Naughty Stephanie Chapter 8

Naughty Stephanie Chapter 8

Chapter Eight: ———————————————————

One evening Stevie was on her way to meet her girlfriends for a movie. She was already late, but as she hurried down the stairs and out through the living room her father grabbed her and pulled her into his arms.

She winced a little as he crushed her up against him. His right hand slid down her back onto her ass and squeezed it hard as his left hand pulled her head back.

"Dadddeeee," she protested. Stevie's words were quickly muffled as his lips pressed against hers and his tongue shot into her mouth.

His lips rubbed wetly against hers as his fingers kneaded her ass cheeks through her tight jeans. He pulled back and swung her around, pressing her belly against the table as he looked down at her rounded ass cheeks.

"Mmmmmmm, Stevie, you got the nicest, roundest little ass I've ever seen," he sighed. Jack had always loved fucking teenage girls, and was glad he hadn't had to quit just because he got older.

His hand came down and squeezed her ass, his fingers sliding in between her thighs and cupping her cunt and ass from underneath.

"Daddy, everyone's expecting me."

"So you'll be a little late," he said. He reached around her and undid her jeans, then grabbed the waistband and jerked them down over her round ass, pulling her panties with them. He forced them down to her knees and bent her forward over the table.

His hand squeezed and caressed her bare ass meat as he sighed in appreciation.

"What'll it be, honey, down the cunt or up the ass?"

"In my cunt, Daddy," she sighed.

"You got it, baby."

Stevie heard his jeans zipping open and a few seconds later his fat cockhead pressed against her pussy lips.

"Let me get my jeans off so I can spread my legs more," she moaned.

"I like it tight, baby, and tight as you are I like it even tighter."

She winced a little as his cockhead slowly forced its way down into her tight cunt tube. Her fuck hole quickly bloated out by his massively thick organ, and she tried to spread her legs as much as she could, straining at the tight fabric of her clutching jeans.

His hands dug into her hips as he drove his cock deeper and deeper into her belly. Stevie closed her eyes and shuddered in heat, aroused, despite her desire to quickly end it and be gone to the mall. Jack's long cock slid deep inside her, and Stevie felt his cockknob touching that part of her that few others ever reached.

His hands slid under her and cupped her tits, then ripped her shirt open and fastened around her thinly clad melons. He quickly pulled the round orbs out of their protective wrapping, jerking her bra down under them, then his hands held the soft bare flesh and his fingers kneaded and pinched them.

He began to slowly work his cock up and down inside her belly, grunting in pleasure as her cunt squeezed down hard on his boner. His cock felt like it was made of steel, like it was a big, solid mass of stone inside her abdomen, and as it began to pump up and down her cunt sizzled with pleasure.

Stevie couldn't help it. She was annoyed and impatient to be off, but her cunt had a mind of its own. Maybe, she thought, it was like her father told her before, when he first busted her cherry. He told her that teenage girls needed to be rode hard and often, that they needed to be properly fucked every day to keep them happy.

He said boys her age just didn't know how to do it right, and that the job should be done by an adult. It was one of his favorite sayings lately, that it was a real crime against nature for a pretty teenage girl not to be fucked a lot. He hated the very idea of a virgin girl.

So every day without fail now he'd set both his daughters down on all fours and just ride them down into the ground. His big thick cock would pump their teenaged pussies into a juicy burning froth, his hard muscled hips would pound into their buttocks, and he would rut into them until they screamed in ecstasy.

Of course some days one or the other got it more than once, like today. Jack honestly believed he fucked the hell out of them for their own good, but he sure liked it too. Stephanie was a source of ready cunt for him and he sure made good use of it.

She could have told him that she got lots of cock from her brothers, but she doubted that would stop him from sliding his own cock up her cunt every day.

There she was bent over the table, clutching the opposite side as her father drilled her with his fat fuck pole. Her cunt was burning and steaming and juicing furiously, and her tits were crackling like an electrical current was cutting through them.

