My Summer Boss chapter 3

My Summer Boss chapter 3

I barely thought to wrap her sunglasses in my shirt before diving headfirst into the cool, waist deep water, my own sunglasses stripped from my face. I was underwater and swimming hard, if my sister had seen my grand entrance then she might lose interest when nobody surfaced immediately. I opened my eyes and could just barely make out Eve’s blurry form gliding gracefully ahead of me.

She was about to pass me when I reached out and grabbed her leg, pulling her back. I heard her yelp from underwater before I even breached the surface. She flailed around for a second before she realized it was me. The water was about chin height on me on the tips of my toes and quite a bit over her own head. I reached down and grabbed the only thing that presented itself to me to keep her above, her gorgeous ass.

“Whoa, hold your horse’s mister.” She looked up at me with her brilliant blue eyes after blowing the water from her lips, “I didn’t think you wanted to do anything in public.” She wrapped her legs around my hips and squeezed me hard. “But if you insist…”

“Uhn I don’t!” I said quickly, “Look, keep quiet and listen. Move slowly and look up by the snack shack.”


“Yeah, and you don’t want her seeing us right?” she shook her head slightly, creating little ripples, “Good, then here’s what we’re going to do. You are going to go under and stay under. Swim to the other side of the beach, come up behind a group of people and make your way back to the stuff. Okay?”

“W-what about you?” she asked, a twinge of fear in her voice. She didn’t want me to get in trouble, let alone herself.

“I’ll go back and convince her nothing is up.”

“Alright.” She said apprehensively. I smiled and kissed her on the forehead, giving her tight little bum a hard squeeze before letting her go. Grinning, she slowly slid back into the water and disappeared under, just a pale shimmering form slipping away. I sighed and turned, heading for shore.

My friends had picked up my shirt and her sunglasses, fishing my own out of the shallow water.

“Thanks guys.” I said taking what they handed to me, “Hey look, my sister can’t know about Eve and I okay? You guys willing to help me out?” John and Stephen nodded.

Sam looked confused, “Dude wait, why the fuck would you want to hide a girl like her.”

I gave him a look like he was the dumbest thing on the planet, “None of you guys have sisters, she would never leave me alone about it.”

They all nodded like they understood it exactly. Of course they didn’t because I was lying through my teeth.

“Okay I’ll go up first and see what’s up. You guys think of something to get her out of here if I cant.”

They nodded again and huddled up as I headed for my nosey sister. I could see Eve coming up out of the water farther down the beach.

“Kelly! I always knew you were stalking me.” I said smiling.

“Pfft, I’m just looking for the whore you’ve been shacking up with!” I was quick but not quick enough; my face fell for a split second before I could fix it into a condescending smile.

“Aww sis you’re always looking out for me!” I said, reaching out and crushing her in a truly savage bear hug. I heard her back crack as her ribs dug into my bare chest. She was wearing a skimpy two piece black bikini that, even as her younger brother and in this situation, I didn’t really approve of. I felt that too but ignored it.

“Put me down you son of a…uhhg!” She grunted as I squeezed her one final time and put her down. She was totally focused on me now, glaring at me as she arched her back, trying to correct whatever I had done.

I scratched my nose innocently and blatantly looked her over. “Kelly, where did you get that.” I sighed like I was disappointed with her.

“None of your god damn business! Now where is she huh?” She demanded, eyeing every girl my age on the beach. I put a hand behind my back and waved at my friends, a signal for their turn. Kelly started off in the general direction of the tree Eve and I had set up under, just as Sam shoved me out of his way.

“Keeelly. Wussup?” he practically purred, drawing out each word.

“Samuel.” She sighed, “I don’t have time for this right now.”

“You had time for me last night, why should now be any different baby?”

She opened her mouth like she was going to say something and then closed it, looking at me with a shocked and appalled expression like ‘aren’t you going to do something about this?’

I shrugged, “Kelly, now, you should be more careful who you sleep with. I know Sam here got a wicked case of crabs from what’s-her-face, ugly fugly last spring.”

Sam just grinned; he would have his revenge later. Kelly made a few blustered noises but found her calm and glared us each in turn.

“Mark my words Tom, I’ll find her.”

“Who?” Stephen piped in, coming up on her other side. She was getting a little nervous now, being overwhelmed and all.

“He’s got some girl that he’s hiding.” She stammered.

“This one?” Sam asked incredulously, jabbing me in the ribs, “Yeah right, he’s probably gay anyways. And don’t you tell me Kelly that you haven’t thought so yourself. I mean why hasn’t he had a girlfriend, not a single one our four years of high school?”

“Oh my god!” she said smiling. “She’s here isn’t she? You guys are just covering for him.” She looked past us and I turned my head slightly to see what she might be seeing and my jaw dropped. John was ushering Eve behind the big tree. Fool!

“No. No you’re not!” she gasped, shocked.

“Kelly!” I grabbed her around the neck and pulled her down tightly to me and started off towards the parking lot. Sam and Stephen grimaced, walking towards John.

“Her! You’re here with her?” she practically shrieked. With the arm I had around her, I clamped my hand over her mouth as she continued to scream. I saw her car and dragged her over to it. She was struggling hard, jabbing her elbow into my side. After one particularly vicious impact I let go of her.

“I knew you weren’t normal, how old is she? Like thirty? How the fuck did that happen huh? Wait until I tell dad!”

I grabbed her shoulders, “You will not.”

She smiled evilly, “I will.” She would, shit, now I was desperate and I did something incredibly, incredibly stupid.

My face broke and I fell to my knees, grabbing her hands, “No Kelly, please! I’ll do anything just don’t tell!”

“Anything?” she purred looking down at me with bright brown eyes. I was regretting it already.

“Please. Kelly.” I pleaded.

“Aww, aren’t you cute, begging your big sister. I’ll give you a break this time okay.” She cupped my chin in one hand and jerked my head up, forcing my downcast eyes to hers, “I'll let you know what I want from you later. Enjoy you’re time with her while you can.”

She got in her car and rolled down the passenger side window, “I’ll see you at home Tommy.” She giggled cruelly, speeding off, leaving me in a cloud of sand.

