Mary Go Round

Mary Go Round

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Mary Go Round

My sister Mary is two years younger than I am at fourteen while I am sixteen years old. Mary has certainly developed over the past year. She got slimmer, taller, and bustier. She also got sexier, became more of a tease, and flirted with all of my friends. Mary also became an exhibitionist. She would flash me her titties, spread her legs, and allow her towel to drop to the floor if I was watching.

It wasn’t long before my little sister was sucking my cock two or three times a day. She was always completely nude to suck it in the morning and at night but after school she was usually dressed but not all of the time. She loved giving me blowjobs and swallowing my cum. She never wanted anything in exchange either although she would let me play with her tits and her pussy until I got really hard. All Mary wanted was to have a cock in her mouth.

Eventually my cock was no longer enough for her and she begged me to bring my friends home for her to suck too. So I started bringing them by one at a time for her to suck. After that they wanted to come over all the time but I had to put a stop to it or mom would get suspicious and then we could get in trouble.

Then one day mom told us that she had a late meeting that she could not get out of and that she would trust us to stay home alone and not to kill each other or burn the house down.

Mary instantly decided to invite all of my friends over at the same time and suck to her heart’s content. She found the big turntable or lazy Susan that mom puts in the center of the dinning room table at holidays to easily pass the food around to everyone.

I watched as she sat it on the floor, placed a pillow on it, and then sat down. Then she spun herself around just like the Merry-go-round in the park. She told me that she could service all five of my friends and me at the same time. I stood near her so that she could pretend to practice. She held my cock in one hand and jerked it off while pretending to suck the cock next to me. Then she sucked my cock and moved on to the next guy as she jerked me off again. Yes it could work. I made the phone calls and the guys were there in about ten minutes.

Mary greeted the boys and told them to go into the family room. When everyone had arrived Mary undressed first and then told all of us to undress too. Some of the boys didn’t like getting naked in front of the other boys but Mary told them that if they didn’t that they could just go home then. They undressed. She had us form a circle around the turntable after she sat down on it. Once she grabbed two cocks and slipped one in her mouth, no one complained about being naked again. Mary had set some device to ding every minute and when it made a noise she went clockwise to the next cock. That was the one that she had been jerking off and then she was jerking off the one that she had just sucked. She warned us not to cum anywhere other than in her mouth or else we would all have to leave. She made it perfectly clear that we were not to cum in her hair or on her body, she absolutely wanted to swallow it. Well after we realized that my sister was planning on sucking our cocks for at least two hours we were not going to screw it up by cumming anywhere else. However, whenever one of us told Mary that we could not hold it any longer she would jump right to that guy and start sucking.

We all got to cum within the first twenty minutes and then Mary sucked our limp cocks until we got hard again. She sucked our cocks for a good three hours allowing us each to cum in her mouth three or four times. She said that she had to stop because her jaw was too sore to continue any longer. When the guys suggested that she let us fuck her instead she told us that maybe the next time and maybe not. I knew that she was a virgin and wondered what she might do to get ready for my friends and I to fuck her continuously. I just hoped that it somehow involved me fucking her as much as I could to get her used to it.

We agreed that my sister was the best Mary-go-round ride that we had ever had.

The very next day Mary was making plans for when the next Mary-go-round ride would take place. She confided in me that she was not ready for a fuck-fest yet but that two or three more suck-fests should take place first. However she wanted me to start fucking her right then and just as often as I could. Mary was not into stalling and really did want to start right away. She dragged me up to her bedroom, stripped, and got on her bed. She even fingered herself and got her juices flowing so that I could slid my cock in easier.

At that moment we both lost our virginity. Her pussy made my cock feel like it was in heaven. She didn’t mind me stroking it into her and pleasing myself. She hated to waist the cum that I was firing into her pussy. She truly loved to swallow cum. I got to fuck her two more times that day. The next morning she said that she was a little sore but she still let me fuck her before school.

We got into a pattern where I got to fuck her four or five times a day, every day. The Mary-go-round sucking parties were held once a week and the five guys were really looking forward to fucking Mary too. Then after the third suck party Mary told them that she would let them fuck her the next time that we all got together.

I guess that with me fucking her five times a day that she felt she could handle all six of us trying to fuck her to death. Mary had planned for the Fuck-go-round party to take place a few days before her next period.

Everyone was so excited to be able to fuck my sister. Four of the guys were virgins. Mary and I had found the perfect table to put the turntable on with a pillow so that when she knelt on it that I could get my cock into her pussy without any trouble. The rest of the guys were about my height so it was perfect for all of us.

Once again we guys got naked and took our normal positions around the table. Mary got on and gave herself a spin to see who got to go first. She stopped to my left so I knew that I would sixth, twelfth, and eighteenth…talk about your sloppy seconds.

The guys were dropping like flies. Each guy shoved his cock into her pussy, pumped it for a minute or two, and then cum. In like ten minutes I was fucking my sister. However the guy right next to me got hard before I finished. That was a good thing for us otherwise Mary would have wanted twelve guys for the next time. That second round took the guys more like four or five minutes each and that gave us all time to stroke our cocks and get them ready. Mary was doing her part by sucking the cock in front of her while the one behind her was fuck her. After the third round though we all decided that we needed a break. We just barely got that forth round finished before the guys had to grab their clothes and run out the backdoor while Mary and I scrambled to clean up before our parents came in the house.

The guys and I decided that our Mary-go-round was by far the very best ride that we had ever had.

The End
Mary Go Round

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