Parking Ticket

Parking Ticket

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Parking Ticket

I’m sort of a rent-a-cop for Handicap Parking spaces. I was hired to patrol various parking lots and look for illegally parked cars in handicap parking and in fire lanes. I don’t find too many but when I do I get ten dollars when the person pays the fine. I might write out two or three tickets a month but around Christmas time everyone wants to park illegally rather than walk a few extra feet. This was one of those occasions.

I was coming out of Wal-Mart. That in it self lets you know the mentality of the driver. Everybody on a fixed income, welfare, or just plain fat seems to shop there. I am the former, on a fixed income.

As I came out of the store I saw a car parked along the walkway where the curb was painted red. As I looked around I saw that there was a parking spot just in four places and a whole lot more in about ten spaces. Clearly the driver didn’t give a shit.

As I was slipping the ticket under the windshield wiper blade, two women came running out of the store toward me. One was carrying a small bicycle, the trunk popped open, and the bike was tossed in. Then they saw me, slammed the trunk closed, and started for me.

The driver started to argue with me about the ticket saying that she had only been in the store a couple of minutes and that she was leaving. I just smiled at her, removed the ticket from under her windshield wiper blade, and handed her the ticket. That put her over the edge and she started shouting obscenities at me at the top of her lungs.

As I started to walk away I was dialing ‘nine one one’ on my cell phone. I didn’t have to take that shit from her. The woman that had been carrying the bicycle approached me and begged me to hang up my phone and listen to her. Then she asked me if I was Samantha’s father. She then told me that she was Tabatha a friend of my daughter’s back when they were both in high school. She had certainly changed since high school.

I gave Tabatha the once over. I started to recognize who she was. I remembered that she was my daughter’s age and that she had been the school slut while they were in high school. I also remembered wanting to fuck her myself and that in fact I had. I remembered fucking her just once when she spent the night at our house and had gotten drunk on my beer. My daughter had also gotten drunk but I didn’t fuck her, I just let her sleep. Tabatha was eighteen at the time and she hadn’t object when I fucked her while she was lying in bed next to my daughter. They had both gotten drunk the night before their senior prom and I just couldn’t resist taking advantage of Tabatha. I was sorry that I had never gotten another opportunity to fuck her after that.

As if she could read my mind Tabatha said, “You can fuck me again if you tear up that ticket. My friend cannot get another parking ticket or her husband will freak out.”

I said, “Just pay it then and don’t tell him.”

Tabatha replied, “She can’t. He is the Town Judge. Suppose I let you fuck me as often as you want too? Will you make that ticket go away then?”

I smiled at her and walked back to the other woman holding the ticket. I took it from her, turned it over, and then handed Tabatha my pen. She wrote her married name and her cell phone number on it. It also said to call her between nine and three. She explained to me that she was married and that she had three children in school. Then I smiled as I watched the women drive off.

The very next morning I called Tabatha at nine o’clock on the dot. She was laughing as she said hello and then she asked me if I was at home. When I told her that I was she said that she would be right over.

I was drinking a big glass of grapefruit juice when Tabatha pulled into the driveway and got out of her car. She just walked up to my kitchen door, opened it, and walked right in.

She was dressed to kill and she could certainly give me a heart attack. Being a sixty years old man, a sexy thirty-four-year-old woman like Tabatha really could kill me. She had on a skimpy tight black miniskirt, a loose white blouse with just one button connected between her breasts, and her sexy lacy red bra was showing just enough to be intriguing. I could imagine her wearing the matching red panties and that excited me too. Then to top it all off she had on a pair of red fuck-me pumps.

Tabatha walked across the room, leaned over showing me her cleavage, and then she kissed me. It was a quick peck on the lips then she sat down next to me. Soon her hand was on my knee and heading straight for my crotch.

With her hand massaging my cock she asked, “So when do you want to fuck me. I’m all yours until two o’clock then I have to go home and be there for my kids.”

I asked about her children and she answered, “Well I have three, two girls, and a boy. My husband wouldn’t quit until he got his son. My oldest daughter is almost sixteen, the next one is fourteen, and my son is twelve years old.”

“When did you get married?” I asked.

“When I was eight months pregnant for my second child.” She replied.

I had nothing to say so she continued, “He wasn’t sure that he really wanted to marry me. Now I wish that he hadn’t.”

“Things aren’t going well at home?” I asked.

“Not really. In fact they never have. He was really pissed at our high school graduation when I told him that I had missed my period. He accused me of fucking other guys and said that it wasn’t his child. I assured him that it was but now I don’t know.” She said.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” I asked.

She replied, “Well you fucked me the night before our senior prom and he fucked me the night of the prom. Then I missed my period. Julie looks like me but acts like you while Amber looks like me but acts like my husband. He can be a real asshole. Then there is my son Thomas, he is an asshole just like his father is.”

Shocked I asked, “So you think that Julie might be my daughter?”

She smiled and said, “I don’t know if she is yours or not. I just like to think that she is. I can still remember that night as if it were yesterday. It was the ultimate climax of a very long love affair that I with you since I was about twelve years old.”

