My Sister Ashley: The Birthday Bash

My Sister Ashley: The Birthday Bash

“Happy birthday, Ashley!”

“Well, don’t you sound excited. Happy birthday to you too Tim,” my sister purred over the phone.

“Hold on,” I held out the phone and nodded to my wife, who herded our two kids closer to the phone. As one they sang “Happy Birthday Auntie Ashley”. When they finished I handed the phone to Ari, our youngest at four years old, and watched her and Nathan scurry off to talk my sister’s ear off. Nathan was five and a half, and damned be those who dared call him five.

“When is she coming up?” Oriana asked, adorable as ever. Never really hitting her growth spurt, she was still much shorter than me. Nearly ten years hadn’t dulled her nymph like features and she was still the idol of my eye, never wavering in her devotion to the kids and me. She’d let her glossy black hair grow to between her shoulder blades and the only sign of age on her were faint crow’s feet from the stress of raising kids. She was still the little bundle of energy that she’d always been and had no trouble whatsoever in keeping up with our rambunctious children.

Nathan had been born a few years after we graduated from college, and I had found a steady, high paying job. I’d gone into architecture then contracting and made a killing locally, expansion having only just begun where we had moved. That alone had set us up for a good deal of our lives and started a hefty college fund for the kids. And the town was still spreading out and I didn’t see the work drying up for quite some time. Nathan, daddy’s little boy, had been born at two in the afternoon on a Wednesday. I’d been at work at the time and was nearly arrested twice as I raced to the hospital. He’d given Oriana the most difficulty, but damn if he wasn’t the cutest baby I’d ever seen, and delivering him had been one of the greatest things I feel I’ve ever done. Oriana had cursed the air blue trying to push him out, very nearly making the hospital staff’s ears bleed. Even though she swore she did no such thing, I remember it clear as day. Nathan looked like…well, he sort of looked like both of us really, a mixed bag of our features. He had black hair like his mother and her dazzling blue eyes but my nose and ears.

Now Ari, she had been easy, and I had been right there with Oriana when she came. Again, easily the cutest baby ever. Where Nathan had cried frequently and without remorse, Ari was almost stoically silent and only cried when absolutely necessary. The source of much confusion and debate, Ari looked exactly like my sister. Blond hair, brown eyes, a cute little nose and small, delicate ears straight from Ashley’s face. Oriana liked to joke that I had impregnated her with my sister’s jeans instead of my own by mistake.

Our wedding had been a year and a half before Nathan, and it had been perfect. During a little trip Oriana and I had taken, we stumbled upon this cliff that overlooked the ocean. It looked like something out of a movie really. It was right off the main road as well so it hadn’t been too difficult getting everything we needed up there. The weather hadn’t been perfect but if one word could describe that day it would have to be…dramatic. The picture taken by my father said it all.

The priest stood behind and between us, holding his bible low in both hands with a pleasant smile on his face. We had a hand on each others cheek, kissing passionately after the ‘you may kiss the bride’. The wind had picked up just then, causing her hair to whip behind her head like a flag, the maids of honor similarly captured. Not having much in the way of female relatives, Oriana asked Ashley, Tish, and her old roommate Sophia to stand with her. Our eyes were closed, oblivious to anything and everything. I looked very striking in my tuxedo, my best man JD standing behind me. But besides the wind tossing the women’s hair about, the background was stunning. A wispy cloud had broken up the sunlight way out behind us and sent it streaming in all directions in clearly distinct rays. The waters of the ocean were choppy that day and whitecaps were everywhere. The picture actually won us several photography contests.

Just thinking about that day very nearly brought tears to my eyes every time. Our honeymoon had also been on the verge of perfection. It was all sex, cruise ships, sex, tropical islands, and more sex. I could barely keep up with her, having to take a week off afterwards to get my strength back.

Yup, I led a charmed life.

“Pfft, I don’t know, sometime this afternoon I think, like usual.”

Giving me a wry smile, she said, “Mm, yeah like usual. I do so love your birthdays.” She stood on her tip-toes and kissed me passionately, her tongue darting into my mouth and her arms wrapping around my neck. I put my own arms around her and pulled her into me.

“Hold on Auntie Ashley, their being ewey!” Nathan observed like only a five year old could, coming up behind us.

Reluctantly breaking away, Oriana turned and took the phone from him, dispatching him to play with his sister in the playroom. “Ashley, you have always had the worst timing, I’m busy macking on your brother,” she said with a girly giggle, pulling me down to kiss her again. Ashley must have said something funny because Oriana laughed and handed me the phone while she pushed me down onto the living room couch. She wriggled into my lap and straddled my waist, playing with my shirt.

“Uhhn, hi Ashley, when are you coming up, I don’t think Oriana can wait too long?”

“Well she better wait until I get there or I’m going to go high school on her ass. I’ll be up in a few hours.”

I relayed her message to my wife and grinned when she said, “Mmm, bring it on, I can handle her any day.”

Licking my lips as she teased her hands up under my shirt, I turned my attention back to Ashley, “She says she can take anything you dish out. And you better hurry, she’s getting handsy.” Ashley swore and demanded I put Oriana back on the phone. By now she was slowly grinding her hips against my crotch and trying to undo the zipper of my cargo shorts. I handed her the phone and she listened distractedly to what my sister was saying, obviously not pleased.

Fine, I’ll wait until you get here. But I get first dibs,” she sighed, getting off of me and wandering off with the phone attached to her ear.

“Sure I’ll just sit here then,” I chuckled to myself. Turning thirty was huge on my mind. Gone were my twenties and my wild antics of yesteryear. I was a parent now and that’s what I had to look forward to, that and growing old. This year was different though, Ashley came over every year for our shared birthday and we always celebrated in a ‘special’ way. But this year, Tish was coming too.

Despite what I had planned to do, I couldn’t manage to kick her to the curb. Instead, we had gotten closer really, becoming good friends over the years. She also kept me informed on what happened to my little soviet friends, Natalia and Sasha. Apparently, Sasha had died of a drug overdose three years ago and Natalia had moved back to the motherland, setting up the Moscow chapter of the Red Roses. I got a postcard from her every now and again, most of which I couldn’t keep around the house. Tish impressed me by quitting her P.I. job and going back to the police, this time the state police, working her way up to sergeant. She’d earned several commendations and had been shot at, at least six times, hit once. She was coming this time because she promised she would and because she said this was her last year of servitude to me and she wanted to make the best of it. Even though I repeatedly told her that she was no longer bound to me, she’d insisted.

So, this was special, and the anticipation was killing me. We were sending the kids on a sleepover with some friends of theirs, while we indulged in more adult activities. I would do that as soon as Ashley got here so she could say hi.

The hours passed slowly, made all the more difficult to bear by Oriana’s barely controlled lust. She loved my birthdays because my sister came up and she got to join in. So ever since the tradition began, she would get excited to the point where she had to change repeatedly if I didn’t play with her, so she didn’t have to sit around in wet panties.

“Oh god Tim, remember your nineteenth birthday, how much fun that was?”

“I do alright,” I smiled, gently rubbing her crotch through her pants as she snuggled up next to me on the couch, “I remember you not being able to sit down for a while afterwards because you were jealous of my sister.”

“I was not jealous!” she protested. “I merely wanted to see what all the fuss was about.”

“Sure, whatever you say sunshine.” She pouted at my unbelieving tone and sighed, rubbing her head against my chest.

“When is she gonna get here?” she asked for maybe the hundredth time.

“Jeez you’d think the two of you were married instead of us,” I complained.

