my mom's boyfriend

my mom's boyfriend

Hi my name is April andI wanna tell you about what happen to me when my mom had her boyfriend babysit me when she had to go on a business trip. First off let me tell you some stuff about me. I am 13 and at five foot even and 85 pounds. My hair is a dirty blond and I have been told my eyes are a deep sparkling blue. As for my tits they are big for my age almost a d-cup

My mom had me pack a suitcase for a extended stay at DeJuan's place. That is her boyfriend's name. He is a big black man who used to play highschool football. He must be about 6 foot 4 and close to 220 pounds. The day we had to drop my mom off at the airport we all piled into his mustang. All the way there my mom kept on telling me to be good and not to cause any promblems. I said i would be good and then DeJuan said that I would be no promblem at all.

After her flight took off we headed back to town. Instead of going back to his place DeJuan said he wanted to make sure I had enough to wear for the 10 or so days I would be staying at his place. Once at my mom's we went to my bedroom and he had me dump everything in the suitcase onto the bed.

Looking threw my stuff he noticed i packed a one piece swimg suit. "April where is your bikini at?" He asked me.

"My mom won't let me have one." I told him.

"Would you like it if I got you one to swim at my pool whenever you are over and for the time we are together?" DeJuan asked me. Looking threw my stuff he also noticed alot of jeans and not so flattering stuff. "Did you mom pack your case April? bet you want to bring other clothes don't ya?"

"Yeah I would luv it if I could have a bikini DeJuan. And yes she did pack it." I told him.

"Go ahead and pack what you wanna wear while she is gone." he said as he sat down on the bed. I went and started to get the clothes I liked and when I bent down to get somestuff form my bottom of my dresser he said "Too bad your not in shorts or a skirt babydoll."

Blushing I turned around and looked at him shocked. "Why is that?" I asked

"Cause you are like your mom a very sexy girl." With that he got up and went down satirs as he passed me he playfully spanked my ass. Hearing what he told me, I was on cloud nine. I hurried and packed they sexiest clothes I had and then joined him down stairs.

On the ride to his place all I could do was look away cause every time I looked at him I would blush and giggle. Whenever I did that he would say something like are you embaressed sexy girl, or whats wrong hottie, which just made it worse. Once at his place he showed me to a spare bedromm telling me it was mine for the stay. "Why don't you get unpacked and change into something more confortable and meet me downstairs ok babydoll." DeJuan said as he left me to get unpacked.

Placeing most of my stuff in the top part of the dresser I got changed. Putting on a low cut tank top and a pair of shorts i went down stairs to see him sending something away on the net. "What was that?" I asked.

Turning the chair around he looked me up and down and then said "It is your new bikini. It should be here tomorrow or the next day. Why dont you come closer April and let me see your outfit."

Walking up next to him he told me to turn around slowly which I did. When my back was towards him I felt his hands grope my ass. Feeling his hands there sent shivvers up and down my spine. After I was back facing him, he stood up looking down my top. I guess he did not get a good view because he pulled the top out and smiles when he saw my blue lacey bra.

The rest of the day he would say things like my ass was very nice in the shorts, or he wished I did not wear a bra. When evening came we decided to rent a movie. As we watched the movie I was getting tired and asked him if

i could lay my head on his lap. DeJuan said I could if i was gonna be a good girl for him. Not knowing what he ment I said you I would. As I laid there his hands was rubbing my side then down to my belly. When his hand got to the bottom of my shirt it went underneath it. "Now be a very big and good girl for me April." he said as his hand crept up inside my shirt.

I soon found myself with my mom's boyfriend's hand caressing my tit threw my bra. With his other hand he lead my hand to his inner thigh. Feeling his semihard cock there he told me to rub it up and down. Rubbing his cock threw his jeans was a very exciting experince for me. As I was rubbing him he was telling me how much of a good girl I was. This lasted for the whole movie and when it was over he told me I had to go to bed now.

After I changed into my night shirt DeJuan came in and kissed me good night and to tuck me in. This was no regular good night kiss but a french kiss. His tounge invaded my mouth and his hand was back at my tits. It seemed like forever before I fell asleep thinking of what all happened that day.

The next morning I woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs being cooked. Heading down stairs with just my nigth shirt on I saw DeJuan cooking. "Good morning sleepy head. It is almost noon." he told me as he flipped an egg in the air. "your bikini allready arrive why don't you try it on and I'll fix you a plate."

