Nudists have sex part 3

Nudists have sex part 3

Nudists Have Sex – 3

Once again Ron awoke with a feeling of excitement. It was another beautiful day outside, and Julie had bought Ken home Friday evening, planning to take him to “Bare River Bend” nudist resort for a week of vacation before school started. Ron’s weekend job had ended, so he too was preparing for another year of school. Life would be better now that he was going into his junior year of high school. No longer was he going to be a kid, but one of the more esteemed class. In addition, he knew that he had a starting position locked up on the football team.

Not only would he be hosting Ken for the first day of learning the ropes of nude recreation, but Nancy was bringing her boyfriend, Billy as well. He had pondered just how he was to help two guys who had never visited a nudist resort before. He and Julie had talked about it a little bit the past weekend. They came to understand that one of the awkward moments would be when the boys saw them naked for the first time, and vice versa. Even though they had technically seen each other naked, it wasn’t much more than a few glances in the semi-dark confines of a hurried up groping session.

Ron decided that since the van could only carry three in the front, and even that wasn’t very comfortable, they would rearrange the seating for the first trip in. Ron arranged with Nancy to meet them at the video arcade where they had worked and get acquainted. Then, the guys would ride in the front and the girls in the back. As soon as they arrived at the registration desk, the girls would go on in while Ron got the boys registered. Since the registration clerk was a nice looking fortyish type lady, who always worked nude, it would give the boys a bit of time to get used to the idea of seeing a naked woman before they had to strip down. He was sure that both of them would be worried about getting an erection at the first glimpse of a girl.

The meeting at the arcade was, as Ken, Julie and he had expected, a bit awkward. None of them had met Billy and wasn’t sure how he might fit in. They needn’t have worried; Billy was a pleasant outgoing young man with an easy smile. Although his smile seemed a bit painted on, Ron could tell that he was a genuine guy with good reason to be very uptight. They chatted, played a few games and generally stalled for time. Finally Julie and Nancy motioned to Ron.

“Look, we can’t just stay here for the rest of the week, come on let’s go and get it over with so we can start having some fun.”

Ron got the guys and said, “Ok, let’s go to the resort.”

Without waiting for a response, he walked to the parking lot, opened the doors and ushered the girls in the back, while the guys got in front. Upon arrival at the resort, Ron could sense that both Ken and Billy were looking around, probably looking for their first glance of a naked person. However like most resorts, you can’t see a thing from the entryway. As they stopped, the girls hopped out of the back and started down the path to the common area. The boys looked nervously around, but Ron didn’t give them a chance to back out, he just opened the door to the registration area and motioned them in. Sure enough, Jenny was sitting at her computer, totally naked except for the sandals she wore. Both Ken and Billy tried in vain to appear nonchalant.

“Hi, Ron,” greeted Jenny. “I have all the paperwork filled out for your guests, all I need for them to do is add a few personal details and you are all set.”

She pushed two clip boards to the boys, who appeared grateful to have something other than Jennie’s gorgeous tits to look at. Shortly they had everything completed and had been given a temporary week long pass.

As the got into the van, Ken spoke first. “Gee, she didn’t seem to be at all concerned that she was naked in front of three guys!”

Billy nodded then said, “It seemed kind of natural, I mean, well you know, when I’ve seen a girls breasts it was like a really big deal, but when you see a naked girl working on a computer it just seems, well, I mean, well I liked to look at her tits, but it just seemed like no big deal after all.”

Ron listened then commented, “OK guys, you have gotten over the first hurdle. Either one of you got a hard on?” Without waiting for an answer, he continued, “Once you see fifty or sixty naked people ranging from babies to eighty some it really does become not a big deal. Don’t worry, you will see.”

Ron pulled the van up by his folks’ trailer. There were a naked couple walking along the path toward the shower block, and they stopped to smile and wave.

“Hi John, Hi Kathy, how you doing today?” he greeted.

“Just fine Ron, got some new members?” they responded as they stopped.

Ron introduced them to Ken and Billy, explaining that they were Nancy and Julie’s boyfriends, and it was their first time at a nudist resort. They shook hands around, and after John and Kathy told them to make themselves at home they turned to walk on down the path.

“OK guys, time to get dressed for your first venture into the world of nudism.”

“What do you mean get dressed,” said Billy.

“What I mean is take your clothes off so that you will be properly attired for your grand entrance!” exclaimed Ron as he began to shed his clothes.

“You mean right out here?” asked Billy.

“Well, if you would feel better, you can go inside, it’s up to you. But, sooner or later you will either be completely naked, or I will take you back to town, because you can’t go into the swimming area with anything on. If you really want to, you can wear swim trunks in the common area until you get used to it.”

Billy and Ken looked at each other for a moment then Ken spoke up. “What the heck, I decided to come this far, I’m going for it.”

With that, he started peeling his clothes off like he was in some kind of race to see who could get naked first. Shortly the three guys had stripped completely. Ron showed them how to carry a towel draped over the shoulder in a casual sort of way, and told them again that nudist etiquette demanded that they always sit on a towel when in public areas. It is a simple matter of courtesy to other guests to keep the chairs and lounges clean.

Once everyone was prepared, Ron said, “OK guys, let’s go for a swim.”

With that, he led the way down the path to the lake area, dropped his towel, slid his sandals off and plunged into the water. This gave Ken and Billy the opportunity to get under water, have their cocks in cold water, and get some exercise in order to give them something else to think of for a few moments.

At their pre-arranged signal, Ron motioned to Kerrie, Nancy and Julie to come to the lake. While they were preparing to step out of the shadows where the guys hadn’t seen Julie and Nancy yet, Ron distracted the guys and got them looking to the other side of the lake. Moments later they heard a loud splash as the three girls dived into the water and began swimming toward they guys. At the sound of the dive, they all turned toward the girls. At this point, all they could see were their heads bobbing as they swam. When they were close, they stopped swimming and let their feet touch the bottom, which was just about chin high for Kerrie, who was the shortest. Julie was the tallest, but even with her extra three inches, the water came to just above her breasts. You could see a distorted view of their breasts under the water, but just barely.

