Painted Student

Painted Student

Painted Student

Lunch time in the refectory can be hectic. Students and staff share the same facilities, queuing for hot meals or panini’s and coffee. It isn’t the largest room in the college so, the tables and chairs can become precious, especially when they are pulled out of their serried ranks into group patterns so friends can socialise while they eat.

Today was just like any other at lunch; hectic. The place heaved with a mass of young people whose voices joined in a cacophony of noise. The smell of food being cooked and coffee wafted on a warm breeze that circulated the canteen.

The scrape of a chair on the herring-bone parquet flooring drew a glance from me, focusing my attention for a brief moment and bringing me back from the worries of the day that played on my mind. It was then that I noticed the student standing in front of me. She was quite tall and had an open backed top on. The large vee shape held together by thin strands of the same material as the top. It wasn’t that her skin that was visible that drew my attention though, it was a tattoo that covered her shoulder blade on the right and continued all the way down her spine, disappearing at the waist band of her jeans. I couldn’t see the entire tattoo, but enough to make out that it was of a dragon, in the Chinese style of a wyrm. The scales had been inked in with a delicate touch of fine green lines and the whole thing seemed to ripple as she moved.

“Great tattoo.” I said to her, thinking that she would like the compliment.

“Thanks, it’s my own design.” She had turned to face me as she answered. The girl was striking in looks, not pretty as such, her nose was too aquiline to be considered beautiful, but striking with the clearest green eyes shining from carefully made up eyelashes. “Would you like to see the rest?”

“Sure, that would be nice.” I answered, not thinking that it could be too dangerous.

“Where do I find you?” Her steady, direct gaze was a little unsettling.

“Room B07 in the Facilities Department.”

“Okay.” She turned back and then was gone as soon as she had been served.

I didn’t think anything more about it. The day wore on, an endless succession of meetings and departmental issues that a senior Manager has to deal with in a quite large college in the centre of London. In fact, the episode passed from memory over the next few days, it wasn’t until nearly a week later that the memory came back suddenly.

A knock at the door had me calling for the person to enter. I was deeply engrossed in some architecture drawings, trying to work out the logistics of room moves during the summer break. She coughed, one of those hello, I’m here coughs. I looked up, but didn’t recognise her, my only previous sight had been the profile of her face as she spoke to me and of course, the exposed part of her back.

“Can I help you?”

“You wanted to see my tattoo remember?” I think she might have coloured her hair since I saw her last. Now it was a shocking green at the tips, almost day glow in intensity and brightness, with a black base.

“Oh! Sorry, I didn’t recognise you, you look different.”

“Yeah, had my hair done. I’m Jade by the way.” She turned and flipped the snib-lock to my office door and yanked the blind down. “So…” She said turning back and slipping off her tee-shirt off of her shoulders. “…my tattoo.”

She clutched the garment to her small, bra-less breasts and stood in the middle of my office looking straight at me, almost defiantly. I could see, what obviously the tail of the wyrm was, start at the hollow of her throat, before it passed around her neck and over her right shoulder. To see the rest, I had to get up and walk around her. It continued over her shoulder with the body of the thin dragon, going diagonally over her shoulder blade and on down her spine. Its back legs spayed at just below her blades and disappeared around her narrow frame, under her arm pits to the front, still covered by her tee-shirt, still clutched to her breasts.

The front legs of the beast, also splayed, travelled around to her front at waist height as if holding onto her. The neck was only partially visible as it went over her hip, covered by the low waist band of her hip high jeans. The detail of the animal was incredible, every scale depicted in green lines that flowed and rippled as she moved.

“Superb! What I can see of it is absolutely superb.” I meant it too.

She pulled her top off over her head to show me how the hind legs came around her body to end in clawed feet, clutching her breasts, one to each foot. The art work cleverly gave the impression that the talons were pricking into her skin. Somehow, the artist had shaded around the points of the talons as if her breasts were being punctured. It was a really clever effect.

Jade turned her back to me, undoing the button of her jeans and pulling them down. I could see the whole of the dragon now, how the front legs circled her waist and clasp at her navel as if holding on. The neck of the beast continued at an angle over her buttock and around her thigh, the head hidden from view, but a good guess told me where it would be. I wasn’t wrong. Jade turned back to face me and indeed, the head came to her sex. The eyes of the long thin face looked back at me balefully. Nostrils pink and flared with small scales around the edge added to the fine detail of its head. The snout did indeed, finish at her sex, the mouth her opening. But, it didn’t stop there; flames had been tattooed down the inside of her thighs for about eight inches as if being spat out by the dragon.

As a piece of artwork, it was incredible. The fact that it had been done, over living skin, made it appear all the more alive and to flow sinuously as she moved and her skin flexed over her muscles. The scales decreased in size as they neared the head but, increased in number. Clever shading gave the animal a three dimensional effect. She stood, seemingly unconcerned as I walked around her so I could catch the whole thing. Her nakedness gave her no embarrassment and I suppose my words of praise might have helped.

It wasn’t until I had really looked closely that I wondered what it would be like, making love to her with this fantastic tattoo, how it might move and appear to be alive. Once thought, the idea wouldn’t go away. I wanted to touch her skin, run my fingers over the colours and trace the outlines. Suddenly, I was almost desperate to run my tongue over her inner thighs, to taste her, to have her, in my hands, writhing in the throes of passion.

