My Cousin Susie

My Cousin Susie

As I lie here, I can still hardly believe it all happened, what a crazy incredible day. I rewind my memory to where it all started with Christmas, Susie and a game of sardines.

As usual my Aunt Rita, Uncle Pete and their daughters Susie and Annie came over to our place on Christmas afternoon to spend the day with us, exchange presents, eat, drink, eat some more – I’m sure you know the drill.

I really had never noticed Susie in that way before, she was three years younger than me, a pretty little girl but just that – a little girl, so nobody was more surprised than me to see that puberty had taken hold since I’d last seen her and I was now confronted by a very pretty 13 year old with a budding young body to match.

Susie has always been naturally tall and slim and nothing had changed in that respect although she had filled out slightly and grown a nice, small firm pair of tits. Below the waist her slightly flared hips hinted at approaching womanhood and her long slender legs tapered up to a beautiful little heart shaped arse. She still had a little angelic face, with big brown eyes, small nose and neat little mouth all framed by her thick, shoulder length auburn hair. I was smitten there and then.

During the evening, my little brother Rick suggested we played Sardines – for those of you who don’t know it’s a variation on hide and seek where one person hides and when found, they hide together in the same space and so on until the last person eventually finds them. If you think it sounds a bit lame then you’re right but it is a Christmas tradition at our place and to please both the younger ones and my parents Susie and I joined in.

Besides, my mind was suddenly alive to the possibilities that the game could give me this year. After a couple of turns where we let Annie and then Rick hide first, it was Susie’s turn to hide. I hung back a bit behind the two youngsters as they charged headlong up the stairs, shrieking as they ran towards the far end of the house to start searching. I guessed that Susie would try to find somewhere new to hide so I went in the opposite direction and into the small guest bedroom.

Without turning on the light and just using the light from the hallway, I quickly searched the room before continuing down the corridor towards the study. I could hear the kids down the corridor frantically searching and quickly entered the study and shut the door. I could see a movement in the shadows behind one of the filing cabinets and found Susie crouched down behind it. ‘Didn’t take you long, how did you guess?’ she whispered.

‘Well, after a few turns there’s a limit to where you can go’ I replied. ‘I expect Annie and Rick will search every room before they get here’. Susie giggled beside me, her teen perfume and the smell of her shampoo a heady scent in my nostrils. I felt I had to do something quickly and seize the moment for better or worse so I stretched out my arm, making contact with her leg just above the knee. ‘Oi, what are you doing?’

‘What’ I said with feigned innocence. At that moment, Annie came through the door closely followed by Rick and that was that. I felt wretched, partly fearing that she would tell her or my parents and partly kicking myself for the stupid thought that I could make out with my cousin. I felt a total idiot.

After a few more turns I was getting a bit bored but Rick wanted one more go. I was breathing a bit easier as Susie obviously could not decide if the contact had been deliberate or accidental but things still seemed a bit strained. On the final go, Susie was to hide again and this time I searched pretty close to the youngsters. After one sweep of all the rooms we couldn’t find her and as Rick and Annie ran back down the corridor to search again, I paused to think about it.

The only room we hadn’t searched was my parents and while not exactly out of bounds, nobody usually hid there out of some kind of respect I guess. I quietly entered the room and again did not switch the light on as there was a little light coming in both from the corridor and the street light outside. As my eyes became used to the dim light I could see a darker shadow between the wardrobes and found Susie hiding there.

‘Neat hiding place’. Silence.

‘I’m sorry about earlier, I didn’t mean to’. ‘It’s OK’ she replied. ‘I’m sorry too; I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions’. I felt a total fraud but I figured that all in all there was no harm done and I left it at that as it seemed to have broken the ice. As I squeezed in beside Susie I made exaggerated efforts not to touch her although in the tight space it was impossible. Again I was engulfed by her heady perfume and wished that I could feel her, kiss her, wished that she could feel the same way about me as I felt about her. ‘Wonder how long they will take to find us here’. Susie was giggling again and I felt a lot easier. ‘I got a new computer for Christmas, can you help me set it up tomorrow?’ she continued. ‘Sure, I’d be happy to’ I replied just relieved that things were returning to normality. ‘What did you get’? ’Dell XPS’. ‘Nice machine, I’m jealous’. At that moment the door opened and Rick was silhouetted in the doorway closely followed by Annie.