“Oh hush baby, she could never replace you.”

I turned my head as I heard a car pull into the driveway. Oriana heard it too and got up, “Kids! Auntie Ashley’s here, come say hi then we have to go! She yelled off into the house.

It wasn’t five second before we could hear the pounding of little feet as they came tearing around the corner, Ari in the lead.

They threw open the door with cries of ‘Auntie Ashley! Auntie Ashley!’ even before she could raise her hand to push the doorbell.

“Hi guys!” she squeaked excitedly, as they each wrapped themselves around one of my sister’s long legs. Ashley adored my kids, doting on them like nothing else and spoiling them out of their minds. She knelt down in front of them and got a kiss on the cheek from each, before she pulled out a brown paper shopping bag she’d been hiding behind her back. Ashley was always in the know when it came to what the kids were into without us telling her. She tugged Nathan closer and held him against her as she pulled out this massive picture book, dinosaurs studding the cover. I couldn’t help but chuckle as his eyes lit up and he took the book from his auntie, barely able to lift it. Ashley looked up at us and grinned at his reaction.

“What about me, Auntie Ashwey?” Ari squeaked, eagerly eyeing the shopping bag.

“Oh!” Ashley gasped, smacking her forehead, “I almost forgot about you, Ari.”

My daughter pouted and crossed her arms, glaring at my sister.

“Well I’m sorry, but all I was able to find…” she trailed off, digging into the bag, carefully watching Ari’s depressed face, “was this!” She pulled out a brightly colored box with a flourish and handed it to the four year old. It took all of three seconds for what she was holding to sink into my daughter’s brain. Having done so, she let out a piercing scream and threw herself at Ashley, wrapping her arms around her neck and kissing my sisters cheek hard enough to bruise. I got a peek at the box and groaned, Ari had been begging us for this doll for nearly a month.

“Now she’s just gonna go to Ashley if she wants something,” I whispered to Oriana, nudging her side and motioning to the box.

“What I want to know is how she knew,” she whispered back.


“Please, an auntie knows these things,” Ashley snickered, standing up and holding Ari, who was still firmly attached to my sister’s neck.

“Mhm, sure. Now put down your little clone and say bye bye, they’re headed for a sleepover.”

“We have all night?” Ashley asked, excitement in her eyes.

“Mmhmm,” Oriana answered, equally excited. By now Ari was listening intently to what we were saying and I worried that she would think we were doing something exciting without her tonight, which we were. Ari possessed a quiet intelligence that could be quite frightening, especially for a girl her age.

Ashley put her down and told us she was going to hit the bathroom and I decided now was as a good time as any to get the kids to their sleepover. Loading them into the car seemed easier today for some reason, despite their excitement at having Ashley up for a while. The drive was barely five minutes and I couldn’t hold back my grin as I drove home.

That all changed when I heard sirens behind me, and saw blue and red lights in my rearview. I quickly scanned the dash, seeing I was driving the limit and that there were no warning lights. Muttering curses to myself, I pulled over, the police officer pulling aside a short distance behind me as procedure dictated. Siren shut off and lights still flashing, the officer got out and strode towards me. I was busy fishing around for my information and didn’t look up until the officer was at my window.

“License and registration please,” the officer demanded politely, a female officer at that. Pulling out my papers, I passed them to her through the window, looking straight ahead in annoyance.

“Do you know why I pulled you over sir?” she asked brusquely.

“No officer, I believe I was doing the limit.”

Slowly, out of the corner of my eye, I watched her lean down and look straight at me.

A grin slowly formed underneath her standard issue aviators, “Because it’s your birthday.”

My head whipped around so fast I nearly gave myself whiplash, and I stared open mouthed at the officer, “Tish?”

“Yes Master,” she replied with a quirky little grin, pulling off her dark sunglasses, revealing her beautiful green eyes.

“Jeez, I didn’t recognize you,” I gaped incredulously.

“Well, you also didn’t look at me either so…oh and just so you know, don’t go digging around while the officer approaches the car, legally I could have had my weapon on you.” I blanched slightly and nodded, she had been intimidating the first time I saw her, but with the massive handgun at her hip and the starched uniform on her muscular frame, she was downright terrifying.

“Oh come on master, do I still scare you?”

“No, Patricia, you just worry me is all.”

She frowned at my use of her formal name and leaned on the door, a little pout forming on her sensual lips, “Well there’s no need for that, I’m here for fun. And I wouldn’t hurt the man of a one man party, now would I?”

“No you wouldn’t,” I smiled, genuinely pleased to see her again. I checked the time and grimaced, “We might want to get going, I left Ashley and my wife alone for a little too long I think.”

“I still can’t believe you got married and had kids,” she said whimsically, mostly to herself as she turned and headed back to her cruiser. I pulled out into the street, followed by Tish, and headed for home. There was quite a motley collection of vehicles in the driveway now, as Tish and I headed for the door. Tish’s state police cruiser, Ashley’s sleek Jag, my Dodge Charger, and the minivan I had used to drop off the kids, not including the Kawasaki Ninja 650R in the garage.

“Look who nearly arrested me!” I called off into the house as I led Tish in. I took a few tentative steps inside when I received no response. I just so happened to glance off into the living room and rolled my eyes.

“Oh, come on! I’ve been gone for ten minutes!” I complained loudly, Tish coming up next to me and giggling.

Ashley, standing in a t-shirt and knee length skirt, had Oriana’s head pinned between the junction of her legs and the couch. So, more or less, Ashley was kneeling on the end of the couch, my wife’s head between her legs, Oriana’s gently squirming body splayed out on the floor behind my sister.

Ashley flicked the hair out of her eyes and grinned unashamedly at Tish and me, “I couldn’t help myself, and neither could she. Hi Tish.”

Giggling uncontrollably, Tish simply waved and kicked off her boots, looking between the pair of women and myself. Ashley’s skirt covered Oriana’s head completely, making for quite an amusing sight. Noting with a groan, that the shades hadn’t been closed and the big picture window gave anyone on the street who wanted to look an unobstructed view of what was going on.

Pinching the bridge of my nose in feigned frustration I said, “Let’s at least go upstairs.”

Groaning as if in pain, Ashley pulled herself off of Oriana’s face and took a few wobbly steps back. Oriana sucked in a lungful of fresh air and grinned drunkenly at me.

“Hi baby!” she chirped happily, licking her moist lips and wiping the rest of Ashley’s juices from her face with the back of her hand.

“Are you having fun sweetness?” I asked, walking over and helping her to her feet. She nodded enthusiastically and kissed me, leaving an Ashley-esque aftertaste in my mouth.

“But I wasn’t finished!” she whined, “And now you’re going to hog her all to yourself.” Letting go of my wife, I snaked an arm around my sister’s slender waist, kissing her deeply. I still had to stand higher on my toes I noticed, not too much changed there.

“Don’t worry, there’s plenty of Ashley to go around,” I said quietly, reaching behind her and squeezing an ample cheek hard. Ashley grinned, loving being the center of attention.

“Besides, it’s her birthday too,” I added. I released Ashley and walked back over to Tish, motioning towards the stairs. She dutifully followed as I led the way upstairs.

I hadn’t taken two steps into the bedroom when I heard rushing feet and I was bodily thrown through the air onto the bed. Oriana and I had deliberately bought a huge bed when we moved into our new house. I landed square on my face, scrambling to turn over and glare at my sister and Tish.

“Which one of you did that?”

