Naughty Stephanie Chapter 2

Naughty Stephanie Chapter 2

Chapter Two: ———————————————————–

Stephanie was in a state of exhaustion and shock after the hard fucking her father had given her. She pulled her clothes together and crept back upstairs, her mind awhirl.

She had been fucked! Fucked hard!

Her mind and body still shook with the remembrance of the powerful orgasms that had washed over her. She had thought fucking would be good, but had never imagined it would be that good.

She lay naked on her bed for some minutes recovering her energy. She was young, and soon she had recovered. Her body still felt hot, still wanted to have sex. She stroked it, marveling at how quickly she became aroused to the point of coming.

She spread her legs wide apart, and stroked her cunny with one hand as she fondled her breasts with the other.

She stopped suddenly. She jumped out of bed, grabbing her short robe off the back of the door as she went out into the hall.

It was later in the afternoon and her brothers or sister might now be home.

She went downstairs, looking for her father, wanting to feel his stiff prong up inside her belly once again. Her cunt was boiling with passion, and her long, hard nipples poked against the thin material of her robe as she moved.

Three of her brothers were sitting on the couch watching television as she came into the living room. She hesitated briefly. The robe she wore was so short, after all, that it barely covered her ass cheeks.

But then a burst of heat and excitement shot into her. She had been fucked, rode hard, by her father, so what was wrong with teasing, taunting her brothers?

She moved into the living room, smiling as they looked up at her.

"Where's Dad?" she asked.

"He went out," Rob said.

"Is Paige home?"

"Nope," That from her brother Dennis, one of the twins.

Rob was two years older than her, the twins just one. He was big and muscular, with brown hair and sun bronzed skin. The twins, Donnie and Dennis, were blondes, and slender. While Rob looked handsome, the twins could best be described as cute. Both were far too serious, of course, and Rob was not serious enough.

"Is watching television all you guys are good for?" she demanded, standing in front of them so they could all see her legs.

"So what're you doing?" Rob snorted.

"Well I was doing my homework."

"Big deal," Rob sniffed.

He picked up the Television guide and looked at it and she grabbed it, trying to jerk it away from him. He looked up in annoyance and jerked it back.

"I want to see what's on," she glared.

"Wait until I'm finished."

"I have to get dressed to go to the mall."

"Tough luck," he grunted, looking at the guide again.

Again she bent over, grabbing at it. He jerked it away, shoving her aside. She allowed herself to go off balance and fall forward, half over the side of the couch. The bottom of her little robe flew up briefly, baring her naked ass and crotch to them before she straightened.

None of them showed any reaction as she whirled around and glared at Rob. She was sure they'd seen though, and her pussy throbbed at the knowledge.

She acted like she didn't have the faintest thought that she'd just shown them her ass and crotch. She still frowned at Rob, ignoring the other two as she tried to grab at the TV guide.

"What's with you?" he glared, jerking it back.

"I want to see what's on!" she glared, keeping her expression stern.

She kept trying to grab at it and he kept shoving her hand away. She knew that bending over and fighting him for the TV guide was loosening up the front of her robe, and felt a new thrill as she caught his eyes briefly focusing on her chest.

She knew that the bottom of her robe was riding up too so the twins could see a good part of her buttocks from where they sat.

She tried to appear like she had no idea the show she was putting on, still grabbing at the guide as Rob fended her off.

"You're such a jerk," she said, stomping away from him.

"Dumb bitch," he replied.

She sneaked around behind the couch and reached over his shoulder, grabbing the guide. He grabbed her wrist and yanked her forward, pulling her over the back of the couch. She squealed as she was pulled down across his body, her hands grabbing at the edge of the seat as she found herself head down between the couch and the coffee table.

She struggled to quickly pull herself away, knowing that most of her lower body was bare.

"Give us a show, Stevie!" Rob crowed as she fell aside and slid onto her ass on the rug. She hurriedly rearranged her robe around her, acting embarrassed.

"You did that on purpose," she accused.