Mother fucker!” I hissed, spitting grit from my mouth. My idyllic life just got shit on, totally shit on. I stood up and sulked back to the beach. My friends had disappeared, great.

I found Eve lying on her stomach on her towel and as much as I would have just loved to sit and stare at her perfect posterior, I simply thudded into the sand next to her and put my arm over my face.

“Aw what’s the matter sweet cheeks?” she chirped, I felt her hand on my stomach.

“She knows.” I muttered.



“She won’t tell your parents will she?” she asked, her voice suddenly panicked. Both of her hands were on my chest now, shaking me a little.

“No. She’s going to hold it over me for something.”

“What do you think she wants?”

“Dunno, slave for life knowing her.”

“Oh I’m so sorry baby. I shouldn’t have suggested coming out here.”

“Not your fault.” I mumbled, depressed beyond imagination.

“Come here cutie, Eve’ll make you feel better.” She cooed grabbing my arm and pulling me into her.

“Please don’t talk to me like that right now.”

“Sorry Tom.” She chuckled, hugging me to her and pulling the arm from around my face. I wanted to cry, I wanted her to comfort me, I didn’t know why. It was times like these I was grateful that she was older; I think girls my own age wouldn’t have given a shit. She sat cross-legged and pulled my head into her lap, my own legs curling up behind me.

“You can’t let this get you down Tommy. Just think of all the good things coming to you. The little party I have planned for you later, you’ll start working with you’re little school friend on Monday, and I don’t mean to toot my own horn here, but you have the whole summer and then some with me.”

Hell those were good things but a little something caught my attention, “Party? What party?” I asked, looking up at her.

She smiled like she was about to say something embarrassing (you know what I mean), “Why yes, it’s a party in my pants and you’re invited.”

I snorted and found myself laughing uncontrollably, it was such a stupid line and coming from her it was the funniest thing I had heard in a long time.

“I can not believe you just said that.” I chuckled, sitting up and wiping tears from my eyes.

She smiled seductively, “Well it’s true.” She sidled up next to me, almost in front of me really, on her knees and giving me this look, “I am going to have you every way I can, in fact I’m not sure you’re gonna be able to walk straight in the morning after I’m done.”


She widened her eyes, “Oh yes and you had better be ready for me. I’m banking on a teenager’s ability to be hard five seconds after he lets one loose.” She leaning in close and kissed me hard on the lips, forcing me back into the sand. She crawled on top of me and ran a hand through my short hair as she wiggled tight against me.

After a few amazing moments of this she broke away gasping and rolled off of me. “I realize now that since you have work in the morning and I have a flight to catch we are going to have do this sooner rather than later. Yes?” I nodded dumbly. “Good. I’m getting some nachos and then we need to stop at CVS for a sec. Why don’t you pack up the stuff and I’ll be right back.”

She dug into her bag and pulled out a few bills before getting up and sauntering over to the snack shack. I picked everything up like my life depended on it and was waiting at the car when she returned.

“Mmff, I told you I was going to eat something I shouldn’t. But god damn it Tom, it’s so worth it!” she said, stuffing a chip covered in melted cheese into her small mouth, puffing out her cheeks.

So CVS?” I asked, she nodded, “What for?”

She pushed another chip between her pursed lips before speaking out of the corner of her mouth, “That’s none of you business at the moment. Needless to say, I’ll be giving the kid at the register ‘pleasant’ dreams for a few nights to come.” She silenced herself by devouring the rest of the nachos during the short ride to the store.

“Be right back.” She said, smiling impishly and wrapping her towel around her trim waist. I watched her walk in and then two minutes later walk out with a small bag in hand.

“What’d you get?”

“You’ll find out soon enough.” She said coyly.

Grinning, I shot out of the parking lot and headed for her apartment. I was still grinning as we pulled into the apartment complex and got out. She basically sprinted back to her room and I was hard pressed to keep up with her. I was at least ten feet behind her when she reached her door and rushed through, so it took me a second or two to get there. I barreled through the opening and was confronted by an empty apartment; she was nowhere to be seen.

The door slammed shut and I had just enough time to turn around before she jumped into my arms, grabbing my face and kissing me hard, almost knocking me over.

“Uhhn take me to my throne Tom.” She breathed. I settled her weight and made for her room. She was somehow pumping her body up and down in my arms, her skin like silk against my still bare chest.

We reached her bed and she had me turn so my back was to it, she managed to throw her weight forward and I toppled backwards. Still latched onto me, she let out a girly grunt and pushed me as hard as she could up her bed, I didn’t go far.

“Why eehhr do you have to be so big?” she complained to herself.

“I thought you liked it that way little lady?” I teased.

She stopped and gave me a big grin, “Touché. Now scooch up a bit so I can fit.”

“Whatcha got in mind?” I said pushing myself back. In response she shimmied up my body and sat on my waist, her hands making cute little movements as they danced up her stomach to the strings that kept her tiny top on.

“I figure we’ll start light and then get into the heavy shit.”

“There’s no such thing as light with you when it comes to this sort of thing.”

She smirked and pulled on a string, slowly pulling out the knot and letting her top come apart. I smiled as her perfect tits popped out, her pert little nipples were already rock hard.

She saw it in my eyes before my arms even moved, “No!” she warned. “No, they’re still sore!” She brought her hands up and caught my own in mid air.

“I…but…Eve!” I whined.

She rolled her eyes, “Fine, just be gentle. It’s not like you’ll be able to reach them in a second anyways.”

She let go of my hands and I reached out and started gently playing with her sensitive nipples, “What do you mean I won’t be able to reach them?” She was looking down past my hands to her own as she undid the strings to her bikini bottoms.

“Well because I’m going to do this.” She said, slapping my hands off of her and falling backwards. She turned over so she was now laying on her stomach, her moist pussy resting on my stomach.

“Step one.” She said. I could feel her hands pushing my shorts down and lightly gripping my cock.

“Whoa.” I breathed, as she slowly started moving her small fist up and down. She was scrunched up and now she spread out, which translated into her glorious rear end sliding closer and closer to my face. I could smell her, the kind of smell that makes you shiver in sheer pleasure of a scent.

She looked over her shoulder through her hair, “Well?” I grinned and grabbed her hips; I had to do a small crunch to get my face right into her in order to keep her where she was.

