Raped While Sleeping

Raped While Sleeping

Raped While Sleeping

I have four sisters, two older, and two younger. Mom and dad popped the five of us out once a year like clockwork! We were all born in March. Right now we are seventeen years old all the way down to thirteen years old with me being fifteen.

My sisters all believe that I am a very sound sleeper. I have encouraged this knowledge over the years. On many occasions they had come into my bedroom and tried to wake me up. I am very good at pretending not to wake up.

My younger sisters would usually just come in, shake me to see if I was awake, and then steal the change from on top of my dresser.

My older sisters on the other hand used to just try to wake me up but then a few months ago they started getting sexual with me. They both started looking at my cock, then feeling it, and worked their way up to sucking it. It was the best feeling ever and I didn’t have to jerk off to get it either.

Then my older sisters got my younger sisters in on the action too. Every night they would sneak into my bedroom and take turns sucking my cock with the older ones teaching the younger ones how to suck, swallow cum, and even try to deep throat me.

Recently they started taking turns fucking themselves on my cock. My seventeen-year-old sister Jenny was first. She told the other girls that she was a virgin but that she had been using a dildo for a couple of years. I wanted to reach up and play with her tits so bad. We lost our virginities together. What a great way to bring a family together. That was probably the most cum that I had ever produced. Afterwards Jenny told the other girls to lick me clean so there would not be any evidence left in the morning. After all she didn’t want to ruin a good thing.

The next night Billie Jo my sixteen-year-old sister took her turn on my cock and lost her virginity. She was just as good feeling as Jenny had been. Once again I could feel an abundance of cum shooting up into her pussy. I loved it when the other girls licked me clean afterwards.

Mary Beth my fourteen-year-old sister took her turn on my cock the following night and lost her virginity. Now that was special because she had not been fucking herself with a dildo and she broke her own hymen going down on my cock. She winced in pain but wouldn’t stop. That was the most amazing thing yet.

Mary Beth told Susan how much it had hurt but that it had felt a lot better by the time it was over. She strongly suggested that our youngest sister Susan do something about her hymen first. Jenny offered her the dildo.

The following night Susan my thirteen-year-old sister took her turn on my cock and lost her virginity. She had let Mary Beth jam the dildo into her pussy so that my cock would go in easier. I had now taken all four of my sister’s virginities but couldn’t tell them that I knew it!

For the next couple of weeks my sisters continued to take turns on my cock at night. If only I could tell them that I knew what they were doing, I could probably fuck all four of them from the time school let out and before bedtime every single day.

One day when we got home from school I decided to ask Mary Beth if she was a virgin. She told me that she wasn’t but she wouldn’t tell me whom she lost it with. I told her that I was still a virgin but that I didn’t want to be. I told her that I was tired of jerking off every day. Then I asked Mary Beth if she would let me fuck her. She smiled and said that she would have to think about it.

I watched as she ran into Jenny’s bedroom to talk to her and Billie Jo about it. A few minutes later Susan went in too. I waited patiently for her decision.

Mary Beth came into my bedroom, locked the door, and said, “Okay you can fuck me!”

I smiled at her and patted my bed. Mary Beth came over and sat down. She told me that we should get it over with as quickly as we could so we wouldn’t get caught. I hated to rush but I was just happy that she was going to let me fuck her. Up until now I hadn’t really been able to move and thrust too much. I was really looking forward to this.

Anyway if she wanted me to make it fast I suppose that I should. After all I wanted to fuck her some more in the future so I better not piss her off. With any luck my other sisters would get jealous and want me to fuck them too. One could only hope!

So I took off my shirt, pants, and underwear while Mary Beth did the same. It was actually my very first time to see her or any of my sisters naked. I didn’t dare open my eyes those other nights with my four sisters watching me. Mary Beth had very nice tits. I asked her if I could touch them and she said that I could, especially if I was going to fuck her. So I played with her tits for a couple of minutes and then I played with her pussy too. I wanted to get a closer look at one and figure out where the hole was to put my cock in. Shortly I was on top of her and fucking away. I liked being in control. Mary Beth seemed to like it too. When I came it was great. I emptied every drop of cum into her. Mary Beth thanked me for picking her to be first. That is when she told me that my other three sisters wanted to give me a chance to fuck them too. Really! Great!