Ashley raised her hand triumphantly, beginning to work her way out of the loose skirt she wore. Oriana couldn’t seem to get out of her clothes fast enough, hopping from foot to foot in her haste. Once she had taken off every piece of clothing she wore, she threw herself on top of me, forcing every ounce of breath from my lungs. Like some crazed animal, she attacked me, stripping my pants from my body and tearing at my shirt. Ashley and Tish were a dumbstruck for a moment, unsure of how to deal with Oriana’s enthusiasm. Tish nudged my sister and reached behind her back, fiddling with something on her equipment belt.

“Oh god, Tish, I could do horrible things to you right now,” Ashley laughed, her eyes lighting up like I’ve never seen before as Tish held out a few objects. My eyes almost popped out of my head as I recognized them. Oriana was oblivious however, too busy making out with my neck to notice anything at all.

“Ashley no! Not again, that messed me up so bad!” Even my alarmed voice couldn’t distract my wife from kissing damn near every square inch of my body.

Pulling off her shirt and tossing it to the floor with her discarded skirt, Ashley sauntered over and pushed Oriana’s head aside so she could lean down close to my face.

“Please Timmy, that’s not fun anymore, you wouldn’t play along.” She held out her hand and, like some kind of bondage nurse, Tish slapped a pair of shiny silver handcuffs into her palm. Ashley grabbed Oriana’s wrist and cuffed her, pulling her hand towards the head of the bed, and attaching her to the small, mushroom shaped post.

Startled and annoyed that she had been pulled off of me, Oriana growled, “What are you doing Ashley?”

“Nothing sweetheart,” Ashley cooed nodding to Tish, who had connected two or three flexi-cuffs together. She looped one end around Oriana’s slim ankle and connected the other to the post at the end of the bed. Tish tossed Ashley another set of flexi-cuffs and grinned as Oriana’s other wrist was attached to the same headboard post.

“Noo, please!” she wailed, tears welling up in the corners of her brilliant blue eyes. I felt for her, she got so excited about this, and now she couldn’t even touch herself, she would go insane.

“Shh, shh, calm down. We don’t want you to get too…excited, do we?”

“Ashleeeeyyy!” Oriana yelled, kicking with her one free leg and writhing around on the edge of the bed in frustration.

“Now now, Mrs. Donovan, I have gags in my cruiser,” Tish warned, stressing the Mrs. of Mrs. Donovan, in a way that suggested she should act her age. Now, what I found strange was that I just sat there watching this, totally ignored and half naked. I just watched in fascination as Ashley slowly and gently began caressing Oriana’s body. Whimpering and straining at her bonds, Oriana pleaded with her eyes for Ashley to let her go, all the while watching Tish slowly taking her clothes off out of the corner of her eye. Tish’s body was just as impressive as I remembered it, muscle on muscle. She had gained just a tiny bit of weight, probably from sitting in a car for most of the day, but it in no way took away from her stunning musculature. Tish stripped completely naked and crawled onto the bed watching as Ashley gently teased Oriana’s nipples. My attention was so consumed with watching my sister, I didn’t notice Tish creeping up on me.

“Master, seeing as those two are…preoccupied, what should we do?”

Slightly startled I said, “I don’t know, it’s your last day, what do you want to do?”

She crawled towards me, forcing me onto my back and holding her body above me, her huge tits jiggling in my face. “I want you to fuck me so hard I pass out, like the first time.”

I gave her a sympathetic smile, “Tish, I don’t think I can do that again.”

She pouted, sitting on my stomach, the heat from between her legs warming my belly-button, she was still heavy.

“Please Master, just as hard as you can then? I need it so bad it’s not even funny.”

“I’m sure its not,” I smiled, reaching up and grabbing her tits, squeezing them roughly. She closed her eyes with a pleased sigh, slowly grinding her hips against my stomach.

“Damn it!” Ashley complained, realizing she wouldn’t be first, “It’s all your fault, little pain in the ass.”

“No Ashley, please,” Oriana moaned, sweating and squirming under my sister’s expert attention. Tish watched as Ashley began teasing Oriana’s more sensitive spots with her mouth and tongue. Ashley knew exactly how derive the greatest amount of pleasure from the tiniest little things. My wife’s struggles must have turned Tish on to no end because she kissed me fiercely, pushing her hips lower down my body and rubbing her slit against my boxer restricted hard-on. I groaned as her weight actually pushed a good deal of my dick into her. Spurred on by Oriana’s tortured squeals of pleasure, I roughly flipped Tish over and jammed my index and middle finger into her cunt.

“Oh Master, yes!” she pulled me down into her, stuffing my face between her massive tits, while reaching down and pushing my boxers down, “Give it to me!” With more force than I expected, I pulled my hips back and slammed my cock into Tish’s overly abused pussy. Tish screamed, pressing my head tightly into her fleshy bosom. Startled by Tish’s outburst, Ashley and Oriana stopped what they were doing and turned to watch us. Tish’s whole body was slammed forward with my thrusts, her breasts undulating crazily. Without warning, I ripped my cock out of her and pulled away, flipping her over again. With crazed, excited laughter, she pushed her butt up at me.

“Yes! MAASTEERR!!” she screamed again as I plunged my wrought iron cock into her tight asshole.

“Holy shit,” Ashley and Oriana gasped in unison, shocked at my apparent savagery. Truth be told, this was the only way to have sex with Tish. Crying out with ecstatic pleasure, Tish picked herself up and pushed her ass back at me in concert with my forceful thrusts. A low, throaty noise seemed to come from the deepest part of her body as she began to tremble. Pushing her face into the sheets she had gathered in her clenched fists, she screamed again, her body exploding.

“Whoa,” Ashley breathed, watching my cock piston in and out of Tish’s ass. She had curled up against Oriana, her hands within easy reach of Oriana’s vital areas. Tish’s face contorted with pain and pleasure as she climaxed hard, her body collapsing flat on the bed, accidently pulling my cock from her ass. Without even thinking, I looped my arms around her waist and hoisted her rear end back up so I could plunge my dick back into her ass. A few more deep thrusts was all it took for me to finish with her. Groaning in relief, I unloaded myself into her ass.

“Ohhhh, Master,” Tish moaned, feeling my hot cum fill her anal cavity. Drained, I deflated on top of her, huffing and puffing, clearly I was out of shape.

Oriana snickered, drawing Ashley’s attention, “What?”

“He’s good for maybe one an hour these days, hope you like waiting.” Tish gave them a self-satisfied smile, pleased with herself that she managed to get me first. She shrugged me off of her and tucked herself against me sleepily.

“What, getting old Timothy?” Ashley giggled.

“Fuck you, Ashley,” I replied, smiling.

“Oh well, I can wait, I had to wait half a year for this anyways,” my sister sighed, crawling over Oriana and reaching for something on the floor. Something caught my eye on her back, but before I could say anything she sat back up, holding a hair elastic in her hand. She put her hair up into a loose ponytail and waved me over to her side of the bed.

“No, you come here, I’m kinda stuck,” I grinned, gesturing at Tish, who’d apparently fallen asleep with her arms around me in an incredibly tight embrace. Sometimes it was hard to remember that Tish was a good deal older than us.

“Oh and what’s that on you back?” I asked.

“There’s something on my back? Is it a bug? Get it off get it off!” she cried, her unusual fear of insects coming to the fore in a flailing of limbs.

“It’s not a bug, calm down. Was that a tattoo?”

