Nubile Bliss 1

Nubile Bliss 1

Nubile Bliss 1 By Will Buster

This is a story of an insatiable pre teen’s discovery of carnal wonders. If you don’t like young stories, please go to another category.

Tom enjoyed working for “Pools Are Us”. He was both a sales rep and a back up maintenance man when things got slow. So for that reason, the company built him a very nice, Olympic sized pool in his back two acre yard. The new home was picturesquely situated in a well preserved woodland area. The next house was literally a hundred yards away and Tom Williams sure liked the peace, quiet and privacy.

Of course there were a number of reasons why he preferred this private, upscale location. First of all, it was a much more relaxing situation to show prospective clients how great a big, heated pool could be. Secondly and almost as important, it made it possible for him to entertain his female guests in some very special ways in and around the pool. Not only that but he’d been known to stud his vixens all over the house including but not limited to the soft confines of his king sized bed. Needless to say, he had to wash his sheets one hell of a lot.

Not that Tom was interested in marriage, far from it. It was if he was keeping score. How many chicks could he do in a week? How many ladies of questionable morals could he spread open and thoroughly do in a month? How many times could he cum on a Sunday afternoon? These were all intellectual questions that Tom kept track of. He even had a coded diary with his results from month to month. Not that he was adverse to a chick coming back for seconds or even thirds. However, he was a rolling stone to say the least. At age 25, he wasn’t about to throw in the towel and get hitched anytime soon. Not on your life! His big dick still had a lot of wild oats to sow and no mistake.

Each new squeezing pussy conquered and every exciting female anus plundered was just another notch for his ever exploring cock.

Some months were better than others. Usually things cooled down a bit in the winter months and then as pool season got well under way, his pussy parties got much more frequent and wild.

He wasn’t prejudiced either. It didn’t matter what the color or racial background was. He’d even indulge in exploiting girls that were overweight, though he drew the line at 180 pounds or so. He preferred blondes of course, but any slick chick under the age of forty was open season and worth the effort of complete, carnal pillage. Tom was usually successful on the hunt because of his good manners, excellent physique and lengthy apparatus.

So one fine Saturday morning in the merry month of May, Tammy showed up on her bike. Tom’s world would never be quite the same again, although he didn’t know it yet. She’d heard about the neat pool of course. It was the talk of even that upscale neighborhood. However, what she’d heard from her foxy, older sister had perked her interest. That’s why Tammy liked to eavesdrop on Sandra. She learned more about the facts of life from Sandra’s clandestine phone conversations than from her own mom. Tammy was just at the itchy age when girl turns into woman. She was almost 13 and new urges and sensations kept arriving at that little wet spot between her slender legs. To make matters worse, Sandy’s description of Tom’s sexual prowess perked Tammy’s vivid imagination and she was determined to find out if Tom was as good as the older girls said he was. Tammy was on a mission and it was for a lot more than a mere swim.

Tom was just recovering from a long night with Amber. The juicy red head had drained him three times before she’d gone back home. Amber was still in high school but she was a senior and just about to graduate. The red fox as he called her wanted to get royally banged before heading to college so she’d know all the tricks for the upper classmen that were sure to try to get into her tight pants. He’d taken Amber at pool side first, making the horny chick squirm and cry out before implanting her cunt with a mother load of jizz. Than it was off to his bedroom for the finishing touches which lasted for two thrilling hours. However, the busty bitch had to get back home before midnight so Tom awakened to an empty bed. He struggled downstairs, fighting a brief bout with dizziness before reaching the kitchen and sullenly preparing some super strong Maxwell House. He laced the drinks with a lot of vodka the night before and his head was still buzzing from the ordeal. The red head had been worth it though. With a little luck he could entice the horny tramp around for another session or two of some big time fucking. It was sure nice to be young, strong and single. He sighed with contentment as the hot coffee warmed his insides and brought clarity back to his foggy brain. Then he heard the door bell.

He only had his jeans on and he was still trying to figure out what day it was. “Who in the benighted fuck is bugging me at ten on a Saturday fucking morning? This better be fucking good!”

Somehow he got to the front door and opened it about half way. In front of him was a slender, blonde female. What caught his immediate attention was the fact that she had a yellow halter top and a short skirt that should have been outlawed. Around her waste was tied a towel and finishing the effect was a very cute smile on her freckled face. “Hi, Tom! I’m Tammy. I wanted to try out your pool. Be a dear and let me chill out for awhile?”

