My Son's Girlfriend

My Son's Girlfriend

I'm a happily married man of twenty years; we have just the one son, Iain, who is attending college. Both my wife (Sue) and I are 42 and have kept ourselves in good shape. Perhaps I'm a few pounds overweight but not bad for my age. The truth be told we would have liked more kids but we've had lots of fun trying over the years and even now we still make love at least twice a week. The great thing about being together so long is that we know what each other likes, it could become boring but it doesn't because we know exactly how to turn each other on and take the time to do so.

My wife and I agree that sex is important to us so we make the time for it. Friday night is one of our regular nights as it seems to be the best way to start the weekend. I know to spend plenty of time kissing and licking the back of Sue's knees before working my way down towards her now, very wet pussy. I just have to lightly flick the outside of her clit with my tongue to send her into a shuddering orgasm.

Sue knows just how hard to grip my cock as she jacks me off getting me good and hard for the next stage of our love making. If I have given Sue a good orgasm then after some time making love in the missionary position, kissing each other and being quite sensual Sue will then indulge my preference for doggy style and let me finish by fucking her hard from behind. I don't know why but it’s the one position that really floats my boat and ensures I have a good orgasm myself.

I would have been content with that if it wasn't for my son or more precisely his latest girlfriend.

Now my son has always been quite creative so although it wouldn't have been my choice for him he is now studying drama at college. As a father you want your son to be a man's man I'm a car mechanic, used to getting my hands dirty and hard manual work however my wife has always had a love of theatre and reading so perhaps this is where Iain got it from. The good thing about Drama is that it attracts quite outgoing confident girls; they also tend to be very beautiful and slim as they often combine this with dance. This has meant the girls Iain has brought home have all been very lovely to look at and fun to have around. He has been with Danni, his current girlfriend, about eight months and they seemed to be getting quite serious.

Boy is Danni hot; she just turned 18 a few months ago, natural blonde hair with lovely blue eyes and sweet smile with dimples and a stunning figure. She also likes to wear clothes that show off her curves. Danni has started to stay over some nights, putting her stuff in the guest room and although I never actually asked if they were sleeping together I presumed with two young people full of hormones well something is bound to happen.

It wouldn't bother me if they were so I never gave it much too thought especially as I had given my boy the best advice a father could give his son at sixteen years of age. Go out and nail as many as you can before finding the one you love and settling down I had confidently boasted. That earned me a sharp elbow in the ribs from my wife who then told him to show girls some respect and never put pressure on them. Iain just flushed with embarrassment and changed the subject. So two years and several girls later Iain is with Danni.

I like to get up early even at the weekend and start the day with a coffee and cigarette (Smoking is a filthy habit I know but it’s my one small vice in life) its only time I smoke at home as no else likes it. I find it sets me up for the coming day of noise and mayhem as there is always plenty of jobs to do at home and work is just non stop. My wife and son have always been late risers and so most mornings when I get up I have the house to myself and don't always bother getting dressed I just wonder around the kitchen naked or in just my boxers. It was on such a day, a Saturday morning to be precise, sitting naked at the kitchen table with a coffee and taking a draw on my cigarette that Danni walked in to the kitchen

"Mornin' Mr T" She always giggled when she said this. My name is Pete Thompson and despite telling Danni she could call me Pete she preferred calling me Mr T even though I look nothing like the legendary Mr T, being white and only average build, I guess you have to put that down to the English sense of humour.

"Moring sweetheart anything the matter" I asked surprised by her sudden appearance and hoping she wouldn't realise I was naked.

"Nope" She yawned, stretching her arms up at the same time. It gave me ample time to admire he tight teenage body. Danni was wearing white shorts with a matching vest top with little pink bows on the shoulder straps as her arms reached up her top rode up as well exposing her flat tummy. Her nipples were already poking through and I was sure I could just about see a bit of camel toe between her long legs. With her stretch finished Danni combed her fingers through her just got out of bed shoulder length blonde hair and made it look even more sexy and just got out of bed looking if that was possible.

