My Wife's Best Friend-5

My Wife's Best Friend-5

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Rachel kissed me good morning. The stirring woke Laura as well. Rachel spoke first.

"Is everyone ready for breakfast, or…?"

"Or what?" I asked.

Rachel smiled in response, a sly smile. Her left hand snaked under the covers. I felt her grab my morning hard on. She held it up straight (for Laura's benefit) and stroked it under the covers.

"That sounds good," I ventured.

"How about we have him for breakfast?" Rachel offered. Then, looking directly at Laura, added, "Together?"

Laura's face showed definite interest. She nodded to Rachel before pushing the covers over the foot of the bed. Both women moved into position between my legs, pushing them wide apart to accommodate both their bodies. Rachel held up my erection and Laura kissed it. I felt the contact of her lips all up my spine. Rachel was an inch away, watching her friend intently. The kiss turned into a lick and Rachel joined in. While Laura licked at the precum gathering at the head, Rachel gave slow licks up and down the shaft.

I've had many blowjobs before, but that was the first one from more than one person. One tongue is fantastic, any man will tell you that. Two tongues can quickly drive you through the roof. I reached for the other pillows and piled them under my head so I could watch. Rachel and Laura fellated me in synchronicity. As Laura licked, Rachel stroked my shaft with her tongue. When Laura moved to lick my shaft, Rachel took the head in her mouth. She sucked on the head while her tongue moved rapidly against it. I started to worry that I would cum very quickly but realized that their intention was for me to cum in their mouths, not to last for their pussies. Rachel held my dick while Laura bobbed up and down over it, then Laura held it for Rachel to suck me.

At one point, Laura and Rachel licked the sides of my shaft together, their tongues moving in synch up and down on opposite sides. That pushed me to the edge.

"Girls, I'm going to cum," I announced with a strain in my voice.

"Who gets to eat it?" Laura asked, the intent evident in her voice. Rachel wanted to share but the expression on her face showed something else. She didn't want to give it up. She was thinking hard about something. After a few seconds, she spoke.

"Maybe we both can." She looked to me as if asking permission but I didn't know what she had in mind. She looked to Laura, inches away, as Laura's tongue tasted more of my precum. "We could just keep licking and let him shoot on our faces."

"I want to taste it," Laura moaned.

"Me, too. We could …" She paused here, apparently gathering her courage. When she spoke, her voice was softer, practically a whisper. "We could lick it off each other, after."

The implication of her statement hit my brain at the same time as it hit my dick. In response, my dick twitched. I knew Laura felt it. Laura's eyes opened wider and she looked at Rachel, not me.

"Are you sure?" she asked.

The two women had their eyes locked on each other. Rachel smiled and gave a slight nod. Laura joined the smile. I held my breath. They turned in unison to my dick and began licking intently. Rachel, between licks, told me, "Let us know just before you shoot." I nodded, unable to speak at that moment.

They licked, their tongues now touching each other from time to time. My dick was twitching, both from the feel of their tongues and the thought of what I was about to witness. It didn't take long. I felt the tightening, the tenseness, the throbbing.

"Now," I kind of groaned. I arched my back, trying as hard as I could to keep my eyes open during the orgasm. I wanted to watch this.

They both licked the front of my shaft, passing the tips of their tongues over my slit. I felt my dick pulse twice, then that warm liquid feeling took over. I cried out as the pleasure escalated almost to the pain level and saw the first spurt land across Laura's cheek and nose. Rachel pushed in front and captured a strand on her cheek. The two tried to each catch as much as they could on their faces. A strand extended into Rachel's hair near her ear. Each face had caught a sizable amount. The sperm was starting to run down their faces. Laura gave me a final suck before releasing my deflating cock.

Rachel and Laura got up on their knees, facing each other. Rachel put her hands on Laura's shoulders. Laura put her arms around Rachel's neck. I couldn't even breathe as they leaned towards each other and … licked. I couldn't believe I was seeing my two fantasy women licking my cum from each other's face. It was indescribably erotic. As they licked, they leaned closer to each other. I saw their nipples touch and my dick desperately tried to get hard. If there had been any way, my dick would have gotten fully hard again. As it had been only moments since I ejaculated, the best it could do was a slight stiffening. Instead of lying limply against my stomach, my dick held itself barely off my skin. It didn't matter. I was excited enough for it to feel ten feet long.