The rest of the evening was spent talking with Susie and getting to know her better. She had certainly grown up in the past year – we talked about what we got for Christmas, music, games, school, our friends and found we had a fair amount in common. To be honest I was getting a bit fed up of the whole Christmas ritual but having someone to talk to of my own age group made the whole thing a lot better, while at the same time a little voice in the back of my head was making me feel bad for treating her with so little respect.

The party wound up late in the evening. Susie went home with her parents and we all filed off to bed to get some sleep before going over to Susie’s house the following day – yet another part of our Christmas tradition.

I awoke in good spirits, looking forward to the day ahead, the morning crisp and bright as we drove to my cousin’s house and after the obligatory hellos to my aunt and uncle I went upstairs with Susie to sort out her new PC. To be quite honest there wasn’t a lot to do apart from put the thing together, complete the set up and reload the data from her old machine but I had another bright idea and downloaded Messenger and set myself up as a friend so we could chat when we wanted as we didn’t see each other too often.

As I talked with Susie, the tone became a bit more intimate, mainly on the subject of my girlfriends which was a fairly short topic as I went to an all boys school. Susie had not had a boyfriend at all but was inquisitive about all sorts of things – how do you kiss?, how far should you go on a first date?, the kind of stuff that made me think there was someone she fancied and caused me some pangs of jealousy.

We weren’t left on our own for long before we were called down for lunch and to my frustration we found ourselves spending the rest of the day with the family.

After Christmas I kept in close contact with Susie and we would chat over the net most days. I was right about one thing – she definitely fancied a guy called Dave in her class at school and kept asking for advice on how to get him interested. This caused me some pain as I still fancied my cousin big time. I answered as impartially as I could but in truth it was eating me up, every fantasy I had was about her and I could get hard just by imagining her gorgeous, firm young body next to mine and frequently jacked off in bed thinking about her.

After a few weeks she sent me an excited message saying she was planning to go on their first date at the cinema with friends. It all seemed to be going really well for her and I wasn’t about to spoil it so I wished her good luck and asked her to tell me all about it the next day. In the following days Susie was not on line and I was a bit worried but as we were visiting the following weekend I guessed I would speak with her then. When we arrived that Saturday, Susie seemed agitated once we had said all our hellos she grabbed the dog and me and headed for the door. ‘Just taking the dog for a walk’ she shouted over her shoulder to nobody in particular as we headed out of the front door and along the road to some nearby woods. It was March and the air was still cold, making me grateful I had pulled on a jacket.

Back at the house, Mum looked quizzically at Rita. ‘What’s all that about?’. ‘Oh, she went out with a boy in her class and she has been a bit funny ever since’ replied my aunt. ‘I hope Tony can talk it through with her because she won’t talk to me’.

Susie and I walked in silence into the woods. ‘Er, so how did the date go?’. My tone was uncertain as I guessed that something was up. Susie was a little way ahead of me and I could see her body start to shake with silent tears. I put my arm around her in a brotherly way and guided her over to a bench to sit down, leaving the dog snuffling nearby through the undergrowth.

‘What’s the matter?, please tell me’.
‘It w-w-was awful’ said Susie through her tears. ‘It was OK in the cinema, but after we left he wanted to walk home instead of getting the bus’. ‘When we passed an alley he pulled me in and started kissing me which was OK but then he started feeling me up and got his prick out’. ‘I w-w-was so scared, I didn’t want to do that in an alley way’. ‘Then he left me to walk home on my own’. Susie was sobbing again and I put my arm tightly around her shoulder, burying her head in my chest.

‘He’s a complete bastard’, I was angry that someone could treat her like that. ‘Even worse, he’s put it around school that I’m just a baby and frigid….I could just die’. ‘What about your friends?’ I asked. ‘S-s-some of them are fine but I haven’t been able to talk to any of them apart from Emily’, ‘I wanted to talk with you first’. ‘You must talk to your friends and put your side of the story’ I said firmly. ‘If they are worth having as friends they will rally round and hopefully some one will stick one on Davie boy’. ‘I’ll gladly do it myself’. ‘Thanks, but don’t bother with him’ she said and we sat together in silence for a minute or so. I desperately wanted to kiss her and let her know everything would be alright but I know how cruel other kids can be and I definitely didn’t want her to think I was taking advantage of the situation so I just told her to confide in her friends and me – ‘Any time, just message me or call my mobile’.