Then, as planned ahead of time with the girls, Ron challenged them all to a race to the far shore and began swimming strongly away. Everyone joined in, and a couple of minutes later, they reached the shore where Ron stood up and waded to the beach. As they were catching their breath, Ron said that they he and Kerrie were going to walk around the lake and would meet them where they left their towels in an hour. With that, he and Kerrie left the other two couples to get completely acquainted with each other. Later that evening, Julie told Ron how it had gone with them.

Julie had taken Ken’s hand and pulled him into the path far enough for them to be obscured from view of the common area. They walked for about fifty yards then Julie pulled him off the path. After about ten yards, Julie motioned to a plastic trash bag tied to a tree limb and asked Ken to take it down. Inside was a blanket and another smaller plastic bag. Ken spread the blanket then turned to Julie taking in her total body with a hungry look. Julie stood perfectly still, letting Ken devour her with his eyes, and at the same time took a good look at Ken as well. Shortly, Ken’s worst fear began to be realized, his cock began growing at a rapid pace.

He stepped forward taking Julie in his arms. “Julie, you must think I am a real pervert,” he murmured.”

“No!” Julie retorted, “I’m flattered, I would have been really mad if my body didn’t do anything, it’s a real compliment.”

Julie leaned against Ken’s body, letting her tits snuggle against his chest, sensing Ken relaxing. Ken responded by putting his hands on her ass cheeks and pulling her close but then backed off a bit. Julie reacted by putting her hands firmly on his ass cheeks and pulling him and his pounding hard erection firmly against her. They stood together getting used to the feeling of being naked against each other then Julie began to ease them down onto the blanket.

“Julie, you know that I want to wait until we’re married to make love to you,” Ken said somewhat apologetically.

“Yes, I know, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy feeling the breeze and each other on our skin,” she said with an inviting smile.

“Yes, but you know how easy it would be to let things go too far,” he reasoned with less conviction than before.

“OK, but at least let me help you or your worst fear will be realized when we get back to the camp,” she said as she gently stroked his throbbing cock.

Ken kind of pulled back, but Julie persisted, and after a few seconds of stroking his cock, Ken’s logical mind evaporated as his lust took its place.

“OH, Julie, I’m gonna cum, it’s coming, it’s coming right now.”

His pent up sperm came shooting out in huge spurts, splashing all over the blanket. Ken’s breathing had ceased during his climax, and with a gasp or two he began catching his breath as he relaxed.

“Man, I never had an orgasm like that in my life,” he whispered.

“Yeh, well when we do it, it will be even that much better,” Julie reasoned, “Come on Ken, why can’t we make love, we don’t have to tell anyone. What’s holding you back?”

“Julie, you know that Dad’s a preacher, and he is expecting me to be a role model for all the other guys, how can I do that if I do everything they do?” he replied. “Even if it means you will leave me, I can’t go back on my responsibility.”

“Ken, I won’t leave you, and I do appreciate you having standards it’s just that I don’t share your standards. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t sleep around, and I’ve already told you that I’ve had sex with another boy, but that doesn’t change how much I love you, I just want to be able to share my love with you” she said quietly.

They snuggled for another several minutes, and then Julie said they better go on around the trail to meet up with everyone else at the appointed time. They had decided that they should all go to the commons together in order to help minimize the boys’ discomfort.

Nancy’s story was quite a bit different. Billy wasn’t a preacher’s son, he was just a terribly shy young man who believed that girls were to be respected and not pawing or forcing them was ingrained into his very being. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to make love to Nancy; he just wanted to be sure she didn’t feel coerced. In addition, except when he was very sexually aroused, his code of standards made him too shy to suggest sex.

He had told his parents that he was going camping with Nancy and her parents, as well as another couple. He didn’t bother to mention that they were camping at a nudist resort! Still, the fact that he was at a nudist resort without his parent’s knowledge and was standing beside a naked girl filled him with a kind of guilt and regret that he had gotten himself into this situation. Nancy tried to help him ease the situation, because as yet, Billy hadn’t looked at her. He stood rigidly beside her, looking everywhere except at her. The couple of times he did look at her, he only looked directly in her eyes.

Finally, not able to strike up a conversation, Nancy took Billy’s hand and led him into the seclusion of the path. After going about two minutes where they were safely out of view of the camp, Nancy suddenly stopped. Billy didn’t anticipate her sudden stop, so was completely unprepared for what happened next. Nancy planted her feet then spun Billy around so he was facing her.

“Now, stop pretending I’m not here or that I have clothes on and LOOK AT ME!” she demanded, “because I’m going to look at you from head to toe starting right now!”

Billy’s face turned crimson as he started to take a step back. Nancy grabbed his hands and stopped him from stepping back and gazed into his face with a smile. Then, she let her gaze drift down across his smooth hairless chest, noting his tight pecs and then down to his flat belly and finally to his cock and balls. His cock hung limply, surrounded by a thick patch of brown hair, just like the hair on his head. She noted that his balls were tight to his body, like Ron’s were after he got out of cold water. She had read that this was the body’s attempt to keep the testicles warm when they were exposed to cold. If it were very warm outside, they would hang lower, again to keep the temperature at optimum sperm production temperature of about ninety two degrees. She also noted that his cock remained flaccid, and imagined that Billy was glad of that.

As she raised her gaze to Billy’s face, she noted that he finally was looking at her naked body and that right now his gaze had stalled out on her breasts. She resisted the urge to thrust them out to appear bigger. Actually she had quite nice size breasts and didn’t really need or want them to be bigger. Nancy just stood there, her hands at her sides tracking where his eyes were moving. At last, she could see that he had found her pussy with his eyes, and a little shiver of excitement shot up her spine and rattled around in her tummy. Slowly she turned to profile view, keeping her eyes on Billy’s eyes. With her pussy hidden from view, his gaze predictably moved back to her breasts and stayed riveted there for more than a minute.

“OK, now we have seen each other totally naked, so let’s walk,” she urged heading down the path. “So, what do you think?” she asked quietly.

“I think you are the most beautiful naked girl I have ever seen,” he commented with a little laugh.

“Oh, so how many am I in competition with?” Nancy asked with a giggle.

“Well, let’s see, Kerrie, Julie and of course my sister,” he replied, but I don’t know if you count three year old girls or not.”

