My Two Aunts_(0)

My Two Aunts_(0)

My Two Aunts

My parents were childhood sweethearts. Mom was the “girl next door” that everyone is always talking about. She was and still is very pretty and very sweet. Both of my parents are the oldest children in their families, so am I if that matters. Mom is one of ten siblings while dad is one of just six.

Apparently my grandmothers were not done with their families when mom and dad started theirs, namely me. There are pictures of the three women getting fatter and fatter as I and my two aunts were coming into this world. Back then mothers and children stayed in the hospital for about three days before the hospital and doctor would allow them to go home. So there are pictures of my Aunt Betty and I in the nursery together and then of my Aunt Freddie and me. Aunt Elizabeth was born three days before me and Aunt Frederica was born three days after me.

We were forced together almost all of the time growing up. It is hard to find a picture of me alone. We were babysat together and even bathed together for several years. Then we attended school together.

I’m not sure when it happened but one day I was no longer allowed to take a bath with my Aunts or even go in the bathroom when they were in there. It wasn’t fair I hadn’t done anything wrong and neither had they. I believe that is when we all started sneaking around. It was a constant game of you show me yours and I’ll show you mine, playing doctor, and spin the bottle. I really liked it when my two Aunts had to kiss during spin the bottle.

About the time we were in the fifth grade in school and eleven years old the girls were developing rather nicely. I loved watching their tits grow and they loved watching my cock grow. I was the first one to get pubic hair and Aunt Betty was the first one to have her period.

Well the more our parents tried to keep us apart the more we wanted to be together. The more we grew and learned about sex the more we wanted to try it. It wasn’t long before we were at it every chance we could. I sucked their nipples and poked my fingers into their moist virgin pussies while they sucked my cock, felt my balls, and played with my nipples too. Aunt Betty was surprised and thrilled when she received my first load of warm cum in her mouth. Until then I had only jerked off for them and let them jerk me off too. By the time we were thirteen we were experts at giving one another oral sex. Sixty-nine had become our favorite position. When I could no longer function orally Aunt Betty and Aunt Freddie would get into a sixty-nine together while I watched them. It was always very sexy to watch and usually got me back into the action soon.

As with all good things we eventually got caught. We were almost fifteen at the time. Mom was furious! She caught Aunt Betty and I locked in a hot and heavy sixty-nine with me on top and Aunt Freddie with her tongue stuck in my asshole. None of us even noticed that mom had knocked and entered my bedroom. She must have been there for quite some time too. When I finally came up for air and looked in mom’s direction I saw her with one hand in her shorts playing with her clit and her other hand twisting her nipple.

I casually said, “Girls we have company!”

Aunt Freddie said, “Want to join us sis?”

Aunt Betty said, “Come on it’ll be more fun with the four of us!”

Mom turned around and locked my bedroom door. Then she just stared at my now visible cock still wet from her sister-in-law’s mouth and rock hard. “You all promise never to tell a soul about this!”

In unison we all said, “I swear!”

Then I watched as my beautiful mother started to undress in front of me. Of course I had looked down her blouse whenever she happened to bend over, looked up her skirt whenever she got up from our low couch, and I have certainly seen her in several sexy bikinis over the last few years. Mom was absolutely beautiful!

When she raised her T-shirt up over her head I saw that she was braless. I knew that before however from her hard nipples and no bra marks showing through her tight T-shirt. Her fine firm breasts were exposed to me for the very first time. I had seen all of dad’s Playboy magazines but mom was my very first real woman and not very far away from me. I knew that mom wore a B-cup bra while Aunt Betty and Aunt Freddie both wore A-cup bras. Mom’s nipples and areola were a darker brownish color than either of my Aunts pale pink nipples and areola. Mom’s nipples were rock hard too. I couldn’t help but stare at them.

Mom finished removing her T-shirt. As was normal for her she took the time to turn it back right side out, fold it neatly, and place it on the seat of my computer chair. She slipped off her shoes and placed them just under the edge of my computer chair before hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts. She looked once again at my ridged cock in Aunt Freddie’s hand as she stroked it nonchalantly. Meanwhile my fingers were in Aunt Betty’s pussy and my thumb was gently stroking her clitoris as I ogled my half-naked mother.

When she turned to put her shoes under my chair I saw that she was wearing thong panties that showed above her skimpy shorts in the back. As mom lowered the waistband of her shorts down her body I saw that her panties were white, silk, and had tiny colorful hearts on them. It felt like forever before her shorts were below the crotch of her panties. As mom lowered them further I could see that her panties had crept up into the crack of her pussy forming the perfect camel toe. I had seen camel toes many times on Aunt Betty and on Aunt Freddie. They know that I like it and show it to me often. However I had never seen that before on my mother.

When mom bent over to push her shorts to her ankles to remove them I watched her heavy tits dangle and swing. I liked it. I liked it a lot. My Aunt’s smaller tits didn’t hang like that.

Mom stood up nice and straight pulled her shoulders back showing off her good posture, and thrusting her breasts out even better. God they were perfect tits. No wonder dad loves them and mom is so proud of them.

