My Home Office

My Home Office

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My Home Office

I bought my brand new house in the suburbs just because of the big bedroom on the second floor in the back corner. It was perfect for me and it was in a new housing development. It had a nice southern exposure, big bay windows, and a balcony with double doors that opened out over the backyard. From there I had a clear view up into the mountains. The best part was that no one could ever build anything between my wonderful view and me.

You see I work out of my home and that room would make a fantastic office. It even had a bathroom with a counter big enough for a coffeepot, a microwave oven, and a small refrigerator. It was perfect for writing. I write erotic literature or romance novels, as the ladies like to call them. I knew that the view would certainly inspire me.

A couple of days after I had moved in Lindsay the woman next door on my right came to welcome me to the neighborhood. She was very pretty, quite thin, and she had very nice straight blonde hair. She was perfect but she was married.

As I offered her a glass of wine she looked around. I had just finished hanging a few of the posters that my publisher had blown up of my book covers. I had thirty-one books published but I only hung up five of the posters. I had all thirty-one books in a glass display case with room for nineteen more. Then of course I had a case of each book to autograph or give away as I saw fit.

Lindsay knew my work and said that she had read several of my romance novels. She even told me that she likes to masturbate to them. Oh my! It wasn’t the first time that I had heard that but she was certainly the prettiest one to tell me about it.

I showed Lindsay my office and what I had done to it. I told her how much I enjoyed the view of the mountains. When Lindsay asked me what I was working on I told her that I was just about to start my next book but that I was still thinking about a new story line.

Lindsay told me that not all of the great views were out my back window. She pointed out the side window at her house. She held her breasts as she told me that she had a couple of smaller mountains that I might enjoy too. That was when Lindsay suggested that I write about her. She was everything that I had ever wanted in a woman that was for sure. She told me that she was willing to tease me whenever her husband wasn’t around. I looked at her in that bikini top and her cut off blue jean shorts. She sure was sexy. That was when Lindsay slipped two fingers inside her bikini top to rub her nipples until they were both hard and then she rubbed her crotch, masturbating herself through her shorts before slipping a finger up into her pussy. She put her finger up to my nose to allow me to smell of it, and then she smiled at me, and left. Lindsay had done exactly what she had set out to do. She had teased me into thinking about her as the subject of my next story.

Then early the next morning I moved my computer desk so that I could look out the side window as well as the rear window. Shortly after I sat down the curtains started flying open all over the house next door. Lindsay fully opened every set of drapes on my side of the house making sure that the ties held them open properly. The flimsy curtains were opened as well. She started with the living room downstairs and worked her way up to her bedroom and then to her bathroom. I actually had a very nice view into her bathroom and into her combination shower and bathtub. I was not able to see her bed though and for some reason that bothered me. Lindsay then seemed to prance around the house straightening things up, doing some dusting, and rearranging her shelves. All the time she was in a beautiful little gold colored baby doll nightie. I watched her very intently as I started to form an idea for my next book.

Around noon two other ladies arrived for lunch. I then watched as Lindsay went into her bedroom and changed into a bikini. I could only see her from behind but she had a fantastic ass. Soon after that the three women emerged out into the backyard and sat around the table eating some salad and drinking some wine. I was intrigued with the contrasting beauty before me.

One of the women was of Mexican decent. She had some meat on her bones unlike Lindsay. She had nice big breasts, a full ass, and she had long black hair to her waist. Later I would find out that her name was Cecilia.

The third woman was taller than the other two, quite statuesque, and she could easy have been a fashion model. She had very short brown hair and a very pretty face. Her breasts were about the same size as Lindsay’s breasts. Later I would find out that she was a French Canadian named Dominique.

As my mind wandered they spread out blankets on the ground, removed their bikini tops, and lay down on their backs to get a tan. Wow! That sort of thing happens all the time in my stories but not in real life. I had to pinch myself to make sure that I was not dreaming. For the next hour I watched the three women roll over about every ten minutes until they had enough sun. Cecilia certainly had great breasts. They were at least a full D-cup with almost black areolas around equally dark nipples. They were basically firm but even they had to spread out as Cecilia lay on her back and gravity made them bulge like water balloons. I was tantalized by her breathing, she took very deep full breaths expanding her ribcage fully each time. Her slightly rounded tummy flattened out too. Then when she turned over her ass fascinated me with her twin globes and her string bikini up her crack. God she was magnificent all over.

Dominique had a similar effect on me but she seemed to aloof. Her manor gave me the impression that Dominique was distant, quite detached, and basically indifferent to the other women. She was just too reserved as if she had an upper class nobility to protect. Lindsay and Cecilia on the other hand seemed to talk non-stop about anything and everything.

