my mom's boyfriend 2

my mom's boyfriend 2

The next morning I was woken up my DeJuan very early. "April wake up you need to go and fix breakfast for us." He told me. Slowly I got out of bed while he sat down and handed me some clothes to wear. He gave me my yellow bikini bottoms and a white crop top that barely covered my tits. "Now face me while you change ok babydoll." he said while I changed.

After I was changed he followed me to the kitchen. Once there he had me fix him eggs and bacon and the same for me. While we ate he asked me if I enjoyed last night, When I told him it hurt and I was still sore he said that was ok and that I would learn to crave his cock. When we finished eating he had clean up and do the dishes. In the process of doing the dishes DeJuan sprayed some water on my shirt and made it see threw.

"Now that is alot better I wanna beable to see your nipples on your titties at all times understand me April?" DeJuan asked me.

I repiled, "Yes Dejuan." When he heard that he walked over and frenched kiss me and his hand went up my shirt to my tit. Cupping it with his hand he rubbed my nipple with his thumb.As he played with my nipple I reached down an started to massage his cock threw his shorts.

"What do you think your doing April?" DeJuan asked me.

"Stroking your nigger cock ." I repiled

"Did you ask my little white slut?"

"No sir."

"That is a very bad thing to do April. It is ok for me or my friends to touch you but you will have to ask if you can touch us, understand April." he told me.

"Yes sir." I repelied a little confused

"Now turn around and bend over the table April." he commanded me. As I bent over I felt him caressing my ass saying it was very pretty. Then he spanked it a few times and each time I let out a little whimper. "Was that so bad Baby girl?" He asked.

"It was not too bad." I replied. truing to face him I asked him, "May I touch your nigger cock DeJuan?"

"Not now I want you to go out to the pool and get some sun on those titties of yours." he said as he pulled the top off me. I went out to the pool and was laying on a raft for a good while before DeJuan came out and sat down so his legs was over the side and the he said. "come here my little white slut April, but get off the raft." Rolling off the raft I swam over to him with my face and tits between his legs. He handed me a chocker with a locket on it. the locket was engraved slut.

When I complained about what it said he reminded me I said i wanted to be his slut last night and this was a way to show it. When it was put on he cupped my face in his hands and brought his thumb to my lips and told me to suck on it, while I was sucking on his thumb he kept on saying stuff like all white girls wants something black in thier mouths or that i was gonna be a grade A cock sucker. I then asked him " Can I suck your nigger cock DeJuan?"

He said yes so I pulled down his shorts and started to suck and lick his big black cock,
After it got hard i engulfed the head and started to suck it. Using my hands to stroke most of the length. That was when he pushed me under the water. When i came up he told me that I asked to suck him not tojack him off. He then went into his house and a couple minutes later came out with a pair of hand cuff. Using them he cuffed my hands behind my back and then guided my mouth back to his cock.

Grabbing a handfull of my long blonde hair he used it to help me blow him. He made me suck very fast on him. My head was bobbing up and down at the same time I could hear him moaning. Forcing my head down till His cock was at my throat he told me to relax it. Doing my best he was bale to foce it down my throat for my first deep throating. He used my mouth and throat a few minutes before ramming as deep as he could and shooting his seed down my throat.

When he was finished cumming into my mouth he slid off the deck into the pool with me. Going behind me he slipedd an arm around me right below my tits and swam to the deeper end of it. With my hands still cuffed behind me I was in his complete control. The deep end was only 5 and a half feet deep but iw as only 5 feet tall so DeJuan had to keep me above water. While he walked in the deep end he was kissing my neck and sucking on my earlobes. Inbetween kisses he would tell me I was such a good girl and a perfect little white slut. One of his hands went down and started to rub my pussy threw my bikini.

Closeing my eyes I started to maon to what he was doing to my body. I was getting so horny with him playing with me like that. I was about to say something to him when DeJuan told me to be quiet or he would quit. Nodding I understood he resumed his pleasurable assult on my cunt. Bitting my lower lip so I would not make too much noise was all I could do. My first orgasism was building up. Right before I came he stopped playing with me and carried me to the pool edge. Folding me over his shoulder he carried me out of the pool and into the house.

Once inside he took me to the bathroomand had me kneel on the floor. Uncuffing me he handed me a towel and told him to dry him off which I did. When he was died he took off my bottoms and told me to dry up. After that he had me follow him on all fours to the living room. "Clean up the room my little white slut and maybe I'll will give you a treat tonight." he told me as he sat down in his favorite chair. As I cleaned up his living room he would point out spots I missed. It took over 2 hours to clean it to how he liked it but I got it done.

While he was fixing dinner he told me to go and get some more sun before and to stay naked. I was out there a good time before DeJuan came out with a plate of food. It was some fruit and veggies with cheese. He had me saty face down and he put the cuffs back on. Sitting me up he waould take a piece of food and mave me eat from his hands. A couple times he would put a strawberry or a cherry on his crotch and have me get it with just my mouth. This special dinner took a long time to eat and by the end of it i was very arroused.

After dinner he picked me up and folded me again over his shoulders. Carrinng me up to his room he playfully tossed me onto his bed. Knowing what he wanted I said "I want your nigger cock in my slut hole."

Smiling he got undressed and then changed my cuffs from behind me to the head board. Climbing ontop of me he started to kiss me and rub my clit. Grinding back against his hand while I kissed him back. My pussy was getting so wet I fwelt my juices running down my crack. I guess I was wet enough because he climb inbetween my thighs and entered me. This time it was not as painfull as last night. In and out he punded me.

"What does my little white slut April want? He asked me,

" I want your nigger cock in my white slut hole."I told him

He said he could not hear me so i screamed it. As he pounded my pussy he would ask me that. I would return yell back "I want your nigger cock in my white slut hole." We both were
grunting as he fucked me like the little whore i was becomeing. As before he pulled out before cumming. This time instead of cumming in my mouth he came all over my big teen tits. Laying besides me he would scoop up some cumm and have me lick his fingers clean.
We went to sleep in his bed but he kept me cuffed to the head baord that night.

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