They moaned as they licked my cum off each other. They were really getting into it. I had to keep reminding myself to breathe I was so entranced by the spectacle. Laura followed that strand of cum to Rachel's ear, licking right in front of the lobe – Rachel's "special spot". I saw my wife shudder and hug her friend a little tighter. Their breasts pressed more tightly together.

When my sperm was all cleaned up, they parted, still holding onto each other. They were kneeling facing each other. Laura gave Rachel a look I didn't understand. It lasted for at least three seconds. Rachel raised an eyebrow, apparently giving consent for something. Laura leaned forward and they kissed. It wasn't just a touching of the lips. It was a French kiss. Their naked bodies pressed against each other, lips sliding together wetly. Through their cheeks, it was evident their tongues were participating as well as they shared my taste. That did it. My dick couldn't stand by and let that happen without getting hard. I was partially erect again.

The kiss lasted a long time. It seemed to last for hours, but was really only a minute or so. I couldn't move, transfixed by the scene before me. My heart was pounding, my lungs screaming for me to breathe, my dick doing its best to stand up limply in salute. When they parted, they leaned back with their arms still loosely around each other. They regarded each other with a shy smile, a kind of "What have we just done?" look. Laura looked down, breaking the magical spell. Each drew a deep breath.

As if just then realizing they had an audience, Rachel looked to me. Her face was happy, but embarrassed.

"I can't believe we just did that," she said, a trace of laughter in her voice.

I spoke, my voice having a soft, dreamlike quality as if I didn't want to break the spell, either. "I can't believe it. But I liked it. I liked it a lot."

Laura finally looked up, first to Rachel then to me. She also looked embarrassed by what I had seen.

"That was the most incredible thing I've ever even imagined," I said, my voice a little stronger now.

Rachel crawled up my body and gave me a lingering French kiss. As she kissed me, images of the illicit kiss she had shared with Laura screamed through my mind. It did nothing to cool my growing arousal.

Rachel could feel me growing against her stomach. "Ooh, you really liked that, huh?" she asked warmly. I nodded. "How about a threesome?"

I couldn't believe what my wife was asking. For that matter, I could barely believe the things we had done since the previous afternoon. "What do you have in mind?" I asked, my voice wavering with uncertainty, maybe even fear. This was all happening so fast.

"Oh, maybe one of us sitting on your dick and the other one on your face," my wife suggested, her words slow and drawn out. I saw Laura's face perk up at that suggestion. "Does that appeal to you?"

"Does it appeal to me? You've just outlined one of my favorite secret fantasies," I eagerly responded. I still couldn't believe this was really happening.

"I'm game," Laura added.

Rachel smiled. To Laura, she said, "You can have his dick first. I get it all the time." She sat up to one side, waiting for Laura to mount me. For my part, I lay barely breathing. There was no need for foreplay. The girls were very wet from earlier and I was hard from watching them. Laura straddled my hips and used her hands to guide the head of my dick into her blonde pussy. I watched with fascination as her lips parted. When I made contact, she was so wet that her juices started flowing down my shaft a little. She pressed down, seating herself fully with a grunt. I was completely inside her now and the heat was incredible. It was even more obvious how much she had enjoyed the kiss she had shared with Rachel.

I couldn't enjoy the sight of my cock spearing her for long because Rachel swung a leg over my neck. She took her seat facing me with her wet pussy over my mouth. I eagerly began eating her. The experience of enjoying two pussies at once is one of synergy. It is much more than just the pleasure of fucking combined with the pleasure of eating a pussy. The two events combined overwhelm the senses. Each is a wonderful treat. Together, knowing two women are getting pleasure from the act makes the feeling almost too wonderful to withstand. I had Rachel's cunt over my face. I was tasting her wetness when I looked up. What I saw almost made me shoot off right there. Laura had leaned forward and was fondling her tits from behind. Seeing Laura's hands playing with my wife's body – and the expression of pleasure on my wife's face – made it almost impossible to stave off my impending orgasm. Almost. I'm glad I made the Herculean effort, because it just got better.