"Yeah, right. Like I want to see your skinny little ass," he grinned.

She made several more grabs at the magazine. Rob blocked her hand every time, smiling nonchalantly even as his eyes sought every little glimpse of her softly rounded breasts through the gaping front of her robe.

"Get lost," he said, "or I'll give you a spanking like Dad does."

If he only knew, she thought with excited hilarity.

She grabbed at it again and he jerked her forward so she half fell across his lap. He lifted her robe and gave her several quick slaps on the ass.

She yelped and cursed him as she struggled away. She jerked herself back upright and rubbed her ass, glaring down at him as he smiled back smugly.

"Bastard!" she sniffed.

"Get lost you little punk," he ordered.

"So who wants to hang around you creeps anyway?" she sneered, stomping away.

The twins, as was their habit, had remained largely silent, observing the struggles between Rob and Stephanie. When she disappeared upstairs they fumed towards each other in silent communication. They waited a few minutes, then Donald and Dennis rose together and went upstairs.

"Aren't you gonna watch Gilligan's Island?" Rob called after them.

"Homework," Dennis said.

They went upstairs to their room and Donald closed the door behind him.

The room was as neat and tidy as though a maid kept it that way. The two boys, members of the science club, chess club, and debating society at school, took great pains to keep their room and themselves clean.

Dennis sat down at his desk, and half turned to face his twin.

"What did you think of that?" he asked.

"Obvious sex play," Donald replied. Dennis nodded his agreement.

"I don't think Rob even noticed."

"He noticed. He just didn't understand.'

"Correct. He got an eyeful but didn't realize she was showing it deliberately."

"What do you think of her motivation? Was it simple self-gratification?"

"Females of her age do have a tendency towards exhibitionism," Dennis said. "Stephanie has developed quickly over the past year and feels safe in showing off in front of us."

"Because we're her brothers, you mean."

"Yes. I believe so."

"I found myself quite aroused."

"I also."

"How far do you think she'd be willing to take her sex play?"

"Hard to say without further observation and experimentation."

"Ethically speaking, where do we stand?"

"As long as no coercion is used no psychological damage will result. If the idea originates with her and we respond, we can hardly be blamed, and Stephanie should find nothing to cause her unhappiness."

"Dad won't be back soon?"

"From the gym? From past observation I would estimate another hour, minimum."

"It would be quite satisfying to put our reading of sexual manuals and texts to practical tests."


"With Gilligan's Island on?" Dennis grinned and Donald grinned back.

They rose together and went to the door. They went out into the hall and down to Stephanie's room. They found the door locked and drew back.

"I estimate a high probability that she is engaging in masturbation at this moment," Dennis whispered.

"I agree," Donald whispered back.

He went back to their room and brought out a wire clothes hanger, straightening the hook as he moved. Stephanie's door had a bedroom lock on it, one of those doorknob things that twist on the inside. There was a small round hole in the center of the knob on the outside, for the lock was for privacy's sake, not designed with the intention of thwarting determined entry.

Dennis poked the wire into the hole and pressed it forward. The doorknob turned and he slowly eased it open enough for himself and Donnie to peek inside.

Stephanie's bed was against the wall opposite the door. The foot of the bed was closest to the door and so they caught sight of her feet first, then her ankles, the backs of her knees, her shapely thighs, and finally her buttocks, back and red hair.

Stephanie was lying on her belly. Both her hands were beneath her, in her crotch, and her ass was slowly grinding in circles as little sighs escaped her lips.

Dennis and Donnie eased inside and closed the door behind them. They moved to the foot of the bed, silently watching, their cocks hardening as Stephanie groaned and sighed and whimpered in pleasure.

Her legs were wide, and both boys could see her moist crotch, her pussy lips parted around her pumping fingers as she rocked back and forth.

Though both boys were intellectuals, and liked to think their minds controlled their bodies utterly, they both found the focus of control shifting downwards to their groins, along with the rush of blood that made their cocks swell.

