My Sister Ashley chapter 2

My Sister Ashley chapter 2

Chapter Two

I woke up the next morning completely disoriented. Where was I, why did my back ache so badly, and why was Ashley laying behind me with her arm draped over my side? Then the memories of yesterday’s activities slowly crept back into my groggy mind. I shot to my feet taking Ashley with me and dumping her onto the floor in a heap.

“Aw Christ Tim!” She growled. Her pink bathrobe had fallen open and I could clearly see that she was naked underneath. I looked at the clock, it was five in the morning and it wasn’t yet light outside. I apologized to my sister and helped her to her feet as she refastened her robe. I sighed and walked into the kitchen to get some cereal when my stomach shot into my mouth. My mother’s purse was sitting on the kitchen table!

“Ashley!” I whispered.

“What?” she asked groggily, coming into the kitchen.

“Mom and Dad are home!” I said pointing at the purse.

Shit! We have to clean up my room!” she gasped and hurried down the hall to her bedroom. I followed her but stopped before entering and just gaped at the bedspread. Blood had soaked into the sheets along with other conspicuous fluids forming a series of nasty looking stains. The sheets were rumpled and tossed about in disarray.

“Forget it Ash that stuff doesn’t come out without serious work. Just change 'em and we'll see what we can do later.” I said as I helped her replace the soiled sheets. We finished and then gave my room the same treatment before we settled down and moved back into the kitchen. I poured myself a bowl of cereal and she fished some pop tarts out of the cabinet. We ate in silence and avoided each others eyes before finishing our breakfast and going back to our rooms to get dressed. I threw on a fresh pair of jeans and a light button up shirt that didn’t aggravate my back then made my way into the living room to watch some TV. I lay face down on the couch with my head turned toward the television; I could still smell my sister on the cushions. After a while I heard the sound of feet shuffling on carpet and a pair of tight jeans filled my vision. I let my eyes roam up her body and make their way to her pretty face; she was wearing a white button down collared shirt that clung to her waist and emphasized her broad shoulders and full tits.

“We’re still cool, right?” she asked.

“I guess, I don’t know,” I said trying to see around her full hips, “just sit down somewhere.” She sighed and stepped to the side and I thought she was going to leave but she turned and sat down on my ass crushing my crotch into the couch. I grunted but didn’t feel like trying to get her off of me.

“Tim I need to know that we are okay. I don’t want breakfast to be the way we interact with each other, all silent and awkward like.” She said. I couldn’t turn my head to look at her so I continued to stare at the television as I spoke.

“Don’t worry; I’m just trying to digest what happened yesterday. Besides you just want to keep fuckin’ me don’t you?” I said. “By the way, how is your pussy doing?”

“Well… yeah you’re my current meat. And its not that bad; I should be fine in a few days. What about your back? Are you ready for the five-stars that you deserve for jumping on me last night?” I could see her out of the corner of my eye slowly raising her hand and spreading all of her fingers as wide as they would go.

“No! Don’t you fucking dare!” I started to buck my hips to throw her off and she let herself be thrown onto the floor again, giggling. I stood up and stretched; the bandages she applied last night were still tight and my back was sore.

“At least the male population is safe for a few days while you’re laid up.” I smirked at her as she sat on the floor in front of me.

“Ha! Who said anything about the male population? You’re the one who should watch out. You haven’t completely disabled me, you should know that.” She smiled sweetly up at me. Damn it! She was so hot, looking up at me like that with a lock of golden hair covering her right eye. She slowly stood and faced me, her one visible eye glittering. I could feel my cock stirring and she must have sensed it too because she slowly slid a hand up her chest and started undoing the buttons of her shirt one by one. I wanted her so badly but knew my parents, even when dead tired were early risers and would be up soon. I reached out both my hands and clasped them over hers to stop her from unfastening any more buttons.

“Not now. They will be up soon, you know that. I’m sorry though maybe tonight or something.” I said softly. She pouted and began to refasten her shirt. Damn why were they back so early? They were supposed to be home tomorrow afternoon, I thought to myself.

“Oh and what was that about last night huh?” she asked with a smile on her angelic face.


“The ‘your cunt is mine whore’ thing?” She said with a near perfect imitation of my voice.

“You were asking for it,” I laughed. “And besides it is, isn’t it?”

“Mhm.” She bit her lip and looked me up and down “God I’m so fucking horny right now!” I laughed again and I put my arm around her shoulder and ushered her down the hall to her room.

“Why don’t you take care of that problem yourself.” I said as I pushed her into her bedroom and closed the door.

“But it’s not the same!” she whined from behind the door. I was laughing softly as I walked back to my room to wait for my parents to wake up. I never made it. Right as I was about to open my door, my parents door opened and they both came into the hallway, scaring the shit out of me in the process.

“Oh, hello Tim.” My mother said following my dad into the kitchen.

“Mom, dad how’s it going, how was your trip?” I stammered.

“Oh fine, fine. The reason why we came home early is because they were expecting a serious snow storm and we didn’t want to get trapped up there.” My mom said conversationally. “Listen Tim could you come into the kitchen for a second? Your father and I want to talk to you.”