He blinked from the over bright sun-glare that poured through the open door like an invasion of investigative light. “Who are you? Tammy?”

“Oh come on silly! I’m Sandy’s sister, you know, she’s the bimbo you did back in January?”

He raised his eyebrows. “I didn’t know I was the center of so much gossip. So you must be Tammy Timmons from down the road. All right, come on through. The pool is heated so you won’t get cold. I’m still trying to wake up so please keep it to a dull roar.”

He opened the door wide and she strolled in like she owned the place. “Thanks, Tom. Why don’t you join me? I’d love to help you get with it.”

There was something in her eyes and her smile that told him that she had something in mind. Not only that but her mild, Virginia accent bordered on the seductive. But the little fox couldn’t have been more than 15 if that. He shook his head. “I’m still getting up, sweetie. I was in the middle of breakfast.”

She smirked, “Well, when you get done, you can show me all the highlights of your pool. I’m dying to try every little thing out.”

Tom returned to his cereal and toast. In the background he could here Tammy splashing and giggling as she flipped and swam in the 90 degree water. Tom’s dick was beginning to twitch, sensing that there was an available attractive female, just a few feet away, swimming in his notorious pool. At last he decided to see what was up and he changed to his trunks and towel.

Tammy swirled around in the pool when she saw her objective walk to the lounge chair. “Come on in, sleepy head! The water is fantastic! This pool is ssssoooo awesome!”

The clear water revealed the girl, treading her way towards him. The bikini she was wearing was far too skimpy for modesty. Not that a bikini was meant to be modest but this one was more string than fabric and nothing was left to Tom’s stimulated imagination. He wondered what it would be like to take this lively little chick and bury his bone to the hilt inside her tight little hole. What kinds of sounds would she make? Would she just moan or would she trash talk while her cunt was ravished? What would it be like to have her mouth slide down on him and swallow is seed? Would she be able to give him an anal fuck like her older sister had so eagerly done a few months ago? Would he go to jail if he ever got caught?

He was in the middle of all these thoughts when the girl pulled herself out of the pool and sat beside him on the next lounge chair. “Hi Tommy! Hot pool! Just love that water! Why don’t you come in and join me or would you rather….”

She left the thought hanging like a red flag in front of the bull. He asked, “Or what?”

Tammy snickered, “Would you like to put some sun screen on me? I sure don’t want to burn up before summer even begins.

The little fox had planned everything. She picked up the plastic screen bottle that she’d surreptitiously brought with her within the folds of her towel and tossed it to Tom. He easily caught it. She moved to the prone, face down position taking care to make sure her ass was elevated and her legs were somewhat apart. “Why don’t you start at my toes and work your way up? I wanna make sure you don’t miss one little spot.”

Tom stared at the bottle for a long moment. Was this chick trying to set him up? Or was she really that na?? Well there was only one way to find out. He shook his head a little, flipped the top and started where the young lady had indicated.

The moment his fingers spread the warm ooze on her toes and bare arches she moaned a little and moved her legs a little further apart. Tom realized that this hot chick definitely had something in mind and the sun screen was only the warm ups. Gradually he moved up her calves and thighs, working in the lotion. Tammy’s sounds of pleasure became more frequent as he approached forbidden ground.

When he reached her bottoms she turned her face to him over her bare shoulder. “Go ahead, Tommy, rub that oil all over. Yeah, even under my bikini. Ooooo! Yeah! Rub it all over down there! It feels so good!”

By now, Tom’s fingers had a life of their own. He rubbed some more lotion on her bare ass cheeks and then he was fingering her juicing pussy. There was no hair. Her vulva was perfectly smooth. He slid his greasy fingers all over her gash and anal rose bud, causing the young temptress to gasp out in obvious delight. “Oh yeah, Tommy! Stick your fingers in me. God! That feels so ggggoooddd! Hurry, take my bottoms off!”

Tom’s cock vetoed any warning bells that might have been triggered. The little trickster wanted to get laid! He slipped the lower half of her bikini down her legs and tossed it beside the lounge chair. “Turn around, Tammy.”

His voice sounded harsh and strained to him but she instantly turned, spreading her legs wide apart. With a very provocative motion, she added further fuel to the fire by slipping the top over her shoulders and then she was lying in front of him, willing, naked and ready for what ever he wanted to do with her. She grinned up at him. “Cat got your tongue, Tommy? Why don’t you move your face down here and lick me first. I’m so itchy down there. Do you like what you see?”