“Oh,” she let out a relieved breath, turning so I could see her lower back, “yeah, I got it a few months ago.” It was one of those tribal-like bands across her lower back, just above her butt. It looked like a long flat ‘M’ with the ends curving downwards. Within the interwoven lines was a stylized ‘A’. It was very well done, though that hardly made up for the fact that she was thirty and only now getting a tattoo.

She giggled, “Yeah, it’s just high enough to see over my jeans and if I wear one of my high-rider thongs, it’s so much fun to walk around town and see all the guys drool.”

“Cock tease,” I snorted. She flashed a feral smile and crawled over to me, working to pry Tish’s arms from around my middle.

“You know it. You should see the older married guys at work, they want me so bad.” My sister was a corporate secretary and professional arm-candy down in Boston. I felt for her boss really, I’d met him once, a really sweet guy with a wife and three kids. Ashley teased him mercilessly, but she was very good at her job and knew not to take it too far. Unsurprisingly, she was still single. Her excuse was that she was still looking for the perfect guy and hadn’t even come close. Though I couldn’t see my sister getting tied down in a relationship, her fling with Mark back in college hadn’t lasted past his graduation that year. She was still hitting all the parties she could and staking out bars but really didn’t make much of an effort aside from that. My sister was about lust, not love. Hopefully that would change.

With a grunt, we managed to pry Tish’s arms open enough for me to slither free into my sister’s arms.

“Hmm, gottcha,” she purred, taking my face in surprisingly gentle hands and kissing me passionately. She playfully tackled me onto my back, pressing herself close, she still smelled like flowers.

“You’re just going to leave me here?” Oriana shrieked, hurting our ears and jarring Tish awake. When no one answered her, she opened her mouth to yell at us again but stopped when I held up a hand. I motioned a drowsy Tish into whispering range and cupped my hand to her ear.

“When do you stop being mine?”

“Sometime tonight, it’s not really that specific,” she responded, confused.

“Alright then, go over there and make my wife happy,” I ordered with a wry smile.

She peeked over us and grinned at Oriana, “I would have done it anyways, Master.” With that, she crawled over Ashley and me, smacking my sister’s ass hard as she did, and made her way over to Oriana. Grinning from Tish’s smack, Ashley pushed her face against mine so we could both watch what she would do. Though both women were familiar with Tish, Ashley a little more than Oriana, they hadn’t really spent that much time with her. So, I suppose Oriana’s unease was understandable.

She knelt next to my wife’s bound body and stroked her hair gently, really doing nothing to put her at ease.

Tish looked back at us with a frustrated expression on her face, “She’s so small. I’m not sure what to do.”

“What, things have to be big for you to work with them?” Ashley asked, chuckling.

“Well, yeah, kinda. I mean, you’re big, and Master, you’re big in a certain way.” Ashley took it the wrong way and I blushed despite myself.

“Why you…” she seethed, beginning to pick herself up to go after Tish. I stopped her with a hand on her arm and shook my head reassuringly.

“I’m just used to, you know…being rough. What am I supposed to do?” She had a point, she was used to forcing herself on people, and the tallies tattooed on her sides were a testament to that. Oriana liked it rough only when she was in the mood for it, otherwise she liked it lovey dovey and as sensual as possible.

“Well now you have a chance to try a different approach,” I said diplomatically. Tish nervously looked from my face to Oriana’s until she silently came to a decision. Leaning down, she gingerly kissed my wife on the lips, slowly beginning to press her body close. Oriana resisted at first then slowly began kissing back, pushing her own body towards Tish. Tish pulled away, leaving Oriana awkwardly straining against her bonds in an attempt to chase after.

“Passion fruit, Mrs. Donovan?” Tish asked, a silly little grin on her lips. Oriana nodded, her leg shifting to try and cover up her neglected and now moist pussy, something akin to embarrassment on her face. Normally Oriana didn’t ask to be involved in sexual activities with other women, generally being forced into it by Ashley, and only Ashley. To see her react this way was quite amusing and incredibly arousing. As a result, my cock began to swell again, seizing Ashley’s attention almost immediately.

“Finally,” she purred lustily, kissing me deeply and rocking her hips on my upturned hard-on. The heat and moisture coming out from between her legs was incredible, turning me on like there was no tomorrow.

“You’re awfully eager,” I remarked with a smile, leaning up and kissing her back.

Cradling my head in her arms, tucking it into her throat she said, “I haven’t had sex in forever and I am sooo fucking horny.”

“Ah, I see that…” I trailed off as a particularly loud moan from my wife interrupted me. I looked over, frustrating Ashley’s attempt to kiss me again.

“Shh, easy now Mrs. Donovan,” Tish cooed, one hand flying over Oriana’s pussy like only another woman’s could, the other tweaking one of Oriana’s sensitive little nipples. Even after breast feeding two children, her tits didn’t seem to suffer any ill effects, a source of much astonishment for doctors and myself. Tish’s lips covered hers with obvious tongue involvement.

“Uhh, I can’t take it anymore,” Ashley groaned, picking herself up and looking to start fucking me. But I had other ideas.

“Not just yet,” I said, reaching up and taking hold of her shoulders I threw her to the side onto her back. Startled, she didn’t have time to react before I stuffed my face between her legs.

“Ooo,” she squealed in a surprisingly high pitched voice, scooting back against the headboard and pushing her hips up into my eager mouth. I could care less about the rather disturbing noises my mouth and tongue made as I ate her out. She tasted so good, sweet like candy. She cried out, her knees coming up and effectively shielding my actions from the others, and focusing my efforts. My tongue roughly licked along her outer lips and then slowly made towards the center, deeper and deeper into her slit. Ashley let out a squeaking moan and grabbed the back of my head with both hands, pushing my face harder into her pussy.

I found her clit with my tongue first, doing everything I could to it. I ran the length of my tongue over it several times, thrilled by the cries of pleasure it got out of my sister. After flicking the hard little piece of flesh with my tongue a few times I tried to suck it into my mouth, not successfully mind you, but the effort alone nearly drove Ashley insane. Her firm thighs were making it difficult to move my head, suffering through what could only be described as intense muscle spasms.

“Oh Tim! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Don’t stop!” Ashley cried out. I obeyed, picking up the pace actually, tonguing her furiously and without remorse. With a startled gasp, she blew, though not with a showy squirt like Oriana could pull off, but with a full body climax that shook her to the core. It was so bad, that she accidentally smacked her head against the aptly named headboard several times. Though barely showing it on the outside, her pussy filled nearly to bursting with her own cum, threatening to overflow if something wasn’t done soon. I was just the man for the job, doing everything in my power to suck her dry again. Her frenzied cries continued long after I pulled my mouth away, accompanying her seizure-like movements.

Panting, my sister collapsed in a heap, pulling me close and trying to whisper unending thanks in my ear.

“Take it easy, Ashley,” I soothed, pulling away from her weakened arms to take a peek at what the others were up to.

Tish looked to be having a hard time with Oriana, a frustrated look in her emerald green eyes. Either Oriana wasn’t responding or Tish was having a hard time being gentle, I couldn’t tell. Petting Ashley’s head like a well behaved puppy, I sidled over to Tish.

“Having trouble?”

She let out a huge sigh, “I can’t do it. I’ve been at it for how long?”

I looked at the clock, “Maybe ten minutes.” Tish frowned, taking her hands away from my wife, shoulders slumping in defeat. Oriana watched me with excited eyes untroubled by the bonds that kept her from me.

“Hi honey,” I said softly, one hand stroking her hair and the other gently rubbing the thigh of her free leg.