Susie stopped crying but remained snuggled against my chest. I left her there, content that we would move on when she was ready.

Susie felt safe against her cousin’s chest and as she stayed there she wished he was her boyfriend. ‘That’s impossible’ she told herself, but she remembered the contact at Christmas. Susie was almost sure it had been intentional and although it was unwelcome at the time, she was not so sure now. Susie raised her head from Tony’s chest and faced him, but very close, in that deeply personal space.

I looked into her eyes, I could feel her breath on my face and my lips were drawn to hers as if by a magnet, I couldn’t help myself. We kissed, gently at first and then more strongly, my lips fastened over her mouth. I hesitantly darted my tongue out across her lips and Susie opened her mouth and entwined her tongue with mine. I felt breathless and light headed as I kissed my cousin, banishing any thoughts that what we were doing was wrong as I kissed her more passionately than I have ever kissed a girl in my entire life. I sucked on her proffered tongue, drawing it into my mouth as we melted into each other’s embrace. I noticed that Susie was shaking slightly, her breathing becoming faster and I started to run my hands up and down her back, along her side feeling the swell of her small, firm breast as my hand passed down towards her waist. Even in my passion I determined not to push her too fast and at length we broke our kiss and cuddled each other. Susie whistled to the dog and we carried on arm in arm, hardly speaking until we got to the field at the other side of the wood before heading back down the other side to return to the house. As we neared the door, Susie pulled me to one side and kissed me deeply again before we went inside, not releasing my hand until we entered the living room.

I could hardly believe this was happening. I desperately wanted to spend some more time alone with her but it was just impossible with the family and the younger children there and even when we were alone I felt that someone could come in at any moment which was frustrating to say the least. The rest of the day more or less passed me by and I think it was the same for Susie as well although we did manage to snatch one last kiss before I went home.

The following week I spent a lot of time chatting online with her. Everything seemed to smooth out at school as she was a popular girl and her friends stuck by her, and it was the cunt Dave who was on the back foot as no girl would touch him with a ten foot bargepole. We also talked about our feelings for each other and our relationship gradually grew closer and closer – even though I sometimes felt a bit guilty I don’t think either one of us could have stopped it at that moment any more than we could have stopped a runaway express train and fortunately the next opportunity to see each other was just around the corner.

‘Rita has invited you to Susie’s 14th birthday party, do you want to go?’ asked my mother during one of her long weekend phone conversations with her sister. ’Yes, that would be great’ I said trying to keep the excitement out of my voice. Mum looked at me curiously, I could virtually see her brain working as she tried to work out why I was so keen on seeing my cousin and I turned away, afraid that my expression would betray me. ’He’ll be there’ said mum slowly, and we’ll pick him up the following morning if that’s OK Rita?’. ‘Lovely, bye’ Mum put the phone down. ‘You seem terribly fond of seeing Susie all of a sudden’. ‘Yeah, well she’s grown up a lot and is pretty cool to be around’ I mumbled. ‘OK, well the party is next Saturday 7.30 and you mind you behave yourself said Mum but there was a hint of humour in her voice as she ruffled my hair and left the room. I was sure I looked as guilty as hell but there seemed to be no suspicion and anyway I was so excited at the thought of staying the night that everything else hardly mattered at all.

On the day of the party, Dad dropped me of at Aunt Rita’s just after 7.30 and I headed in with the present I had got for her, a pretty charm necklace that had just about drained all my funds. Susie seemed thrilled and put it on immediately before introducing me to her friends, some of whom I kind of knew from chatting online. Emily was Susie’s best friend and was a very pretty blonde with blue eyes and Heather was a cute, freckled redhead…after that I pretty much forgot who was who as they were introduced one after the other but I remember thinking that I had never been in a room with so many cute girls before.

I stayed pretty close to Susie but as she was the centre of attention I didn’t get too much time on my own with her at first but after we had eaten, some music started up in the front room and I got a chance to talk to her at last. ’Thank you for the present, it’s beautiful, you may kiss me’ she said with a wicked twinkle in her eye. I quickly manoeuvred her behind a door and thrust my tongue in to her mouth, kissing her deeply. ’Mmmm I needed that’ said Susie as I reluctantly broke the kiss, fearing discovery. ‘Come on let’s join the others’.

