Margie goes horse riding

Margie goes horse riding

Here's a story that I wrote quite a while back. I thought that I'd again share it with those who like female degradation and bestiality.
* * * *
Robert's postings on the sex site had gradually become more and more explicit about what he wanted for his wife Margaret.
He'd received many offers from guys simply wanting to fuck her, but what he sought was something special.
He clicked on the new message to open it. Immediately he felt a stirring of excitement. Was this finally it, he thought.
He stared at the words: "two men …….. small, secluded property …….. breeding horses ……… stallion to fuck your wife Margaret"!
His cock began to swell as he called his wife to the computer.
Always enthusiastic to look at porno pictures or read lewd messages, Margie quickly came and leaned over her husband's shoulder. She couldn't believe her eyes as she read over the message that was addressed to them.

Her mind was racing, still transfixed by the words about the stallion fucking her, her husband reached for the telephone and began dialling the number given in the message.
* * *
They found the house and drove up to the door. The message had been accurate about the property being secluded. A side road off a side road, with the house and stables set well back from the entrance.
The men must have been watching because they excitedly came out the moment the car pulled up. Both in their late forties to early fifties, the men grinned eagerly and lustfully devoured Margie with their leering eyes.
"We've drooled over your photos on the sex site," the men almost panted in their expectant lust.
Margie felt so embarrassed she didn't know where to look, but in spite of her embarrassment she felt so wonderfully excited and so very, very dirty.
"We've always dreamed of meeting a really perverted and depraved couple like yourselves," the men excitedly told the husband and wife." It's an ideal time too, because one of
the mares is on heat and the stallion is so incredibly horny and ready to fuck."

They went to the house for coffee and to chat to break the ice, not that any ice needed breaking as their talk was so open and explicit that ice wouldn't stand a chance. It was then suggested that Margie be taken to the stables to see the stallion that was to fuck her.
Margie couldn't help but gasp when she saw the stallion with it's massive, hard cock swinging beneath its body.
"It's too big! It's huge," she gasped in dismay.
"But in your photo your cunt looked huge," one of the guys laughed.
They all three laughed, and Robert told them that his wife would take the horse's cock come what may.
"But look at the length of it," his wife continued to reason, but her arguments were ignored.
"You can take as much of it as you can at any rate," her husband excitedly told her.
One of the guys took the horses huge cock in his hand and, with a suggestive smirk on his face, asked Margie if she'd like to feel it.
She giggled in embarrassment but reached out her hand and touched the animals huge black cock.
"Let's see you licking it," the guy said as he began to feel for his cock which was bulging in his pants.
"Ooorrr! You filthy, fucking whore," he moaned with lust as Margie crouched under the horse and gave the huge cock a kiss and a lick.
"You two are just so fucking filthy," the other guy complimented the married couple as he moved up to the wife and, without the slightest hesitation, reached up under her skirt to feel for her cunt.
Margie gave a little squeal but realized that she was hardly in a position to act coy and chaste.

Robert was unbuttoning his wife's blouse, and she helped by reaching back and undoing her bra then slipping both bra and blouse off over her shoulders.
"Mmm, nice," the first guy said as he cupped her smallish tits in his hands.
Robert was now taking his wife's skirt down, and she helpfully stepped out of it and then slid her panties down over her legs so as to be stark naked before the men.
She felt really filthy standing there out in the middle of nowhere all naked.
One of the guys pulled her face down towards his cock and she unhesitatingly sucked his huge, hard cock into her mouth.
The other guy immediately took her hips in his hands, and in a second she felt his cock slipping easily into her wet and slippery cunt as he began to fuck her doggy style.

"Don't come in her mouth. Save it for her cunt so that she's nice and sloppy for the horse to fuck," Margie heard her husband saying.
"Phew! She sucks like a fucking whore," the guy said as he pulled out of her mouth. "Let's fuck the bitch in a sandwich with one up her cunt and me up her ass."

Some old sacks were tossed onto the ground and in a moment Margie was pushed down onto them and was soon being double fucked up her ass and cunt at the same time.
Robert stood looking down at his wife with the two men as they panted and grunted and fucked her like animals.
Robert left his wife fucking wildly with the two guys, and he moved close to the horse and began patting it and stroking up its massive, thick cock.

