My Sister Moves In_(1)

My Sister Moves In_(1)

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My Sister Moves In

My sister Cynthia and I had not been close since we were teenagers. Back then we were fucking like crazy until she got a boyfriend and shut me off. I was seventeen years old at the time and she was fifteen but for the three years before that I must have fucked her over a thousand times. We enjoyed a lot of oral sex too, both of us.

She now has two daughters that are fourteen and thirteen years old. Cynthia herself is now thirty-five and soon to be thirty-six years old. I was already thirty-eight since I just had my birthday.

After marriage she and her husband moved to California and hardly ever came back for vacations. Well after fifteen years of marriage her husband found someone younger and left Cynthia high and dry. He was some kind of a Corporate Lawyer and he took everything and left her and the girls with little else. There was not enough alimony or child support to go out to dinner on. Somehow she had gotten ten dollars a month in alimony and the girls had gotten seven dollars and fifty cents apiece making a whopping twenty-five dollars a month coming in. He got everything else including the house, two cars, and everything in the bank.

Needless to say she called me for help.

Of course I would help her out, after all she was my sister. Then for some strange reason on the phone she made me all sorts of promises that I had no intentions of holding her too. She said that she would live with me as my wife, take very good care of me sexually like she had as a teenager, and that her two daughters would help her out too. I sent her the money that she needed to rent a truck for their personal possessions and to get them to me. It would cover the motels too and all of their meals. She was planning on making the twenty-eight hundred mile trip in four days by driving seven hundred miles a day in about twelve hours. I wished her luck.

While I was waiting for their arrival I started cleaning up my house and getting ready for them. In a way I was glad that she had suggested living as my wife because I only had two bedrooms. I thought about trading in the double bed in the girl’s room for two twin beds but then I decided that they could sleep together for a while and see how it worked out.

Cynthia said that she would call me to let me know where they were and that they were getting closer. She told me that all she could think about while driving was letting me fuck her again. Those three years that we had sex as teenagers was apparently very fresh in her mind and had given her something nice to think about as her marriage crumbled around her. She said that the truck had a vibration that stimulated her to an orgasm about every hour keeping her panties constantly moist.

Cynthia and the girls used just one room that first night and slept in a king size bed together. She called me and told me that they were all naked when they were alone in the motel room. To prove it that first night she emailed me fifteen pictures that she had taken on her digital camera. Yes, they were nude all right. There was a full frontal of each of them, there was a full rear and a side view of each of them, and then there was a close up of their breasts and faces. The last three pictures were group shots of them facing forward, backwards, and to the side. I loved all of the pictures and asked her for more. Cynthia told me that I would have to wait until the next night.

It wasn’t easy but I managed to get through the night by jerking off to pictures of my beautiful sister and my two lovely nieces. However, the following day at work was shear torture.

When Cynthia called me that night she was about halfway. She was even more excited than she had been the night before. She also sent me more pictures of her and the girls that they had taken along the way. They were certainly into flashing. They took turns lifting their tops while standing in front of those signs along the road that say welcome to our state. The girls took a picture of Cynthia nude in a roadside rest bathroom and not in the lady’s room either. She was trying to pee in a urinal next to a guy that couldn’t take his eyes off her. The girls weren’t as brave but they posed nude in the lady’s room with dressed teenage girls around them. Amber got two of the other girls to flash their tits while she stood nude between them. That evening I received twenty-five pictures and a one-hour phone call.

I was even more excited the following night when they called me. Mostly because they were just one more night away but also because I had been receiving pictures of them all day long. Every time their laptop found a wireless connection they sent me two or three pictures. The closer they got to me the wilder they got too. Cynthia drove naked and the girls took pictures of other vehicles passing them and looking at her. Heather took pictures of Amber dropping her shorts and putting her bare ass up to the window to moon cars that they passed. Amber did the same thing for Heather.

Those three women were very sexual. I was not sure that I could handle them. During their nightly phone call Cynthia explained that what they were doing was in no way normal for any of them. Being cooped up for three days had given her a chance to tell her daughters about giving me her virginity and letting me fuck her constantly when she was their age. The girls decided that giving me their virginity sounded like a good idea and they wanted me to fuck them constantly too. Cynthia told them that she was willing to share me.

That’s funny because no one asked me. However, who in their right mind would pass up an opportunity like that?

So anyway that explained the nude pictures, the flashing, and the way they were all acting. That evening in the privacy of their motel room I got three very close-up pictures of their open pussies with five hands holding it open. The sixth hand was obviously pressing the camera button. I had basically thought that all pussies looked alike but I was wrong. Cynthia had big full puffy lips with a rather nicely swelled clit. I sure missed fucking her. Amber had pretty soft looking lips, excess moisture, and a bright pinkness to her insides. I couldn’t wait to get inside her. Heather on the other hand had a tight looking pussy with her little pee hole and her tiny clit showing along with her pink asshole. I just wanted to lick her silly.

That evening she put me on speakerphone and we had four-way phone sex while masturbating. The two girls finished twice before Cynthia did. I was going to be last as I just enjoyed the mental image of those three girls lying on a bed fingering themselves like that. At my suggestion they fingered each other and talked me through it until I cum too. It was a great evening and they would be with me the following night.

Thursday at work I told my boss that my sister and my two nieces were arriving in town and that I would not be in on Friday. He understood and wished me a good long weekend.

As I pulled into my driveway a big rental truck followed me in. All four of us jumped out of our vehicles as if they were on fire. I was sort of glad to see that they were dressed but also disappointed at the same time. However, I did have some very curious neighbors. I got crotches, tits, and lips pressed tightly into me. They were in no hurry to end the closeness and waited patiently for their turn to get close to me. I must admit that my sister felt the best but Amber was a close second. Then again Heather tasted the best when she stuck her tongue in my mouth.

