My birthday surprise_(1)

My birthday surprise_(1)

I was planning a quiet dinner with my husband to celebrate my 35th birthday when my husband surprised me with a fun night out on the town starting with a romantic dinner date. He called on his way home from work and told me to put on my short little black cocktail dress that he had bought on a trip and to be ready for him to pick me up in an hour. I rushed to get ready and just finished as he pulled outside and blew the horn. I never expected what he had planned for this night.

I climbed into the car and asked him where we were going and he told me it was a surprise and to open the glove box. I opened the glove box and he told me to pull out the black fur lined blindfold and to put it on. I did as he asked and we drove for about 20 minutes. My dress is one of those short black dresses with only some thin straps on the sides leaving it mostly open. Due to the design of the dress I could not wear a bra or panties so as we drove around town with the top down I knew as we stopped at lights people were able to get a good view. I heard several cat calls as we drove along but Ron insisted I leave the mask in place.

We stopped and I could hear a valet approach the car. He commented with something to the effect of “Damn” as he opened the door and I waited for Ron to guide me to our destination. Inside we were seated and Ron told me to remove the mask. We were seated in the middle of my favorite formal restaurant and I immediately felt underdressed. I noticed stares from around the room and tried to pull the hem of my dress down as far as possible so as to not show any more than I had to with this outfit. We had a bottle of wine and a great dinner before I was again blindfolded and we departed for our next destination.

We arrived at a club and as Ron opened my door I began to remove the blindfold. He told me to leave it on and he walked me inside. I could hear music and lots of people as we were brought to a table and seated. I asked Ron if I could remove the blindfold now since I could not see anything with it on. He told me that I was to wear it for the rest of the night and not to peek out or risk ruining my surprise. I cannot explain the rush of sensory overload as I sat robbed of my sight trying to gain my bearings. Ron got me up and we danced a slow song. As the song ended I heard a Hispanic voice ask me for the next dance.

Ron told the guy I was available and handed me off to a man with large hands and hairy arms. I wanted so bad to remove the mask but kept it on as I danced a fast salsa song with this total stranger who made sure to use my situation to get his hands all over my body. As we danced I felt his hands grab my ass cheeks and pull my dress up over my hips. I could feel the cool air of the air conditioning on my exposed skin and quickly pulled my dress back down to cover myself. I felt a rush of adrenaline pulse through me knowing that people I did not know had seen me revealed like this while I was totally vulnerable. When the dance ended I heard Ron behind me thanking the guy for the dance and he took my arm leading me across the floor before another voice interrupted asking for the next dance. Ron again agreed and I was blindly handed off.

As the dance began I could feel that my new partner was a tall man with very thin but muscular features. Again the intensity of the situation was pushed to extreme limits with my senses of touch and sound working overtime. The song slowed and my partner pulled me close with his strong arms resting his hands on my ass. He surprised me as he bent down and kissed me fully on the mouth. Out of surprise I opened my mouth and he pushed his probing tongue inside my mouth before I could do anything. The rush of emotions and senses had me pushed to the limit. I was in the midst of an obviously sex charged situation but could not tell what the other patrons were seeing or thinking. I was keenly aware of what my dress revealed and what people must be seeing. As the kiss continued I again felt my dress pulled up over my hips and as I pushed it back down a hand left my ass and pushed down the front of my dress massaging my right breast. I became aware that in my state of sensory depravation that my nipples were rock hard. I knew how the thin material of this dress accentuated my nipples when they became erect without my bra to contain them.

I struggled to keep my dress down over my hips and up over my breasts as I heard another man ask to cut in. This guy was a large man with shoulder length hair. He seemed to dwarf my 5’4” 115 pound body with his very large frame. He did not appear to be fat but rather he seemed to have the physique of a football lineman. Without hesitation his large hand went to my butt and caressed between my cheeks brushing his large fingers lightly over my engorged labia hitting my tender clit before moving back up to my lower back and then repeating the action. I was surprised how incredibly lubricated I was and turned on. Despite being in public and not being able to see where I was or who I was with my hips instinctively bucked to try to get a finger to enter me. I was flushed with excitement and embarrassed all at the same time as thoughts, feelings and emotions rushed around my head. This guy started whispering into my ear and nibbling on my earlobe. His hot breath on my neck was driving me wild as I felt him take my hand and place it into the waistband of his pants. I could feel an enormous cock and my hands grasped to feel it all. He was rock hard and had to be at least 8 or 9” long and 7 or 8” around. His cock was hot and moist as I ran my hand over it and had a mini orgasm of my own from the sensations I was receiving.

This guy picked me up off the ground and then lowered me back down into a kneeling position. I distinctively heard him open his zipper and then felt his very large cock lay on my face. The smell of his pheromones was overpowering as my face was pushed into his crotch and I started lightly licking the enormous mushroom head of his cock wondering if anyone could see us in this position. I felt hands on my back as the guy in front of me leaned back causing me to get on my hands and knees to take him into my mouth. The hands on my back were rough and pulled my dress off my shoulders and off my back quickly in one fast motion leaving me exposed with my dress bunched up around my knees on the floor. I felt the hand slap my cheeks briskly causing a stinging feeling but at the same time a feeling of eroticism. As I knelt with a huge cock working in and out of my mouth and my butt getting a school girl spanking I felt more hands on my A cup breasts followed by some licking and light biting from what felt to be several people at the same time. I was in a sexually blissful state of continued erotic enjoyment while my mind raced at what I must look like and who was seeing me in this state.

