My Cousin Susie Chapter 3

My Cousin Susie Chapter 3

The affair at Emily’s house set off a chain of events that was entirely predictable. Emily’s father moved out and filed for divorce citing unreasonable behaviour, but fortunately for me the allegations against Louise were mild, and did not concern that night as I guess he just wanted the whole thing over with the minimum of fuss.

However, it did mean that the house had to be sold and this proved to be the
end of the line for me and Emily as they moved up north where Louise had got herself a new job.

If I was honest, things were never the same again between Emily and my self after I made love with Louise – we never spoke about it and neither did Louise who quickly found a new partner anyway.

Emily and I kept seeing each other until they left but the real fire had gone out of the relationship and the promises to keep in touch were hollow and soon forgotten on both sides. Emily was the first girl I ever loved and Life had taught me one of her harshest lessons as I would be forever linked with her estrangement from her father.

Christmas that year was strange as well. It was the anniversary of where this had all begun and although the usual rituals were observed, it just felt all wrong. Susie was still going out with Jason and everything seemed to be going well for them as far as I could tell but our conversation seemed stilted.

I was sure that Susie did not know about me, Emily and Louise, as we had all sworn to secrecy so the whole thing seemed really odd. When my younger brother suggested we play sardines as per usual, I looked across at Susie who flashed me a quick smile. It was over in an instant but somehow it was the only genuine thing that had happened in my personal relationships for months so I happily agreed to take part.

It was my turn to hide first and I chose the study where I had first touched Susie a year before. She quickly found me while Rick ran around letting off steam with Annie searching half heartedly behind him.

‘You guessed’ I whispered to Susie.

‘It wasn’t too difficult’ she giggled. ‘Look, I have something to say, well a couple of things really and it’s a bit difficult’ Susie said in a more serious tone.

‘Go ahead, only make it quick before Rick and Annie find us’.

‘Things aren’t too good between me and Jason’ she replied. ‘Oh, what’s the use, I just can’t get you out of my head’.

‘Like Kylie Minogue’, I laughed.

‘Oh, shut the fuck up and be serious’ she hissed.


‘The other thing is, a long time ago I told Annie about us’. ‘I didn’t tell her everything at the time but the problem is that I got a bit wasted on cider last weekend and it all sort of came out’.

‘Oh fuckity fuck’ I sighed. ‘Can my life get any worse’.

‘I think she’s cool about it but I wish I’d kept my mouth shut’ groaned Susie.

At that moment the door opened heralding the arrival of Rick who as usual had timed his intervention at the most perfectly inconvenient moment, quickly followed by Annie which made it Annie’s turn to hide next.

Once again Rick shot off looking in such unlikely places it made you wonder whether his brain was wired the same as everybody else. Susie popped into the bathroom and I went in the opposite direction to Rick, starting in my bedroom down one wing of the house where I planned to search in a leisurely fashion letting my brother find Annie eventually.

I flicked on my light and flopped on to the bed in that typical Christmas afternoon torpor where you feel like you’ve eaten as much as you normally do in a week in a single day. I lay there for a short while, staring at the light and only dimly aware of the ongoing search when I noticed the curtains twitch at the long windows. I silently rolled of the bed and grabbed through the curtain material, hearing Annie squeal with surprise on the other side.

‘How did you know I was hiding here’?

‘You should learn to keep still’ I replied.

‘So you can touch me up?’. Annie looked at me coyly from under her eyelids.

I was speechless and aware I was probably as red as a beetroot.

‘Well, actually no, because you’re still too young’ I replied at last, looking at Annie’s still immature figure with only a hint of growing breasts.

‘You didn’t think Susie was too young’ she said defiantly with more than a hint of brattiness.

‘Yeah well Susie was older than you and a bit more grown up, both physically and in her attitude’

It was Annie’s turn to go red, as she was at the age where to be thought childish was a horror only slightly preferable to death, but before she could think of an answer Rick burst into the room.

It was now Susie’s turn to hide and with a sense of d? vu I guessed that she would choose my parents room. Annie was keeping a close eye on me though so there was no chance of avoiding attention and as I slipped into the darkness she followed me while I searched around for Susie, finding her crouched behind the bed.

Susie noticed that Annie had followed me into the room and could barely contain her annoyance.
‘You could have left us to talk for a bit’ she snapped.

‘Oh, sorry to intrude on you and your boyfriend’ said Annie sarcastically, ‘I wonder what Jason would think, or Mum and Dad for that matter’.

