My Own Destiny(story A):Training Day One

My Own Destiny(story A):Training Day One

My old friend Destiny rings my doorbell around nine o clock. I answer the door, let her in, and offer her a beer. She declines, and then I notice the serious look on her face. "What's wrong, is it Steve again," I ask her while stroking her chin up causing her to look me in the eyes. "It's nothing, how about that beer," she asks changing the subject and making her way towards the kitchen leabing me to hold the door. In the second it takes me to close the door and walk fibe steps to my kitchen she has already slammed one beer down and is half way into her second. I can only stop and stare a moment at Destiny while she sits on my countertop with the second beer bottle held in between her legs using her hands to light a ciggerette.

Her jean skirt is hiked up showing off her cream colored thighs. She with her simple white tanktop and depressed posture have her breasts exposed enough to show me the tops of her large nipples. She exhales a few drags off of her smoke with tremendous sighs before she uses her now free hand to grab and take a slug off of her beer. Pulling the bottle up gibes me a brief flash of white and shiney panties. Destiney has always been a friend of mine, but tonite she looked hotter to me than she eber has. I don't know if it is her extra sassy attitude, her clothes, or the way her kinky light brown hair drapped accross her shoulders but for the first time I was really thinking about her differently.

"I just now caught the bastard cheating on me," she says softly taking another swif off her beer finishing it. Snapping out of my panty trance I walk over and stand next to her, open the fridge and grab us both another couple of beers. I have a feeling we were in for a long night. "We've been fighting for three months strait now. He says I'm too needy and indecisive. I say that there's not enough sex. It's always something with him, either he's to tired from work, or his old knee injury is acting up again. I offer to gibe him blow jobs, but no," she rants. I cut her off by simply standing in front of her and placing a finger to shh her mouth. "It's over now for the creep, so cheer up a little for me now okay," I say to the top of her lowered head. She slides down off the counter, hiking her skirt a little higher, and gives me a big hug pushing her firm 36 C's into me while whispering, "I'm just glad I've got a friend like you to come drink with and bitch to."

We stand talking in the kitchen for an other twenty minutes, and before I know it I'm asking her, "So what do you look for in a guy?" "First of all he's got to put out," she says obviously. "Of course I've got to consider looks, smarts, and job. I don't know, he's got to know what he wants," Destiny says while beginning to loose her own decisiveness. Taking this as an opportunity, I begin to try and take control, of my own destiny. "Well grab an other couple of beers we're taking this to the libing room, it's much more comfortable than just standing here," I say while leading by example. We each grab two and park it next to each other on the couch in front of the open balchone. "So tell me, how come a nice catch as yourself isn't taken," she asks me.

"Something about me just makes girls crazy," I say playfully causing her to laugh. "No I really mean it, they have all turned crazy on me, "I tell her looking deep and seriously into her eyes. "What is it about you," she asks curiously. "I have," I pause a moment to find the right words before contunuing," perverse sexual needs." Her eyes swill tall and wide, adding to the honestly surprised face of my friend. "Like what," she says playfully flirting with me. "Do you really want to know," I ask her while moving in closer. "Yeah," she moans running her thumbs through her shirt straps. I softly touch her stomach and slowly guide it up her neck. I take a soft, but firm, hold and pull her in close to meet my eyes. "Do you just want me to do dirty things to you," I ask her commandingly. She lowers her eyes slightly and nods her head.

"Have you ever been a slave before," I ask her while leading her still by the beck to her knees. "A simple nod will due," I tell her showing no patients in waiting for an answer. She nods that she hasn't, and I answer back," Now your training starts, crawl on your kneesand follwo me." "Yes master," Destiny says really seeming to get into it. I lead her into the bathroom and tell her, "It's time you strip and present yourself to me." She rolls around on the floor a minute and oned naked takes her kneeling possition. "Stand up now and let me look at you," I say to her grabbing her hand and guiding her. I slowly turn her a couple of times enjoying the view of her perfect body. Feeling an urge I hurry her, "Get in the shower and on your knees. Put your hands behind your back, open your mouth, and don't stop looking me in the eyes. I unbuckle my belt, and drop my pants and boxers to my ankles. I put my cock in her mouth and with it soft I push it to the back of her throat, and begin to pee.

