Pam Wants Sex

Pam Wants Sex

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Pam Wants Sex

When Pam asked me if I found her sexually attractive I sure did and I told her so too. At sixty-four years old she was really cute and at sixty-one years old I sure wanted her sexually. She was a little shorter than I was at about five feet five inches tall and she was a little overweight too, as we all are.

I asked Pam what she was getting at and she told me that she was so horny that she could not stand it a minute longer. I told her that I would be happy to help her out but wondered why her husband wasn’t taking care of her. Pam told me that he couldn’t get a hard-on anymore, he wouldn’t give her or any woman oral sex, and that his doctor said that Viagra could kill him.

So I asked her if he would get upset if I helped her out sexually. Pam said that we didn’t have to tell him because he would rather not know about it. I told her that I would probably tell my wife about it because we don’t keep secrets like that from one another. Pam said that it would be okay with her if my wife knew, as long as she didn’t object. It seems that Pam really wanted sex and she had asked me to be her partner.

Pam’s husband was on the porch with my father when we went out so Pam told her husband that she was going to show me her house and some of her projects and then she invited my wife Carol to come along too.

We had just barely gotten out of hearing range when Pam told my wife how horny she was and how much she needed sex, then she asked Carol if she could borrow me for a few minutes. My wife laughed at her and said that she would consider it a favor. As we walked, my wife told Pam that I was a sex maniac, that she could hardly keep me satisfied, and that she would very much appreciate any help that Pam could give her. Then my wife warned Pam that it might take a little longer than just a few minutes with me. Pam lit up and smiled.

As we entered her house Pam suggested that she start by showing us her bedroom first. She entered, walked over to her bed, and then she turned around to face us. Pam asked what we should do first and asked Carol if she was going to join us. Carol replied that she had joined me with other women before and told Pam that I like to poke two women at once. Pam asked how I could manage to poke two women at the same time. I replied that I could poke my cock into one, my finger into the other, and my tongue into a third woman if the need ever arose. Carol told Pam that usually I just poked my cock into one woman’s pussy then into the other woman’s pussy and back and forth until I had enough excitement to cum in one of them. Pam smiled and said that she wanted to be poked with my cock…and just as soon as possible too.

I reached out and grabbed a hold of the bottom of her top pulling it up. She lifted her arms to cooperate with me. I pulled it up and over her head, then tossed it into a corner. I pulled her breasts tightly into my chest and then reached behind her unhooking her bra. As I backed up Pam lowered her arms so that I could pull the bra straps over her shoulders, pull the bra cups off from her breasts, and then toss it into the corner too. Next I reached for the waistband of her shorts. I managed to tuck my thumbs into her panties too and dropped everything to her ankles in one motion. Pam stepped out of them and I tossed them into the corner with the rest of her clothes. My wife was nude too by then so I just removed my clothes and got on the bed as the two naked women climbed on too.

Pam pleaded with me, “Just stick it in me. Now! Please!”

Pam then turned around with her ass facing me. She was on her hands and knees as I got up close behind her to insert my cock into her pussy. Just then Pam dropped her face down into my wife’s crotch and started licking her pussy. That was a first for my wife since all the other times the two women never touched one another any more than was necessary. I found it very exciting to watch my wife’s eyes roll back into her head and her lips purse into an “O” as she started to puff. As I thrust into Pam I watched my wife’s expression change. The more violent I was fucking Pam the more my wife seemed to enjoy it too. Pam was just the center of me making love to my own wife. I was definitely in control. I thrust and Pam thrust. I shoved my cock into her deeper and she shoved her tongue into my wife deeper. Then all of a sudden I started to reach my climax, Pam started to reach her orgasm, and my wife was already into her orgasm and it was a good one too. Just as Carol started to reside from hers Pam was climbing to her peek as I emptied my nuts into her womb. It was absolutely spectacular to watch and especially to be a part of.

Pam said, “Oh God I needed that. Carol did I do it right? You are my first woman and I hope I was as good as the rest.”

Carol replied, “You were fantastic but no woman has ever done that to me before…only men.”

Pam blushed and said, “Oh I’m sorry. I thought that was what you expected in return for your husband’s cock.”

Carol replied, “I’m not sorry in the least. I absolutely loved it. In fact I just might return the favor and I have never done that before either…not to a woman anyway.”

Then Pam turned to me and thanked me over and over again for giving her some of the best sexual relief that she had ever had. I kissed her passionately tasting my wife’s juices on her lips and then I told her that I wasn’t done yet. That sure put a smile on her face.

When I started to nibble on Pan’s clit my wife joined me and ate my left over cum from her pussy. We took turns eating Pam and kissing one another. We had never shared a woman like that before and it excited us both. After a while we both went up to her full sagging breasts and help ourselves to one each. My wife knew what she liked me to do to her and she did the same thing to Pam. Pam loved all of the attention and wanted to suck my cock. Apparently she had never wanted to suck her husband’s cock before but she wanted to return the favor that I was giving her.

After a while I got on top of Pam, pushed my knees between her legs, and thrust my cock into her again. As I fucked Pam my wife played with her big tits and kissed her on the lips. Something else that I had never seen my wife do. Watching my wife making out with Pam excited me to the brink of climax. It had a similar effect on Pam too. So we hit a mutual high at the same time. Unbeknownst to me Pam had been fingering my wife’s clit and she joined us again in a three-way eruption.

As we collapsed onto the bed and regained our composure Pan asked, “Are you done now?”

My wife laughed and I said, “Yes, for the time being.”

Pam said, “I want to thank you both for a wonderful experience. I hope we can do this again sometime.”

My wife said, “How about once a week?”

Pam looked at me and just smiled. Then she kissed my wife on the lips and thanked her for sharing her husband.

My wife said, “No, thank you. Honestly this is what I have to put up with every night.”

Pam said, “Every night.”

My wife said, “I used to get a few days off each month but once I went through menopause it became every night. Why don’t you come over every other night for a while and help me out?”

The End
Pam Wants Sex

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