Mom And My Two Sisters_(0)

Mom And My Two Sisters_(0)

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Mom And My Two Sisters

After Dad died in an automobile accident my two sisters started sleeping with Mom every night. I felt left out and kind of lonely at night. I cried myself to sleep a few times too but I was the man of the house, Dad had often told me that.

I started spying on them. I would stay around the corner for a minute or two before entering a room. I would look in the windows before going into the house. I would even lie on the floor outside Mom’s bedroom and listen through the crack under the door at night after I was supposed to be in bed. Eventually I was sure that the three of them were having sex together and I got jealous. I loved Mom and I really wanted to fuck my sisters but they excluded me from their fun.

One day I had enough, Mom took Jenny with her and left Lois with me. Mom was a very pretty and busty thirty-six-year-old, Jenny was thirteen and had a nice start on her breasts, and Lois was fourteen and had certainly developed into a very desirable young woman.

Soon after Mom and Jenny had left Lois came down the stairs looking ravishing. She had clearly just stepped out of the shower. Her hair was wet, the white T-shirt clung to her wet breasts, and her white cotton panties were glued to her damp pussy. Everything that she had on was wet and transparent. It actually looked like she had worn them in the shower. I wondered.

I looked at her as she approached me and blurted out, “You’re having sex with Mom and I want in on it.”

Lois smiled and replied, “That’s why Mom left us alone and I am in these wet clothes.”

I asked, “What?”

Lois replied, “You can have sex with me. Mom told me to let you fuck me all that you wanted too. If you like, I can start sleeping with you in your bed at night too.”

Astounded I asked, “Mom said that?”

Lois smiled and removed her wet T-shirt showing me her fully developed tits. Then she said, “Mom thought you would like to start with these. I call them my boy toys.”

I just stared at her in disbelief.

Lois walked closer to me and placed my hands on her tits. Then she said, “I wear a 32-C bra in case you were wondering. Mom wears a 34-DD. My boy toys should grow pretty big in the next three or four years.”

Then Lois took my hand and led me up to my bedroom, she removed her wet panties, and then she started to help me get undressed too. I was still in shock over the whole thing. Lois put me on my bed on my back and straddled my hips. Soon my erect cock was up inside her and she was riding me like she knew what she was doing. Apparently Mom had been giving Lois lessons in her bedroom with a dildo. The training sure paid off because I cum inside her in no time at all. Lois knew exactly what to do and then got off from me, cupped her pussy in one hand, and then proceeded to lick my cock clean. Then she licked her palm clean too from what had leaked out. Lois made a quick trip to the bathroom and then returned. She didn’t even ask me if I wanted to do it again, she just assumed that I did. She was right however. Anyway Lois sucked my cock hard and then asked me if I wanted to be on top. Still slightly confused about the whole thing Lois got on her back, pulled me between her legs, and had me fuck her. It was even better with me in control because I could set the pace. In no time at all I was cumming in my sister again. She licked me clean and went to the bathroom again. She offered me a third time but I asked her if I could wait and do it later. Lois said that it was her job to take care of me and that I could do it anytime and anyplace that I wanted to.

When I questioned her about anytime and anyplace she smiled and said, “How about we keep it inside the house for a while until we get better at it?”

I reiterated, “So I can screw you anytime I want too and any place I want too inside the house.”

Lois smiled and said, “Yes. Even in front of Mom and Jenny while we watch television if you want too.”

I asked, “Do you have to get dressed?”

Lois said, “Not if you don’t want me too.”

I said, “I don’t want you to get dressed. I like you naked.”

Lois said, “Okay! Can you stay naked too so that I can see you too?”

I asked, “What about Mom and Jenny?”

Lois said, “Suppose we ask them to stay naked too?”

I smiled and Lois knew that I liked the idea.

When Mom and Jenny came home I hid upstairs and let Lois tell them what we had done and then ask them to stay naked too. Mom thought that it was a good idea and told Jenny to go up and change out of her clothes. She was to find me and bring me downstairs too. She had something to show me.

I marveled at my little sister’s nudity when she entered my bedroom and told me that Mom wanted me downstairs. I asked her bra size and Jenny replied that it was 30-A but that she had only just begun growing them. I followed her down the stairs. By the time I got to the bottom I was hard from watching her little ass wiggle.

Mom took one look at my erection and told Lois to take care of it. She grabbed my wrist and took me into the living room, bent over a stuffed chair, and had me take her from behind. Jenny watched me and giggled the whole time. When I finished Lois sucked me clean and went up to the bathroom. She returned in no time at all.

Mom then showed me the see through neglig? that she had purchased for them to wear around the house at night. There were three white ones and three pink ones. They all modeled them for me then Mom asked if they counted as nudity for me. I saw the matching panties that were still on the table and said that the tops would be fine. She smiled and had Lois help her with dinner.

Jenny asked me how I liked sex with Lois and I told her that I liked it a lot. She was glad that I liked it and asked me how Lois had liked it. I told her that Lois had liked it as much as I had. Then Jenny wanted to know if I would do it to her too, then I would have two wives. Two wives…that was an interesting way to look at it. I told her that I would have to ask Lois first.

Well the little snot ran right into the kitchen and asked Lois if I could fuck her and be my wife too.

Mom came right out of the kitchen and asked me, “Do you really think that you can handle two wives?"

I answered, “I don’t know but I’m willing to try if that’s what Jenny and Lois want.”

Mom smiled and asked, “Well then, what about three wives?”

I must have had a dumb look on my face because Mom said, “There are three very horny women in this house and just one very horny young man. I ask you again…do you think that you can handle three wives.”

I didn’t really know if I could or not but I knew what Mom wanted to hear so I said, “You bet I can or I’ll die trying.”

Mom said, “Good answer. Now take your little sister up to your bedroom and have sex with her. Dinner will be ready in about a half-hour. I’ll send Lois up to get you two.”


After that day I did have three wives that shared me equally. The sex got much better and their orgasms became more intense. Our grades in school improved too. Mom was not as lonely and life was great for all of us.

In my senior year of high school I thought about going away to college but I didn’t want to leave my family so my guidance counselor suggested the local community college to start with. That way I could still live at home for a couple more years and take care of my three wives.

The problem is that I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

The End
Mom And My Two Sisters

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