Something very warm and wet ran up the side of my shaft before completely closing over the head of my cock. Her tongue did magical things I hadn’t thought possible and I had to fight to stay focused.

“Eve! Oh my god!” her response was to wiggle her hips in my face. I lowered my chin and licked along the perimeter of her glistening slit, her puffy outer lips, my nose was right in her little button hole backdoor. I licked the length of her cunt and then pushed my tongue into her, lapping at her soaked interior. She moaned around my dick, the inside of her mouth and throat vibrating to create an amazing sensation. I pulled back for a second to see the bigger picture; she was literally dripping onto my neck and chin, maybe one of the most arousing things I had ever seen. I heard a slight gagging noise from down south as my cock twitched hard.

I had a moment of panic when I couldn’t see her little clit at the top of her pussy, before I realized she was upside down. I pulled in my chin and blew on it first. She shivered and I poked my tongue back out, licking at it, waiting for her reaction.

I didn’t have to wait long; my tongue’s soft caresses were driving her crazy. She bucked her hips, pushing her pussy harder into my face, more specifically pushing her clit into my mouth. I sucked on it hard and her mouth came off my cock, allowing her to scream.

“OOOhhh no! Not yet!” she cried, her hips bucking as her juices squirted all over my face. Her hips went slack and were still. I could see her back heaving as she slowly started licking my dick again. I lay back, absentmindedly scraping her cum off my face and licking my fingers.

I could feel myself slowly starting to reach that point and decided to hold off telling Eve. She pulled my cock back into her mouth and again her tongue began doing those magical things as that point drew closer and closer.

The only indication I gave was a quiet grunt before I blew. Her mouth quickly filled up and it began dribbling back down my shaft. She coughed and more cum seeped out of her mouth. I lay back with my eyes closed and sighed; I could feel her swallowing and groaned at the feeling.

Her mouth slowly slipped off my dick and her tongue slid all over my shaft, cleaning off the spilled cum.

“Gah! I haven’t done that in so long.” She said sitting up but not turning around, she turned her head and I could see her using her fingers to scoop the rest off her face. “You could have given me a warning though.”

“Ma bad.” I chuckled. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and looked back down at my slowly shrinking dick.

“Oh no you don’t.” Her hand closed back around my cock and she started rubbing it back to life.

When it was once again fully erect she turned her head again, “See look at that huh! Ah to be young.”

“Eve you’re not old, stop saying you are for crying out loud.”

She smiled and turned around, pivoting on my waist and coming to face me. “So sweet.” She was still lightly holding my now fully hard dick in her hand and she pumped it a few times for emphasis.

“And again…” she said to herself. She lifted herself up on her knees and guided the swollen head of my cock to her enflamed and thoroughly drenched cunt. It was so hot, I don’t know what was different from the other times but it was. She closed her eyes as a pleased smile slowly spread itself over her sultry lips.

“Oh Tom, this’ll never get old. You fill me up just right.” She sighed contentedly as she hit bottom.

Of course I couldn’t speak; I find it very difficult to do so when I’m inside her. I could only gaze into her brilliant blue eyes and sigh. She leaned forward and put her hands on my chest as she started rising and falling faster. I could see the strain on her face and her arms trembling. I reached out and put my own arms around her, pulling her to me.

“W-what are you doing?”

I rolled over, depositing her under me. She brought her arms up and folded them vertically up her chest, almost defensively. I didn’t know why she did that, but she looked damn cute doing it, looking up at me with big eyes.

“You are planning on something after this right?” I asked, slowly pulling halfway out of her. She nodded; making a face as I slowly started pushing back in.

“Then you’ll need your energy for that then wont you?”

She nodded again and closed her eyes, moaning and pushing her head back against the bed as I started moving a little faster. I think she was nervous about what I would do, seeing as this was the first time I had total control. I put my hands on either side of her shoulders; she wrapped her legs back behind my thighs and put her arms around my neck.

I was moving faster still, my cock almost completely escaping her tight confines before pushing back in.

“Harder.” She whispered; her eyes still shut tight.

“You sure?” I didn’t like the distressed look on her face.

“Uhhn y-oh-yeah. Harder!” she groaned. Her legs went higher, pulling me tighter into her. I complied, pulling out of her and then shoving back in, much faster than I had before. She cried out and pulled with her arms, lifting her torso off the bed before I lowered her back down. Her mouth was past my cheek, her ragged breathing was so stimulating, so arousing; I pumped faster. She was squeezing me tight; her arms were trying so hard to crush me.

“Tohm! Tohhm! Y-hes Tom!” she moaned loudly. Faster, harder. She jerked, her body and muscles tightening uncontrollably. Her cunt practically crushed my dick and I grunted as she came hard, liquid rushing out of her.

“Oh, oh, oh…god, uhn.” She breathed, letting go of me. She deflated, most of the breath sighing from her lungs, exhausted. I kept going, her twitching insides doing wonders on my sensitive skin. Every thrust eliciting a moan or a groan from beneath me.

Shit.” I grunted as I came again, my cock jerking inside of her as I shot my second load into her. Her legs still held me tightly, keeping up a constant pressure on me to hold me inside of her.

“Oh, how do you still have so much? Crap it’s hot!” she said tiredly. I closed my eyes and gently lowered myself down on top of her, breathing hard. She ran her hands through my hair and kissed my face. God damn how did she expect me to keep this up?

“Ready for round three?” she asked quietly.

“Christ girl, don’t you ever stop.” I barked out a laugh. She simply stared at me, totally serious. “Jeez, just give me a few minutes.” I rolled off of her and tried to recover, my chest heaving, covered in sweat.

“C’mon you can do it baby.” She cooed, slipping on top of me and sitting on my waist. I could feel something warm spilling onto my stomach. I looked down and saw a mix of her own cum and mine dribbling out of her.

“Aw Eve come on you’re leakin’ all over me.”

She cocked her head to the side and gave me a quirky smile, “Whoops, ma bad.”

“So wait…what are we doing now?”

She gave me a strange smile, “You haven’t guessed yet?”

I had but I wanted to give myself a little time to breathe. I shook my head dumbly.

She narrowed her eyes suspiciously, and tumbled to the side. Getting on her hands and knees and crawling to the end of the bed.