"Just woke up feeling thirsty" and taking a glass she turned to open the fridge. My cock began to throb as I admired her tight young body.

I didn't want to cause any embarrassment to her or me so I stayed sitting where I was and felt my cock thicken some more as she bent down straight legged to get the juice out of the fridge, she seemed to take a long while choosing which juice to go for and I gazed hungrily at her peachy arse and what seemed to be a damp patch between her legs. No it couldn't be…..could it? Finally after what seemed an age she turned round with her juice and I hurriedly looked at my coffee knowing I had been caught staring at her. Closing the fridge door with her heel she approached the table and sat down opposite me.

The cold air from the fridge had now made her nipples rock hard as they pointed through her vest top and my cock was just as hard under the table. Danni took a swig from her juice and then licked her top lip suggestively just like a porn star, damn was this girl flirting with me.

"You should give up, it’s bad for you" She said breaking the silence

"I enjoy it too much besides I only have this one in the morning and a couple during the day" I defended

"Can you blow smoke rings?" She inquired out of the blue.

I smiled at Danni "Just watch" Thankful for something to ease the tension I took a draw on my cigarette and puffing out my cheeks blew a couple of rings. With enough smoke left I blew another stream of smoke through both of the rings.

"Well done that was great" laughed Danni, clapping her hands and making her boobs jiggle.

I nearly got up to take a bow but my hard cock banging against the table fortunately stopped me.

Danni finished her juice and got up to go back to bed; she stopped and hesitated for a second as if she wanted to say something important. Instead Danni put both hands on the table and leaned in close. It took all my strength not to look down her top and at her full firm breasts just inches from me or to grab them in my hands but I held her gaze as she causally asked "Can you give me a lift to my house today I need to pick some stuff up?"

"Sure" I croaked trying and failing to sound equally casual all the while my cock was swelling even more

"Thanks Mr T ….. I'm going back to bed now as you kept me awake last night" Smiled Danni and quickly turned a walked out of the kitchen.

I was too mesmerised watching her pert arse wiggle out of the room to take in what she had said. I had kept her awake? Surely she meant Iain… but why would she tell me about what she and Iain got up to? She had definitely said 'I had kept her awake'. Me and the wife had made love last night but I didn’t think we were that noisy, Sue likes to encourage me with the occasional 'fuck me big boy' and I'll tell her she is my 'Sexy slut' but not loud enough for the neighbours to hear. Then there was the way she licked her lips, stretching in front of me was she trying to tease me. In fact I had never known her come down to the kitchen in just her nightclothes before.

Having known Danni for a while now this behaviour wasn't usual for her. She certainly wasn't a prick tease, she could be mildly flirty but all very innocent. It seemed a bit out of character for her or perhaps I was just reading too much into it and becoming another dirty old man leering at teenage girls. The more I went over it in my mind the more confused I got the only thing that didn't change was my hard cock it couldn't forget those stiff nipples and perfect bum cheeks barely hidden under her night clothes or that little damp spot. I thought about jacking off right there and then but decided it was wrong and I should get a cold shower before everyone started to get up and just get on with the busy day ahead.

I was putting the lawnmower away in the shed after mowing the lawn when Danni stuck her head round the door. "You okay to take me home?" She inquired

I had completely forgotten about what we had said this morning but replied "Oh yes, just give me a moment to freshen up" Hoping she wouldn't notice the puzzled look on my face.

"Coool …. I'll be in my room. Just come and get me when you're ready" Danni replied and wiggled her way back to the house. I don't know how she got into those jeans but boy I was glad she had. My cock instantly started to harden again.