Her finger indicated the desired spot, directly above her swelling little clit. He was drawn to her like filings to a magnet. Before he knew what he was doing, he found that his tongue was stabbing and slurping inside the whimpering chick's pussy-hole. She tasted sweet and musky as her sex juices began to boil.

“Ooooo! Tommy! Tommy! Eat me! Lick my baby cunt! Oh yeah! Lick it all! Oooo! Shit! Shit! I’m gonna cum! You’re so fuckin g-g-g ggood!”

Tammy’s young body responded very quickly. She’d been fantasizing about this moment for weeks and weeks. Now she had him right where she wanted him. He was eating her pussy and it felt super. Instinctively she raised her legs back and he took the hint. His lapping tongue and exploring fingers got a lot more impertinent and invasive. She squealed pretty loud when her first male induced climax hit the skids.

His hands crept up to her little titties that just seemed to be begging to be clutched and crushed. Her nipples were already stiff and he mischievously pinched them as she squealed with obvious passion. “Eat me! Suck my cunt you fucking stud!”

When the inflamed twelve year old fox just could not stand it anymore she finally asked the million dollar question. “Tommy! Please! Will you take me to your bed and fuck my virgin pussy?”

He looked at her. “You sure?”

She gasped with raw need in her voice and deep green eyes. “Yes Tommy! I want it now! I want you to bury that big cock all the way in my cunt and fuck me hard like you did my sister! She said you were fucking great!”

Tom frowned, “Do your parents know you’re over hear?”

“Nope! They went out today. They’re visiting relatives and won’t be back till supper time. SO I’m all yours to fuck with, till four.”

He lifted her ass right off the chair and buried his tongue deep into her wiggling cunt. She squealed out with rapture as he slurped away more of her cunt flow. “I want your cock, Tommy! I wanna get fucked! God! You eat pussy so fucking gggoooddd! Fuck! I’m cumming!”

He picked up her bikini and took her hand. In moments they were in his master bed room and she practically ran to the bed. She hopped up on it and lay back, spreading her legs way back and arching them in the most provocative position she’d heard about. Her sister was very graphic when speaking with her friends on the phone. Tom was rock hard and he had a little trouble removing his still dry trunks. He’d never even gotten into the water. Then he moved up to her on the bed and looked into her sea green eyes. Tammy’s blonde hair was still damp from the swim and it was matted and snarled in messed up curls. Her tits were still very small, not fully developed yet although they promised to be quite fetching in a few more years. He groaned with appreciation as she grabbed his boner and guided it to her flowing slit. “Fuck me Tommy! Break my cherry and fuck me into a woman. I’ve been on the pill for a month so you can fucking fill my pussy chuck full! Sandy told me about that to. I heard her tell her friends that it feels better when the guy squirts his stuff inside the cunt.”

Tom had to have this chick, no matter what. He pressed into that glorious tightness. Gradually he edged his rigid member further into her hot wetness. She was so fucking tiny and soft. Her cunt walls were actually massaging his prick until he reached that little fleshy barrier that guarded the gates of lust. With a sudden thrust he broke into Tammy! She screamed and he was in. She’d engulfed all eight inches of his throbbing meat. For a long moment he waited. The nubile honey gasped with new found passion. “It’s okay! You did it! You split my fuckin cherry, now fuck me! Slam that big dick into my baby pussy! Ooooo! Fuck! Fill my pre teen cunt! Yes Tommy! Yes! Harder! Faster! Just like that!”

Tom forced her legs even further back. By God he would bang this chick silly! The strong, virile man humped hard, in and out with rapid, sharp strokes. His hands were all over her tiny tits and then their mouths connected. Her tongue leapt into his mouth as if she’d been a hot lover for months instead of seconds. Tammy lunged her groin upward, encouraging him to do his worst which for her, of course was his best! Again and again he buried his bone where no man had ever been before. Her squirming, firm flesh and her innocent sounding sex cries drove him wild. He had the chick folded in half and he was pounding into her almost straight down. Her cries became shrieks of ecstasy when his ram rod finally stimulated a g spot eruption. Then he lost it!
“God! Fuck! You little bitch! Fuck me! Gggggoooodddd! Christ!”

For a frightening instant, he thought his cock would be chomped off at the base by the extreme force of her pussy’s climatic contraction. Her vagina shuddered with unbridled zest for several seconds before releasing his swollen cock to attain bliss. Then his balls felt like they would burst and his spunk rocketed into the core of her being. “God! Fuck! You hot bitch! Fuck me! Fuck my cock you horny little slut! God!”