“Um sure thing mom.” I said and joined them at the table.

“Have you eaten?”

“Oh, yeah I’ve been up for a while now.”

“How come we found you and your sister asleep on the couch last night, watching a movie were you?” Asked my father from the stove where he was making pancakes.

“Yea I just got it yesterday and Ash wanted to see it too so we were watching it together and I guess we just fell asleep.” I said truthfully. My parents exchanged glances like ‘aw our kids are getting along, finally’.

“But why were you all bandaged up, what happened?” He persisted.

“Oh yea I was rushing around the house trying to find some papers I needed for homework I have to do and I tripped and fell. Cut myself pretty good, Ash patched me up though and I’ll be fine.” I lied.

“You should be more careful. Do you want me to look at it?” My mother asked.

“No, like I said Ash took care of it. We should send her to med school or something.” I joked. My dad snorted and my mom suppressed a smile, Ashley was not known for her study skills. And just like that last night was forgotten.
The day passed by impossibly slow and nearly drove me insane. I spent some time in my room removing the bandages and applying some cream stuff to the ragged scabbed-over cuts, but that was the only real distraction I had. Ashley kept giving me these looks and mouthing ‘I want you’ at me, fortunately my parents didn’t see. It became such that I got a hard-on just looking at her and I had to leave, I had to get out of the house. I called my friend Jimmy and asked him if he wanted to hang out at the mall for a while, he agreed and as I pulled on my coat I saw Ashley in the other room watching me. There was a look in her eyes that was a mix of rage for leaving her alone and disappointment for depriving her of her favorite toy or something. To bad I thought, I have to get out of here. I drove to the mall and met Jimmy in the food court, he bought some BK and I got some pizza. For a long while we just sat there and ate not talking, I think he could sense my mood because he tried to cheer me up with the one subject I was trying to avoid.

“Dude, you know Katrina Toslov right, the Russian chick from math class.”

“Yup, she sits behind me right?” I said barely hearing him. He nodded.

“Well you know how I’ve been laying on the ol’ Jimmy magic right?”


“I forgot to tell you. I asked her out on Friday and she said yes. Dude she is so hot. Though not as hot as your sister I have to say.” He said absentmindedly.

Fuck you.” I said and punched him in the arm.

“Ow. But seriously dude, most guys in our school would kill to tap your sister.” He said wary of another attack. I guess I am a step ahead of most guys then, I chuckled to myself.

“Change the subject Jimmy.” I said. He did and we talked for a long time about various things, sports, school, and stuff like that. We were there for several hours before he said he had to get home I followed him out and drove home as well. As I pulled into the driveway I noticed my parents’ car was not in the garage. I knew that Ashley would try to take full advantage of this situation; I only hoped she hadn’t been waiting for too long, she would be pissed if I ruined this opportunity for her. I entered warily figuring that she would attack me rather than approach me civilly. I didn’t see her but I could smell her still lingering scent. I crept to my room and still didn’t see her, I opened the door and left it open thinking she could just let herself in when she realized I was home.

“They left about twenty minutes ago. They said they were going to lunch so I figure we have about an hour to ourselves.” Came her husky voice, and as she spoke my door slowly creaked closed. She was hiding inside my room behind the door! Hearing her voice I spun around and as I did her naked body collided with mine driving the wind out of my lungs and hurling us both to the floor. She flipped me over and sat on my waist again, her usual position of dominance.

“Hello Timothy.” She purred mere inches from my face.

“Oof. Hi Ashley.” I replied and leaned up and kissed her hard. We kissed passionately for a few moments before she pulled away and leaned back regarding me over her large tits.

So, what should we do this time?” She asked, smiling wickedly.

“Oh, you do whatever you want. I’m just gonna sit back and enjoy the ride.” I said grinning broadly, I laced my fingers behind my head like a pillow and stared at her expectantly.

“Oh come on Tim, you’re going to make me do all the work?” I nodded smugly, “Fine, I’ll get you back later.” She pouted and shimmied backwards until she was sitting just above my knees. Once there she threw off my belt and undid my pants with such speed it shocked me. After pulling down my boxers and exposing my raging hard-on, she licked her lips and tickled the tip of my cock with her tongue making me groan. (Throughout this entire process she maintained eye contact with me which I found was slightly unsettling). She licked my cock up and down before taking me into her mouth; I arched my back and moaned loudly as she continued to bob her head on my cock slowly. I removed one of my hands from behind my head and gathered a fistful of her silky hair in my hand and yanked her off of my cock only to slam her back down again before pulling her back up, intending to repeat the process.

“Oww, Tim don’t ruin this.” She hissed at me. As she spoke she grabbed my wrist in a vice like grip and squeezed, forcing me to let go of her hair. She then slammed it down next to her pinning it there. “Am I going to have to tie you up again Timothy?” she glared at me. “Well Tim, I’ve lost the groove thanks to you. We’ll just have to go a different route now.” She leaned back down and spit on my cock a few times, still wet from her mouth and rubbed it in a bit before sliding forward again. As she did my dick came in contact with the soaking wet pussy lips and she stopped for a moment and shuddered slightly before continuing until her ass was hovering over my stiff cock. Ever so slowly she lowered herself until the tip of my cock was resting against her tight asshole. She paused there for a few moments as if unsure of herself; the muscles in her thighs bulging from the effort of holding such an awkward position.