“Sooo…what?” I asked finally getting my breathing under some measure of control.

“You’re staring at it.” She deadpanned. I was staring at her ass, how did she know? Duh! She got down on her stomach reaching for something on the floor, her legs coming up at the knees.

“I’ve only done this once and that…um that was in college.”

“Party girl?”

“I don’t wanna talk about it.” She said, blushing as she turned her head to smile sweetly at me. I heard the rustle of a plastic bag. “Yeah I’m going to do it right this time.” She muttered. One of her hands came back and gingerly touched the cheek I had so brutalized, it was still a little rosy.

I crawled over to her admiring my handy work, “Oh man this is so impressive.” I put my hand over her own and pushed down.

She squeaked and looked back at me, “Ouch that still stings.”

I got down close on top of her and whispered in her ear, “You are so lucky you are escaping tomorrow, otherwise I would have kept this up. Every…day…right…here.” My hand was still over her own and I pushed again causing her to cry out.

“Hmm maybe you can start when I get back. That is, if we can spare the time.” She purred.

“You are so weird. One second you say ‘ow it hurts’ and the next…” I trailed off as she turned over underneath me and slowly pulled my head down to hers, our lips met and she kissed me deeply. I relaxed completely and things slowed down. I couldn’t feel anything but our lips pressed against each other and my heart pounding in my chest.

She slowly pulled away and gazed into my eyes. What was this? I was lightheaded and I think I felt a little nauseous.

She saw it on my face. “Tom. What’s wrong?“ she asked, suddenly worried.

“I don’t know.” My face was hot.

She knew. Smiling, she kissed me again. “Fuck it! It can wait ‘till I get back.” We kissed again, harder. Her arms circled my back and pulled me tight, her tongue snuck into my mouth and teased my own.

“Can we just…stay like this for awhile?” I asked softly. I was tired all of a sudden.

She smiled, “Of course.” She closed her eyes and then slowly reopened them, “But could we switch? You’re kinda crushing me.” I chuckled and rolled off her and she followed. She sat on the bed next to me and looked down at me with a curious expression on her pretty face.


“I’ve never met a guy who turned down sex when he was so close.”

I smiled, “I’ll give you three reasons why. One, we already had sex and with you that’ll last a lifetime. Two, you seemed nervous to begin with and I don’t want to make you do anything you don’t want to. And three, who needs sex when I can just be near you.”

She blushed profusely and let out a polite little cough, “Jeez. If I didn’t know exactly what you were talking about I think I might have been offended.”

It was my turn to blush. She clicked her tongue and said, “Aww, you are so freaking adorable.” My face burned again as she got on top of me and jammed her lips to mine again. She threw her leg over my waist and got on top of me again, laying flat on my chest.

I could feel that cum combo trickling onto me again, it made me uncomfortable for some reason. I squirmed under her and she pulled her head back looking at me with a questioning look.

“You’re leaking again.” I said meekly.

She sighed. “It’s not my fault alright. You’re not the one with all this…stuff in you.” She said with a twinge of frustration in her voice. She sat up and looked around and then looked down at me with an excited look, “Hey, wanna take a shower?”

“Sure.” She practically jumped off the bed and hurried into her bathroom. Clearly she felt dirty or something. I was wrong.

Much more leisurely I got up and walked in after her. She already had the water going and steam was already billowing from behind the curtain.

“Eve?” She was nowhere to be seen but of course she could only be in one place.

“Get your cute ass in here.” She chuckled.

“Yes ma’am.” I said, pulling aside the curtain and gingerly stepping in. She was leaning back against the rear wall with her arms crossed, letting the hot water crash against her bare chest. She was already completely wet, every part of her glistened and her blond hair was plastered around her head.

She held up a hand and beckoned me closer with finger. I stepped closer to her and she put her hands on my waist, jerking me into her.

“Uhh Hi.” I stammered. She smiled and pushed down until we were even and kissed me. The hot water was hitting my back now, to give you a better idea of how much bigger than her I was, none of it was hitting her except when it splattered off of me.

“Compensation Thomas.” She purred. One of her hands slipped between us and pulling my unsurprising hard-on down, pushed her hips forward and impaled herself on it. The woman was insatiable. One hand went to my ass, the other to the back of my head.

“You are going to do me hard and do me now! Do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am.” I said, pushing hard into her. She groaned, turning her head down and to the side, closing her eyes. This was going to be fast, her slippery skin against mine creating this strange feeling that was giving me a weird but pleasurable sensation.

“C’mon…uuhhn…you can…ddhhoo better.” She grunted, turning her head back to face me. Fine, if she wanted hard I was more than willing to oblige. Back, slam forward, back, slam forward. She screamed.

“Eve! Ahhhh!” I cried out as her fingernails dug into the flesh of my ass. As I said, it was quick, that warm water doing great things. That quick stab of pain was enough to push me over the edge and I shot number three into her. I slumped forward, totally drained. My still pumping cock slipped out of her as I slid down her body to sit in the bottom of the tub. The water was hitting the back of my head as I sat there panting uncontrollably. Eve still leaned against the wall, her mouth was open and her eyes were wide. Her hands were coving her pussy, the fingers of one moving with quick, hard movements. Her mouth opened and closed like she was having trouble breathing as her eyes rolled back in her head, a queer smile on her face.

She stood with her legs trembling before she too slumped to the bottom of the tub, breathing hard. She twitched every few seconds while we sat there staring at each other.

“Are you done for today?” I panted.

“It’ll last the week.” She giggled weakly. “That was my plan anyhow.”

“Oh.” I leaned back against one side and closed my eyes. “I don’t know if I’ll be able to wake up tomorrow.”

“You will. If only to see your hot little friend.” She muttered with an obvious measure of bitterness in her voice.

I wasn’t in the mood to argue my case so I stood up and started cleaning myself off.

She then started laughing and I turned to glare down at her. “What’s so funny?”

“Payback.” She said, still laughing and pointed to my backside. I tried to look but obviously couldn’t see so I brought my hand back and felt the cheek she had dug her nails into. And damn but sure enough I felt five deep indentations in the flesh of my ass.

“God damn it Eve!”