Before dinner I asked Mary Beth if we could do it again. She told me that it was Susan’s turn and that she would send her to my room. So I went to my bedroom to wait. When Susan came in she locked my door and said that we had to be quick because dinner was almost ready. I hated these quickies in one way but then again I got to cum and it was looking like I would get to fuck all four of my sisters by bedtime. Soon I was fucking my little sister and filling her pussy. She ran to the bathroom as mom called us to dinner. I saw Jenny making sure that Susan got in the bathroom and she sent my other two sisters down to dinner. She saw me and just smiled then pointed for me to go down too. Not too long after I sat down Jenny and Susan came in. Jenny asked mom if she could help out with anything. I realized it was just a polite cover up. But mom did ask her to get the ketchup. Dinner was basically non-eventful but Billie Jo kept smiling at me. I assumed that she was next on the schedule.

Soon after dinner I asked Mary Beth if we could do it again and she told me that she would send Billie Jo up. I went to my bedroom and got very excited about seeing her naked. I think Billie Jo is my prettiest sister but Jenny has bigger boobs.

When Billie Jo came in and locked my door I asked her if I could enjoy our lovemaking or if I had to rush through it again. Billie Jo said that I could take my time because Jenny, Mary Beth and Susan were going to keep track of mom and dad and run interference if necessary. Wow! This was fantastic! Our other sisters were helping us make out! How great is that?

So I just undressed quickly and sat on the bed as Billie Jo undressed like she had seen in the movies. I thought it was kind of dumb but I was sure that Billie Jo thought that it was sexy. I wanted to fuck her so I told her how sexy it was. Actually I liked seeing her naked body. She was much better built than our younger sisters were. I got to play with her tits, suck her nipples, and taste her pussy. I did everything that I couldn’t do the last two times. Finally I had just about enough fun with Billie Jo and she seemed to have had enough fun with me so I slipped my cock into her pussy. It felt real good and I knew that I wasn’t going to explode right away. This was almost like jerking off for the third time in just a few hours. As I stroked into her I could feel that familiar tightening that I had felt before. In my ‘sleep’ Billie Jo was the one that could tighten her pussy muscles and squeeze my cock to make it feel just like my fist wrapped around it. It was a great sensation. I enjoyed it very much and told Billie Jo so. She smiled at me and kept it up. I asked my older sister if I could kiss her. She actually asked me why. Because we are making love and I need to practice so that I will be a good kisser when I get a date. She liked that answer and said that she and my other sisters could use the practice too. Then she said that kissing each other was not the same thing. Kissing each other? Yes they had started kissing each other once in a while pretending that the other girl was a boy. The girls French kissed and all. Billie Jo was really good and I got the hang of it quickly. I smiled as a thought crossed my mind; I had my cock and my tongue in Billie Jo at the same time and enjoyed the feeling very much. As the feeling got too much for me I let Billie Jo know that I was getting ready. She said that she could tell and that she was ready too. So together we sped up and finished at the same time.

This time I had more than just two or three minutes to make love. It was much more enjoyable for me and I told Billie Jo that. She agreed that it was the best she had. She wouldn’t tell me who the lucky guy was that she had been letting screw her. I looked at the clock and realized that almost twenty minutes had gone by. I didn’t want this to ever end and neither did Billie Jo so we stayed in bed together and felt each other’s body as we continued to kiss. A few minutes later we heard a light tapping on the door. Billie Jo said that was her warning so she got out of bed and I watched her get dressed. Then she watched me get dressed and we opened the door.

Jenny was in the hall and motioning Billie Jo to the bathroom. I watched them both go in and heard the door lock. I headed downstairs.

While we watched a couple of our favorite television shows Billie Jo and Jenny sat on either side of me on the couch. They started doing that soon after their nocturnal raids into my room. However tonight was different in that they would slip a hand under my leg or around my back and whenever mom and dad weren’t looking they would ‘accidentally’ rub my crotch. Well two can play that game so I started grabbing their boobs when I could but not in a mean squeezing way. I just cupped their beasts or ran a finger over their nipples. With Billie Jo I found that I could get her nipples really hard by just brushing my thumbs over them.

