Mukuneiu: Fog

Mukuneiu: Fog

—–A scream echoed through the night as she felt herself slam into the hard brick of the alley. She looked up pleadingly into his eyes but found, instead of the mercy which she so desperately desired, only a cold gaze. There was a slow, warm trail flowing from the split of her lip, and as she attempted to brush it away she felt an all too familiar sting. Arching forth in an agonized bellow, she stared witness to the splattering blood from her mouth that rained down upon the arm which connected to the fist in her gut. Her eyes shut tightly, her body began to feel colder, number, and she could feel her strength disappearing. And despite her struggles she could not restrain herself, and she fell to her knees on the cold, damp asphault.

—–Vision blurry, but gradually returning, she could see an object begin to emerge in front of her. At first she could not figure out just what it was but as she felt the large, rough fingers slip through her hair, leading a firm hand to the back of her head, she knew what it was. With all her might she attempted to resist, but it was no use, and forward her head was pushed, plunging the object deep within her throat. She gagged, and felt as if she'd choke. Tears filled her eyes and when they grew too heavy streaked down her beautiful, thirteen year old face. The penis in her mouth was far too large to handle, but each time she attempted to pull away from it the hand only crushed harder, tightening more mercilessly on the roots of her hair. Finally, having no other choice, she gave in.

—–It was like a nightmare, all she could taste was an undetermined, raw flavour of some strange meat. All though not attempting to please him, she knew she had to show some effort, if anything to only keep her life. Gently, she wrapped her lips around the hard shaft which intruded her virgin mouth and began to slide her head up and down, moving it slowly in and out. Each time the penis pressed against the back of her throat she felt more tears formed, felt as if she would choke, and on occasion, wondered if that would actually be a worse fate. Binding her throat muscles the best she could she began to thrust her head along the object faster, sucking it harder in hopes that he would be done sooner and it could all be over; she had been correct.

—–As she sucked the massive object with a force of desperation she could feel it begin to convulse, and only moments later felt a thick, bland liquid burn the inside of her sore throat. It slowly oozed, but there was too much to swallow and it began to overflow. The moment the attacker withdrew the object which had so brutally tormented her she let out a hard cough, the slime from his dick spewing across the dark ground and dripped from her lips. She attempted to wipe it clean, but too quickly felt a hard strike across her face, and everything went dark.

—–Staring down at the face of the small girl before him he allowed himself to give a faint smirk. Slowly he extended his arm, as if to enjoy each moment greedily, and grasped the hair of the unconscious one. He was not worried that anyone would see, it was beyond the hour of midnight, and he was certain that everyone in the town was well asleep. The nearly lifeless form was dragged through the slush of the water and muck of the alley, and would have screamed as she was thrown into the back of the large, black van if she had been awake. Slamming the door behind her, the man entered the driver's side of the vehicle, started the engine, and drove off.


—–The large man driving the dark van in the dead of night reached down into the seat next to him and pulled a can of beer from its plastic ring. Popping the cap open he began to poor the alcohol beyond his lips and down his throat. The night drew on slowly, and as the flooding lights of the city streets slowly dissolved from the car the driver knew he was beyond the city's border. Taking a deep breath, he relaxed from his success, and let the fatigue slowly overcome him.

—–Startled by a most horrid of sounds his eyes flung open wide, and as the van began to skid he spun the wheel in hopes of regaining control. It was no use, the van was already beginning to tip, and with a loud crash he felt the stinging burn of flying glass cut into his flesh. The van had rolled several times, and in his final moments the heavy driver gazed through a busted hole in the windshield. Standing there, gazing with a blank stare of insanity, was the most frightening creature he'd ever seen. Its lips slowly twisted, and it began to snare victoriously, and then everything went dark. His life had left him.


—–It wasn't long before the shards of glass and hunks of twisted metal could be heard. Two dark hands sifted through the wreckage, and as they found what they had been searching for the creature's lips curved into a grin. Grasping the young girl's pale, delicate legs it pulled her limp figure from the carnage and laid her on the torn padding of the damaged seat. Sniffing the air softly, it did not take the beast long to find what had attracted it, and it slowly leaned down to search along her inner thighs. Between the two milky limbs was a soft, fleshy patch of tissue covered in a torn piece of cloth. Tearing the obsticle away, the creature leant down and softly stroked its tongue along the slit in the center. Stopping a moment to examine the taste, it repeated its actions several more times, licking at the soft mound, and swallowing the delicious liquids which it excreeted. Suddenly, it raised it head at a strange sound. It was some sort of a moan leaving the facial oriface of the strange being it had found. It ignored this, however, and continued with its delightful treat.

—–Just outside the van, had anyone been present at the time, could be heard the shattering of tranquility. A scream, so horrible that it would be impossible to imagine, echoed in the darkness; a young woman's scream. For inside the twisted mess the beast did as all carnivorous beasts will do, and began to slowly devour the child's flesh.


—–It had been two years since Paul Undrich had been taken into custody for the rape of Alexia Gambrell, and for Amy Trenbar life had taken a severe downward spiral. Anyone's life would change after having seen your two younger sisters, who you were suppose to be watching at the time, dead on the street and then only days later finding out that the man you loved had raped the very girl who was involved in the accident. At home, Amy was very quiet and kept to herself. She would lock herself in her room for hours at a time, blazing loud music. But at school, Amy Trenbar was entirely different.