“OK, I guess I will accept that as a compliment, both Julie and Kerrie look pretty good, but I’m not sure you even looked at them long enough to be know how they look.”

“Seriously,” said Nancy, “how are you feeling about being at a nudist resort with both of us naked?”

“Well, I did like looking at you without having to sneak a look down your blouse or through an arm hole, and you know like you said, it really isn’t so big a deal as I thought it would be.”

“Oh, so you are telling me my tits aren’t as big as you thought? Are you suggesting I wear falsies or something like that?”

Billy’s face took on a startled look before he realized Nancy was joking with him, but then he returned the banter in like form. “Well, now at least there isn’t any question about what is you and what is foam rubber,” he said with a chuckle.

“Maybe I got implants,” suggested Nancy, “want to check for scars, they put them under the breast where you can’t see them from the top side,” she commented as she lifted her right breast.

“OK, agreed Billy, you want me to help you hold them up while I take a closer look,” he said as he knelt down.

“Would you like to hold them up?” asked Nancy.

Billy tentatively placed his hands under her breasts and gently lifted, kneading and stroking as he got used to the feel of them. Then, he placed his face between her tits and pressed them against the sides of his face. Nancy stood stalk still, scarcely breathing. She had the sudden feeling that she had unleashed something but wasn’t sure just what or how much. Moments later, Billy put his arms around her waist and pulled her tight to his face before releasing her and standing up.

“That was nice,” he commented with a little grin.

They began wandering slowly along the path, taking in the flowers and fauna, watching for pebbles or sticks that would hurt heir bare feet. After a short while, they stopped to look at something by the trail when Nancy heard soft voices. Looking to her right, she caught a glimpse of movement way back in the brush.

”Someone’s back there,” she whispered to Billy.

“Who do you think it is?” he asked nervously, “could it be someone from the outside sneaking in to get a look at the people here?”

“I doubt it,” replied Nancy, “its probably is just some of the kids out exploring, but maybe we should take a look to be sure.”

Quietly they crept through the brush until they could see Ken and Julie just as Ken shot his huge load. They stood mesmerized by the sight for a moment or two before Billy started to turn away.

“Let’s go before they see us,” he suggested as he pulled Nancy along.

Quietly, they retraced their steps to the trail and began moving along staying quiet. Neither of them spoke for a while, but Nancy did note that Billy’s cock was significantly more prominent than it was fifteen minutes before. It wasn’t fully erect by a long shot, but it had gained considerably in girth and some in length. She couldn’t help but glance down at it from time to time, and each time she could see that he had grown even a bit more. Finally Billy started to drop back, so Nancy turned to see where he was. She could see him attempting to stay turned so that she couldn’t see his erection.

“It’s OK, Billy, it is nothing to be embarrassed about, in fact, I am kind of honored that I am causing you to have an erection, at least I hope it is me that’s causing it.”

Billy didn’t respond immediately, still feeling embarrassed by his inability to control his cock. The other thing that was bothering him is that once he got an erection, he knew that it somehow short-circuited his ability to make good judgments regarding to sexual activity. Nancy knew that as well, so decided to make an exploratory move. Slowly she moved her hand to Billy’s cock and encircled it with her hand as she looked into his eyes. Billy gasped at the feeling and thrust his hips forward. That was all the encouragement Nancy needed, if indeed it was encouragement or just a reflex reaction. Regardless, Nancy began slowly stroking the stiff rod, trying to judge when to speed up. Actually she didn’t have to worry much, because as aroused as Billy was, it took only a few strokes before he shot his load and sank to his knees.

“Man, I never felt anything like that in my life,” he said.

“You mean you never did it before today?” Nancy asked incredulously.

“Oh yeh, I have done it a lot of times, but it sure never felt as good as it did when you did it for me,” he said with a breathless voice.

After a few minutes, they got up and continued their walk around the path, finally coming out at the common area. Moments later, they had gathered their sandals and towels, heading to where Ron and Kerrie were waiting. Before long, Julie and Ken arrived, and the six of them walked toward the common area. Ken and Billy were still somewhat anxious, but before long they were surrounded by naked bodies of all sizes and shapes. Within several minutes the excitement of being naked began to pale and they began to enjoy the feel of the gentle breeze on their bare skin. Ron and Kerrie were chatting quietly when they noticed that both Ken and Billy had fallen asleep. Nancy moved over to join Ron and Kerrie, while Julie went to get a coke.

“So, how did it go,” Ron asked Nancy.

“Well, I had to take the lead to get him to even look at me, but I think he is starting to feel a little more at ease. I guess that since both he and Ken are sleeping, they can’t be too nervous. Of course, you guys always go to sleep after you have an orgasm,” she giggled.

Some younger kids were playing with a Frisbee, and a miss let it land between Ken and Billy. The commotion woke them, so Ron took advantage of the situation and stood indicating the rest of them should follow. He took them on an extensive tour of the entire camp, showing them canteen, heated swimming pool, restrooms, showers and sunning areas. The last stop was the van, and he explained that no one ever felt the need to lock vehicles, so it would be open to anyone who wanted to use it. Afterward, they split up.

Ken and Julie went back to the common area and sat in some lawn chairs in the shade of a huge tree. Ken wasn’t used to being naked in the sun, so Julie had warned him to be careful about getting sunburned. As Ken grew more comfortable and began to look around, he discovered that just as Julie had told him, there was nothing especially sexual about seeing dozens of naked persons acting like anyone else would at a camp ground.

As he continued to observe everyone having fun, he decided to take notice of something that had fascinated him since puberty. Women’s breasts! For the first time in his life, he could look to his heart’s content without the limitation of clothes or a quick glimpse when a girl leaned over. In addition to different sizes, which of course he already knew, he was fascinated by the individual shapes. Some were so close together as to be almost no space between, while others were significantly further apart. One had fairly large breasts that didn’t really sag, but the tension of the skin on the top kind of pulled the nipples up so that they almost pointed upward instead of sticking out to the front.

The early teens especially fascinated him. Again, he always thought that they just started growing in a cone shape, but casual observation once again showed considerable differences. One girl had nipples that appeared to just jut out from her chest with no other hint of tits growing. Most, however; had silver dollar size protrusions with nipples blending in so that about all he could see of the nipple was a slightly different color. Still others had well defined areolas and pointy little nipples. He found it quite fascinating.

