Noc 6

Noc 6

Megan’s face exploded in joy seeing her father’s car pull into the driveway with Aaron in the passenger’s seat. She made it very clear to her father that he had better not leave Aaron at the hospital or she would never forgive him.

Carly and Megan’s father returned home three days early after convincing his superiors it was an emergency situation. Aaron constantly doped up on medicine, feeling great all the time, woke up in Carly’s bed to Carly scared half to death as his face laid in a pool of blood. After washing his face off, they concluded that it came from his ears and she immediately called her mom. Megan wouldn’t leave her room after seeing Carly walking Aaron into the bathroom with his head soaked in blood. Their neighbor had rushed him to the emergency room and the girl’s father caught the first flight home arriving early that evening to meet Aaron at the hospital. Carly, traumatized from waking up to see her love face down in a pool of blood couldn’t bear to face Megan. She herself could barely keep herself together as friends of their family stopped by to help the girl’s recover.

The girl’s father sensed how close the trio had grew in the few weeks together and from what he got from his daughters through the phone at the hospital, he tried his hardest to sway the doctors to let him bring Aaron home with him that night. After collecting several images of Aaron’s body through cat scans, MRIs, and a few X-Rays, the doctors reluctantly let him take Aaron. Aaron had to make daily checkups at the hospital from then on until they had figured out the exact details and had performed a possible operation to remove what looked to be a tumor. Adding to the complexity of the situation, the hospital insisted that if he was to leave the hospital, he would have to be monitored at all hours of the day as well as carry a panic button with him. The panic button panel actually carried two buttons, a large one which when pressed would signal a beeper which should be carried by a close monitoring adult at all times, and another smaller button that when pressed and held twice, would alert the local police.

The father approved to it all and when they left the hospital with the new prescribed medication, he and Aaron agreed that it would probably be best to not mention the truth to the girls. They decided to pass it off as a severe inner ear infection and hold the truth until they had a definite answer on what was going to happen, then persuade the girl’s mom to tell them.

Aaron was happy as hell that he was finally home. He figured that Carly made an excuse as to why he was in her bed in the first place and that was why her father wasn’t bothered by it but he feared that he might still ask him and his lie not be the same as Carly’s. He hadn’t done anything with her since their first time together, nor had he done anything at all since his last experience with Megan the morning after. Carly had felt so happy after her first time, she was a bit reluctant to try again so soon and instead tried developing a stronger bond with him. Megan hadn’t had much luck as Carly was always tailing Aaron, wanting to spend every minute of her life with him and had frequently pushed Megan away if she tried coming on to him. Needless to say, this only pushed Megan into jealousy and she vowed that she would lock herself away with Aaron the first chance she had alone with him.

Megan broke away from her bedroom window and sprinted downstairs to meet her father and Aaron to ask them countless questions. Seeing the two of them pulling into the driveway reassured her of what Aaron told her and how he couldn’t die and he would be protected by his money and her father.

Carly and Megan both broke through the front door at the same time as Carly was tipped off by Megan’s frantic race down the stairs.

The four walked back into the house, Aaron and their father answering question after question, telling the truth mostly and filling in the inner ear infection story as they went along. After the excitement died down, an awkward silence fell about them. Now that their father was there, Carly couldn’t be so blatantly caring and interested in Aaron and Megan couldn’t be so suggestive with him. Their father could sense that they were acting different on account of him being there, so he went into his bedroom to do some work on his laptop leaving the teenage clique alone to do whatever teenagers do.

His leaving did little to stop the silence as Carly couldn’t get the images from her mind of him in the morning, his entire head glazed in blood and seeing him motionless, she couldn’t tell whether he was asleep or not. Megan walking from her room at the time to see the commotion, imprinted the images of Aaron being guided to the bathroom with blood dripping from his face. She couldn’t even imagine what would have caused such a thing. Aaron just couldn’t bring himself to what was really happening. He hadn’t thought about death since his parents went, but now he was being forced to think about the possibility of his own, even though the doctors never said anything of the sort.

Megan reluctantly left to the bathroom, leaving Aaron alone with Carly.

“Are you ever going to want to sleep with me again,” Aaron asked Carly looking down to his feet. Carly seeing perfectly why he would say such a thing, thought and decided that he needed her acceptance now more than anything.

“You could never scare me away,” she consolingly said to him while looking at his distraught face. Megan came racing back into the room making sure she didn’t miss anything important.