I presumed Iain would be coming as well and quickly changed out of my gardening clothes before going to collect Danni. I just walked into the room, I should have knocked I guess but when you are in your own house I guess I didn't think it was necessary. I opened the door and walked in expecting to see Iain in the room with Danni listening to music or something but instead I froze. Danni was lying face down on the bed with her back to me reading a book, nothing wrong in that, except Danni was in only her underwear now, sexy black underwear at that. She didn't move, she must have heard me open the door but she didn't move. I followed her legs up the bed and stared at her bum, so round and pert with a slither of black material disappearing between the cheeks. The G-string barely covered the teenage pussy between her legs. I could even see the soft downy hairs of a natural blonde on her bum cheeks. My cock was rock hard now and I had to do something fast, scared she would scream if she knew I had been watching her or worse my wife might catch me. I reluctantly stepped back and knocked weakly on the door. My throat was tight and dry as I asked "Is it alright to come in?" Expecting Danni to say no or grab a robe

"Sure, come in" came the reply and I slowly pushed the door back open. Danni put the book she was reading on the bedside table and very slowly rolled over then stood up giving me a lovely view of her ample 34C tits resting in a lacy black bra and her pussy just covered by the black thong she was wearing. I couldn't help but look and my mouth must have dropped open but Danni showed no sign of embarrassment or seemed in any rush to cover herself up. Before I could speak she said "I'll just be a minute" as she reached for a t-shirt and pulled it over her head. This time I could clearly see her rock hard nipples straining against the lacy bra before her head popped through the t-shirt and they were covered up. I thought my cock was going to explode as it throbbed harder and harder in my jeans. Danni must have noticed the bulge and I'm sure she gave a slight smile as she bent over to retrieve her skirt. This time I could see the thin black g-sting bisecting the slightly darker pink ring of her ass hole and some wisps of soft blonde hair around her pussy.

"I'll go and wait in the car" I stammered desperate to gain some control of the situation and behave like a responsible parent ( I mean I am actually two years older than Danni's own father) and not some middle aged perv, as Danni stepped into her mini skirt

"No need, I'm nearly ready" but by then I had already reluctantly torn myself away and headed downstairs wishing, praying my cock would go down. I heard my wife in the kitchen and called out that I was popping for a while she said not to worry if she wasn't here when I got back as she was going out shopping soon as well.

Sitting in the car with my head spinning and my cock refusing to go down I thought at least Iain will be along and they will sit in the back of the car chatting while I can be Taxi Dad and get a grip of my self. The image of Danni in her black underwear was burned into my mind, the flawless skin, those hard nipples and that tight round ass, I allowed myself to dream about kissing and caressing that body. I jumped as the passenger door opened and Danni dropped into the seat… "Sorry …Didn't mean to scare you" Danni said sweetly

Looking around I wondered where Iain was "Aren't you getting in the back" I enquired.

Danni looked at me rather strange before raising one eyebrow and smiling said "Mr T what are you suggesting?"

"No No …. I meant aren't you getting in the back with Iain ….I mean he is coming as well isn't he?" I hastily said not wanting to go down that road of conversation.

"Nah ….He's going shopping with Sue" Came the reply.

“Oh right …. I see ….It's just you then" I said still in a fluster

"Don't sound so disappointed. Iain wants some new trainers which is why he is going with Sue" Said Danni

I exhaled deeply and tried to relax a bit, I'm only giving her a lift. Smiling I turned to Danni and said "I'm sorry, that's not what I meant at all. Let's go shall we?"

Danni smiled back and nodded. Then I noticed the skirt she had on had ridden and showed most of her legs as she sat in the car. My cock was painful as it stirred again trying to thicken and grow within the confines of my jeans.

We chatted as I drove Danni the short way home, we talked about her and Iain and then she dropped in her loaded question "Do you like me?"

"Of course I do" I quickly responded

"No I mean do you really like me" She persisted

"I'm not sure I know what you mean, I think you're lovely….Sue thinks you're lovely. Why wouldn't we like you?"

Danni was quiet for a while, it seemed like ages but was probably only a couple of minutes. I wanted to say something ask her if there was anything wrong between her and Iain but I sensed there was something holding her back so did not push it.

Finally Danni turned to me and looked at me, I caught her gaze a couple of times but as I was still driving I had to keep looking away.

"Are you sure ..," I tried to ask the question but Danni stopped me and said "Don't speak I need to tell you something"

Getting worried I turned to Danni, her blue eyes were fixed on me as she plucked up the courage to speak.