We went through to the front room, finding ourselves on the crowded dance floor and started dancing. It quickly got hot, and although alcohol was strictly forbidden there were plenty of soft drinks in a large cooler. My aunt and uncle were pretty cool about the whole thing and kept out of it which I was pleased about. Susie was gyrating sexily to the music in front of me, wearing a black mini skirt and a loose fitting white top, her eyes closed as she moved her body, thrusting her pelvis at me to the beat. I started to dance close to her, feeling her body rubbing up against mine and giving me an erection into the bargain.

Susie realised this and opened her eyes. ‘For me?’ she whispered in my ear and I pulled her closer to me getting my thigh between her legs and rubbing it up and down her crotch. Susie teased me like this for what seemed an eternity until the dance floor thinned a bit and people headed off to sit down somewhere and rest or pair off. ‘I fancy a drink, how about you’, I shouted over the noise and at the end of the track we grabbed a coke and sat in the corner. ‘Great party’ said one of the girls as she was whisked back onto the floor by her boyfriend.

I looked around, getting my breath back and noticed several couples getting off, mainly kissing but there were clearly hands roaming under blouses and skirts in the darker areas which made me even hornier. I put my arm casually around Susie’s waist and sat close in front of her so she was hidden from the view of anyone unless they walked right up to us and started to gently rub her thigh with the tips of my fingers.

‘Mmmm, that’s nice’ she said and moved closer to me, moving her hand on to my thigh and imitating my movements. I was getting really hot and I could tell Susie was as well but we just could not show our passion in a room full of people. I began to move my hand higher, under the hem of her mini skirt, towards the sweet heat that was emanating from her tight virgin pussy. Susie adjusted position, opening her legs slightly to allow me access to her forbidden treasures and moved her own hand to rub the aching bulge in my jeans. Suddenly she snapped her hand away as Emily came up to us. ’Do you mind if I borrow your cousin for a dance’ she said shyly, totally unaware that she had just played gooseberry. ‘Yeah sure’ said Susie, ‘if he wants to’.

The moment was lost and with a quick wink I got up to dance with Emily. The pretty young blonde was the same age as Susie and as we danced I became increasingly aware that she had the hots for me as well as she danced really close, rubbing herself against me at every opportunity. Normally this would have been a no brainer but I just wanted to get back to Susie and did not want her to get jealous so after a couple of songs I pleaded tiredness and sat back down although Emily joined us.

An hour or so later the party began to break up – these were 14 year olds after all and I helped my Aunt and Uncle return the house to some sort of normality. By the time I had finished, Susie was ready for bed and with a quick good night and thanks to her parents for the party she disappeared upstairs.

Aunt Rita showed me to the guest room and I got undressed and got into bed. So near and yet so far I thought to myself and lay awake thinking about how we might get some time alone together. On the landing outside I heard a faint noise and the door opened a crack, revealing Susie standing in the doorway. She came in and quietly closed the door behind her dressed in a long flowing nightshirt that came down to her knees. With my heart hammering with both lust and a sense of danger I held back the covers and Susie quickly slipped into bed beside me.

I held my cousin again in my arms and kissed her passionately, running my hands over the nightshirt, feeling her firm, naked body beneath it, rubbing her firm young tits and watching the nipples become erect beneath the thin fabric. We broke our kiss and Susie pulled the nightshirt up over her head and I could see her naked body for the first time, clad only in her panties. I let my eyes devour her young, curvy body before bending my head and sucking one of Susie’s dark, swollen nipples into my eager mouth, hearing her groan as she ran her fingers through my hair. I tweaked the other nipple gently between my thumb and forefinger and Susie gasped again as her fingers sought the erection that was threatening to burst out of my boxers.

I carried on licking at her gorgeous little tits, the stiff nipples gleaming wetly in the light of the bedside lamp before using my tongue to trace slowly down her body until I got to her navel. At the same time my fingers were making gentle movements from behind her knee to her inner thigh stopping just short of her panty covered mound, making Susie writhe with anticipation as she spread her legs for my questing fingers.

After delicately tracing my fingers all around her sweet pussy, I moved my fingers over her panties, descending, feeling the material disappear into the damp, musky slit of her sex. I felt her little fingers worm beneath the waist band of my boxers and close around my engorged shaft, gently moving her hand up and down. Inflamed with lust I moved my hand inside Susie’s panties and eased them down. ’Please don’t screw me unless you have a condom’ she whispered.