As he looked to the pussy department, he was again in for a surprise. He had thought that they would all look about the same, just a slit with course dark pubic hair. He could see that the early teens generally had fine silky hair that, for the most part, matched the hair on their heads. Others had somewhat protruding cunt lips; others were almost flat with just the faintest sign of the slit visible. On more mature women, he was amazed at the various hair patterns. Some had just a narrow “landing strip,” while others had wide patches extending fairly high on the belly. One woman had hardly any above her slit but significant amounts on either side. Fascinating, he thought as his curiosity began to wan. One thing that he was relieved about is that looking at tits and pussies didn’t result in an erection!

Finally Julie spoke up, “OK, Ken, I think you have looked at all the other girls enough, now it is time to take a really close look at me.”

With that, she pulled him to his feet and began walking toward the snack bar. After buying ice cream bars, they walked slowly toward the camp grounds, stopping for a few moments to watch the kids playing at their recreation area. Ken could sense the absolute freedom from inhibition that the kids experienced. Absolutely no notice of being naked, no worries about bumping into each other, male or female, and suddenly it all made sense to him!

Then he remembered when he was little and would walk out of the bathroom after a bath totally naked without a thought. He smiled as he recalled the time that his aunt and two girl cousins were visiting. He had finished his bath and was going to run to his bedroom to get the pajamas he had forgotten. Aunt June told him to stop! The girls were out there and would see him naked. Ken had been puzzled; Mom and Aunt Jane had just finished giving him a bath, or at least watched as he played in the water, and they were girls, what was the big deal? Then he realized the answer. It wasn’t a big deal until adults made it a big deal! At that very instant, he began to also question the validity of premise that two people who loved each other shouldn’t have sex until they were married.

As the resumed their slow walking pace, Julie let out a little scream. “Oh, that was cold!” she exclaimed.

Ken turned to see that part of her ice cream bar had broken off and landed on her breast. She went to brush it off, but before she could disentangle herself from her towel in one hand and the ice cream bar in the other, Ken ducked his head and licked the chocolate off her breast, and followed the little drip all the way down to her nipple. Julie tensed and quivered, glancing quickly around. Seeing that there was no one in sight, she very carefully pressed her nipple harder into Ken’s lips.

Ken gently sucked it into his mouth and ran his tongue around her stiffening nipple and was instantly rewarded by a soft moan from Julie. He continued to suck and swirl until suddenly he stood upright.

“Uh, Julie, I got a problem,” he grunted.

Julie instantly understood what the problem would likely be, so took his arm and guided him toward Ron’s van, pausing only momentarily to glance at his cock as she opened the rear doors. She jumped in and pulled Ken in behind, quietly closing the doors and locking them.

“My, but you do have a problem, a really big problem,” she said with a teasing voice. “And I wonder what caused your problem?” she said with a laugh.

“It was all your fault,” replied Ken with a little smirk. “I was just doing YOU a favor by cleaning up the ice cream YOU spilled, when you stuck your uh – well – uh—you know you stuck it in my mouth.”

“And you resisted,” she teased right back.

By now, Ken’s cock was throbbing painfully and seeking release. He turned to Julie, looking deep into her eyes. “Julie, you do know that I love you,” he said.

Julie nodded and replied, “and I love you Ken, and I would really like for us to show each other how much we do love.”

Julie stood with her heart pounding as she looked at the last moment of hesitation melt from Ken’s face.

“OK, I’m ready to make love to you, that is if you still want to do it,” he whispered.

“Yes, I want to do it with you,” she replied.

“What about, uh, you know, birth control?” he asked.

“Ron has everything we need hidden in these drawers right up there,” she replied as she felt her cunt getting wet.

Ken opened first one drawer then another without finding anything. Julie stepped over and pressed the bottom and flipped it up, disclosing all the supplies they would need. Ken picked them up and laid them out on his towel that he had spread on the floor. Julie opened a Norforms quickly and slipped it into place, explaining to Ken about the added protection. Ken fumbled with the condom for a few moments, obviously somewhat unsure as to how to proceed.

Julie spotted his hesitance and suggested, “Ken, let me put it on, I want to look at your magnificent cock more closely and this gives me the chance.”

With that, she took the foil wrapper, and tore it open. She then made a show of exploring his circumcised cock, gently touching and stroking, feeling his responsive twitching. Moments later, she had rolled the condom over his now quivering member. Turning to Ken, she kind of melted against him as his arms encircled her, pressing her breasts against his chest. She put her arms around him, but then suggested that he let go for a second. She than had him sit on the towel, with his legs straight out and flat on the floor. She positioned herself so that she was facing him with her legs outside and over his then once again let herself melt against Ken.

“Oh Julie, I love you so much, I love you so much, I can’t believe how beautiful you are,” he whispered in her ear.

Julie wiggled a bit, pulling herself tightly against Ken’s cock, trapping it between themselves. “Oh I love you too she murmured, I really really love you!”

She pulled her head back just enough to lock lips with Ken and tentatively slipped her tongue between her lips and was rewarded by Ken touching his tongue to hers. In a moment, he had sucked her tongue into his mouth and began sucking and twirling his tongue against hers. Julie could feel herself getting wetter by the second, and felt Ken’s cock stirring. She decided to hold him off for another minute or two, and continued stroking his back and ass cheeks with her hands.

Finally, Ken pulled back. “Julie, are you ready to do it?” he asked.

Julie didn’t reply, she just lay back on the lush carpet, letting her legs fall to the side of Ken. He quickly repositioned himself between her legs and inched himself forward. He touched her pussy lips with his cock and began probing. While it wasn’t unpleasant, she couldn’t wait to have him inside, but he persisted in pushing in above her clitoris. Julie pressed his cock down, but he immediately raised himself up and pressed forward again.

“Ken, what are you trying to do?” asked Julie.

“I’m trying to put it in you,” he grunted in frustration.

“Here, let me put it where it belongs,” whispered Julie as she reached down and guided it into position.

She pressed forward, feeling his cock begin to slip in. Instantly, he got the idea and hunched himself forward to meet her. Julie was so wet, that he slid in away then hesitated.

Ken seemed to be waiting for something, so Julie whispered, “what’s wrong Ken?”

