Maybe I Missed Her Call

Maybe I Missed Her Call

Be nice its my first story and theres alot of teasing and kissing so if your not into it look elsewhere. This is written by a women in the point of view of a man, somting a little diffrent, please enjoy!!!!


She's my best friend Rose

I keep thinking about her over the past few months.

She's a beautiful tan skinned 22 year old woman who has green eyes full peachy red lips, very long black hair, a slim waist, 32b breasts I'm too afraid to think of, a round ass, and she most beautiful laugh i've ever heard.

We've been friends since we were about 12 but she moved away for a year or two and then came back after her parents divorced, I always had feelingd for her but I could never take advantage of her feelings like that.

We live about 30 minutes away from eachother now, I havent seen her for a while.

I miss her, we talk alot on the phone about her drunken mistakes but I support what ever she does.

I'm the one who she chooses to call, and cry to about those men, her best friend Joseph.

On the phone with her at three a.m. all I can think about through her slurred cries are "I would treat you right".

Around this time at night I usualy get a call form her, if im lucky shes sober. Maybe I missed it….Its only 10:00p.m.

~A knock at the door~

I looked through the peephole and it was completely dark…..? I chained up the door and slowly opened it. There I saw my best friend with the most beautiful look on her face.I quickly slamed the door shut. {I'm guessing now she looks confused} I unlocked the door and swung it open. Usualy I would wait for her to give me a hug but this time I wrapped my arms around her waist. I picked her up off the ground and spun her around. "HEY KID!" I said with more exitement then I'm sure was needed. "I decided to pop by and ruin your night haha" She dropped her giant purse on the floor, kicked her sneakers off and walked to the kitchen.

I couldn't help but notice she was wearing the same velvet sweat suit I bought her for her birthday [that she picked out], it was blood red, the pants fit her nicely and hit the floor. you could see her stomach, the hoodie was tight as well, the sleeves came just past her elbows. she had unzipped it showing her short black tank top.

She came back from the kitchen with two bowls of chicken ramen noodles, made the way I like it, with cheese. "you know me so well" she smiled, swirled some on her fork and fed it to me. I did the same. She teasingly asked if I had reached my goal of having 112 girlfriends yet. I told her no and asked how the hell she rememberd that. "I remember every thing, I'm your best friend duh!" that was a little bitter sweet, but I'll exept it.

We put on Mortal Kombat (a very old favorite of ours) and she beat me every round, I have no idea where she learned it from, but whatever, and she asked me if i had monopply. I searched my entire house. I took extra long just so I could watch her laugh at me while she playfully threw her long wavy black hair over her shoulder. I found it and she let out an exited whoo!

She begged to be the money bag and I already knew that was hers but I just liked the way she looked doing it, I finaly said yes settling for the iron. She asked for shorts before we began and I threw some to her, trying not to seem nervous. She pulled off her hoodie, and my breathing began to get deeper as I sat on the floor setting up the game. I though she was going to walk to the bathroom to put on the pants but if there was a god the was going to be a tease and do it right in front of me. I was right. She handed me back the shorts, while saying "hold these for a sec" I took them back still trying to remain calm. You could see in her face she was enjoying every minute. She began pulling down her pants and I turned away "shy?" she said with the sexiest voice I've ever heard. "nah, just polite".

I heard her stop moving and I got confused and nervous at the same time. She picked up the bowls, and walked them over to the sink, then she sloppily put the monopoly bord and all of the pieces back in the box. I watched her confused the whole time, she must've finaly seen my face because she let out sort of a laughing-im-going-to-destroy-you thing. she pushed away the game with her foot and looked at me thinking. she held out her hand and said "shorts please" I gave them to her, she dropped them on the floor. I was wondering what the hell was on her mind, then with the same sexy voice she said "Joseph, I want you to keep your eyes on me, I want you to look". I just nodded. kept eye contact with me the entire time, slowly removing her pants with the tips of her fingers inch by inch, i unwillingly licked my lips, she smiled. when she got them around her ass she turned around and continued the process. When she got to her ankles she stepped out of them and kiced them over to the side. "Its up to you if I continue or if the shorts go on" I was wondedering if it was a trick or if she really wanted me.