What was left of the day passed by slowly until their father suggested that since they had such an eventful day, that they should all go to bed. The father especially was tired after waking up early in the morning getting a call no father wants to get, even if it isn’t technically his child, and having to argue his way onto a several hour flight. Then rush to the hospital to fill out countless forms and hear only what sounded like bad and expensive news. He knew he would fall asleep like a baby that night but the tricky part was quickly approaching.

He had to insist that Aaron sleep with him that night in front of his daughters. He felt that that would blatantly tip them off on something bigger than an ear infection; he wasn’t about to suggest that he sleep in their room after what they witnessed the night before. Carly had provided him a foolproof excuse as to why Aaron was sleeping on her bed, with the two just talking and him falling asleep, with her not wanting to wake him, and resulting with her sleeping on the floor.

“Dad, I don’t think Aaron should be alone tonight,” Carly suggested to her father. Her father was delightfully pleased and confused with what she said next.

“I think we should pull his mattress in Megan’s room so we can keep an eye on him,” she finished. Carly already having agreed to sleep with Megan as her bed was out of commission.

“Well, maybe he should sleep with me then,” he replied, “I know what you must have went through this morning would have been hard.”

“It’s not going to happen again, is it?” Megan blurted out a bit startled.

“No no no, it’s not,” their father back off, trying to give up and let them have their way to get off the subject. With the new medicine it shouldn’t, he thought.

Megan, standing in her cotton night pajamas peaked into her parents’ room seeing her father fast asleep. ‘If he fell asleep that fast then he must be out cold,’ she thought to herself. Aaron walked out of his room in his pants and a white t-shirt. He hid his panic button in the dresser in his room not wanting to accidently press it in the night, alerting the girl’s father to come barging in the room, and he definitely didn’t want the girl’s to find it and question him.

Megan walked past the bathroom and into her bedroom seeing both Carly and Aaron inside and closed while locking the bedroom door. Aaron laid on his bed complaining how his new drug was just making him tired like the first drug he was on. Carly climbed onto Aaron’s mattress and snuggled up with him. Megan laughed at the thought of Carly assuming she could do such a thing in her room. She turned the lights off, stepped over Aaron’s pants he’d taken off just before getting in bed, and laid behind him on his mattress. Carly felt her get on the mattress and immediately protested.

“It’s my bedroom so I make the rules,” she pouted, “and you can’t have him all the time, you’re being selfish, he loves me too and you’re hurting him by not letting me do the stuff you won’t do to him.” Aaron laid between them not knowing what to say.

“I’ll do anything Aaron wants me to,” Carly protested defensively.

“You don’t know what he wants like I do, because you don’t love him enough to do research on how to make boys happy,” Megan strongly assaulted her. Aaron felt that soon he would be unwillingly drug into the argument and forced to pick a side; he wasn’t sure he chose the right room to sleep in.

“Aaron, who makes you happier, me or her?” Carly asked in a sweet voice. Aaron thought wildly of what do say. He was about to lie that his head was beginning to hurt when Megan finally spoke.

“He won’t say because he knows he’ll hurt someone in answering, but that’s why I make him happier, because I do the things he wants to but doesn’t want to ask for because he doesn’t like to hurt people,” Megan proudly spoke. Then she reached over Aaron’s side, quietly with fluid motion, and stuck her little hand down his boxers and began feeling his soft penis. She was fascinated with it as she originally felt the entire thing in her small hand, then felt it pumping slowly larger and larger. She felt the entire length of it grow in her very own little hand.

“How’s it do that?” she asked Aaron.

“Do what?” Carly asked, and then realized Megan’s arm was reached over Aaron’s body with her hand down by his crotch. She quickly shot her hand down to his penis as well and began rubbing it. Megan pulled with all her muscles to tip Aaron on his back. Once on his back, she flipped her body on Aaron’s as fast as she could holding onto him like he was her favorite doll about to be stolen by a bully.

Carly, looking particularly perturbed, saw that she would have to wait for Megan to loosen her grip. Taking her time, knowing Megan wouldn’t dare move so soon, Carly lifted her night shirt off. As soon as Carly had her shirt over her face, Megan ripped free of Aaron and pushed her hands down to her pants and quickly pushed them, along with her white cotton panties, down as far as she could without getting up. Seeing Carly’s eyes appear, she finished pulling Aaron’s penis out of his boxers and re-gripped him.

Carly seeing Megan’s pants below her waist got mad and went to pull them back up. Megan franticly shifted her hips around spreading her legs as far as she could. She felt what she wanted and pushed her small body down onto Aaron’s penis, locking him into her with a massive wave of pressure shooting through her tiny hips.