My mind exploded in sensory overload as I felt a pair of hands grab my hips and a large cock push into my gushing wet pussy at the same time that I felt the cock in my mouth twitch as my attention was distracted and erupt in a volcano of hot cum filling my mouth and running down my chin. Normally I do not swallow but at this point it was too late to do anything and I tried to gulp as much down as quickly as possible to keep from being choked by the massive infusion I was receiving. I could feel two mouths on my nipples as the cock in my mouth went limp and pulled out being almost immediately replaced with a hard smaller version. The guy now in my mouth grabbed my head and started mouth fucking me roughly causing me to gag as he hit the back of my throat each time. The guy in my pussy was pushing hard into me as he continued to slap my ass cheeks causing them to burn hotly. I was at the peak of sexual excitement as I was being used and treated like a rag doll in front of a group of people I could not even see.

The cock in my pussy finally slowed and pulled out and another quickly replaced it. The cock in my mouth pulled out and I felt his hot sticky liquid spray over my face covering me everywhere except for what was covered by the blindfold. I also could hear men jacking off and could feel sprays of cum hit my back. As another guy grabbed my head he told the guy entering me from behind to help put me on my back. I was roughly placed onto my back and my dress was pulled off my feet. My legs were pushed up over my head and my mouth was filled with a set of balls. I felt my juices being rubbed into my crack and then felt the sharp momentary pain of a cock being pushed into my tight anal opening. Without giving me time to adjust the guy inside me was pounding in and out of my tender ass as hard as he could. I had an immediate orgasm as I felt fingers enter my pussy and my face again covered with a load of cum. As I gasped to catch my breath I felt another cock, smaller than the others push into my mouth and then pull out. I felt the balls drag across my mouth and then the guy sat on my face leaving his anal opening resting against my mouth. I had never rimmed a guy before but always enjoyed the act being done on me during sex. I began licking and probing with my tongue. The sensations that rushed through my body were amazing mixed with the feelings, sound and smells in the room. The slapping sound of meeting skin, the fresh smell of cum the pungent odor of musk, and the feeling of fullness and complete contentment. I almost forgot I was in a public place and vulnerable.

The guy sitting on my face did not take long to blow his load all over my chest as the guy that was in my butt pulled out and pulled his condom off spraying his load at the same time. I was flipped over onto a nice hard cock that pushed into my wet pussy from underneath and a hard cock was pushed into my face. I opened my mouth and felt my butt being invaded from someone kneeling behind me. In an instant all three of my hungry holes were filled and the guys talked dirty to me making me ride a continuous climax. As one cock would pull out and cover me with his cum another took its place. My nipples were pinched and my ass was spanked and slapped until I did not think I would be able to sit to ride home. All of this stimulation caused my brain to release an incredible amount of endorphins and combined with my sensory heightened response I had the most intense gratification of my life from the activity occurring.

I lost count of the times that my mouth, ass and pussy were filled with cock or how many times I felt a guy blow his hot cum over my body. I also had completely lost count of my own climaxes by the time that the last guys finished with me. Except for under the blindfold there was not a square inch of my body that had not been covered in cum during the night. I was on the floor exhausted from the experience when Ron came to my side and asked how I was doing. I asked if I could remove the blindfold and he reached and took it from me. As my eyes adjusted to the light of the room I observed I was in a very large club filled with people looking toward me. I saw many guys around the room in various states of nudity but not a single hard cock in the room. Ron said happy birthday and asked if he had filled my fantasy. I thought back to the times in our bedroom when I would tell him how I fantasized about being used by a large group of strange men who gangbanged me while I was helpless to stop the action. I smiled and told him he far exceeded any fantasy I had ever concocted. He picked me up from the floor and helped me to walk from the club to the car. At this point I did not even bother to dress but walked out naked and cum covered.

On the way home Ron told me he had set the whole thing up with the club owners several months ago. He had rented the club out for the night and got all of the guys from local swingers clubs in the area. He knew that the guys were all safe from the requirements of the clubs they belonged to and most them had come with their wives who were in the audience. I asked how many guys had taken me and he said that he had enlisted 24 guys. He lost count but said that he was sure that in some capacity they had all got off at least once and some several times. He said he told them also about my fantasy of being treated rough and getting spanked. I told him they did a great job.

We arrived home and Ron pulled into the garage. He told me he would prepare a bath for me and I stopped him as we walked into the living room. I looked at him and told him that I may have been blindfolded but my other senses were making up for the loss of sight. I told him that there was one cock I did not get tonight and that the sex was great but I was ready to make love with that missing cock now. I undid his pants and dropped to my knees taking him inside my mouth, he was already hard as steel. I licked him a few times and then moved to sit up on the kitchen counter motioning for him to come to me. I told him to bring that cock up to me and as he moved into position I laid back on the counter top. Ron spread my legs and started to lick the outer lips of my pussy bringing shivers up my spine, I moved my head back and began to circle my tongue around his tight puckered anus making him quiver and moan. As I pushed my tongue inside his hole he pushed his into my used pussy and we both reached an intense orgasm together.

We ended up making love several times before we both passed out in the bed snuggled up together. In the morning we were both in the same position with Ron pressed with his front against my back and his cock resting inside my butt. He had got hard with his morning erection waking us. We tried to move and were stuck by the enormous volume of cum that was covering me that had dried gluing us together. It took us some time to get apart and get into the shower together.

It was definitely a birthday I will never forget. And I assume some of the guys at the club that night will not forget either.

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