Stevie kept trying to shimmy her legs so the jeans would slide down but they were too tight. His hands were mashing and twisting her round titties and lifting her up off the table top. Stevie propped herself up on her elbows with a sigh of resignation, and waited for him to finish, hoping it was just a simple quickly.

His fat tool was really skewering her. Her cunt lips were straining around it, and aching with glorious tension as his organ slid in and out.

The front door slammed and Paige came in. She looked at the two with raised eyebrows.

"Dad, I thought you were going to Mike's game?"

"L…L.. later," he gasped.

"Oh. You gonna be at the mall, Stevie?" she asked, passing by the other side of the table.

"In a, uh, few, uh, uh, minutes," she gasped.

"Hey! Daddy, you should shove it up her asshole. She was saying just the other day how much she loved it when you fucked her ass."

"Oh yeah'" he growled.

Stevie glared furiously as Paige grinned back and sashayed down the hall to the kitchen. Jack pulled his fat prick out of her cunt and she felt it pressing against her asshole.

"Noooooo. I never said thaaaat," she groaned.

He chuckled and she felt her asshole forced open, then felt his thick cockhead sliding up into her rectum. Stevie moaned and groaned as his cock pushed deeper, knowing there was no way she could stop him now.

"You, ungh… teenage sluts, ungh… need a good, ungh… hard one up your assholes, ungh… every now and then?" he panted, "just to remind you, ungh.. . what you were made for, Ungnnhhhhhh!"

His cock drove high into her anus, spiking up into her guts as he pressed his balls into her twat meat. He buried the whole long length up inside her rectum and pressed the redhead hard into the edge of the table as he ground his hips in slow circles against her buttocks.

His hands slipped under her and grabbed her tits' then lifted her upper body off the table, pulling her upright, squeezing her back against his chest. He grabbed her hair in one hand, twisting her head back, forcing her chest to push out and her back to arch.

His lips sought hers, his tongue pushing inside his daughter's mouth as his cock pumped slowly up and down in her asshole. His free hand kneaded and twisted Stevie's fat round titties as he worked his cock back and forth in her tight ass tube. His mouth became hungrier and hungrier, sliding off her mouth as he licked and chewed at her cheek and then her throat.

Stevie was grunting with the force of his thrusts as he worked his cock up harder and higher in her ass. She was panting and gasping and whimpering, partly in heat, partly in pain.

Paige wandered back out from the kitchen, headed for the stairs. She had a cup of milk in one hand and a chocolate donut in the other.

"Paige! Paige," he gasped. Her smug grin turned wary.

"Uh, yeah?"

"Come over here," he panted, grunting as he thrust up hard into Stevie's butt hole.

"Whaaaaat?" she asked, coming closer.

"Give your sister's clitty a rub so she loosens up."

"Daddddyy. I have homework to do."

"Rub her clitty," he gasped.

She glared and set down her cup, sliding her free hand down between Stevie's thighs as Jack continued to fuck his long sausage up and down her rectum. Paige's nimble fingers rubbed and stroked Stevie's clitty, sending buzzing, sizzling pleasure through her sister's belly.

Paige munched on her donut, watching with a bored expression, rubbing the redhead's clit with expert motions.

Stevie groaned loudly and Paige grinned in a superior fashion. Stephanie hated making noise in front of her sister like that. Paige always teased her about being a groaner and so she tried to keep quiet whenever she was getting fucked, but she seldom managed to.

"Uunnnnnngggh," she groaned.

Jack pulled harder on her hair, forcing the trembling teenager's head further back, arching her back even more and tightening the flesh around her round tit orbs. Any slid a finger up and down the redhead's slit, then screwed it up inside her as her thumb ground against Stevie's clitoris.

"Ungh! Ungh! Ungh' Ungh!" she gasped.

Jack kept ramming his hips forward, driving his fat fuck pole straight up her ass and into her guts. Her body was rammed and jolted by his heavy hammering strokes as Paige continued to rub her pussy. Her body shuddered as an orgasmic cyclone built up within her.