I felt Rachel moving to get off me. She stood up over me (what a view!) and turned around, returning her pussy to my face. Only this time she was facing Laura. I couldn't see what they were doing, but the sounds they were making made it obvious they were enjoying themselves, and each other. The knowledge that they were kissing and fondling each other above me only added to the excitement of the sex and oral sex that was enveloping me. After a few minutes of this, I heard the sound of a very wet kiss ending and Rachel spoke up.

"I want his dick now."

I moved my mouth away from her pussy just enough to say, "Then you'd better hurry because you two have me right on the edge."

They got up and changed positions. Rachel sat on my cock and that penetration had to be the wettest I had ever felt with her. Laura knelt over my face, facing Rachel, and their moans returned. I didn't try to last. I just ate pussy while Rachel rode my hard on. Very soon, I tensed up and pumped my seed into my wife. No warning, no slowing, just ejaculation. Rachel moaned a little louder so I knew she felt it, but she never stopped moving over me. My dick soon slipped out of her, followed by a flood of our combined wetness. The two women kept kissing and rubbing their bottoms against me. After a while longer, they stopped and got off me. I'm sure I must have looked like a mess. It was sloppy being beneath them. My face was coated with their lubrication and my midsection was soaked with the remains of cumming inside Rachel. Rachel never hesitated. She leaned down and kissed me, surely smelling and tasting Laura on my face. Laura just knelt next to us and watched.

Rachel broke the kiss, her face still very near mine, and whispered to me. "I want to try it with Laura, just me and her. Is that OK with you?"

I thought I had been shocked before by what they had done. Now, she was laying the cards on the table. She wanted to have sex with Laura and she was asking for my permission.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked, secretly hoping she would say yes. She did. I smiled broadly. "Can I watch?" I asked eagerly. She just smiled in return and got up. She reached out and took Laura by the hand.

"Stay on the side. Give us room. I want the first time to be just us." She was talking to me but looking into Laura's eyes. Laura looked like she wanted it as much as Rachel. I took up a place on the edge of the big bed. Rachel directed Laura to lie on the other side. Rachel got on top of Laura and they kissed. The sight of Rachel lying naked on top of Laura would have made me cum if I hadn't just done so. As it was, it felt like I would soon have another erection so I could jack off while I watched.

Laura spoke to Rachel in a tiny voice, so quiet I could just barely make out what she said. "I've never done it like this before."

Rachel answered, "Neither have I. We're friends. Let's just try it. If you want to stop, that's OK. We're learning together."

That was all they said. It was like I wasn't even there. They were in their own world, just the two of them. They started with a deep kiss. Laura moaned when my wife's lips made contact. Their eyes were closed, Rachel's hands on Laura's face. Laura put her arms around Rachel's neck. As the kiss progressed, Laura's hands moved slowly up and down Rachel's back as if she was enjoying the feel of Rachel's skin. Rachel moved her body against Laura's, enjoying her touch. Laura's hands moved down to Rachel's cute butt and that really warmed Rachel up. She was moving more now, and moaning into Laura's mouth. Their lips parted and their eyes opened, but their faces were still only inches apart. A slow smile spread across both their faces. Rachel was looking into Laura's eyes, as if seeking permission for something. She moved lower, kissing Laura's face and neck. As she reached Laura's breasts, Laura's legs parted and Rachel slid between them. She slowly moved a hand onto each of Laura's tits, caressing them slowly and sensuously. I could hear the sound of her hand moving over Laura's soft skin. She smiled and leaned forward to take a nipple into her mouth. Laura closed her eyes to focus on the sensation.

I was hard again and now slowly started stroking myself. I knew that I had to keep the pace slow or the scene in front of me would make me cum in seconds. Rachel was kissing Laura's breasts and sucking on her nipples, taking care to hold the nipples with her lips and pull on them. Laura seemed to be loving the attention. After a long time at her tits, Rachel moved further down Laura's trim body. I knew what was coming next and still couldn't believe what was about to happen. She continued kissing and licking, leaving a wet trail down Laura's stomach. She paused at her navel before moving lower to the blonde patch of hair.