“You hurt yourself last time didn’t you?” I asked softly. She nodded. “We'll just go slow this time then.” I placed my hands on her hips and slowly pushed her down onto my cock. Slowly the head of my cock pushed into her tight hole, she winced slightly and I stopped for a moment before she started to push herself down again until all eight inches of my cock was buried in her ass after a few long minutes. She sat there for a while as she adjusted to having herself filled so thoroughly.

“Ahh, this hurts so good.” She whimpered through gritted teeth. Ever so slowly she rose off of my cock and then descended again slowly. The pace was driving me crazy, my cock craved speed but I set my jaw and let her go her own speed. Gradually her pace quickened and soon her gorgeous round ass cheeks were a blur of motion. I left my hands on her hips but didn’t push her. I had somehow forgotten how good her ass felt clamped around my cock, I moaned loudly and I could feel my balls start to tighten.

“Oh Tim oh, I’m gonna cum!” She screamed. Her ass spasmed as she came, sending me over the edge. Warm clear girl cum shot onto my waist as I blew my load into her tight ass. “Ahhhhh.” She sighed, pleased with the outcome. She remained in place as my cock slowly shriveled inside of her. “Well then, that was enjoyable was it not?” she smiled coyly.

“Meh.” I said tilting my hand back and forth, struggling to maintain a strait face. Her jaw dropped and she glared at me. I couldn’t take it anymore and burst into laughter; she closed her mouth and narrowed her eyes at me.

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot.” A sadistic smile crept onto her face as the smile fell from mine “I owe you some pain.” She whispered into my face. She hooked her fingers between the buttons of my shirt and pulled it open with a savage jerk shooting buttons in all directions.

“Wha…” I managed before she pinched both my nipples between her thumb and fore fingers and twisted savagely. I screamed, nothing I had ever felt before had hurt this badly. She giggled girlishly and twisted even more if that was possible, I slapped her hands off reflexively and she let go. She stood, my cock falling out of her ass, she towered over my prone body standing with my waist between her legs. A small amount of cum escaped her ass and plopped onto my waist. Tears formed in my eyes and my nipples felt as if they were on fire. I could only watch as she cupped a hand under her ass to stop the flow and sashayed out of my room as best she could. I heard a door open and then the shower was turned on.

“Fuck!” I gasped and clamped my hands over my abused nipples. I lay there catching my breath and trying to sooth my burning nipples before I struggled to my feet and made my way to the bathroom. I opened the door and quickly shed my clothes and ripped aside the shower curtain. She jumped but didn’t say anything as I stepped in front of her and started cleaning myself off. I glanced behind me; she was leaning against the shower wall with her arms crossed staring at me.

“Hey they will be back anytime now and you take to long for us to have separate showers.” I said. She didn’t do anything so I continued washing and finished shortly thereafter before exiting the shower and making my way to my room to get redressed. Not two minutes after I had gotten dressed I heard the door open and my parents clomp into the kitchen. From then on it was an agonizing wait until night fell and our parents went to bed. We were sitting on the couch with a modest distance between us when they headed to their room telling us not to stay up late because we had school in the morning. As soon as their door closed Ashley practically jumped onto my lap, her legs off to one side like a father with his child. Except this child started grinding her ass into my crotch, stirring my cock into action. She did this for a few more moments before stopping to look down at me, smiling.

“Shall we?” she asked sweetly.

“So I take it I’m forgiven?”

“We all do things we shouldn’t. Aren’t you going to answer my question?” she said stroking my face with one hand.

“Normally you wouldn’t have to ask but we have school tomorrow and I’m not exactly feeling up to it. You understand don’t you?” I responded.

“Yeah I guess so,” she pouted, “but sometime this week right?” she said perking up a bit, acting like a little girl being promised a trip to the zoo.

“Perhaps.” I said with a sly grin on my face.

“Because if you don’t fuck me sooner or later on your own, I’ll fuck you.” She growled menacingly. I couldn’t take her seriously not with her sitting on my lap like she was, so I laughed and told her I was going to bed. She stood and allowed me to get to my feet and followed me to my bedroom door where I stopped and let her pass. As she moved past me I shot out a hand and slapped her ass hard and was rewarded with a nice smacking noise. She stopped and turned her head slowly, her hair and the shadows obscured most of her face and I couldn’t see her eyes but her full-lipped mouth spread into a grin.

