Not Now!

Not Now!

Fbailey story number 325

Not Now!

I reached into Mom’s blouse and cupped one of her breasts in my hand to give it a little squeeze.

Mom whispered, “Not Now!” and then slapped my hand.

I laughed softly and gave her tit another squeeze before I took my hand out of her blouse.

I know that it would have been okay if I hadn’t done it in church during the minister’s sermon about abstinence.

I knew that no one could see us in the back row except for maybe the minister himself. He was like seventy years old and almost blind.

I looked around the pews at the other parishioners. I knew everyone since I had been coming there with my mother my entire life. Dad had never set foot in a church in his life and threatened Mom with the mere mention of a church funeral for him when he died.

Everyone in the church was either old or young with almost no one in between. There were mostly women and very few men. In fact the young people were mostly girls too. I was definitely in the minority.

Mom was sitting on the aisle keeping me from escaping. We were always the only ones in the very last pew. As I sort of faced Mom I could see Veronica across the aisle and up two rows. She was just as bored as I was. We made eye contact and she smiled at me. I smiled back at her. Then just to be a smartass I reached back into Mom’s blouse. Mom didn’t stop me that time so I fondled her breast and squeezed it for a good minute while Veronica watched me the whole time and smiled.

Veronica and I were both fourteen years old and in the same grade. We had just started high school as freshman in September. Mom gave birth to me when she was forty-five years old and after a few miscarriages. She always called me her miracle baby. Next year Dad can retire at sixty-five.

Finally our long winded minister finished his sermon. That was our signal to go down into the church basement for the youth ministry. I got past Mom and waited for Veronica to catch up with me. We were the only kids our age so we occasionally helped out with the younger children. Occasionally we didn’t. This was one of those occasions when we didn’t.

Veronica and I hit the stairs and ran down them and back to a storage closet of sorts. We had hidden in there before. We also found the grape juice and wine that was used for communion. Our church only did that at Easter and Christmas. Veronica and I had an open bottle hidden that we got out.

Veronica said, “You are so bad. I saw you playing with your mother’s tits. Did you finger her pussy too?” Then she grabbed my hand and smelled my fingers. She said, “I guess not or your fingers would smell more like this.” Then she put her fingers under my nose.

I asked, “Were you fingering your mother?”

Veronica said, “Not this time but I have before. I can get my whole hand inside her right up to my wrist. This time I was just playing with myself while I watched you play with your mother’s tit. She has nice ones for an old lady.”

I said, “Well I’m no expert but they are big and they sag quite a bit too. Mom wears a 38-D bra and she loves to have her nipples played with and sucked.”

Veronica asked, “Do you do it often?”

I replied, “Every chance I get. If Dad’s not watching, my hand is either in her blouse or in her panties. When she tucks me in at night I get to suck her nipples and finger her pussy for a good ten minutes. After her bath she lets me lick her pussy.”

Veronica asked, “Do you fuck her too?”

I replied, “Not as often as I would like too.”

Veronica asked, “Doesn’t your father fuck her?”

I replied, “Not anymore. I guess he got too old or something.”

Veronica asked, “What’s it like to fuck someone?”

I replied, “It’s great. It gives me a better felling than with my hand. I like being on top of Mom when she is naked, on her back, and with her legs wide open for me. In that position she is surrendering herself to me completely. In that position I can do anything that I want to do to her and she will let me.”

Veronica asked, “Like what?”

I replied, “Like licking her pussy, biting her clit, and fingering her asshole.”

Veronica said, “Yuck! Why would you want to finger her asshole?”

I replied, “Because…I can.”

Veronica asked, “So what else can you do to her?”

I replied, “I can suck on her nipples, pinch and twist them, and I get to give her a hickey on the underside of her tit every Sunday before church.”

Veronica asked, “Do you really give her a hickey on her tit? Doesn’t it hurt her?”

I replied, “Sure it hurts a little I guess but she wants me too do it. She says that it’s her penance for sinning against the Lord with me.”

Veronica asked, “So what else do you do to her?”

I replied, “Well I can fuck her pussy, fuck her asshole, fuck her tits, or even fuck her mouth if I want too. I can also fuck her fist but I can do that myself.”

Veronica asked, “How can you fuck her tits?”

I replied, “She holds them together for me, but once I used duct tape to hold them together and made her hold onto the headboard while I tit-fucked her. I can cum right in her mouth that way too; well some of it went in her mouth anyway.”

Then Veronica asked, “Will you fuck me?”

I replied, “Sure. Want to do it now?”

Veronica said, “Not Now! Not here! I might scream when you break my cherry.”

I said, “I don’t have to shove it in very hard.”

Veronica said, “Suppose I let you do everything except fuck me?”

I answered, “Okay” and then I helped her unbutton the front of her dress. I lifted her bra up above her tits and then I started sucking her nipples into my mouth. She really liked it and started to moan softly as she held my head against her breast. Meanwhile my fingers had found their way inside her panties and were working their way into her pussy. She liked that too. With my middle finger wet I then slipped my thumb into her pussy and slipped my middle finger into her ass. She hadn’t expected that and told me to be gentle. I like to ‘six-pack’ girls…because I can.