Then there was Lindsay my girl next door. She was the girl that young boys dream of as they whack off at night. She looked like every teenage cheerleader, prom queen, and the most popular girl in school that you could ever imagine. Although she was quite thin it looked good on her. Her breasts were just as firm as her ass was and her nipples were just a little longer that the other two women’s nipples were. They were also a very light shade of pink that almost disappeared. At times her areolas looked the size of a dime while Cecilia’s areolas were almost the size of the palm of my hand. Dominique’s areolas were somewhere in between.

Lindsay was in charge of the suntan lotion and periodically she would apply it to the other two women, both back and front. I got an erection watching Lindsay rub Cecilia’s big breasts with both of her hands and then rub her fine ass too. She did the same thing to Dominique but it wasn’t as exciting to watch. I could feel a closeness between Lindsay and Cecilia that I couldn’t feel with Dominique.

After the hour was up the women just carried their bikini tops back into the house. I caught a glimpse of Dominique leaving a while later. She was dressed and carrying a large purse.

Then Lindsay and Cecilia appeared in the bedroom right across from me. They were still topless. I watched them as they rearranged the bedroom so that the bed was then in my view. I had to smile because I knew that the girls could see me just as clearly as I could see them but they pretended that I wasn’t even there.

Next I watched them make love. Lindsay pressed her breasts and her lips into Cecilia’s breasts and lips. They kissed very passionately, they pulled one another in close, and they held onto the other’s ass until they were done kissing. Each woman removed the other’s bikini bottoms. Neither woman had any hair on her pussy. Then they got on the bed in a sexy sixty-nine that would make a blind man hard. I watched those two women kiss, lick the other’s pussy, and have orgasms for another hour. Finally they went into the bathroom and took a slow shower together. They left the curtain open so that I had a better view. They washed each other’s body including their hair and their pussy then they dried each other off.

I watched as they douched, dried their hair, and then applied their makeup. They got dressed as if they were going out to dinner with their husbands. Then they came over and rang my doorbell.

Lindsay introduced me to her best friend Cecilia. I just loved Cecilia’s Spanish accent. Lindsay had a Southern accent that was cute as hell too. They told me about their day, about sunbathing in the backyard, and about rearranging the bedroom.

I wasn’t sure if I should tell them that I had seen them or not. Then I decided that it couldn’t hurt, after all we all knew what was going on and we were consenting adults. The women pretended to be embarrassed but forgave me for spying on them. Then they invited me to join them the following day and told me that I could be in charge of the suntan lotion if I wanted to be. Now that was an invitation that I couldn’t pass up.

Before they left I told them how wonderful it had been to watch two beautiful women make love like they had. That time they didn’t have to pretend to be embarrassed because they both turned a few shades of red. Then they asked me to please keep their secret. Of course I would keep their little secret. I even told them that I had jerked off while watching them make love. Cecilia said that that was a waist of good sperm and that I should have made a deposit in her sperm bank. I asked her if that was an open invitation and then I saw that Lindsay was becoming uncomfortable with where the conversation was going. I believe that Lindsay was getting a little jealous so I told her that I would have to be fair and take turns making deposits in both of their banks. That made them both smile.

That afternoon I started my next romance novel.

The next day Lindsay invited me over to sunbathe with her and her girlfriends. I was then introduced to Dominique. She had a great French accent. She seemed less standoffish too. The three women did not think anything of removing their bikini tops right in front of me and handing me a bottle of suntan lotion. I started with Lindsay and rubbed just about every square inch of exposed skin on her body. I rubbed her bare breasts, her bare ass in that string bikini, and then I rubbed right up to her pussy in that tiny little triangle of material too. Next I decided to rub down Dominique. She was just as cooperative as Lindsay had been and a vast contrast to what I had seen the day before. Finally I saved the best for last. I took my time rubbing lotion into Cecilia. I enjoyed her big breasts, her full ass, and I even rubbed lotion under her bikini bottom and right into her pussy. I massaged her clit to an orgasm too while Lindsay and Dominique looked on. After that I felt obligated to give them orgasms too. Dominique was the only woman with any hair on her pussy and it was just a small landing strip over her clit. Once I had masturbated them all there was no need for them to wear the bikini bottoms either so they took them off and sunbathed nude in front of me. I removed my bathing suite and started to lie down when the women started fighting over who would rub me down with the lotion. I simply told them that they could all rub me to their hearts content. They all tried to jerk me off but it was Lindsay that managed to accomplish that and then she caught every drop in her mouth too and swallowed it.