“H-hi baby,” she stammered, her body instantly reacting to my touch. Tish sighed again, scooting back to sit at Ashley’s feet. They eyed each other warily before turning their attention back to what I was doing. My wife grinned savagely as I leaned in closer to her, kissing up her neck to her ear.

“Did you cum yet babe?” I whispered while lightly touching my lips to her ear, barely making contact.

She shivered, gulping air like a beached fish as she tried to speak, “N-no, I…I um, I’ve been holding it back.”

“Why?” I breathed in her other ear, lightly blowing on her elf-like ear. I knew why, but it was obvious that what I was doing was killing her.

"B-because,” she tried to kiss me but I pulled away, “because…I want you to make me…cum.” Her eyes darted down my body, noticed my cock was perilously close to her slit, and looked back into my eyes with desperate longing.

“Really…,” I said softly, now running both hands along the inside of her thighs, “now why would you do that?”

She swallowed hard, her eyes focusing on one of my eyes and then the other, the touch of my hands sending shockwaves of electricity throughout her pent up body.

“I-I didn’t want Ashley to do it.”

“And poor Tish? She tried so hard,” I smiled, giving Tish a sympathetic look over my shoulder.

“Please,” she gasped, closing her eyes as my hands neared the junction of her legs and caressed her stomach.

“Please, what?”

“Please Tim, don’t,” she whispered as I brought my face close to hear her answer.

“Don’t what sweetness? Don’t shove my cock into your tight cunt? Don’t fuck you until you explode all over our bed? Don’t fill you up with my hot sticky cum? Don’t make you scream you lungs ragged?” I said slowly, my voice a husky whisper.

Her mouth slowly opened and her eyes glazed over. “Whoa!” Ashley exclaimed as something wet splashed down my leg.

“Oh my god,” Tish said in an awed voice. I looked down just in time to see another spurt of girl cum hit my thigh. Oriana shuddered and gave me a twitchy, embarrassed smile.

“Did that feel good babe?”

“Aha,” she panted, trying to hook her free leg behind my thighs.

“How much more can you take?” I asked, gently teasing her right nipple with a finger. She pushed her chest out and I did what she wanted, taking her still magnificent tits in my hands.

She squeezed her eyes shut and moaned, “Let me go Tim, please. It’s starting to hurt.” I looked over my shoulder at Ashley and Tish.

Ashley didn’t even seem to be paying attention, clearly she had other things on her mind. Tish shrugged, struggling off the bed and over to where her equipment belt lay on the floor with her clothes. She pulled out a little set of keys and a wicked looking three inch folding knife. Tish first unlocked the metal handcuffs, then flicked open the knife and deftly cut the flexi-cuffs from Oriana’s remaining limbs.

Sighing in relief, Oriana wrapped her arms around my neck with exaggerated slowness, as if to show me she was in control of herself.

She kissed me tenderly and pulled me into a tight embrace, her head over my shoulder she whispered in my ear, “I’ll get you for this later.”

“It wasn’t my idea!” I said defensively, trying to pull out her grip but couldn’t.

“Be that as it may, you still let it happen,” she replied calmly, “And besides, they’re leaving eventually…you’re stuck here with me…with nowhere to run.” She was kissing me gently on the cheek, which didn’t completely distract me from her threats.

Frankly, I wasn’t too worried; if she was serious I would get bombarded with sarcastic comments and little aggravating snipes. But I would always get sex (ha ha), no matter how mad at me she got over something, she was still the horniest girl around and would generally take her frustrations out on me in the bedroom, making for some very interesting encounters. In one particular case she reminded me so much of my sister in how she handled me, that I accidently called her Ashley, needless to say, it didn’t help her mood.

Speaking of which, Ashley was looking a little depressed. I motioned to Tish that she should have a go at my sister and she grinned broadly. If I admitted it to myself, and, I did, I think they sort of liked each other.

“Hey uh, Ashley?” Tish began, blushing slightly.

“What?” Ashley sounded slightly annoyed.

“So…do you wanna…?”

“Oh for god’s sake Tish! It’s Ashley, just jump on her,” I said.

Ashley’s eyes went huge and her attention snapped back to Tish with just enough time to prepare herself for impact as Tish did as I said, bodily throwing herself on my sister.

Oriana and I desperately tried to suppress our laughter as they tumbled over the side of the bed with a huge thump. Tish had the weight and probably the strength needed to overpower Ashley, but my sibling had experience grappling with me.

We could hear them wrestling around on the floor, and every so often a body part would flail into view or, in one case, Ashley tried to throw herself back on the bed but only made it halfway before she was dragged back down. It was that sight that truly made my day, Oriana’s too it seemed.

“Help me!” she had squeaked, fingers clawing the sheets. They had tousled for a few more minutes before I heard some whispering, apparently Tish had sweet talked Ashley into doing something because the next thing I heard was moaning.

“Well then…now that that’s taken care of, where were we sweetness?”

“You were going to do me,” Oriana replied hastily.

“Was I?” I enquired, feigning confusion, “Why I could have sworn we were going to do something else.”

Having dealt with this kind of nonsense for ten years of marriage and years of dating and friendship, she knew my game. “You’ve got a ways to go before you can pull off senility, babe.”

“Who are you again? Where am I…who are you?” I asked with a straight face.

“Oh god, grow up!” she giggled, and then turned serious, “It looks like I gotta fuck some sense back into you. Get off.”

I did as I was told, rolling off of her and eagerly looking back at her. She snorted, sitting up and then throwing a leg over my waist. She made it look so damn easy, not that I especially wanted to trade places with her but still… In one smooth movement, and with contemptuous ease, she grabbed my shaft with one hand, the other helping to support her weight on my chest, and impaled herself on it. She never ceased to amaze me, which was just one small reason why I loved her so much.

She settled herself with a throaty moan and wiggled around, reveling in my filling presence. Sure, childbirth had taken a toll on her internal workings, but you have to remember how tight she used to be, now it was, dare I say it, normal. There wasn’t much that set her apart from Ashley really, but the fact that she was my wife made up for it.

A little pleased sigh escaped her and she let her shoulders slump, releasing the tension she had built up while tied up. My wife loved sex like other people loved breathing and two little kids couldn’t stop that. She delighted in figuring out how to have sex when the kids were around.

“Ok babe?” I asked, she was sitting still and that concerned me.

Her eyes looked down from where they had been aimed at the ceiling and made contact with mine, “Yeah, just needed a second.” I smiled, settling my own hips.

Her lips twisted in this weird little smile as she felt my stiff dick move slightly inside of her, “Oo, my big man, I’m gonna ride you good.”

I chuckled, “Just don’t hurt yourself.” Slowly, she started rocking her hips back and forth, the insides of her creamy white thighs sliding along my hips. With one hand splayed on my chest, the other could do whatever she wanted it to, and at the moment it was tangled up in her hair. She was mussing her hair up in this incredibly sexy way and letting her head go limp. She was really enjoying herself this time, pumping her hips fast one moment and rocking them with infuriating slowness the next.

We froze at one point when Tish cried out from the floor, “She bit me!”

“You ok there Tish?” I called, still unable to see either of them. I looked to Oriana but she shrugged; a very pleasing movement that caused her breasts to jiggle.

“She fucking bit me!” she cried again.

“I can’t help it if you’ve got a lot of places to bite,” Ashley retorted.

“You calling me fat, fatty?” Oriana and I both winced at that one, big mistake on Tish’s part.