Finally it all started to tumble out "It's just I have needs" She said "Don't get me wrong, Iain is really special and he could be the one"

This wasn't making much sense and I think Danni saw the puzzled look in my eyes. "Don't say anything yet I have to get this out"

She continued "It's just previous boyfriends have always wanted to and I can do it myself but it's just not the same" The puzzled look in my eyes remained "I couldn't do anything to hurt Iain I'd never sleep with another boy behind his back but I can't carry on this way and as I like you a lot it wouldn't seem like … if we, well I still be with Iain …. I mean you …if you were able to help me"

I pulled up outside Danni's house and turned to her "What are you talking about, has Iain done something? What can I do to help, just ask" I said.

"That's what I am trying do, Iain's great he's really special it's just he won't sleep with me" The elephant that had been in the room was now even obvious to me.

"You mean you haven't had sex with Iain"

"Don't sound so surprised" She retorted "We knew early on what we had was special we've done lots of heavy petting and such but not made love. Iain said he wanted to wait so it would be really special when we got married and I sort of agreed"

"Married ….when" I asked in shock, Iain had never mentioned that before

"That's the point it could be years away yet, Iain wants to finish his studies and get a job before we…… I thought I could wait but it's really really hard and it's getting to me ….especially hearing you and Sue …..well …well it's just too much" Danni was now crying and the last few words were sobbed out.

I needed to hear from Danni exactly what she wanted I couldn't say it for her. I reached out and took her hand and to reassure her said "I didn't know ……It will be okay. I promise" and pulled a tissue out from the box that Sue kept in the car (Thanks Sue, I always thought it was a good idea to keep a box in the car) and passed it to Danni

Danni wiped her eyes but tears still rolled down her cheeks as she said. "It's been so awful keeping this in, I didn't know what to do ….I just have a one night stand I'm not that sort of girl but I've been so frustrated ……I thought if Iain won't then next best thing would be you, it sort of wouldn't be cheating keeping it in the family…… But you're so happy with Sue I couldn't ask ……I felt like killing myself". Danni's tears flowed freely

I grabbed her shoulders and looked her sternly in the eyes "Danni, never ever say that again. Nothing is worth killing yourself for. Think of what you would do to Iain … Your parents!" I was shocked by what I was hearing.

Danni burst into tears again and I instantly regretted being that forceful. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" I soothed "Come on let's get you inside" I was shocked by what I had just heard but my cock was twitching in anticipation. Once inside I sat Danni down on the sofa. She had calmed down a bit by then wiping her eyes and then blowing her nose.” I’m sorry" she whispered "I must look a mess"

"You don't and you have nothing to apologise for" I smiled "You look at beautiful as ever"

"Liar" Danni said as a small smile brightened her face.

I smiled back "See" and I playfully pinched her nose as you do a small child "Iain is so lucky to have someone a lovely as you"

She looked deep into my eyes before saying "You're the only one who can help me with my problem?"

The elephant in the room tapped me on the shoulder with it's trunk to remind me it hadn't gone away

"Danni tell me what you want me to do?" I needed Danni to say it first I didn't want to be accused of forcing or seducing her.

"I …I want you to make love to me like you do your wife" She replied finding some courage now it was out

Now it was my time to be quiet as I went over in my mind all the reasons why this was a bad thing and how wrong it was but here was an 18 year girl asking me to make love to her. My cock swelled and I always knew what the answer would be

"I can't … it would be wrong" I said, seeing the disappointment in her face I lent forward and said "But" then I kissed her. It was a soft kiss at first which became more and more passionate until our tongues were dancing in each other mouths. Breaking the kiss for a second we both smiled knowing that the line had been crossed. My cock was rock hard and unable to control myself any more I tugged and fumbled at my jeans until I could pull them down a bit. With my throbbing cock bouncing in front of me I climbed on top of Danni and pulled her skirt up. I didn't even bother to take her thong off. I just pulled it to one side and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her puffy lips. I could see the girl was wet as I rubbed my cock up and down and over her clit. This caused Danni to gasp "Please put it in" Not wanting to disappoint I plunged right into her steaming pussy. She was very wet but I had forgotten how tight a young teenage pussy can be as she gripped my cock. I knew I wouldn't last long and tried to control the pace however I was soon slamming into her hard and fast I tried to vary my strokes some hard and deep others slow and shallow but before long I was quickly reaching the point of no return.

