My Little Granddaughter

My Little Granddaughter

My Little Granddaughter

I have the cutest little granddaughter you ever wanted to see. Jessica is four years old and is just as pretty as her mother, my daughter Heather. Heather got married at eighteen to her husband when she was six months pregnant. Harold was twenty-one years old and not very likable. I always thought that he was a loser and that she could do better. Apparently I was right.

Well one day when I was home alone I was in the bathroom taking a shower. When I got out of the shower and was drying my hair my head was covered by my towel. All of a sudden I felt a warm hand on my cock and somebody stroking it.

In a flash I unmasked my head and looked down. There was my granddaughter Jessica playing with my limp cock.

Then I heard my daughter Heather said, “No Jessica!”

I looked up and saw my daughter Heather standing in the doorway turning red and looking shocked.

Jessica turned toward her mother and said, “But daddy always wants me to suck his cock!”

Heather turned beet red and said, “Dad you know kids! That’s not true!”

I said, “Yes I think it is. Jessica isn’t old enough to lie to me yet! Are you Jessica?”

Jessica smiled and reached out to play with my cock again to her mother’s dismay!

Heather started crying and said, “Dad, Harold would kill me if he knew that you knew!”

I replied, “Shouldn’t the police know and shouldn’t he be in jail?”

Upon hearing that Heather started crying. She dropped to her knees in front of me pushing Jessica out of her way and started sucking my cock into her nice warm mouth.

Jessica said, “Mommy you’re supposed to wait until I’m done!”

Heather said, “No! I need to suck my Daddy’s cock right now! Go out in the living room and play quietly!”

I stood there in disbelief looking down at my daughter sucking my cock like a cheap whore. I was amazed when she sucked it right into her throat. Heather sure is a lot better than her mother is at giving me head. Hell my daughter could be the blow job champion in a contest. Before I even knew it I was cumming like a racehorse.

Heather said, “Dad please don’t tell anyone! I’ll do anything you want if you don’t tell anyone, especially the police!”

I have no idea why I even said it but I did, “What do you mean anything?”

Upon hearing that question, Heather smiled, stood up, and completely undressed in front me for the very first time in her life. She pulled her designer T-shirt up over her head and tossed it on the clothes hamper in the corner. Next she removed and tossed her sexy lacy bra, her tight micro mini skirt, and finally her matching lacy panties.

As she stood there nude I took in her beauty. She was almost perfect.

She saw me looking at her breasts and said, “I wear a 34-B bra, yes they are natural, and I got the right nipple pierced on my first anniversary, and the left nipple pierced on my second anniversary.”

As my eyes drifted down to her pussy Heather said, “I got my clit pierced for my third anniversary and my cunt lips pierced for my forth anniversary!”

I looked at her totally shaved pussy and the tattoo on her pubic mound and asked, “What about that tattoo?”

Heather finally blushed and said, “Oh I got that the morning of my wedding! Harold took me to the tattoo parlor and I had to let the tattoo artist and three of his friends fuck me to pay for the tattoo!”

I asked, “What does it say?”

Heather replied, “If you can read this you can fuck me!”

I simply asked, “Why?”

Heather said, “Because Harold wanted me too!”

I said, “Wanted or forced?”

Heather said, “Dad please leave it alone!”

I replied, “You said ‘anything’ so answer me!”

Heather said, “Okay he forced me! Is that what you wanted to hear? Harold raped me when I was seventeen and took my virginity! He wouldn’t let me take my birth control pills and wouldn’t use condoms so that I got pregnant! He let his best man fuck me the night before the wedding! I already told you about the tattoo artist and his three friends fucking me the morning of the wedding to pay for the tattoo! Then each anniversary he forces me to get pierced by a different guy and let him and his friends fuck me to pay for the piercing! He made Jessica start sucking his cock when she was one and I have to watch every time! And to top it off he brings a different friend home every Friday night to fuck me in the ass! I think he sells anal sex with me to the guys! If I ever refuse him I get my ass blistered like you wouldn’t believe!” Then Heather started crying.

When she turned around I saw her ass. It was black and blue and still had welts on it from a stick of some sort.

I asked, “What does he hit you with?”

Heather said, “He uses the wooden handle from the toilet plunger! He unscrews it and beats me with it usually a hundred times then he puts the threaded end in my cunt and makes me keep it there for an hour afterwards while I stand naked in the corner of our living room!”

I asked, “How do you keep it in?”

Heather said, “I clamp my knees together on the other end because my hands have to be clamped behind my head the whole time!”

I asked, “Anything else?”

Heather said, “Well lately he lets other men come to our apartment and beat me! They get to touch me all over while I stand there for the hour then they can fuck any hole they want afterwards! I’m sure they pay him too!”

I asked, “Is that all?”

Heather said, “Yes! I think so!”

I had to ask, “And you allow this behavior?”

Heather said, “Allow it! I don’t have a choice!”

I said, “Yes you do! You can tell the police!”