‘You promised to keep quiet’ hissed Susie

‘Well don’t be so nasty then’ replied Annie.

‘Look, stop it the pair of you’ I said, trying to make the peace, ‘why did you follow me Annie?’.

Annie fidgeted in the dark and didn’t answer.

‘I expect you’re curious to know what it’s all about’, I whispered in a kinder tone, taking her hand in mine.
I could hear Annie’s breath coming a bit quicker and Susie’s too.

A few moments later, Rick found us but everyone was bored of the game and spilled downstairs. Mum had laid out a buffet supper for everyone and we grabbed a few bits and headed back upstairs to my room, leaving Rick and everyone else downstairs.

I could hear Dad making some comment about us being unsociable but I think everyone else was relishing the chance to enjoy a quiet drink without our noise.

‘So Annie, what do you want to know?’ I started.

‘Stop teasing her’ said Susie.

‘I’m serious’ I replied. ‘Annie followed me into the room because she is curious about us’.

‘Look, nothing has happened for some time’ said Susie blushing.

‘Stop playing around Susie’. ‘It was you who said that you can’t get me out of your head’.

‘You arrogant bastard’ she hissed.

‘Yes, but I’m fed up of being pissed about’. ‘You can’t just drop me and then hope to pick me up again because you’re not happy with Jason all of a sudden’.

Annie sat there looking slightly embarrassed by our argument.

‘I know it was my idea that we finished’ began Susie.

‘Right but you want to start it all again now’ I said, ‘so what’s the problem’.

‘I didn’t tell Annie anything and now she’s curious, she’s at that age’ I continued.

Susie was looking distinctly uncomfortable and rolled away to get up and go downstairs but I caught hold of her arm.

‘Let me go, you’re hurting’ she said.

‘I’m hardly touching you’ I replied pulling her to me, kissing her roughly.

‘What do you think you’re doing’ she gasped.

Susie struggled somewhat half heartedly and then gave herself up to my kisses, my tongue urgently locked with hers.

Annie’s eyes were virtually out on stalks as I took her older sister in my arms, my hands roving over her ripe young teen body.

‘Oh God, nobody makes me feel the way you do’ whispered Susie as I started to kiss her neck, letting my tongue trace down into the valley between her firm young breasts as I undid her blouse. Annie’s presence was forgotten as I removed Susie’s blouse and unclasped her bra at the back letting her tits spill into the open with a youthful bounce. I gently cupped Susie’s breasts in my hands, letting my thumbs roll round her stiffening nipples, making her moan gently.

‘That feels so good, don’t stop’ whispered Susie as I continued running my thumbs round the swollen teats and licking at their tips with my tongue.

I caught sight of Annie out of the corner of my eye shifting position to get a better view as I pressed Susie’s tits together, letting my tongue alternate between one and the other before sliding my hands down her body to caress her shapely thigh.

This just felt natural as Susie helped me slide off her skirt and panties, like we had never been apart. I started to remove my shirt and Susie was there, caressing my chest and shoulders, taking my nipples into her mouth as her hands slid down to unbuckle my belt. I was soon naked and rolled Susie on top of me into the 69 position.

I could feel Susie’s hand gently squeezing and stroking my erect cock, her sweet breath teasing me before the head was engulfed in the warm suction of her mouth.

I prised the lips of Susie’s pussy apart so I could gaze into its pink wet depths and trace my fingers around the outer labia, moving deeper to brush against her engorged clit, eliciting yet more moans and a fierce suction around my cock.

As I plunged my tongue inside her hot hole and wormed it in as far as it would go, Susie raised her head and took my whole shaft inside her mouth. The sensation was incredible and I let out an involuntary cry as her head slid back and forth on my aching dick, her hand gently cupping my full balls. We continued like this for some time as Susie expertly kept me on the edge while I pleasured her pussy with my tongue, her orgasms rising in intensity until she ground her pussy into my face, covering it with her musky juices.

I gently lifted her off me and rolled on top of her, lining up my cock with her snatch.

Annie’s eyes were glued to the action, her dress hiked up to the waist and her hand busily stroking herself between her legs.

I made sure she could see every detail as I rubbed my cock up and down Susie’s wet, tight slit before I slid my length inside her sister.

Susie moaned and grabbed hold of me as I moved in and out of her slick love tube, bumping against her clit at the end of each stroke, using my fingers to gently massage her tits and tweak her nipples. I could feel her pussy tighten around my shaft as her orgasm and mine approached.