Aaron could only groan as he felt his penis jerk into the tiny tight hole of his thirteen year old cousin. Seeing Carly so distraught, he reached for her. With Megan’s face on his chest, he pulled Carly’s chest to his mouth. He held one entire breast in his hand, feeling the soft, warm, perky protrusion between his fingers. Carly merely moaned feeling her breast fondled. Aaron then licked the entire length of her other breast. Carly shivered in bliss as the warm wet tongue ran the length of her bulging baby feeding organ.

She pulled her pants and panties to her knees, then stuck her arm under his opposite armpit while he began sucking and swirling his tongue over her nipple. Using her free hand and her legs, she managed to kick the last of her clothing off.

Megan began pushing herself up and down slowly with small movements, just stimulating her vagina but not to lose her grip. As she looked up in the dark watching her older sister’s nipple in Aaron’s mouth, she could only imagine having the same done to her. Slowly, as she thrust her hips, she could feel his penis inside of her move up and down, up and down, up and down. She could feel the stimulation slowly building. It wasn’t like the fast wild sensation she remembered always having with him. Her entire hip region could feel the slowly oncoming sensation of an orgasm; it felt so amazing. She couldn’t hold her climax any longer and began groaning as the slow teasing orgasm shot through her body. Her vagina clamped even harder on Aaron’s penis and in slow spasms, stimulated it almost into climax.

Aaron stopped sucking Carly’s breast and cried out trying to hold back his climax. Megan saw what he was doing and continued through her own bone shivering orgasm and pushed and shifted her hips around trying to get him to cum inside her.

Carly quickly caught on and hastily leaned her naked body over onto Megan’s back and stuck her face and hands between Megan’s legs. She stuck her finger into her little sister’s vaginal hole just above the shaft of Aaron’s penis and tried prying her off him. Megan pushed herself onto the penis and feeling her vagina react to the new, second intruder, she moaned more into another orgasm, squirting her juices down the length of Aaron’s penis lubricating it as her muscles again spasmed madly over it.

Aaron couldn’t hold back as Megan’s body tensed over his and her vagina clamped his penis inside of her. Carly jumped behind Megan and pushed with all her strength into her bare butt, slowly pushing her tiny body off Aaron’s penis. She could see Aaron’s penis climaxing as the length of her little sister’s vaginal wet tubing slid over it. She stuck her mouth down right next to her little sister’s slit, turning her face to press her lips against the soaking lips of the vagina. She wrapped her mouth over the shaft of Aaron’s penis feeling the cum pulsing into the vagina through the skin on her tongue. As the head of his penis slurped out of her worn down sister, she quickly sucked the head of his penis into her mouth to collect the rest of his cum.

Feeling the instantaneous transfer between the tiny spasming vagina to a hot sucking and licking mouth and tongue, all while climaxing, put Aaron’s mind into an eternal sunshine fantasy. Pushing him even further, he just felt the mouth and tongue, of his younger naked cousin, Megan, slip into his mouth as she drug her own girl cum over his stomach, now exposed from his shirt scrunching up to his chest under the friction of his naked relative, to reach his face.

Sucking the remaining cum from the appendage, and not wanting to spit it on anything, Carly funneled it down with her tongue to her throat where she began swallowing it in small intervals. She sucked as much of it down and then licked her mouth clean of it with her tongue in case she got to kiss Aaron later.

“How do you like this?” Carly whispered angrily as put her hand atop the top of her sister’s butt cheeks and pressed her thumb down her crack pushing it into her tight butt hole. Megan moaned in shock into Aaron’s mouth. Carly couldn’t believe she was getting pleasure from it; she further couldn’t believe that she herself, found it a bit arousing, feeling her thumb inside her little sister’s butt hole.

She looked down to Megan’s oozing vagina, then to Aaron’s still hard penis. She pulled Megan’s pants and panties off her legs and spread them wide around Aaron’s stomach to maneuver her own body over Aaron’s hips. She moved on, pulling Aaron’s boxers off, completely freeing him to get the most skin contact she could. Megan, wanting to feel her small body atop Aaron’s firm and warm chest, carefully pulled his shirt from him, not to alert Carly of her lack of grip on him. Carly lowered her body onto Aaron’s penis feeling it slowly enter her.

