Noc 8

Noc 8

Aaron was shell-shocked. He couldn’t move. He didn’t know Carly’s intentions for sneaking into the bathroom, but from her facial expression and the way she stormed out, he didn’t believe that she found what she was looking for. Discovering him in the shower latched inside and ejaculating into her little sister as she was panting and gasping for air was probably not what Carly most desired to see.

Megan sat, her legs strewn around Aaron’s waist as her vagina split open to cater to it’s all to welcome guest. She caught on to Aaron’s severely distraught face and instantly knew that she had succeeded in destroying Aaron’s life the second time that morning. Rotating her chest around to turn the shower water off, she slowly lifted her body of Aaron’s penis. She tried not gasping as the long shaft slowly slurped out of her happily filled vaginal tube. She stood up and stepped from the bathtub reaching for her robe. Putting it on, she angrily grabbed at her panties to shove into her crotch. She hated the fact that her vagina wasn’t big enough to hold in all of Aaron’s cum.

Quickly she ran from the bathroom to Carly in an attempt to explain and take responsibility for the entire situation. She knew Aaron would never go near her again if she didn’t fix what she had done to him.

Aaron wrestled to get out of the tub to put his clothes on. He could hear Carly’s sobs from her open bedroom door as Megan barged in. He struggled through his ever increasing dizziness to dry himself off and put his pants on. The more he thought, the harder it was to stand up.

Carly laid on her mattress, her scent of depression mixing with the faint smell of bleach from the fabric cleaner used after Aaron’s accident several weeks ago. She had played at her father extra hard to remain sleeping in the same room with Aaron as a supervisor. Megan wouldn’t give Aaron away so easily, so Carly went on about needing more time before she could sleep in her own bed which she last remembered covered in Aaron’s blood. Now wanting to get away from both of them, she resorted to her own room in solitude before Megan came barging in.

“It’s all my fault,” Megan speedily cried, “I begged him for it. He didn’t want to, he just wanted to be with you but I begged that he pretend that I was you. I kept begging him until he gave in and when he treated me like he does you, he remembered that it was me and he got really really sad, and I didn’t know what to do so I tried to make him forget. I don’t know how to make him happy like you do so I only did what I knew I was good at. It’s all my fault, please don’t blame him, I made him do it.”

Carly heard her out, but she didn’t know whether she was more angry or scared. “Did you take my pills?” she asked crying. Megan tricking Aaron into sex was nothing new and she had come to acknowledge that the two could not be denied a relationship of some sort.

A little confused, Megan replied, “Yeah, I did exactly what you told me, you watched me the first time.” Showing some of the confusion in her voice, she then asked, “Why?”

Carly, pressing her face into her pillows muttered in her tears, “I’m pregnant.”

“You’re pregnant!” Megan repeated a bit too loud. Not knowing what to say next, she quietly stuttered, “Why?”

Billowing in her tears, Carly cried the truth, “I thought I had it all planned out, I didn’t know I would be this scared.” Megan leaned her chest over onto Carly’s back to hold her.

“We’ll figure something out, we always do,” Megan said quietly in an effort to comfort herself, “Aaron’s smart, he’ll help us, he won’t let anything happen to you. I know he won’t, he loves you more than anything.” The two girls laid there silently under Carly’s stuffy nose and sporadic pouts.

The telephone rang downstairs by the stair well. The loud echo burst through the eerily silent house, over and over. The ringing stopped as their father’s recording began, asking to leave a message. A blood chilling voice ricocheted up the banister through the hall and into Carly’s bedroom.

“This is Sergeant Michaels from the Police station calling in response to an activated emergency beacon designated to a current resident in your home. Paramedics have been dispatched to your house and we ask that you please call us immediately regarding the current situation.”

Carly and Megan both halted every bodily function in listening to the message. Immediately registering the condition, Carly exploded from her bed. Megan was thrust from Carly’s back not able to push off in time. Both broke from the bedroom into the bathroom to find Aaron half naked, slipping in and out of consciousness, on the floor.

All Aaron could remember in the past week were short dreamlike wakings, frequently with people hovering over him. He liked least finding Carly or Megan there. He found their tears to be anything but comfort. Anytime there was an adult, they always reassured him that he was doing great and it was all over with.

He finally woke up completely as a doctor stood over him.