Heather said, “No I can’t! He said that he would kill me, mom, and you if I ever told anyone!”

I replied, “That little bastard! I’ll fix him!”

Heather said, “No dad don’t do anything! I’ll be alright!”

Then Heather gave me a kiss and pushed down on my shoulders. I cooperated as she put me on my knees right at eye level with her shaved pussy. As I read “If you can read this you can fuck me” she pushed her pussy up to my lips and held the back of my head. As I took in my daughter’s fragrance I became intoxicated. I always get very excited when I put my nose in my wife’s pussy too. Without thinking I stuck my tongue out and flicked the post that was pierced through the hood of her clitoris. It must have excited her because Heather held my head tighter to her pussy. Soon she was fucking my tongue with her pussy like a very horny woman would. Heather pushed me onto my back and straddled my face lowering her pussy to my mouth and sucking my cock into her mouth. I managed to bring her off twice as she cried out, “Oh God, oh God, oh God that’s good! I’ve only had orgasms that I’ve given myself! Harold never does that for me! In fact no man has ever done that for me before! Thank you Dad!”

Shortly Heather swung around on top of me and sat on my cock. The feeling was fantastic! She had great muscle control in her vagina and she tried to milk the cum out of my cock. As I lay there letting my daughter fuck me I thought about how much I had wanted to do this over the last few years. About the time she turned sixteen she started to excite me. She wore mini skirts so short that I could often see her panties. She wore bikinis and would occasionally accidentally give me a glimpse of her breasts or pussy. It was never enough or long enough but it always excited the hell out of me. Now here she is naked fucking herself with my cock while stared at her lovely breasts bouncing slightly on her chest. I wondered if she would be getting her belly button pierced for her next anniversary. Then once again I read “If you can read this you can fuck me!” I couldn’t help but smile.

Heather said, “I can tell you are enjoying this from your smile! You can have this as often as I can get away if you don’t say anything about Harold!”

I replied, “You love him so much that you allow him to beat you, prostitute you out to other men, force you to get pierced and tattooed, and now you are willing to let me fuck you to protect him?”

Heather said, “No I’m doing it to protect you and mom!”

I said, “In addition to all that he does to you, you allow him to turn your daughter in a cock sucker!”

Heather said, “He only makes her suck his cock every night before bed!”

I said, “Yeah! Right! For now until he sells her services to other men like he does you!”

Heather said, “No he promised me that he wouldn’t do that!”

I said, “And you believe him?”

Just about then I could feel the cum boiling up out of my balls. Heather felt it too and changed her tempo and applied a little more pressure with her vaginal muscles. She leaned forward and put her nipple in my mouth. For the first time I had a pierced nipple in my mouth. I let my tongue swirl around the two tiny balls on the ends of the post. I swear that I could taste blueberries. Right then I started pumping cum into my daughter. I bet I could have filled a shot glass if I had tried. Heather milked me dry and laid on my chest. I reached down and gave her a little smack on her ass like I do her mother but Heather jumped from the pain and shouted, “Ouch!”

I just smiled and said, “And you are trying to protect him?”

Heather said, “I don’t know what else to do Dad!”

I rolled her off to the side and got up. As I looked down at my beautiful naked daughter I couldn’t allow her to go back to her husband. My daughter deserved better than him. My granddaughter deserved better than him. In my mind I was trying to work out what to do to him. I thought about killing him, beating him to a pulp, and breaking both his arms and legs. The more I looked at my naked daughter lying on the bathroom floor the more I knew I wanted to take her up her offer but at the same time I wanted to kill him. I was working out the details in my head when we heard Jessica shout, “Hi grandma!”

Heather jumped up, put on her T-shirt and mini skirt, and left the bathroom. As she closed the door for me she whispered, “Hide my bra and panties, please!”

When I put on my clean clothes and came out into the living room my wife kissed me. I reached around behind her where my daughter could see and squeezed my wife’s ass cheeks playfully.

My wife said, “Stop that! You can have it after the girls leave!” Then my wife blushed and apologized to Heather.

Heather said, “It’s okay mom I’m married too! It’s nice to see that you two are still madly in love and sexually active!”

My wife said, “Sexually active! It would take both of us to keep him satisfied! He’s an animal in bed!”

Heather said, “Like a little pussy cat?”

My wife said, “More like a fucking mountain lion!”

We sat and talked for a while before Heather had to leave. She whispered in my ear, “Please don’t do anything! I’ll see you tomorrow!” Then she walked out the door. I could see a wet spot on the back of her skirt from the cum that had leaked out of her pussy while we talked. I knew that I wanted more of her and that my wife was correct. It would take both of them to keep me satisfied.

However if Harold weren’t in the picture and she moved back in with us I could have my two women. My wife and I used to wife-swap in the old days. I wondered if she would mind me fucking Heather. If Harold was dead she might feel sorry for Heather and let me provide her with a pity fuck every now and then.

Harold really needs to go! And soon!

The End
My Little Granddaughter

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