On The Beach_(0)

On The Beach_(0)

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On The Beach

It was a holiday, it was Memorial Day and my daughter didn’t have to go to school and I didn’t have to go to work, so I took her to the beach. She had just hit me up for a new bathing suit anyway so I might as well get to see the damn thing on her.

When we got to the beach she went in to change. Quite a while later she emerged. For Christ’s sake girl put some clothes on, was all that came to mind. Then I took a good look at my fifteen-year-old daughter in that tiny, small, little, microscopic, minuscule string bikini. I had suggested two Band-Aids and a shoelace before but I really didn’t expect her to do it. As I looked at her with my mouth open she just laughed at me and told me to suck it up. Suck it up? It was more like a string-less bikini.

There were two round pasties covering her areolas and nipples. There were no strings at all holding them on. She informed me that they were glued on. I looked at her crotch and again there were no strings holding anything up. She then informed me that there was a U-shaped spring wire holding the lower triangle on and that the front end was Y-shaped to stretch the material out to cover her slit. Apparently the other end of the U was up her ass crack because nothing showed what so ever from behind. Swear to God, she looked completely naked from behind. Not that very much was covered from the front either. Then not that it really mattered but she told me that she had used my razor to shave off all of her pubic hair too.

So there was my beautiful well-developed fifteen-year-old daughter practically naked on the beach wearing only pasties and a wire over her slit. That was when I noticed that I had just about the largest erection that I had ever had in my life. My daughter noticed it too and giggled. Then she said, “Thanks dad, now I know I made the right choice.” Right choice my ass I wanted to throw her down and fuck her silly right there in the sand.

So I followed her as she looked for the perfect spot to set up our umbrella and lay out our blanket. She walked through a bunch of people to a spot, then turned around a couple of times, before she told me that I could put the stuff down. Thank God! It was starting to get heavy. I sat up the large umbrella to provide us with some shade, and then I set up my low lounge chair, and pulled the cooler closer to me. Meanwhile Cynthia spread out her blanket and attracted everyone’s attention when she bent over and twisted showing off everything that she had to offer. Everything never looked any better either. Her breasts were a C-cup and quite magnificent, her belly was flat, and her ass had just the perfect roundness to it.

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of her with my digital camera. Cynthia smiled and asked me to take a lot more pictures of her and said that it made her feel even sexier knowing that she was almost naked in public and that it excited me. She enjoyed exciting me…how was I supposed to feel about that? Hell she was my own daughter. I had never thought about her in that way before. However right then I couldn’t think about her in any other way. Like every man and teenage boy on that beach, I wanted to fuck her so badly that I couldn’t stand up without being embarrassed. As I looked around every male on the beach was looking at her but none of them were standing up either. Most of the women were looking at her too and they either hated her for upstaging them in her outfit or they wanted to know where she had purchased it. I felt that very few of them actually wanted to buy an outfit like that and that probably none of them would have the guts to wear it in public. Cynthia sure did and she looked great in it too.

Cynthia started posing for me in the most provocative ways possible. My favorite was when she turned her ass to me, spread her feet wide, and bent over to grab her ankles. In that position I could see both of her upside down breasts, her beautiful round face, and that shiny stainless steel wire poking right into her asshole. Damn that was sexy!

Another pose that excited me a lot was when she faced me, spread her feet, and bent over backwards until her hands were flat on the sand. That forced her pussy mound up into the air nicely. That Y-shaped wire ran up both sides of her pussy providing just the right amount of coverage for her slit. As I zoomed in on that love mound I could see that she had shaved it clean. I could also see that her own pussy juices had dampened the small triangle of material.

Cynthia walked to the water’s edge to get wet up to her knees and then came back to me several times just to show off her fantastic body and to parade around for the boys. The jerks never made a move on her. They probably couldn’t hide their erections well enough to stand up and approach her. God knows that I had the same problem myself.

Just as I started to think that I had my problem under control Cynthia asked me to apply some sun block to her entire body explaining that she didn’t want to get her hands all oily. So I actually touched every square inch of her almost nude body except the one square inch covering each of her nipples and about three square inches that covered her pussy slit. I enjoyed cupping her breasts and slipping my hand over her smooth ass cheeks. She even smiled at me as she squatted down so that I could rub oil up around her tiny pussy covering and then up the crack of her ass. I ran my finger up along the wire right to her puckered asshole. Cynthia cooed as I massaged it, so I applied a little more oil to her asshole and then slipped my middle finger up into it to the first knuckle. That was when Cynthia told me that she absolutely loved my finger in her ass and that she would love to try anal sex with me sometime.