“What happened?” Aaron asked, now feeling the strength to talk.

“It seems that your mind overpowered your medication,” the doctor went, “it was supposed to sedate your mind, but apparently, yours is not so easily put to rest.” He paused, looking into Aaron’s pupils. “Your brain became over active and began agitating your tumor.” Something that could have been prevented had he been under the hospitals surveillance, the doctor thought to himself as he thought back to Aaron and his guardian’s fight for release. “We’ve removed the tumor without any more damage being done, and since then you’ve been asleep, for about a week now.”

“What do you mean any more damage?” asked Aaron.

“There was some permanent damage done to your inner ear which will inhibit you from walking freely for long without losing balance. You shouldn’t have too much of a problem though with a cane and walking along walls,” the doctor said plain and straight. “It would be wise to be accompanied by someone you trust at anytime you decide to walk outside your home.”

Aaron felt shot. He could never do anything alone again. He was going to need help everywhere he went. He was going to have trouble standing up. He could only think of all the ways the kids at school would treat him. Like he was different; how he was to be pitied; he hated what he was hearing. Summer break was nearing end and he had nothing but to assume that this was the worst summer any kid could have. He could never walk without some sort of help again for the rest of his life. Let alone, it all began unraveling with him watching his parents die before his eyes. He only hoped that the faint memory of hearing that Carly was pregnant had just been a nightmare. The doctor merely glanced at the distraught face.

“It’s not as bad as you might think,” the doctor consoled, “some of the off balance will be phased out with time as your body becomes accustomed to it and in buildings, it will be easy enough to hide by just gently rubbing your hand along a wall to judge your balance.”

“That’s about all I can tell you,” the doctor finished up, “but I believe that there are two young ladies who’ve been coming here every day now who would love to come in and talk to you.” Aaron smiled. The doctor caught his face and walked to the door.

“I’ll send them in then,” he said.

“Carly,” her father said before she could step from the car. Carly recognized the tone in his voice and settled back in the back seat for a lecture.

Megan finished helping Aaron from the vehicle and assisted him to their front door. Carly now sat alone in the back seat. Her mother and father sat up front. Ashley, her mother, had only recently arrived home from her client’s case. She was glad to have finished and insisted to her firm that she take a well deserved leave to handle family problems. Ashley took a little more convincing about the rape than Carly’s father, but with her uneasiness and mounting fears, it wasn’t hard for Carly to show deep emotional disturbances about the whole situation.

“Are you sure that you want to be the one to tell him?” her father asked her.

“I don’t want sacrifice my trust with him if I make one of you tell him,” Carly said seriously. She knew Aaron would probably destroy her entire story of rape with his confusion and guilt if they told him about the pregnancy; he would only arouse suspicion if she couldn’t get to him before them. She had to get to him first and hope on her life that he would not disown her for lying to him to have him impregnate her.

The blood tests confirmed what she suggested to her father two weeks ago. And her mother supported her decision on keeping the baby rather than aborting it. Her father didn’t quite agree but knowing what his wife went through at Carly’s age, he wasn’t about to suggest an alternative to life for the child.

“You better tell him soon than,” her mother strongly suggested, “you know how you felt when you found out your father and Aaron were keeping a secret from you. If Aaron find’s out that he’s the only one who doesn’t know, he might feel unwelcome in our house, and we do not want that.”

As Carly began moving to step out from the car, her mom said to her, “We’re going grocery shopping and have to pick up Aaron some crutches, so we’ll be back in maybe an hour and a half.” Ashley stared at her daughter hinting at a great time to tell Aaron, while avoiding the pitiful stare from her husband. He wanted nothing to do with this trickery to get him walking around a grocery store for an hour. He knew it was a one person job, but seeing his wife avoid his face, he also knew that he wasn’t getting out of it.

Carly met Aaron inside his bedroom. He was looking around some stuff on top of his dresser with Megan standing close by, staring at him as if she held a meaningful duty to protect him. She also just loved being around him. Carly gave Megan a familiar look. Megan backed off quickly and left the room closing the door behind her. Not wanting to miss a thing, she sat down in the hallway with her back leaning against the bedroom door.

Hearing the door close, Aaron looked around to Carly. Knowing something serious was about to follow, he turned and headed to his bed. Carly rushed over to help him.

“I’m not crippled,” Aaron said a bit too harshly.