After our shows ended mom said that it was bedtime and we all gave her a kiss and went up. Upstairs in the hall the girls started giving me kisses goodnight but not like they ever had before. Susan stuck her tongue in my mouth, one hand on my cock, and the other one on my ass. It was a very long passionate kiss so I felt her tits and pussy while I could. Next Mary Beth did just about the same to me but with a little more force and enthusiasm. Billie Jo was the best by far. We had just practiced together for a long time and she knew exactly what I liked in both a kiss and being felt up. Besides I slipped my hand down into her pants and fingered her clit as we kissed. It ended after her orgasm. Susan and Mary Beth were jealous. Then it was Jenny’s turn. I was not sure about Jenny but I really wanted to fuck her. I didn’t want to scare her off but I still had my other three sisters to fuck even if I did, plus I remembered all those nighttime fucks and Jenny was quite the porn star. So as I kissed her goodnight I slipped a hand up under her blouse and played with her big tits for the first time then I slipped my hand down into her pants. She unbuckled them and then unzipped them to allow me full access to her pussy. She opened her legs and moaned into my mouth as I finger fucked her right there in the hall for the first time while our other three sisters watched. The closer I drove her toward an orgasm the more she moaned and wiggled on my finger. When she did orgasm it was really something. I knew that she had been dying all evening to have this and had watched all of the other girls get to spend time with me. Things ended quickly as mom shouted up, “What’s going on up there? Get to bed!” We started to scramble. Jenny warned me, “Don’t you dare fall asleep tonight! I haven’t had mine tonight and you owe me big time!” I smiled, kissed her, and told her that I was looking forward to it as much as she was.

About a half-hour after mom and dad went to bed Jenny came into my room. She was wearing her sexiest negligée. I had plugged in an old nightlight so that I could see a little bit. I had seen my other sisters naked in the daylight and I wanted to see Jenny too. I got out of bed and was naked in front her. I asked her if it was all right if I turned the light on. She turned it on herself. Jenny had an amazing body and that transparent negligée just enhanced it. Slowly Jenny pulled it up over her head and placed her negligée on my chair. She turned around slowly to let me take in all of her beauty then turned the light off. As an afterthought Jenny locked my door then got on my bed. I joined her and got between her legs right away. I leaned over and kissed her for a minute. Then I tried to take everything that I had learned so far today to make this experience the best one yet. I kissed her neck giving her goose bumps. I kissed her breasts and sucked her nipples. I kissed her flat taunt tummy. Then I kissed her pubic mound. It had a very nice crop of brown hair to match her head. Jenny had more hair down there than the others had but she was older. I parted the hair with my fingers and kissed her slit. I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and kissed her clitoris and then poked my tongue into her vagina. I loved it! It tasted fresh and clean. It tasted better than Billie Jo’s pussy had tasted. Jenny allowed me to take all the time that I wanted too. I knew that I could take an hour or even more this time. I knew that Jenny had set it up so that she was last on purpose. I think she also wanted our time together to last longer too and that’s why she let me cum three times before her. Jenny was the first one of my sisters to ask me to do things to her.

Jenny said, “Please lick my clit again! Oh yes! That’s it! Can you do it harder! Harder! Oh God! That’s it! Will you please put two fingers up inside me and rub my clit with your thumb? Oh yes! Oh yes! Keep it up! Just a little longer! Oh God!” Then she clinched every muscle in her body and went stiff as a board. I knew she was having an orgasm so I kept poking my fingers in and rubbing her clit as much as I could. I was amazed that Jenny’s orgasm lasted as long as it did. She said, “Wow! That was the best ever! You gave me three orgasms in a row! Thank you! One of my friends told me about multiple orgasms but I never experienced one until now! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You can put your cock in me now if you want to or I can give you a blowjob!” I put it in. I wasn’t going to pass up a chance to fuck my forth sister in the same day for anything! Jenny’s pussy was not as talented as Billie Jo’s had been but she felt very good. Being my forth time and the fact that Jenny was pretty slippery in there I lasted a long time and it was wonderful. When I came she kissed me and cuddled me until I fell asleep.

When I woke up in the morning Jenny was gone. I guess I expected it but I was just hoping to still be in her arms with my head cradled in between her breasts just I was when I fell asleep.

I got ready for school and started to go down the stairs when Jenny called to me. When I looked at her she was beckoning me with her finger. I went to her bedroom. She pulled me inside and kissed me. Then she dropped to her knees and sucked my cock. Just before I could cum she pulled her dress up, pushed her panties down, and turned around.

Jenny said, “Fuck me quickly! We have to get down to breakfast soon but I want you one more time before school.”

So I fucked Jenny from behind as she was bent over. When I came she simply pulled her panties up, straightened her dress, and kissed me. We went down to breakfast.

The End

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