‘There’s plenty of fun to be had without screwing’ I said, silently cursing myself for not coming prepared and gently kissed her inner thighs, her hips, her lower belly, all around her boiling lust filled pussy before pushing her thighs wide apart and moving my tongue with quick, short strokes towards it’s prize. As my tongue arrived at her tender virgin love hole I moved my head back, my eyes taking in the delightful little auburn muff that barely covered the pouting lips before gently peeling them back so I was looking into the pink wetness of her sex.

I inhaled her musky scent as my tongue traced along the outer labia, making Susie shiver with pleasure before moving deeper, gently flicking at the moist pink pearl of her clit at the end of each stroke. Susie’s breathing became quicker, moving her hips to gain the maximum pleasure, stifling her lustful moans in the pillow lest her parents should hear as my tongue moved around inside her love tube before withdrawing to stimulate the inner labia and brush once more over her erect clitoris.

I now combined my fingers with the oral pleasure, moving them deep inside Susie’s tight pleasure patch as I licked and sucked gently at her clit. Susie began thrashing around, lost in her orgasm as she flooded my mouth with her fragrant juices. ‘Oh my God, what have you done to me’, my beautiful young cousin was glassy eyed as she shifted position and was face to face with my rampant cock.

Susie gently took it in her mouth and began to suck, moving her hand up and down the shaft, cradling my balls with her other hand. It was obviously her first time giving a blow job so I made encouraging noises, whispering suggestions as she slowly gained in confidence. Flicking her tongue around the sensitive head and along the pulsing vein that ran along the length of my prick, I could feel my balls begin to tighten. Susie took my cock deep into her mouth again and sucked deeply as she pumped my shaft. This was too much for me,’ I’m cumming, baby’ I said, expecting her to finish me off with her hand but she kept on pumping my cock until I shot thick spurts of my creamy man juice into her eager mouth.

The sight of my demure little cousin swallowing the lot brought another surge erupting from the shaft, covering her pretty face as she released my cock from her mouth. I lay back totally sated with Susie in my arms for a few minutes before my cock started to twitch again. ‘Horny again already?’ she grinned and went straight back to giving me another deliciously slow blow job, my cock rapidly hardening in the sacred waters of her mouth. This time was even better than the first as Susie teased, licked and sucked at my dick, keeping me on the edge until I was at last released to slake her thirst for my come once more.

We lay together running our hands over each other’s bodies, my gently probing fingers bringing Susie to another climax before she pulled on her nightshirt and quietly returned to her room leaving me to a delicious, exhausted sleep filled with the lingering scent of her arousal.

The following morning we met at breakfast, having to act as if nothing was untoward or different at all. I felt really weird about it. My father picked me up shortly after breakfast and after our goodbyes I left, disappointed that I had not had the chance to really talk to Susie about the previous night. Of course I was straight on to Messenger when I got home and we talked for hours. To my relief she had no regrets about the previous night and our only problem was how and when to see each other again, as in the normal course of events we would only see each other three or four times a year.

Fortunately for us, Susie’s cousin Joe who was related on her father’s side decided to get married quickly after a whirlwind romance. As it was his second marriage the wedding was to be held in a plush hotel in the countryside and Susie was asked to be a bridesmaid. My parents knew Joe well from way back before Aunt Rita had married Uncle Peter so we were invited as well.

On the wedding day itself we set off early as the hotel was several hours journey and the service itself was just after midday. The power of the early summer sun quickly dispelled the chill of the dawn as we drove down the motorway and by the time we reached the hotel the sun was high and the air hot and still as we crunched over the gravel drive towards the grand entrance. Dad checked us in as we were staying at the hotel overnight and after taking our stuff to our rooms I had a quick look around the grounds before heading back to the wedding service.

Susie had come down the day before for rehearsals and was now with the bride’s entourage, having her hair and make up done and fidgeting nervously. ‘Oh do keep still’ said Rita as the exasperated make up girl applied some light foundation to Susie’s face. Susie made a face and sat still, but her mind was not particularly on the girl in front of her or the wedding. All she cared about was seeing her cousin again and slipped into another daydream, hardly listening to what was being said to her as the make up girl put the finishing touches to her appearance before moving on to Annie and another youngster who made up the trio of bridesmaids.