They stared with wide eyes as Stephanie's fingers pumped in and out of her quim. They noted with excitement, the wetness of her glistening fingers.

Stephanie, totally oblivious to her audience, continued to grind her ass around in slow circles, and continued to hump up and down against her fingers. Her right hand was pushed down beneath her pelvis and three fingers were pumping in and out of her cunt. Her left hand was just above her right, with her fingers stroking against her clitty.

She rubbed her chest from side to side on the bed, grinding and tolling her fat breasts beneath her. She humped up and down, pretending she was fucking as she had earlier.

She grunted and moaned and gasped in pleasure as her body felt the first spasms of orgasmic release. Her rounded ass rose and fell, jerking and twisting in a lewd display of passion and sexual lust.

Her brothers followed the movement of her soft, white ass, watching it as it writhed before them. Their eyes flickered back and forth between the soft globes and the tiny furry mound just beneath her, where her fingers were embedded.

Then Donnie stepped forward. His pulse racing, heart pounding, he moved to the edge of the bed and put one knee on the edge. He leaned forward, sliding his shaking hand in between her quivering thighs to cup her pussy.

Stevie cried out in shock, her head whipping up and back, her bedraggled hair flying around, half covering her red face. She stared up at the two, embarrassed, aroused, anxious, and excited, her eyes wild, her chest heaving with exertion.

She whimpered, then gasped for breath as she let her fingers slide out of her quim. Donnie took a firmer grip of her hot, moist pubic mound, palming her slit as he squeezed. Again Stevie moaned, turning her head away and burying her face in her pillow.

She raised her ass slightly as Donnie began to knead the tender, pulpy wet meat of her softly furred cunt pad. He slid his other hand over her upturned ass cheeks, stroking lightly, fingering and squeezing. Her skin was warm to the touch, warm and amazingly soft.

Dennis moved around to the right side of her bed and sat on the edge. He slid his left hand in between her legs and stroked the inside of her thigh as his brother rubbed at her pussy. His eyes, though, were on the fat, half moon of her right breast.

He could see only the side of it below her rib cage, but as Stevie moved her ass higher and ground it in slow circles again her chest rose slightly and more of the full young breast came into view. He slid his right hand forward and squeezed.

Stevie groaned anew, straightening her arms to lift her chest off the bed. Her full round breasts hung down below her like fat udders. Dennis folded both hands around her big right breast and squeezed it, mashing the warm flesh, making the meat ooze out between his fingers as the redhead mewled in pleasure.

Donnie slid a finger into his sister's cunt slit, watching with enthusiastic glee as it sank down to the knuckle. He wiggled it around inside her' delighting in the pressure of her sucking fuck hole, in its gleaming wetness, its heat and tightness. He eased a second finger down into her, pumping slowly.

His other hand probed at the top of her slit, which, in her present position was actually the bottom. He was searching for her clitty, which he had read so much about, but seen only in pomo movies and magazines. He thought he found it and his nimble fingers squeezed it between them rolling it as Stevie whined and moaned in pleasure.

He and Dennis locked eyes for a moment, then both nodded and together turned the panting, trembling young girl over onto her back.

Stevie spread her legs wide as she looked back and forth between her brothers, eyes wide and wild. She let her hands fall back against the bed above her, spreadeagling her body for her brothers' eager gaze.

Dennis slid both hands onto her breasts, his fingers sinking deep into the malleable meat as he squeezed and kneaded them. Donnie rubbed her pussy again, then undid his pants and shoved them down.

Stevie's eyes watched his underwear go down and over his cock, which sprang up hard and red and ready. Her heart pounded in her head as she watched the cockhead move towards her slit.

Donnie lowered himself onto her, and Dennis was forced into the role of spectator.

Stevie groaned in pleasure as she felt her brother's cock probing at her entrance, then slide down into her silky wet hole. She brought her arms up around him and squeezed him down against her, her hands sliding down onto his ass cheeks and squeezing.

