Oh Yes You Will

Oh Yes You Will

Oh Yes You Will

I said, “Oh yes you will!”

To which my wife replied, “Oh no I won’t! The last time you made me eat her cunt she tasted like shit, she wouldn’t eat me out, and she hadn’t cleaned her cunt for a month beforehand! I almost threw up!”

I said, “It wasn’t that bad!”

My wife replied, “Oh yes it was and you know it! You’re only doing this because she told you to! What’s up? Will she give you anal sex if you put your cock in my mouth afterwards?”

I was astonished and said, “How did you know?”

My wife said, “Woman’s intuition I guess! Besides it’s the only thing that bitch hasn’t tried yet!”

I said, “Well you’re right she did promise me her asshole in exchange!”

My wife said, “That slut just wants to humiliate me!”

I said, “So! Will you do it?”

My wife said, “Hell no! I already told you that I wouldn’t! Stop asking me!”

I said, “Will you give me anal sex if I stick my cock in her mouth afterwards?”

My wife said, “Maybe! Tell me more!”

I said, “Well what if I tell her you will do it but after I have it in her ass I just keep it there and fuck her till I cum!”

My wife said, “She’ll be pissed! She’ll never let you fuck her again!”

I said, “I don’t care! I’ve fucked her pussy plenty of times and gotten a lot of blowjobs; anal is just the icing on the cake! After that I could hardly care!”

My wife said, “So why do you want anal from me?”

I said, “Honey! I always want anal from you and you almost never give it to me!”

My wife said, “That’s because your cock is too big and it hurts!”

I said, “So will you help me get anal from her?”

My wife said, “Okay! Just to show the slut who’s the boss!”

I said, “Then as my reward for fucking her ass do I get yours?”

My wife said, “Yes, but you have to let me be in charge! I’ll want a long hot bath, plenty of K-Y Jelly, and I want to be on top! You will have to be very slow and gentle!”

I said, “Okay! You can have it your way!”

My wife said, “I want you to fuck her ass real good!”

I said, “Honey, anything you want just as long as I can have your ass too! By the way lets set a one-week deadline for you to pay up afterwards! Okay?”

My wife said, “Okay!”

I probably should tell you that my girlfriend is my wife’s younger sister. They have been very jealous of one another since they were children and very competitive. They are both married but Janet fucks me every chance she gets and makes sure that my wife knows about it too.

Over the years her husband has tried to fuck my wife but she thinks he is an asshole jerk and wouldn’t even let him feel her up. Once he grabbed her tit and she hit him over the head with a beer bottle. He needed a trip to the emergency room and ten stitches. He leaves her alone now.

Their competitiveness has paid off over the years. They have entered wet T-shirt contests, bought string thong bikinis, and even let us take them to topless beaches.

A few years ago after a New Year’s Eve party they let me take pictures of them together naked. Janet’s husband was pissed that he hadn’t brought his camera with him. He never did get any of the pictures. I told him that they accidentally got erased. In reality I still have them on several discs stored away properly and look at them occasionally. Anyway Janet and my wife undressed very sexily, danced around some, and posed for about fifty pictures before Janet mentioned making out like they did as teenagers. The next thing I knew they were making out in front of their husbands. We watched them kiss, nibble on each other’s nipples, and then eat each other’s pussies for us. They didn’t even seem to know that we were there.

When the two girls were done my wife told me to fuck Janet. I looked at her husband and he told me to go for it. He figured that after I fucked his wife he would get to fuck my wife. Big mistake! I fucked Janet that night for the first time. I liked it, Janet liked it, and my wife cheered us both on. When I came and pulled out Janet’s husband thought he would fuck my wife. He was pissed when she told him to go fuck himself. He made Janet get dressed and took her home. He didn’t talk to us until Easter when we got together at my mother-in-law’s house.

Soon after that Janet started coming over to my house when my wife was out and letting me fuck her. Afterwards Janet would call my wife and ask her if she had found her panties that she had left under our bed or in other places. Janet could be cruel!

Anyway, all I had to do was call Janet and tell her that it was all set for the anal thing and she came right over. At my wife’s request I had set up the DVD recorder in our bedroom and hit record when Janet’s car pulled into the driveway.

When Janet entered our house she embraced my wife and said, “So we are doing a three-way again?”

My wife said, “Yes! I reluctantly gave in! Why?”

Smiling broadly Janet said, “Oh nothing! I’ve been very excited lately and asked him if we could include you!”

