My Little Mermaid

My Little Mermaid

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My Little Mermaid

The very moment that I laid eyes on her I knew that I was in love with her. She was my ‘Little Mermaid’ fantasy girl. Every since I first saw Princess Ariel in the ‘Little Mermaid’ I had dreamed about just such a girl.

There I was in that bar when I first saw her swimming topless in a big aquarium in the center of the room. It was love at first sight. She had on one of those topless costumes that made her look like a Mermaid and she had great tits too. She was very nicely tanned but there were no marks from a bikini top. Her long flaming red hair flowed with the current.

I asked the bartender what the Mermaid’s name was and she said that she calls herself Ariel. I just smiled. I watched Ariel swim for about ten minutes every half-hour for the rest of the night. I just couldn’t get enough of her. I went back night after night just to watch her. After two weeks the bartender finally agreed to introduce me to Ariel. It cost me fifty dollars but I figured that it was worth it.

Ariel looked just as beautiful on land as she did in the sea. She was wearing a coconut shell bikini top and she had on a wrap around skirt to hide her legs. She accepted my offer of a Pepsi and sat on the stool next to me at the bar. She said that she had noticed me and figured that I was a stalker. She said that paying the bartender fifty bucks to introduce us is what sealed the deal. I also had just five minutes to convince that I was not a stalker.

I began by telling her about the Little Mermaid and how Ariel was always in my thoughts and that in my dreams Ariel had always looked just like her. I told her that I was obsessed with a cartoon fantasy girl that resembled her in ever detail. Every detail! Then she asked me to tell her about what I couldn’t see. What! Oh! So I described her long shapely legs that were not only muscular from swimming but from running long distances like on a treadmill. I told her about her firm rounded ass that was perfectly shaped. I told her about her shaved pussy and the little colorful tattoo of Ariel on her love mound. All of a sudden she got up and left me hanging high and dry. She didn’t even go back into the water that night.

The next day I found out that she had called in sick. I was getting frustrated. The bartender asked me what I had said to her. I said that I had just answered her questions and that was all. The bartender then asked me for my name, address, and phone number so that she could pass it on to Ariel. I complied.

The next day I got a call on my cell phone while I was at work. It was Ariel and she wanted to meet me after work at the bar. I rushed there and found her waiting for me in a corner. I sat down and she asked me how I knew so much about her body. She said that she knew the bartended had not told me anything. She had even checked with a couple of other people but they said that they didn’t know me. We didn’t have the same doctor either. What had this woman been doing? She had been checking up on me, stalking me, and wondering about me.

Once again she asked me to describe her hidden body to her from my dreams. She confirmed that she was a marathon runner, that her pussy had been stripped of all it’s hair through electrolysis, and that she has a small colorful tattoo of Ariel on her love mound. Then she told me of her dreams of a guy just like me that had married her, given her two lovely children, and had grown old with her. Oh my God we were soul mates! We were destined to be together forever. That night Ariel swam in the aquarium for ten minutes and then sat with me for about fifteen-minutes before going back in. We were not dating we were planning our future together. This twenty-five-year-old grad student would soon have her Ph.D. in Psychology. I was twenty-eight years old and was already a professional Architect. I would soon be starting my own firm. She told me that we were going to have a boy first, then a girl, and that they were going to be called Timothy Robert and Ashley Elizabeth. My parents were Robert and Elizabeth.

That night Ariel showed me her tattoo and told me to kiss it for good luck. I was shocked because I hadn’t told her about that part of my dream. In my dreams I always kissed her tattoo for luck. She wouldn’t let me make love to her that night but she promised me the best sex ever on Sunday if I could wait that long. I told her that I could wait until our wedding night if she asked me too. I kissed her tattoo one last time and then I went home. I didn’t even jerk off I just feel into a deep sleep. In my dream Ariel and I were making love at the bottom of the ocean and it was so peaceful. We did everything in the ocean. We slept, ate, and made love in the ocean. Even our children were born in the ocean.

Each night I spent all of my time watching Ariel swim and then we would talk. After her last performance I got to watch her change and kiss her tattoo before going home to fall sleep and dream of her some more. My dreams were getting more and more detailed about fish in aquariums, fish in ponds, and castles under the sea.

When I woke up Saturday morning I started making sketches of my dream house. It was in a wooded area next to a big lake and a stream flowed right through the center of the house. We had a big aquarium just like she swims in full of tropical fish from the movie. Out front was a white sand beach that stretched to the lake. There was a pond out back with a walking bridge over it and lots of goldfish in the water. Out back further was a playhouse for our children in the shape of my underwater castle and brightly painted. Inside the house our bedroom looked like it had been designed by one of the Disney artists themselves. We even slept in a waterbed that was full of ocean water.

Ariel had asked me not to go to the bar that night so that I would be eager to see her on Sunday and to make love to her. I took that time to draw more detail into my dream house sketches.

Sunday I had copies of my dream house in a folder when I picked her up. Ariel told me to drive to the bar. She had a key and let us in. Then she locked the door behind us, turned on a few of the lights, and took me up to the pool. Before she got started I showed her my sketches. She cried as she flipped through them slowly. She said that it was as if I had read her mind because she had been thinking about the very same house in her dreams too. As a Psychologist she could not understand what was going on but as a woman in love she understood completely. She confessed to having a waterbed filled with ocean water from the seven seas that she sleeps on every night.

Then Ariel undressed and had me undress too. She turned on an air pump and handed me a hose. With very little training I was able to breathe underwater through the hose. Ariel took me to the bottom of the sea to make love to her. It was so romantic.

As I breathed in the air I slipped my cock into Ariel. It was certainly different that’s for sure. I couldn’t get a very good grip on her and keep the hose in my mouth at the same time so Ariel held it there for me. I grabbed her hips and thrust myself into her. Every stroke was wet and slick. It was taking a very long time and I was nearing exhaustion when I finally cum in my Little Mermaid. Ariel could produce some great feelings with her pussy as she forced her pelvic muscles to constrict around my cock.

As we surfaced, there was the bartender right in front of me. She was naked too and she had a tattoo on her bald pussy mound. Ariel introduced me to her younger sister Melody. Melody was Ariel’s sister in the cartoons too. Melody was twenty-three years old and had black hair, which hung to her waist. They explained to me that their father had worked for Walt Disney back before the Little Mermaid came out in 1989 and that he named both of his daughters after that cartoon. He was also the tattoo artist that drew the images on their love mounds.

Melody surprised me when she asked me if I wanted to fertilize her roe too. She said that it was only natural for the boy fish to fertilize the roe of any girl fish that lived in the same school as they did.

I thanked her for her kind offer but told her that I wasn’t done fertilizing her sister’s roe yet.

The End
My Little Mermaid

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