He buried his cock inside her and let his weight fall on her body. He lay there for a long moment, luxuriating in the softness and heat of the first pussy his prick had ever felt. He was amazed at the sensation, at the feeling of the insides of his sister's body, how it throbbed and spasmed around his organ.

"Fuck me," Stevie panted.

He moved his hips slowly, trying to remember all he had read about fucking. With the first rush of excitement out of the way his mind, at least a part of it, reverted to the cool, calm intellectual thinking that was its norm.

He moved his hips in slow circles, twisting his cock around inside her, getting the feel of her cunt tunnel. He drew his cock back slightly, then drove it back into her. He drew it back again, this time further, then thrust down hard.

Stevie grunted and squeezed his ass harder.

He began to fuck her then, moving in a smooth, steady up and down motion that had his cock pumping inside her fuck box.

Stevie sighed and let her head fall back, now and then humping up at him, but mostly just laying there. After a minute or two she drew her legs back, bending them and drawing her knees up and back against her. Her body grew more and more aroused, her excitement mounting steadily.

Donnie's excitement was growing even faster, though he was trying to hold it back. He was thrusting into his sister with harder and longer strokes now, grunting with the effort as he sent his prick driving down deep into her tight young hole.

Then he came, gasping in pleasure as his sperm shot down into her, as her sucking, hot pussy drew it out of him and drank it down. He arched his back slightly, then dropped heavily atop her body, groaning in relief.

Stevie pulled repeatedly at his buttocks, as if to keep him working, but after several moments he rolled off her.

Dennis was entirely naked having taken the time to remove his clothes. He took his brother's place, settling between Stevie's soft warm thighs and pressing his cock into her slightly parted fuck hole. He slid his cock down to the balls with one stroke and began to pump.

Again Stevie drew her legs back, and after a minute Dennis reached down and gripped the backs of her knees, shoving her legs back even more. He was half kneeling at her buttocks, his body leaning over her, supported by his hands as they shoved her legs back against her chest.

He crushed her in two, folding her up beneath him as he pumped harder and faster than his brother had.

Stevie gripped her own legs, pulling them in against her as her ass rose into the air in counterweight. She grunted as her brother's hips smashed down into her buttocks with hard, steady strokes. His prick slid back and forth inside her with relentless speed and energy, scraping across her buzzing, sizzling clitty with furious pressure.

She groaned and then gurgled in wonder as she came. Her body shook and trembled beneath him as Dennis continued to hammer her buttocks with his bony hips and continued to pound his organ down into the tightness of her hot belly.

He felt her pussy sucking harder, spasming around his cock as she came, and recognized her come for what it was, feeling a sort of masculine pride in driving her into an orgasm. His ass rose up and down with furious motions as he fucked his steel hard prong down into her slurping fuck tunnel.

Then he too came, grunting as his jism shot into her. He kept pumping for long seconds, his prick pistoning inside her as the whimpering redhead gasped for breath.

Then he slowed and eased back onto his heels, drawing his cock out of her as he moved back.

Donnie moved in again, his cock hard once more. Stephanie let her legs fall flat, her chest rising and falling as she sighed in tired pleasure. She blinked her eyes tiredly as Donnie, also naked now, settled onto her, sighing as his cock slid up into her guts.

Donnie bent low and slid his tongue over her right breast, lapping at her nipple. He slid his lips around it and sucked as his hands kneaded both her soft melons. Then he slid up and drove his cock in to the hilt, his hands going beneath her to cup her ass cheeks as he started a slow grind.

Her feet jerked and flopped and shook on the bed below her as he humped down into her.

Stevie slid her hands up and down his body, first stroking his chest, then his shoulders, then his back and buttocks. She licked tentatively at his shoulder and the nape of his neck, but somehow didn't think of kissing him, especially not on the lips.

After all, he was her brother.

He continued to fuck down into her, and Stevie's crotch began to heat up again, the warmth seeping up into her guts and chest and making her mind buzz with sensual excitement. She brought her long legs up and around him, squeezing him against her as she rubbed her cunt against him.

