My Mom_(0)

My Mom_(0)

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My Mom

When I hit puberty and my thirteenth birthday, I started jerking off every night to visions of my mother. I had seen her in her bikini at the beach and even in her bra and panties around the house lots of times. Mom was not a prude by any means. I have seen dad slip his hands up under her blouse to play with her tits and up under her skirt to play with her pussy too. Once I could see into her bedroom as she dropped her bath towel to the floor and put on her robe. I could only see her backside but I really enjoyed looking at her ass.

I envisioned my mother every night as I jerked off before falling asleep.

Shortly after I turned fourteen years old I played hooky from school. I stayed around the house and hid in the garage. I peeked in the windows and tried to catch a glimpse of my mother. I was hoping to catch her naked or in her underwear or even just a panty shot.

When a strange car pulled into the driveway I watched the garage door go up, the car drive in, and then the door close behind it. I stayed in the bushes and hid as mom and the stranger came out of the garage and walked quickly into the house together. Mom was giggling like a little girl and the stranger had his hand on her ass.

I looked in the window as mom took the man up the stairs toward her bedroom. I went to the front door and it was locked. I went to the backdoor and it was locked too. So I lifted up the welcome mat, unlocked the backdoor with the key that we keep there, and then put it back. I slipped in and locked the door again. Next I snuck upstairs as quietly as I could, listening as I went. Mom’s bedroom door was closed so I just sat there and listened.

I heard mom ask, “So where did you send him this time.”

The man replied, “To our plant in Springfield to pick up a package for me. He should be gone for several hours.”

Then mom asked, “So what did you have in mind?”

The man said, “Well I was picturing you on top with your nice big tits flopping around and my cock in your ass.”

Mom countered with, “How about in my cunt instead?”

The man said, “I really had my heart set on your ass.”

Mom replied, “Will it mean a promotion and a raise for my husband?”

The man said, “It could.”

Mom asked, “How much?”

The man replied, “That depends on how well you perform.”

Mom said, “You better mean it.”

To which the man replied, “Don’t I always?”

I couldn’t see what was going on but I could imagine it as I continued to listen. The bed squeaked as they got on it. Mom slurped as she sucked his cock to get it really hard. A drawer opened. I assumed that it was for some sort of lubricant. Then I heard mom moan with discomfort as she settled down onto his rigid cock. She paused often to remind him that it hurt like hell and that dad’s promotion had better be worth it. Finally the man grunted and told her that she was the best fuck that he had ever had. As they settled into a smooth fucking motion mom asked him if his wife ever did that for him. He laughed and said that she had never let him butt fuck her. Then he told mom that his wife liked her men young, the younger the better. Mom laughed and said that she should send her son over to his wife. The man laughed and asked how old I was. Mom told him that I had just turned fourteen and that I jerk off every night. How did she know that? Then he asked mom why she hadn’t fucked me yet. Mom laughed and reminded him that I was her son. He laughed and asked her if she had ever let her brothers fuck her. I was shocked at her answer, yes she had, all three of them. Then they got quiet as the bed made more noise. I could hear them breathing harder and then they started to moan and groan. Finally there was one big gasp followed by dead silence.

I was still sitting outside the door when mom opened it to go to the bathroom. Mom just looked at me and closed the door behind her. She put her fingers to her lips to silence me and then she took me to the bathroom with her.

As she sat naked on the toilet trying to get his cum out of her ass she whispered, “Please don’t tell your father about this. That’s his boss in there and I just earned him a promotion and more money.”

I whispered back, “It’s not the first time either. Is it?”

Mom said, “No it’s not. About every six months he lets me know that my husband is due for another review then he sends him away for the day and stops by.”

I just looked at mom sitting there naked. I admired her big breasts and the fine hairs on her pussy. I watched as she took some toilet paper and wiped herself. Then she got a washcloth wet with hot water and washed herself. Next she got it wet again and started toward her bedroom.

She whispered, “Please stay in your room until I come to you. Then I’ll answer anything that you want to know.”

I looked at her and whispered, “Don’t get dressed.”

Mom smiled at me and then went into her bedroom. I stayed in my room and listened to muffled sounds, footsteps in the hall, and doors closing. I heard the garage door open, his car leave, and the door close afterwards. Then mom was opening my bedroom door.

She was naked, as I had asked her to be. I too was naked and lying on my back with my erection pointing up at the ceiling. Mom just smiled and came over to my bed.

She sat on the edge of my bed and said, “Now I’ll answer anything that you want to know.”

That was not what I had hoped for but it was all that she had offered me. So I asked, “Could I really have sex with his wife?”

Mom looked startled and asked, “Just how long had you been sitting there.”

I smiled and said, “Right from the time you let him pull his car into the garage, when you slipped his cock into your ass, and when you came out to find me sitting there.”

Mom smiled at me and said, “Well that was just about everything. If I arrange for you to fuck his wife will you keep our little secret?”

Right at that very moment I realized that I had her and said, “I’ll need to have sex with you a few times first so that I don’t look like a dork when I have sex with her. I’m still a virgin, you know.”

Mom’s smile never left her face when she said, “Oh yes you heard the part about my brothers fucking me too. Didn’t you?”

I smiled and replied, “Yes I did.”

Mom looked me right in the eyes and said very sternly, “If you ever breathe one word of this to another living soul I’ll kill you. Is that clear?”

I replied, “Crystal clear mom.”

Then I got my very first lesson in sex. Mom got on her back on my bed and positioned me between her legs. Then she guided my cock into her pussy. When I was in her I lay on her belly and started sucking her nipples into my mouth. She liked that and said that her nipples were very sensitive. I cum in her way too quickly but mom said that it was all right. She sucked my cock hard and let me fuck her again. Wow her mouth felt so good that I wanted to cum in it too but she told me to wait for that lesson. Mom got me hard four times that afternoon and let me fuck her all four times. She was trying to get me hard again when we heard dad’s car pull into the driveway. Mom told me to get dressed quickly and then she ran to the bathroom. I heard the water running in the shower as I came out of my bedroom. I went downstairs to keep dad occupied.

All I did was listen to him bitching about his rotten day at work, the horrible traffic on the rode, and how much he wanted the promotion that was coming when some guy retired next month. Mom came down looking like a million bucks. Dad grabbed her tits and reached up under skirt. He must have liked what he found because he took her right back upstairs. That time I stayed downstairs.

I thought about how much mom must love sex to have let dad’s boss butt fuck her, for me to fuck her four times, and then for her to still want it from dad too. Then I realized that a girl’s pussy was always there and waiting but that us guys had to get a hard-on first. I just had to smile knowing that I had another hard-on myself. I wondered if I could slip it in her again too, so I went up to my bedroom.

When I heard dad go downstairs I went into their bedroom. Mom just looked at my cock sticking out of my pants and smiled.

She said, “Can you be quick? He just went for the pizza. You have about ten minutes.”

Hell I only needed five minutes.

We were both cleaned up, dressed, and waiting in the kitchen when dad arrived. The pizza was great but mom was even better.


Dad got his promotion that mom had worked so hard for. I did get to fuck the boss’ wife and quite often too. I also got to fuck mom almost every day after school. She told me that when I turn sixteen years old that I could start dating girls my own age too. I wasn’t sure that I wanted a girl my own age after mom, the boss’ wife, and five other women that had let me seduce them. I wasn’t even fifteen yet and I had a harem of older women at my disposal.

The End
My Mom

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