My Beautiful Mother

My Beautiful Mother

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My Beautiful Mother

My mother is the most beautiful woman in our little town. I know this because Mom was the Homecoming Queen while she was just a freshman in high school and the Prom Queen while she was both a Junior and a Senior. She was our town’s Miss Beauty Pageant winner as well as the town’s Mrs. Beauty Pageant winner too. Mom was now going to enter the State’s Mrs. Beauty Pageant.

In addition to being beautiful she also understands me. She obviously knew the effect that she had on men and boys. It isn’t every mother that understands her teenage son’s strange sexual urges either. She bought me my very own subscriptions to Playboy, Penthouse, and even Hustler so that I would have material to jerk off too. Frequently she lets me see her in her bra and panties and she always leaves her used panties on my pillow at night to use and return to the dirty clothes hamper when I’m done with them. At first Dad thought that it was very strange but then he wished that his mother had been that nice to him as he grew up too. Mom takes care of his strange sexual urges too but in a different way.

Anyway, I was just a freshman in high school myself but I was very popular because of my mother. All the boys wanted to be around me so that they could be around her. The girls were much cooler about it and just simply asked me to introduce them to my mother. Since I liked being around the girls I would let them walk me home and then introduce them to Mom as they had asked. Mom was always courteous to the girls that I brought home.

Many of the girls would ask her for advice on makeup but more often than not a few would ask my mother if there own breasts were normal, if there ass was firm enough, or if there tummy was flat enough. Mom would give them the once over and tell them what she thought and then she would suggest that they put on one of her bikinis and allow her to see their bodies easier. Now Mom had some really skimpy string bikinis that she herself wore quite often. Of course I am always standing there throughout the conversation and help to encourage the girls to put one on.

Mom normally goes off with the girl for a few minutes, gets her a bikini to try on, and then she comes back to the family room where I am. Together we wait to see if the girl is brave enough to come back out. If she does we go from there. Mom explains to the girls why I am recording them…so that she can review the video later and give them a better idea of what they need to work on. So I get to record the girls as Mom has them walk, turn, squat, and bend over. Mom knows how excited I get looking at the girls and she allows me to jerk off in my room to the video clips. Once I became a freshman in high school and the girls started hanging around me more, Mom was the one that suggested that way for me to get off quicker, by taking those videos.

So this one day a sixteen-year-old girl named Ashley came home with me. Mom talked to her, took her to her bedroom to put on a bikini, and then returned to wait with me. Finally after quite a while Ashley came into the family room. Mom and I were both relieved that she did. Ashley was noticeable nervous and kept her hands in front of her pussy and across her breasts. Mom put her at ease quickly by complimenting her on her beauty and her body to distract her. Ashley had probably never been that naked in front of anyone since she was a baby.

I could see why she was so nervous…her pubic hair was quite visible and sticking out everywhere. Her beautiful long curly brown hair matched her pussy that was for sure. Her full B-cup breasts were hardly covered in the skimpy top either. Mom tried to adjust it to cover her areolas. Mom also tried to spread the bottom out but it was no use. However the adjustments gave Mom the opportunity to run a finger over each nipple to arouse them and also up along her pussy without causing too much suspicion. You see, Mom liked teenage girls just as much as I did…maybe even more.

After explaining to Ashley that the video was just to see what she did right and what she needed to work on, Ashley agreed to let me record her. Mom had Ashley walk back and forth sideways across the room in front of me several times and then walk away and toward me several times. As Ashley walked away she looked completely naked with just a tiny string around her upper back, another one around her lower back, and then just part of one going down into her butt crack. Mom knew that I was probably zooming in on Ashley’s pussy, boobs, and butt and smiled at me. Next Mom had Ashley hold a book on top of her head and then squat down and stand up a dozen times. Mom knew that Ashley’s bottom was creeping into her pussy lips and smiled at me again.

Mom had Ashley face away from me and touch her toes ten times slowly so that I could zoom into her pussy nicely. Then Mom had Ashley sit there and talk to me while she put on a bikini too.

As we sat there and talked Ashley was no longer as nervous as she had been. She hardly tried to cover herself up at all. She thanked me for introducing her to my mother and said that she learning a lot from her.

