Meals on Wheels 5- Ruth's mother

Meals on Wheels 5- Ruth's mother

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Once I had finished emptying my sticky mess into her, I took my dick back out, letting all of my mess drain right back out of her. In my usual style, I caught it in my hand and spread it over her big white cheeks. I stood her up and helped her walk back to the bathroom. When we got in there, I grabbed the chair out of the tub and put it aside. We stepped into the tub and I turned on the water. I grabbed the soap and washed off my arm, and then worked on cleaning up Ruth’s rear end and between her legs. She turned around and returned the favor, cleaning off my now limp tool. When she was done, Ruth turned off the water and I grabbed a towel. Ruth turned to me and took the towel, wrapping it around her body.

“I need to ask you a favor……..A sexual favor.” She said.

“I don’t see a problem with that.” I replied as I rubbed my hands up and down her arms.

“It’s for my mother.”……


“Your mother?” I said as I tried to figure this out in my mind. Seeing as Ruth was 79, I figured her mom would have to be nearly 100. “What do you mean?”

Ruth closed the toilet seat cover and sat down. “Well my mother is in Meadowview assisted living facility, and she has been there for about five years now. She is 95 years old now, she was 16 when she had me….. I was visiting her a while ago when I had to take her to a doctor appointment, and I was telling her about the relationship we have between us. She surprised me when she asked if I thought she could get in on it. She has been a widow for over thirty years, and for all I know she doesn’t have a lot of time left. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask you, and the nurse gave me quite a weird look when I asked them to check for STD’s with the rest of her blood work.”

I was having a little trouble wrapping my head around what she way saying. I thought that it was extraordinary that Ruth was this active at 79, but I couldn’t imagine that a 95 year old woman, living in an assisted living home would be sexually active at all. “What are you asking me to do?”

“Well, she is pretty weak now days, but she was telling me that way back when, my parents never did anything exciting, and only had sex on special occasions. She would always lay back and my father would go about his business. I don’t think she ever even had an orgasm! I don’t think she is going to participate much, and I don’t think you need to do anything special. She just wants to have a man inside of her again, and I don’t know of anybody else that could do that.”

I thought about it for a bit and finally I told Ruth that I would go to see her, but there was no guarantee that I would go through with it. We planned to go after my route early the next week. I arrived at her house on Tuesday and didn’t bother bringing her meal with me. Ruth was waiting for me on her front porch, and immediately walked out to my car. She got in and we were on out way to see her mother. On the way there, Ruth told me her mother’s name was Gladys, and filled me in on pretty much every sex talk she had ever had with her mom. I found out that her mother really was sheltered all of her life.

We arrived at the assisted living facility and made out way to Gladys’ room. When we went inside, Gladys was sitting in the corner watching the TV. Her eyes lit up when she turned to see up come in the door. She was probably about 5 feet tall, like her daughter, but couldn’t have weighed more than 100 pounds. She managed to lift herself up out of her chair and gave Ruth a hug. Ruth turned and introduced us formally, and then told me that her mother probably wouldn’t talk much. I shook Gladys’ hand and then turned back to Ruth. She asked me if I was good to go, and I nodded to her.

“Terrific, I will sit out in the hall and make sure nobody comes in. I’ll tell them that she is getting a bath.” Ruth leaned in to me and whispered: “She isn’t going to help much, you’re going to have to pretty much treat her like a blowup doll. Just please be gentle.”

With that, Ruth stepped out of the room and I was left standing in front of a 95 year old woman that I was supposed to sexually satisfy. I must be some kind of freak, but for whatever reason I was hard as a rock. I pulled a little bottle of lubricant out of my pocket and set it on the nightstand. I didn’t bring a rubber, since Ruth had shown me her test results, and there was no way she was going to get pregnant. I stepped over to Gladys and thought about what how I should handle her. She is used to being treated like a sex slave, so I wanted to treat her well. At the same time I knew she wasn’t going to strip for me.

I reached up and untied the scarf that was around her neck. I tossed it onto the chair and started to unbutton her blouse. Once I had gotten about half way down, I found that she wasn’t wearing a bra. It didn’t much surprise me since she had no breasts to speak of. I finished undoing her blouse and moved down to her skirt. I reached around behind her and unfastened the button, and lowered the zipper. Her skirt fell to the floor and revealed her slip with an elastic waistband. I bent over and swept her up in my arms, carrying her over to the bed. I gently laid her down and moved down to the foot of the bed.

I tugged on her slip pulling it down past her legs. I took her shoes off and climbed up onto the bed. I hooked my fingers under the waistband of her white, cotton, granny panties. I looked up to her face as I pulled her underwear off. She was staring straight up at the ceiling, breathing heavily. I got up off of the bed and started stripping off my own clothes. Gladys was still staring straight up, and was breathing quite hard. I knelt down beside the bed and took her hand. I stroked it gently trying to calm her down. She finally seemed to relax and looked me in the eyes for the first time. She gave a faint smile that told me I could continue.