“It’s not my fault your ass is so squeezable.” She said, smiling up at me ever-so-innocently.

“Stand up.” I ordered quietly.


“I said stand up.”

Slowly, she did. “Good girl. Now turn around.”

“Why what are you gonna do?”

“You’ll see when you turn around.” I said coolly. She smiled wickedly and slowly turned, maintaining eye contact for as long as possible. As soon as she had her back completely to me I pulled back my arms and KA-SMACK! Exactly the same spot.

She cried out and put her arms out against the wall. The wet smacking noise combined with the jiggle aftershock of her reddened cheek made me smile. Over the sound of the falling water I barely made out a squelching noise and I looked down. Somehow she had just blown out everything I had dumped in her today in one massive push and was now slowly being washed away.

“What in the hell was that?” I said, not being able to keep the awe out of my voice at how much I had actually put in her.

She couldn’t speak. She kept opening and closing her mouth like she was trying to speak but all that came out were strangled gasps.

“I-I d-don’t kn-hhow.” She took a few deep breaths and turned her head to look back at me. “But it felt good.”

“You’re welcome then.” I chuckled, getting out and toweling off. I went back into her room and looked around for my clothes before realizing I only had my swim trunks and shirt with me. I pulled those on and sat down on the floor with my back to her bed, I needed to sit on something solid for a change. I looked over at her clock and my jaw dropped, it was nearly eight.

“Shit Eve I have to get going!” I called, standing back up and groaning the whole way.

“What?” I heard the water being turned off and the curtain rustling.

“I said I should get going!” I called again. She screamed something and I jumped, thinking she had fallen down. But she came tearing out of the bathroom with a towel hastily wrapped around her body and crashed into me, hurling us back onto her bed.

“No please Tom!” she looked over at the clock as well. “Please! Just stay with me for a few more hours.” She pleaded, desperation in her eyes.

“Jeez haven’t you had enough yet?” I asked, smiling tiredly.

“I have. But I just…I just…” she trailed off looking deep into my eyes. She didn’t have to say anymore.

“Okay. Okay sure.” I said gently. She grinned and let out a huge sigh of relief, sinking into me. I scooted all the way back up the bed, pulling her with me. Fortunately we were on a side of the bed that hadn’t been completely soiled. She lay right on top of me, her light weight of no discomfort what-so-ever.

“Thank you.” She mumbled, burying her face in my chest. I sighed, lightly putting my arms around her.

We stayed like that for more than an hour and a half before I started getting anxious. Somewhere along the line she had fallen asleep and I was debating whether or not to wake her up to tell her I had to get home.

It took me all of five seconds to decide. “Eve.” I said gently, “Eve wake up.” She mumbled something and I rocked her shoulder until she became fully conscious.

“What is it?”

“Eve I have to go. Okay?”

“But uh…but.” She started to protest before she saw what time it was. She got off of me and sat up on the bed, holding the towel to her body. The look she gave me nearly broke my heart, no lie.

“No don’t do that.” I said with downcast eyes as I got off the bed and stood up, stretching my back. I walked out to the front door with her right behind me.

“I’ll see you in a week Eve. Make sure you have fun, or at least try to.” I leaned down and kissed her forehead.

She pouted and grabbed my face, pulling me back so she could kiss me hard on the lips.

“I’ll probably be back Friday and that night I want to see you here with your pants around your ankles.”

I snorted but realized she was totally serious. She had me by the collar now and gave me a little jerk to emphasize her point.

“And I’ll be damned if I lose you to that little girl.” She hissed menacingly.

“Whoa, come on!” I said putting my hands up in compliance. I was almost regretting waking her up now.

She smiled, suddenly playful. “I’ll see you on Friday Tommy.” She purred. I turned and left, feeling like crap for some reason. The drive home was dismal and it felt like my chest was about to burst as I walked through the front door. It was late and everyone but my mom and younger brother had work in the morning, so the house was quiet. I went up to my bedroom and saw that I had left my cell on my bed, stupid. I turned it on and tossed it back on my bed before getting into my sleeping pants. I shut off my computer seeing as someone had been on it while I was gone.

Just then my cell rang, nearly giving me a heart attack. I snatched up the offending device and looked at the front display, not recognizing the number but realizing it was a local area code.

I snapped it open before it could ring again, “Morrison.”

“Is that how you answer your phone Tom? So gruffly?” It was a female voice but I didn’t recognize it.

“I’m sorry but who is this?” I asked politely.

“It’s Brook. C’mon do I really sound that different over the phone Tom.”

“Well uh sorta. I…I just never expected you to call me, I didn’t think you had my number.”

She giggled and damn if it didn’t sound so sweet. “I didn’t but John did, I had his from a project we had to work on last year. Anyways um, I tried to call you since I got back but I guess your phone was off.”

I barked out a little nervous laugh, “Ha yeah whoops, sorry about that.” An almost uncomfortable pause. “So what did you need Brook.”

“Um wow this one hell of a way to start off. I realize I do not have a car yet nor will I have one in the very near future. So um I was wondering…uh wow um I was wondering if you could drive me to work this week.” I beamed to myself and nearly jumped up in the air.

Steadying myself I said, “What time do you plan on going into work?”

She couldn’t contain a little squeal of delight before she spoke, “I’m actually not sure. What time do you go in at?”

“I’m usually there by eight, that’s when everyone is generally in by. Why can’t your dad drive you if you don’t mind me asking?”

“That’s cool, he is going in at like seven and that’s just a little ridiculous if you ask me.”

“So… do you think you can manage me picking you up around seven thirty then?”

“Hell it’s better than school time.” I had closed my door almost totally closed and gotten on my bed, getting myself comfortable.

“You wont be saying that a month in at around four o’clock.” I chuckled.

“Well I’m sure I’ll be fine so long as you’re there.” She said quietly, I almost didn’t hear her. I didn’t respond.

She coughed nervously, “So um what will we be doing while you’re boss is gone.”

“Well she left me a ton of stuff to get done. But between the two of us it should be cake.”

“Cool.” She squeaked.



“Is this your first job?”

There was a slight pause, “Um yeah, it is and to be totally honest with you Tommy I’m a little nervous.”

“Brook seriously, doesn’t be. RCM is a fantastic first job, so please don’t be nervous.”

