Me and LU

Me and LU

This is how THe story Goes.

I was in the shower, soaping up as usual as i take showers. When i heard some shuffling outside the bathroom door, and a said aloud, "hey im in here, have to wait a moment till Im done!" I then realized that i was alone in my apartment and was then startled to see the bathroom door open and to my suprise was my aunt Lu as she walked. I was glad i had one of those colored shower curtains that you couldn't see througth. She told me, " I knew you were in here, sorry I have some things for you now hurry up."

(o be honest I was alittle excited as she walked in, because I will tell you that she is only my aunt by marriage, and i have had fantasies about her for years since I first met her at the age of 17. I am now 22 and have grown into what I think is a good lookn man. I am overweight abit but some big boys are quite sexy in ways.

One night we had a family get together and things were going normal for a family get together and she had brought some beer, ( I was 21 at the time). I went uptown and got some heavy stuff, cause I said to myself if this is goint to be a party might aswell make it a good one. I bought some Captain Morgan and some Pucker along with some Juice to mix drinks with. I headed back home saying to myself, " This is going to be one hell of a Party." Not knowing much was going to happen I found myself back at the party bringing in the stuff.

About three hours into the night I was fucked, I mean I was Wasted!. I could barely see straight or walk but I still had slight control of my intentions and actions. My aunt was seated next to my in a very nice tight shirt and nice Skin tight pants.

My aunt is 12 years older than me. At 34 yrs old, to me she is a sexy woman. I think she is around a 32 DD I dont know im not one of those guys how goes crazy over titties. Im the Kind of man that Likes the looks of Long hair, Beautiful eyes, and a nice ass in jeans. Anyways as i was she really isnt my aunt cause my mom divorced my step father some years ago breaking that bond but we still kept in touch with others in the family.

As I was sitting there drunk off my ass, I was having the time of my life. Then my hands somehow had a mind of there own as I had my right arm hanging around her on the back of the couch. My hand slowly started making its way to her right breast now Knowing what I was doing I started getting excited at the fact that was actually doing something bold. She had a good buzz herself but knowing what i was doing. She just looked up at me Smiled with a naughty grin.I leaned over and whispered into her ear that she was very Beautiful tonight and that I had feelings for since the first time I layed eyes on her, which to some truth was true.

I gave myself the authority to keep going with what I was doing, proceed to my holy grail. as my hand made its way through her sleeve and up her arm I found her breast. Much to my amazment I found she wasnt wearing a bra. I took a full handfull and enjoyed every moment of my lustful wondering. I caressed her breast with much joy. I then found her nipple and ran a finger around her areola, erecting her nipple to its fullness, which gave me the thought and I took the nipple into between my thumb and forefinger and rolled it. she let out a small sigh and tried to be quiet as I pinched it alittle hard. Her face went from pale to beat red. I stopped for the moment cause I had to Pee. I walked outside and did what i did. then my thoughts started to swirll and now i was little afraid of what i have done. Then when I turned around to head back into the house, she was right there starring me in the face. I forgot what I was worrying about and grabbed her and pulled her in for one hell of a kiss. She didnt know what to do as she kissed me back with a long sexy moan. I pushed my tongue into her mouth searching for hers, and she complied back as i found hers and massaged it like there was no tomorrow.)

That was the beginning of was about to come.

I hurried up in the shower not knowing what was it she had brought me. I put on my shorts leaving the bathroom without a shirt and headed to the Living room where she was sitting on my chair starring at the TV. As i approached closer I noticed she took her pants off and was then masturbating on my chair and that was all it Took I was Rock hard. She was moaning like crazy with every movement she made with her fingers. She didnt know I had walked in behind her so I kept it that way. I then noticed her eyes were closed, as I got down on my hands and knees and slowly inched my way around the chair between her legs. She hadnt noticed anything till I pushed my tongue into the slit of her cunt and began working her clit. I looked up into her eyes as she looked at me with great pleasure as I Sucked her clit strongly savoring every taste of sweet honey that she flowed into my mouth from her hole.She began moaning and breathing heavily.

I asked, " so how was your day, gorgeous."
She replied, " Stop talking and finish what you started."

I proceeded with the pussy with my tongue. With ever flick she let out a moan of ecstacy. I kept licking and sucking her very tasty flower. as she came closer and closer to cumming. I fucked her pussy with my tongue as I entered her I could taste her juices as they flowed into my mouth.
I reached with my hands under her shirt and began playing with her breasts. I squeezed both nipples and that was all she could take as she yelled, " Awww, shit, yeah thats it, I'm Cumming, Keep doing that MMMMMMmmmmm Shiiiiiitttt, FUUUUUCKKKK!" I tasted every drop of her pussy cum as it drenched my face and tongue. as her cumming subsided I quickly rose off my knees, and before she could say anything I stuck my waiting hard cock into her awaiting pussy. She let out a nice long moan after a gasp of air. I started to fuck her as hard as I could bringing her to yet another orgasm. She clenched my cock with her pussy muscles. It was the best pussy I have ever fucked.

I stopped fucking for a moment as I pulled her up and lead her to the couch. I layed on my back and had her get ontop so I could watcher ride me. I pulled her shirt off so I could hold the breasts as she bouced up and down. She Fucked me like there was no tomorrow. she came to 2 more orgasms before I blew my load. As I came to my orgasm she was cumming herself." SHit baby im gonna Cummm!" "Do it cumm baby Cumm inside MEEEEE!" as SHe came clenching my Cock again. I couldnt take it anymore, I shot my Load deep inside her pussy. I shot about 6 good spurts of seimen into her cunt before i could catch my breath.

I lead her to my room as we stopped and layed her on my bed and I laid next to her and Kissed her softly and lovingly and asked, " So where do we go From her cause after all these years I couldnt Express anything till now and I have to Say that was wonderfurl." She didnt say anything at first, but she then gave in and said, " Dont know I guess we will have to find out, but you can count on my visiting you more often."


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