For the first time in my career in education, a student had got to me. Until that moment, I had seen hundreds, thousands of young women in various states of dress, looks and personalities, none had so much as raised a glimmer of interest in me, but here, right at this moment, this girl of seventeen or eighteen, was standing in my office, her jeans and panties around her knees and nothing else on other than a splendid covering of ink,

I was desperate to touch, taste and bring her to orgasm. I desperately wanted to bury my self in her and I wanted oh so much to see that wrym writhe as I fucked it in the mouth.

And then, I did the unforgivable. Standing behind her, my finger snaked out as if of its own volition and a nail traced over the scales of the beast as it passed between her shoulder blades. She shivered a little at the touch, but stayed standing with her hands locked behind her head. The finger nail followed the outlines of the dragon’s torso until it reached the forelegs. This errant cuticle deviated and traced out the foreleg that wrapped around her middle. It meant that I had to shift sideways, but that was okay. I followed the leg until it got to the taloned foot. I almost stabbed her with the nail at the point where the clever shading made it look like her skin was being pierced. She flinched and gasped, but held firm.

Her nipples hardened, darkened in colour and pointed straight at me. Her breasts were quite small, but her nipples made up for the lack of bulbous flesh and tissue, being quite large in proportion and very responsive.

The finger nail continued on its errant way as if redrawing the wrym on her soft white skin. I snagged a nipple, scratching slightly. It hardened even more and became darker. Jade gasped softly and shivered. I hoped it was because she liked what I was doing.

“Sit on the table.” My meeting table was clear for a change. She backed up and perched on the edge, her knees together, jeans and panties had been kicked off. I could smell her perfume, something soft and alluring.

I had to kiss this dragon, kiss it like I was French kissing the beast. I knelt on the floor so that its eyes were level with mine. I hadn’t noticed that she was clean shaven until that point. It made the detail of the tattoo so much sharper in contrast to her skin. Gently, I pushed her knees apart and ran my tongue over the flames of her inner thigh. She tasted delicious. I could have eaten her, but instead, poked out my tongue and buried it in her snatch, right into the mouth of the beast.

Jade squirmed and wriggled a little so her ass was on the very edge of the table. Her legs parted and the tattooed mouth of the dragon opened, waiting for my tongue. The heat from the gaping maul of the beast was intense. She tasted wonderful, a little feminine cleanser had been used some time ago, it gave a delicate flavour to her sex that was unexpected. I set about licking and sucking on her, shoving my tongue as deeply as it would go. Drawing her lips into my mouth and gently nibbling on her clit. The effect it had was gorgeous. Her breathing became rapid. Her knees came up, opening her to me even more. Her hands, instead of supporting her, grasped the back of my head and forced me onto her painted cunt. I became lost in her folds. My nose ground into her pubis, even teeth made contact as she tried to cram herself into my mouth. I know she was shouting something, but my concentration was too occupied to her what it was.

And then, she went rigid for a second as her orgasm rippled through her. Her taste was simply sublime, her essence liberally coated my tongue and taste buds as I swallowed her fluids.

Shakily, I stood up and made a sign for her to roll over. It was time for that dragon to have its face fucked before my raging erection became too painful. She lay face down on the table, her legs splayed and resting tip toed on the carpeted floor.

Normally, I would spend time touching and licking, but I was desperate to enter her, desperate to see how the dragon would writhe as I fucked into it. I just slid straight into her sex, straight to the hilt and as a desperate man will, began fucking her in a frenzy.

The Wrym did move, in sinuous ripples, as she swayed from side to side and her ass rose and fell from the force of my fucking her. The effect was mesmerising, taking the urgency of blasting my seed into her away. Watching how the scales oscillated and moved was fascinating, the reverse of a snake charming scene where the charmer is enchanted and the snake isn’t. It served to prolong the point of my release.

But, all good things must come to an end and even semi-aware, the point of my release was imminent. I was about to fill the dragons mouth with my cum. Then I realised, a stray thought, that I hadn’t used any protection. It saved me from blasting my load into her belly and possibly landing me with a paternity suite. Quickly I pulled out and urged her to turn over. Lithely, she spun around and grasped my cock in her small hands and began to rub it with rapid, but gentle strokes. Jade aimed it at her tits and was rewarded with a solid blast of jizz that hit her under her chin, and then another, over her chest and then another blast that she managed to catch on her tongue and all the following mini-ripples as my orgasm receded.

My cum dribbled wetly down from her lips and dripped onto her small breasts where she rubbed it in until her skin had absorbed it.

“I guess you really liked my tattoo.” She commented as she pulled her clothing back on “And, for an old bloke, you sure shot a load. Have you been saving it up for a special occasion?”

I just grinned, too unsure of quite what to say and suddenly knowing that I had put myself into a terrible position. If she spoke about it at all, my career was finished.

“Anyway, thanks for a lovely time and I’m pleased you like the tattoo.” She turned to leave, heading for the door.

“Um… Please keep this to yourself. I would lose my job if it got out.” I hated pleading, but it had to be said.

“Oh!” She said. “Don’t worry about that, just so long as you make it once a week, I am sure the dragon will stay quiet.”

And, with that, she was gone.

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