My new-found toy

My new-found toy

It was 3.15pm when I first heard the plaintive voice outside my window “Ellie …. ELLIE …. I KNOW you’re there”. I looked up from my computer screen, complete with the freshly shaved pussy I’d been wanking to, and looked out of the window. I couldn’t see anyone at first, then I noticed the younger of my neighbours’ daughters peering in through their front window, shading her eyes with her hand, and occasionally rapping her knuckles on the glass.

Gemma was only about 11 and quite a bit overweight, but I had already noticed her developing tits, tiny mounds almost disguised by the swell of her stomach, but with clearly protruding nipples poking through the material of the under-sized tee shirts she normally wore.

On this occasion, she had obviously just come home from school, and was in the remains of her school uniform, it was a blazing hot day so she had already shed the regulation blazer and tie, and as she stretched on tip-toe peering through the glass I caught a glimpse between the open top buttons of her regulation white blouse, and couldn’t see anything except podgy pink flesh.

She was quite a sweet kid who I’d spoken to an many occasions, and I didn’t want to startle her by shouting out from my office window, so I casually made my way to the front door, opened it, and called across “You OK? … I don’t think Amy’s home yet” and trust me – I would have known if she was ‘cos SHE was STUNNING! And I ALWAYS tried to be around the front or side of the house if there was a chance of seeing HER! (another story!)

Gemma looked across at me and smiled sweetly, “I thought she’d be home by now – but I suppose she’ll be flaunting herself somewhere with Mike – AS USUAL”! By now she had wandered across the lawn towards me, “What do you mean? … she’s too young for THAT sort of thing – surely” forgetting for a moment that I was actually talking to HER younger sister!

“You’re JOKING – she was caught the other day with his thingy in her mouth at school!” it was at THAT point that both of us suddenly realised WHO we were speaking to! We BOTH went red, and Gemma suddenly said sorry and started to back away.

Out of a mix of neighbourly kindness, and a desire to get more of the juicy details of her FABULOUS sisters’ indiscretions, I said “You may as well come in and wait here then, ‘cos your Mum and Dad won’t be back for ages yet, and if Ellie’s not going to be back, you’ll have a while to wait”.

She shrugged and, with a quick glance back at her own house, came over and walked straight into mine. “SO … what’s this about Ellie then ….”? “Oh, I shouldn’t‘ve told you that! .. I promised not to tell …” If nothing else – she WAS still a kid!

“It’s OK – I understand – she’s more advanced than you – and you’re jealous” I said – hoping for the reaction this elicited. “NO – IT’S NOT THAT – I’m just as grown-up as SHE is ….” jutting her chest out in defiance, causing me to notice that her boobs were in fact developing well, or at least her nipples were! Their Mum was a bit old-fashioned in her ways, and this obviously led to her dis-allowing any sort of bra to her 11 year-old!

“It’s just that she’s SUCH a slut ….” her voice trailed off realising her tone had given away her jealousy, and that she’d said more than she should. “It’s OK – I know what it’s like being the younger one … she gets to do everything first”, she looked up at me standing above her, her face relaxed, “That’s right!”

“It’s OK – you can do anything SHE can” Seizing on what was rapidly developing in my mind as an opportunity I hadn’t anticipated! Gemma looked up at me, as I surreptitiously inched closer, “But she’s thirteen ….”

“You’re just as grown-up as she is” I said, hoping to boost her confidence … which obviously worked as she visibly puffed out her chest with pride “Yes – I AM – aren’t I”, and she smiled, our eyes met and I held her gaze for that moment-too-long you do when flirting with a woman. She blushed sweetly and looked away.

I sat down next to her on the couch, putting my arm around her shoulders and pulled her close in to me “I know exactly what it’s like, I have an elder brother too, and HE always got to do things first too …. But how would YOU like to do something before HER …. That’d be fun – wouldn’t it”?

She looked directly up into my eyes “You want to stick your thingy inside me don’t you …. my Mummy warned me men would try to …” her voice trailed off. I was completely gob-smacked at her reply, but looking at her – she was thinking about it!

After only a few seconds of thought. “Yes – I’d like that …. It’d be something I KNOW she hasn’t done yet ‘cos she’s told me … what do I do”? “Well first I need you to PROMISE this’ll be our secret … ‘cos I could get into a LOT of trouble”. “Of course” she smiled back “I’m not stupid”.

I couldn’t believe it – here I was with a pretty little girl agreeing to let me fuck her! “Ok – stand up and keep looking at me, take your shirt off”. She immediately jumped up and taking a pace forward, turned to face me and locking her eyes to mine, slowly undid the remaining few buttons of her shirt, and shrugged the sides round her shoulders but keeping her budding little titties covered.

I don’t know where she got her ideas from, but it seemed this little 11 year old was giving me a private strip-tease! She turned from side to side, always keeping eye contact with me, then slowly drew her hands down and back, revealing her tiny mounds topped with strongly protruding nipples.

I was in heaven! “Ok now don’t take your skirt off yet, take your panties off first”, she seemed a bit confused but did as I said, flicking the sides of her skirt up to hook her thumbs into her knickers and slowly drew them down her legs, all the time looking directly into my eyes. It was SO erotic my cock was literally trying to tear its way out of my shorts!