Megan felt it to as Aaron tensed his mouth around hers as she finished taking his shirt off. She knew that that could only mean he was feeling his penis being swallowed by another vagina. Megan didn’t want Carly to finish him off for the night so she fought her hand down between his legs. She felt Carly’s vagina come down around the shaft and then lift back up slowly. She followed her vagina to the mushroom on his tip and then pulled it out of her and thrust herself backwards onto it. Aaron felt as his penis was forced from one vagina and pushed into another.

Carly couldn’t believe what just happened and jammed her entire thumb into Megan’s butt hole. Megan bit her lip to keep from screaming in a mix of pain and pleasure. Carly used her new grip to push her little sister up off him. She also unsuspectingly turned herself on even more as she could feel the inside tissues of her younger sister.

Feeling the intense pressure in her butt hole, Megan was forced to pull up to Aaron’s face. Aaron, wanting them to stop fighting, sucked Megan’s lips to his and grabbed her butt cheeks keeping her pulled to his mouth.

Carly pulled her hand from Megan’s butt, accidently wiping her fingers against her oozing vaginal opening, and rubbing the mixture of her sister’s and Aaron’s cum onto her hand. Not knowing what to do with it, she took her hand and wiped her own vagina with it, and just waited, feeling the warm liquid running through her short newly forming pubescent shrub. Seeing Aaron holding Megan away, she pulled his hard lonely penis back to her empty cavern.

Aaron squeezed around Megan’s soft butt until he felt her hands guide his to her butt hole. Slowly he stuck his index finger into her hole. She moaned again into his mouth while exchanging saliva with him. As he pushed one index finger into her butt hole and felt the pink fleshy insides press tightly against it, he guided his other hand to her vagina. Her legs being spread far out and sloping down his body, he had fairly easy access to press his other index finger into the crack.

Carly, hands on the mattress on either side of Aaron and Megan, slowly bounced up and down on the penis feeling the heat radiating from it shoot through her lower body.

Aaron, wanting to exhaust Megan quickly began pumping his fingers harder and fast into her two holes. Megan’s breathing shot into rapid spurts as she could feel him double penetrating her. She imagined and felt his body thrust under hers as her older sister bounced up and down on the organ of the guy she couldn’t keep her saliva out of.

Megan closed her mouth tight and screamed as the two intruders in her lower body brought her to her third intense orgasm of the night. Her entire naked body erupted and shook violently on top of Aaron’s naked body. Aaron wasn’t sure if she was alright at first but as she calmed down releasing moan after moan of intense joy, he felt she had about had it.

Aaron put his hands under her small arm pits and rolled her off his body next to him. Carly moved her bouncing body down to his as he watched her tiny boobs bounce up and down in the dark.

Her fifteen year old body was the most amazing piece of work he had ever seen God create. Mind and body alike, both held no bearings of flaw in his eyes. Her body, now inches from his, bouncing back and forth onto his penis drove him crazy as he just want disappear with her and live an eternity with her in his arms. He felt that even an eternity of infinitely long seconds would still not be enough time with her. He wanted the sensation of doing everything possible with her all at once, every second of the day, and never spend a moment of his life without her.

Looking down into Aaron’s eyes as he showed nothing but intense emotions of love toward her, Carly felt and knew for definite that her sister or sex could never make Aaron happier then she could simply just by being with him.

Megan, attempting to stay awake, looked into the unbreakable stare between Carly and Aaron and knew then that she could never outdo her sister in Aaron’s eyes.

Carly pressed her body onto Aaron’s, continuing to bounce herself onto him, jiggling her tiny breasts over his firm chest. She pushed her lips to his and sucked his tongue into her mouth. She felt Aaron grip her sides with his arms to feel her small thin body shake as she gently pounded onto him.

Thinking about only the kiss with Aaron, Carly violently shook in surprise when an intense orgasm shot through her unsuspecting and unprepared body. She jerked a bit and countered with tensing herself, latching herself around Aaron’s penis, squeezing her already incredibly tight vagina even tighter as the muscles in her uterus instinctively teased the head of his dick into no return. The lower vaginal muscles took over from there, milking the sperm filled cum into her womb. Carly, feeling eternal bliss, couldn’t stop from gyrating her hips in small circles around Aaron’s penis as he spilled his juice into her so small of a body.

When she felt him completely milked, she pulled herself off of him and rolled to the side of him. She pulled her feet to her butt putting her knees into the air and squeezed her vagina shut. She turned her head sideways and stared into Aaron’s eyes as he stared back thinking as the entire horrific day pressed its way back into his mind.

e.l. hanes

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