Nubile Bliss 2

Nubile Bliss 2

Nubile Bliss 2 By Will Buster

“Mommy, can I go over to Tom’s? He’s got such a groovy pool! It’s heated and so huge! It’s like Olympic!”

Mary Timmons was a tall red head although her nice figure had declined with the onset of middle age. Her hubby was regular even if not particularly inspiring. After all, what could one expect after twenty two years of relative marital bliss? You couldn’t stay super horny forever. Three times a week with her adoring Al was just fine in Mary’s book. She looked down at her little sprightly daughter. Those innocent blue eyes beamed up at her, pleading and expectant.

“I don’t think, Tom wants some fresh little girl always lurking around the place. Do you have permission, Tammy?”

Tammy’s face was flushed but Mary didn’t know the reason behind it. However the excitement stirring within the little blonde seventh grader could not be repressed. “Oh yes, mommy! Just call him and ask him! His pool is so big. You can swim forever!”

Mary gave her daughter a long look. She knew that Tom worked a lot and all Tammy had to do was use the side gate to the property so she didn’t even have to go into the house. “All right Tammy, I’ll call him.”


Tammy loved the warmth of Tom’s shower as the water hissed and flowed over her naked body. She didn’t like the smell of chlorine from the pool water so tom’s shower fulfilled two purposes. The first was to get clean and smell nice. The second was to get Tom very hot and bothered by investigating her nubile, sexually budding body. Her nipples were stuck out from her light brown areolas and her right leg was being held up on Tom’s muscular shoulder. However the pleasure of hot water was nothing compared with what Tom was doing to her nifty little slit with his slithering tongue. “Ooooo! Tommy! Tommy! Eat mmmmeeee! Suck my baby cunt! Stretch it open so you can fuck it real bad, baby! Oooo! Yeah! Lick it like that! Slide that tongue all around in there, you naughty boy!”

She tasted fresh and clean. Her soft pussy folds sucked his tongue deeper into her juicy, pink fuck hole. What little pussy hair she’d possessed, she’d carefully removed by shaving it off. She’d heard a few giggling girls talking about how naughty chicks shaved their cunts to get their boy friends to fuck their pussies more. There were many additional benefits to gym class than just exercise. The little vixen was just getting started. An hour after the phone call, she’d showed up wearing a tank top and jeans. After a quick dip in the pool, she’d padded into the house stark naked. She carried her clothes in one hand and her wet bikini in the other. There was no need to put on her bikini because she knew that she was going to get totally fucked by Tom’s invigorating eight inch dick. She wanted to take a shower first, with him, of course. “Oooo! Tom! Make it hot! Stick it in my ass hole to! I’m so itchy down there! Oooo! Yes! Suck it all! Eat my baby-doll holes you devil! Ooooo!”

Tom was harder than granite. His cock tip was actually in pain from desire and raw need. At last, he could stand it no longer! Tom shut off the water. “God, Tammy! I need you now! I’m gonna dry you off and then I’m gonna plow your pussy for hours! I missed you bad, girl!”

She moved her wet arms around his neck and whispered her own desire into his ear. “I own your cock, man slut! I’m gonna use it so fuck me like I’m a hot little bitch in heat! Shoot all your cum into my pre teen box! Hurry, baby! Dry me off and fuck the living shit out of me! I’m so glad I’m on the pill! You can cum all you want into my tiny cunt and I can’t get pregnant so just squirt it all into my itzy bitzy pussy!”

Desperately he tried to dry her while her lips were locked to his. Over and down, between and under, his towel covered hands re-explored Tammy’s nubile beauty. She was so fresh and frisky as she wiggled and squirmed, anxious for carnal play. A few minutes later, he was on top of her, sucking her titties greedily while her hand gripped his cock, moving it up and down from the tip of her clit to the opening of her anus. “What do you want first, Tommy! Do you want to fuck my baby pussy or my tiny ass hole! I know you’re gonna fuck them both, but which one do you want first? Hmmm?”

Tom gasped between long tit sucks. “I need your as, baby! Stick it in for me and fuck it you little anal whore!”