He thought his orgasm would never end. Pulse after pulse raced to join the previous seminal injections. Tammy’s little slit was brimming full with his spermy gushes in seconds. Her small body lurched and gripped him, milking his cream with desperation. She squealed, “fffuuucckkk mmeeee! Yeah! Cum in my pre teen cunt! Fucking fill it all! God! What a fucking hot stud!” I want it again! Do you hear me, you fucking pervert? I want you to fuck my 12 year old pussy for hours!”

She was so tight and expressively florid that he had no trouble remaining hard inside his new squirming, little conquest. He grunted, “I’m gonna fuck every part of you slut!”

He stuffed her toes into his sucking mouth while his hands renewed their exploration of her small titties. Tammy was going wild. Tom was her first fuck! He was her own, live, personal boy toy and she was going at it like a fucking rabbit. “Fuck my cunt! Fucking cum in my seventh grade pussy again! God! You’re so fucking big! Oh yeah! Pound that pussy you fucking stud! Stretch it baby! I’m your fuck slut now! Oh Jesus! Put it through me!”

Tom wasn’t altogether sure where Tammy learned that trashy lingo. Had she learned it at school? Did she pick it up from her sister or had she snuck a peak at some porn? Whatever the case, it was sure effective because a few minutes later, he rewarded the little trickster with more torrential jolts of male cum, launched right where she wanted it. Her toes ached from the sucking and her tits felt like they were irreparably injured but her fuck-hole felt marvelous. “God Tommy! You are fucking awesome! You squirted into my pretty pussy twice. Am I your girl now?”
Tom gasped as he tried to get some oxygen into his lungs. “Good God, Tammy! You’re so fucking hot! You keep this up and you’ll fuck me to death!”


They were resting, waiting for the juices to get renewed. “Sis told me you were good and she didn’t come close to telling it like it is. When you are ready, will you fuck my mouth and fill my little ass hole? Sis said you could fuck a girl’s ass hole real good. I wanna try it all. I wanna be a complete woman before four!”

Soon he was exploring his new baby doll with his tongue. He sucked on her tits for several minutes, making sure that his new chick was hot to trot. Then he moved to her groin and ate her. His probing fingers and tongue went into each hole, driving the new slut ballistic. “Ooooooo! Tom! Fucking suck me out! Oh fuck! Fuck! Eat me! Eat my shit you fucking pig! Aaaaaaggghhhhh! Take your cock and fuck my virgin ass! Jam it in! I wanna be ass fucked like you did my fucking turbo slut sister!”

Tom made sure Tammy was lubed up to the max. He fucked her pussy for a few minutes to make sure her inner fires were blazing and then he went for her gooey anal alley. He muffled any cries she might have made with his hungry kiss. Tom made a desperate lunge against her reluctant sphincter. For several frantic seconds, he was denied admittance to Tammy’s shit hole even though he was in the missionary position with all his weight behind the assault. Suddenly his tingling prick popped home! His straining effort was rewarded. It felt to him like his cock was plunged into a sizzling vice! Tammy screamed! His heart pounded with excitement! He was all the way inside Tammy’s tiny anal heaven. His dick was buried to the hairy hilt and he patiently waited for the young chick to get used to his new fullness. When he felt her lunge towards him he let it rip. Somehow she got her sexy legs around his back side and they were off to the races. Tom was now sure that he would use every part of this new conquest to the max. She wanted it and by God he was going to slam it into her so fucking hard and deep that she would be too sore to shit or piss. “Fuck my cock! Work it with your ass hole you little slut! Yeah! Fuck it! Use your rim on it and fuck your clit with your finger! Show me what you want you cock craving little whore! Do me! You little fucking anal slut! Oh fuck! Tammy! Tammy! You little bitch! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Tammy’s head flopped from side to side. Her eyes were closed and her squeals and grunts were occurring with frightening regularity. Each thrust into her provoked further blazing new sensations until her orgasms were as plentiful as the leaves of the trees. She finally squealed, “You’re so big in my ass! Fuck my shit! God! Ram it through me you fucking stud!! I wanna be better than sis! Take me to school you fucking cunt banging thug! Harder! Harder! Aaaaaggghhhh! Oh fuck! Yes! Your cumming in my ass! Yeah baby! Fill my virgin hole!”