“I just don’t want to hurt you, I know that it can be painful the first time you do it,” replied Ken with a concerned look in his eyes.

“It’s alright, it doesn’t hurt,” said Julie as she urged him in with her hands on his ass.

Ken pressed forward and soon he was in at full depth. He lay for a moment with a rapturous look on his face as he looked intently into Julie’s eyes. Julie smiled back and with a nod urged him on. Ken pulled back and immediately pressed forward again. Out again then back as Julie tried to match his movements. Before long, they got into the rhythm and were pressing and retreating in perfect sync. The combination of the condom and having shot his load a few hours earlier allowed Ken to last longer than he would have expected for his first time. Even so, he came much sooner than either he or Julie would have liked, especially Julie. Ken, of course, was pretty well spent, but didn’t just pull out and begin snoring.

He held Julie tight whispering how much he loved her and how great it was to make love to her. His passion eased at about the same rate his erection receded, and when he felt his cock slip out of Julie, he rolled to one side and slipped the condom off then snuggled against Julie hugging her close, his hands resting on her right breast. Gently, ever so gently he caressed her and flipped a finger tip over her erect nipple. Julie sighed contentedly and thought she had never been so happy. The dozed off for about half an hour, then when one of them moved a bit they both awoke.

“Hey sleepy head,” teased Julie, “I had heard that all a man wants to do after sex is sleep, I guess it’s true.”

“Actually it’s not,” replied Ken with a huge smile, “all I wanted to do is rest up so we can do it again, that is if you want to,” he said as his smile got even bigger.

Without saying a word, Julie reached for the box of condoms and began opening another, but when she turned to Ken, she saw that he wasn’t quite in a position to have a condom rolled on. She glanced at him with a question mark on her face, but Ken just took her in his arms and began to stroke her back, working his hands down to her cute little ass cheeks. Julie rolled onto her back and Ken began to explore her pussy, running his finger up and down until he stumbled onto her clitoris. Julie grabbed his hand and moved it slightly to exactly the perfect spot. Ken immediately got the idea and began to tease all around and on the tip and soon Julie was bucking her hips up and down and grinding her ass into the carpet. All at once she arched her back and let out a long low moaning sign then collapsed shaking spasmodically.

“Wow, that looked really intense, “whispered Ken. “You really liked that didn’t you?”

“Oh YES!” exclaimed Julie when her breath returned. “It felt so good.”

Ken continued to explore her pussy and finally slipped his finger into her got wet tunnel. He got a puzzled expression on his face then scooted down so he could look. After probing and spreading her labia open, he scooted back up to look into Julie’s face.

“What’s so puzzling to you?” she asked with amusement, “I’m a pretty standard kind of girl down there.”

“Well, I don’t know about standard, because I never saw another girl’s uh, well, you know. It’s just that I thought the hole was in front, I mean when I saw my little sister I could see her slit coming way up on her belly, and all the girls at the camp look like its on the front, I was just surprised when the hole is all the way to the back,” he responded.

By now, Ken’s cock was at full erect status again, so Julie replied, “Well, let’s get you dressed for work and see if you can find your own way home this time!”

Before long, Ken was back in position so Julie decided to see how he would react to his anatomy lesson. She lay back with her legs bent but opened invitingly. Ken moved to the target and found the bulls eye on the first try, sliding deep and quick. Julie rose to meet him and this time they immediately began rocking together but with less urgency than last time. Ken knew he was going to enjoy this time because he could sense that Julie was going to enjoy it more. He continued to rock slowly, letting his passion build from a very low level to a gradually increasing sensation.

After a couple of minutes, Julie began to urge him to speed up by placing her hands on his ass and pressing. Ken could feel the urging and didn’t need a lot of encouragement to follow her lead. Julie began to take fast breaths and moving faster and faster. Suddenly she went rigid and grabbed Ken’s ass, pulling him in close and squeezing as hard as she could. At that same instant, Ken fired his sperm with ass quivering and clenching spasms. Julie went limp as Ken collapsed onto her with a long low satisfying moan.

When they awoke, his cock had slipped out and shriveled into a rather harmless looking object, nothing like the six plus inches it had been an hour prior. Ken gazed at Julie expressing his love for her and Julie returned the feeling. They continued to gaze at one another, whispering and kissing. Finally, Ken suggested that they needed to clean up and get back to camp before someone missed them. Julie shrugged, saying that no one really kept track of adults, they just accepted that sometimes people needed privacy and as long as they didn’t abuse the policy of no overt sexual activity in the public areas of the camp, it wouldn’t be a problem. While nudism isn’t about sex, neither do they pretend that people don’t have sex, and quite often while nude! They chuckled about that observation as the clean up was completed, then hopped out of the van.

Meanwhile Billy and Nancy had rejoined Ron and Kerrie at the common area after having walked around the area again. They stopped at the big swimming pool and after watching the fun for a while, Billy said he wanted to swim for a bit. He started for the pool, but Nancy stopped him saying that he had to shower with soap before getting in the pool. They stepped under the shower just outside the entryway to the pool area, taking turns under the shower head and using the soap. Billy thought about soaping Nancy down, but then thought better of it, afraid that touching her would result in an erection. And, just as he had those thoughts, he could feel the stirring begin, so hurried to the pool and dived in, swimming hard for a minute or so. When he came up for a breather, Nancy joined him and they began splashing water over each other much like several other kids were doing.

After about forty five minutes in the pool, they decided to go for another walk, and gathered up their towels and slipped into sandals. Nancy led the way, showing Billy the places she played when she was a child. They continued their tour and came upon the entrance to the “Secret Place.” After crawling under the low hanging branches, they came out into the clearing. Nancy told Billy about some of the games the kids played here, but didn’t let on that this was where she’d lost her virginity. During a pause in Nancy’s description, Billy gave her a quick kiss, which was enthusiastically returned. Seconds later they were locked in a major clinch and predictably, his cock was soon at full mast.