—–Amy had formed somewhat of a reputation for herself; a freak. She began to wear entire wardrobes of nothing more than black clothing, and she would often appear in class with fresh cuts on her paling skin. Not many people would get near her, they either feared her or pitied her. Those who would approach her would only do so to either poke fun at her or take advantage of her; something that many guys began to do once they discovered it possible. The men she brought home lately were far worse than the ones she had dated before the events with Paul Undrich. The seventeen year-old had seemed to take a liking to the rebellious types of guys, even though it wasn't certain as to whether she was trying to replace Paul or forget him, and Lendon Chapel was no exception.

—–Lendon was a tall and lanky boy, being 6'4" he was the tallest guy Amy had ever dated. He was a year older than Amy but a year behind due to poor grades. His hair was chin-length and straightened, and had been dyed a deep shade of blue. There were two rings pierced through his lower lip, and one through his nose. The clothing that he wore was similar to that of Paul, all though a bit darker, but the scent of smoke was undeniably strong with him.

—–Falling back on her bed Amy slid her tank-top off, revealing instead of a bra only a pair of 36C breasts, the nipples being well erect near instantanious from her exposure. Lendon reached down and undid the jeans upon which Amy had formed a dark spot near the crotch, followed by quickly removing them to reveal a moist, throbbing pussy. Thrusting his fingers into the wanting slit she released a gasp and lunged forward, quickly unzipping the bulging jeans of her newest boyfriend. As Lendon's jeans fell, and his boxers were torn down, Amy pushed the hard cock into her mouth, perked her lips and curling them around the base, massaging the object with affections of her tongue. Slipping it in and out of her mouth she began to suck hard and masterfully, sliding her hand to the sack between to massage her balls, holding the base with her other hand. She could feel her pussy becoming wetter, and swore she felt it drip onto the bed.

—–Sucking hard upon the dick within her mouth she massaged with her tongue. Slipping the shaft from her lips she placed a hand on either side of the shaft and slowly slid her tongue up the under-side, kissing the tip softly and then kissing back down. In inspiration from the loud gasp Lendon gave she bound her hand around the base and began to work it forcefully. Amy began to suck on the edge of the shaft as she stroked it and as it began to convulse prepared herself. The cum errupted skyward from the head of his dick and as it did so Amy quickly took the cum, as well as his cock, into her mouth and sucked it clean. Tightly perking her lips she slowly pulled her mouth along the shaft, sucked and licked the head to cleansed, and finally swallowed every drop. Her eyes gazed up into Lendon's in a pleading expression, as if awaiting recognition of a satisfactory job. The older boy leant down and kissed her, lifting her up and pressing her nude form to himself, only to push her back onto the bed.

—–The moment she felt the soft padding of the blanket she spread her legs, staring up at him wantingly. The tall figure dropped a top of her, pressing his hands into the bed on either side of her, and thrust his cock up inside her. Amy released a loud moan of pleasure and wrapped her smooth legs tightly around his waist, pushing her hips towards his thrusts. She gasped out loudly as he began to buck forcefully into her, arching her back and wanting more.

—–"How much do you like to fuck me?" came a breathless gasp from beyond Amy's lips as she allowed him to press into her. She waited a moment before hearing his breathy voice respond to her, "Not as much as I like this…" Upon these words he thrust his hand downward and gripped the girl's soft throat, binding the fingers tightly around it cutting off her air. Attempting to scream she could only gargle a moan, and as she felt his continuous thrusting she was not sure as to just what had occured. Reaching out Amy grasped the tense arm, digging her sharp nails into the flesh the best she could but felt no relief. His fingertips pressed in more painfully, her eyes began to bulge, and she felt everything begin to go dark, and as she felt her breath leaving her body she knew what was to happen. With a final squeeze of Lendon's hand, Amy fell back silently onto the bed; lifeless.

—–Lendon continued to thrust forward into the corpse, gasping out and moaning as he released his seed into her. Pulling himself from the still warm mound he stood up off the bed and stared at his victim. Not bothering to clean himself off, he pulled on his clothing and went around to the side of the bed, lifting the body up off the bed and slinging it over his shoulder. He knew that Amy's parents were no longer home, and hadn't been since earlier that day. Walking effortlessly into the kitchen, he tossed the body of the girl that had so trusted him onto the counter, and searching through the many drawers neaarby found a fillet knife and withdrew it.

—–His work was enjoyed and far from tedious, almost performed in tradition. Softly stroking his fingertips along her front he softly placed the tip of the blade into her skin and slowly began to slide it downward. It took him only a matter of three minutes to finish his work, and as he laid the blood-stained knife onto the counter, watching the blood drip onto the white surface, he admired his production. Upon the girl's chest, across her breasts, was a message, each line carved so deeply that the bone was nearly visible. It said, "You Fucked My Servant."


—–The rain streaked artfully across the grey sky, and a vein of blue lightning boomed down through the clouds. Slowly stepping along the cold, wet ground of the sideroad a dark figure ventured towards the city. The blood that had dried along its fingers and around its lips had been long washed away by the downpour, and as its dark eyes glared forward through the storming atmosphere it grinned softly. Walking slowly towards it was what it had been expecting, waiting for, and as the lightning streaked the sky the flash of light revealed the dark, matted blue hair of the approaching figure. The object of its affections lie cradled in his arms, and as it extended its arms slowly it took Amy's body into its grasp.

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