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" Jack groaned. His hands slid under Stevie's arms and groped her fat melons, his fingers kneading them furiously as he reamed her asshole. Then his hands slid up and behind her head, his arms pinning mine hard, forcing them up and apart. He had her in a half nelson, and forced her upper body back as he speared her anus with his prick.

In her shattered mind the image of crucifixion somehow appeared, probably because of her position. Her brain was floating and sliding and swimming in a heady mixture of ecstasy and bliss. Multi-colored sparkling lights flashed and blinked before her bulging eyes.

Stevie gurgled insanely, her mouth gaping, the breath locked within her aching chest. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her entire body exploded with shattering blastwaves of sexual bliss.

She humped her ass back frantically, impaling herself on his thick iron tool as her boiling breast meat threatened to tear right through her skin and erupt in bubbling liquid heat. She went limp, and felt light-headed. She would have fallen if her Dad didn't have me so tightly pinned against him.

Then, some seconds later he increased the velocity of his pumping, his cock skewering her buttery little asshole, and she felt his juicy white sperm spitting up into her ass, shooting deep into her belly.

"Can I go now?" Paige asked impatiently.

Her father let her arms go and let Stevie slowly fall forward onto the table. Paige drew back her hand and quickly picked up her drink so she wouldn't spill it, then fumed and went upstairs. Stevie groaned weakly as Jack whistled and moved away into the kitchen.

Well, it had been one of the better fucks in a while, though partly because of Paige rubbing her clitty.

Her body was overheated, moist with sweat, her hair tangled. Her asshole was numb, and her ass cheeks felt like she'd been kicked a couple of hundred times by a guy wearing army boots. She didn't think she was in much of a condition to go to the mall.

Instead she went upstairs, stripped and got into the shower. cursing her father, and mostly her sister. She showered off and blow dried her hair again. By then it was too late to go to the mall. She went back to her room, passing Paige's room on the way.

"I'm gonna get you for that you slut," she promised her.

"Ungh' Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!" Paige grunted, then laughed uproariously.

"Bitch," Stevie muttered, going on to her room.

She slammed the door, then tore off her robe and stomped over to her dresser. She put on a pair of loose white shorts and pulled a thin peasant top on. It was bright with blue, green and purple flowers, and looked pretty over her pale skin.

She stepped into her slippers and headed downstairs to watch TV. Her dad was sitting on the couch with his feet propped up on the coffee table, watching a wrestling match.

"Terrific," she sighed.

She passed him and went into the kitchen, taking down a cup from the cupboard and then gathering a handful of ice from the freezer. She had decided to get a drink of coke and then go back upstairs and read, or maybe call her friend Holly.

Her dad shuffled in behind her though. She sighed and tried to get the coke bottle out faster. He came up behind her and slid his big hand down onto her ass, squeezing it softly.

"How you doing, gorgeous?" he asked, jovially.

"Fine, Daddy," she sighed.

"You seemed a bit upset earlier."

"Well, I wanted to go to the mail."

"I'm sure you wouldn't have gotten what I gave you there," he chuckled.

"Probably not but I wanted to go anyway. You could have fucked Paige."

"She wasn't home yet."

"Well, you could've waited. Shit. I should have some say about when I get fucked, especially when you drill me in the ass like that."

"You love it up the ass, honey," he grinned, kneading her soft round buttocks.

"I do not. Paige made that up."

"You seemed to be having' a good time."

"That was more Paige rubbing my pussy than you reaming out my asshole. I wish you'd at least use some oil or something when you do that. You used to."

"I did. I had all that oily cunt cream of yours on my cock," he said, sliding his lips over the nape of her neck.

"It still hurt," she sighed, spilling a bit of coke as he pressed her forward against the counter.

"I'll make it up to you then," he said, his tongue sliding under her ear.