She laughed a little uneasily, “Okay. Oh wait! What should I wear? Like is there a dress code or something?”

“No not really for us. But seeing as it’s your first day you might want to make a good impression. But after that they don’t really care unless the corporate guys come around and they tell you about that way in advance. But you’re gonna have to sign some papers with Joan so be ready for that too.”

“Oh, okay.”

I laughed, “So like I said don’t be nervous.”

She giggled again, “Thanks Tom I really appreciate it. Sorry to trouble you like this. I know it’s late.”

“Not a problem.”

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow morning at seven thirty.”


We said our goodbyes and hung up. I closed my phone and put it on my bedside table. I sighed, this was going to be very fun indeed. Not five minutes after I got under the covers I was passed out cold.

I woke up the next morning excited and totally refreshed, somehow not suffering any ill effects from this weekend. I ate quickly and was out the door and in front of Brook’s house at almost exactly seven thirty.

This was a very nice neighborhood and I was busy looking the massive houses over when the passenger side door opened.

“Hi Tom!” she greeted me brightly as she slid into the seat. She was decked out in a relatively conservative, dark blue, skirt suit that ended just above her knees.

“Good morning working girl.” I snickered.

She grinned, turning her captivating grey eyes on me for the first time. “How do I look?”

“Uh I don’t think beautiful covers it.” I said coolly.

She blushed hard, “Oh stop it!” She smacked my arm playfully, turning her red face away from me.

Smiling, I took off and it was only about twenty minutes later that we pulled into the parking lot. I got out and she followed me, straightening her outfit.

“Ready?” I asked slowly walking towards the front door.

“I don’t know.” She said as she came up next to me. And then a little more softly, “I’m scared. I’ve never done this before.”

“Aw don’t worry. I’m here, your dad’s here, nothing to worry about.”

She smiled at me and I got lost in her eyes for a second before her hand taking mine snapped me out of it. I squeezed it reassuringly as we walked through the doors and thankfully she let go.

I stopped her at the receptionist’s desk, “Morning Marge! Look what I got!”

“Oh ‘ello Tom. And you must Brook?” She got up from behind her desk and reached out to shake her hand. “No need t’be nervous deary. If you need anythin’ atall don’t be ‘fraid to ask.” Brook smiled warmly as Marge sat back down.

“We’ll see you around Marge.” I said, plucking a candy from the jar she kept on the counter. I led brook to the sales/marketing area, introducing her to friends of mine and other people we came across along the way. I showed her the cafeteria, the bathrooms, and all the other essential need-to-know stuff. I brought her to my cube, showed her the people that made up the department, and led her to the cube she would be working in.

“Hehe this is cool.” She said excitedly, sitting in her chair and swiveling around.

“Mhm. Now unfortunately you probably won’t be able to use this computer until tomorrow.” I leaned close to her and whispered like it was a state secret, “The IT people are a little slow when it comes to us part timers.”

She smiled again, she was just loving the whole office experience just as I had my first summer.

“But first things first. We gotta get all that paper work crap done.” I started off towards Joan’s office, Brook following dutifully behind. I knocked on the door and cracked it open.

“Mornin’ Joan!”

“Hello Thomas, I see you’ve brought Ms. Landry. Come on in.” I stepped aside, ushered Brook in and pulled the chair out for her while Joan fumbled around for the necessary papers.

“This is your first employment Ms. Landry?”

Brook just nodded nervously. “Well I’m sure everybody has said this to you today but you’ll be fine.”

“You got this Brook?” I asked, giving her shoulder a squeeze. She looked up at me with fearful eyes but nodded anyways.

“Joan if you don’t mind could you give Bill a call and see if he can’t hurry up and get her computer online.”

She sighed, “You know what he’ll say but alright. I’ll call him up after we finish here.”

“Thanks Joan.” I said, turning and heading back to my cube to sort out what needed to be done this week. I picked out some of the stuff that didn’t require a computer and hauled it over to Brook’s cube, mostly manuals or copies to be made. Walking back, I started doing as much work as I could. Hopefully if I got all my stuff done earlier this week I could slack off for the rest of it. It was ten minutes before Brook showed up and I had to stop, I had put a surprising dent in the workload.

“Damn it that was a lot of garbage.” She whined, coming up behind me and sitting on the edge of my desk, not unlike what Eve was so fond of doing.

“Yeah but that’s the only time you have to do it. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait for them to get your computer up before you can start logging your hours.”

“Oh.” She responded, more than a little disappointed.

“Alright lets get you something to do huh.” I brought her over to her cube and showed her how to put the manuals together and where the copy machine was.

“So are you planning on having lunch with your dad?”

She looked into my eyes and god damn it if she didn’t hypnotize me again, “Nah he has his own things going.” She shrugged, “No I’m having lunch with you.”

“Oh you are?” I teased.

“Yes I am.” She proclaimed, folding her arms.

“Then it doesn’t look like I have a choice, see you at eleven then. Just come on over if you need any help.” She didn’t, not like anyone needed help doing something so simple. She did however, come over a few times claiming difficulties but that wasn’t hard to see through.

After a particularly long stretch of not seeing her it was getting close to lunch. My dad had sort of imbued in me a nasty habit of only going to lunch at exactly eleven. Brook came over at ten fifty or so, jumping happily up on my desk, holding her little bag lunch.

“This is fun.” She chirped and I couldn’t help but smile.

Lunch was entertaining, the resident funny man had sat with us and had nearly caused her to shoot juice out her nose. After that she had gone back to her cube while I caught up with Marco. But I digress.

The week was one of the best of my life with the exception of the pervious one…maybe. We had become incredibly close. Though I believe she thought this was just the continuation of a relationship she believed we had been having since freshman year. She kept bringing up funny and memorable moments we had been involved in or happened around us, which was fine with me.

By Friday afternoon all of the work had been done and she basically spent all her time perched on my desk. And then the question that I had been hoping for finally surfaced.

“Um I was just wondering uh. You don’t have a girlfriend do you?” she asked quietly. I honestly thought she would have figured that out, or maybe she had and just wanted to breach the subject with an obvious question of availability.

“No. No I don’t.” I answered shyly.