“You’re done!” Ashley shrieked. Suddenly they reappeared, though just their torsos. Ashley threw herself at Tish and they disappeared from view again. After a moment or two of screaming and thuds and other angry female noises, there was a distinct metal click and Ashley yelled in frustration.

Tish reappeared a few seconds later, a stupid grin on her face and the tiny set of keys dangling from her fingers.

“Oh, bad girl, Patricia. I hope you’re ready to let her go eventually,” I laughed.

“Not so Master,” she smirked, her silly smile turning into a smug grin, “I think I have to leave after I’m done with her. And there are plenty of cuffs back at the station. You can let her loose.”

I shook my head, “Fine. If I wasn’t busy at the moment…” I trailed off with a menacing look.

She snorted and looked down at my sister on the floor, “I was just kidding about you being fat hot stuff, I would kill for your body.” Her apologetic smile turned sinister.

“But if I can’t have it…I might as well use it.”

Ashley squeaked in genuine fear, “Tim! Help!”

“Sorry Ashley, he’s busy,” Oriana cut me off, shoving her hips forward hard and leaning down to kiss me passionately. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Tish slowly disappear from view, leading with grasping hands and a wicked grin. I had my hands full with my wife’s tits at the moment but I kept my ear tuned to the strangely arousing struggles of my sister. I don’t know if it’s possible to get harder when you already have a full-fledged erection going, but it sure as hell felt like it. Oriana noticed, issuing a delicate moan and pushing her hips harder against my cock, forcing it as deep as she could. I let go of one of her supple tits and reached back to grab a handful of fleshy cheek. I can say one thing about pregnancy, it adds weight to some great places on a woman, and then as a kicker it’s almost impossible to get rid of. And on Oriana all that weight went to her belly and her ass. Now, she’d worked incredibly hard to get back her flat stomach but for the life of her she just couldn’t lose it from her butt.

Now, I’ve always been in awe of Ashley’s ass, but Oriana was fast surpassing her. During the day, I could barely keep my hands off of it.

She moaned as I squeezed, sinking my fingers deep into her fleshy bottom. Wetness soaked my crotch and I assumed she just climaxed, amused to see she was trying so hard not to. Normally, as you know, she cums very, very easily.

We eventually got into a nice steady, deep rhythm. God I just wanted to grab her and roll us over so I could fuck her hard. But I knew she would hate that, what with her being in a kind of dominating mindset at the moment. It was maddening! Eventually both of my hands ended up clamped to her ass, showing her gorgeous cheeks no mercy.

She’d become used to it after a while, even growing to love it, which she showed off now by throwing her head back and screaming, as her body blasted through another mind numbing orgasm.

Pumping my hips against her own I soon felt my balls start to tighten in preparation to blow.

“Oriana! Oh shiitt!” I groaned loudly, shoving my cock deep into her. She squealed in delight as she felt her insides burn with my cum, leading to another orgasm, though more subdued.

Drained (again!), I sagged back onto the bed, sighing as Oriana lay down on top of me, practically purring with pleasure.

“I love you so much, Tim,” she breathed, tenderly kissing my face.

“Aw shucks, you’re just saying that,” I smirked wearily, trying to kiss her back. She giggled, tucking her face into my neck and lightly biting at my skin.

Drifting toward the edge of unconsciousness, I was brought back by the sound of my sister crying out for god. Apparently Tish was not above sharing the pleasure. A few moments later Tish appeared, wiping her mouth with the back of a hand she tossed me a lopsided grin.

“Man oh man does she taste good, like candy,” she panted.

“I know right,” I agreed, laughing as Oriana elbowed me. “Now what?”

“Well she has to return the favor. Don’t you hot stuff?” She reached down and did something that made Ashley cry out. Tish repositioned herself, something that required her to get higher, and she then cautiously began lowering herself back down.

“Ooohh,” she sighed, “that’s right, nnnhhhaa.”

Curious, I gently slid Oriana off of me and shimmied to the edge of the bed. Tish smiled and kissed me, before reaching down and stroking Ashley’s head, most of which was wedged between Tish’s legs.

“Having fun?” I asked them.

“Mmm yess,” Tish moaned, slowly rubbing her slit over Ashley’s mouth and nose.

And the look in my sister’s eyes told me everything she couldn’t say at the moment. She wasn’t happy about being sat upon by someone as heavy as Tish, but deep down I think she liked what was happening.

Her hands were behind her back, handcuffed, I assumed. The funny part was that her legs were shifting in such a way that told me she desperately wanted to be touched. Now, being the nice brother that I am, I decided to help her out. Not personally mind you.

“Hey babe,” I turned to Oriana, waving her over, “come here.” Grunting in a rather unladylike manner, she rolled over and crawled to the edge of the bed alongside me. She grinned when she saw the situation Ashley was in.

I got onto my knees and grabbed her around the waist, lifting her up slightly. She let out a little squeak as I half pulled, half dropped her next to Ashley’s long legs.

“What the hell, Tim.”

In response, I pointed between Ashley’s legs and gave her a look.

“Oh come on,” she whined. My face remained set, I wasn’t going to give in.

“Tim, I don’t want to.”

I just stared at her.

She sighed and gave me a scathing look. She wanted to, that was for sure, but she just didn’t want to admit it. Shooting me daggers, she took hold of Ashley’s knees and forced them apart.

My sister wailed into Tish’s pussy as she felt Oriana’s lips on her slit. I couldn’t help but snicker a bit, watching the three of them go at it was quite a site. Tish’s face twisted in pleasure as Ashley’s struggles increased.

I sat back, watching. This was better than any porn, why, because it was real. I considered jacking off to this amazing scene but figured it would be a better use of my time to get my energy back up.

Things started to happen fast after that. Tish threw her head back, mouth wide in a silent scream of orgasmic pleasure as Ashley’s efforts came to fruition in the best ways. Not five seconds after that, Ashley tensed up and jerked spasmodically. Oriana sighed, sat up and wiped her face on her arm. Her face told it all, she was exhausted. Strangely enough, I wasn’t. Maybe it was because I had one last little hurrah before I shut down completely, or maybe it was all of the feminine chemical…stuff, floating around.

I let out my own sigh and got off the bed as Oriana climbed back on and spread out, while Tish just collapsed next to Ashley. After searching for a bit, I located all of my clothes and got dressed. Next, I found the keys to the handcuffs and knelt down next to my sister.

She looked at me with a mixed expression on her face. Part of her was worried that now I was going to abuse her, and part of her wanted me to abuse her. I smiled reassuringly and rolled her over, unlocking the handcuffs.

Helping her to her feet, I pointed to her clothes, “Why don’t you get dressed. You and I are going for a ride.”

“Kay. Where are we going?” she asked tiredly, reaching for her panties after struggling into her bra.

By way of an answer I said, pointing to her baby blue panties, “You won’t need those.”

“Oo la la, are we going somewhere romantic?” she giggled, tossing her panties at Tish and stepping into her skirt.

I squinted at her, “I think your idea of romanticism is a little warped my dear sister.”

She paused for a second after pulling on her shirt, “Nuh-uh.” She stuck her tongue out at me and danced away as I made to spank her.

“Grow up, Ashley,” I laughed, walking past her and out into the hall.

“Where you going?” Oriana called groggily.

“We’ll be back honey, just rest up.” She mumbled something in response as I led Ashley downstairs and into the garage.

Ashley squealed in girly delight when she realized what we were going to do. The ride I mentioned, wasn’t in my Charger, it was on my bike.