‘I don’t know what’s got into you Susie’ sighed Rita. ‘Buck up and don’t spoil Joe’s wedding for him’. ‘Sorry mum’ Susie mumbled as her dream dissolved, returning her to reality, ‘It’s such a hot day, I’m boiling’. ‘It’s the same for everybody young lady’ snapped Rita without any sympathy and Susie looked embarrassed, not so much because she was too hot but because it was such a lame excuse for not paying attention. Rita straightened the garland of flowers adorning Susie’s head and moved on, fussing around Annie as the make up girl added a few subtle highlights to the young girl’s skin for the benefit of the photographer.

I joined my parents and we walked into a large room decorated with flowers where the wedding service was being held. Joe and his new wife had invited a fair number of people as the room was filled with ranks of chairs with a wide aisle down the middle for the bride. I sat down about half way back on the aisle so I had a good view of proceedings and looked around absently for people that I knew. I recognised some of our relatives but some people on Joe’s side were not familiar and I had not met any of the bride’s family at all – in fact I hadn’t even met Samantha the bride.

The vicar entered the room and went straight to talk to Joe and his best man, offering a few last instructions or words of encouragement I guess and then some music started up and Samantha entered through the double doors at the back of the room flanked by her father and followed by the bridesmaids, walking at a stately pace towards the makeshift altar and her husband to be. Susie looked absolutely stunning in a long yellow dress with a matching garland in her hair, flashing me a quick smile as she went past. She was followed by Annie and a younger girl I did not know and Annie too gave me a cheeky smile as she went past which made me wonder momentarily how much she might know but I dismissed these thoughts as everyone sat down and the service began.

It was a pretty standard sort of service but the vicar kept it reasonably informal and cheerful and most importantly from my point of view short. The happy couple then walked back down the aisle accompanied my more piped music and we all spilled out on to the large lawn outside where the photographer began arranging the family groups, principal guests, general family etcetera. The photographs seemed to go on for ever and Susie was in quite a few of them which made it impossible for us to talk so I hung around talking to relatives and got herded into photos like everyone else.

At last it all came to an end and we trooped past Joe and Samantha as they welcomed us to the reception. I sat with the rest of my family while Susie was on the top table with the bride & groom and the other key players. After the meal and toasts, the hotel staff cleared away a lot of the tables to ready the dance floor for the evening and the guests dispersed into small cliques, the room full of hundreds of conversations of which none were quite audible, punctuated by the occasional laugh. Susie appeared from out of a throng of people and headed towards me. ‘Watch where I go and then follow’ she said. ‘Don’t make it too obvious’.

Susie flashed me another gorgeous smile and disappeared amongst a group of relatives heading for the far side of the room. I watched her go and slip behind some chairs and then she was gone leaving me slightly puzzled as my view had been slightly obscured at the vital moment. I made my way over to that part of the room and noticed that actually there was a door made using the same panelling as the rest of the wall in the corner.

I quickly looked around and slipped inside, waiting for a second to let my eyes adjust to the dimmer light. He room was set up to be a conference room, no doubt used by business people during the week. Susie popped her head out from another door at the back of this room and beckoned me inside. This room was small and furnished with just a small desk and telephone but as I came in Susie shut the door and locked it from the inside.

‘I found it yesterday after rehearsal’ she said. ‘It’s perfect, you’re perfect’, I replied. ‘You look absolutely fantastic’. ‘Show me how fantastic’ whispered Susie as our lips met in a passionate kiss, fired by our sheer lust for each other. My hands roved over the elegant long bridesmaid’s dress across her firm tits, my eyes feasting on her innocent beauty but this was no time to be subtle or engage in long foreplay – we both wanted it and we wanted it now. My trembling fingers found the zipper at the back of her dress and pulled it down in a single movement. Susie wriggled out of the garment and pulled down her slip as well so she stood before me in just a lacy bra and small white cotton panties, her hair still garlanded by flowers and the sexiest look I have ever seen on a girl’s face.

She fumbled with my belt, unfastening my trousers and pulled them down while I tore of my shirt and tie, kneeling before me to take of my boxers so that my suddenly free erect cock bobbed a few inches from her mouth. Susie turned her face up to look at me and then took my thick cock in her mouth with a slight smile on her face, so unlike the hesitant girl of a couple of months ago. I stoked her hair as she kissed the head of my cock all over, taking it into her mouth, using her lips and tongue to gently caress my throbbing helmet and flickering her tongue on the sensitive underside.