Then Mom came into the room wearing a bikini just like Ashley’s but in white instead of pink. I could tell that Mom had just shaved her pussy but Mom told Ashley so that she would know. Mom told me to record her and then Mom put herself through all the same exercised that she had Ashley do. When the bikini bottom slipped into Mom’s pussy lips she explained that it happens and that it is a very bad thing to adjust it in front of the judges and that she just has to go along with it. When Mom turned to do the toe touches she explained to Ashley that many of the other beauty contestants bleach their assholes if they are too dark. Mom told Ashley that her asshole was the perfect color and advised her to leave it alone.

Mom moved her top to the sides to reveal her nipples and areolas. She then told Ashley that her areolas were also a nice color but that she might have to work with her nipples to get them more sensitive so that they would get harder and stay hard for the judges. She said that pinching and twisting was best if she had a boyfriend that would do that for her. Ashley confessed that she didn’t have a boyfriend and especially one that she would let abuse her nipples. Of course Mom suggested that Ashley let me do it for her every day after school at our house. Then Mom told Ashley to keep her pubic hair as long as she could. She suggested that she might want to trim it in the summer to fit in her bikini but otherwise keep it. Then when she wanted to join a beauty pageant then of course she would have to shave it bald a month or two before hand and shave it every day to stop from getting those unsightly bumps caused by shaving. Mom told Ashley that basically other than the hair on her head she might want to shave her entire body, her arms, her legs, her back if necessary, and of course her underarms, her pussy, and around her asshole too. She said that Ashley might need some help shaving. Mom then told Ashley that Dad and sometimes I shave her. Ashley looked at me and Mom said that I was actually quite good at it too. Then Mom suggested that I give Ashley a demonstration and cut a heart on her mound and shave her bald below that. Somewhat reluctantly Ashley agreed as long as Mom would be there to supervise me.

Mom picked up the video recorder and followed Ashley and I back into her bedroom and into the bathroom. I untied Ashley’s bikini bottom and removed it. I then sat Ashley up on the counter near the sink. As I got out the scissors, razor, and shaving cream Mom took some close footage of Ashley’s hairy pussy. I knew that she was taking some still pictures for me too.

With Ashley’s permission I started to trim the long hairs shorter with the scissors and placing the cut hairs on a tissue to save in my collection. Then I smeared the shaving cream all over her pussy and started to shave her bald from her clit down. I pulled on her big puffy outer lips as I shaved them. I let my fingers slip into her hole and I rubbed her clit for her too. She really liked that. Finally I started cutting away the hair on her love mound until she had a perfect heart shape. I rinsed it off a few times and then leaned in to kiss her pussy. She jumped but only because she didn’t know what I was going to do. Mom laughed and told her that was my finishing touch. She laughed again and told Ashley that my father’s finishing touch was to fuck her because he got way too excited shaving her. Then of course Mom pointed out that I was super hard and asked Ashley if she was a virgin. Ashley said that she had only done it once last summer with a boy that she had met. Mom then asked Ashley if she would take care on my problem for me. Ashley thought about it for a moment and said okay.

Mom told us to use her bed since it had clean sheets on it and then told us to take a nice shower together afterwards. Then Mom left us.

Ashley let me reach up and untie her top and remove it before I undressed myself. I could not believe how hard my cock was. Even though I was a virgin I certainly knew what to do better than most of the boys in my high school. I took Ashley’s hand and led her to Mom’s bed, I then pulled back the covers, and helped her onto the bed. I positioned her in the center, put a pillow under her head, and got between her legs on my knees. Then I proceeded to eat her pussy like a seasoned pro. Other than fingering Mom’s pussy and kissing it more than a dozen times that was my very first pussy. Mom had always told me to make sure that the girl got satisfied first. If I did then I could probably fuck again. So I licked her moist freshly shaved pussy, I probed her hole with my fingers, and then I tickled her clit until she squirmed in delight. After the third orgasm Ashley asked me to put it in her. That was all that I had been waiting for…a direct invitation.