“I’m sorry,” Carly said letting him go.

“No, I’m sorry,” Aaron comforted her, “I just don’t want you to pity me.”

Aaron sat down. Carly soon followed. “Well, at least this gives us an excuse to be around each other more without your parents getting suspicious,” Aaron pushed out trying to look upon the bright side.

“Yeah,” Carly replied awkwardly. She didn’t know how to bring it up. Aaron looked at her. He could see that she wanted to tell or ask him something very important. He felt the only way to possibly ease her situation would be to make it not seem insignificant. He thought of the worst thing he could think of.

“You know, I had a dream I think while I was out, that I heard that you were pregnant,” he said waiting to hear her laugh at the nonsense. Carly froze solid. She didn’t know what to make of it.

“Wa, was it a good dream or a ba, bad one?” she stuttered in fear. She couldn’t hide her facial expression with him staring at her. Aaron’s entire body dropped in temperature at least ten degrees. Thousands of thoughts exploded into his mind. How? What would happen to him when her parents found out? Why?

Staring into her face as it bore a hole into an infinitely small spec on the carpet, he couldn’t help but see the fear and pain she was going through. He was looking at the most beautiful girl in the world; she was scared to death and he was the only one that could help. Coming from how she decided to answer, Aaron though it seemed to hold that she would be keeping the baby. The silence befalling the room was becoming extensive. Aaron thought as hard as he possibly could. Coming home from the hospital, he did not want Carly to abandon him in fear and anger. He had to come up with something that sounded good. Later he could think back through it and make out if he would agree with it or not.

“It was bad,” he began, “at first; but then it started getting better. I supported you all the way through the pregnancy. I adopted the child as my own in your parents eyes, and they began to accept our relationship. You were always there for me when I needed help walking, and I was always there for you when you needed help with the baby. Nobody suspected that we were more than just best friends, and if anyone ever did, they would understand because of what we both went through together.” He could see he was doing something right, Carly began smiling a bit.

“The child grew up,” he continued, “it inherited your entire mind and body, with dashes of me sprinkled in to separate it from the gods and goddesses and make it human.”

Carly looked up to Aaron’s face, “You don’t have to lie,” she said smiling.

“Anything that comes from you will be perfect no matter how it comes,” Aaron whispered loudly. He lifted his hands to her shoulders and pulled her body to his. Carly grabbed a hold of him and pushed him back onto his mattress.

Hovering over him, she asked, “So you’re not mad that I lied to you about my birth control?”

“What are we going to tell your parents?” Aaron asked fearfully.

“They already know,” she quickly said. Before Aaron could ask his next question, Carly said in a definite voice, “I’ll tell you everything after what I’m about to do to you.” Aaron, though curious with questions, was not about to complain about what she wanted.

She lifted her torso tangent to Aaron’s waist and proceeded lifting her top up. Slowly, she wrapped her fingers under the hem of her shirt and pulled the taut cloth over her belly, up over her slightly bulging sports bra and past her neck. She tossed the thin fabric over to the floor. Pushing her chest forward, she reached back and unzipped her bra. Dropping it to Aaron’s stomach, her small perky breasts radiated with hormones. Aaron picked the bra up, gripping it between his fingers. Carly grabbed at Aaron’s shirt and hungrily pushed it over his shoulders off of his arms, smiling as her bra broke through his sleeve still in his hand. She pulled her body back up, popped the button on her tight jean pants, and pulled the zipper down.

Turning around over his body, Carly pushed her open bottoms to Aaron’s face as she grabbed at his pants zipper. Aaron let the bra fall from his hand instantly and relocated his fingers under the pants in his face. Slowly, as he felt his jeans shifting down his waist, he proceeded to do the same with the ones over his head.

As he pushed the last of the denim from his ankles, almost simultaneously, Carly did with hers. Carly unbuttoned the plastic disk on Aaron boxers and stuck her hand in. Aaron struggled to remove the panties from her vagina first. He had only gotten her panties half way down her hips when he felt hot wet lips suck his penis into a mouth. Feeling Carly’s tongue twist around his shaft as her mouth humped the whole penis, Aaron thought he was about to ascend into heaven. Carly continued sucking, slowly lifting her mouth up from his shaft. Finally, she reached the head and swiveled her tongue over it rapidly just before popping off.