‘Uh, oh, ngng, yes, wailed Susie burying her head in my shoulder and digging her fingers into my back as she came in a rush. The feeling of her twat was incredible as it milked my cock, sending me into overdrive as I filled her insides with my sticky white juice.

‘That was incredible’ I whispered to Susie who merely smiled and drew me to her in a long, lingering kiss.
Annie had her hand in her panties frantically rubbing herself, her breath coming in short, sharp bursts until she collapsed, glassy eyed, next to us on the bed.

I looked at my younger cousin closely for the first time. Annie was not as naturally pretty as Susie but she was an attractive girl who played a lot of sports, giving her a lithe, strong figure although she did not have much in the way of shape yet. She was already taller than Susie and it made me tingle with lusty anticipation how she might turn out.

At that moment there was a call from downstairs and we hurriedly got dressed again before going down for yet more food before the evening wound down.

As I went to bed on Christmas night I couldn’t help feeling that the day had gone better than I would have ever dreamed it would, and while my waking thoughts were filled with Susie, the darker thoughts that come with the onset of sleep were of Annie.

The following day we made the usual journey to my cousins’ place to spend Boxing Day with them. There was a slight change to tradition this year in that my Uncle and Aunt had an open house for the neighbours to come in, have a drink and generally have a bit of a party. Jason came over but it was clear to me now that Susie and he were near the end of their relationship as Susie spent more time talking to me while Jason was far more interested in talking computer games with a couple of the guys down the road.

‘When will you tell him it’s over’ I said to Susie.

‘Oh, not over Christmas, I couldn’t do that’ she replied. ‘When we get back to school next term it will be a bit easier’.

‘So what exactly went wrong?’.

‘Well, it’s a bit difficult to explain’. ‘He’s great fun to be with’ said Susie twiddling her hair between her fingers ‘but he’s not a great lover, I mean it’s all over too quickly’.

‘Everyone needs to learn’ I said gently.

‘I know, but like I said, when I was with him all I could think of was you and the way you make me feel’. ‘I am dying for you to shove your cock in me now’.

I looked into her eyes and noticed a wicked expression I hadn’t seen before. Susie had certainly grown up this last year.

‘Nothing has really changed’. I said evenly. ‘We still have to keep this a secret’.

‘I know’ she said. ‘Look, I know this sounds terrible but what if we just got together when we need each other’. Susie bit her bottom lip and looked at me anxiously.

I let the idea hang there for a while before nodding with a grin on my face.

‘Bastard’ she said but with no rancour and we headed off into the throng of people milling round the drinks table.

I felt a strange sense of relief at this outturn of events even though I knew that we had to be careful, especially now Annie was in on our little secret.

The rest of the day passed away pleasantly enough and by the early evening most of the neighbours had gone home. Jason hung around talking to Susie and looked like he meant to stay around for a while, but he left too when he got a text from someone and made his excuses. We all helped clear away and then Susie and I headed off upstairs and put some music on and were quickly followed by Annie. We can’t have been in there more than a few minutes before Rita knocked on the door and came straight in asking if we wanted to get anything to eat. There was nothing going on at all but it reminded me of just how careful we needed to be.

‘Are you two going to do it again’ asked Annie excitedly when Rita had left.

‘Why don’t you just broadcast it to the neighbourhood’ said Susie sarcastically.

‘No-one can hear’ said Annie. ‘It was just so cool yesterday’.

‘We have to be careful Annie’ I added. ‘We could get in a shitload of trouble if anyone finds out and I’m relying on you to be really discreet’.

As I hoped, Annie took this new responsibility seriously and solemnly promised not to tell a soul but her excitement gave away her true desires.

I felt Susie’s hand in my lap and watched as she unzipped my trousers and pulled my cock into the open.
‘Watch and learn’ she instructed her young sister and proceeded to kiss my cock all over, pointing out the sensitive head and frenulum and pulling gently on the shaft until I was fully erect. Susie then moved her mouth slowly on to my cock, instructing Annie on technique between mouthfuls, using quick strokes of her tongue to drive me crazy with lust. I was wondering where the hell this was going when Susie asked Annie if she wanted to try.

‘I don’t want to suck it’ said Annie wrinkling her nose but was quite happy for Susie to take her hand and wrap it around my throbbing shaft. Susie kept her hand on top of Annie’s as she worked her hand up and down the shaft jacking me off. This was just the most incredible experience as Susie and Annie quickened the pace, squeezing my turgid member gently until I could feel the cum rising from my balls. Annie let out a little shriek as the first jet of spunk shot from the head of my cock and covered her hand, quickly followed by more of my hot, sticky juice running down in torrents as they both pumped at my wilting cock.

