Hush Potter, you’ll enjoy this.” He shut his mouth and just waited patiently. He thought maybe she had left him there because there was nothing happening to him. Suddenly she was kissing him again, but he also felt her teasing him through his pants. Then his pants and boxers were removed and a hand was slowly stroking up and down. “Oh Ginny..” He stopped because he felt a mouth slipping over the head of his cock while Ginny was still kissing him. She moved and suddenly there was two sets of lips running up and down his shaft, wrestling over the head. His head rolled back and he let out a groan, “Ginny what’s…” Hermione hit him with a Silencing Charm with a simple flick of her wand. She had done it so all he could was moan or groan, not able to actually speak. Ginny and Hermione slowly removed each others clothes, leaving Harry laying there. He then felt a pair of legs sliding around his head and a sweet smelling pussy was lowering over his face. He leaned up and tried to lick but he couldn’t reach. Hermione was enjoying teasing Harry for a few more moments before she completely lowered herself down onto his waiting mouth. He groaned as he tasted her and because to lick, suck, and nibble all over his pussy. He teased the lips and paid especially close attention to her clit. She was tossing and moaning like a wild animal. She tensed up and grabbed Harry’s head holding him there as she tossed even more violently and came. She tossed for almost 10 minutes before she collapsed on top of him. Ginny gently rolled her off of him and slid over him, kissing his lips. “How was it?” she asked softly. He tried to respond but still couldn’t say anything. “Oh poor boy, she didn’t have a chance to remove the Charm before she passed out. Guess you’ll have to wait until she wakes up…” she said rubbing his chest. Her hand traveled down and wrapped around his cock. He gave a small groan and she began to stroke very slowly. She straddled his head and lowered herself down on his head, while never stopping stroking his cock. She would stroke fast and bring him right to the edge and then back off. He groaned in frustration, being tortured in such a way. “Not so fast Harry,” she said teasingly as she ground her pussy down on his face. She was moaning and groaning as he dragged his tongue across her g-spot. She growled low in her throat and locked her legs around his head, thrashing her hips back and forth as she came. Hermione woke up and crawled back on the bed and began to stroke his cock. She slid her body down and slowly lowered her pussy down on to his cock. She groaned as the head stretched her cunt lips apart and pushed herself down more. She rolled her head back and forth as she lowered herself until she was completely impaled upon his rod. She held herself in place as she tried to get used to his size. He was even bigger than Ginny had told her at nearly 10 inches in length and almost 5 inches around. She thought to herself, “Ron has nothing compared to Harry”. Harry thrust his hips up towards her eliciting a squeal. She began to pump herself up and down on his member as he thrust up to meet her hips with a wet sounding smack. Ginny crawled over and began kissing Harry’s neck and chest, teasing him while at the same time watching Hermione use him. Hermione began bucking wildly slipping up and down on his prick, making wet sucking noises each time and mumbling incoherently. She had enough sense to release the spell on him before she came again, collapsing across his chest. Ginny gently rolled her off to the side and climbed onto his still wet pole plunging down on it in one slick motion. She quickly released Harry’s hands and he reached up removing the blindfold, seeing first Ginny then Hermione sleeping soundly next to him. Before he could say anything she began riding him quick and fast, building towards her own orgasm as Harry was climbing towards his. He rolled over and began pumping into Ginny hard and fast. She was squealing and whimpering and Harry was grunting from the exertion. She tightly squeezed her legs around his hips and she came, the tightening muscles of her pussy triggered his own orgasm. He just grunting with one last thrust before collapsing on top of Ginny. He rolled off to the side and Ginny crawled up next to him. Hermione crawled back up on the other side of him laying her head on the other side of his chest. Harry began, “Hermione…” She cut him off, “Harry you were amazing but this was a one night thing.” She then fell asleep followed almost immediately by Ginny. Harry just curled his arms around them both and fell to sleep himself, totally releasing all fear of repercussions.

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