I gave a serious look. I stood up, walked over to her pants, picked them up,and walked over to her. i saw the dissapointment on her face, which decided my next move. I took the pants by each leg and used them to quickly pull her close to me, she gasped in shock. I smiled, I slowly pressed my lips againset hers and felt her body begin to shiver, "cold?" she smiled and opened her eyes "nervous" I felt good to make a woman like her feel that way. I walked her over to the wall by the bed and turned her facing it. I traced my hands along each side of her arms and pulled them above her. I started kissing the back of heer neck (one of her many weeknesses) she bit her lip letting me kno I was doing good, I ran a hand along her thigh up her waist to the side of her breast. I could tell she was trying not to enjoy it, her foreplay. She put her forhead against the wall to hide her facial expressions, I knew what had to be done.

I turned her around and pinned her hands against the wall. I leaned in to kiss her and she wanted to tease me more so she tucked her lips in her mouth and turned her head. "fine with me" I said. I pushed my body closer against hers and kissed her shoulder, then I made my way up to her neck, starting to be more agressive. I kissed faster using tounge and blowing on the spot after I was finished. I saw her lips slowly leave her mouth and her eyes close, it was no longer a game, I was just happy pleasing her.

I made my way up to the spot between her breast, I slowly kissed it and looked up at her to see if she wanted it bad enough. She was squirming when I stopped, I let out a slight laugh and made my way up her neck, underneath her chin. I licked her bottom lip and pulled it softly with my teeth. She freed her hands and wraped an arm around the back of my neck, and put her free hand on my face touching my cheek. She started to breath deep and pull me closer. I could feel myself growing harder from every touch of her finger tips. I started to grind myself between her legs. She broke our kiss with a soft sexy moan that made me smile. I bit my bottom lip and wrapped my hands around her waist exploring her tailbone. She closed her eyes and shook her head from side to side as if she was saying no, but I knew it was turning her on. I leaned closer to her ear "You know you want….don't you?" She smiled and said nope. I smirked, and pulled her as tight as I possibly could with out hurting her, and ground into her pelvis making her moan loudly and me groan surprisingly too. She looked at me holding on to my arms for support with weak knees, "fine". I looked at her with an eyebrow raised "fine what?" she frowned "your going to make me say it?" I looked at her and said "You want me to stop?" She smiled and flashed the most beautiful teeth I know. "You know I want it you little fuckin' tease, and no I never want u to stop" I don't know if it was what she said or how she said it but my hard on was growing and beginnig to become unbearable. She snaked her tounge in my mouth and I licked it, and sucked it from her mouth.

She pushed me away and walked to the bathroom, before i could follow her, she shut the door and I heard water running. Then I heard what I thought was tooth brushing. when she came out She gave me a kiss on the cheek and went into her giant purse, she grabbed somthing that sounded like paper but i was too busy lookig at her perfectly round ass to try and see.She jumped in the bed on her knees and pulled her shirt over her head.With a hand on her hip she proudly showed a blood red lace bra to match her thong. I walked over to the bed and reached up to touch her thigh, she smacked my hand away, and slowly unbouttoned my shirt, then pulled it off my shoulders. Then she unzipped my pants and let me step put of them. We both stood there in underwear gazing at eachother, her on the bed , me in front of her. I looked her right in the eyes and reached behind her and unclipped her bra. I pulled it off of her slowly and tossed it to the floor. I ran a hand up her stomach and cupped one of her immaculate breasts. I dipped my head down to put my mouth to it, i looked up at her wanting face and wrapped my lips around her very awake nipple, she let out an open mouthed gasp. I circled it with my tounge, flicked, sucked, nibbled, anything to get her wet. She was running her fingers through my hair and with her other hand she traced her body and found her delicate spot. she began to moan and rub through her panties and I stopped, I gently pushed her down to the bed kissed her stomach. She was teasing her nipples pinching and pulling them, I was amazied that it wasn't hurting, it was turning me on.