“This week Timmy. Sooner rather than later, your cock had better be in me.” She whispered before blowing me and overly dramatic kiss and disappearing into her room. I tried to get her image out of my mind as I prepared to go to sleep; and only thinking of school could chase her sultry image out of my head as I drifted off.
The next morning I awoke at the ungodly hour of 6:00 to my alarm. I mumbled curses as I put on a pair of jeans and a white polo shirt then made my way to the kitchen to find my parents already up and about making breakfast. Ashley stumbled in a few minutes later wearing a tight black t-shirt and tight black pinstripe pants, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. My mother took one glance at her and shook her head in resignation; she had long ago given up trying to make Ashley dress ‘appropriately’. Breakfast was uneventful and soon the time came for us to leave, Ashley and I tugged on our coats and made our way to my car (hers was in the shop for extensive repairs due to an accident) yelling goodbyes back at the house. We sat in silence for the entire drive, only breaking the quiet to chuckle when the radio talk show host made a joke.
I pulled into the parking lot half-full of sleepy eyed seniors and parked in my usual spot. Before I could fully shut off the car Ashley had gotten out and was striding towards the building, she didn’t like walking in with me for some reason. I hurried in after her, not wanting to remain in the freezing New England weather any longer than I had to. Upon entering I climbed the stairs and made my way down the halls to my locker, exchanging greetings, shaking hands, and slapping backs with my friends, I could see Ashley up ahead of me doing pretty much the same thing. My sister and I were two of the most well known people in school, she was the hokey team’s star player and I was captain of the Frisbee team one of the biggest sports clubs in school. Everybody knew us and we were friends with almost everyone in our grade, even freshman knew about us within a few days of attending classes. Ashley had a huge pack of friends that would trail her around school and I made it my business to socialize as much as possible, attending almost every party that was thrown. I also organized a few non school related events such as the fat man race, a few paint ball tournaments, and a dodge ball tournament that had become amazingly successful. I finally reached my locker and was greeted by the person I had wanted to see the most.

“Hi Tim!” she nearly shouted, surprising me by coming up behind me. Oriana Bane was the girl who I had been seeing before this whole Ashley fiasco had happened. Oriana was short, only around 5” 4’ but made up for it in a personality that was always happy and good-natured. Although she was one of the perkiest girls I knew she was borderline Goth in the way she dressed. She had short jet-black hair cut in a straight line across her forehead and her small slightly pointy ears stuck through her hair, making her look like some sort of elf/nymph child. She wore dark eye shadow around her bright blue eyes which accentuated the features of her pale face. Her nose was slightly turned up at the tip and she was almost always smiling her teeth a dazzling white. She was wearing a loose black shirt with a band logo on it and a pair of baggy black pants with metal studs running down the sides of the legs. Even through her baggy clothing you could easily see her curvaceous form, her tits were large for a girl her size and though not as pronounced and large as my sister’s, her ass was tight and of a good size. We were extremely close but we hadn’t ‘done’ anything but make out a few times and only recently at that. I shot to my feet from where I had been kneeling transferring notebooks into my bag, and hit my head on the inside of my locker on the way up. She was laughing hysterically by the time I turned around and faced her.

“God damn it Oriana.” I said laughing and rubbing my head at the same time.

“How was your weekend?” She asked managing to get her laughter under control.

“Oh you know, same old same old.” I said shrugging. There was a loud bang and I jumped and spun again as Ashley crashed her shoulder into the locker next to mine.

“I bet Miss Ashley had a fun weekend.” Oriana said a strange smile on her face.

“Oh yeah lots of fun.” Ashley laughed sarcastically but with a serious look in her eyes. Oriana was one of Ashley’s best friends, of course I had only found this out after I had committed myself to being with her, or otherwise I might have had second thoughts. My eyes went from my sister to my girlfriend and then back again, they were looking at each other, communicating in that unspoken girl language.

“If you ladies are done we have class in a few minutes.” I said shouldering my bag and heading off down the hall. All three of us have most of our classes together, first period today was English, as they fell into step behind me and I could hear them whispering together. I tried to ignore them and focused on what I needed to do today.
English was uneventful as was the rest of the day although very tiring. Every teacher was cramming in tests and homework to get in some grades before the Christmas break. The rest of the week went the same way and due to the work load my teachers had heaped on me I was unable to fulfill my sister’s demand, she approached me a few time during the week but always when I was absorbed in my work. Throughout the week she had become increasingly cold towards me when she realized I wasn’t going to fuck her any time soon. Then Friday came around.
It was last period gym class; the best time for gym because you could go all out and not worry about reeking during your next class. We were playing dodge ball today; the large gym was divided in two sections with each side pummeling the other with soft ‘kid-friendly’ dodge balls. Oriana and Ashley were in this class with me as well, although they barely participated; they just stood in one corner of the room and talked. I on the other hand was throwing myself to the floor to avoid neon colored balls hurtling through the air. Two balls rolled near me and I snatched them up and tossed one to a friend of mine.

“Hold on,” I told him before he could whip the ball at someone else, “see Ashley and Oriana over there? You take Oriana and I’ll take my sister, on three.” He nodded and I counted to three before throwing the ball with all my strength (that’s what it took to get any distance or accuracy out of the lightweight balls) both balls flew straight at their targets although they lost much of they speed crossing the distance of the gym. The ball I threw impacted my sister square in the left tit; the other struck Oriana in the right shoulder and bounced off in the opposite direction. Oriana just laughed, but my sister glared at me with rage filled eyes. A bright green ball whipped past my head tearing my attention away from my fuming sister. Before I could turn my attention elsewhere, I saw a blue streak heading straight for my crotch. I watched horrified and unable to do anything as it connected squarely with my groin. Even being as soft as they were it still hurt like a bitch and I fell to my knees and keeled over. I looked up and saw Ashley not ten feet away holding another ball in her hand. My friend’s face filled my vision, he was laughing so hard he could barely speak.

