My Older Sister

My Older Sister

My Older Sister

My older sister is very pretty. All of my friends drool over her in school. Cynthia is sixteen years old and in her prime. She has lost all of her baby fat and her curves are simply perfect. Her hips are very nice with a great ass, her waist is slim, and her tits are just slightly too big which makes her a real beauty to look at. She lost her braces, her pimples cleared up, and her hair is long, brown, and beautiful. Cynthia is the dream girl of our high school.

I on the other hand am a computer nerd and fourteen years old. I don’t play video games I try to invent them. I’m skinny, short, and kind of a dork. I’m more intelligent than any body in my class and probable in the entire high school. But that doesn't make you very popular.

Cynthia’s girlfriends treat me like scum at school but as if I’m human at my house. They laugh and say that they have an image to uphold around school. However they need me to help them with their homework. Actually they want me to do it for them but I won’t. I tutor them only when they want my help. That is usually at the very last moment.

One time I refused to help one of Cynthia’s friends with her homework so she promised to let me see her tits for a whole minute if I helped her. You bet I helped her. Soon all of her girlfriends were paying me for my help by showing me their tits. It went from just a minute to five minutes and not just pulling their top up but to becoming completely topless. If it was a lot of homework to do in a very short period time I got complete nudity with them lying on my bed with their knees up and apart for the full five minutes. I really liked that payment.

Cynthia knew all about my payment fees and refused to let me help her. Then finally her report card was so bad that Mom and Dad grounded her until her test scores went up.

Finally my sister came to me for help. I estimated that it would take at least two hours every night for the next two weeks. Cynthia didn’t want to pay me for my help so I just laughed at her and closed my bedroom door. A few days later she confessed that studying on her own wasn’t working and her girlfriends weren’t much smarter than she was. So out of desperation Cynthia agreed to five minutes of complete nudity on my bed with her legs wide open. I could get as close as I wanted to but I couldn’t touch her. First we did the two hours of studying then she would pay me. Deal!

We started that night right after dinner from seven to nine o’clock. Cynthia realized that I knew more about her subjects than her teachers did and that I seemed to explain it better than they did too. She actually understood most of what I told her. So she gave me a bonus and stripped naked and laid on my bed for six minutes. She made sure that my door was locked first. I got right on the bad next to her and stared at her beautiful breasts, her breathing got heavy and her nipples puckered. I liked that. Then I got on the floor between her legs and leaned right into her pussy. I could smell her feminine order and I liked it. I got hard. After a couple of minutes I could see a trickle of pussy juice flow out of her pussy lips and run down to her asshole. Cynthia had an orgasm just from me staring at her. Cool! After six minutes she got up and grabbed her clothes. She opened the door cautiously and then ran to her room across the hall. Meanwhile I had seen her ass for another minute or so until she was gone. I now knew why every guy in school was in love with her. Cynthia was a goddess.

The next night Cynthia gave me seven minutes of payment. Each day after that she gave me another minute until I got up to ten. Every night she got wetter and wetter as I stared at her pussy. The wetter it got the more it opened up. At ten minutes I could see her hole starting to open up. Cynthia was really getting off on exposing herself to me. So was I. I would have to jerk off at least twice before I could go to sleep. I hoped that she did too.

The next night I was looking forward to eleven minutes. Our two hours of studying went very well. Cynthia was getting better at studying and remembering more of the information. This was only our sixth night of studying. It was also a Friday but since she was grounded she couldn’t go out on a date. After we finished I waited to be paid. Each night Cynthia had thanked me and told me that she would give me another minute. Tonight she seemed hesitant. I didn’t push her.

Soon Cynthia said, “What if I were to touch myself while you watched me for the whole ten minutes. Would that be okay?”

I answered immediately, “It sure would be okay!”

So this time Cynthia locked my door, got completely naked, and got on my bed as I got real close to her pussy. Then Cynthia opened up her pussy lips with both hands. I got the best view up inside her pussy. Those little pink finger like things were beautiful. Cynthia poked a couple of fingers into her moist hole and then started to rub her clit. She started out with slow tiny circles and built up too much faster circles. Her breathing got very labored as if she was running. Then she grabbed her panties and stuck them in her own mouth to keep from crying out in ecstasy. Then she relaxed and started all over again. She did this four times in a row before she stopped. I knew that she been at it for seventeen minutes but never said a word. Then Cynthia looked at the clock and said that she was too tired to do it again and asked me to do it for her. Holy shit! I reached out and slipped two of my fingers into her wet pussy. I put them to my nose to smell them and then put them in my mouth.

Cynthia was watching and said, “I like the way I taste too after I cum.”

I put my two fingers back into her opening then went up to her clit and started rubbing it. I didn’t seem to do those cute little circles like she had. I seemed to have a back and forth motion and maybe a little harder because Cynthia had an orgasm right away. I thought that it might be that I had done something wrong so I stopped.

Cynthia pulled the panties out of her mouth just long enough to say, “Don’t you dare stop until I tell you that you can! Understand?”

I said, “Yes Cynthia” and went back to work. I rubbed her clit back and forth then up and down for an eternity. I gave her so many orgasms that I think she even lost count. Finally Cynthia removed her panties from her mouth and said that I could stop. The whole time I had been rubbing her clit I had been fingering her pussy and even had one finger in her asshole for a long time. Cynthia didn’t seem to care. She was physically exhausted and asked if she could sleep right where she was. Sure!

I rolled her to one side and managed to get her under the covers. Then she watched me get undressed. As I looked at the clock I realized that she had been there on my bed for damn near an hour. I had been rubbing her clit and playing with her pussy for at least forty minutes.

Cynthia saw my extremely hard cock and smiled, “Did I do that?”

I said, “Well yea who else is in here!”

Cynthia said, “I’m sorry but I can’t do anything for you.”

Before I could make some smart ass remark Cynthia said, “But you can fuck me if you want too. I owe you that much for what you did for me. I have never felt that good in my life.”

I thanked her and climbed in bed with my sister. I got between her legs and slipped it into her opening easily. I knew just how wet she was. But now I knew how tight she was too. She wasn’t a virgin but she wasn’t a slut either. I cum in her just as she closed her eyes and started a raspy breathing. I knew she had fallen asleep. I just rolled over and cuddled into her with my hand resting on her tit.

In the morning Cynthia was gone. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was all a dream. I got up to go to the bathroom. It was early but the bathroom door was closed so I tapped lightly.

Cynthia whispered, “Who is it?”

I whispered back, “Me!”

She said, “Come in it’s not locked.”

I opened the door and Cynthia was on the toilet still completely naked.

Cynthia said, “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to wake you but I just couldn’t lay there any longer. I had to pee real bad.”

I said, “Me too.”

So Cynthia wiped her pussy and got up. I stood in front of the toilet, lifted the seat, and peed. Cynthia watched me the whole time. Then I put the toilet seat back down.

Cynthia said, “I love to watch boys pee but most of the time they are too shy to let me watch them.”

I said, “You can watch me whenever you want to.”

She said, “Then lets make a deal! We will let each other know when we have to go so they can watch.”

I said, “Okay! Can I watch you change your tampons too?”

Cynthia said, “Sure if you really want too.”

Then Cynthia said, “It’s still early. Can we go back to bed?”

She took my hand and led me back to my bedroom, closed the door, and locked it.

The End
My Older Sister

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