Tom thought his cock would get cut off by the force of her rim job. Her climax had been beyond belief. When her contractions had subsided enough for him to move his cock, he’d erupted a torrent of spunk deep into the pre teen anus. He was beyond speech! His mouth was open in an open scream. He couldn’t remember a girl giving him quite this much pleasure. Was it Tammy’s nubile tightness or was it the extra stimulation of feasting on young, forbidden flesh?

When he’d finished he recaptured her mouth for a long, very expressive kiss. After a long while Tammy crooned her appreciation for her new lover’s efforts. “Thank you Tommy, for making me a woman. Was I all right?”

Tom took in a deep breath. His head was still swimming from the one on one orgy. “Baby, you are the best I’ve ever had and I’m not just saying that. You are so tight and tasty and you fuck like a little animal. It’s amazing! You are fan-fucking-tastic!”

She grinned up at him and looked into his admiring gaze. “I knew you needed me as soon as I saw how big you got, putting that lotion on me. I love how you just took me and fucked me. Why don’t we go for a swim, have lunch and you can show me some more little tricks that I otta know? Hmmmm? Would you like to fuck with me all over again?”

It was like offering a hunk of meat to a starving wolf. Tom didn’t know where the inner fire and creamy seed was coming from but shortly after lunch, he had Tammy right where she wanted him, between her sexy, slender legs. He’d gotten her to suck his cock in the sixty nine position to get things going. He’d lit her fires real quick by inserting his tongue into her two freshly fucked holes. She wasn’t bad for a beginner at sucking his bone either. She had a lot to learn but he knew that she was a natural, a natural slut.

He held her left leg against his chest, used his body weight just right to keep her pinned down and then he went to town, banging her pre teen cunt to the max! “Oooooo! Tom! Tom! Fuck my baby fuck hole! God! It feels so good when you fuck me! More! More!”

Tom sped up his strokes, humping the young chick as if his life depended on it. “You fucking nympho slut! Work it! Fuck that cock! God! How I’d love to fuck you and your foxy sister at the same time! Come on my dick, bitch! Oh Tammy! God! You’re so damn tight! Oh Jesus! Tammy! Work it faster! I need your tiny cunt!”

He stuck her toes back into his mouth, pushed the leg further back and then grabbed her shoulders for more purchase. With a growl of triumph, he slammed her vaginal slit with every ounce of his considerable strength. The sounds of squishing and smacking got louder, punctuated by her encouraging sex cries. Tammy wasn’t coherent any more. She was just like he’d said. She was now a frantic, female animal in the throws of unquenchable lust. This time they came together with cataclysmic force. Tammy’s pussy erupted in a cum squirting explosion of violent convulsions. She arched her back upward, desperately lunging into his bursting fuck! She had to have him, every blessed inch of him!

When the figurative dust had finally settled Tom finally spoke. “Wow! Baby! I don’t know how we’re going to keep this up with your parents and all but I would sure love it if you could be my number one whore. You are one bad chick, Tammy and you’re just learning for fuck’s sake. What the fuck will you be like when you really know what you’re doing? Fuck me!”

Tammy gave him her most seductive grin. “I love being your fuck toy, Tommy. I’ll have to figure out some way of getting over here more often. After all, I wouldn’t want your big dick here to get lonely. You might start fucking other girls some more and my pussy might get neglected. You wouldn’t want my poor little virgin pussy to become a lonely little cunt, would you?”

He re-slid his fingers inside her sloppy, gooey glory-hole., He wiggled around inside her, marveling at the way her cunt still gripped his fingers as if she wanted to get fucked some more. Even though his cock was soft now, he couldn’t prevent his mouth from tasting her ravished groin. She moaned from his tender touch.

“Ooooo, Tommy! If you keep doing that, you’ll have to fuck me all over again. Just stick your big dick into me and bang me! God! What a fucking tongue! Ooooo! Suck it! Eat it! I want cock! Please Tommy! Give me cock! Anywhere you want!”

Needless to say it was an offer he could not refuse. He kept exploring her succulent wetness, searching her soft, pussy flesh as if he hadn’t gotten laid in a month. Between licks he told her to hold her ankles to keep her legs way back and then he went back to work, orally ravishing his new, twelve year old piece of prime, unblemished pussy. To be sure she was almost thirteen but that didn’t matter to him anymore. Her young, awakened lusts were now fully ignited by this handsome, pool side jock. She wished it was ten in the morning again so she could fuck around with her new lover for a few more hours. She asked between ear piercing squeals. “What time is it?”