Susie raised her fingers to her mouth and sucked the come from each one in turn and offered some to Annie.

‘Go on’ she said. ‘It tastes good’.

Annie didn’t look sure but eventually she tentatively put out her tongue to taste her sister’s fingers, glistening with my come and broke into a wide grin.

‘End of lesson one’ said Susie giggling. ‘Come on we better get downstairs or we’ll be missed’.
I hurriedly pulled my trousers back up and followed the two girls to spend the rest of the evening with the family, hardly believing what had just happened.

All too soon the evening came to an end and as we all filed out to go home I couldn’t help wondering what the next year would bring.

I didn’t see Susie or Annie for a while after that as we had already planned to spend New Year with my Grandmother, and soon after that we were all back at school.

Susie was as good as her word and broke up with Jason almost immediately and fortunately there didn’t seem to be any lasting pain on either side. Jason is a good guy and I didn’t want him to drop out of our little group. As is the way of teen relationships he soon hooked up with another girl in his class and Susie started seeing some guy from the year above her on a casual basis.

As for me, I started dating Angela from the local Youth Club who I had known for ages and everything seemed to settle into a routine. It was fantastic in one sense as Angela and I were great friends and it was nice not to live in constant fear of discovery, or constantly lie to people and hide my true feelings, but in another sense I felt much like Susie did with Jason I guess. There was no edge to the relationship, no danger, no torrid passion or willingness to just let it rip and have great sex and not give a flying fuck what anyone thought.

I kept in touch with Susie on line, and during the early Spring break I drove across to see her with Angela, and make up a foursome with Susie and Rob who was her latest boyfriend. It was all quite innocent and we took advantage of some unexpectedly good weather to go down to the river and mess about in a small motor boat that belonged to Rob’s father.

It was strange seeing Susie in that way but I was slowly getting used to this odd kind of relationship and we had a lot of fun doing tight turns in the boat and nearly tipping the thing over, before heading out to a small island in the middle of the river to set out a small picnic and heat some soup on a stove we had brought with us. All too soon it was getting dark and chilly as it was still early in the year and we headed back to shore in the boat. I didn’t realise how cold and stiff I was until I got out at the shore so we all headed into Rob’s place to warm up a bit.

Rob got everyone some coffee in the kitchen while the three of us sat around chatting in the living room, gradually warming up. Angela got up to go to the bathroom and we didn’t think anything of it but a few minutes and no coffee later I went out to the kitchen to see what was going on.

As I got to the door I could se Rob through the door with his hands busy under Angela’s jumper. At first I was pretty pissed off although I could see the sheer hypocrisy of such anger and soon Susie joined me at the door.

‘Dirty little bastard’ she whispered giggling. ‘Last night he was telling me I was the only one for him’.

‘Bit of a fucking cheek if you ask me’ I replied. ‘They’ve only known each other a few hours’.

‘Imagine their faces if they came in and we were fucking on the sofa’. Susie was almost beside herself with mirth now. ‘Don’t be so serious about it. I think the French would say we have been hoisted by our own petard’.

I started to laugh as well and we had to retreat to the living room to avoid being heard.

Presently, Rob and Angela joined us in the living room looking suitably embarrassed but Susie and I had found it quite a turn on and were aching to be alone ourselves. Unfortunately there was no chance of that as I had to get Angela home and Rob was not driving yet so after we had finished the coffee we set off.

There was silence in the car when we set off and I suspected that Angela had seen or heard us behind the door.

‘I saw you and Rob in the kitchen’ I said evenly.

‘Oh, yeah I’m sorry about that’.

Angela looked flushed and having broken the ice so to speak I decided to go for it.

‘I found it quite a turn on actually’.

Angela looked amazed and disgusted all at the same time.

‘You bloody pervert’ she started.

I had to laugh which made her even more confused.’ Come on Angela, at least explain what I’m doing wrong. It’s taken me three months and I only got to feel your tits last week whereas he’s in your bra in a matter of hours’.

‘He is very attentive unlike you, somehow your mind always seems to be somewhere else’.

‘Come on, we’ve known each other for ages’ I replied.

‘Maybe that’s the problem’ she said. ‘We are just too comfortable’.

‘Hmmm, so what can we do to spice it up’.

Angela looked thoughtful but without waiting for an answer I took a quick left down a narrow lane that led to a car park where couples often went. There was no-one there as even though it was fully dark by this time, it was still early in the evening and I stopped the car.