She swallows hard to gulp it down, trwing nothing but to please me. I fill her throat quickly, and as she swallows I watch her eyes ans the piss from eight beers dribble from the sides of her mouth. The long hard bursts end and as my steram eases up she without prompting begins to suck the rest down without sppilling a drop. I am done but respectfully she waits for me to pull my relieved dick from her mouth. I wait only a moment to test her ability to follow through, then I pull it out and begin fixing my pants. "Did I do well master," she asks me out loud. I turn by back on her before answering with an aggressive tone, "Don't ever speak unless you are spoken to, now shower off my piss and meet me in my bedroom for your punishment.

She showers quickly, trying not to make me wait but giving me enough time to ready a few things. She walks in the room still slightly damp and with her naked skin a little pink from the hot shower. I watch as in a matter of seconds the air conditioner begins to cool her skin giving her goose bumps, and rock ard three inch around nipples. As much as this submisive sight makes me want to smile, I do not. Instead I walk over with a strait face, grab one of her nipples tightly , and lead her over to one of my work-out benches. In silence I sit down and pull her stomach accross my lap. With her willing ass in the air, and one hand still pulling her nipple I take my other free hand to give her a hard first swat on her ass. She holds still and is quiet with diciplene, but I look at her face cringe and my first gandprint red accross her rear.

I give her a few more solid swats, and again she remains submisive. I see her damping eyes and welping ass, then give her an other five spanks. By the fith one she is whimpering softly with her lips held tight, and I then lead her off of my lap to kneel down beside me. "For the rest of this weekend you will be training to be my slave. You will do everything you are told, without question of hesitation. Since you are to defiant and just don't know any better you must be broken into being a proper slave. Your name from now until I say otherwise will be bitch, is this all clear to you," I tell her while finally releasing her now wsollen nipple with an extra pinch and twist. "Yes master," she softly answers bowing her head low and kissing my shoes. I get up from the weight bench, agrab ahold of her hand and possition her on her back, and begin my own thourough examination.

I spread her already strattled legs wider and begin to probe her pussylips with two fingers, and she starts moaning. I give her large clit a solid squeeze, and I can see her wetness begin to collect. Then I slide two fingers in and begin feeling all around. By now her moans are louder and her hands are up on the weight bar gripping it hard enough to whiten her knuckles. I slip a third finger in and leaving only deep breaths. I lean my head down and smell the tender musk, and give her gooey pussy a tastey lick. Leaning back up I then procied to promt her on to her stomach for her anal exam.

After wetting a single digit, I begin forcing my way into her tight butthole. "Has anyone ever been in here bitch," I ask her while pulling my finger out and cleaning it off. "No master, nobody has ever even played with it until now." Knowing she is a virgen there starts giving me a rush, but realizing how dirty she is right now kills it. "I have to clean you out, I just don't have any choice," I mumble while grabbing a nearby jump rope. Tying Destiny's dangeling arms tightly to the weight benches legs seems to excite her, as she begins slightly moaning while I tighten her bondage. "Keep in mind there is a bar with one hundered pounds on it if you should decide to struggle. I'll be back soon after some quick shopping," I tell her on my way out.

The twinty minute drive to the drug store and back couldn't go by fast enough. Constant thought of my waiting slave raced through my mind. Before entering my home door again I take a deep breath, collect my self, and adust my excited demenor back in control. I carry my large paper bag from the store calmly back into the bedroom and notice her asleep accross the bench.."Wake up bitch, it's time to continye your training," I say while giving her ass a hard slap. She looks up at me with her big brown doe-eyesfilled with contentment just to see me. Her look changes to suprised as I ppull the home enima kit from the bag, pop the top on my next beer, and start readying it. "This is going to be uncomfortable, but it's for your own good," I tell her while feeling to make sure all three bags are warm to my touch.

She winces her face as the nozzle first enters her asshole. After the first few inches the tybe seemed to glide yp her ass, once gliding she rears her head at the new found pleasure. I hang the first bag on my weight bar, grab a drink off of my beer with one hand, and turn the balbe on with the other. Her face drains to white, and a strong look of focus radiates from her expression. Her moans change frome sexy and turned on, to yncomfortable as the first bag nears it's end. "Now I need you to keep holding it in," I tell her while undoing her arm bondage to relieve some preasure. She is whimpering and sweating, while I hook up the second bag. I turn the balve on again, and she begins filling up more.