Tom glanced at the clock. “Two ten.” He filled her bum hole with tongue and stuffed three fingers into her cunt to make sure the little slut was ready. She popped off with a sudden shock of lust and juices flowed out of her cunt and onto his hand and mouth. “Eeeeaaatt me! Fucking swallow my cum, you wicked fuck boy! Lick it! Fuck me with your tongue! God! I need your cock inside me! I don’t care where! Hurry! I need it! Please Tommy! Please! Fuck me hard! “

He man handled her body backward and edged his prick to the sloppy fuck hole. “Hold your legs way back, Tammy and just fuck!”

Somehow, the little blonde gripped her ankles and pulled even further back, giving her new boy friend complete access to her young body that was practically folded in half. “Fuck me! Fuck my holes! Fucking fill me you stud! Give it to me! Eeeeaaaaa! Yeah! Fucking thrust it deep you horny fucker! Bang my pre teen cunt! Fucking ram it! Oh yeah! Fuck my ass hole to! Anything you want! Eeeeaaahhhh! Ssssoooo deep! Deeper! Harder! I want it fucking harder! Aaaaagghghhhh!”

Tom could not believe his good luck. Tammy was so firm and tight and lively! She was his sex slave, at least for now. Her body was a new continent that demanded to be explored, exploited and used. He drilled and drilled with a blazing blur of frantic fucks into that sizzling cunt hole. “Take my cunt! Fucking take it all! Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Gimme your dick, stud! Fuck a baby into my belly you mother fucker! Oooooo! You dirty bastard! Ffffuuuccckkkk! Bang me baby! Eeeeaahahhh!”

With a sudden jerk he yanked out of her and re-plowed her virgin ass hole. The hot, tightness ground his prick with an inferno of burning sensations that lit is fire lickity split. “God! You hot little bitch! Keep your legs back! Fuck me! Oh Tammy! Please baby! Fuck my cock you anal whore! Yes! Like That you little bitch! Aaaaaaarrrrvggggghhhhh!”

He exploded into her anus~! That tight little crevice sent him to the moon and back in seconds. He pumped! He poured! He drenched her little rectum chuck full of spunk and still the little chick was performing, rimming his squirting dick as if cum was her nourishment. Maybe it was for all Tom knew. He sucked her tits, kissed her belly and re-captured her mouth with a myriad of kisses. He had to play with and taste his new fuck toy from top to bottom. He licked her naval and even though his cock was now drained and soft, he re-explored her holes with his lips and flicking tongue, keeping his new lover on a orgasmic high. She gripped his head with her slim thighs, holding him in that new hot spot that had transformed her from a shy little girl to a shameless, wanton woman. She finally whispered to him when they were finished. “I love it. I love everything you did to me. Somehow, I’ve got to get over here a lot. Christ, it’s after three. I’ve got time for a quick swim and then I’ve gotta get home or mommy will be pissed. Jesus, Tom, I wish I could move in with you and do you every day and night. I’m going to go crazy without your cock inside me. Oh Tommy! Tommy! It hurts when you’re not inside me!”

There were tears in her misting eyes as she stared up at her new bed mate. He gently brushed her hair. “You are so sweet, my little baby lover. If you want, I’ll give you official permission for you to use my pool. Maybe if your parents think I’m being a nice neighbor, they won’t be concerned if you visit over here a lot, at least in warmer weather. But I really want you over here so I can do every inch of your fucking body, you wicked fox!”

Tammy gave him a radiant smile as she got her bikini back on. “That might work. Hmmmm! I better wear something a little less revealing next time, for appearances sake.”

She had her arm around his waist as they returned to the back yard and the heated pool. He watched as his new chick dove in and splashed around, cleaning off the smell of sex and his cum from her lithe, slender body. She even slipped her bottoms down to make sure. A short time later, after a quick kiss and a whispered promise of future loving, she was gone and for the first time in his life, Tom felt the cruel pang of loneliness. Within just a few hours, his cock ached to be inside Tammy’s fresh, firm flesh! With a sudden shock, he realized that Tammy wasn’t like the others. He had to have her! This new hunger was a tangible thing that could not be denied or ignored. Just thinking of her almost sent him over the edge as he recalled the very naughty things he’d done inside the pre teen blonde for so many delicious hours on his notorious bed. He still tasted her pussy inside his mouth and his prick still throbbed as it remembered her anal tightness and her squishy little fuck-hole. He could almost hear his cock clamoring, “I gotta have that chick again and again and again.” With an urge like that, Tom determined that he would have to make sure his fresh, new discovery was kept very happy and super stimulated.

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