I moaned "I'm cuming Ahhh I cumming" I thought she might ask me to pull out or push me off but her hands reached round my bum and pulled me deeper into her

"Yes go on cum in your sexy slut” she moaned.

That was it for me I ground my hips into her pussy, rubbing her clit and getting my cock as deep as possible inside her before releasing a torrent of hot spunk into her pussy, as my orgasm hit my body. She moaned "I'm cummin" As her pussy clamped even tighter to my cock milking the spunk out of me I splashed a second, third and fourth stream of spunk deep inside Danni.

Everything went quiet and I could only hear our breathing and as I pulled out of Danni's tight pussy she seemed to have another mini orgasm. Reaching out as if to put it back in. Danni motioned me closer and took my softening cock in her mouth to clean it. I let out a small scream as it was still sensitive and her teeth scrapped along the head. "Oopps …sorry" she purred in between sucking our combined juices off.

Danni had changed before my eyes no longer a teenage girl but a relaxed, confident and very sexy woman. I was disappointed that it was over so quickly but Danni had other ideas. Standing up Danni started to undress; t-shirt and bra were quickly discarded. I gazed longingly at her firm full tits topped with hard pink nipples along with her skirt and thong in one swift movement. "Come upstairs with me" she said holding out her hand for me to take.

I followed her churning hips upstairs and I could see my spunk running down her thighs as it leaked out of her pussy. The very sight made me horny again. Danni pushed me into a bedroom and told me she would only be a minute while she cleaned up. I quickly shed my clothes and jumped onto the bed. When Danni reappeared she had thoughtfully cleaned the spunk off her thighs and out of her pussy.

"I want you to eat me until I'm screaming for you to stop" she breathed huskily and with that she lay on the bed alongside me.

Taking my cue I moved between Danni's spread legs. I put a pillow under her bum so that her pussy was slightly raised and I had better access. I was in my element now and whilst gazing intently at Danni's moist and puffy pussy lips I lightly caressed my fingertips up and down her legs. I think Danni had been expecting me to dive in but I was going to get my own back for the teasing she had done to me earlier. I started to kiss and lick my way up one leg, spending sometime on the back of her knee. It didn't have the same effect on Danni as it did on Sue. She pinched her own nipple with one hand while the other wondered down to her pussy. Oh no you don’t young lady I thought and pushed her hand away, holding it to her side. Nothing gets close to your clit until I say so.

Danni squirmed and moaned as I continued my slow onslaught concentrating now on her thighs. Gently licking the inside of her thighs in a figure of eight and then blowing on it seemed to drive her wild. I thought she was going to cum from just that but I eased off and let her come down a bit. I started to lick the area just between the thigh and pussy before moving on to her very puffy and wet pussy lips. Danni moaned as I first licked the outside of her lips and and again as I plunged in between and tasted the sweet juice inside. Swirling my tongue around my nose rubbed against her hard clit. "Oh no ….fuck no …stop" Danni gasped and she gripped my hand tighter. I had no intention of stopping and kept working inside her pussy with my tongue "Oh God ….yes …I'mmm cummming" Danni screamed as a huge orgasm exploded through her young body. I slowly eased off as her body shook and writhed with more waves of pleasure after a few minutes I moved up so I could see her face. Danni opened her eyes, her face and neck were still flushed and her breath was still coming in big heaving breaths. "That was great ….Thank you"

I kissed Danni and she passionately returned my kiss. Then she licked around my mouth savouring the taste of her own pussy before kissing me again. "That was only the warm up” I assured her. I kissed my way to her neck and with my left hand I stroked her firm breasts before teasing and rolling her hard nipples between finger and thumb. I continued to nuzzle her ear kissing and whispering sweet words about how sexy she was and what I wanted to do to her. This was having more effect on Danni and she began to moan encouraging me on more. My left hand now trailed down her body until it reached the soft blonde curls of her pussy. Gently moving my hand around in semi circles I deliberately didn't move any closer to her clit.