Veronica settled down onto my knees facing me with her legs spread wide and my mouth still on her breasts. She told be that her mother has sucked her breasts before but not like the feeling that I was giving her. Soon she held my head tight and tried to contain a moan as she had an orgasm. Once she was satisfied I had her sit in my place and I stood in front of her. I pulled my cock out and shoved it in her face. Veronica took it in her hand and looked at it as if she had never seen one in her life. Oh my God, she hadn’t.

Eventually Veronica opened her mouth and let my cock slip into it. She had no idea what to do or expect. All I had told her was that I can fuck my mother’s mouth. So I started to give her instructions as I slipped it in an inch and pulled it out a little. I certainly didn’t want to scare her off. She was inexperienced but she was still good and it didn’t take me long to cum. She hadn’t expected that first shot to be so big and gagged a little. My cock slipped out and I shot my second load onto her bra and then the rest of them onto her bare tits. I smiled at her, told her that she did a good job, and then I rubbed the cum into her tits, even the gob from her bra.

I put my cock away, helped Veronica get her tits back in her bra, and then I helped her button her dress back up. I stood up, hugged her to me, and then I kissed Veronica like a man would kiss his lover.

I said, “Thank you. That was great. What do we do from here?”

Veronica smiled at me and said, “I have an idea…”


Our mothers were always the last ones to leave the church. They were the clean-up committee. Veronica and I went from pew to pew making sure that the hymnals and bibles were back in place and picked up the church bulletins that the people left behind. The mothers ran a vacuum cleaner up and down the carpeted aisle, straightened up around the alter, and divided the flowers in half to take home.

Once everything was done and they were ready to lock up Veronica and I took our mothers down front and sat them in the first pew right in front of the pulpit.

Veronica turned to me and said, “You first.”

I looked at Mom and then I knelt before her opening up her knees in the process. She never said a word as I lifted her blouse up taking her bra with it. Her big tits splashed out and hung down. Mom just closed her eyes. I grabbed a hold of her left nipple and lifted it toward her shoulder. Veronica could easily see the reddish hickey that I had given Mom a few hours before. I then lifted her other breast to show her the one from last week that was almost gone and a light gold color.

I looked at Veronica and said, “It’s your turn now.”

Veronica lifted her mother’s dress up to her waist and pulled on her mother’s panties until the woman lifted herself up enough for Veronica to get them down to her ankles. That move brought her forward on the bench too. She too never made a sound. Then with a little effort I watched as Veronica stuck her fingers into her mother’s pussy over and over making progress each time until I saw her whole hand slip in up to her wrist just like she had said.

Veronica said, “You can have my virginity right here and right now if I can get my other hand inside your mother.”

I said, “Okay” and then I lifted Mom’s skirt, pulled her forward, and lowered her panties to her ankles too.

Veronica then poked her fingers in and out of my mother’s pussy a few times. Then her hand slipped all the way in to her wrist a lot quicker than it had with her own mother. I was impressed. I knew that my hand was bigger but I knew what I would be trying to do that every night at bedtime.

Veronica straightened up her knees lifting her ass up for me. I lifted her dress up onto her back and dropped her panties to her ankles like the other women. That time I dropped my pants and my underwear to my ankles giving Veronica’s mother a good view of my hard cock, the one that was going to fuck her little girl right in church and take her virginity.

I got closer to Veronica’s ass, aimed the head of my cock at her opening, and pressed it in slowly. There was just a hint of resistance about an inch or so in but not enough for Veronica to complain about. Once I was all the way in I stopped, leaned forward, and held onto Veronica’s tits as I thrust into her a few times. That blowjob earlier had helped a lot and I was in no hurry to cum quickly.

I leaned further forward and slipped a hand down into her mother’s dress to grab one of her tits and I reached over and grabbed one of my mother’s exposed tits as I fucked Veronica.

What a funny sight it must have been. I was connected to Veronica and holding both mother’s tits. Veronica had me inside her and she had her hands inside our mothers. Then I saw that our mothers were holding hands and that their eyes were wide open as their children fornicated in church right after a sermon on abstinence.

When Veronica had her first cock induced orgasm and said “Oh God” both mothers replied “Thanks be to God.” It was pretty funny to hear them say that six or eight times in a row as I thrust into Veronica repeatedly. When I looked at the mother’s furry pussies all I saw was Veronica’s wrists disappear deeper into their pussies. She was fist fucking them as I was cock fucking her. Mom’s eyes rolled up into her head so that all I saw was the whites of her eyes. Then it was Mom’s turn to say, “Oh God” followed by “Thanks be to God.”

When I was finally ready to flood Veronica’s womb with my seed she started to have another orgasm and so did her mother. My mother wasn’t too far behind either. It was the best fuck of my life. The four of us had each achieved celestial piece.

My cock shrank and slipped out of Veronica. She relaxed down to the floor on her knees. The two mothers were just breathing hard. Veronica reluctantly removed her hands from within them. Neither one made any effort to cover themselves up.

Eventually all three of them pulled up their panties, lowered their dresses and skirt, straightened up their bras as needed, and then Mom buttoned up her blouse.

Veronica asked, “Mom can he keep fucking me?”

She looked at my mother, then she looked at me, and then she replied, “I don’t see why not. I think that I like the idea of my grandchild being conceived in a church.”

Mom added, “Me too.”

Veronica stated, “So it’s okay then.”

Her mother said, “Only on Sundays after church services.”

Mom looked at the big grin on my face and added, “Not now!”

The End
Not Now!

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