“You okay Tim?” He managed. No sooner had the words left his mouth before the ball my sister had been holding crashed into his jaw. He fell to the ground next to me and we both broke into laughter. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Ashley striding over to us completely ignoring the rules of the game, as she crossed the boundaries that separated the two teams. Her big basketball shorts and loose t-shirt swished as she walked.

“You’re done Timothy, when we get home watch your back.” She growled. She walked back to her own side and continued talking with Oriana.

“What was that about?” My friend asked from beside me as he got back to his feet. “I bet that didn’t even hurt that much.”

“Dude, you don’t want to know.” I said, as I struggled to my feet I was struck two more times. Just then the bell rang and we hurried to the locker room to change and head home. I changed quickly and made my way to the car, where I waited for what felt like forever for Ashley to show up. When she did she still looked pissed so the ride home was silent and incredibly awkward. When we got home I was getting nervous, we both knew that our parents were still at work and weren’t going to be home for another couple of hours. This time I got out of the car first and scurried into the house before Ashley had even unbuckled herself. Once inside I tossed my bag on the kitchen table and before I could do anything else I heard the door open and close. I spun around and found myself facing a furious sister.

“Ash l-let me explain…” I stammered before her fist slammed into my stomach. I went to double over but she held me up by one shoulder and punched me twice more in the exact same place. I hit the hardwood floor hard, headfirst; the last thing I saw before I passed out (yes clearly I pass out easily) was Ashley taking out her cell phone.
When I woke up I couldn’t see! I tried to open my eyes and felt my eyelashes brush something, a blindfold! I tried to stand but my hands were bound behind my back and it felt like there was a knife in my stomach. I lay there and tried to recover, my forehead was throbbing from where it collided with the floor. I could also hear muffled voices, perhaps coming from down the hall. I groaned and rolled to my knees, pain shot throughout my body and I cried out but held my position. The voices stopped and I heard footsteps coming down the hall.

“Well well well, look who finally woke up.” My sister’s silky voice pushed through my headache.

“You’re gonna kill me one of these days Ashley!” I screamed.

“That’s the plan, but not until you are thoroughly used.” She gave a throaty chuckle.


“That’s the idea.” There was a giggle from further down the hall that sounded familiar but before I could search my memory for its owner, strong hands picked me up by my shoulders and marched me down the hall and into what I assumed was Ashley’s room. Suddenly I was pushed and the backs of my legs hit the side of her bed and I toppled backwards landing painfully on my bound hands. Before I could do anything else a great weight landed on my chest driving the breath from my lungs as strong legs gripped my waist.

“Now listen Timothy, you were supposed to fuck me before the end of the week and you didn’t.” Ashley breathed mere inches from my face her hot breath caressing my cheek.

“It’s only Friday and I’ve been busy …!” I gasped before I was silenced by a firm slap to the face.

“Shut up Timothy! Now, I have a new deal for you. You can either be my little fuck toy….” Something large, rubbery, and smelling faintly like my sister’s pussy smacked me in the forehead sending a spike of pain shooting into my skull from where my head hit the floor. “Or, I can rape you ‘till you bleed with my little friend here.” She giggled like a little girl as I lay there, horrified, blindfolded, and still trying to catch my breath.

“No!” I said firmly.

“No? No to what Timothy?” she cooed.


“Aww too bad then, it would have been fun.” Ever so slowly the rubber object made its way down my body. It stopped at my crotch and I felt my pants being undone, then slipped off along with my boxers. Ashley had gotten off of me by now and I was about to try and get to my feet before I was roughly flipped over onto my stomach and held down by one hand of the back of my head. The object was now placed on my lower back and slowly slid down between my ass cheeks. I was freaking out now; she was actually going to do this, shit! Just before she started adding pressure on my asshole I screamed for her to wait.

“Fine you bitch. I’ll be you fucking sex toy. Just get that thing away from my ass!”

“Fantastic!” she squealed. She grabbed me by my shirt collar and hauled me to my feet. “I’m going to release your hands. Don’t try anything.” I shrugged and felt the bonds around my hands being cut. I rubbed my wrists where they had been badly chaffed and resisted the urge to remove my blindfold and strangle my sister right there and then. And I would have if I didn’t think she’d enjoy it. My shirt was then roughly removed and I was once again pushed down onto the bed.

“You have to do whatever I tell you and you have to stop resisting, do you understand?”

“I guess so.” Suddenly she grabbed my balls and squeezed, hard. “Ahhh, Yes I understand!”

“Good.” I heard a zipper being unzipped and the sound of clothing on skin and my mind instantly pictured Ashley taking off her clothes thus prompting my cock into action. “Looks like you want to get to the point as well.” She gripped my cock with both hands and basically jerked me to my feet then led me by my convenient handle to one side of the room. A hand clamped around my throat and pushed me back up against the wall and remained there slowly adding pressure making it difficult to breathe but still possible.