“Oh my god, oh my god, finally!” she squeaked, as I handed her my extra helmet. I had bought the Ninja 650R a year or so ago, after the last time she had been up her with us. Ashley had begged me to take her for a ride but I was never confident enough to do so, until recently that is. I mainly used it to get to work sites in a hurry or when I wanted to make an impression. It was a very sexy black and red design with plenty of power and sipped on the gas, another plus these days.

“That’s right, you ready for it?” I teased.

“Hell yeah I am!”

Grinning, I hit the garage door opener and considered the jacket I usually wore when riding, dismissing it as being too hot. I released the brake and walked it out onto the street, a chore I know, but I didn’t want to risk anything with all the extra cars in the driveway. Ashley followed eagerly, bouncing around with barely controlled excitement.

I put on my helmet and raised the visor, “Ready?” Letting out another girly squeak, she donned her own helmet and nodded. I got on and she followed suit, pressing tightly against my back and wrapping her arms around my middle. Oriana hated the bike, and never ever rode with me, so this was a very pleasant feeling. I started the engine with a whining roar and let it idle for a moment, before setting off down the street at a reasonable speed. I think Ashley was a little disappointed, expecting some impressive speeds right off the bat, but that would come later, after we left my neighborhood.

Going only slightly above the speed limit for a few blocks, we came to the on-ramp for the highway. It was after rush hour so there was very little traffic. Without warning, I gunned the engine and took off into light traffic, weaving in between cars with almost reckless abandon. If I didn’t do this on a regular basis like I did, it may have actually been dangerous.

“Tiiiiimm!” Ashley screamed as we nearly missed a corvette full of twenty-somethings. The speedometer read exactly one hundred miles per hour and I reveled in the power of it all, and the frantic grip Ashley had on me. The heat and the vibration of the engine felt so good on short trips like this and I could only imagine the feeling for Ashley, not having any panties on and all. I only hit these speeds for short sprints, not wanting to attract too much attention. After a couple of miles I slowed to a reasonable eighty mph, then slowed even more as we reached the off-ramp I wanted.

We exited onto a long straight road and headed down it, accelerating all the way. I slowed as we reached the end of it and took a few turns until we came to the entrance of a park. Being that it was later in the day, there was nobody there, just a few joggers and a couple here and there. But they were the only ones we could see, the park was huge. I pulled into a spot and shut off the bike, slipping the key into my pocket before getting off. Ashley followed, nearly falling on her face. I couldn’t help but notice the dampness of the leather where she had been sitting; apparently she liked the feel of it as well.

I took off my helmet and hung it on the end of a handle bar, before turning to my sister. She was wobbling around on unsteady legs, nearly falling to her knees at one point if I hadn’t caught her. Carefully, she sat down and tried to get her helmet off, struggling to do so. I chuckled and helped remove it, hanging it on the other handlebar.

“Oh my god,” she gasped, blinking rapidly as she ended up looking into a street light.

“Did you like it?”

She took a steadying breath and held up her arms for me to help her up. “It was terrifying,” she said after a moment, “but somehow incredibly sexy.”

I nodded knowingly and took her hand, leading her into the park. “Oriana can’t even touch it. She keeps telling me it’ll be the death of me.”

Ashley laughed, shaking off my hand and looping her arm with mine so she could be closer. “She has a point Tim.”

“How do you figure?” I asked, making no effort to separate myself from my gorgeous sister.

“You have a family. You can’t be risking your life like that all the time.”

I was silent, she was right, but I’ll be damned if I give up my favorite toy. Knowing I would be too stubborn about this to change my mind, she changed the subject instead.

“Isn’t it nice out? So warm.”

“Yeah, this is what I do sometimes in the summer. I come here in the evening and just walk around.” The sun was starting to set and cast a glowing light about everything that made things just that much more beautiful.

Chuckling, I nudged her in the ribs, “See now, this, this is romantic.”

She looked around and then back at me, “Pfft, I still think you fucking me into a coma is more romantic.” She had to be kidding!

“You’re not serious.”

She gave me a coy look, “Maybe I am…and maybe I’m not.” I shook my head sadly; this was why she didn’t have a steady man in her life. We were quiet for a few minutes as I led her down a rarely used path to a little pond.

“Oh wow,” she breathed. The sun was setting just right, turning the water of the pond red and reflecting it all over the vegetation around us. I unwrapped my arm from hers and headed towards a lone picnic table at the water’s edge, I’d seen this a hundred times. She stood gawking for a few moments before walking over to where I sat on top of the table. She hopped up with me and put her head on my shoulder with a pleased sigh.

“How many years?”

“Twelve,” she answered, knowing exactly what I meant.



“You’ve changed so much, yet you’re exactly the same.”

“I wish I could say the same for you,” she said softly. “You got married to your high school sweetheart, had two beautiful kids, got a fantastic job…”

I didn’t even need to see it to know she was on the brink of tears.

“Shh, Ashley, come on now,” I cooed softly, hugging her to me. Too late though to stop the waterworks. She choked for a second before she broke down completely with stuttering sobs.

“You’re happy!” she wailed, burying her face in my collar.

“So will you Ashley, you already have a good start,” I soothed, gently rocking her back and forth.

“Nobody loves me,”

I snorted, “I love you, Oriana loves you, my kids love you, mom and dad love you…”

“Family doesn’t count!” she cut me off.

Suddenly I was angry; maybe what she had said went the wrong way. I grabbed her head and pulled her face out of my shirt so I could see her tear strained face.

“Look! You see what I’ve become and you want that right?” I asked, raising my voice forcefully.

Her eyes were huge and she gulped, nodding slowly.

“Good, now do you remember who you used to be, the confident, self assured girl who took what she wanted and couldn’t give a damn about the consequences? If that Ashley wanted something she wouldn’t stop until she got it. You’re not her anymore, I saw it today and I’ve been seeing it as soon as we left home and especially after I got married. Why?” I was on the verge of yelling at her now.

Her tears still flowed, only now she looked terrified to boot. “I-I-I don’t know.”

“Well you had better figure it out. That Ashley would have been married by now. You need to be Ashley, not the hot chick that everyone wants to fuck.” That particular line seemed to click with her mind and she stopped crying.

I lowered my voice and held her close to me, “You’re a beautiful, successful, intelligent, interesting woman, Ashley. You have to make guys see that, and not just a hot piece of ass looking for a one night stand. Understand?”

She took a faltering breath, “Y-yes.”

“Good girl,” I smiled, kissed the top of her head and held her tightly. “Now watch this.”

I’m not sure why this particular event seemed to happen at this pond and nowhere else I knew of, but I wasn’t about to question the beauty of it. As we watched the color of the water turned from red, to pink, to orange, to yellow (go figure), and then finally for a split second, green.

She sighed longingly, “Why did you have to be my brother? Why couldn’t you have been my perfect man?” Ladies and gentlemen, sweet Ashley had arrived.

“Aww.” I kissed her cheek and leaned against her.

“Don’t ‘aww’ me, asshole,” sweet Ashley has left the building, “It’s not funny.” She pulled away and pushed me, sending me sprawling on my back on top of the table. I barely had time to clear the starts from my eyes when she was on me, straddling my waist with firm thighs and leaning down so her face was inches from mine.

“A-Ashley? What are you doing?”

She snorted, kissing me fiercely, “You made me leave my panties at your house for a reason, Tim, don’t play stupid with me.” I groaned as she dug her hips into my crotch, making me realize I was already rock solid.

Still kissing me, and still grinding her hips against my cock, she reached between us and easily undid my pants, pushing them and my boxers down.

“What no foreplay?” I laughed, after she had finished biting my lower lip.