As Billy moved to get it into a more comfortable position, Nancy pulled back, reached down and positioned his cock between them, then snuggled close to Billy, hugging him tight. By now, Billy could feel her tits mashed against his chest, and his cock trapped between them. Just when he thought it couldn’t get any better than that, Nancy began to move her hips in a bit of a circular motion and at the same time rise up on her tip toes and back down. All that, combined with their open mouth kissing and tongue explorations soon bought Billy to his second orgasm of the day. Hot cum spurted out between them, making their bodies slick and easier to slide around. At the same time, Billy’s knees went weak and he began to sink down, pulling Nancy with him. As they lay on Nancy’s huge beach towel, Billy’s breathing began to return to normal.

“Gee, that stuff is kind of sticky,” commented Nancy as she reached for Billy’s towel to wipe them selves off.

As she touched his super sensitive having just cum cock, Billy jerked and held her hand until the most sensitive feeling passed. Nancy watched as his cock slowly diminished in size and began to lose its flagpole characteristics. She studied his now flaccid cock with fascination. Of course she had seen male cocks all her life, so it wasn’t anything new, but this time she wanted to see Billy’s cock go from fully erect to normal limp mode as it went through the transformation. She had seen it go the other way a couple of times, and marveled at how it could be so completely different in appearance and feel from one stage to the next. After a few minutes, Billy suggested that they continue walking around the track, and climbed out of the secret spot where Nancy had learned so much over the years.

Once again on the path around the lake, they began chatting about how Billy felt being at a nudist resort. Nancy watched his face closely for indications of his discomfort, but seeing him fairly at ease, began to sense that after the initial shock of being naked and seeing everyone else naked, he accepted nudism as nothing more than a bunch of people who dressed differently than most other people. Most persons new to nudism went through the same stages until they recognized that being undressed is just another form of how the human body is dressed!

When they reached the cabin where Nancy and her parents lived in the summer, they stopped by for a soda. Nancy suggested a shower as she still felt kind of sticky. Billy agreed, so they took their towels to the community shower area, where Billy once again realized that there were no private stalls, just a row of shower heads. He adjusted the temperature for Nancy then started the adjacent shower and stepped under, feeling the cool water cascade over his sweaty body. Nancy was under her shower head, making a slight adjustment in the temperature to suit her. Glancing around, Billy could see no one else, so asked Nancy if he could wash her back. Nancy agreed with a big smile.

Pretty soon, Nancy turned around and said, “Now do my front.” Billy hesitated, then with a big smile he began at her shoulders; rubbing the bar of soap as if he were trying to be sure he didn’t miss a spot. Slowly he worked his way down until he was touching her breasts, and seeing no sign of rebuff, he became emboldened and carefully washed both breasts until any dirt that may have been accumulated over the past ten years had been washed away.

“You are very thorough,” giggled Nancy with a smile.

“Well, you wouldn’t want me to do a half way job would you?” he asked with a big grin.

“Of course not,” replied Nancy with an equally big grin, “but of course you are setting the standard for when I wash you!”

Billy washed her tummy, but when he reached her pubic hair, he hesitated. “Oh, you going to shirk your duty,” she said with mock reproach.

“Do you really want me to wash you, uh, down there?” he asked hesitantly.

“Well when I take a shower I take a shower all over, not just where its easy to reach,” she pointed out.

With that, Billy began soaping her pubic hair, then as Nancy spread her legs; he ran his hand between them gently washing every inch of her pussy and cute little ass. When he had washed as long as he could possibly delay the process, he moved her around until the cascading water had rinsed her totally free of the soap. Then, Nancy took the bar of soap and began to apply it to Billy’s back, but she moved a bit more quickly than he had.

“Ok, let’s do your front,” she said pressing his shoulders into a turn.

As Billy turned around, she could see that his cock was not totally limp any longer. It was a long way from erect, but it had gained some in both length and girth. She started at his shoulders just as he had and worked his way down. When she got to his cock, she looked into his eyes with a questioning look on her face. Billy turned a little red but nodded, spreading his legs slightly. Nancy began to soap his pubic hair, then in one quick movement, grasped his cock and began sliding it up and down with the soap acting as a lubricant. Predictably, Billy’s cock began to twitch and grow. Nancy stepped back to take a quick look down the path. Assured that they were alone, she came back and continued.

She then rubbed a lot of soap on her hands and began to gently soap his balls and back along his ass crack. By now, Billy’s knees were buckling as his cock responded to full erection. Moving quickly down his legs, she finished soaping his entire body then did a full rinse. Spinning him around to face the shower, she turned the hot water off, letting the cold water impact his throbbing cock with full force. Billy yelled and jumped back, and then spun Nancy around and shoved her into the cold water stream so that it fell on her breasts. Likewise, Nancy screamed and jumped back.

Billy caught her with a towel in his hands and began to dry her, again starting from her head and working down. He was very careful not to miss a spot, saying that he sure didn’t want her to get chapped skin due to improper drying techniques. Nancy returned the favor, but discovered that she had to hold his cock up in order to do a good job on his balls. However that only left her with one hand on the towel and that didn’t work. After a moment of thought, she took his cock in her mouth, sucking it in and lifted her face until she was holding just the tip then took the towel in both hands and dried his balls. Moving back she glanced at Billy’s face to see a very startled expression!

Stepping back into their sandals, they continued the walk around the lake. Billy saw the spot where Ken and Julie had veered off the path, and tugged Nancy through the brush. Coming into the clearing, he saw the plastic bag hanging in the tree, so retrieved it and spread it on the ground. Although his cock had diminished somewhat in size, it was far from being limp. Nancy watched as he smoothed the blanket then spread their towels on top. As he was moving the plastic bag aside, a smaller plastic bag spilled out. He picked it up and opening it, found a box of condoms and another box of Norforms along with a tube of KY Jelly. As he looked at the items, his face took on a red tinge and his cock became more erect.

“Nancy, I want to make love to you,” he said. “We have some condoms here so it would be safe, and I would really like to love you all the way,” he said simply.

Nancy looked deep into Billy’s eyes then slowly nodded her head and lay back. “Do you know how to use these things?” she asked. “I don’t want to get pregnant at sixteen!”

“Nor do I want you to get pregnant,” responded Billy. “Our health teacher had a session with the boys and had us practice on a cucumber, so I know how to put a condom on, but I don’t know what Norforms are used for.”