Her hips bucked pushing her pussy upwards as if to remind me where I should be but I kept my slow and persistent movement around the edge of her pubis. I planted a few last kisses on her neck and breathed sensually into her ear. Then as her moaning increased I slid my hand further down pausing to admire her heaving breasts with their hard pink nipples I moved down so that I could gently press down and back on the top of her pussy exposing her small pink clit all hard and erect. Her puffy lips were gaping open and the wetness inside was clear to see. I licked the inside of her labia releasing some of her sweet juice into my mouth.

I was going to enjoy this and I delicately lapped some more before pushing in deeper. This brought another gasp from Danni and she pushed her hips up further onto my tongue I lapped some more enjoying the taste but knowing my goal was not far away. Gently spreading her lips with both hands I traced a figure of eight very gently with the tip of my tongue on one and then the other. Slowly I moved up licking up and down the entire length, just inside those puffy lips. Up further until my lips now reached their goal and closed slowly over her pink clit. "Oh no ….Oh yesss" Screamed Danni throwing her had from side to side. I knew she was close so I was very gentle as I sucked on her clit and eased one of my thick fingers into her wet pussy, hoping to prolong her pleasurable agony a few minutes more but also to make her orgasm even more intense. I curled my finger upwards so I could make circles on the front of her pussy. (I'm not sure if I actually found her G-spot but she did let out another scream)

"Ohh fuccck nooo" She moaned as I upped the pressure on her clit and eased a second finger inside. "Nooo ….Nooo" She gasped as I twisted my fingers and did not ease up sucking on her clit "Ahhhh …FUCK …Noooo" came the final scream from Danni as the biggest orgasm she had ever experienced exploded in her body. She screamed, bucked and writhed but I did not release her clit or remove my fingers, Danni's orgasm just kept on going as wave after wave washed through her body. My fingers got very wet as she came really hard one last time bucking her hips up off the pillow I don't know if she squirted or if she peed herself but it went all up my arm something I had never experienced before. I eased my sucking on her clit and slowly slid my fingers out of her pussy as she gasped for air unable to speak and I stood back to admire my handiwork. Danni's blonde hair was wet and matted around her head; the crimson flush covered her chest shoulders and neck. Her nipples looked painfully hard. Danni had a big smile on her face and a few tears rolled down from the corner of her eyes.

I had a similar big smile on my face as I watched her come back down. I tasted some of the juice she had squirted out onto my arm. It tasted different more tangy but not unpleasant before offering my fingers to Danni. She gratefully opened her mouth and eagerly sucked them clean. I daren't touch her clit again as it still seemed to be throbbing between her spread legs. So I put my arm over her breasts and she turned her head so we could kiss some more, which wasn't easy as we both still had big silly grins on our faces.

"Oh Pete that was ….that was the best ever" Danni said, I noticed she called me Pete and not Mr T a sign that our relationship had changed forever.

"You were great my sexy sexy slut" I replied

Lying naked so close to a beautiful teenage young woman who is also naked had it effect and my cock was getting semi hard even though my balls had pumped a large quantity of spunk already. Danni noticed and gently curled her fingers round it and slowly stroked it up and down getting it to its full length. She reached over to kiss me at the same time and my cock was soon hard and thick in her small hand. Breaking her kiss she smiled at me and straddled my body. I was going to protest and get on top of Danni when she sshed me and said "It's your turn …..Let me do some of the work"

Holding my hard cock in her hand she lowered the head into her still wet pussy. Smiling she let go and slipped the entire length into her pussy. "Ohh that feels sooo big, sooo good in my pussy" She said and throwing her head back, holding my hands she started to grind her hips around my cock.