There was nothing in the truck that they needed that night, not even their clothes. They said that tomorrow would be moving in day and then they would return the rental truck. I told them that I had the day off to help them. They really liked that.

Finally I got a good look at my sister and my two lovely nieces. They were all dressed in very short skirts that just barely covered their panties and their little tops cradled their braless breasts. Cynthia looked as much like their sister as their mother. The girls were checking me out too. I had on a pair of dress pants, a white shirt, and a striped tie. My pants were thin enough to allow the girls a good view of my erection, which my underwear did little to hide. Hell my underwear did very little to cover my cock when it was soft. I like a certain kind of string underwear however men’s string underwear doesn’t have the string up your butt like girl’s underwear but just around the sides with a tiny pouch to put the family jewels.

Cynthia then asked me if I wanted to take some nude pictures of her and the girls with the truck before we took it back the following day. When I told her that we couldn’t do it in my driveway she just smiled and asked me where we could do it then. I smiled back at her because I had the perfect place in mind…an old dirt road not too far away. So the girls got back in the truck and had me squeeze in behind the wheel and drive.

In less than ten minutes we were parked in an old abandoned gravel pit just outside of town. Cynthia handed me her camera. It was already turned on and ready to go. I got panty shots of each one of them as they got out from behind the steering wheel and came down to the ground in front of me.

They each undressed and allowed me to take pictures as they went. Then they posed together around the truck, on the truck, and even under the truck. They opened up the back, climbed in, and posed some more.

Then I got in on the action. My sister Cynthia wanted me to fuck her on the bed of the truck while the girls took pictures of us. We even did it in the cab, on the hood, and then climbed way up on the roof to fuck some more. When I finally cum it was the best ever. The girls took turns sucking my cock in front of the truck too. Eventually we headed back to my house for more sex.

That first night I was tempted to fuck my nieces and take their virginity but I wanted it to be special for them so I kept fucking my sister instead. Cynthia didn’t mind all of the attention and she told me that her husband hadn’t fucked her in almost four years. Poor girl!

Cynthia slept with me and the two girls slept in the other bedroom together. Everyone slept nude and ran around the house that way too. The girls woke us up early the next morning by climbing in bed with us. Amber pressed her body up against me as hard as she could. My morning wood told me that I had pussy in bed with me and that it wanted some. Cynthia was on the receiving end again.

Right after breakfast the four of us made short work of unloading the truck. We returned the rental truck and went back home to start unpacking. Once again nudity was the dress for the day. Hell, it might as well become a rule too. Cynthia and the girls agreed that nudity within the house would be acceptable, unless we had guests. Okay.

Most of the day was required to get their things in some kind of order that they could live with. Luckily I had enough drawer and closet space for them. Between them they worked out a three-girl swap where I got to sleep with one of them every night. Since I had already slept with my sister, Amber wanted to be next. She again offered her virginity to me. I told her that I would take it at bedtime. At hearing that she said goodnight and grabbed my hand. It was only seven o’clock but I too said goodnight and went with her.

Amber was so pleased to have me all to herself. I kissed her, fondled her breasts, and played with her pussy. I sucked her nipples and I fingered her pussy then I ate her pussy before fucking it for the very first time. It was tight but I slipped right in with enough pressure to make it a very nice experience. Amber did not cry out which told me that the pain was not unbearable. Shortly my cock was stroking into her all the way and she was enjoying it. The harder I thrust into her the harder she thrust back at me. At times her arms and legs were wrapped around me and at other times she was pressing her limbs against the bed to thrust her pelvis up again me harder. She was fucking me as hard as I was fucking her. She seemed much more experienced than her years.

We both slept well that night. In the morning her mother and sister came into bed with us. That time Amber got my morning wood with them watching us and it was almost as good as the first time. We tried very hard to put on a good show for them. Heather was impressed and said that she couldn’t wait until bedtime that night, then she asked me if I might like to take a nap with her before lunch. That cracked everybody up, however Amber said that I should take her up on her offer, after all Heather had to wait until it was her turn.

After a nice leisurely breakfast in the nude I asked Heather if she was ready for her nap. She lit up like a light bulb, grabbed my hand, and started pulling me out of my chair. Talk about enthusiasm.

When we got to my bedroom Heather jumped on the bed, flipped over sunny side up, and opened her legs up very wide. That sweet little thirteen-year-old could spread her legs out completely sideways in a Russian Split. Her moist pussy lips opened up showing me her tiny hole. God could I really fit in there? All I knew was that both of us wanted me too.

I just had to taste that sweet little pussy before I fucked it, like I had done to her sister’s pussy and to her mother’s pussy many years before. My third virgin and every one of them was a close relative!

Eventually Heather begged me to fuck her, so I got into position and slowly fed my adult cock into her tiny thirteen-year-old vagina. It was the tightest fit yet and required the most pressure but little Heather took it all. She never once wavered from her mission to take me fully like her sister had. She was a real trooper too. She stayed in that ridiculous spread-eagle position while I penetrated her repeatedly until I eventually cum in her. Only then did she pull her legs together under me crushing my cock like a nutcracker. Her pussy was like a vice. She didn’t want my cock to come out. Fortunately it softened and she squeezed the blood out and back into my system where it belonged. With the pain subsiding I let her keep it in her as long as wanted too. It was a good half-hour later when she kissed me and released me. Together we went down to her sister and mother so that she could show them my cum dripping from her and to tell them about the best sexual experience that she had ever had.

That Saturday and Sunday were so good that I didn’t want to go to work on Monday, but I did right after leaving a nice big load in my sister’s pussy as she was bent over the kitchen table.

As I drove into town I couldn’t help but wonder what that ex-husband of hers saw in another woman. His loss!

The End
My Sister Moves In

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