Laura's eyes opened when Rachel arrived at her pussy. Rachel turned her face to the side and brushed her cheek against Laura's silky softness. They were both making light moaning sounds as they each enjoyed the touch in their own way. Rachel planted light kisses on Laura's mound, then one very light kiss directly on her slit. Laura gasped at the contact. Rachel wasn't ready to take that step just yet, or wanted to tease Laura further, because she instead moved quickly to the end of Laura's right leg. She started at the ankle, trailing kisses and licks back up to the crease where the leg joined Laura's torso. That little hollow where Laura's pussy nestled when her legs were closed received much attention from Rachel's tongue. Laura was now wriggling her bottom around, anxious to feel Rachel's tongue on her pussy, but Rachel was not to be swayed from her appointed course. Her mouth passed tantalizingly close to Laura's pussy, so close in fact that the curly hair brushed Rachel's lips. Rachel then moved to Laura's left ankle to begin another slow, torturous journey back up to Laura's body. When Rachel was licking the hollow at the top of the left leg, Laura, unable to wait further, tried to move Rachel's head to the center with her hands. Rachel pushed her hands away. I could see Rachel smiling as she continued kissing. I could also see that Laura's pussy was now oozing with her lubrication.

By this time, I was as anxious as Laura for Rachel to take the next big step. I was hard and my dick was leaking precum as I stroked. I seriously doubted that I would be able to delay cumming until Rachel started eating Laura's pussy. Laura, unable to sway Rachel's intentions, was now positively mauling her own tits and moaning out loud in time to Rachel's tongue. When Rachel finally swiped her tongue over the lips to the slit, Laura and I both gave out sighs of relief.

I really wanted to put my face down on Laura's stomach to watch up close what Rachel was about to do, or even join my wife between Laura's legs and help out. I remembered Rachel's last words to me and heeded them. It wasn't because I wanted to, but rather because I loved her so much and wanted this moment to go as she wanted.

Rachel ran her tongue up Laura's slit. I could see it in her face when she tasted Laura's juices. It was a surprise but not a big one. She must be realizing that Laura didn't taste much differently from her own pussy. She had tasted herself often enough after masturbating, on my face after oral sex, and by sucking my dick after I had been inside her. This was the first time she tasted another woman, however. The look was like a moment of indecision followed by making a choice. She pressed onward. On the second swipe of her tongue, Rachel pressed hard, parting Laura's lips and passing the tip of her tongue between them. Laura practically howled, holding onto her tits and looking down between her legs in disbelief as her friend began eating her pussy.

That did it. I lost the battle. I came. Hard. Stroking my cock wildly, I shot off on the sheet as I watched the unbelievable spectacle before me.

Rachel's tongue was exploring Laura's pussy with a passion, flittering over her clit, sliding between her slippery lips, and probing into her hole. I knew what Rachel was experiencing – taste, smell and sight – but the fact that she was doing it made the scene something I'll never forget. This was my wife having sex with a woman. I did notice that her motions were a little gentler than the way I usually did it to her. After a moment's thought, I figured out she was doing to Laura exactly what she would like done to her. I tried to pay attention so I could please her as well the next time my face was between her legs.

She was definitely pleasing Laura. Laura was now thrashing about, clawing at the sheets. There was a wild look on her face. Either the pleasure she was receiving from Rachel's mouth was that good or, like me, she couldn't believe this was really happening either. Laura peaked suddenly. The transition was interesting to watch. Her legs tensed, then wrapped around Rachel's head while her hands flew to the back of Rachel's head. She was moaning something like, "Oh, fuck, please don't stop," as she firmly held Rachel's head in place. Her hips started humping against my wife's face and Laura screamed. I wondered what the people in the next room were thinking. Surely that had woken them up if they had still been sleeping.

Rachel must have understood what Laura was feeling and wanting at that point because she complied with Laura's request. Her face was pressed to Laura's pussy. I could see through her cheek that her tongue was moving. I guessed she was moving it against Laura's clit. The pleasure must have peaked and become too intense to stand because Laura suddenly changed posture, pushing Rachel away and trying to close her legs. Rachel moved back and sat up on her knees; her face was coated in Laura's cum. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Her friend had cum all over her face. She was smiling proudly at what she had given Laura but Laura needed a little time to come down. She rolled herself into a ball on her side, her eyes closed and her breathing only slowly returning to normal. She kind of shuddered, aftershocks of the intense orgasm.

I wanted to speak, but didn't want to interrupt the magic they were sharing. Rachel looked at me, her expression seeming to acknowledge me and give me permission to speak.


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