His left hand continued to squeeze her ass through the thin nylon shorts, but his right slid down her belly and in under the elastic waistband at the front of her pants, sliding down over her bare pussy and rubbing it gently.

"I thought so," she sighed.

"This one's just for you, baby," Jack grinned, sliding his tongue over her throat.

He worked his fingers in between her tight pussy lips, then began sawing them up and down the length of her pussy slit, grinding them across her clitty. She groaned and her ass began moving in slow circles as she reached down and put her hands on the counter to hold herself still.

"Oohhhhhhhhh," she groaned. "That feels so goooood!"

She spread her legs and leaned forward as he continued rubbing his fingers over her clitty. His left hand shifted upward from her ass and slid around her to come up under her arm in front. He squeezed her left breast, his fingers digging into the soft flesh.

He pushed his hand in through the bottom of her peasant's blouse and fondled her bare tit, his fingers spread wide and pushing deeply into the malleable orb.

"There's nothing like having your fingers buried in a big soft tit," he sighed. He rubbed his fingers harder against her slit, slicing them back and forth in the narrow cleft. Stevie whimpered and humped back against him, feeling his hardness pressing against her buttocks as his fingers ground down against her clitty.

"Ohhh! Ohhhhh! Ooooohhh!" she moaned.

He ground his pelvis into her butt as he licked and kissed the side of her throat and kneaded her oozing tit meat.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" she gasped.

Then she came, giving a sharp cry of pleasure as her body was racked with violent sexual convulsions. She jammed herself down against her father's hand, pulling her own hand up beneath her crotch to jam his fingers into her snatch.

"Oh, yeeeeeessss!" she groaned, her head lolling back on his shoulder.

"There you go, baby," he grinned, slowing his rubbing.


"Don't say I never gave you something" he laughed, pulling his hands out of her pants and top and shifting backwards. Her rubbery legs almost gave way and he held her for a moment until she steadied herself.

"How… how come you didn't fuck me?" she panted.

"Like I said, this was just for you."

"I felt that hard-on pushing against my ass," she said.

"Yeah, and I think I know just whose ass is gonna swallow it up too. Paige's upstairs right?"

"Yeah. She likes it up the ass, Daddy."

"That so, well then, maybe I'll oblige."

Stevie stood there for a few minutes, then staggered back and sat down at the table, sighing in relief.

The back door slammed open and her brother Rob came storming in, tossing his book bag in the corner.

"Hey, punk. That all you got to do with your time?"

"What's it to you?"

"Well, some of us were going to drive down to the lake and hang out tonight."

"Like who?"

"Dan, me, Tony, Mike, Shauna, Kristen… I don't know. It depends on who shows up. You wanna come?"

"I guess. What about Paige?"

"At the lake? Give me a break. She might break a nail."

"Yeah," she grinned.

There was a bustle from the front and Dennis and Donnie came in, tossing their jackets on hooks. The twins went everywhere together.

"What you guys doing tonight?" Rob asked.

"We're going to bring the telescope up on the roof and chart Aquarius minor," Dennis said.

"What a waste of time, using a telescope to look at stars," Rob said. The twins looked at him pityingly. They didn't really approve of jocks.

"I bet they're really going to peek in windows," Stephanie said.

"Not very likely," Donnie grumped.

"Where's Dad?" Dennis asked. "We saw his car out front."

"I think he's upstairs with Paige."

"He's gonna squash her one of these days," Rob laughed. Stevie laughed too. It was true. Their father was a big, solid man, while Paige was tiny and slim. When he was fucking her she was practically invisible, all squashed down beneath his weight.

"So how come he didn't fuck you instead?" Rob asked.

"He did, actually. He must be real horny today."

"Slut," he grinned.

"Eat me."

"Beg for it."

"In your dreams."

"You two are disgusting," Dennis said with a frown.

"Disgusting? You didn't think I was disgusting last night, Dennis," Stevie flared. "Not when you and Donnie were sandwiching me and panting like steam engines."

