Master Claims His Pet

Master Claims His Pet

There is something oddly erotic about the vampire. Most people can understand this, or there would not be a market for vampire pornography or, the far more common, vampire erotica or other erotica mixed with similar horrific themes. I had never read these stories, and years later when I watched the first fetish video I found it more amusing than arousing. But neither of these setbacks stopped my obsession. I kept it quiet for many months before I confided in my friends. At their looks of horror, I passed my obsession off as momentary in nature, and my friends were relieved and amused at the same time. They had no problem when I graduated high school a virgin. It was not that unusual, although all of my friends had some experience and many were no longer virginal in any way.

I had hoped that my obsession would pass when I got to college, with a campus full of horny frat boys, but I had no such luck. As the months passed, my friends became more and more concerned. I went on many first dates, but felt no ties to any of these boys. I could have gained experience with any of these boys, but refused. I felt nothing toward them. Finally, I resigned myself to perpetual virginity. I wanted nothing to do with these imitations of manhood.

My friends were shocked at first, then began to spend every waking moment changing my mind. I was not to be swayed. They eventually let up, hoping, but no longer assuming that it was simply a phase I was going through.

Again, I graduated a virgin, untouched in every way except for the occasional unsuccessful gropes in the back of the theatre by inexperienced but determined boys from my psychology or English class. I had never even been kissed. My friends had stopped pressuring me, figuring that I was happier with my decision. I got a job as a bilingual legal secretary for a group of real estate lawyers and for the next year lived life relatively happily, even if my day to day life was rather boring and lonely. Even though I sometimes noticed that the lives of my friends were more filled and consisted of far fewer nights at home alone, I never regretted my decision. I seemed to know that I would get nothing out of sex or a relationship.

That changed dramatically when He walked into the office. He was tall with broad shoulders, pale skin that contrasted sharply with his black hair and eyebrows. His eyes were so dark that had I not instinctively known what he was, I would have assumed he used contacts to darken his irises. He had an air of confidence and virility that overwhelmed me. He had an appointment with my boss, so he came up to me, seeming to glide silently across the floor rather than walk. So consumed was I that for several seconds I couldn’t find my voice to ask if I could help him. When I did find my voice I was slightly frightened to use it, fearing that my sudden passion would escape me.

In my silence, he smiled slightly, raising one of his eyebrows slightly. “I have an appointment with Mr. Thomas. Please inform him that I am here, Carol Anne.” He said it softly, but there was a hint of authority that I would never have even considered disobeying. I stood almost without knowing or realizing what I was doing and went to notify my boss that his client had arrived. It wasn’t until he went in to see my boss that I realized that he had known my name, and not just the first name that everyone I knew used to refer to me, but my middle name as well.

I knew then that he was the one I had been waiting for. I hadn’t even known I had been waiting until I saw him. I decided then and there I would have no other. I was relieved not to have been violated. I knew innately that he would not have been pleased had someone touched what was his.

My friends were ecstatic to hear that my decision until they realized the object of my ardor. One of my friends worked at the same office I did and had seen him, albeit not as well as I. They tried once again to sway me away from him, but stopped almost at once. I had become less and less close with all of them over the months, and they seemed to realize that their arguments served to aggravate rather than convince me. The two I remained somewhat close to seemed to feel that at least I would gain some experience in the ways of love, even if it was negative, and assured me that they would help me through the disappointment they were sure would follow. I never told them that if I failed I had no intention of continuing on.

I waited day in and day out for him to arrive again at the office. He had another appointment on Friday. Friday morning I woke up an hour early and tossed and turned for twenty minutes before realizing I couldn’t wait anymore. I got out of bed and tried to eat something, but my stomach wasn’t happy with my selection. I dressed carefully, trying to please. Despite my intuition that told me he wanted me, that he wanted me pure, that he would claim me today, I didn’t know how he wanted me to appear. I didn’t know how he would want me to dress, whether he wanted me to wear makeup, how he would want me to style my hair. After wasting my spare time stressing about the decision, I gave up. I dressed in a simple yet elegant skirt and blouse and opted not to wear jewelry except my small diamond earrings. I wore no makeup and simply brushed my long hair to shininess. I arrived at work early and waited nervously. I was overcome several times by the fear that he would cancel, but somehow made it through the day to lunchtime.