I started kissing her lower untill i got to the top of her panties. I pulled down the string of her thong with my teeth, over her feet and off the bed. I bent her knees and put my head between them. I slowly kissed her inner thigh. I ran my hand across her stomach thinking to myself "god what an amazing body". I layed on my stomach and kissed her right at the top of her slit, she started to whimper and i knew she needed to get off bad, I ran my tounge up slowly, then down slower and she was shivering, I felt her hands move, i thought she was going to shove my head down, but she just played in my hair, she liked the teasing. So instead of doing what she expected, I circled her clit with my tounge making her jolt back in the bed, and I grabbed her hips, pulling her closer, I kept going in circles and flicking the tip up and down, kissing ans sucking lightly, she was driving her crazy, she was sitting up and started rocking her hips against my face. I wraped my lips around her entire clit and pulled away slowly, she started purring, licking her lips and still playing in my hair. I continued and went lower. I slowly slipped my tounge inside her, she moaned so loud it made my dick stand straight up. I went in and out of her fast and slow changing speed to keep her guessing, she sounded like she was cumming. So I sliped two fingers indide of her and sucked on her clit with enough force to get her toes to curl.

She screamed my name and came on my fingers, I leaned up and kissed her cheek. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. She used my toothbrush, I liked that. I threw some wather on my face and left the bathroom. I saw her sitting on the bed with somthing behind her back. Smiling she said "cut off the light", I looked at her confused. I did what she said but i just never thought of her as the kind of person to have sex in the dark. She whispered "lay down" I mokingly whispered back "ooooookaaaaay" she laughed "Shut Up!" before I could laugh she took hold of my dick and surprized the hell out of me. I felt her body over my legs and her mouth now around the tip of my dick, with somting between it. She wasn't trying to do anything, I could tell, so I looked up, she was rolling a condom on with her mouth, the only way I knew that was that the condom was glow in the dark. "Very clever", she giggled "I wonderd when you would look up". She put my dick down and climbed on top of me "You can do what you want to me, I'm yours". with that I grew hard and could no longer stand not having her. "Seems like you want me" she must have felt it too.

I layed her down and tried to take my time (though my dick was aching). I ran my dick along the outside of her lips a few times making her wet and she lifted her knees. I only slipped the tip inside because i knew from a previous intoxicated coversation on the phone that she said all the sex she had was painful because guys didn't take their time. Slowly I went in her lips felt warm and welcoming and I pulled out, then I went in an inch deeper, then back and in again and I started to build up a rhythym and everytime I got deeper she'd softly moan. When I started to build up force I put one of her knees over my shoulder and got as deep as possible. "Oh shit" she said as she was breathing fast. I got faster and grabbed her hands, she laced her fingers between mine, I went slow and hard, then fast and light, and she loved it, she lifted her head up to kiss me on the lips, giving me only a small ammount of room to rock inside of her, I was completely in and she moaned letting go of me.

I turned her around so she was on her knees and elbows and enterd her from behind. I grabbed her shoulder and pushed in fast this time assuming shes used to me by now. She was puching back on me and enjoying her self just as much. Everytime I heard "Ahhhhh!" or "Oh god yes!" I pushed in harder. By the time we were both dripping sweat she started to scream "OH GOD IM CUMMING!" so I flipped her on her back again and she wrapped her legs around my back as I ran my dick in her as fast and hard as I could and she came screaming my name once again. I felt my self start to cum too and let out an "OH FUCK", she pushed me over and pulled the condom off me and slowly licked the top of my dick "don't make me beg" I slow ly said trying not to seem desperate, with that she ran those beautifuly talented lips across my tip and all the way down and did somthing with her tounge while I was all the way inside of her that made me go nuts! "I'm about to cum!" and she sucked it right out of me. I groaned when she swallowed and just stared at her.

She went to the bathroom and then hopped back in bed. We slid under the covers and she layed her head on my chest. "Hey" she said quietly "Huh?" I asked. "What do you like for breakfast?" I smiled "Anything you make would be great Im sure, but you with some coffee sounds better" she laughed and wrapped my arms around her "Fine with me."

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