“Do you want one?” she asked huskily.

I turned my head from my computer to look her in the eye. I thought she was joking for a second so I said smiling, “Why, are you offering?”

She got down off my desk. “Yes.” She breathed. She stood me up and got really close, her large breasts pushing into my chest. Slowly, hesitantly, I leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips. She smiled and kissed me back, harder.

Thankfully there was nobody around, but that could change any second and she realized that. She took my hand and led me out of my cube, taking me to Eve’s office.

“Where are we going?”

“Sshh.” She opened the door which was unlocked for some reason and pulled me inside the darkened interior. She pulled me down and kissed me again, turning me in the dark so my back was to the chair. She pushed me into it and followed me down, her legs on either side of the armless chair. I always wondered why Eve had such a chair. She pushed against me, moving her hips in just that way. We were so into it that neither of us heard a distinct double click. The first thing that told me something was wrong was the smell. I never knew what it really was, but it was very familiar. My eyes snapped open and the only thing I saw was a pair of very bright, very angry, blue eyes. I pearly white smile appeared in the darkness and I winced as a pathetic whimpering moan escaped me.

Brook squeaked in surprise as she was yanked off of me by the back of her shirt and dumped unceremoniously on the floor.

“Maybe I should have used a different choice of words Sunday. I should have said you’d be damned if I lost you to this little girl.” She hissed, grabbing me by the collar and hauling me to my feet. I was tiny compared to her, no force on the planet could hope to stop her.

“Eve, please…”

“No! I spend the week busting my ass in some dirty boring city halfway across the country and I come home to this! In my office! With HER!” She pointed down at Brook who cowered on the floor, almost under the desk. She was shaking with rage as she pushed me down to my knees, glaring at me.

I won’t lie, I was almost in tears. She saw this and her eyes softened fractionally, she grabbed my head and forced it into her stomach, pinning me against her as she turned on Brook.

“And you. Who the hell do you think you are? You think you can waltz you young ass in here while I’m gone and steal him from me?” I doubt Eve realized at the time that poor Brook had no idea that I was anything more than friends with my boss.

A stone like look came over Brook’s features and she stood up, albeit a little shakily. “What gives you any authority over him, huh? Four years I’ve been after him, hitting on him, suffering from his lack of attention, trying to go through his friends, everything! And just when I get him, you bust in and snatch him out from under me. I have more claim to him than you do.” I wanted to laugh, to cry, every emotion under the sun wanted to escape me. She did like me all those years, my friends weren’t lying to me, trying to trick me. And now the two women who, I’m pretty sure I loved, were fighting each other…over me, HA! Who could have seen that one coming, the nervous, stuttering, awkward kid, getting this!

I struggled to break away from Eve but she only pulled me tighter, almost protectively, as if she saw more validity or sympathy for Brook’s argument than her own. She just didn’t want to lose me.

Eve said a little more quietly, “You haven’t been through what we have. Done what we’ve done.” One of her hands gently stroked the top of my head. “He was there for me and even if I haven’t had to yet, I’ll be there for him.” Oh okay that made sense. “I know I can’t be with him forever, start a family with him or something but I will not lose what I already have with him.” She let me go and I slumped back, looking up at her with shocked and saddened eyes. She gave me a tired look but after a second a vicious smile spread her lips and she turned once again.

“If you want him fine, it’s not like I can stop you.” She paused looking at Brook with playful, curious eyes. “But I want to see what you have to offer. What is it about you that makes him so happy, hmm? What do you have that’s better than me.”

“No Eve it’s not like that!” I said before she gave me a ‘shut up’ look.

“W-what…how am I?” Brook stammered, backing away.

“You look better in a bathing suit I think.” Eve said softly reaching out and pulling Brook towards the wall and pinning her there. I looked at the clock and sighed in relief, it was past four, only fifteen or twenty people would still be in and they were on the other side of the building.

“What pretty eyes you have. Brook is it? I bet he just loves those.” Eve was incredibly close to her now, their noses practically touching. I was amazed at how similar they looked. They were exactly the same height, probably weight, and their figures were quite similar. Though, as I said before, Brook’s curves were larger and a bit more defined.

“Take off your shirt girl.” Eve said forcefully, moving her head like she was scanning every single feature of Brook’s face.


“I said take off your shirt.” After a pause to stare directly into her eyes, “Or I’ll do it for you.” Brook frowned and cast me a panicked look before slowly unbuttoning her shirt.

Eve licked her lips as it came off and looked back at me smiling, “Oh I see how it is Tom. She has big tits, so that makes her better?”

“Eve.” I sighed.

Suddenly she pushed forward against Brook and mashed their lips together. Brook’s eyes went wide in panic and she tried to push Eve off, but after a few seconds she relaxed, her arms falling to her sides. Eve’s hands came up and grabbed Brook’s breasts through her lacey black bra, squeezing them and, I assumed, pinching her nipples hard.

Brook moaned into Eve’s mouth and sort of jerked into her. One of Eve’s hands released her and started slipping downward. It snuck into Brook’s jeans and centered itself.

Brook’s eyes shot open once more and stared first at Eve’s closed eyes, then my own. I couldn’t tell what they said but before long she relaxed again, her grey eyes disappearing behind almost sleepy lids. Eve broke away and they both gasped for more air before Eve nuzzled Brook’s head to the side and started kissing her neck. She opened her mouth wide and turned her chin skywards.

“Oh goahhd.” She moaned.

Even in the dark I could see Eve’s hand pushed farther back in Brook’s pants. Brook froze and before she could scream, Eve took her other hand and clamped it over her mouth. The animalistic noise that came out of her was so muffled I doubt it made it out the door.

Eve turned her smiling face to me again. “Oh wow, I think I might lose a finger.” She giggled girlishly. The breath had gone out of Brook’s lungs and Eve took her hand away. I could see the arm of that hand flexing but couldn’t see her actual movements.

“I think she likes this stuff Tommy.” She said with a big smile on her face. Brook too had a strange little smile on her lips, the rest of her face was totally relaxed and her eyes looked like they wanted to roll up in her head. Something small was moving in the front of her pants now and she jumped. She started jerking every few seconds, her head falling forward onto Eve’s shoulder.