I ate nothing at lunch. My stomach was still nervous and I feared leaving my desk for even a moment and missing his arrival. I was rewarded. Halfway through my lunch hour, he arrived, dressed as impeccably as the first time I had seen him. My heart sped up, but at the same time I found I was unable to breathe. He glided towards me, the smallest of smiles on his lips. He came up to my desk once again and looked down at me.

“I have another appointment, Carol Anne. Please inform him that I have arrived.”

I didn’t have to do as he told me because my boss came out of his office at that moment to greet him personally. My eyes followed them into the office hoping he would glance back at me. He did not.

I got no work done during their meeting. I sat there in a mild state of panic and impatience terrified I had been wrong. Had I simply imagined that he wanted me? Or, even worse, had I displeased him in some way? So great was my fear that I didn’t hear him open the door after an hour and leave the office, although he could have snuck up on me without my fear if he so chose. I jumped slightly when he spoke in my ear. His voice was still soft; his breath was oddly cool against my skin.

“Have you saved yourself for me, Carol Anne?” His lips brushed my ear as he said it and one of his hands stroked my hair.

“Yeessss.” It came out as a sigh.

“Yes what, Carol Anne?” There was a slight growl in his voice, but I knew the answer without having to think about it.

“Yes, Master.”

“Good girl.” His words made a shiver of pleasurable anticipation run through me. For the first time in my life, there was a burning need between my legs. He had walked in front of my desk and was once again looking down at me. I looked up at him, silently trying to both relay my need to him and beg him to quench the fire. He looked at me in pleased amusement.

“Not yet, my pet, not yet. I will fulfill your needs as you will mine, but you must wait just a short while longer.” A whine escaped my partially opened mouth.

He leaned closer to me. I wanted to move still closer, but his eyes warned me to stay where I was. As he drew nearer to me, I felt the increasingly more familiar feeling that I could no longer breathe. A couple of his pale long fingers touched my lips gently. I kissed them as they danced over my lips.

“Look at me, pet.” I looked up into his dark hypnotic eyes. “I know what you need, and you will wait until I give it to you. Do not disappoint me in this respect. I will know if you did, and will not be pleased.” There was a threat in his voice and eyes that made me tremble.

“No Master. When…”

“Tonight.” He withdrew his fingers, an action that made me whimper. “You will go home after I leave. Dress in what I have left for you there. Meet me at the address I have also left tonight at seven. Do not be late.” He paused and smiled his small smile again. “I would suggest a nap in the interim.”

I watched as he left. The fire that had been licking me at the apex of my thighs had spread into all but the most extreme of my extremities. I whined again softly, only slightly understanding his influence over me, only vaguely understanding what I wanted, no needed, from him. I remembered his promise to fulfill my needs as I would fulfill his. The thought of serving, pleasing him for the rest of my days made me shiver with eagerness.

I followed his instructions. My head cleared slightly without his immediate presence. I told my boss that I was taking the rest of the day off. I had yet taken a single day of leave since beginning to work there, so he was more than willing to let me leave. He gave me a look of vague concern, seeming to believe only too well my story that I was not feeling well.

I went home, and found, not to my surprise, there was a long black dress with matching heels. I felt the fabric of the dress and found it to be of the softest of silk. It dipped low in the front, which would accentuate my cleavage. A slit ran up the right side of the dress. It ran up so high that when I put on the dress the slit would probably reach my upper thigh. Although the fire within me had dampened slightly since leaving the office, seeing and feeling his choice of my clothing caused it to burn up as brightly as it had when he was standing directly in front of me.

I did as he suggested and lay down for a nap after finally eating my lunch. After my nap, I showered carefully and brushed through my hair. He had supplied a pair of panties, but no bra, so I simply went without. Again, I chose not to wear make up or jewelry. I did look myself over in the mirror before leaving and was happy with the overall effect.

I arrived at the address indicated at two minutes before seven. Had I not driven some fifteen minutes earlier through town, I would have guessed that I had been through a time warp. The house that rose up in front of me seemed more accurately described as a manor. It was made of dark stone and the architectural details reminded me of gothic cathedrals. As I stepped out of my car, I was greeted by an older gentleman in a suit who asked me for my purse and car keys, stating that I would not need them. As stupid as it may have seemed, I handed both over to the gentleman, who bowed slightly and gestured me toward the front doors, which opened seemingly by themselves. I was almost surprised not to see the room lit by torches lined along the walls, but the manor seemed to have all modern conveniences.