Nancy decided to make up a little white lie. “Well, our health teacher told us that if we were going to have sex, even if the boy used a condom, and made us promise never to have sex if they didn’t use a condom, we should always use a back up like a spermicidal insert. That is what Norforms are, I put one in my vagina and when it melts if any sperm gets inside of me because the condom breaks, it will kill the sperm before it gets to my egg.”

With that explanation, Nancy opened one of the triangular shaped inserts and slipped it in, pressing it as far as she could reach with her finger. She had to smile when she thought about how much further Billy’s cock would push it in!

“Do you know what to do?” asked Billy.

“Uh, generally, but if you are asking if I have experience with sex, not much more than I have read or heard about in health class. How about you?”

Billy seemed to think for a moment then said, “well I know where it goes, I mean you lay on your back and I get on top, I saw Mom and Dad doing it a couple of times when they thought I was in bed asleep, so yes, I kind of know what to do.”

Nancy lay back and Billy slipped between her raised knees. Slowly he lowered himself to where he could kiss her. After what was way too short a time to suit Nancy, he began probing her pussy with his cock and soon found his way to the target. Slowly he inched in, hunching and scooting his knees forward as he got deeper. Nancy felt a very pleasant stretching and full sensation but unlike the only time she ever did it before with Ron, it didn’t hurt at all. Soon he bumped his pubic bone into hers, with only their hair in between. Nancy gripped him tight with her arms and held him still for several seconds. As she began to get used to the invasion of his fairly thick cock, she relaxed her grip.

Billy was thankful that he had come twice in the past six hours, so the frantic urgency he felt when he came the first time was considerably eased. He began thrusting in and out, paying attention to Nancy’s movements and the speed of her meeting thrusts. Even with his passion subdued to a degree, he felt the little twinge in his balls that he had experienced when jerking off indicating that an orgasm was going to happen. He also remembered that his orgasm would be a lot more intense if instead of speeding up and being more aggressive in pressure on his cock to just relax. The more relaxed he became, the more intense the orgasm. While making love to Nancy was the most intense thing he had ever done sexually, he also remembered his dad telling him that the most fun he had making love to mom was to see her have fun. He had pointedly told Billy that if he made sure his partner had fun; he would be rewarded by more intense fun himself.

As these thoughts ran through his mind, Billy made a very conscious effort to slow his thrusting, even pausing a few seconds both on the withdrawal stroke as well as the thrusting stroke. Nancy seemed to understand what he was doing and took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. She also let her knees drop down which rotated her pussy such that Billy’s cock was sliding past her clit. Sensing something wonderful was going to happen, she urged Billy up a little higher so his cock was rubbing her clit even more.

“Oh Billy, Oh Billy, that’s so good, that’s soooooo goooooood!” she moaned.

Billy looked into her eyes as if trying to read her mind and experience the feelings she was experiencing. As for Nancy, she grabbed Billy’s ass and began pulling him in and out at an increasing rate. The faster he went, the more intense the feeling was in her clit, until she felt wave after wave of raw passion.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh shit Billy, I’m coming so hard, Oh Billy, in hard, in hard,” she screamed as he slammed into her pussy.

As her orgasm flooded over her, her pussy flooded all over Billy’s cock and onto his balls. Billy sensed that something unique had just happened and thought that his dad had been right, seeing Nancy’s enraptured face and hearing her not very quiet screams, he felt as if he had scored some kind of major record. Still, he didn’t want to lose the intensity of his own orgasm, which had, for the moment been forgotten as Nancy’s passion overwhelmed him.

As Nancy began to breathe again, Billy started sliding in and out with a building intensity. By now, Nancy was so wet and slick that some of the friction was diminished, but again, Billy sensed that Nancy’s intense orgasm was something special. He speeded his thrusts, and soon realized that no amount of relaxation, breathing or slowing down was going to stop him from going over the top in a major way. He looked into Nancy’s eyes and once again saw the raw passion building.

“I’m cuming, I’m cumming, I’m gonna cum!” he said in time with his thrusts.

“Me too,” urged Nancy as she threw her legs up and over Billy’s back, clenching him in a vice-like hold.

“Ahhhhhhh,” yelled Billy as he convulsed driving his cock in hard and holding it as he felt rapid fire contractions the length of his cock.

They clung to each other for several seconds then as if by mutual agreement, rolled to one side, clinging together like letting go would let them drown. Gradually the intensity of their orgasms diminished and predictably, they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

They came awake some time later when they heard someone coming through the brush. Billy jumped up frantically looking around. “What are you looking for?” asked Nancy.

“Someone’s coming and I can’t find our clothes,” he hissed.

“Billy, we’re at a nudist camp, we don’t have clothes with us,” she said with a laugh. “Just grab your towel and pretend we are sitting here talking.”

A few seconds later, Ron and Kerrie, and Ken and Julie stepped into the clearing. “Just as I thought,” said Ron as they sat down.

“What do you mean?” Billy responded, trying to appear nonchalant.

“Well, a while ago three little girls came running into the camp saying someone must be hurt because they could hear screaming, but when they tried to find out where it came from it stopped. Julie asked them where they heard it, then told them it was OK and got me. We decided we better get up here before some adults came to check it out.”

“How did you know where to find us?” asked Nancy.

Julie smiled before responding, “well we knew you were right behind us when we walked around the lake and we also knew you saw us leave the trail, so it was just a matter of two and two when the girls came running in. I see you found my blanket. Did you find anything else?”

“I’ll pay for them,” Billy quickly said. “We accidently found them and, uh, well,”

“And we used some of them,” said Nancy with a smile.

Everyone had a laugh and in a sort of conspiratorial way congratulated them. Ron stood, suggesting that they pick things up and secure the place before the little girls convinced anybody they should check out the situation, although he guessed most of the adults would have been smart enough not to go exploring once they were satisfied it was only teen couples missing and not any of the kids. Once the plastic bag had been packed, they decided to find another hiding place a little further from the camp. Ron suggested that the go up the side trail to the “Boogy Man’s” path. Actually it was just another trail that led up to some large rocks, but in order to keep the kids from playing where they could be injured in a fall, it somehow got the name “Boogy Man’s Path.” Only the older kids ever ventured up there, and once they found it was nothing but some old rocks, they didn’t go up there either.