She giggled, “I just knew it! You gotta have my bum hole because it’s so nasty and tight. Ooooo! It hurts! Aaaagghhhh! Yeah! You’re in! Now fuck me! Fucking ream my ass hole! Oh yeah! Pound it! Fucking take it all you wicked stud!”

Fortunately for our petite, foxy heroin, her anal entrance was well lubricated from the soapy water that Tom had fingered into that very exciting orifice. That wonderful tightness clamped on his member with a grip of iron. His thick meat stretched her rim to the max as his stiff erection opened her up to the newly discovered joys of anal ecstasy. He slid down and down and down, loosing himself in her clenching depths until at last, he could go no further. The lascivious, pre teen pixie urged him to do more. “Now pull it back out and slam it in! Fuck my shit hard! Aaaaaagggghhh! Harder! Oh Fuck! Tommy! I’ve wanted this so much! Hurry! Fill me full! Then fuck my pussy for fucking hours! Ooooo! Shit! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! You’re cock is so fucking big! Oooooo! Tommy! Tommy! Fuck my shit! Oh Jesus fucking Christ! Dddddooo mmmmmeeee!”

In spite of her urgent rimming and anal convulsions, he kept ramming into her, desperate for his own consummation. He couldn’t believe this. He was fucking a wild, slutty twelve year old fox and she was giving as good as she was taking. Faster and faster he screwed into the little tramp with vicious, circular strokes until a blinding flash of passion sent his sap shooting into her filthy guts! He actually screamed from the force of his explosive ejaculation. “You bitch! You fucking anal slut! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

She held him close, urging him to heave his lust into her little anal crevice. “Oh yeah! Stay hard for me Tommy! I need you in my cunt now! I gotta fuck your cock! I need it bad! Quick! Pull it out and stick it back into my fucking cunt! Pussy needs cock to! Yeah! Now stuff it in! Yeah! Fuck that little slit, fuck boy! Ooooooo! Oooooo! Ahuh! Ahuh! Ahuh! Ahuh! Uggghhh! UUUUuggggghhhh!”

Her silky legs were held up on his strong shoulders, giving him some support while he gripped her bare shoulders and rammed his prick, deep, hard and often into her vaginal paradise! Again and again he stretched her tiny hole to the max, impaling the little cunt’s fuck hole until his tip slammed against rock bottom! Although he’d already filled her anus with seed, his hunger for her body was far from satiated. He had to have every inch of this lewd little minx that had so unexpectedly stormed into his life. Her whimpers, grunts and squeals only whetted his aroused appetite to greater urgency. His cock had to have her eager crack. It had to forcibly explore every blessed inch of that horny little slut, in and out, front and back!

Soon he was grinding his tip in vigorous circular movements right on her cervix, driving his new whore-chick wild. Then he gripped her tits hard and lodged his cock deep inside her without moving. “Work it bitch! Fuck me with your cunt! Yeah! Screw it you cock craving little whore! Do it! Oh Jesus – Christ, – Tammy! You turbo fucking slut! Yes! Like that! Work my dick with your fucking little baby cunt! Oh shit! You’re such a fox! God! Where did you learn that? Fuck!”

Tammy was straining with all her might on his bone. She rubbed and twisted on his meat, showing him how much she needed him, wanted him. Her grunts and gasps were punctuated with yelps and curses. The brand new slut was yearning to give her new lover the ultimate in carnal ecstasy.

He saw her orgasm approach as he looked into her beautiful, deep eyes. They flashed with passion and grew distant as her body writhed and squirmed on him, fucking his throbbing penis with her tight carnality. Her grunts became louder and then he felt her clutching motions explode into the tell tale contractions of orgasm. He deliberately extended her rapture by letting fly a series of powerful pussy fucks that almost drove Tammy senseless with inexpressible joy. Again and again he slammed into her cervix with shattering power! She screamed as her climax ripped through her entire body from her anus to her throat. She threw her head back and kept squealing as if her very soul was being torn out of her young body.
“Aaaauuugghhh! Tommy! Tommy! You fucking perverted prick! You stud! You pussy, pounding Rambo! Pour it into my cunt, fuck boy! I’m on the pill so just fuck that cum into my pre teen pussy! Oh yeah! Cum for me you horny fucker! Cum in my school chick slit!”

