My two little misses

My two little misses

[b] [b] I was still reeling from shock about last night with Angie. I feared that this was a one time thing. Me thinking she just needed to get layed after her divorce to prove to herself that she was still desireable. Funny how women's egos cause them such worry.

I left my house early that next morning, I had errands to run that would only take a few hours. When I arrived home around lunch time Angie's car was gone from the drive. I was really feeling aprehensive about our next encounter. I was hoping it would be casual, such as both of us taking the trash out at the same time. Something simple that would allow us both to make small talk and see how it goes. I checked every few minutes to see if her car was back in the drive but after several hours of up and down looking out the window I decided to take a nap.

When I woke up, still no Angie. I decided to put a couple of hens on the BBQ and hope that when she came home she would see me out back or that maybe the smell would attract her attention. It worked. I heard the car door close and both Angie and Melody came around the corner of the house. They had been shopping and had arms full of bags to prove it. Angie said, "I hope you have enough for us too because we're starving". She had a huge grin on her face and dropped her bags onto one of the outside chairs.

She came over to me and gave me a big hug and said, "You are going to feed us aren't you Daddy"? I told her that was the plan and told her to go put up all her new goodies and to hurry back. I still was questioning her term of endearment.

We had dinner on the patio and talked about her day. She and Melody had taken in a movie and then had gone shopping. It was past 7 PM and we had finished off a nice bottle of wine that I had been saving for a special occasion. Melody had sat patiently thru our conversation and had hardly spoken. I noticed she had been watching me intently all evening. Angie got up to go to the restroom and I directed my attention toward Melody. I asked her how she liked the movie and asked her to tell me what she had bought today. We made small talk in Angie's absence and I thought it was going fairly well. Melody seemed to loosen up a bit and started asking questions about me and wanted to know if I had any family.

I told her I was single, but that I had been married once a long time ago. I told her I didn't have any children of my own but had two nephews that were in high school. She asked about my ex-wife and wanted to know if I still talked to her. I told her that I saw her occaisonally during holdiays or other family gatherings but that we really had nothing in common anymore and left it at that.

When Angie returned I told her that I would do the clean up and that she didn't have to help. She agreed but only if I would hurry and come over for coffee. She gave me another big hug and whispered, "I hope you'll want more than just coffee". She kissed me on the cheek and I noticed a wicked little smile on her face as they headed for home.

We sat out on her patio and had our coffee. Melody could be seen thru the patio doors, she was alrady dressed for bed in her little nighty and was watching TV. She really was a beautiful little girl even though I thought her too quiet.

Angie and I talked about everything. We really hardly knew each other so we had lots to talk about. I know as is my habit I embellished everything to a fault. I was trying hard to win her over and it was my intent to get that notion of "Daddy" out of the way.

Melody came outside and anounced that she was off to bed. She kissed Angie goodnight and to my pleasant surprise gave me a long lasting hug and kissed me on the cheek. She thanked me for dinner and headed off to bed.

Angie got up from her chair and came over and sat in my lap. She put her head on my shoulder and told me how comfortable she was with me. She giggled and said she was a little embarassed about last night because she felt like she didn't give me much of a choice in the matter. I told her it couldn't have worked out any better because I would never had made the first move. With that said she kissed me hard and long.

I felt much younger than my forty something years at this moment. I knew I was still very verile but I felt light headed and ready to howl at the moon.

Angie suggested we move our party inside just in case the neighbors across the way decided to come out for the evening. She put on some music and we sat on the couch and resumed our kissing. It didn't take long and kissing became groping and partially undressing each other. I had my hand up her blouse and she had her hand on my crotch. I was wearing a pair of loose shorts but my swollen dick had made them feel tight. I really couldn't believe this was happening again. This girl was just to easy and I began to wonder if maybe she was the cause of her marriage falling apart. I decided to save judgement for another time.

I told Angie before this went much farther we had better move to the bedroom. She took my hand and lead the way. I purposely closed the door and pulled on it to make sure it was closed tight. I didn't want to have those same doubts as the night before.

I took off her blouse and quickly removed her bra. She unzipped my shorts and pulled them off along with my boxers in one quick movement. I didn't even have a chance to step out of them before she was on her knees and took me into her mouth.
She took a few quick deep throat sucks and then began to swirl her tongue all around the head. She told me she loved the taste of pre-cum and so she stroked as she licked. She grabbed my balls in her hand and squeezed while she continued to suck and lick. I jumped at first but then she began a slow massage and this just heightened my enjoyment. She buried my dick in her mouth and just sucked. I could feel my juice moving up thru my penis with each new pull on my balls and dick.

This girl really knows her stuff. I knew that my being around 15 years older made all the difference. Sex was just better now and I was catching up very fast. With her thumb and forefinger she encircled my dick and began a steady stroking. She continued to suck gently as if she were getting the last of a milk shake up thru her straw. I looked down at this beauty and could see that she was enjoying this as much as I was. I felt the climax move up from my balls into my dick. I held back. I wanted this to last much longer. I fought with all my might to hold back. She could sense what I was feeling and began to pump faster and faster. My cum began to squirt into her mouth. She never missed a stroke, she sucked and pumped until I was moaning and grunting. I had grasped her head and was now shoving my dick into her mouth as deep as I could go. No problem for Angie, she just did her thing and sucked until I literally collapsed on the floor in front of her.