My wife said, “I hear you’re going to give him anal sex tonight!”

Janet smiled again and said, “That’s right!”

I told the two girls that I was getting excited and that I wanted to get started. They went up to the master bedroom and started to undress for me. I stopped them and had my wife undress her sister first then I had Janet undress my wife.

My wife and I had talked out a scenario that we expected to follow. I had both girls sit on the bed naked and I stood before my wife. I told her to suck my cock and get it all wet then I took it over to Janet and had her suck my cock clean and dry. Then I had Janet get it all wet and had my wife suck my cock all clean and dry. Next I fucked my wife’s pussy for a minute and had Janet suck my cock clean and dry. I fucked Janet’s pussy for a minute then had my wife suck my cock clean and dry.

Next I had my wife stand up next to the bed, turn around, and then lean over it.

I asked, “Do you want any K-Y Jelly?”

She replied, “No! I want it raw and natural when you make Janet suck it clean!”

With that I slipped the head of my cock just inside my wife’s asshole. I moved it around for a minute then took it out. I walked over to Janet who had been sitting there watching the whole time. She opened her mouth and let me slip my cock in. Janet sucked my cock clean and dry as before.

Then it was Janet’s turn to stand up, turn around, and leaned over the bed for me.

I asked, “Do you want any K-Y Jelly?”

Janet replied, “No! I want it natural when you make her suck it clean!”

So I spread her ass cheeks and placed the head of my cock right up against her tightly puckered asshole. Without any further hesitation I pressed into her but found a lot of resistance. She was fighting me so I pushed harder and harder until her sphincter muscle gave way and allowed not only the head of my cock into her but half the length of my shaft too.

Janet said, “Ouch! That hurts really badly! Pull it out!”

My wife, “Oh no you don’t! His cock had to stay inside my ass for a full minute! Stick it out bitch!”

I just left it in and held onto her hips firmly. In that standing position with her knees up against the mattress she couldn’t pull away from me. She relaxed as much as she could but I knew that she wasn’t enjoying this. She was however thinking about me pulling it out and forcing her sister to eat her shit. Like she herself had just done.

As the full minute came to pass instead of pulling out I forced the other half of my cock into her rectum. She screamed out and fell forward onto the bed with my cock still buried totally in her asshole.

Janet said, “That’s not right! You promised to make your wife suck my shit off your cock!”

My wife said, “Too bad Janet! I made him a better deal! You’re going to get your ass reamed well!”

I just kept fucking Janet’s ass. She cried for a while, begged for mercy, and finally just resigned herself to tolerate it. I slowed down every now and then so as not to get too excited. I really didn’t want to have this end too quickly. My wife smiled at me knowing that I was stretching this out just as long as I could. Janet didn’t know it but my wife had sucked me off three times before this evening started. In other words I was damn lucky to get an erection let alone cum right away. After an unbelievably long period of time I finally came in my sister-in-law’s ass.

As I pulled my cock out of her ass I flipped Janet over, moved up her body, and slipped my shitty cock into her mouth. I don’t think she was even aware of what she was doing as she sucked it clean and dry.

My wife said, “So bitch what do you think now?”

Janet said, “Well I sure didn’t expect to have the tables turned on me but all in all it wasn’t that bad! At first it hurt like hell, then it started to burn a little, and then if sort of calmed down!”

My wife said, “You must have relaxed!”

Janet said, “I think you’re right! It did get better when I realized that it wasn’t going to end quickly and resigned myself to be your anal fuck buddy!”

My wife said, “You may not know this but he was butt fucking you for thirty-two minutes!”

Janet said, “Oh my God!”

I asked, “Would you let me do it again sometime?”

Janet said, “Maybe! I should wait and see how bad it is when I take a shit!”

My wife laughed and said, “Hey Janet I think we should stop acting like children! We both like my husband better than your husband so why not work together to keep him completely satisfied!”

Janet said, “That sounds like a great idea! However I still have to fuck my husband occasionally too!”

My wife laughed and said, “I would help you but I just can’t stand it when he touches me!”

Janet laughed and said, “Neither can I anymore!”

I jumped in and said, “Janet you can leave him and move in here with us!”

My wife said, “Yes! That’s a great idea! Please do!”

Janet said, “You’re right! It is a good idea! Can I spend tonight in your bed?”

I looked at my wife and then said, “Sure!”

The End
Oh Yes You Will

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