With her labord breathing getting deeper and heavier, I lean her body up slightly and begin groping at heer lower stomach. I feel a slosh and snow it's working, and slap at her tummy playfully causing a deep horse shout of pain. "It hurts master, it hurts," she begins sobbing now no longer able to control her composure. "This is not pain it is discomfort, I assure you there is a difference," I say switching out to the third bag. This one enters her and she now has control over the tears, sobs, and cries. I massage her stomach to ease the cramping. It takes about ten minutes to get all three bags into her, and without prompting takes her seconds to woddle off to my bathroom.

I'm only four steps behind her, and now once again with her in the bathroom, I stand in the open doorway to watch. She sits on the toilet holding her knees up with her hands, and her still pale face up with a constant expression of relief as the enima sprays out. She forces it grunting: and over several minutes color begins to return to her face, and the last of the liquid softly drips. Seeing her finished, and now slumped over exhausted, I walk over and grab a handull of her kinky hair. " You did good bitch, now move I have to piss," I tell her while letting go of her hair and giving her a smile. She suprises me all though. I expect her to get out of the way, she instead gets on her knees in front of me, opens m fly, and begins sucking on my limp dick.

This time she eagerly swallows all of my pee, and only drools a little of it really impressing me. She begins making me hard, and my stream lessons. She continues to swallow making sure none of it escapes. "You've done very well my pretty bitch," I say grabbing her hair and pulling her lips off of my cock. "You have earned a reward, but for now I'm not quiet finished with you." I lead her gently by her hair, crawling like a cat on her hands and knees, back into the bedroom. Once again I put her on her stomach, only this time on the floor. I pull out a prefilled, large needleless syrenge. She immidiatly gets a look of fear and worry on her face. "This will make the rest of your weekend mych easier," I say while effertlessly putting the one inch thick tube six inches into her ass.

She cooes as the warming lubricant fills in her guts, then gives me a sly look as I pull the syrenge out and replace it with a small pink butt-plug. "Do you want me to reward you now bitch," I ask her while I get undressed. Still on her tummy I throw her up onto the bed and her boice slightly muffeled by the bed, I can clearly hear her beg,"yes master please reward your loyal bitch." I roll her over on her hack and lay my eight and a half inches long accross her bald pussy and tomach, now almost fully erect and ask her, "are you ready?" She smiles and nods at me still begging. Without any further delay I slam it deep and hard, causing a shriek of suprise from her. I fuck her hard, pourpously trying to hit the plug in her ass as much as I can, and she begins speaking in toungs.

I feel her pussy muscles tighten and swell as I slam her harder and harder. She begins to shake and claw at the bed. I take this as my que and stop my pistioning, I fully slam my cock all the way in and begin grinding her. I grind her hard and can feel her clit swelling up and throbbing against my pelvis. I begin to sweat and grunt, the next thing I know I feeling of orgasim washes over me and I pour my semen deep into her tight pussy. My enclosed squirts throb be in the most pleasant of ways. I breath a couple of breaths, pull out, and climb off. She doesn't meve just yet. She lays ther with her legs still spread, body twitching, and her eyes rolled back in her skull. I look down at her exposed, swollen, and beaten pussy. My white cream starts oozing out, and this sends her back over the edge into a other cumming.

I stand her up from the bed still trembling and lay her down on the carpet beside the bed. Now awake, aware, and looking around, she still tries to be the pleasing slave. Her incoherient words tell me that she has about had it for today. I sit on the floor beside her, light two ciggerettes, and hand her one. "You did very good tonite bitch, I only have one more thing for you before you are finished for today," I tell her looking her in her timid eyes trying to help calm her down. "Yes master," she asks calmly drawing off of her ciggerette. "First tie this here," I say putting one of my neckties around her upper arm. I then open my endtable drawer and pull ot one of my pre-cooked, and preloaded needles. She looks at the yellow sticky and gets scared. "Trust me and relax," I tell her while finding a vein with ease.

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