That afternoon we sunbathed for an hour and a half together. Dominique stayed for the shower, but only because I did. She gave me a blowjob in the shower and then she swallowed every drop of my cum. Cecilia made it perfectly clear to the other two women that it was her turn the next time around. As I watched the women dry their hair, comb it out, and then apply their makeup while still nude I managed to get hard one more time to Cecilia’s amazement and my own.

Cecilia threw me on the bed and climbed on top of me in a sixty-nine. I not only got lipstick on my dipstick but I was rewarded to her fine treasure as well. Cecilia sucked my cock like a pro, swallowed every drop of cum like the others had, and then she licked me clean. Meanwhile I had certainly licked her pussy clean too even though it didn’t really need it. Actually I cleaned her up after her two orgasms. She could really flow.

That evening I watched as Lindsay got ready for bed, put on a transparent nightie, and went to get her husband. She undressed him, put him on the bed, and then she climbed on top of him in a sixty-nine. She was putting on a show just for me. He couldn’t see me but Lindsay sure could. She would suck his cock and then smile at me as I watched her. When she was ready she sat on his cock still facing me. That little nymph rode him for a good twenty minutes before she arched her back, thrust out her tits, and screamed in ecstasy. I could easily hear her. As she turned to collapse next to her husband on the bed I backed away from the window and went to my own bed. I thought about jerking off like I normally do at night but I just couldn’t, not after three wonderful women had given me blowjobs that day. I owed it to them to just be happy and fall asleep.

I was up bright and early typing into my computer when Lindsay and her husband woke up. He looked over at me sitting at my desk and closed the drapes. I saw it out of the corner of my eye and just smiled to myself. I couldn’t wait to hear about that.

Soon after he had left for work Lindsay came over for a cup of coffee. She was laughing hysterically. Her husband had been upset thinking that I might have seen them having sex. Lindsay told him that I go to bed early and that I couldn’t have seen a thing. Then she reminded him just how great sex had been the night before and by giving him a blowjob in the shower that very morning. He wanted the bed moved back where it had been and she said no. She told him that the mere thought of possibly having someone watch her made her even hotter. She also reminded him that he was on the receiving end of her being hot. She said that as long as the bed was there, the drapes were left open, and that I just might possibly be watching her that she would be everything that he had ever wanted her to be in bed plus some. He went off to work with a big smile on his face.

Lindsay then took me shopping for drapes for my office. She picked out a nice manly set that I could close but still peek through the crack at her and her husband if I wanted too. I then bought a remote controlled color video surveillance camera to mount at the top center of my drapes where no one would see it along with a big screen television to view it on. Lindsay liked the idea of me being able to see her even clearer and to zoom in on the action. She seemed to get off on becoming a porn star. So to please her I bought a DVD recorder to hook to it. At home she helped me install everything and hang the drapes. Then we went over to her house to see if the camera was all that noticeable. She also washed the inside and the outside of her bedroom window so that it was as clean as possible. Then she asked me if I wanted to test my new system by recording us making love together. Okay!

I ran home, turned on everything, and zoomed into her bed with her sitting there looking at me. I ran back over and watched her undress for the camera. Making love to her was everything that I had thought it would be. It was exciting, it was very sexy, and it felt oh so good to cum in her honey pot. As we lay there afterwards Cecilia and Dominique walked in to find us in bed together.

We didn’t tell them that we were recording the action so when they started to undress Lindsay just cheered them on. I knew that I needed sound to go along with the action next. Anyway the two women got naked and climbed in bed with us. I really wanted to fuck Cecilia but Dominique was very forceful. She wanted me desperately so Cecilia gave in to her request to be next. She was a little spitfire and even more aggressive than Lindsay had been with her husband the night before. I didn’t have to do any of the work that woman practically raped me. Her pussy actually seemed to be milking me as her lips had done the day before. It was a great feeling and it lasted about fifteen minutes.

We went out to sunbathe but we only stayed a half-hour then Lindsay suggested that I should make love to Cecilia next. I had to smile because Lindsay knew that I had put in a two-hour DVD and that I had about a half-hour left to record. Making love to Cecilia was certainly a lot different than making love to the other two women. She was nice to cuddle and to push into as I made love to her instead of the other way around. She was not as forceful as the others had been and allowed me to enjoy her body. I did enjoy it too and for quite some time. When I did cum in her I was hoping that I had caught it all on the DVD. I had never in my life made love to three women before and certainly not in two hours.

I had enough material to finish my romance novel and to start another one. Moving to that house was the best thing that I had ever done.

The End
My Home Office

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