“Ashley you’re choking me!” I croaked but was silenced by her pussy sliding onto my cock. Slowly she ground herself against me while keeping up the pressure on my neck. I let my hands roam up and down her back and come to rest on her fleshy ass cheeks. I dug my fingers into her soft flesh and pulled her towards me, impaling her on my cock.

“Ohhh, a week is too long Timothy. I’ve missed you inside of me.” She moaned. Her grip around my neck increased until I couldn’t breathe as she exploded around my cock. Just before I started to panic, she let go of my neck and hugged me close, her large tits squashing against my chest, pussy spasming around my cock. “I have a surprise for you Tim.” She whispered in my ear with a final powerful thrust of her hips, making me grunt.

“Uh, and what is that?” I asked, hoping she wouldn’t just stop at that, I held onto her ass digging my fingers harder into her ample cheeks.

“See for yourself.” She said, hooking her arms inside of mine and pulled my hands off of her then pulling herself off of me, I made to follow her but she pushed me back with a hand on my chest. I sighed and leaned up against the wall again as my cock started to soften from such sudden neglect. I reached up and removed the blind fold and blinked at the harsh light reflecting off of the white walls of my sister’s room. She was sitting on the bed in front of me fixing her hair into a ponytail. My eyes bulged as I noticed a monsterous black dildo laying on the bed next to her. She nodded her head in the direction of the door and I looked over and my sister was forgotten. Gone were the black baggy clothes and heavy eye shadow, replaced by slight rouge lipstick and bright pink lace bra and panties.

“Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this?” Oriana asked gliding towards me from where she was leaning against the door frame.

“Um n-no.” I stammered, blushing, suddenly embarrassed about my blatant nakedness.

“Well, let’s just say too damn long.” She smirked, standing in front of me. Her scent was intoxicating and I felt myself getting hard again. The bra she was wearing seemed too small for her and it looked like she was going to bust out of it at the slightest movement.

“S-so what happens now?” I asked, even though I was sure of the answer I still wanted to hear it from her before I did anything. She smirked up at me, her black hair forming a perfect line just above her sparkling eyes.

“Funny you should ask, see before I met your sister I would have had no idea of how to answer that.” She blushed and looked past me at Ashley. I turned and regarded my sister accusingly.

“What? You can’t blame a girl for having fun, can you?” She grinned innocently, lying back on her bed looking at her nails. I shook my head and looked back at Oriana; she was chewing her lip as she looked me up and down. Slowly, as if not to scare me, she took my right hand in both of hers and guided it up her flat chest to her pink covered tits. Her skin felt like silk against my fingers. She reached a hand behind her and undid the clasp keeping her straining bra on, the straps whipped around and it literally popped off of her tits. I massaged her tit, stopping occasionally to tweak her nipple, I leaned in and took her other nipple into my mouth rolling my tongue over the now rock hard piece of flesh. She gasped and closed her eyes, color flooding into her cheeks. With my free hand I caressed her back slowly.

“It’s funny that I popped both your cherries, isn’t it?” Came my sister’s overly loud voice from no more than a foot away. I hadn’t heard her approach and neither had Oriana, so intense were the feelings we were experiencing. We both jumped and pulled away from each other.

“Do you have to ruin everything?” I hissed. I reached out an arm to shove her away from us but she grabbed my hand and slide behind me twisting my arm painfully behind my back.

“Wanna know a secret?” She whispered resting her chin on my shoulder her hair tickling my ear. Oriana was still standing there with flushed cheeks gazing at nothing with glazed over eyes. “I find it funny just how tightly wound up she gets and how easily she cums. As soon as I touched her pussy she came and she did it again and again, more times than I thought possible throughout the course of our fun. But the really funny part is that she gets all weak in the knees when she does and pretty much falls over. Watch.” She kept my arm pinned with one hand and with the other she took hold of my free hand and matched it with hers, directly underneath mine so she could pretty much control what my fingers did. She manipulated my hand until I was only extending my index finger and slowly guided my hand towards Oriana. Ashley giggled in anticipation and slowly pulled down Oriana’s now soaked panties and inserted our fingers into her tight soaking pussy. A soft animalistic moan escaped her lips and just like Ashley said her knees started to tremble and then gave out and she collapsed to the floor in a shivering heap.

“Ohhhhh, my God.” She sighed from the floor with a pleased smile on her face.

“See I told you!” Ashley squealed as she let go of me. I bent down and helped Oriana back to her feet, she was still shaking slightly and there were goose bumps all over her skin. “If you’re gonna fuck her you’ll have to either be on top or hold her up. I doubt you could do either of them Timothy.” Ashley said mockingly from across the room where she was rummaging through the drawers of her bureau.

“Why don’t you just leave us alone Ashley?”

“Well for one this is my room and you are both my sexual property.” She stated simply not turning around. I looked at Oriana and she nodded guiltily.

“What do you want then?” I asked in frustration. She whirled around with a malicious grin on her face revealing what she had been searching for. One of those strap-on dildos, this one was about six or seven inches long and had a rear facing nub about two inches long that would go into her pussy.

“Christ, where do you get all these things?” I asked, shocked.

“Internet.” She replied strapping the device onto herself with a slight moan as the shorter end slid into her. “Just be grateful that your sister is here to help you out Timothy. I’ve always wanted to try this ever since I saw it in one of my old boyfriend’s pornos.”