‘Just what do you think you are doing’ said Angela although she looked more uncertain than she sounded.
‘Spicing things up’ I said as I leant across and unfastened her seat belt running my hands over the swell of her generous breasts inside her jumper.

For a moment Angela looked like she might slap me round the face but she was obviously excited by this unexpected turn of events and kissed me passionately as I pulled her to me.

As I kissed Angela and ran my hands under her jumper I found myself looking at her in a different light. Her shoulder length brown wavy hair framed an attractive face with hazel eyes and a clear complexion. She was of average height but slim with a nice pair of tits and a pronounced flair at the hips that I found incredibly sexy as she lay there.

We reclined the seats as far as we were able and I worked her jumper up so I could see her full breasts straining under her bra. Angela reached behind her back to undo it and I freed her tits from their confinement and began to gently caress the firm globes, bringing her large, brown nipples to erection.

Out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of something and all of a sudden the car was surrounded by doggers who appeared like wraiths out of the night.

Shit!’ I exclaimed.

Angela now looked up and noticed them. ‘Can they get in’ she said quickly.

‘No, both doors are locked’.

‘Then let them watch’ she said with a sly smile on her face. ‘I thought you were into voyeurism’.

I reached up to switch off the courtesy light.

‘Leave it on’ Angela exclaimed ‘there’s no point if they can’t see’.

This was new territory for me but I went back to caressing Angela’s tits and tried to ignore the faces at the window. Angela removed her jumper and bra completely and was lying there pushing her breasts together sexily while I licked at her nipples. She was really getting into this, moaning and writhing, really putting on a show.

I began to kiss down her body, using my hands to undo the belt of her jeans. Angela raised her cute ass and allowed me to slide them down and off her, kicking off her shoes as she did so before she spread her legs allowing my fingers to caress her pussy through her panties. The car was surrounded now but this just excited her even more and that was getting through to me as well as I could feel the dampness of her slit. I slid my thumbs inside the waistband of her panties and pulled them off exposing her damp oyster to everyone’s gaze and then used my fingers to gently prise the outer lips apart so that they could look right into her sweet, pink teen hole.

Angela was moaning as I wetted my finger and ran it up and down her tight slit, slowly working my finger in deeper to caress her clit, before using two fingers to slowly fuck her pussy, feeling it get wetter and wetter as my fingers slurped in and out. Angela’s breath was coming in quick gasps as she neared her orgasm and sensing this I increased the pace of my fingering until she came with an almighty shriek and covered my fingers with her boiling, pungent love juice.

She now positioned herself on top of me, freeing my jeans to get my erect cock into the open and then sat astride me. I could see nothing apart from the rise and fall of Angela’s breasts as she pressed them against my face but the feeling of my cock being engulfed by the warm wetness of her tight love tube was incredible. She leant back slightly allowing my hands the freedom to cup her tits and pull gently at her big, erect nipples while I allowed her to control the tempo, feeling her pussy grip me, rising and falling on my cock with a steady motion. The men at the window urged her to lean forward again so they could see my dick buried in her soft pussy and she obliged, wiggling her tight ass at them. I reached round behind her and spread the crack of her ass so that they could see her little puckered hole.

‘Ooh you kinky bugger’ she said.

‘Do you want me to fuck your ass then’

‘I’ve never done that before’ she gasped as she continued to impale herself on my blood gorged pole.
I grasped her ass and pumped her up and down driving my cock deep into her body, feeling her juices run down my shaft as she came again noisily.

Angela climbed off me and turned herself around which was no easy task in the confined space so that she faced the front of the car with her butt pointed towards me. I shifted position and lined my cock up with her virgin asshole and rubbed the tip, well lubricated with her juices, against her puckered hole, feeling her relax as I slowly fed my cock into her, relishing the tightness of her pristine anus as the head sank into the soft flesh.

I could see that Angela was face to face with the staring guys as I fucked her ass for the first time, her tits swinging as I sank my length into her. I could see her reflection in the windscreen, eyes closed and running her tongue over her lips, playing to the gallery and wondered how I hadn’t unlocked this side of her personality before. I could feel my orgasm approaching as I fucked her hot tight hole and my cock started to spasm. Angela thrust backwards burying my dick to the hilt in her ass as I filled her with my spunk, frigging herself wildly until she came again.

‘OK, let’s go’ she said as soon as she had recovered her breath.