I moaned and threw my head back as she began to move her head up and down, taking my shaft deep into her mouth while keeping her lips firmly clamped around the head of my dick. This felt like heaven but I was desperate to fuck my cousin and I didn’t want to come too soon so I eased Susie back against the desk and unhooked her bra, burying my face in her small, firm snub nosed tits. I let my tongue flick across the nipples, making her gasp as they stiffened, using my hands to delicately squeeze the perfect little orbs as I sucked each one in turn into my mouth.

I now worked my way down her body with light kisses until I reached her panties. Susie raised her bottom from the table, allowing me to remove them, baring her pretty virgin pussy to my gaze and allowing me to part her thighs and plant more tender kisses on her inner thigh where her leg meets her pelvic area.

The aroma of her arousal was strong in my nostrils as I teased her by running my tongue over the puffy lips of her sex, slowly making my way to the erect nub of her clitoris. I began sliding my tongue in and out and up and down, increasing the speed and pressure, exploring the inner recesses of her tight love canal before returning to stimulate her clit. Susie was bucking away beneath me, thrusting her pussy into my face and smearing me with her juices. I pushed two fingers inside her virgin hole to find her g spot while licking around her clit which drove her over the edge. ‘Fuck me, fuck my pussy’ she gasped. ‘Oh my god, you make me feel so good’ she wailed as she noisily climaxed making so much noise I wondered if we could be heard from outside.

I got off my knees and fished around in my discarded trousers for a condom. ‘Don’t worry about that’ Susie cooed. ‘I have a very understanding doctor and I’m on the pill’. ‘You look surprised’ she pouted. I couldn’t think what to say ‘ I’ll be gentle Susie’ I said as I moved between her parted thighs and placed the swollen tip of my erect cock at the entrance of her honey trap, rubbing it up against her slit and coating it with her sticky juices. Susie leaned back, her eyes fixed on my cock as I pushed against her innocent teen slit, stretching her virgin love hole as my head penetrated her wetness. I felt myself bump against her virginity and taking her in my arms I thrust forward firmly, breaking through the delicate membrane and onward into the deep recesses of her pussy.

Susie winced as her cousin penetrated her but as he lay against her, gently rotating his hips this discomfort disappeared and the pleasure of taking her first cock took over. Susie began to grind back, grabbing Tony’s buttocks and pulling him deeper into her body, his prick feeling massive inside her tight, wet cunt. She could feel her orgasm building as he moved his prick in and out, his laboured breathing hot against her face, his hands covering her tits, tweaking at her engorged nipples. Susie was in heaven as Tony picked up his pace, thrusting into her harder and faster, stimulating her clit with his wet finger as he pumped at her pussy. She grabbed him sobbing with lust as her juices flooded over his cock.

I could not believe how tight Susie’s snatch was around my organ. Her cunny muscles were gripping it as it slid in and out of her sopping hole. As Susie climaxed I thrust in deep and then rested against her for a moment, our tongues locked together. I withdrew from her and turned her around so that she was facing the table and then bent her over it so that I could fuck her from behind. Susie’s beautiful tight little arse was displayed for my pleasure as I slid into her and screwed her right up to my balls, getting even better penetration than I had from the front, my hands mauling her titties as I pounded in and out like a jackhammer. Susie was moaning loud enough to wake the dead but I couldn’t have cared less as I could feel my cum rising in my balls. I kept going, feeling Susie become rigid as another orgasm swept over her young teen body before I joined her, pumping what felt like a pint of cum into her hot little puss in wave after wave.

We stayed locked together for many minutes as we kissed and searched each other’s eyes. We were in love or that’s what it felt like, I couldn’t bear to let her go. ‘We’d better get back’ Susie said at length. ‘Yeah, guess so’ I mumbled and we both hurriedly got dressed. At this point I began to wonder whether we had been missed or overheard – there would be hell to pay if we had.

Susie left the room while I stayed behind, listening intently to see if there was any hint of a problem. A few minutes later I slipped out of the room myself. The disco had started up but at this early hour the dance floor was pretty empty but I was grateful that the noise had probably covered our tracks. Most of the guests were still outside enjoying chilled glasses of champagne or wine in the warm summer evening and as I stood on the terrace I could see Susie with her parents, and from the body language I could see that there was no problems there.

The evening wore on and Susie and Annie went to bed around 10.30. There was no chance of a rendezvous as the two girls were sharing and my uncle and aunt were in an adjoining room but I was on cloud nine and planning how I could get together with my cousin again.

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