“Wow. I don’t know what to say.” I replied.

“Don’t say anything just make love to me, ravish me, fuck my brains out. You are all I can think of since I saw you yesterday. I’m all juiced up and begging for it. I warn you though, I’m a screamer and a creamer when I’m with the right man. The problem is my husband isn’t the right man.” She rattled on.

“Sucks to be him. So he can’t ring your bell?” I asked.

“Ring my bell? He can’t even find the bell tower.” She laughed.

“You guys don’t make love anymore?” I asked.

“Make love? Shit! All he ever did was fuck me and he hasn’t even done that in a long time.” She said.

I simply took her hand and started to lead her up to my bedroom. She looked radiant. She was glowing like the young schoolgirl that I remembered. As we entered my bedroom I turned to face her and then I kissed her. It was certainly no peck on the cheek either. I crushed her breasts into my chest, my lips into her lips, and my crotch into her crotch too. I hadn’t been that hard in years.

She said, “If it maters, you were only my third lover. My husband was my forth. I had a bad reputation but I was not the slut that everyone thought that I was. I just let two very outspoken boys fuck me once each. Jimmy got my cherry and then he told everyone in school all about fucking me under the bleachers during a basketball game. It was a whole year later before I let another boy fuck me and then he too told everyone in school all about it. We did it on his living room couch with his parents right upstairs in their bed. Again about a year later you were the best and you didn’t tell anyone, not even your daughter. So the next night after the prom I let my husband fuck me up against the wall in the boy’s bathroom with four of his buddies watching and cheering him on. It was humiliating when he finished fucking me and then he lifted up the front of my dress so that his buddies could see his cum dripping out of my pussy. They all cheered and wanted to go next. Fortunately he said, ‘No’ to them. Then I missed my next period.”

I said, “But you have three children now and have been married for a while.”

“Yeah, right. He has also had a long string of girlfriends too. He likes them between sixteen and eighteen years old. He even likes to bring them home and introduce them to me. He fucks them right in our bed. Then at least once with each of his girlfriends I have to join them in a threesome and suck his cock after he cums in them. Then I have to pose nude with each girl for pictures too.” She said.

I smiled and said, “I’d love to see those pictures.”

“You can have them if you can ring my bell.” Tabatha replied.

With that challenge I kissed her again. Then I slowly undressed her. Tabatha was in pretty good shape for a mother of three. I hefted her full heavy breasts, I kissed her light stretch marks, and then I buried my face in her well-trimmed bush. She staggered back and collapsed on my bed, opening her legs up for me. I kept my face right there and ate her pussy like a madman. It was my first in several years. I hadn’t dated much since my wife died in an automobile accident when our daughter was ten years old.

As I tried to get my tongue inside her love hole my nose was massaging her clitoris. My chin was scratching her exposed asshole even though I had just shaved an hour or so beforehand. Tabatha was flat on her back holding her knees up and out for me. I just feasted on her womanhood. Her juices flowed quite freely and it tasted oh so good. Her aroma wafted up to my nostrils and excited my brain. That in turn sent blood to my cock, more blood than it had in years. It was actually throbbing in pain. All I could logically do was relieve that pain by sticking my cock in her. I got up and had to lean over pretty far to get that rigid piece of meat to line up with her love hole. In it went without any ceremony at all. I felt instant pleasure and she let out a slight gasp. As I started to fuck into her my cock was forcibly sliding itself up along the top surface of her tunnel. I must have been rubbing her G-spot with the head of my cock because she went absolutely berserk. Her arms wrapped around my neck, her legs wrapped around my waist, and her pelvis jack hammered up into me on high speed. Her big breasts heaved, her breathing became erratic, and she started to orgasm. It must have started in her toes and built up speed because I swear that I felt it pass along my cock on it’s way to her mouth. Then she truly became a screamer and a creamer. I just held on for the ride. Tabatha hit her high note and then slid into a coma. Actually it was an orgasmic bliss.

However I hadn’t cum yet so I kept stroking my cock into her. I had been holding her knees up around my chest so eventually I placed her feet on my shoulders so that I could slam into her deeper. It worked out nicely too. When my balls started to boil I slammed into her ass cheeks ramming the head of my cock into her cervix and causing her eyes to fly open. As I shot one gob of cum after another into her womb Tabatha reached her second orgasm. That time her scream took on a whole new sound as I rammed her. It sounded like a yodel as we climaxed together. A smile came to my face as I finished cumming inside of her.

“Oh God that was great. I have never had a twin orgasm before. In fact I have only been able to scream once before, but never like that.” She said.

“Give me a couple of hours and I think I can top it.” I replied.

“I’m not going anywhere.” She uttered.

As we lay there in the spoon position with her butt tight against me and my hand cupping her lower breast, I nuzzled into her neck. As I kissed her I could feel the goose bumps on her skin.

I drifted off to a peaceful sleep unlike any other I had had in recent years, with Tabatha right next to me.

I dreamt about Tabatha and about maybe being the father of her oldest daughter. When I awoke from my nap Tabatha was still there, still naked, and ready for more sex. So was I.

The End
Parking Ticket

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