A small woman also dressed professionally met me at the door. She silently beckoned me to follow her, which I did, my heart starting to race again. She led me down a long, dark hallway. I heard a piano playing in the distance, a dark piece filled with minor chords that seemed perfect to fill the dark hall I was walking through. Finally the woman stopped in front of a door. The music was louder here, leading me to believe that it was coming from the other side of this door. I pictured him sitting at a grand piano just feet away from me, which felt myself go weak in the knees. The fire within me flared up again.

She knocked on the door and left me there. The music stopped and I heard him call out in his soft voice, “Come in.”

I slowly opened the door and walked in. He stood as I did so, turning away from the piano and towards me. He picked up a glass of dark red wine and took a sip from it as he looked me up and down. I looked away and felt a blush rise to my cheeks under his scrutiny. He lowered his glass.

“Lovely, Carol Anne. But not complete, not quite.” I looked up at him, thinking he was angry or displeased. He was still smiling, however. He lowered his glass to the table sitting beside the piano and turned to pick something up from the same table. With his back turned towards me, he asked me to move closer.

I obeyed, walking up to him until he could, if he turned, have reached out and touched me. He finally did turn and I noticed what he had in his hands. It was a beautiful, black collar.

“Turn around and lift your hair.” When I had, I felt his hand dance upon my neck. I whined in pleasure. Finally, I felt the cool leather of his collar upon my neck as he attached it. He used the collar to turn me to face him. He looked me over for a moment.

“Yessss,” he hissed before lowering his mouth to mine. His lips massaged my own. As his hands ran down my body, stopping to examine my breasts and then moving down to my hips, I desperately wanted to reach up and touch him, but didn’t dare without permission. Finally, when I felt that the fire within me had reached an unbearable level, I felt him pull me into his body. His torso was hard with his muscles and as he pulled me closer to him I felt his hard erection press against my belly. Even clothed I could tell it was quite large and could feel it throbbing against me.

Suddenly, he pulled away from my mouth and let his lips trail down to my neck just above my new collar. He kissed at my neck before finally biting into it and gently sucking at me. I let out a cry as pleasurable convulsions raced through my body for the first time in my life. The feelings slowly subsided and I fell against him, no longer able to sustain my own weight.

He picked me up and effortlessly threw me over his shoulder. “Now, Carol Anne, I think you’re more than ready for me.”

“Master, I’ve been ready for you for years,” I answered him. Although I could not see his face, I heard him chuckle for the first time.

He carried me through the manor. It was such a large place that I lost track of where we were going. We went up two different flights of stairs and down several halls before he finally opened a large and ornate door. This room was apparently his bedroom. There was furniture in the room and decorations along the dark walls, but the only thing that really caught my attention was the four-poster bed in the middle of the room.

It was the largest bed I’d ever seen. It was covered in dark red and black sheets and blood red curtains hung around each of the four posters of the bed. He tossed me onto the middle of the bed, where I bounced slightly. He stood there watching me, an obvious bulge in his pants. I trembled slightly under his scrutiny.

“Get over here and undress me, Carol Anne.” Now that we were in his bedroom, his voice was rougher, more demanding. I rolled over and crawled to him despite my long dress, although I was greatly helped by the long slit up one side. I stopped at the foot of the bed, and knelt there, reaching up to start undoing the buttons on his black dress shirt, exposing his pale but muscular chest. I whimpered slightly as I slid the shirt off his shoulders and leaned forward to kiss the chest, looking up as I did so hoping to find evidence of approval. He raised an eyebrow at me, but didn’t stop me, so I continued my kisses until he stepped back, motioning me off the bed. I stood in front of him as he pulled my dress over my head, allowing my breasts to fall free. His hands brushed over them for a moment before reaching my collar. He pulled down on my collar until I was on my knees in front of him.

I nuzzled for a moment against the bulge in his pants before bending over to remove his shoes and socks. When they had joined his discarded shirt I finally reached up to reveal what I needed most. With fingers trembling from excitement, I undid his belt.

“Hand the belt to me, Carol Anne.”

I looked up at him quickly, a mixture of excitement and fear filling me. I carefully pulled his belt from his belt loops and offered it to him. He looked two fingers under my collar and raised me up before bending me at the waist over his bed. He ran his fingers over the black lace that covered my ass.