I quickly adjusted the seat back as she rolled off me and fired up the engine. The doggers melted back into the darkness as quickly as they had arrived which I was grateful for as we quickly made our way out of the car park and towards home.

We drove in near silence for a few minutes, letting the enormity of what we had done sink in.

‘Well, that certainly spiced things up a bit’ laughed Angela nervously.

‘Sure did’ I replied, my head still reeling from the events of the last hour.

‘Fancy doing it again soon’ she said with feigned coolness.

‘I don’t know about that, it could be a bit dodgy, you never know how these people will react’.

‘No sense of adventure’ she snorted
There was no easy answer to that and I didn’t want to start an argument so I changed the subject.
‘Coming out tonight?’

‘No, I have an assignment that has to be done by next Monday and I’ve hardly started it’ she sighed.

This reminded me of work that I really needed to catch up on but had kept putting aside so we agreed to meet the following weekend at the youth club.

Thus began one of the most exciting relationships of my life and there were soon no secrets between Angela and myself. She told me all about her previous boyfriends, how she lost her virginity in the back of a van and her secret fantasies that she wanted to act out. When I told her about Susie and Emily she nearly choked on the pizza she was eating.

‘Oh my God, that is wild’ she squealed. ‘You’ve fucked your cousin’.

‘Yeah but that is strictly between us’ I replied.

‘Of course’ Angela replied. ‘Are you sure you’re not bullshitting me about Emily’s mum though?’.

‘No, straight up that’s how it happened, but it screwed the relationship big time in the end’.

‘What made Susie go all lezzie on Emily then?’ she asked.

‘I don’t know, I think she just wanted to calm her down because Emily was so nervous and one thing led to another’.

‘You are something else’ laughed Angela.

‘I haven’t quite finished yet I said. ‘Susie’s little sister gave me a hand job at Christmas’.

Angela’s eyes widened. ‘You perv’.

‘I’d like to see you and Susie together’ I said.

‘I bet you would’ she punched me playfully but there was a strange look in her eyes.

‘I’m probably going over to Susie’s for her birthday in a few weeks, I’m sure she won’t mind if you come’.

‘Yeah, sounds fun’ she replied.

‘OK then, I’ll check out what she’s doing and make a date’.

‘Can we call in at the car park on the way home?’ said Angela coyly.

‘I don’t see why not’ I said.

‘Brilliant and er, if you fuck Susie again can I watch?’. Angela went red.

‘Well that’s up to Susie in part’. ‘I’d prefer it if you joined in’.

I moved quickly, but not quickly enough to avoid the cushion that whacked me round the side of the head.

‘You are impossible’ she said laughing. ‘I think you are a bad influence on me’ she said primly but the smile at the corner of her mouth gave the game away as I rolled on top of her and we kissed passionately.

Later that evening I was talking on line with Susie who was still going out with Rob and enjoying a similar renaissance in their relationship.

‘What are you doing for your birthday this year?’ I asked.

‘Nothing special, we were thinking of hanging out and going for a meal at the new Indian in town’ she replied.

‘Mind if we tag along?’

‘No, it will be great to see you again’ said Susie. ‘I’m glad everything’s working out for you’.

‘For you too’ I said. ‘Catch you later’.

Everything was arranged and on Susie’s birthday we went round to her house in the afternoon. Rita was in a bit of a panic as we arrived.

‘I need to go out shopping’ she said. ‘Susie has just called to say that Rob’s dad’s car has broken down so she won’t be here for a while’. ‘Annie has gone to tennis practice and left her house keys here so I can’t go out’.

‘We can stay in’ I offered.

‘Oh that would be wonderful thank you’ said Rita gratefully and grabbed her car keys and handbag before hurrying out the door.

‘Sorry about this’ I said to Angela.

‘Oh, it’s no problem’ she said as we settled down in the living room and switched on the TV without really paying much attention to it.

About ten minutes later we heard Annie cycling up the drive and opening the garage to put her bike away and I went to the front door to let her in.

‘Oh it’s you, where’s Mum?’ she asked a little startled.

‘Gone shopping so I said I’d hang around to let you in’.

‘I forgot my keys again, I bet Mum was cross’ she said.

‘She seemed a bit panicky but not too bad’ I replied looking my younger cousin up and down.

Annie looked like a wet dream in her tennis gear. Her little tits were becoming more pronounced and were clearly outlined under her white t-shirt, slightly dampened by perspiration while her long legs were perfectly complemented by the tiny little tennis skirt she had on, tapering down to her short white socks and trainers.

