My Daughter Nicole

My Daughter Nicole

My Daughter Nicole

Nicole asked, “Daddy! Why is there a naked lady in your bedroom? There’s no hair on her vagina!”

All that went through my mind was, “Oh shit!” Fortunately I did not say it out loud. Nicole’s mother and I had divorced two years ago when Nicole was twelve. Now at fourteen years old Nicole is quite the young lady. She can be a conniving little bitch to get what she wants from me but that’s just because I allow her too. I have her convinced that she has me wrapped around her little finger. She asks for things and I get them for her. Especially since her tastes have gotten more sexy. I love buying her sexy bras, G-string panties, and transparent negligées. The best part is that she has started to wear them around me more often. She actually has an extremely sexy wardrobe here at my house that she wouldn’t dare let her mother see. I see to it that she has all of the makeup that she wants, all of the celebrity magazines, and I’ve even supplied her with some sex toys. I also let her have her girlfriends stay over all the time and I pretend not to notice that they are drinking my booze and staggering around.

Nicole got my attention when she asked again, “Daddy! Why is there a naked lady in your bedroom? There’s no hair on her vagina!”

This time I just said, “She is my new girlfriend! We had a sleepover!”

Nicole said, “Whenever mommy has a sleepover she makes sure that I am here with you so I never see him!”

Just then Pamela came out wearing one of my shirts with only one button below her breasts attached and said, “Hi! I’m Pamela your father’s girlfriend! You startled me!”

Nicole said, “Hi! I’m Nicole, his daughter! I’m sorry!”

Pamela said, “Hi Nicole! You might know my son Jason Brown! I think he’s in your grade!”

Nicole said, “Yeah! I know Jason! He’s cute!”

Pamela said, “That’s funny! That’s exactly what he says about you! Want to double date sometime?”

Nicole blushed and said, “Double date with my father and you? That’s gross!”

Pamela gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, “I don’t think he’s gross at all!”

Then both girls laughed at my expense. I knew that the two girls were bonding so I didn’t mind.

I said, “Gross would be looking in my rearview mirror and seeing my fourteen-year-old daughter making out in the back seat!”

Pamela looked directly at Nicole and said, “Don’t worry honey! He won’t be able to see you in the backseat if my skirt is up to my waist, my shirt is up over my tits, and my hand is wrapped around his cock!” Then Pamela unbuttoned that one button on my shirt and opened it up to show Nicole her naked body saying, “And this is all I ever wear under my clothes!”

Nicole just stared at Pamela for a moment, blushed, and smiled.

Pamela said, “I hate panty lines, bra marks, and body hair! I went to a doctor and had my leg hair, pubic hair, and my armpit hair permanently removed!”

Nicole said, “Didn’t it hurt?”

Pamela said, “Not really! I am a magazine model and I can’t work if I nick myself while shaving or if the damn stubble grows back before the photographer is done taking his pictures that day!”

Nicole said, “You were a magazine model!”

Pamela looked at Nicole, smiled, and then said, “I still am honey!” Pamela picked up a magazine on the coffee table that my daughter had recently bought, turned a few pages, and pointed to a picture. It did not show the model’s head but her hand was on one bare breast, her arm covered the other breast, and she was wearing a pair of white satin panties. Her pussy mound was perfect and her pussy enhanced the panties so you just wanted to go out and buy a pair.

Nicole said, “This is really you! I thought she was my age!”

Pamela said, “Well I’m not your age but I am your size! That’s why I get the jobs! At thirty-six I can still pass for a fourteen-year-old from the neck down!”

Nicole said, “But even your face looks young!”

Pamela said, “Thanks honey but I know better! However I do get asked for identification if I order alcohol in a restaurant!”

Pamela said, “Nicole after seeing you I realize that you and I have the very same body! You are fourteen and I’m thirty-six but we are both five feet two inches tall, weigh a hundred and one pounds, and wear a 32-B bra, size four panties, and size two dresses. I bet you wear a size six shoe too.”

Nicole had an astonished look on her face and said, “How did you know all that?”

Pamela said, “Honey I’ve been in the business a while! I just know!”

Pamela looked at me and smiled then looked at Nicole and smiled. “Hey Nicole! Would you like some of the things that I model? They give them to us models after we wear them and I just toss them in my trunk! It’s full! You can clean it out for me!”

Nicole lit up and shouted, “I’d love some!”

Pamela got her purse, handed Nicole her keys, and said, “Push this button and the trunk will open! You will have to make a few trips!” Then Pamela laughed and jumped into my arms.

Nicole went out to check Pamela’s trunk. Then she came running in and grabbed the clothesbasket and ran back out. Pamela and I watched as Nicole made six trips back and forth dumping hundreds of small Ziploc bags in a pile in the middle of the living room rug. On her final trip in she handed Pamela her keys back and gave her the biggest hug.

We watched as Nicole started opening the bags and looking over the biggest selection of panties and bras that I had ever seen. There were negligées, slips, corsets, and garters too. Nicole was thoroughly enjoying herself.

Pamela said, “I keep the outer clothes but I have way too much for my closets! Would you like some?”

Nicole screamed, “Yes! Anything! I love everything!”

Pamela smiled at me and asked Nicole, “Are you willing to model any of this stuff for your father and I?”

Nicole looked at us and was thinking very hard.

Pamela said, “Honey just step around the corner and change then come back in! If you want to become a magazine model you need to get over your shyness!”

Nicole lit up and asked, “You think I can be a model?”

Pamela said, “Yes I do! You could model professionally!”

Pamela told me to get my digital camera and told Nicole that she would have to get used to having her picture taken constantly too.

When I returned with my camera Pamela handed Nicole a couple of items. Nicole stepped around the corner into the hallway and returned in a very sexy pair of panties and a strapless bra. She looked very good.