“My mistake, she loves this. I think I’ll let her handle you in this department.” She gave a final push with her arm and Brook moaned loudly, her whole body twitching against Eve. This went on for at least two solid minutes before she let out a final pleased sigh and slumped to the floor. Eve’s hand came free with a very audible sucking noise.

“Hmm.” She said thoughtfully as she came over and sat in her chair, digging in her desk and producing a wet-wipe. “I think you have a keeper there.”

“So you’re not mad?” I asked cautiously.

“Mad? Naw.” She chuckled and I breathed a sigh of relief. “I’m pissed! I swear to God Thomas Morrison if you…err…if you…”

“I get it.” I said sullenly.

“Good boy.” She looked at the time and sighed. “Not tonight I guess, but Sunday is good. You?” I nodded. “Fantastic!”

I felt something tugging at my shirt and I looked back. Brook had sat up and was putting on her shirt. “Come here.” She said, pulling at me persistently. I Scooted over and sat next to her.

“Are you okay?” I asked, concern riddling my voice.

“More than okay. That was awesome.” She whispered. “Hey um could you ask her if it would be okay for me to come with you when you went?”

“Why don’t you ask her? It’s not like she doesn’t speak English.” Eve cocked her head to the side, steepling her fingers. I guessed she already knew what was going on.

“Tom please.” She whispered in my ear. Her hand was over mine and she squeezed it.

“Fine. Eve, Brook wants to know if she can come over with me Sunday.” I said blandly, secretly giving Eve a hopeful smile.

That was the biggest grin I had ever seen on a person, “Hmm I don’t know.”

“Please.” Brook drew out the word.

“Okay but you and I are going to have to make some kind of deal of how we split him up. Alright?”

Brook nodded eagerly. Well now this was turning out to be the greatest thing I was ever likely to experience.

Eve looked back at the clock. “Alright children, I suggest we hit the road before Marge leaves with our checks.”

Brook jumped up and practically ran out the door. “She’s adorable.” Eve sighed.

“Age over beauty Eveline.” I snickered.

“You son of a bitch!” she exclaimed, punching me hard in the arm. She was about to do it again but I grabbed her arm and spun her around, bending her over her own desk.

“You’re overdue aren’t you Ms. Azmano?” I purred, pulling my hand back.

SMACK! SMACK! Double tap, same spot ha-ha.

“Uhhhyeah!” she groaned, biting her lip and looking back at me.

I let go of her and stepped back, giving her space to get up. “By the way what was that about back there?”

“Uuh, you said it yourself. Party girl. Probably the best part of college.” She said in short bursts, still bent over her desk despite me backing away.

“Awesome. Well I guess I’ll see you Sunday.” I said turning to get my stuff and take Brook home.

“Hold on! Just give me a second you sadistic bastard.” She laughed, hobbling after me.

“Wassa matter sweet cheeks? Are you still jealous of an innocent little girl like Brook?” I teased, reaching back and squeezing her sore ass.

“Ahhh. I’m not eeehhr jealous.” She protested, twisting out of my grip and getting in front of me, stopping me. “And besides I think she likes me better.”

“Why you little…” I said reaching out to grab her rear again. Laughing and squealing she scurried out of my reach, almost running into Brook as she came around the corner.

Eve ducked behind her and looked over her shoulder at me, “Careful Brooky, he just might start beating your ass now.”

“Mmm he can do whatever he wants to my ass.” She purred, giving me one of those looks.

“You two are killing me.”

“Oh?” they said in unison, before giving each other looks. They split up and sauntered over on either side of me.

“Now you’re outnumbered Tom.” Eve giggled.

“Shit! L-look I still have to get home okay! Um hold it, don’t think you can get me to do anything, crap!” I turned and ran as they reached for me, snagging my keys on the way. Eve turned Brook and they headed for a second exit, trying to cut me off. I got to the lobby and slowed down.

“Evening’ Marge. Got my check?”

She held it out to me.

“Thanks. Do you have Eveline’s? She’s going to meet me in the parking lot.” Brook wouldn’t get a check until next Friday.

She dug around for that and finally handed it to me. “’Ave a pleasant weekend dearie.”

“You too Marge.” I called, hurrying out the doors. I had just stepped onto the parking lot when I saw them charging towards me from the right and sprinted to my car. I stopped with my back to it while they were still a few feet away and held up Eve’s check.

“Oh Eve. Look what I got.” She skidded to a halt and glared at me.

“What is it you want Tom?”

“You’re going to be nice to Brook from now on. Alright? And you won’t fight over me too much.”

Brook snorted and Eve smacked her arm.

“Hey! What did I just say?”

“Sorry Tom.” She demurred. “Fine. Okay? Just give me my check!”

I did and she crammed it in her pocket before anybody else could steal it.

“See ya Sunday Eve.” I chuckled getting in my car. Brook hurried into the passenger seat and we left.

“You’re quite the pimp aren’t you?” I just smiled. When we pulled up to her house she got out but leaned back in, giving me a mischievous grin.

“So when are you going to pick me up on Sunday?”

“Probably around ten. But I’ll call you anyways.”

“Okay.” She chirped.

I drove home with a permanent grin on my face. How could this day get any better?

The evening passed by quickly and quietly. And as I lay in bed after everyone had hit the hay, I couldn’t help but keep smiling at this whole fiasco. I fell asleep in perfect bliss.

However it felt like only five minutes before I was woken up by a hand closing over my mouth. I woke with a start, and though it was a few seconds before I could see who it was, I already knew.

The hand withdrew. “Kelly what the fuck is wrong with you?” I hissed.

“It’s not what’s wrong with me it’s what wrong with my life, with the world, with my luck.” She whispered. Her voice seemed to float into my head from right next to my ear even though I could see her standing a few feet away.

“What are you talking about?”

I jumped as she climbed onto my bed and straddled my waist. “I know what I want from you now.” She said softly, she put her hands on my chest and leaned down, her face mere inches from mine. Even though it was pitch black, a thin sliver of light somehow illuminated just her eyes.

And in her eyes I could see something that had become all too familiar to me, something I had seen in Eve’s eyes and even something I had seen in Brook’s eyes this week. I shivered.

“Oh yes. You know what I want.” She breathed.


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