Tommy went ballistic! His cock bulged, swelled and ruptured a molten river of creamy lava straight into her pre teen womb! Now he screamed! “Aaaaaahhhhh! Oh fuck! Fuck! You hot little piece! Oh Jesus! Tammy! Jesus! Whore on my cock! Play the filthy little pig on my prick! Drain me! Oh you hot cunt! God! I’ve never been loved like this before! I wish you were legal you fucking hottie bitch! I’d fucking marry you in a fucking second! You God damned little fox slut! God! I can’t stop cumming!”

He collapsed on his seventh grade trickster and held her close. To her amazement she saw tears pouring from his eyes and he was sobbing violently as he pinned her to the sweat damp mattress. Her skin was slick with both her sweat and his. Tom’s cock was still buried deep inside her quivering slot, releasing a little trickle of fluids while the rest of his essence washed through her from her tiny womb to the very rim of her thoroughly ravished fuck-hole . She slowly slid her hand through his damp hair cooing softly too him. “It’s all right Tommy. You didn’t hurt me. I love you, baby. I didn’t know it would be like this. I can’t stand the thought of leaving you, even for a few hours. Do I have it bad, sweet heart?”

He finally recovered his composure somewhat. “My God, Tammy! No girl has ever loved me like you just did. You gave me your heart. You fucked me as if your very life depended on my love. Christ, honey dew, how can I not love you? I meant what I said. If you were legal, I’d take you to Vegas and get hitched to you in minutes. I’ve never had a woman stroke my cock like you just did. It was indescribable. You worked me with your inner cunt until we both blasted off. I love you Tammy, every fucking inch of you. You’re so tight and angelic and yet inside you are such a female animal. What in hell are we going to do?”

Tammy lay there, holding her new love, her first love and she didn’t want to let him go. His juices were still warm and thick inside her ravished pussy hole. Her tits were inflamed and sore from his desperate groping. Her lips felt swollen from his constant kissing and her throat was raw from the ecstatic screaming. Even her diminutive rectum twitched and ached from his recent anal screwing. Yet at this moment she felt like a billion dollars. She felt like a fallen angel that has somehow re-found redemption. She wanted to live with Tommy and coax him into fucking children into her belly. She wanted to fuck and fuck and fuck until hell froze over. And on top of everything, this strong, experienced man was crying because of her beauty and her love. It was the greatest compliment she could ever expect from the sharing of carnal lust with any man. For the moment it was the twelve year old who was in control as she caressed and whispered to him, soothing him back to reality. She was full of him, in more ways than one and she relished the feelings that still coursed through her youthful body. She was his plaything, his whore and his lover. He owned her cunt and ass hole and she owned every inch of that magnificent cock. It was hers to suck on or fondle with her fingers or writhe on with either of her two holes that were rapidly becoming educated in the fiery avenues of sexual delights. She was a woman now and the hard facts were that she had to go back home and return to school on Monday. She finally dug her fingernails into his back and sobbed a little as well. “It’s not fair, Tommy! I wanna stay with you and I have to go back home! What can we do, baby? What can we do? If I tell my parents, I just know they’ll go ape shit! It’s not fair!”