“Try what?” I asked warily hoping that it didn’t involve the strap-on and myself.

“You’ll see soon enough Timothy and stop asking questions or I’ll use this on you!” She practically snarled. She pulled out a tube of clear gel and sauntered over to us. “Just follow my lead and I’m sure you wont be disappointed.” She purred; as she passed she ran a finger down my jaw line and flicked my chin upwards. She stopped behind Oriana and without any warning shoved the elongated head of the tube up Oriana’s ass. She squirmed as Ashley squeezed and pumped a good amount of the gel into Oriana’s tight backdoor. She then pulled out the considerably thinner tube and applied some of the gel to the rather realistic looking strap-on.

“Oh Ashley could you be more gentle this time please?” Oriana moaned her breathing speeding up.

“No promises babe.” My sister replied chuckling. She bent her knees slightly to get her crotch even with Oriana’s and placed the tip of the dildo to the gel leaking hole. In one fluid motion she slid it in to the base, Oriana squeaked out a curse as the knees started to tremble. Before she could fall Ashley reached down and lifted her up by the thighs so it looked like she was sitting in mid air with her legs spread before slowly backing up into the wall for support. Given that Oriana was a small girl it wouldn’t have been too much trouble for Ashley to hold her there for a while. Ashley was able to rock Oriana slightly on the strap-on but that was about as much as she could do in that position.

“Ohhhhh A-Ashley!” She moaned before she started shaking uncontrollably.

“Tim, ah,” my sister groaned “get the fuck over here and fuck the shit out of this girl!” I approached warily, realizing that my cock had become incredibly hard. Oriana had her eyes closed struggling to control her breathing and didn’t notice me. I placed the tip of my now throbbing dick at the entrance to her soaking wet pussy. Slowly I pushed the head of my cock into her and her eyes shot open and her breathing became labored once a again. She suddenly started shaking and bit down on her fist to stop herself from screaming. I slid in further inch by slow inch, all the while the muscles in her pussy contracted and shifted as if massaging my cock, until I could go no further. I could feel her going through several tiny orgasms. I stayed still for a while before I started to slowly pull back out again. It felt as if her pussy tightened as I pulled back trying to keep me inside of her. I continued for a while, reveling in the tightness and warmth of her insides.
Behind Oriana, my sister slid Oriana mostly off of the strap-on then gave me a look.


“On three.” She said then when I didn’t show any sign of understanding she made a thrusting movement with her head. I nodded a smirk on my face before pulling out slightly.


“W-What?” Oriana stammered still recovering from her latest series of orgasms.

“Three!” I finished. Simultaneously my sister and I thrust into Oriana; I could feel the rubber through the thin wall of tissue. Oriana gagged slightly as the two collided inside of her, her eyes rolled back into her head as she slumped onto my shoulder, motionless. I could feel her juices flowing down my shaft and continuing down my leg.

“Think she’ll be all right?” I asked.

“That looked like it felt good I’m gonna have to try that some time. Yeah just keep going. I’m not there yet.” She groaned. I was now finding her presence annoying for some reason and this was my chance, seeing as she had her hands full supporting an unconscious girl. I snaked a hand up and clamped it around her throat. She had her eyes closed and when she felt my hand on her neck she slowly opened them. She smiled and pushed her neck out further against my hand. All the while I continued to slowly thrust in and out of Oriana. I squeezed and pushed her head back against the wall at the same time, she continued to rock Oriana’s motionless body with increasing speed trying to stimulate herself with the short end. I squeezed harder all the frustration of ruining a moment between Oriana and I that I had wanted to be different (without my sister). Suddenly the look in her eyes changed to fear and it felt so good that I could instill this emotion in my physically bigger sister.

“Nighty night Ashley.” I whispered menacingly. To her credit she didn’t drop Oriana, instead she shuddered as her eyes closed a faint smile on her lips. Quickly I took Oriana’s weight and held her like an oversized baby as Ashley slumped to the floor, the strap-on sticking straight up. I could see clear liquid seeping out from beneath the straps.

“Why did you stop? You haven’t cum yet.” Oriana groaned finally coming around.

“I wanted it to be different.”

“Aw that’s sweet. I did too but Ashley sorta pushed me into this, don’t get me wrong what I said earlier is true I have wanted you for a while now.”

“You could have said something.”

“Well I didn’t. Look, in case you didn’t notice you’re still hard and I’m still horny. So if you don’t mind put me down and fuck me.” She sighed, her fingers tracing the scars on my back that were still healing. I chuckled and laid her down with me on top of her on Ashley’s bed, still hard and throbbing inside her. “Take your time baby.” She purred.

“Wish I could,” I said looking at the clock on the nightstand, “but we’ve been at it for a solid hour and a half and my parents will be home soon and we have to clean up too so…”

“Fine but we are going to do this right next time. Got it?”