‘Hi Annie’ said Angela as she came to the door.

‘Hi’ she replied. ‘I’m going to get a Coke, do you fancy one?’.

‘Sure’ we both said and Annie disappeared into the kitchen.

‘Hmm, I could see why you would fancy her’ said Angela. ‘So Mr Romeo, are you going to try and seduce your little virgin cousin?’.

‘You should know better than to throw down a challenge like that’ I said laughing as Annie came back into the room and threw herself into an armchair, draping her legs over the arm.

‘So, how’s my gorgeous young cousin’ I said to Annie. You look so hot in that tennis gear’.

Annie went red, looking nervously at Angela. ‘Don’t make fun of me’ she said. ‘I don’t think Angela is impressed’.

‘On the contrary, she can see why I think you’re hot’ I replied. ‘I think it’s time for another lesson’.

‘You haven’t told her have you?’ gasped Annie. ‘Who is the one who can’t keep a secret?’.

I crossed to where Annie was sitting and ran my fingers up her bare leg.

‘Last time you made me come and now it’s your turn’ I whispered.

Annie put her hand on mine.

‘I’m embarrassed’ she said.

‘Don’t be, Angela doesn’t mind’.

I leant forward and kissed Annie on the lips, gently at first and then with more urgency, sliding my tongue out to seek her mouth. Much to my surprise Annie was not fazed by this quick approach at all, opening her mouth and letting my tongue entwine with hers as my fingers continued their quest up and down her shapely leg, gradually moving on to the sensitive area of her inner thigh.

Angela was now sitting across from us looking intently and enjoying the show.
My lips left Annie’s and started to nibble and caress at her neck causing her to shiver in delicious anticipation.

‘Oh that’s nice’ she murmured, spreading her legs in the chair in a clear invitation to rub her pussy.
I was in no hurry though and resumed my kissing while my fingers continued their delicate tracing on her thigh and my free hand journeyed over her taut young body to cup her budding breast. Annie’s nipple hardened under my circling thumb, making her gasp as she tugged on her t- shirt, pulling it out of the skirt so that I could raise it over her head and unclip her bra freeing her lovely small firm tits. I kissed down Annie’s body taking one of her nipples in my mouth and sucking it in, teasing the tip with my tongue, sending a shudder through her nubile young body.

‘Ahhh, yes’ she moaned as I alternated my tongue between one nipple and the other, my fingers returning to her inner thigh but much closer to the heat of her virgin pussy.

Annie’s breath was coming quicker and my cock was rock hard at the sight before me as I moved my fingers up to trace over her panties and the sweet innocent slit that lay beneath causing her to rotate her pelvis and drive the material into her dampness. My excitement overtook me as I unclipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor and slowly removed her panties revealing her juicy young cunt to my gaze. Annie’s pussy was gorgeous, a rose pink gash, framed by fleshy outer lips and the lightest covering of downy, brown pubic hair. I let my fingers brush through the silky tresses, rubbing gently at her outer lips, seeing them unfurl like a flower to reveal its hidden depths.

Annie was moaning now as I parted her outer labia and wiggled my tongue into her virgin hole to lap at her sweet nectar. My fingers worked their way up and my thumb gently circled her exposed clitoris sending her into paroxysms of ecstasy as her juices flooded my mouth.

I stood up and removed my shirt and jeans, looking at Annie beneath me. She reached up to pull my erect cock out of my boxers and greedily sucked it into her mouth, so unlike the hesitant girl of a few months ago, lapping at the head with her tongue and using her hand to pump my rock hard shaft.

‘Oh yes’ I moaned as she tried to get as much of my throbbing dick into her mouth as she could, sucking noisily at the end. Annie pulled me towards her and I could now finger her lovely slit while she sucked me off, the tightness of her mouth giving me the most incredible sensations. Reluctantly, Annie at last came up for air and offered her mouth to be kissed again. I thrust my tongue into her mouth, pushing her backwards into the chair and spread her willing thighs with my hands, lining up my cock with her virgin hole.

I rubbed the tip of my swollen glans up and down her sweet slit to lubricate it and stimulate her love button before gently pushing forward and easing the head into her tight tunnel. The feeling was incredible as her little hole was gently stretched by my stiff cock until I felt myself barred by her virginity. I looked into Annie’s eyes and moved in and out gently, getting her used to the feeling of being fucked before thrusting deeper and deflowering my twelve year old cousin.