As I watched my beautiful daughter lay on her towel in the sun to get a tan I drank an ice-cold soda. I even sat the bottle between my legs to cool myself off. Watching Cynthia just heated me back up so it wasn’t really worth freezing my balls in the first place. Then she rolled over onto her back. If her ass made me that hot you can just imagine what her front did for me. Looking at that smooth pubic mound and at her heaving breasts as she breathed just bothered the hell out of me.

When she was finally ready to leave the beach, I was all in favor of it. We packed up and headed to the car. Cynthia did not change back into her street clothes for the ride home either. I could hardly take my eyes off her body as I drove.

Inside the house Cynthia was still not in any hurry to get dressed. Then she asked me to help her get her pasties off. Apparently she needed fingernail polish remover poked in between her areolas and her pasties with a Q-tip. I knew that she could do it by herself but if she wanted me to do it for her I was all for that too. I would get to play around with her breasts and see her nipples at the same time. I really liked that idea.

So I spent most of the next hour playing with her pasties and hoping that they wouldn’t fall off too quickly. When the first one fell off I got to look at her nipple very closely. The more I looked at it the more I wanted to suck on it. When the second pasty fell off I did just that, I sucked it into my mouth. I didn’t even care about the taste of the polish remover I just wanted her nipple in my mouth. Cynthia let me enjoy her nipples for as long as I wanted too. Then she suggested that I remove her so-called bikini bottom.

Cynthia sat on the edge of the couch and lifted her feet up onto my shoulders as I knelt between her legs. I pulled at the top of the Y that covered her pussy and then I slipped the other end out of her asshole. Her pussy was actually dripping her love juices down onto her asshole. I used my finger to poke a good supply of it into her asshole. That time I didn’t stop when I got to the first knuckle. Cynthia enjoyed each and every knuckle as it penetrated her sphincter orifice. As more of her pussy secretions coated my finger I slipped it in further until I had no more finger left to offer her. Cynthia started begging for me to go deeper and deeper but I couldn’t, not using my finger anyway. So I replaced my finger with my eager cock. When I popped the head just inside her anal opening I thought that she would want me to stop and remove it but instead she actually liked it and she wanted more of it. I slowly slipped my rigid cock in and out, fucking her rectum with deeper and deeper thrusts as I went. Finally I was balls deep in her ass and I was slapping her with my balls as I fucking into her tight poop chute. I just loved it and so did Cynthia. It was my very first anal fuck and as she pointed out later it was hers too. Cumming inside her body was the perfect end to that day of torment.

Cynthia told me that I had been her main target all that time. She had done everything on the beach that she could to get to me and it worked. Cynthia was sorry that anal sex was the only virginity that she had left to offer me.

She told me all about loosing her oral virginity to a boy in the fifth grade that never really appreciated it. Oh he liked the blowjob all right but he just never understood that he could have had more if he had just been nicer to her afterwards. Instead he turned into a real jerk and treated her like a slut instead of a girlfriend. For an eleven year old girl that was kind of devastating. Fortunately we moved into a different school district the following year.

Then about three months before our day at the beach Cynthia and her girlfriend Stacey had let Stacey’s brother and two of his friends fuck them one night. The girls were both Freshmen in high school and in the ninth grade while the boys were all eighteen-year-old Seniors and in the twelfth grade. Those older boys treated them very nicely and never told anyone about fucking them. The girls had let those three boys fuck them quite often after that. Cynthia had even kept score and it had been over a hundred fucks in the past twelve weeks, one hundred and seventeen to be exact. That’s almost ten fucks a week.

Then right out of the blue, Cynthia asked me if I wanted to have anal sex with Stacey. She said that she had given her virginity to Stacey’s brother and that Stacey now had to give me her virgin ass if I wanted it. I had watched Stacey grow up too and you bet your sweet ass that I wanted to fuck her in any hole that she would let me. I felt very lucky to have two virgin assholes to fuck during my first two anal adventures.

Cynthia gave Stacey a call and she came right over.

The End
On The Beach

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