It didn’t take long to find a nice area, sheltered from the breeze and under the shade of a large tree. The plastic bag was secured in a hollow behind one of the rocks, and an agreement that it was open for use by any of them.

Arriving back at the common area, they dived into the lake and swam around for about half an hour, laughing, screaming, dunking, and generally having a good time. By the time Ron’s mom called them for dinner, they were exhausted and ready for a break. Dinner was hamburgers to be cooked on the outdoor grill. She had invited Nancy and her mom to join them for dinner so the kids could all be together. Ron’s mom handed Ken an apron and asked if he knew how to grill hamburgers. Ken nodded then turned to Julie.

“Is it another one of the nudist protocols to wear an apron while cooking?” he asked innocently.

Julie giggled then responded, “its not protocol, its common sense, I promise you don’t want to grill hamburgers while in the nude, that is unless you want to have little burn spots all over your — uh well, all over your front.”

Ken glanced down at his cock and without a word, put the full bib apron on, turning for Julie to tie it in the back. Soon, the burgers were ready and they all gathered around the table for dinner.

“What do you guys think of your first day at a nudist resort?” asked Ron’s mom to no one in particular.

“I think it is kind of fun,” replied Ken, glancing at Billy.

“I like it, Nancy told me that seeing a lot of naked people wasn’t that big a deal, but I didn’t believe her until we got here for a while, now I guess it seems sort of natural.”

“It is natural replied Nancy’s mom, a whole lot more natural than everyone trying to impress each other with their clothes and trimmings. You know, I find that it’s a lot harder to lie to someone when you are all naked; it seems as if the truth as well as everything else is in plain sight. I think we are just more genuine and honest than most textiles. So, what did you kids do this afternoon, I didn’t see you after you left the swimming area.”

Nancy did a double take and glanced at Billy to see his face turning crimson. “Well, we just went for a walk around the lake and then we came back and you saw us swimming.”

“I had forgotten just how long a trail it was around the lake,” she replied with a wry smile. “We used to walk all the way around in about fifteen minutes, and you guys were gone almost two hours,” she observed.

Nancy didn’t reply, she jumped up and said that she and Billy would clean up the table and do the dishes if Julie and Ken would help. Ron said he had promised Kerrie he would meet her after dinner and beat a hasty retreat. That left Julie’s mom, Barbara, sitting with Nancy’s mom, Jean. After the table was cleared and the kids went to wash dishes, Jean suggested they have a glass of wine and visit.

“Unless I miss my bet, Nancy and Billy did a lot more than walking this afternoon,” observed Jean.

Barbara nodded saying, “I am certainly glad that we made sure Julie knows how to handle this kind of situation, because I don’t think Nancy is the only girl who has reason to have a big smile today.

“Well, don’t forget some other girls in the camp,” commented Jean, “unless I miss my bet, Ron could, and probably has put a big smile on both Kellie and Kerrie’s faces! But, yes I agree the important thing is being sure the kids know how to deal with the potential of having sex. We made sure that Nancy knew how to deal with the possibility and she promised to practice what we discussed.”

“I guess we were just lucky,” said Barb with a wry smile. “Remember that afternoon when we both let our passions take over!”

“Do I!” replied Jean, “we thought at seventeen we knew all there was to know, and when the guys convinced us to go to a secret place they found, boy did we get an education that afternoon. I don’t know why we didn’t end up pregnant, just luck I guess. But, I guess I am not unhappy about it, I sure did love him.”

“Yep, so did I,” replied Barb, “main difference is that I married Bob and you let Danny get away.”

They chatted a while longer until the kids came out, looking somewhat subdued. Julie smiled at her mom, while Nancy sort of hid behind her. Billy looked as if he were headed for the gallows, while Ken stood by Julie in a relaxed manner. Jean stood, motioning to Nancy.

“We need to get home,” she said nodding to Nancy. “Billy, I guess you and Ron are going to sleep in his van?”

Billy nodded, relieved that nothing more was said.

“Nancy,” said her mother, “I just want to be sure you used protection this afternoon and will always use it.”

“What makes you think I need protection?” asked Nancy as innocently as she could.

“One look at Billy’s face told me all I needed to know. While you are very used to seeing naked boys, Billy likely hasn’t seen very many naked girls, and probably hasn’t had this good a look at you until today, so it wasn’t too hard to figure out why it took two hours to walk around the lake. By the way, how was it?”

“Well, gee I mean, gee mom! Isn’t that kind of personal, I mean how would you like it if I asked you how it was last time you did it?”

“As a matter of fact it was great,” replied her mom, “and I have had a lot of experience so I know what great is. I just wondered if I could answer any questions for you, that is if it isn’t too embarrassing to talk about making love with you OLD MOM.”

Nancy thought for a minute then replied in a shy voice, “well, I thought it was really fantastic, Billy took enough time so that I, well, I mean, well, I liked it.”

“So you had a real orgasm,” replied her mom.

“Uh yes, I guess I did, I mean I thought that nothing could ever feel like that in my whole life, but I guess the thing I am worried about is, well its kind of embarrassing,” she said slowly.

“Go ahead, no use worrying about something that I can probably help you with, spill it!”

“Well, after I came, I kind of peed all over Billy; I thought I was going to die of embarrassment.”

“What did Billy do?”

“He didn’t really do or say anything, but I felt like a little baby, I mean does that happen very often?”

“Nancy, you didn’t pee on Billy, you inherited something from me that men will love you for, so don’t worry. A few women produce massive amounts of lubricant and it actually squirts out when you cum. You must have been really worked up, that says something for Billy if he is a good enough lover his first time to get you that hot. It was your first time wasn’t it?”

“Well it was the first time to actually do it, we kind of played around in the car a few times, and I touched him and he touched me, but we never actually had sex with his penis inside of me.”

Jean hugged her daughter and told her thanks for telling the truth, and to feel free to ask questions, and absolutely be sure to let her know if she needed any additional supplies. By then they had reached their cabin, and turned in for a good sleep.

As Julie and her mom finished tidying up the trailer, Ken pitched his pup tent a short distance from the trailer and said goodnight to Julie. Shortly they were all settled down for the night. Barbara noted that when she awoke early the next morning, Julie wasn’t in her bed and she could hear muffled sounds from the tent. With a smile, she turned over for another hour of sleep.

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