Annie whimpered gently as I took her cherry and dug her finger nails into my back as I moved my prick back and forth. Angela had stripped below the waist and was pushing three fingers into her wet pussy as suddenly Susie and Rob came through the back door and into the living room.

There was not time for anyone to cover up nor was it really necessary as Susie took in the scene and dropped to her knees to take Rob’s prick into her mouth. Rob looked liked a guy who had just won the lottery as Susie sucked on his rapidly hardening cock while he watched me nailing her younger sister while my girlfriend frigged herself off at the sight.

Susie invited Angela to share Rob’s cock as well so he was soon getting a delicious blow job from the pair of them while I moved my cock steadily in and out of Annie’s hot cunny as it spilled it’s fragrant juices over my thick shaft. Annie gasped beneath me, pulling me deep inside her and we stayed locked for a while with her legs wrapped around my waist until she released me.

I withdrew my cock to the tip and then slowly inserted it into her dripping cunt, repeating the action a number of times, holding her on the edge and making her beg me to fuck her. I looked up and noticed that Rob, Susie and Angela had stripped off completely and Rob was fucking Susie lustily from behind while Angela cradled his balls. Angela noticed me watching and with a sly look on her face she reached underneath Susie to caress her breasts and tweak he full nipples, rolling them between her thumb and forefinger.

This sight turned me on incredibly and I thrust faster and faster into Annie until I could feel my come rising in my balls. At the last moment I withdrew, showering her face and belly with my hot seed.

Angela and Susie were kissing each other deeply with Angela now positioned in front of Susie getting a good hard finger fucking from my cousin while Rob pounded Susie from behind. They presently changed positions and now Rob thrust his stiff cock into Angela while Susie grabbed her head and thrust it between her legs where Angela got her first taste of hot pussy. I was getting hard again despite having come so recently and taking Annie by the hand we joined the other three. Rob was fucking Angela deep and hard making her moan but this was muffled as her tongue was buried in Susie’s hot snatch, flicking at her clit and making my cousin moan.

Rob withdrew his cock from Angela and now positioned Annie in the same way, easing his well lubricated prick into her tight puss. Angela raised her head from Susie’s snatch and guided my now fully erect pikestaff into her waiting love pit.

Susie moaned and grabbed at my back as I drove deep inside her body, everything becoming a blur as I moved between fucking Susie, Angela and Annie while Rob was doing much the same. At last I came again deep inside Angela and as soon as I had withdrawn, Susie was there, lapping up my come from my girlfriend’s twat.

Annie has one last lesson Susie announced and taking her sister’s hand moved her back to the armchair and seated her in it, parting her tender young thighs. Susie looked at her little sister’s pussy and gently parted the damp rose petals of her outer lips before applying her soothing tongue to her sister’s swollen clitoris.

Annie moaned as Susie ministered to her with her tongue while her hands sought out her firm young breasts and her fingers gently tweaked and pulled at her prominent nipples. This final lesson soon had Annie writhing with a pleasure she would not have dreamed of trying even a few moments before. Susie’s tongue snaked inside her sister’s pussy with short, urgent strokes, switching between stimulating her clit, flicking round her inner labia and penetrating her love tube. Annie’s moans grew in intensity, and she ground her pussy into Susie’s face until she orgasmed noisily, grasping the back of Susie’s head to hold her in a rapturous embrace.

Susie kissed her sister deeply and then swapping positions, encouraged Annie’s fingers and tongue to service her needs. Annie was nervous at first but felt she could do little else but pleasure her sister after the attention she had received and was soon diving her sweet tongue in and out of Susie’s tight hole. Susie kept whispering reassurances as Annie gained in confidence, using her fingers as well as her tongue to ravage Susie’s clit and tweak at her nipples. Susie’s orgasm was not long in coming and she covered Annie’s face in her sweet sex juices.

As we recovered we heard a car enter the drive, and grabbing our clothes ran upstairs to get dressed before Rita came in.

‘Are you lot going out or what’ called Rita from the bottom of the stairs.

‘We’re just going out now’ replied Susie as we all piled down the stairs and into my car.

We had a great evening and a good meal and afterwards I dropped off Rob at his place and Susie at hers.
‘Do you want to drop into the car park?’ I asked Angela with a grin.

‘You must be joking’ she laughed, ‘I’m all shagged out literally and figuratively’.

As I dropped Angela off at home I wondered how long this could possibly last and amazingly it lasted until the following summer when Angela and I left to go to Uni. Rob went the year after and Susie the year after that. We still keep in touch but life has turned a new page for each of us now and perhaps some things are best left as memories.

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