Margie was in a delirium of lust and oblivious to everything else as she was fucked and fucked and fucked by the two guys. Suddenly she gasped as her husband slopped some filthy, slimy muck over her face.
"Erk!" she gasped, spitting the slimy slop from her lips as the vile gunk covered her face. "What's that!"
"Horse cum," Robert laughed in reply as he began to smear the remainder over his wife's naked breasts.
His wife couldn't help but to break into a peal of laughter at the foul treatment as she realised what disgusting filth she was being used for.

The two guys had been holding back up to that point, but their lust now rose to uncontrollable levels and they let themselves go and almost simultaneously filled Margie's ass and cunt with their cum.
"Now she's all sloppy and ready for the horse to fuck," one of the guys said as they all got to their feet.

The horse was now led to a solid structure consisting of two parallel rails just wide enough for the horse to be led between them. It was then tied by it's bridle and several hobbling ropes.
Margie was taken to the stables where the mare on heat was located.
One of the guys put on rubber gloves and taking a rag, shoved it up into the mare's cunt so that the rag came out all sloppy and soaked with its juices.
Margie was now wiped all over, face and all, with the rag so that she was completely smeared with the slimy, glistening muck.
They then took her back to where the horse was stamping and snorting.
As soon as Margie, all smeared with the mare's juices, approached the horse. It started snorting and rearing as it caught the smell of the mare on heat.
Margie was put in front of the horse and it was nearly going crazy, snorting, twitching, stamping about, and with its huge cock now standing out firm and hard beneath its belly.

The guys pulled across a very narrow and high bench, about a foot wide and just a few feet long, and, after tossing one of the sacks over it, they shoved it in under the horse.
They then half lifted Margie up to the bench so that she could wriggle myself in onto it so that she was laying on her back with the horse's belly just a couple of inches above her and its huge, heavy cock lying on top of her own belly. Her hands immediately went to the horse's cock and she felt the thickness of it which was about the size of her own forearm and probably a little longer than from her hand to her elbow.

She felt like the filthiest of whores as she brought her knees up on either side of the horses body so that she was spread and ready for the stallions massive thick cock to be inserted into her cunt.
"Be careful with me," she warned them, "it can only get just the end of its cock up me."
"Don't worry," one of the guys reassured her, "if he heaves too hard you'll slide forward on the bench."

Margie looked down over her body as the guys wiped some oil all over the length of the stallions cock and then, while her husband was holding her cunt wide open for them, they pushed three or four inches of the big, thick, black cock up into her cunt.
"Oh God!" she gasped, feeling so incredibly filthy and depraved as she felt the horse's huge monster cock actually inside her cunt and really stretching her wide.
She couldn't see what was happening but she heard her husband saying that he'd shove the mare's cunt rag right onto the horses nostrils so that it would be breathing in the odours of the mare and that it should make it start to fuck.
Now she could hear the horse start snorting and Margie knew that it was stamping about as it smelled the mare's cunt on the rag.
"Oh God!" she gasped in lustful excitement as she felt the horses cock filling her cunt and going right to the back of her uterus. "Fuck! This is so absolutely depraved isn't it!" she cried out to the men.
With the horses agitated movements its cock was sliding about in her wet, slippery cunt and even lifting her right up off the bench.
Margie could hear her husband and the guys exclaiming how obscene and depraved it looked with the now absolutely huge penis of the horse disappearing between her cunt lips and going right up into her body.
"Oh fuck! Oh shit! Ohhhh, this is fucking incredible!" she panted and gasped with her approaching orgasmic frenzy.
She reached her arms up either side of the beast above her, and she brought her legs further back so that her cunt was as inviting as she could possibly make it for the horse to fuck her.

"Shit! Isn't this just so fucking crude and so fucking filthy," Margie heard her husband moaning with almost uncontrollable lust.
"How do you like seeing your dirty, filthy, whore wife with a horse's cock up her cunt?" one of the guys lustfully asked Robert.
"It's fucking magnificent," Margie heard her husband answer.
"It feels magnificent too," Margie called out in between her groans of lust and her lewd grunting as the horse's cock thrust her body about.
The horse's cock had, until now, been moving in Margie's cunt only because of its lustful agitation. She now saw it bend its hind legs just slightly and then, bringing its haunches up and forward with a terrific thrust, it drove its cock into her cunt with force.
"UMFFFFFFFF!" She grunted as she was heaved forward beneath the horse, and the breath was momentarily knocked out of her.