Still half asleep I nodded and picked up the package from the table. Going over to the bathroom I open the box and saw it was a very small yellow bikini. Feeling a little nervouse I tried it on and it barely covered my tits and ass. Going back out to the kitchen DeJuan whistle when he saw me and told me to show it off . Turning around for him I felt so grown up haveing him approve of my body in the bikini.

After breakfast/lunch I went out to his pool and was very relived when I saw he had a 10 foot tall privacy fence around his yard. I was floating on a blow up raft when he came out but not alone. With him was 2 more black men. "April i hope you don't mind but my buddies liek to use the pool when it gets hot outside?" DeJuan asked me as they climbed into the pool. I said I did not care and went back to floating around.

I listen to the guys talk and they were saying how hot I was and they could not believe I was only 13 with tits like that. Everytime they said something about how hot or sexy I was I would blush alot. Then they did something mean to me. One of them went under the water and came up tipping me into and under the water. Coming up brushing up my hair from my face they were all laughing. "That is not funny!" I yelled at them.

One of them then said "yeah we know and we are sorry. Wanna paly catch with us April?"
Saying yes they surronded me. The one who asked me to paly catch grabbed me. Here I was thinking to play catch with a ball but they were using me to play catch. I was thrown from one to the other. Each time I was tossed my tit or ass would be grabbed. I tried to get away but each time I did they would just grab me and toss again.

That went on for a few ten minutes before DeJuan said"Lets play keep away from April." with that he untied my bikini top and help it up from me. When I jumped for it they all saw my tits and he would toss it to someone else. I was getting very annoyed as they would have me jump in front of each guy a couple times before tossing it. Seeing I was mad they made a deal with me. For a kiss to each of them I would get my top back. Each one ended up french kissing me and fondeling my tits and ass. When DeJuan did he told me he was happy I did not act like a baby and went along with the game like an adult would.

Later on that day after his friends left we were in the living room watching tv. I laid down on his lap and started to rub his inner thigh. Looking down at me he said "Do you know what we call sexy little girls who do that April? We call them little white sluts. Are you wanting to my little white slut April?" He asked me

"Yeah" I said as i nodded my head. When he heard that his hand went behind my neck and undid my bikini top and started to play with my tit and nipple. It felt so good I let a soft moan and rubbed his cock harder. When he was hard he told me to lay on my belly which I did. Once on my belly he had me free his big black cock and held my head down. Opening my mouth i let it go inside and started to suck on it. Grabbing onto my hair he used it to guide me on how fast he wanted me to blow him. Gagging on his cock a few times when he forced em to swallow the tip. It was so big he told me it was 13 inches long and I was the best age for it.

He kept on trying to make me swallow it all but all I could do was gag and choke on it. My spit was running out of my mouth as he used my face. My jaw was starting to hurt being streched so wide and sucking on him. Pulling off I told him so and he said that was ok cause it was time for us to go to bed. When I stood up he pulled the strings to my bottoms and they fell off. Seeing me naked he said "Now that is alot better. Tomorrow when my buddies is over you should swim like that."

Leading me upstairs we went past the room I was staying in and into his. Laying me on the bed he told me to spread my legs. Being a bit scared I did very slowly. when my legs were side open he climb inbetween them. "Now this will hurt my little piece of white trash." he told me as he rubbed his cock on my slit. Forcing the heasd past my outer lips he readhed my cherry.

I thought I was gonna die when he busted my cherry. I started to scream and beg for him to stop but he said he could not. In and out he drove into my pussy. Each time he tried to go deeper but I was too small for him. My tears were running down my face and crying out each time he rammed into me.

"Ohh yes your little white slut April. You are just like your whoring mother just wanting a black cock up you slut hole." He yelled at me as he fucked me hard. While he was fucking and yelling at me I was begging him to stop.

"Please your too big for me. Your hurting me." I begged him. But the more i begged the harder he fucked me. Looking down he saw me crying and that is when he started to kiss my tears away as he fucked me hard. shushing me as he did.

"SSSHHHH April my little white slut. by the time your mom gets back you will be craving this nigger cock. Now tell me you want my nigger cock in your little white slut hole."He commanded me as he pulled my hair .

Sobbing I replied " I want your nigger cock in my white slut hole." he kept on telling me to say it over and over. Each time I did he would kiss me right after wards. What seemed like forever he pulled out of me and sat on my chest. Stroking his cock that was covered in my virgin blood he told me to open up.

When I did he said "Time for some candy little girl." and started to shoot his cumm into my mouth and all over my face. When he finished he looked down and told me I was so sexy and then rolled off of me. "Now april go and get cleaned up and get some sleep you will ahve a big day tomorrow.

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