Oh! Baby!

Oh! Baby!

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Oh! Baby!

When I first looked at my niece all I could utter was, “Oh! Baby!”

Angela was everything that I had ever looked for in a young teenage girl. She was tall for her age, thin to the point of anorexia, and very shy. I had seduced a few girls like her over the years and each one had been well worth it. The very first one had been her mother.

Angela was my sister’s youngest daughter. She was almost thirteen when I saw her after being away for a few years. It was at my coming home party at my parent’s house. I was then forty years old and the new plant manager of the local lumberyard where most of my family worked. All the education and hard work had finally paid off.

Angela came running up to me, jumped into my arms, and wrapped herself around me. She was feather light, her small breasts were pressed into my chest, and her panty-covered pussy was rubbing right into my crotch. My hands were on her ass trying to hold her up but half of my hands were touching bare flesh. I turned slightly so that no one could see exactly were my hands were. I could feel my cock reacting to the smell of pussy so close to it and Angela could feel it too.

Angela whispered in my ear, “You are happy to see me too. I can feel how much.”

After she said that, I let my fingers slide down a little further. Soon all I felt in my palms was her bare butt flesh. I let my fingers graze her crotch. Her panties were wet.

Angela whispered, “You better save that for later and put me down before we draw too much attention.” She gave me a big squeeze and dropped down to the floor.

My sister Stephanie asked, “What would you do if I jumped on you like that?”

I looked at her and said, “I might drop you but come here anyway.”

Stephanie started to run at me as if she were going to jump but instead she grabbed me, turned me around, and thrust her big tits and her warm pussy into me. My hands were on her lower back but on impulse I lowered them to cup her ass cheeks through her dress and press her tighter into my now hard cock.

Stephanie whispered, “You’ve got a problem. Follow me and I’ll take care of that for you like I did when we were kids.”

Then Stephanie grabbed my hand pulling me tightly behind her and headed toward the back of our parent’s house. She took me up the back stairs to my old bedroom. Once we were inside she locked the door, told me that her bra size finally matched her age at thirty-eight, and then she pushed me back onto the bed. With lightening speed my sister freed my cock and sucked it into her mouth like she used too. Moments later I was cumming and she was swallowing. Yup, it was just like old times…I had a hair trigger. Her mouth always excited me and not just her mouth either. In my own defense it had been almost a year since I had been with anyone. Stephanie then licked it clean, put it away, and zipped me up. Then we rejoined the party.

As the evening wore on the relatives cleared out. In the end it was just Stephanie, Angela, and my parents sitting around and talking. Finally Dad said that it was past his bedtime and took Mom upstairs with him.

Stephanie waited until she felt that it was safe and then she came over to me as I sat on the couch, she lifted the front of her dress showing me that she was not wearing any panties, and then sat on my legs straddling me. She slipped her hand down between us, pulled out my cock, and slipped it into her pussy. I was amazed that she did that right in front of her daughter.

As my sister fucked herself on my cock she had Angela come over. Angela stood on the couch right next to me, lifted her skirt up to show me that she too had removed her panties, and then she pressed her fuzzy pussy into my face.

Oh! Baby!

Stephanie then quietly said, “Oh big brother I’ve waited a long time for this. I have missed the excitement of incest with you. I have told Angela all about it but she only has sisters and they only want cocks. She and I take care of our special needs but now we have you.”

Just then Angela started humping my face and cooing sweetly. She was having an orgasm. That sweet little girl triggered my climax and so I started filling her mother with cum. Apparently that set Stephanie off and we had a three-way eruption together. Stephanie slipped off me and sucked my cock into her mouth. Angela got on her back on the floor under her mother and started to clean her up. I wished her luck because I knew how much cum I had left in there.

Stephanie finished cleaning me first as I had suspected so I got on the floor between Angela’s legs and started in where I had left off. I couldn’t get enough of that sweet little pussy.

Stephanie looked back over her shoulder and said, “You can fuck her if you want too. I’ve opened her up for you with my dildo. Then you can claim that you got both of our virginities before we turned thirteen. You better hurry though because her birthday starts at midnight.”

Then I had to smile as I remembered back years ago. I had just turned fifteen the week before Stephanie turned thirteen. I had taken her virginity and given her mine after our parents had fallen asleep. I had been awake jerking off to thoughts of Stephanie coming out of the bathroom, letting her towel drop, and then walking past me to get to her bedroom. As I jerked off I decided that maybe Stephanie had done that on purpose to tease me so I snuck into her bedroom and crawled into bed with her. She had been awake, masturbating too, and waiting for me. Since she was wet and I was hard I slipped it into her. She had looked over at her alarm clock and said that in ten minutes that she would be a teenager.

So I looked up at the grandfather clock in the corner, saw that it was once again ten minutes to midnight, and then I slipped my cock into my niece Angela.

I was gentle but I was also in need of another cum. As Angela became more excited she let out soft muffled cries into her mother’s vagina. When she started to orgasm she was huffing and puffing pretty good. With her mouth clamped tightly to her mother’s pussy she was blowing into her opening causing pussy farts to escape. Stephanie just smiled back at me.

I placed my hands on Angela’s ribcage, my fingers on her erect nipples, and then I rubbed them back and forth as I fucked her. She started blowing pussy farts into her mother again as I filled her with her uncle’s cum.

That had been my third time to cum that evening and I was whipped.

The grandfather clock began to chime. Being midnight it would take awhile for it to finish striking.

Stephanie got between her daughter’s legs, said happy birthday, and started to clean her up like Angela had just done to her. I lowered my cock to Angela’s lips and she cleaned it off for me, then I sat back and watched the two of them. They had each licked my cum from the other.

I waited until they were done before I said goodnight. I had to be at work tomorrow at seven o’clock to start my first day. If I were lucky I would get all of five hours sleep…if I were very lucky. Thoughts of those two could keep me up all night…especially of Angela.

The End
Oh! Baby!

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