I moved up and opened her blouse up. I rubbed her nipple and found that it was already stiff. I brought my lips to it and started to suckle it. From what I could guess, no man had ever done this to her before. I worked her other nipple with my fingers and then switched back and forth a few times. After a few more minutes of that, got up and grabbed the bottle of lube from the table and tossed it on the bed next to her. I walked to the foot of the bed again and crawled between her legs. I reached between her legs and combed through the arctic white pubic hair looking for her clitoris. I found it quickly and started to rub. Gladys let out a little moan when I pinched it.

I got down and started to flick it with my tongue. She threw her arms up over her head as I parted her lips with my fingers. I probed inside of her a little ways, and I found what I suspected. Gladys was a dry as the Sahara. I spit on my thumb and started to work it in a bit. I puckered my lips onto her button and started to suck. When I did that, I got a big surprise as it started to grow. The more I sucked, the bigger it got, until it was as big around as my thumb, and nearly an inch long. I started to nibble on the monster sex switch, and almost immediately, she started to twitch. I reached over and grabbed the bottle of lube. I came up for air while I squeezed a bit onto two fingers. I spread it onto her entrance, and started to work the two fingers in.

I dove back in and resumed my suction and nibbling. I stroked my fingers until they were all of the way in. I turned my hand and curled my fingers up. I scratched the front of her canal with my nails, trying to find her special spot. I got a little jerk out of her each time I passed a certain point in my stroke, and knew I found her sweet spot. I sped up and focused on that area, and I nibbled harder on her love button, rubbing the tip of it with my tongue. Gladys started to shake and moan. Her moans turned into a bit of howling, and after a bit of work on her sensitive areas, she bent her legs up and arched her back up off of the bed. I didn’t want to overwork her, so I stopped my assault and let her come down off of her climax.

She collapsed back down onto the tiny bed. I got up to my knees and started working my cock. I was still pretty stiff, so I grabbed the bottle and got my shaft slicked up and ready to go. I moved forward and spread her legs, getting myself in close. I leaned forward and put a hand down beside her to support myself. I grabbed my penis with the other hand and placed it at her vagina. I started to press forward just to find that I wasn’t getting in! I leaned back and looked down to figure out was going on. When I looked down to check it out, I saw a scar on her belly where thy had done a c-section. That certainly explained a lot. Not only had nothing gone up this hole in over thirty years, but she had never even given birth through it either. She was probably way too small to do it at 16.

That wasn’t going to stop me though. I grabbed a pillow and stuffed it underneath her butt giving me a better angle. I took my dick in hand and laid it onto her pussy, and used my thumb to press the head down and into her hole. With little effort, it popped right in, “works every time” I thought to myself. Once I was granted entry, I leaned back over her, and pushed forward. Very slowly I was able to work my way deeper inside of her. I was once again amazed at the sexual anatomy of this great-great-grandmother. She had the tightest pussy I have ever felt, to go along with her enormous clit. It took nearly ten minutes, and I had to stop and add some lube twice, but I was finally able to sink my sword all of the way inside of Gladys.

Once I had a full stroke going, I started to rotate my pelvis, grinding my pubic hair onto her still engorged clitoris. Gladys put her arms around my neck and actually started helping me hump into her. Once I had a full stroke slamming my dick into her, I was getting worked up quite fast. Since her pussy had such an amazing hold on me, and the eventual lack of lubrication, I was getting a lot of friction. I knew Gladys was feeling it too. I could feel her starting to shake beneath me. I was coming close to my climax when she hit her peak, clamping down on my shaft so hard that I could not move my penis in or out. Gladys was stuck in her violent muscle spasms for half a minute since her lit was still rubbing against me.

When she finally let go, I started to thrust once more, but Gladys was done. Her arms fell to her sides and she just laid back. Her death squeeze had delayed my eruption, but I was soon approaching my peak again. I continued to hammer into her, feeling my precum lube up her canal once again. After a few more strokes, I shot a huge load deep inside of her. I pulled back and thrust back in releasing wad after wad, filling her up until it was leaking out past my cock. It didn’t surprise me since there was no room to spare with this tight of a fit. Once I had finished emptying my balls into my geriatric recipient, I pulled out and was surprised to hear a little pop when I was released.

I got up off of the bed and started getting dressed. I looked over to Gladys who was smiling ear to ear. Once I was dressed I opened the door and went out into the hallway. Ruth stood up and walked into her mother’s room. I sat down on the bench in the hallway and waited as Ruth cleaned up the mess that I made. She came back out after about ten minutes.

“She fell asleep, I guess you really wore her out!” She said as she gave me a little peck on the cheek. “I am pretty sure you gave her the first orgasm she has ever had, and the second.”

She gave my ass a little squeeze as we made our way out. When we got into the car and started on out way back, Ruth turned to me and said:

“So I was wondering if you would do me another favor.”….

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