He turned away with an upturned nose, and Donnie followed. They were both kind of snobby, but she supposed most egg heads were. Their experiments on her body still continued, and the two were very inventive lovers, unlike Rob, for example, who was more of the rutting bull type.

"So, when are we going?" she asked. "After dinner?"

"I guess. When it's darker. We're gonna skinny dip and some of the girls are shy."

"Oohhhh. So you'll finally get to see Shauna naked," Stevie grinned.

"I hope so."

"Now if you can only get her to spread her legs and bend over."

"Hey, you're talking about the woman I love," he scowled.

"I thought I was the woman you love."

"You? Don't make me laugh. Whoever said you were a woman anyway?"

"Maybe I can get little Shauna to open her legs," Stevie teased. "And once she's been with me she'll never be interested in you."

"You stay away from her, Stevie," he frowned, worriedly.

"She has a nice little body there. Maybe she'd like a nice hot tongue job."

"She's a nice girl. She'd go nuts if you came on to her."

"What's that supposed to mean7" She glared.

"That she's not a nympho slut like you."

"Who's a slut? A slut fucks anyone who wants her. I'm very particular about who I jump in the sack with," she glared.

"Sure, but who you fuck on the floor, or the table, or in the dirt or on the grass or in the pool… "

"Fuck you!"

"You will," he grinned. "As a matter of fact, if I can't get Shauna tonight I'm reserving this little box for my own personal use later." He squeezed her cunt and wiggled his tongue at her. She slapped his hand away indignantly.

"You can just beg like a dog if you want any off me tonight, Robert Bradford."

"Ha. That'll be the day."

"What's going on?"

They turned to see Mike coming in from the hall. He ruffled Stevie's hair as he made his way to the fridge and pulled it open.

"Rob was acting like a pig again."

"What else is new?"

"I'm telling you guys I'm getting sick of slam-bam' thank-you- ma'am. If you don't start getting a little more thoughtful, me and Paige are gonna shut off the pussy and you can go back to jerking off."

"You couldn't survive without a few stiff cocks every day," Rob taunted.

"Yeah, and anyway, what makes you think we'd let you keep your legs closed?" Mike grinned. "You know what Dad says, teenage pussies have to be fucked every day."

"So I'll find someone else to fuck me. It won't be hard," She glared.

"Do you hear a challenge, Rob," Mike asked, raising an eyebrow.

"She wants more attention."

They grinned at each other as Stevie looked back and forth warily, then she yelped as they grabbed her and dragged her upstairs. Paige and her father were still busy. Apparently he was paying a lot of attention to her ass.

The twins were recruited though, and with their help Stevie was fucked, screwed, reamed, rode, pumped, skewered, and all but impaled on their cocks. In between fucks her pussy was sucked and chewed repeatedly, as the twins gave an impromptu lecture on their study of pussy eating.

Stevie was worked over more than she'd ever been before, her orgasms leaving her breathless and dizzy, bleary eyed and dazed with exhaustion. Twice she was driven into unconsciousness by the repeatedly manipulation of her cunt box and hot swollen breasts.

She was left a limp, bedraggled, cum covered mass of tortured nerve endings. raw flesh, and twitching muscles, too worn after hours of overuse to even clean herself off. She fell into a deep sleep and woke in the morning sore, but happy again.

The guys took more care in their fucking after that. Paige was the beneficiary of a similar working over the next night, with Stevie taking part, and soon the little blonde was in a better mood too.

Once again their family was happy and close, with the girls well fucked, and the guys smugly cock proud.

It was, Stevie thought later, easy to forget that the pussy held the power, especially when the guys were fucking at will. She made sure none of them ever forgot again, though, and her pussy never regretted that first hard fuck her Dad had given her, nor the way she drew the rest of the family in.

She knew that others might think their love making was a little weird, bur really, they were just a normal, everyday family that happened to fuck each other, and where was the harm in that anyway?

She only wished her mother was there… so the twins could show her how well they sucked pussy.

THE END ——————————————————————

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