They ground their loins together in a seductive sexual grind that had more intensity than skill. Both were gasping and panting, their faces flushed, their bodies overheated.

Then Donnie came, sending another hot, wet deluge of sexual syrup down into his sister's belly.

He pulled himself away and Dennis, ready again, took his place.

Stevie drew her legs up and back and Dennis shoved them even higher, mashing her breasts as he forced her ankles down over her shoulders. His cock sank deep into her and lay there as he moved his ass from side to side and up and down.

Slowly he withdrew, until just the tip was in her, then he thrust down hard, drawing a gasp from the redhead as his prong speared her.

He drew it back again, then thrust hard once more, then repeated the act, fucking her with a hard, steady motion. He pulled his cock out of her, fisting it, rubbing the cockhead over her pussy mound and her buttocks, leaving a smear of glisten sex juice on her.

Then he buried it inside her once again and began to fuck with a hard, fast motion. He let her ankles go, his hands sliding onto her chest instead. Stevie's long legs parted, split wide and fell back onto the mattress.

Dennis kneaded her breasts with heavy handed excitement, his fingers sinking deep furrows in the soft rounded hillocks, digging into the malleable flesh, twisting them together, then apart, rolling and pinching and squeezing them, then pinching and squeezing her hard little pink nipples.

His groin was locked against her crotch, and he humped into her with a steady motion as his eyes feasted on the sight of her, on the sight and feel of his hands on her tits and his cock inside her slit. Her legs parted and then fell to the mattress as her dazed mind began to spin out of control.

Dennis leaned forward then, letting all his weight come down on her, letting his naked chest feel the softness of her white breasts as he closed his lips on hers. His tongue shot into her mouth as he moved his hips against her with powerful, grinding movements.

He drew back, panting for breath, his body quivering with excitement as he stared down at the writhing, whining young redhead, her flesh glowing with heat, glistening with sweat, her eyes cluttering, nipples sticking out straight from her hard round breasts.

He slammed his hips forward, driving his boner into her with a powerful thrust. Instantly he pulled back, then rammed forward again, then ripped his tool out and sheathed it once more. He pounded his dick down into her with all the force he could manage.

And then Stevie came. Her back arched and her breasts thrust out even higher, even harder. Her head pulled back beneath her and rolled from side to side, her hair flying, her mouth open and moaning and grunting' her breath coming in ragged gasps.

The sight and sound was too much for him and Dennis came with her, spewing out a steaming load of tuck milk, groaning in delight as he dropped his load inside her quivering young body.

Then, with their flesh sated temporarily, the two brothers sat on either side of her and began to investigate, to explore her nubile young body with more care. Stevie lay there, open, still enveloped in the warm afterglow of her come, and still aroused.

They stroked and caressed her breasts with various motions, now light and feathery, now hard and savage, inquiring as to which she preferred. They sucked on her nipples, again, trying various things, gnawing lightly with their teeth, flicking their tongues rapidly back and forth, drawing the nipples up into their mouths to munch and chew on.

Stevie eagerly participated in their sexual exploration, advising them on what made her tingle, what made her shake, and what made her body cry out for more. The brothers were patient, and unrelenting. Their fingers and tongues were nimble and soft, and soon had her breasts swollen to the point she wondered they didn't explode.

And then, satisfied for the time being, they moved their attentions downward. Stevie spread her legs wide as they both knelt between them and fingered her slit, probing, pumping, squeezing.

Unable to restrain herself Stevie began to grind her ass into the mattress and groan with pleasure as Donnie rubbed her clitty. Then she gasped as an orgasm blossomed within her. She squeezed her aching breasts as her body flashed into a fiery climax that knocked the breath from her.

She fell limp again, groaning weakly. But her brothers were just getting started. Both were intensely interested in that tight little part of her that could render her so helpless, that could produce such energetic blasts of pleasure.

She was fingered and fondled and stroked and rubbed into another, then another, then yet another orgasm, as they continued to manipulate her buzzing little fuck button.

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