“Who says?” She turned so her face was close to my dick and licked her lips, eyeing me hungrily. Without warning she swallowed half of my shaft in one go, sinking the rest down her throat as only she could. Her tongue, magical thing that it was, did incredible things as she expertly sucked me off.

“Oh, holy crap Ashley!” I moaned as she hummed, the vibrations seemingly focused directly on the head of my cock. Her ass was swaying temptingly mere feet from my face, and my whole body ached with a powerful need to touch it.

“Come on Ashley, double your pleasure double your fun.”

She pulled her mouth off my cock and looked back at me, “No, every damn one of you has eaten me out today, no more.” She sounded like a petulant child.

“Please, you taste so good.”

For a moment she seemed to consider it, “Nope.” And with that she sealed her lips around my cock once more.

Sighing, I laid back, enjoying what she was doing to me. But it wasn’t long before I needed to do something, I never just laid there. My sister’s plump ass was just sitting there, begging to be fondled, so that’s what I did.

I reached over and flipped her loose skirt up and out of the way, revealing her moist pussy and tight little asshole. Extending a finger, I gently ran it down the crack of her perfect ass, over her puckered hole to tease the area around her slit. She shivered but made no move to stop me as I found her clit and slowly began rubbing it.

I knew just what to do to drive her insane. Rubbing her clit with my forefinger, I slowly began pushing my pinky into her hot cunt. I forcefully rubbed her clit for a minute or so until she got close to the edge, barely able to focus on what she was doing and moaning loudly. That’s when I stopped, killing her orgasm in one fell swoop and slowly began pushing my smallest digit in and out of her pussy. Now this wasn’t even remotely close to enough for her, and it was only a matter of time before she couldn’t take it anymore and needed to be filled with my cock.

Sure enough, she groaned in frustration and let my now thoroughly soaked cock fall from her mouth. “Oh you son of a bitch, I know what you’re doing.”

Grinning like an idiot as she slapped my dick and threw her leg over my waist, I said, “Hey don’t talk about our mother like that.”

She snorted, rubbing her soaked slit over my dick. “Stupid pinky trick always works,” she muttered to herself as she easily flicked my cock upwards and slid it into her pussy. We both moaned as our now sensitive organs met and melded together. Ashley’s eyes fluttered and a stupid little smile pulled at her full lips as she settled her body, my cock completely buried in her.

“Want me to do that little thing?” she asked, managing to focus her eyes on my own with a good deal of effort.

“Uhhn, n-no, it’ll make me cum,” I said without thinking.

“Ohh, you’re that close huh?”

“You always were too good at sucking cock.” She couldn’t help but preen at my apparent compliment. Slowly so as not to stimulate me too much, which she failed at, she lowered herself down on top of me. She let out a pleased moan as my cock actually bent inside of her, making for this incredibly weird sensation that did nothing to stop me from toeing the brink.

“You love it when I fuck you, don’t you?”

“Mhm,” I replied, kissing her face as she continued to talk nasty.

“It turns you on so much that I’m on top, that I’m in control.”

“Ahhh!” I cried out as she began her little trick. Her inner muscles pulsated along my shaft, sending little waves of tissue and wetness up and down my length. It might have been considered tickling if it didn’t feel so damn good. Sure it had felt better when she was younger, but my god…

“ASHLEEEY!” I screamed, my voice reverberating off the trees around us as I exploded deep inside her. Her mouth opened in orgasmic pleasure as I screamed her name and she felt my hot cum fill her sensitive pussy. Her own hips bucked as she came, allowing for some of my cum to seep around the edges of my dick.

Panting, she carefully lowered herself back down and kissed me lovingly. I would have kissed her back but I was having a hard time doing much of anything at the moment.

“Ok, ok I’m so done,” I groaned, my whole body ached.

Ashley giggled, wrapping her arms around me and kissing all over my face and neck. “What? Getting old Timothy?”

I tried to push her face away but she just slapped my hand away, nuzzling her nose under my chin. It was cute really, and she only did this after we had sex, never just for the hell of it.

“I wanna do it again,” she purred, kissing me full on the lips. Groaning, I reached up and grabbed a handful of her soft blond hair, slowly pulling her head away.

“Uh,” she smiled lustily, somehow turned on by this and gave me her sexiest look. It didn’t work, I knew my limits.

I gave her hair a slight yank, “No Ashley, we’re going home.” Still holding her hair, I slithered out from under her and tugged up my pants.


“No, tomorrow we can fool around again. But I can’t do it again tonight, my dick will fall off.”

“Not if I’m gentle!” she protested as I kept hold of her hair and led her up the path to the main walkway.

I snorted, “Yeah right.” I let go of her hair but wrapped my arm around her neck instead, pulling her head down into my chest.

She didn’t seem to notice, continuing to plead her case. “Oh come on Tim, I’d leave you alone after. And I promise I’ll be gentle. Pleassee.”

“No. Can’t you wait until tomorrow?”

“No-wah!” she whined, slapping at my stomach. But she wasn’t trying too hard to escape my grip. Eventually, after more than enough whining and complaining, we made it back to the empty parking lot.

I let her go and held out the helmet for her to take. She straightened and fixed her hair, taking her time and making me hold out the helmet while she did. I rolled my eyes as she put it on and hopped on the back of the bike. I gave her a look, donned my own helmet and got on.

At first she didn’t put her arms around me as I slowly drove out of the parking lot, but as I picked up speed heading towards the on-ramp she quickly reattached herself. I didn’t do anything fancy on the way home because it was dark and I didn’t like riding at night.

We got home fine, pulling up and into the garage; Tish’s cruiser had been moved to the curb. As the garage door closed behind us, Ashley managed to get her helmet off by herself and hopped off the bike. She put the helmet on my work bench and rushed off through the door to the house. I got off the bike and realized why.

“God damn it Ashley!” I yelled after her. The seat where she had been sitting was covered in a thin sheen of her juices and my cum. I spent way too much time cleaning it off before staggering into the house, exhausted. I wanted nothing more than to eat something and go to sleep. I made my way to the kitchen, noticed that no one was around, and made myself something small to eat. I wolfed it down and blundered upstairs. I almost smacked my head against the door trying to open it.

“Oh come on,” I groaned. Half naked women lay sprawled all over my bed. Oriana had managed to get into her underwear before passing out, her mouth hung open and she was snoring gently. Ashley must have cleaned up before coming in here and flopping face down, her skirt riding up to reveal her bare ass. Tish however, was sitting on the edge of the bed buttoning up her uniform.

“Leaving already?” I asked wearily.

She smiled sympathetically and stood up, clutching her belt, “Yeah, I still have to wake up in the morning.”

I chuckled; she could plainly see I was exhausted.

“Well, keep in touch Ma…Tim. And, happy birthday,” she smiled sweetly and hugged me tightly, kissing my cheek.

“Thanks Tish, I really appreciate you coming up here, and I know they do too,” I said, gesturing at Ashley and Oriana.

She kissed me again, and then pulled back to give me a wry little smirk, “I left you a present.” She handed me the little set of handcuff keys and jerked her head towards the bed. I hadn’t seen it before because of the way the sheets were piled, but now that I looked closer I could see the shine of the cuffs linking Ashley and Oriana together by the wrist.

“Oh wow, those will be fun. Thank you,” I said sincerely.

She just smiled and walked out, making the ‘call me’ sign as she did. I looked the two women over, and considered fooling around with them for a second.

“Nah, there’s still tomorrow,” I said to myself.

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