The guys grabbed her to save her from being pushed off the bench and they then slid her back into position as the cock began to pull back out of her cunt as the horse straightened.
Margie began to gasp out that she wanted to get out, but she never got it said as the horse, with quivering flanks, again drove its massive organ forward into her cunt.
"Arrrrrrrhhhh!" she shrieked in terror as her body was again driven forward on the bench by the shear force of the animal's cock in her cunt. She felt that the horse's cock was going to rip through her cunt with it's massive penis.
"That's enough," she yelled and gasped, but the guys eagerly yanked her back into position ready for the horse's violent fucking thrusts, and ignoring her frantic plea. The stallion again drove its massive cock into her cunt bringing another grunting shriek from her throat.
Again and again and again, the horse pounded it's huge cock into Margie's terrified body. Heaving and lifting her body on the end of its massive penis which was pumping a huge quantity of its sperm deep into her uterus.
The horses cock finally pulled out of Margie's slimy cunt and she could feel the animal cum oozing from her and dribbling down between the cheeks of her ass.
She lay there gasping and panting but quickly regained her lustful excitement now that she knew that she wasn't going to be ripped open by the horse's huge penis.
"Oh God!" she gasped as they lifted her out from beneath the horse, "that was bruising. I'll be sore for a week," but she was now laughing and excited again as she stood rubbing her tender cunt.
Robert looked at the horse's half-hard cock dribbling sticky trails of its cum.
"Come on, there's more filth in store for you yet," he told his wife, "what about sucking the horse's cock."
Margie gave a little laughing squeal at the thought of doing such a filthy, disgusting thing; but at her husband's suggestion she immediately squatted down beneath the horse and taking its big, heavy cock in her soft, white hands, she managed to stuff a couple of inches of the massive cock into her mouth.
The guys raved at how depraved and perverted she looked with her mouth stretched wide as she sucked on that huge, black, animal cock. All of their talk served to make her feel more and more depraved and dirty.

Robert began to work his hands on the horse's cock; massaging it from near to the animal's balls down towards the end so that the remaining semen in it slowly oozed out into his wife's stretched and sucking mouth.
After a couple of minutes Margie was nearly choking on the cum that was oozing into her mouth and slipping down her throat. She pulled her mouth from the animal's cock and a great gob of slimy semen ran out over her lips and dribbled down over her chin, dripping down onto her breasts and oozing, all slimy, down over her belly.
One of the guys moved forward and scooped some of the cum into his hand and began smothering it over her face. She spluttered and laughed.
"Give her a kiss," the other guy said.
"Errrk! Fucking yuk! No way," the guy rubbing on the cum laughed. Margie realized that she must look absolutely disgusting all covered it horse sperm and with it still around the corners of her mouth.
"I will," the guy who had suggested it said, and he took Margie in his arms and their naked bodies rubbed lustfully together as they kissed with mouths greedily devouring each other and their tongues hungrily sliding lustfully through the disgusting animal semen.

Robert and the other guy were disgusted and revolted, but also incredibly excited at the sight of such vile, repulsive filth, because they both began to jerk on their hard lusting cocks.
"Quick Margie," her husband gasped, "fill your mouth with this," and she quickly left off kissing and squatted down in front of her husband and sucked his cum into her mouth. She then moved to the other guy and sucked him off too, so that her mouth was not only full of the filth of animal sperm, but also the cum of the two men.

She then went back to the guy with whom she'd been kissing, and their mouths again met to share the added muck of cum in Margie's mouth.
Soon, the guy's lust became too much for him and he got Margie to bend over so that he could fuck her up her ass.
"Oh God! You dirty, fucking, filthy, depraved, fucking whore-cunt," he gasped lustfully as he drove his cock all the way up into Margie's ass with lustful heaving thrusts.
"Oh, yes, yes, yes," she panted feeling her own body filled with glorious, lustful sensations.
"You dirty, fucking, perverted bitch," the guy continued.
"Yes, yes," she moaned in encouragement as she reached her hand between her thighs to finger herself while being ass fucked.
"You whore! You moll! You vile, filthy, contemptible fucking harlot!" the guy groaned as he gave one final pounding thrust up Margie's ass and stiffened as his cum poured out of his cock and into her body as she also was filled with the most fabulous sensations.
They both staggered upright, panting and totally exhausted.

* * * *

Robert and Margie, along with the two guys all slowly walked back towards the house.
They heard a snort behind them and Robert looked back and laughingly called out to the horse, "don't worry, we'll bring your whore back for you to fuck again."
They all laughed as they walked happily back to the house. Margie and her husband had never before felt so happy and so satisfied with life.

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