Then mom just smiled at me and stared at my cock as she hooked her thumbs into her thong panties and slowly lowered them. Even though Aunt Freddie was stroking my cock I knew that looking at mom slowly expose her cunt for me was making it twitch uncontrollably in her hand. As her completely shaved pussy came into sight I erupted all over Aunt Freddie’s hand and my stomach. Mom smiled at me, pushed her panties to her ankles, removed them, and shoved them gently into my mouth. I could smell mom’s pungent pussy odor just I got a taste of her pussy juice. Her panties were quit wet and I got a very good taste of her pussy and I wanted more, much more. While I sucked on her panties mom licked my cum off from her youngest sister’s fingers, my stomach, and finally sucked it off my cock directly. Oh my God! I couldn’t help but cum again. Mom never flinched; she just kept on sucking and swallowing. She had much more suction than my Aunt’s had and was actually sucking the sperm out of my nuts. It was fantastic!

After that second cum in just a few minutes I knew I was done for a while. However mom swung around into a sixty-nine with me and never let my limp cock out of her mouth. I had been enjoying the taste of mom’s pussy on her panties but I spit them out and went right to the source. It was everything that I had thought it would be. Mom’s pussy was strong tasting, very aromatic, and pungently intoxicating. I knew right then that I could never in my life get enough of mom’s pussy even if I lived to be a hundred years old.

I had no idea how long I ate mom’s pussy but eventually she got what she desperately wanted, a second load of my cum in her talented mouth!

This time I was really done for a while and everyone knew it. So I got to watch as mom and her sister, Aunt Freddie, made out in a sixty-nine too. However Aunt Betty had different ideas. She was not going to be left out! Soon the three girls were in a tight little Daisy chain with mom’s tongue still in Aunt Freddie and Aunt Betty’s tongue in her pussy. I knew exactly what Aunt Betty was tasting! Not too long afterwards they switched so that mom’s tongue was in Aunt Betty’s pussy and Aunt Freddie was eating mom’s pussy.

About an hour later I was finally hard again. Mom must have been keeping a close eye on me because she immediately freed herself from her sister and her sister-in-law and invited me into her embrace. Since she was on her back I got between her legs and leaned in for a hug like I had done almost every day of my life. However this time my cock slipped into her open pussy as I leaned in. As soon as I realized what I had done I tried to pull out. After all I was still a virgin. Aunt Betty, Aunt Freddie, and I had talked about doing it but we hadn’t actually gone all the way at that point. As I said I tried to pull out but I couldn’t, mom had her knees tight to my hips, her legs were crossed behind my back, and her heel was pressed tightly into my ass. I wasn’t going anywhere!

I sure got my hug. Boy did I get my hug, along with my very first fuck, and with my own mother at that! My two aunts cheered us both on. Being almost fifteen years old I was certainly in touch with my sexual needs, hell I cum several times every single day, but I had also cum three times in just over an hour. So it took forever for me cum in mom, apparently that was her whole idea from the very beginning. When I finally did cum mom shouted out “Oh my God!” about a dozen times followed by, “Twenty-seven minutes and five orgasms!” Finally mom allowed me to roll off to her side while she just breathed and calmed herself down.

Aunt Betty caressed my chest and kissed me while Aunt Freddie did the same to her older sister. It must have been five minutes later when mom finally spoke again.

Mom said, “That was simply incredible! That was the best fuck ever! Swear to God!”

I had never heard my mother say “fuck” in my life!

Mom continued, “Girls you really do need to experience this for yourself! Just as soon as he gets hard again go for it! Keep him worn out and it only gets better! Trust me!”

My two Aunts were going to kill me. After all that we had done to one another over the past few years they certainly knew how to get me hard. After fucking mom for twenty-seven minutes my cock was sore but I knew that I would have to endure two more such fucks. Even though I was looking forward to being the first boy to fuck my two Aunts I was not looking forward to having a raw cock for the next week.

Aunt Betty wanted to be fist and Aunt Freddie let her. Looking into her open pussy lips at the velvety soft pink inside always excites the hell out of me and I slipped my cock right in as mom had said to do. Aunt Betty was very wet from watching me fuck my mother and my cock felt real comfortable in her, but after about twenty minutes I was hoping that it would end soon. Fortunately for both of us it did. Twenty-four minutes was more than enough for either of us. The way Aunt Betty was talking she was almost as sore as I was. She had used dildos and carrots in her pussy before but not for anywhere near as long as my cock was in her. I loved taking her virginity as much as mom loved taking mine and I still had Aunt Freddie to go.

All too soon I was hard again and in Aunt Freddie’s virgin pussy. I looked at the clock myself and knew that when nine minutes had passed I would have been inside my first three girls for a full hour. I knew from what mom had said that I would last longer. With twenty-seven minutes and twenty-four minutes I was planning on fucking Aunt Freddie for at least thirty minutes. After that first nine minutes passed I was in all my glory. I was fucking my third pussy in less than two hours. I could not imagine another boy in the world that had fucked his mother and two Aunts in the same session besides giving his virginity to his mother and taking both of his Aunt’s virginities in the process.

Aunt Freddie built up to an orgasm three times and I was still going. I passed the twenty-four minute mark, then the twenty-seven minute mark, and was past the thirty-minute mark that I had set for myself. As Aunt Freddie hit her fifth orgasm I erupted in her. It had been thirty-nine minutes making a total of ninety minutes that my cock had been inside their pussies. Not bad for a first experience!

All mom and my Aunts could talk about was doing it again tomorrow.

I had to laugh because that was all that I could think about too!

The End
My Two Aunts

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