“I must say, Carol Anne, that for the most part I have been most pleased with you and your behavior, both before and after having met you in person. I knew I’d chosen well, but you have proven this to be beyond a doubt.” I felt a smile spread across my face. I somehow knew that he would rarely praise me, so hearing it now made my heart swell.

“However,” he continued, and I felt my smile fall from my face, “you are not to touch or kiss me without my permission. And while, yes, I could have stopped you, I feel it is most prudent for you to learn as quickly as possible the consequence for disobedience.” With that I felt his belt land on my ass. I jumped slightly, surprised by how much it hurt. I whimpered and held tight onto the sheets as he continued raining blows on my ass. At fifteen, he stopped. He dropped his belt and rubbed my reddened cheeks far more gently than I expected. Again he used my collar to stand me up facing him.

“That is just a taste of how I will handle disobedience. You have been warned. Now finish what you started.” I hesitated for the slightest of moments before realizing he wanted me to finish undressing him. Once again, I fell to my knees and was awarded with a slight smile. I reached up and finally undid his pants, unzipped the zipper and finally pulled down his pants and boxers to reveal what I wanted so badly. It was rock hard, throbbing slightly, and pointing at me. I whined slightly, dying to reach out and feel for him, but not daring for fear of repercussions. He watched in amusement as I tried to silently beg for more.

Suddenly, he grabbed at me, throwing me once more on the bed. This time he followed crawling so that he was over me. He stayed there for a moment looking at me before moving. When he did move, it was to place my arms over my head and produce a rope seemingly from nowhere. He used it to tie my arms together then to part of the headboard. Then he moved back, parting my legs and settling himself between them.

“Let’s see how ready you are, pet,” he said as he slowly removed my panties. He looked pleased, but not surprised to find me soaking wet. My panties had been soaked through, moistening my thighs with my lubrication. He gently spread my lower lips and examined my dripping insides.

“You are intact, my pet.” He stroked from my pussy lips up to my clit, sending waves of pleasure through me despite how light his touch was. I whined, loving his attention, but needing so much more. He smirked at me.

“What do you want, Carol Anne?”

“I want more,” I whispered.

“More? Well, in that case…” he said, and then lowered his head to my left breast. He lightly nipped, sucked and licked at the breast and nipple for some time before moving to the other, not stopping his light stroking of my pussy. I continued my whining, for the first time struggling against the ties of my arms. Finally, he raised his head and smirked at me again.

“Is something the matter, Carol Anne? I thought you wanted more?”

“Oh, Master, that feels wonderful. But…”

“But you want even more?” I nodded desperately. “Tell me what you need, Carol Anne. Be specific.”

I whimpered for a moment before answering. “I need you to fuck me.” I barely whispered the words. He smiled down at me

“What was that?”

“I need you to fuck me.” I said it louder this time.


“Oh, please just fuck me!” I almost shouted the plea.

He complied, thrusting himself fully into me in one hymen-shattering stroke with a combination of a growl and snarl escaping from him. I screamed, arching my back at the pain. He stayed still for a moment before he started his rhythmic thrusts into me. There was nothing gentle about his claiming of me, but I had neither expected nor, despite the pain, wanted gentleness from him. With tears falling from my eyes, I simply waited for the pain to fade as I had been told it would by my experienced friends.

He never slowed his thrusts, but he did lean into my ear, his breaths slightly labored, but still cool against my skin. “The pain will fade, Carol Anne, and all the pleasure you need will follow.” I nodded, unable to speak. But I knew he was right, not because of the tales I had heard, but because the pain was already starting to fade. It took some time to become bearable, although it never fully went away, largely because he got rougher when he realized my initial pain fading. It only served to heighten my pleasure. Soon I was meeting his thrusts with ardor.

We continued our impassioned battle for some time. Moans and whimpers escaped me, intermixed with groans and hisses of pleasure from him. Tears continued to fall from my eyes, no longer from the pain but from the ecstasy that threatened to burst within me. It was stronger than anything I’d felt before, so much stronger than the orgasm I’d experience at his brief feeding earlier. As the pleasure exploded within me, he leaned down to bite into my neck again, sucking more deeply than he had before. Between the pleasure within me and the pleasure caused by his suckling I threatened to lose consciousness. I fought to maintain awareness, but as he suddenly stiffened above me, thrust deeply into me once more, and let out a low growl as he finally released his seeds within me, I lost my battle and faded from the world.

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