When she had un-tangled her knickers from her shoes she dropped them on the floor next to where her shirt had fallen. “Ok – now turn away from me …. Put your feet as wide apart as you can …. Now bend over and touch your toes” She obediently complied with each instruction as it was given, so I now had a view of the lower part of her bare bottom, revealing her completely hairless pussy, the lips slightly open, and her tensed legs belying her age.

She even bent her head right down to look at me between her legs, staring straight at me, no shame or embarrassment showing on her face at all. “Now reach round behind yourself and pull the cheeks of you bum apart for me”. This was INCREDIBLE – I had my own little sex-slave! I sat forward a) to relieve the tension my rock-hard cock was causing, and b) so that my face was inches away from her tiny pussy as she gaped it open for me.

I couldn’t resist it any longer, I grabbed the fronts of her thighs and pulled her towards me, burying my face in her bum and my tongue in her pussy. She squealed with surprise at this sudden contact, but immediately purred “WOW – that feels lovely”. I thrust my tongue in and out of her virgin pussy, and was amazed to discover she was actually juicing up, and BOY did it taste nice!

I lashed my tongue up and down, and in and out of her honey-tasting love hole, reaching all the way round the tops of her thighs to tease her outer lips at the same time. I licked upwards more and teased my tongue around the tight little pucker of her arse hole which made her giggle and squirm.

Holding her in the same position I replaced my tongue with two fingers of my right hand and played with her beautifully unfolding pussy. “This bit will hurt, but I promise I wont hurt you after that”. “It’s ok – I knew it would”. With that I gently slid both finger into her tight little fuck-hole until I felt the resistance inside of her, increased the pressure and felt my fingers slide effortlessly past and right up inside her.

“That didn’t hurt … was that it”? she said. “Yes … that was it – it doesn’t hurt everyone, and you’re obviously one of the lucky ones”. I pulled my fingers out of her, spun her round and forced them into her mouth, she seemed reluctant at first, but when the taste registered she said “OH … that actually tastes NICE”!

“Right, sit down here … put your legs out wide … feet up on the couch … now play with your pussy”. She did everything she was told, and as I knelt directly in front of her she started playing with herself, gently at first, but with increasing vigour as she discovered how nice it felt, her head lolled back as she pressed first one finger, then two into her love hole.

What she did next surprised even me … she changed hands and sucked the fingers she had had in her pussy greedily into her mouth, then did the same again. “That’s really yummy … and my pussy’s really wet … I feel all tingly and warm inside”

“I think you’re about ready for my cock then … what do you think”? “OH yes … I REALLY want to feel your cock inside me … will you fuck me now please” Well how could I resist? The truth is I couldn’t have stopped myself. I already had my rock hard dick in my hand, and had been wanking at the sight of her.

I pulled her down the couch a bit so her bum was just on the edge, and placed her legs on my shoulders. And, guiding it with my hand I stroked the head of my fuck meat up and down her pussy lips. “No – don’t tease me with it … just fuck me – please … I want to be a woman”.

Her words turned me on as much as the sight, I ease my hips forward and gave the little tart what she was begging for. As soon as I entered her I slid my length fully up her tiny cunt revelling in how tight she was. Immediately I felt the walls of her twat spasm around me, and she threw her head back and squealed. “WHAT … was THAT … “?

“I think you just had your first orgasm … I take it it WAS your first, you little whore” “YES” she grinned, then in a much lower tone “I like it when you call me a whore … am I going to be YOUR whore”?

“If you want to be … is that what you want you little slut”? “YES PLEASE … and I want to feel you squirt inside me” Well, I didn’t need any more encouragement than that! I slowly slid almost completely out of her until just the engorged head of my dick was still in the entrance to her tunnel, then thrust it hard back inside her, sinking balls-deep into my lovely new toy.

“OH MY GOD …. I’m going to cum again if you do THAT”! … So I did … and she did!! Only this time the whole of her body was wracked with shakes and she thrashed from side to side trying to dislodge herself off me, shouting “You bastard … you bastard” over and over.

It was more than I could do to control myself and as I felt her cunt muscles milking at my cock I rammed myself roughly into her childish frame and sprayed my seed up into her abdomen, a beautifully satisfied smile spreading across her face as she realised what was happening. It was incredible, I don’t think I’ve ever cum so much, I almost expected it to be dribbling out of her mouth and nose as I looked down at her!

At that precise moment we both heard the distinctive voice of the previous object of my perverted lust “Gemma …. GEMMA – where ARE you”. I pulled my still spasming dick out of her dripping cum all over the floor as I got up. “SHIT … you’d better go”. She leapt to her feet and quickly pulled her shirt back on, doing up just one button as she ran out of my door and round to her house.

I noticed her little white cotton panties still lying on the floor and thought ‘Well – I can hardly go round and return them! – so I have a souvenir’ But to my horror, as I went to close the front door (and ogle the gorgeous Ellie) they were just going indoors as I heard Gemma pipe up in a mocking tone “GUESS WHAT … I’ve done something YOU havn’t…”

Their voices trailed away as their door closed.

‘OH SHIT …. She’s obviously going to TELL her!!’


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