“Yes ma’am.” I smiled and continued to slide in and out of her overactive cunt. She reached up and linked her arms around my neck, brought my head down, and kissed me as I picked up the pace a bit. She broke the lip lock and cried out as she went through another long series of orgasms. She still had my head close to hers and the sound of her ragged breathing next to my ear was pushing me closer to the brink. I felt like I would never cum, that I could fuck this beautiful girl for hours and nothing would happen. Of course as soon as that thought crossed my mind I felt that familiar sensation and I rammed my dick as far as it would go into her pussy. Her eyes were rolling around and a thin line of drool ran from her mouth. Never before had I felt the way I did, it felt as though it was pulled from every corner of my body and shoved in a too large mass out of my cock. My eyes closed and my mouth opened in an image of pure ecstatic pleasure. It felt like forever before I was done emptying myself into her, when I was done it felt like I hadn’t slept for days or I had been doing manual labor for a long time. I rolled off of her and lay sprawled trying to catch my breath and sweating profusely.

“Wait… where did Ashley go?” She asked, panting.

“She’s over there.” I responded, pointing to where she still lay on the floor. Her breathing looked even so I wasn’t worried about her too much.

“Why is she laying on the floor like that?”

“Let’s just say I gave her a taste of her own medicine.”

“You fucked her in the ass? Wait… what? How long was I out for?” She was obviously tired as hell.

“No no, I choked her ‘till she blacked out. She always seems to do stuff like that to me; I wanted to return the favor. And I think you were only out for a few minutes.”

“Oh, ha that’s pretty funny I was wondering why I woke up in your arms. Oh shit… I think I’m leaking a bit.” I sat up and looked at what she was talking about cum, pussy juice, and gel from her ass were trickling from her abused openings and mixing on the sheets.

“Forget it, this is Ashley’s bed, it’s her problem.” I laughed. “Use the sheet to wipe the worst of it off then I’ll take you to the bathroom. After some careful daubing I helped her to her feet, she was very unstable and I decided to carry her to the bathroom rather and risk her falling and hurting herself. For some reason I felt incredibly protective of her. Once in the bathroom I sat her down on the toilet seat and started the shower, it reminded me of when Ashley brought me here under similar circumstances just last Saturday and also of just how fast these series of events were unfolding. Once the shower was ready and I helped her inside she still seemed unsteady on her feet so cleaning up took longer than I had expected. After we finished and had dried off I went and retrieved her clothes, the bra and panties had gotten a little soiled so I offered to lend her some of Ashley’s stuff but she just laughed saying that she would go commando. Fortunately her clothes were nice and soft so she wouldn’t have any problems. Even after all this time she couldn’t seem to get her legs under control so she asked me to drive her home.

“You know how to drive my car right?” She smirked, finding it funny that I would have to drive her home in her own car.

“Don’t worry about it.” I said and helped her out to her car, an old Volvo. The drive to her house was short and uneventful although she did fall asleep against my shoulder. I pulled into her driveway and shut off her car. I managed to get her out of the passenger’s seat and to the front door with out waking her up or slipping on the icy walkway. I quietly opened the door and made my way inside. I had been to her house before so I knew where her room was and I made my way there trying not to wake Oriana or her mother who I knew worked nights at the local hospital and tended to sleep most of the day. I got her into her room and lay her on the bed after taking off her shoes and jacket. She looked so cute laying there completely exhausted with her mouth slightly open and a tiny smile on her face. I made to leave and almost got to the door before I heard my name. I whirled and walked back to the bed.


“Merry Christmas Tim, thank you.” She murmured before falling back to sleep. I chuckled and softly kissed her forehead before leaving her room and quietly closing the door and shutting off the light. I walked outside reveling in the cold air and the brilliant white snow on the ground reflecting the waning sunlight. I had intended to call my parents and have them pick me up on the way home but I was surprised to see my car idling on the curb my sister’s silhouette in the driver’s seat. I walked past the front of the car and opened the driver’s side door.

“Scoot over, you shouldn’t be driving.” I told her forcefully. She didn’t seem to be in the best condition to resist and slid into the passenger’s seat. She was wearing a coat over a t-shirt and a pair of house pants, the heater was on full blast. I drove home and couldn’t help but notice how shaken and unkempt she looked. Obviously she hadn’t expected me to go that far. Thankfully our parents weren’t home yet. I walked inside and she followed me. I took her coat and told her to go take a hot shower. She didn’t respond but made her way into the bathroom. She reappeared ten minutes later wearing her pink bathrobe and looking incredibly depressed. I beckoned her over with a crooked finger and when she was standing in front of me head down looking sullen, I guided her into a chair and brandished a Popsicle I had been hiding behind my back and presented it to her.

“What do you think I am, some little kid you can be cheered up with a cold treat? You could have given me some warning or something!” She rasped, clearly her throat hurt (ha).

“It’s for your throat stupid! What about the warning you DIDN’T give me huh? Twice! Shut up and eat it.” She glared at me for a moment before she unwrapped it and popped it in her mouth. “Good girl.” I said mockingly and stood up. I walked down the hall and to my room.

“Fuck you!” She muttered as I stopped at my door. I smirked back at her and winked before walking in. Now I had to look forward to a long vacation with a sister who will most likely try to hurt me in the near future. However, I also had a girlfriend who I had just connected with on a major level that I could ‘see’ on a whim.


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