Then she was wailing and it was his turn to comfort her. He held her close, showering kisses all over her chest, neck and mouth. Tom rolled the youthful bimbo on top of him so she could rest on his strong chest for awhile. She still kept him inside her, reluctant to let his flaccid dick go. Their eyes met and something resembling electric current went between them. At last, in total silence, she found the inner strength to get up and wash herself in the bathroom. He just lay there, watching her as she prepared to go home. He’d never cried after love before. He observed every moment and listened to every word his new paramour did or said. All he could think of was that last, intense orgasm that was so far beyond anything he’d ever experienced before and he’d had loads of chicks, hot, cold and luke warm. He’d penetrated wanton sluts and pierced sensitive virgins. He’d tasted the enchanting delights of black women and the spicy heat of Asian temptresses. He’d entered long legged blonde bomb shells who’d ignited his veins and sent extravagant shocks through his prick. Yet, this young girl had attained perfection. Her tight little hole and unrestrained sex drive had combined with her selfless wantonness to send his soul reeling to new galaxies way beyond the mere ecstasy of mortal women. Tammy was a pixie goddess with carnal tricks and motions that could drain him on an almost infinite basis. He was speechless. He could only devour her with his eyes now while she stared back at him with her winsome little smile and those innocent, yet knowing eyes. She finally said, “I love you Tom. Please trust me.”

He sat up at last, still a bit groggy from the exhausting free for all. “I trust you, my honey dew. We both have a lot to think about. Can you come over tomorrow after supper?”

She stared down at the carpeted floor. “I don’t know darling. I don’t know. I don’t want them to get suspicious. ….I know it will be sheer torture not to have you inside me, thrilling me the way you do. I will try to get over here as much as I can. You are my life now, Tommy. I really don’t think this is just a crush. I think it is for real. I know that sounds stupid because I’m so young but how can my heart and soul be wrong about this? I’ve loved you with every part of my body that is capable of loving and it only gets better each time. Please don’t forget me Tom. I know it will be hard to compete with those beautiful women that you are so used to playing around with. My sister has a big mouth. I know you did her some months ago but she told me that you were too old for her. I’ll be 13 in a few weeks so I’m getting older but 16 seems like forever and a day. I don’t want to lose you, darling.”

He moved up to her and embraced her as he helped her walk back to the front door. “There’s no competition you need to worry about, Tammy Fay. You’re far too sweet and delectable to leave in the lurch. Let’s see where things go between us? If you still feel the same way about me when you are legal, then we’ll do it, the whole nine yards.”

She felt a little better by the time she got home but it wasn’t long before her ravished pussy ached for the fullness of Tom’s thick cock. It wouldn’t give her any peace. Even when she went to bed, stuffed her whimpering mouth full of pillow and screamed into the muffling material as her fingers wriggled deep inside her juicing fuck-hole.


Tammy knew she was taking a risk by sneaking off to Tom’s house after supper. She’d made some lame excuse like she wanted to hang out with friends for a little while. Ten minutes later the nubile nymph was knocking at Tom’s door. When the door opened, she slipped inside and practically attacked him on the spot. “Hurry! Get me into that bed and fuck my brains out! Anything! Be quick! I’ve only got an hour!”

He started to say something and she cut him off. “Don’t waste time talking! Just get naked and fuck my itchy pussy raw! I need it so bad I can taste it!”

She had her tank top off before they got to the bedroom and seconds later she was lying on her back with her legs spread wide open. “Stud my cunt, big boy! Oh yeah! Sink the meat all the way in me! Oooo! Fuck! Fuck! Yes! I wanted this all fucking day! Christ, Tommy! I couldn’t get to sleep last night! I finger fucked myself for hours, just thinking about what you do inside me! Oooooo! Shit! Harder! Harder! Hurt my hole! Fucking take it! Aaaaaagggghhhhh! Aaaaagggghhhhh! Fffffuuuuccckkkkiiinnnggggg Christ! Tommy! Tommy! Tommy! I love it! Cram me! Slam me! Don’t you dare fucking stop! Screw my pre teen cunt you fucking cave man brute! Thank God for the fucking pill!”

She impulsively grabbed his hands and forced them onto her bare tit buds. Her tickling fingers darted to his balls and bum hole. In seconds he felt her doing things to his privates that few girls had ever done. The little vixen had to have him, that was quite evident. He wouldn’t be able to do much talking to her this time. He wanted to tell her how much he actually did love her but right now, his cock was telling her what she needed to know. He churned the hottie down to the very bottom, re-exploring that cervix that he’d filled the day before. Tammy kept yelling and swearing as her orgasm was quickly followed by another and then another. Then he knew what she wanted. Once again, he buried his prick to the max and held it there, waiting for her to perform.