"Ohh Danni….yes that feels really good" I gasped as I enjoyed her teenage pussy gripping my cock tightly. Slowly she worked herself up and down my hard cock before grinding her hips on me again. I loved the way her firm tits bounced and reached my head up so I could suck on her nipples. Danni lowered her body a bit to help me but still kept fucking me. I didn't want to come too soon but could feel the spunk in my balls churning

"You like fucking my teenage pussy?" Danni asked with a seductive smile

"Hell yes" I replied. Having a woman on top was something new to me as my wife had never really gone for it but I liked the eye contact and the way I could thrust my hips in time with Danni. I took one hand and started to rub her clit with my thumb

"Ohh Pete yes keep doing that" so I rubbed some more upping the speed slightly as Danni had another small orgasm on my cock. As she slowed down to let the pleasure roll through her body I pulled out of her tight pussy letting my cock rub between her arse cheeks as I did not cum to soon. Danni looked at me in protest.

"I want to fuck you from behind" I said which she seemed to like as her eyes lit up. Danni was soon on her hands and knees as I positioned my hard cock at her wet pussy. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down smearing the wetness around those soft blonde pubes and admiring the small pink puckered ring of her ass hole

"Come on fuck me Pete fuck your sexy slut hard" gasped Danni. So never wanting to disappoint a lady I thrust into her in one hard stroke, balls deep.

"Ohh fuck yes" she screamed and I slowly withdrew almost all the way out holding the head of my cock just inside and giving it a little twitch so it moved up and down her pussy before thrusting back in hard again. I kept this up for a while then grabbing her hips I started to pound her pussy as hard as I could. Her pink ass hole winked at me as if to encourage me while Danni screamed "I'm cumming …I'm cumming on your big hard cock" I felt her pussy clamp onto my cock as Danni collapsed onto the bed leaving her ass high in the air. I kept pounding throughout her orgasm as I reached the point of no return, knowing I had to unload my balls for a second time.

"I'm cumming ….I'm going to fill your tight pussy with my spunk" I shouted and slammed one last time into Danni as my orgasm hit my body. Holding my hips against her ass my bum cheeks contracted and I fired the first shot of spunk deep into her. Her ass hole opened up and her pussy contracted around my cock as I fired more of my heavy load into Danni.

I could have stayed there forever feeling that pussy milk my cock but I pulled out and shot two more large wads over Danni's arse and back. Some of my spunk ran down to her little pink ass hole that had naughtily winked at me whilst even more of my spunk poured from her gaping wide pussy and down her thighs.

My cock was still semi hard so I pushed back into the sloppy mess that was Danni's teenage pussy. "No more … please" gasped Danni weakly from the bed cover. I'm not sure if she realised I had come but I just wanted to feel that pussy on my cock again for a few more thrusts as my cock softened. "Please I need a rest" She pleaded

I pulled out and Danni rolled over onto her back.

I laid beside her "That was fantastic Danni, I've never cum so hard before"

Danni continued to look up at the ceiling and said "Yes that was awesome".

Then she rolled in towards me, putting her leg over my body and pressing her tits into my side "Thank you Pete … I love you" she said as she drifted into a doze. An alarm bell went off in my head but I put it down to a post coital high, dismissing it and fell asleep myself.

I was woken by Danni, still naked saying come on we need to get back we had been a lot longer than expected and I was worried my wife might already be back. We grabbed a shower and washed each other all over. Danni tried to get me hard again but I could only get semi hard even when she went down on me in the shower (a first for me) the girl had worn me out but Danni also needed to work on those cock sucking skills.

So we concentrated on getting ready. Danni grabbed a few things remembering why we had come here in the first place and we both agreed to do this again soon but it would have to be our secret. I never asked her about protection and I should have worn a condom in case I had got Danni pregnant but being married for so long means I just don't need them. I later learnt that Danni was on the Pill anyway.

Fortunately I got home just before my wife and was able to start preparing dinner while Danni went back up to her room. Sue and Iain came in through the door. Iain was pleased as punch with his new trainers and went to show them to Danni. My wife gave me a kiss and said I smelled nice. Did she suspect something …surely not … how could she? "I had a shower after working in the garden" I lamely explained and wondered what tomorrow would bring……

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