I pulled her into me placing my head on her shoulder. We were both trying to catch our breath. She began to giggle and said, "How was that Daddy, did I do a good job"? I laughed out loud and said, "Baby, that was fantastic"! She giggled again and said, "My little tummy is all full, but my little pussy feels empty". "Will you feed my little pussy now Daddy"? I told her that her little pussy was going to have to wait a few minutes to be fed but that I could probably give her little pussy a nice warm bath in the mean time. I lifted her up and led her backwards to the edge of the bed. I layed her on her back and pushed her skirt up past her panties. I just stood there looking at the gift that lay before me and thanked my lucky stars that this was happening. She said, "Do you like what you see Daddy"? I said, " Little girls aren't supposed to talk like that to their Daddy's". "I think my little girl might need her little bottom spanked and her mouth washed out again".

She laughed and turned over starting to crawl toward the head of the bed. I grabed her feet and pulled her back to the bottom of the bed. I placed my leg over the small of her back and held her down. I grabed the middle of her panties and pulled them down exposing her beautiful little ass. I started smacking each cheek with the flat of my hand. She started to laugh and squirm trying to get away from me. I sat down applying more pressure to hold her in place and continued my assult on her little ass cheeks. I hit a little harder each time. There was just enough light coming into the room from the streetlights outside that I could see that her cheeks were getting red. She had stopped laughing and flinched each time I gave her a smack. I continued with the spanking for several more minutes. She had begun to moan with each new strike on her ass cheeks, she was obviously enjoying this as much as I was. I reached between her legs and felt her pussy. She was soaking wet and raised her ass in the air at my touch.

I climbed up onto the bed and placed my knees in between her legs. With her ass up in the air I was given free reign to feed my finger to her pussy. With my palm down I placed my middle finger in her pussy and began a slow rubbing just inside and on the front wall of her vagina. She responded immediately by gyrating her ass in circles and pushing against my finger. I asked, "Does my little girl want more"? She said, "Oh, yes Daddy, that feels so good". I placed a second finger in her pussy and continued rubbing the right spot that made her squirm. I placed my thumb on her clit and she lit up like a fire cracker. This little girl was hot. She began to moan into the mattress and said, "Oh, Daddy please"! "Harder Daddy, Faster Daddy"! "Please"! I gave her what she wanted, I went harder and faster. Her pussy was so wet that I had a hard time keeping my fingers in her. She was pushing back as hard as I was pushing into her. I joined three fingers together in a tight bundle and stretched her little opening to accomodate the finger fuck I was giving her. Steady as she goes, I continued rubbing her clit with my thumb and really had to concentrate to hit all the right spots. I wanted this little girl to have as much pleasure as she had just given me. She began to make a steady grunting sound with each new thrust.

My dick was starting to get hard again, I was certain that I didn't have any juice yet to give but I wanted inside her anyway. I removed my fingers and mounted her from behind. I slid my dick into her opening and slowly began to thrust in and out. I bulit up the momentum until she was back to the point of grunting with each new push. I turned up the speed and began pounding hard into her. My balls were slapping her belly each time I bottomed out. I held onto her hips and pulled hard into her. I reached around and began pinching her nipples. She had the perfect size breasts and I could tell she really liked this new sensation. I began to grunt with each pounding, I knew she was close and so was I. I said, " You like Daddy's big dick in your little pussy don't you"! "Fuck me baby, fuck Daddys big dick"!! She responded, "Oh yes Daddy, fuck me, fuck me hard. Thats it Daddy, I'm gonna cum! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Fuck me Daddy! Oh Daddy, I'm commmmminnnnnngggg!!!!! Uh! Uh! Uh! Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Daddy"!

I collapsed onto her back, my hard dick still in her. I didn't come but I was somehow fully satisfied knowing that I had given her the same gift she had given me.
She turned onto her side and with me facing her we began kissing and feeling each others bodies. I rubbed her shoulders, her neck, back and her beautiful little ass. We pulled into each other and remained in a tight squeeze. After a short while I knew she had fallen asleep. I lay there completely still with my thoughts of where this was going. Was this just going to be a sexual thing and nothing more.

I lay there with my thoughts for another fifteen minutes and was just about ready to get up and go home when I heard the closet door open. I saw Melody slowly leave the closet and go over to the bedroom door. She must have assumed me asleep as well.
She exited the bedroom and closed the door. I didn't hear it latch completely and now knew that we hadn't been careless the night before. The closet door was not solid but was made of slats like you might see in an old Humphrey Bogart movie. You can actually see thru the slats if you stand just right. What a sight those little eyes must have seen. We were going to have to have a little talk about her vouyerism.

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