“Work it slut! Whore on my dick with your fucking cunt! Yeah! Just like yesterday bitch! Fuck me! Oh yeah baby! You know what I want! Fucking do it! Ooooo! Tammy! Tammy! Faster! Oh shit! You hot little bitch!”

He just could not hold back any longer. Her tight, quivering fuck hole drove him ballistic. Suddenly he thrust into her with a frenzy of passionate penetrations before he exploded a gush of cum all the way into his young lover. He held her sweating body in place, forcing the nymph to absorb every drop of his pussy filling river. With her legs practically crushing his neck and her fingers digging into his ass cheeks, it was obvious she wouldn’t have permitted him to escape in any case, even if he’d tried. Tammy was driven almost senseless from the exchange of bodily fluids that squished and filled her shuddering, girly cunt.

She glanced at the clock. There was still time. With desperation, she pushed him back and engulfed his softening cock in her veracious mouth. She guzzled and slurped, sucked and tongued that slimy meat that had just sent her to gaga land. Up and down her head bobbed as she hardened him with the very force of her carnal will. When she finally released his stiff rod all she said to him was what he longed to hear. “Now, you stud, fuck my virgin ass! It’s itchy! It needs your cock! So fuck me! Hurry! I don’t’ have much time left! Slip the big bone in quick! Oooooo! Yes!”

She got on all fours and offered her rump for his inspection. He got out the lube, got her properly prepared and then inserted his tingling dick into Tammy’s tiny anal pucker! He got it in about an inch and then lowered the boom! He gripped her hips hard and then she was screaming from the deep anal penetrations that sent both agony and ecstasy through her entire groin.

Tom was going beyond the bounds of decency himself. “Fuck it you ass fucking whore! Work my cock you twelve year old slut! Oh Jesus! Tammy! You’re so fucking tight! I need it so fucking bad! You’re the best I’ve ever had because your so wild and fucking tiny! Jesus! Jesus! I’m gonna cum!”

He was fucking her ass hole harder than the previous day. She welcomed the new pain along with the sudden rapture of anal orgasm. She kept grunting and squealing as Tom played with her welcoming body. She lunged back, urging him to do more and more and more!

“Cum in my baby ass! Fuck my shit! Take your little anal whore and fuck her till she bleeds! Oh Tom! Tom! You’re so fucking big in my ass! Fuck! Damn! Fuck! Give me that cum up my pre teen ass! Do it! Do me baby! All the fucking way!”

He grabbed her bobbing titties hard and with a final gasp, he released a mother load of creamy spunk all the way into his new lover’s guts! Again and again, his spermy mess blasted deep into her body and still she kept rimming his cock, milking the last steamy drop out of him.

She lay back for a moment, recovering her sanity. “I gotta wash up quick. I can’t go home smelling like a total whore. I might be one, but I gotta keep our little get together a secret. Am I a cute little secret baby?”

She smiled up at him. He was still panting from the Herculean efforts on her behalf. All he could do was nod as he examined his deflating manhood. “God, Tammy, you are the hottest piece I’ve ever had. I had trouble keeping my mind on work today because of you, my little minx. It’s a shame you have to go back so early. There’s a lot to talk about.”

Tammy was already moving towards the wash room. “I know, I know. I’ll try to get over here tomorrow but I never know what they have planned at home. If I can’t come over, I’ll try to call you or leave a message on your voice mail.

When she’d left, Tom finally had a chance to think. First of all, he actually did like the little chick a lot. He was even willing to accept the possibility that he could be falling in love with the little pixie princess. Rarely had he found a mature woman who could perform with both holes like this new trickster could. Was the girl a natural or was she a possible nympho? Was he the man who had unlocked Tammy’s version of Pandora’s box? If they were going to live together, how could they pull it off without him getting tossed into the slammer? Even after she’d gone, he could still taste her pussy juice on his lips and feel that twitching pussy writhing on his cock. The hunger for this youthful trickster kept increasing and not the other way around. What were they going to do?

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