Carefully she maneuvered around and finished removing her panties to set her slit on the lubricated shaft.

“This is my Welcome Home present to you,” Carly smiled proudly; “you just sit back and relax.”

She drug her slit forward over and past the head of Aaron’s penis. She leaned forward and pushed her hips back, thrusting the shaft into her body.

“Ooooooo,” she moaned uncontrollably. She looked down at Aaron who was scanning her perfect figure. She jerked her eyes and rotated her head, catching movement. She simply smiled seeing Megan peaking her head into the cracked open door. She could only guess what Megan was doing with all the fidgeting movement she was making behind the wooden panel.

Carly continued. Gently she pumped her long awaiting body onto the penis. She continued moaning louder and louder from the incredible pleasure. Aaron jerked his face over to the door after hearing more than just Carly’s moans.

Megan almost stumbled into the room with her hand down her pants. Lost in the ecstasy of her orgasm as her finger was stuck lodged inside of her vagina, she blushed in embarrassment.

“Well, you might as well join in and help me welcome Aaron back home,” Carly moaned, slowing her pace and watching Megan. Megan looked to Carly. Carly smiled and gave her the look to hop on.

Megan wasted no time dropping her butt to the floor and pulling the socks from her little feet. Even faster, she tore the shirt from her chest and stood back up while simultaneously pushing her pants and underwear down. Carly was amazed at her speed.

Megan ran up to Aaron and kissed him on the lips while driving her finger back into her vagina. Carly smiled seeing the overwhelming pleasure in Aaron’s eyes. Aaron didn’t know if he was happier that both girls were so eager to masturbate with him, or that they were both getting along. Megan pulled her finger from her soaking slit and slid it into Aaron’s mouth.

Carly ground her pelvis into Aaron’s. Carly was so incredibly tight for Aaron. Her little breasts jiggled as the small hole nestled inside her slit stretched and strained to accommodate him. Somewhere inside of her too, was a small baby growing from his own DNA. Aaron dropped his head back onto the pillow and closed his eyes. Every touch Carly made on him was magnified. He could envision a close-up of his penis sliding in and out of the perfect vagina; inside the fifteen year old girl’s body as she moaned in pleasure.

He felt Megan climbing onto the bed as Carly moved her hands off his chest. She began driving herself up and down onto Aaron faster and faster. He could her both Megan and Carly almost screaming and crying in their pleas for release. Aaron could barely hold back much longer as his younger cousin bounced up and down, faster and faster, next to screaming in eternal bliss. Megan let out a small scream.

Aaron tasted sweet liquid splash down onto his lips. He opened his eyes and about blew out his prostate the second his mind registered the sight.

Megan was standing up over his head as Carly leveraged herself with her arms reaching out to Megan’s hips. Megan drove her finger into herself as she rubbed her other hand just above her vagina. Aaron stared straight up seeing directly up between Megan’s legs as her vaginal cum dripped from her slit; her body almost vibrating from the sensation. The bottom of her tight little butt cheeks glistened from the sweat perspirating from her overworked body.

As Megan’s cum dripped into his lips, Aaron focused his eyes on Carly who began violently shaking in orgasm as she felt his hot liquid sperm pump into her body. Her hips clamped his penis into place as Carly could no longer thrust up and down. The muscles in her legs crumbled at the adrenaline pumping into her reproductive system. Beads of sweat dripped from the tips of her nipples onto Aaron’s stomach.

Megan dropped to her knees as gently as she could, resting her soaking vagina on Aaron’s chest. Aaron lifted his hands around her sides and pulled her back diagonally, resting her head near his. Carly dropped forward pivoting her body at the base of Aaron’s shaft. She arched her panting belly and breasts over her little sister’s hyperventilating body and met her face with Aaron’s. She licked Aaron’s lips before driving her tongue into his mouth to scoop out her little sister’s cum.

Sucking some of her sister’s juices out, Carly pulled away.

Lost in the high of the moment, Aaron muttered, “I only wish I could remember clearly how all this stuff started,” reflecting back to the hazy night where he turned to Megan for comforting in the bathtub after a fight with Carly. Megan smiled, remembering the first night he stayed at their house and the ‘truth or dare’ game. Carly drove her tongue back into Aaron’s mouth while thinking about how it was all just beginning with the new life forming inside of her.

—– The End —

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