I crawled up closer to her pussy allowing my hard cock to rest against it. I leaned over to kiss and suck her nipples, and then I kissed Ashley on the lips as softly as I could while slipping my cock into her at the same time. I had read enough sex stories, seen enough X-rated movies, and talked to Mom enough to know that was the most special way to fuck a girl for the first time. It was all about her…her pleasure, her dreams, and her memories of me. Ashley was going to remember me just as long as she would remember her first time last summer…in other words…her entire life. As I slipped my cock in and out of her tight pussy I could hear her breathing becoming labored, I could feel her body tense, and could actually feel her shutter as another orgasm hit her…her very first cock induced orgasm too. I managed to hold out long enough for her to start her second orgasm with me in her before I joined her in the best climax of my life. I knew that I would never forget cumming in Ashley for as long as I lived. Then I looked over and saw that Mom had placed the video recorder on her dresser and that it was aimed directly at us.

I smiled and kissed Ashley as I said, “Thank you. I think I love you, Ashley.” Then I pulled my half limp cock out of her and as I laid next to her I pulled her tight. We kissed some more.

Then Ashley said, “I think I love you too. That was wonderful. Sex the first time was nothing like that. Want to do it again?”

I was not even aware that I had gotten hard again. I started to go down on her again but she stopped me. She said that it was too dirty down there for me but that it was her turn to give me some oral sex. I told her that I was dirty too but she laughed and said, “Girls are supposed to suck a boy’s cock after sex…my mother said so.” With that she went down on me. She was really good but then again I had nothing to compare it too. All I know is that when I cum in her mouth she swallowed it all and thanked me. Then we got up and took a shower together. The shower was almost as much fun as the sex had been. After we dried off and went back into Mom’s bedroom I noticed that the video camera was gone. Ashley noticed that her clothes were laid out on the bed and that I had a clean set to put on too.

After we dressed and found Mom in the kitchen she told us that Ashley’s mother had said that she could join us for dinner. Then Mom asked us if we were okay. Ashley told her that it was the most beautiful experience that she could have dreamed off. She told Mom that she could not believe that it had been my first time. Mom told her that it only gets better. Then Mom put us to work helping her around the kitchen and setting the table.

After dinner was underway and before Dad got home Mom suggested that Ashley let me abuse her nipples but not so much that they would be sore for more than a day. She said okay and followed me to my bedroom. There she removed her blouse and bra for me. I sat on the edge of my bed and Ashley stood between my knees. I reached up and pinched and twisted slightly. I kissed and sucked on them too. As I went back and forth between pinching and twisting and then kissing and sucking Ashley was telling me to do it harder. I could not believe how hard she was letting me do it. About then Mom came in to tell us that Dad would be home in a few minutes. Then she smiled and asked Ashley if she could take some video of me abusing her nipples. Then Mom got a few pictures of Ashley posing topless with me. At Ashley’s suggestion she posed fully nude with me too and then had me pose nude with her to commemorate our having sex together. Ashley said that she couldn’t have a copy but didn’t care if I had some…as long as I didn’t show them to anybody. Not a problem.

Dad came home, Mom introduced him to my girlfriend Ashley, and we had a great meal. Afterwards we loaded the dishwasher then Mom and I drove Ashley home. We made out in the backseat the whole way and I walked her to her door.

That evening Mom, Dad, and I reviewed the video except that of Ashley and I having sex in their bed. Mom wanted Dad so horny that he would eat her out and fuck her twice afterwards. Hell all three of us got so excited that we were actually masturbating during the viewing. Ashley was every man’s dream of a beautiful teenage girl and Mom was every man’s dream of a beautiful woman. Together on the screen was pure delight. As the end came I looked over and saw Mom sucking Dad’s cock and swallowing the last few drops of his cum. Then she said goodnight and dragged him out of the family room. As she left she pointed out the other disc on the coffee table of me fucking Ashley, every man’s dream of a beautiful teenage girl. I jerked off twice watching that one.

The next day in school Ashley walked up to me, threw her arms around my neck, and kissed me. Her girlfriends were right behind her. Then to my surprise Ashley said loud enough for them to hear, “Thank you for the sex last night. You were wonderful. My nipples are still tingling. Can we get together again after school?” I said, “Anything you want.” Ashley turned to her girlfriends and said, “I’ve got the best boyfriend in the whole school.”

I on the other hand had the best girlfriend in the whole school.

In the coming months Mom won the State Mrs. Beauty Pageant and Ashley became the Homecoming Queen following in my mother’s footsteps although she was a sophomore.

The End
My Beautiful Mother

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