Pamela said, “Remember honey your father sees more of your flesh in your bikini than he sees in those!” Then Pamela pointed at the bra and panties.

Nicole said, “I know! He has seen me in my underwear before! It’s no big deal!”

Pamela said, “Not yet anyway! Just wait!”

Then Pamela told me to take as many pictures as I could from all angles far and close. She told Nicole to turn, suck in her tummy, throw out her chest, thrust out her pussy for the camera, turn for ass shots, and to smile all the time.

Pamela handed Nicole another set and had her put them on. It was constant pictures, posing, and costume changes. Pamela told us that this was almost what a shoot was like and asked if we would like to watch on once. Hell yes!

I’m not sure that Nicole noticed but I sure did, the underwear was getting skimpier and skimpier, there were more thongs and G-strings, and they were getting very transparent too. Finally Nicole was posing in almost nothing. The last set was just lacy ribbon outlines with no fabric at all. Nicole’s hard nipples were outlined in two open triangles of ribbon connected between her breasts and hooked in the back. Her panties were also an open triangle exposing her pussy mound, moist lips, and her engorged clit. The back of her panties were just ribbons around her waist and up her ass crack. This time Pamela had Nicole squat, bend, and lay on her back with her legs open. I took pictures constantly, as I had been doing. Pamela opened Nicole’s legs further so her pussy lips opened up like a flower showing us her clit, her entrance to her vagina, and just how excited she really was. Pamela poked a finger into Nicole’s pussy and put it in her own mouth. She did it again putting her finger in my mouth. After the third time Pamela put her finger into Nicole’s mouth. I was still taking pictures constantly. Finally Pamela and Nicole were locked in a very passionate sixty-nine embrace.

I couldn’t get over what Pamela had said about them having the same body. I kept wondering if in my subconscious I had been fucking my daughter in my mind while I was actually fucking Pamela.

After a while Pamela turned Nicole onto her back and got between her legs inviting me to fuck her from behind. How could I resist? So as I slipped my extremely hard cock into Pamela’s very wet pussy I watched my daughter’s bare breasts quiver as Pamela ate her pussy to yet another orgasm. As I humped into Pamela’s ass cheeks forcing her face harder into my daughter’s pussy I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to fuck my fourteen-year-old daughter.

When I came in Pamela’s pussy I got my camera and started in again. Neither girl seemed to even notice me. Pamela slowly turned and lowered her cum filled pussy onto Nicole’s mouth. I watched in awe as my daughter ate my cum out of my girlfriend’s pussy as I took pictures. In no time at all I was hard again.

Pamela said, “Bring that thing over here big boy!”

Pamela rolled over so that she was on the bottom. I put my cock in her face. She sucked the head of my cock then licked my daughter’s pussy. She took turns with Nicole and me until finally I was about to burst then she placed the head of my cock at Nicole’s virgin pussy and grabbed my ass sending me right into that tight little love tunnel. I knew better but at that moment my cock was in charge and it loved the hole that it was in. It was a lot like fucking Pamela but better, tighter, and a hell of a lot more exciting. Since I was already in her I might as well enjoy it so I just started fucking into her as I would any other woman. I knew she was my fourteen-year-old daughter but I really didn’t care. That’s not exactly true but I still wanted to fuck her so I didn’t stop.

Nicole hadn’t expected me to fuck her either but since it had happened she was all in favor of it too. She loved posing for me, she loved making out with Pamela, and she loved having my hard cock inside her pussy. Unknown to me she had wanted me to make love to her for about a year now and she wasn’t going to do anything to stop me. She could feel Pamela’s tongue still working on her clit as I fucked her gently but firmly. Nicole was massaging one of her nipples just like she does when she masturbates at night. Her eyes were closed and she was dreaming every sexy thought that she had ever had about her first time. She felt her orgasm slowly start in the tip of her toes and pick up speed and intensity as it rushed through her pussy on it’s way to her over worked brain. Her mind was in overdrive and every nerve ending in her body was telling her that this was the most incredible thing that she had ever felt in her life. Just before she passed out from all the excitement she remembered something Pamela said about having her brains fucked out once.

I had my cock in my daughter’s pussy and I loved every inch of it. I could feel Pamela’s tongue caress my cock as I pulled out and kiss my balls as I ram it back in. Nicole had let out a soft cry as she orgasmed. I could feel her pussy muscles clamp onto my cock trying to hold it in there forever. It felt so good that I erupted to. I was cumming more than I had in years. I could imagine it filling every nook and cranny of her pussy to capacity and running down into Pamela’s waiting mouth. I gave one last thrust into her as she went limp on Pamela. I slumped over Nicole’s body and kissed her on her cheek before sitting back on my legs. As my cock came out of Nicole I dragged it across Pamela’s forehead leaving a slim trail. My balls and cock laid on Pamela’s hair as I rested and looked at my daughter’s wet hole. It was gapped open and it was very wet. Pamela was making sure not to waist a single drop of my precious cum as it dripped out of my daughter. I watched as Pamela buried her face in my daughter’s crotch.

When Pamela was finally done she said, “Can you get her off me? Please!”

I rolled Nicole onto my lap then picked her up and carried her to her own bed. Pamela came with me.

Pamela said, “I would normally wash her up but I think she would like to wake up to find your cum still in her!”

Then she took my hand and led me to my shower.

The End
My Daughter Nicole


This is a story conversion chart.

A height of 5 feet 2 inches is 1.57 meters

A weight of 101 pounds equals 45.9 kilograms or 7.2 stone

As to bra sizes in different countries:
U.S. U.K. France Australia National Japan
32B 32C 85C 10B 70C B70

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