My Sister Veronica

My Sister Veronica

My Sister Veronica

Veronica and I have had our good and bad times as brother and sister. Veronica is a year and a half older than I am. I just turned seventeen years old a couple of weeks ago.

For my sixteenth birthday present my sister Veronica took my virginity. I was very thankful at the time. I had been in love with her body for a couple of years before that and had jerked off thinking about her every night. After that she let me fuck her about once every four weeks.

Then a couple of weeks ago Veronica and two of her girlfriends let me fuck them for my seventh birthday present. It was incredible. Here I was a junior in high school fucking three college girls. They let me fuck them as often as I could get it hard. In between the girls played with themselves and with one another. I had never seen two girls make out before and that sure excited me too. That evening I fucked my sister once and the other two girls three times each. Veronica knew that I was saving my erections for her two friends but I think she was jealous too.

Tammy was a lot like my sister. They were both about five feet two inches tall and about a hundred and ten pounds. They both have B-cup breasts but Veronica’s seem bigger. They both have long brown hair too.

Sylvia on the other hand is taller. She is about five feet eight inches tall and about a hundred and twenty-five pounds. She has very nice C-cup breasts too. Sylvia has long blonde hair.

They all shave most of their pussy leaving only a small amount of fur at the very top. I find it very sexy. They promised that I could shave them sometime soon.

All three girls decided to pledge the same Sorority at college. It was the Alpha Beta Chi Sorority. The girls just called it the ABC Sorority.

It was funny to hear the shit that these girls went through to join a stupid club. They had eggs smashed into their hair, they had to lay prone in the street and kiss the shoes of students passing by, and they had to run around the block naked. Of course the run around the block was a set up and the sidewalk was lined with lawn chairs and students sitting and standing. Everyone was watching my three girls and about seven other girls as they ran around the block.

Then the other day Veronica called me and asked me if I could get a pool ball out of her pussy. It seems that some Sorority bitch pounded it into her during an initiation. Tammy and Sylvia had a pool ball in their pussies too.

They were coming to me since mom and dad were away for the weekend. Their college was an hour away so I had time to get some equipment ready. Actually I looked for dad’s Gorilla Glue and then I went to K-Mart to buy three bicycle horns.

I was ready and waiting when then arrived. However Veronica brought home three more girls too. She said that the other four girls were behind her somewhere on their way too. All ten girls had a pool ball stuck in their pussies. I smiled to myself as I realized that I as going to play around with ten college pussies. This was going to be good.

The first thing I did was to negotiate for anything I could get. Veronica called me a little bastard then smiled and asked me what I wanted. I said that I wanted pictures and sex with each girl. She talked to them and said that it was okay with the other girls. Then she told me what was okay. Each girl including herself would let me fuck her three times, give me one blowjob, and let me take a hundred pictures of them completely naked. In addition they would pose naked for group pictures too. Hot damn! Veronica said that I could keep the pool balls and that the girls would autograph them for me too.

I told Veronica that I wanted to start with her. She was all in favor of that. She got completely naked for me and got on top of the kitchen table with all of the other girls watching her. I started taking pictures then I managed to put the large cone shape of the bicycle horn in her pussy. I got it to fit then pulled it back out. Next I applied a small amount of Gorilla Glue to the inside of the horn. Then I put the horn back inside Veronica’s pussy lodging it securely up against the pool ball. I told her to hold it tight for ten minutes while I took some pictures. I stopped taking pictures and told Veronica that I only had fifty more to go and that I wanted to save them.

Veronica said, “I don’t care if you take one hundred or five hundred pictures of me naked as long as you get that damn pool ball out of my pussy!”

The other girls said that they felt the same way. Then to prove it they all got undress for me and stood around Veronica on the kitchen table for pictures.

Well the ten minutes were up so I put a lot of K-Y Jelly just inside Veronica’s pussy to help get it out. Then I pulled on the bicycle horn and it started slipping out. One of the other girls grabbed my camera and took pictures for me as I pulled. Finally I was just as surprised, as Veronica was that it had worked.

I sent Veronica out to K-Mart to purchase seven more bicycle horns, another bottle of Gorilla Glue, and three more tubes of K-Y Jelly. Meanwhile I started on Tammy’s pussy ball. In ten minutes I pulled her pool ball out and started on Sylvia. After Sylvia’s pool ball was pulled free we had some time left over before Veronica would get back. So the nine girls posed together for me in a variety of ways. The seven remaining girls let me stick my cock into their pussies and thump up against their ball. I could get about three inches of my cock into each one of them for pictures. Then all nine sucked my cock for pictures too.

Finally Veronica returned. Then at the girl’s request I put the remaining seven horns in the seven girls and had Veronica, Tammy, and Sylvia help me out. Then after the first girl hit the ten-minute mark I went right down the line and pulled them out one at a time to the relief of every girl. The balls got cleaned up and the girls signed the ball that had been in their pussy.

Veronica sucked my cock for pictures then let me slip my cock all the way in her pussy for pictures. Then Veronica took pictures of the other nine girls sucking my cock again and letting me stick it all the way into their pussies.

Mom and dad called to say that they were having too good of a time and that they were going to spend the whole weekend away. They were very pleased that Veronica was home for the weekend. So was I!

That Friday evening I fucked four of the girls. Saturday I fucked the other six plus two of the first four also. Then on Sunday I fucked the other eight. That way I fucked all ten girls twice each plus I had one more to go and a blowjob too. With the help of Veronica, Tammy, and Sylvia I was able to get almost two thousand pictures that weekend of the ten girls. They were during sex, during showers, and when the girls were going to the toilet.

The next week Veronica called to say that they had all gotten into the Sorority and that I was invited to their induction ceremony. She told me to be sure to bring my camera too.

I can hardly wait!

The End
My Sister Veronica

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